The Jamat-e-Islami, and rape

Published: July 2, 2011

JI leader Munawwar Hassan

A viral video of Ameer Jamat-e-Islami (JI) Munawwar Hassan defending the silence over the rape of women and condoning imprisonment of female rape victims if they fail to produce four male witnesses in accordance with the Hudood Ordinance, has deeply outraged many sane people in Pakistan.

According to Hassan, if a woman cannot produce four male witnesses present at the time of her rape, she be imprisoned based on Hudood Ordinance and Shariah Law. This, he claims is in the best interest of women who are raped so if she fails to produce the witnesses she ought to refrain from filing an FIR altogether.

According to Hassan, somehow, it is in the best interest of the society for a woman to stay silent after being raped, while the perpetrator roams free.

I can’t help wonder if the leader would preach silence if a member of his family was attacked.

In the video, the Ameer inexplicably labels the Women’s Protection Bill as an effort to spread “vulgarity, nudity and shamelessness” in Pakistan, while demanding the seemingly intimidated anchor quote verses from the Holy Quran, who eventually has to descend into a monologue to prove his own Islamic credentials before being able to propose an argument to defend raped women. Interestingly, the Ameer himself fails to present any Quranic verse or Hadith to back his views.

The repugnant manner in which the host of the talk show is dismissed, and labeled an infidel for challenging the Holy Quran and Hadith, is a classic example of moral policing by self righteous Muslims in the country, who are masters at evading rationality.

I sincerely hope these morally, self righteous people read Maheen Usmani’s piece titled ‘Why the deafening silence after rape’ which cites horrific facts about rape in Pakistan including “Situation of Violence against Women in Pakistan 2010” by Aurat Foundation, according to which  a total of 4,069 cases occurred in Pakistan last year.

Every two hours, a woman is raped in Pakistan and every eight hours, gang raped. And after all this, we are confronted with the reality that in this land, where the taste of justice for many is nothing but bland and vapid, 70 per cent of the crimes against women go unreported.

But how silly of those supporting the Women’s Protection Bill to seek greater freedom and protection of women in a society suffering from an obsessive compulsive disorder regarding female sexuality, and the shame/honour dichotomy. The last thing then this country needs is rights for some 51 per cent of population.

We couldn’t give justice to Mukhtaran Mai and we haven’t spoken up eagerly on the media about justice for the courageous Kainat Soomro. And now, we slap inhumanity across their faces as well as thousands of others who couldn’t dare speak up about their plight. Perhaps it is inane in itself to expect justice for raped victims of Pakistan, a place where mothers are paraded naked for the crimes of their sons, or where many would tell you that the fault lies with women who provoke men into raping them.

Who are we expecting to speak up on the violation of a woman’s freedoms and rights?

I guess that only counts when the daughter of Pakistan, Afia Siddiqui is convicted.

This makes me ask:

What about the daughters back home?

Do these daughters not deserve justice and protection of their human dignity?

More than ever, there is need for action. We need more than just Facebook statuses condemning the barbaric judgments or there would be nothing to stop these long bearded caliphate dreaming morally self righteous ones from getting their way. Without confronting Munawwar Hassan and company, there is little hope for winning the war against fundamentalists.

The war, as we should have understood long ago, is not about bombs as much as mindsets, and that is certainly where billions of wasted dollars should have gone! It should have been fought in schools and madrassas, mosques and parliament.

There is nothing but pity for a society which can’t respect the very womb that gave birth to it. A two rupee roti might help us survive day after day, and the Lawyers Movement may restore the judges, but what can save a community from turning sub human and bestial that has not been taught the value of basic and incontrovertible freedoms and values.

Usmann Rana

Usmann Rana

A student and secularist living in Lahore

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Zakintosh

    Great piece. I hope more people read this and understand what the JI’s views are!Recommend

  • Maria

    This mullah won’t be speaking this way If his own daughter would have gone through such ordeal.Recommend

  • Ahmad

    Shame on this guy… such a disgrace to Islam these maulvis are…Recommend

  • Alam

    This article fails to ask one question, which seems very rational after the Ameer’s view on when women should cray rape.

    “Ameer sahib, are you not exposing your family’s women to rape by even your own party members, when they r alone?”Recommend

  • Fooz

    Man these leaders.. Molvis are the root problem Pakistan is facing.. Recommend

  • faraz

    Quran has prescribed exemplary punishments that are given where certain special circumstances are met. 4 witnesses are required only for Hudood punishment, but most of the cases don’t fall under Hudood. So a positive DNA or fewer than 4 witnesses should be enough to punish a person. These mullahs are just hopelessRecommend


    I am very much sure that all the above ones have not seen that interview themselves. they are commenting on this write-up. This is not fair by any means. It is an established practice that you must consult the original manuscript before giving your comments. I have seen that interview and not only once but several times to check validity of your comments. I am really ashamed that you have just uldozed all the norms. also I request you that see that interview and then make-up your mind . If you have taken the decision then seeing that interview will not be fruitfulRecommend

  • Ruhina Hashmi

    Astaghfirullah! – Yes, truely, I wonder how these people will react, if, God forbid, the women of their own family – daughter, sister, wife – are affected. . God save us from these barbarians – the rapists, and their friends, such so-called scholars!Recommend

  • Mazhar

    What if Munawer Hassan’s own daughter gets raped by his own Jehadi? Recommend

  • Shavaiz

    Agreed with munawar sab wt he said
    Is according to Quran.wt if a lady claims tht she has been raped n if it is false claim thn??? If law wil hang without any vitns thn heera mundee girls can earn alot n so called human activists same as they did in mukhtara mae caseRecommend

  • Assassin

    ‎1) Munawwar Hasan is Ameer of Jamat-e-Islami but he is not an Alim.

    2) Famous Hadeeth of prophet Muhammad

    “Burai aur zulm ko Hath se roko, ager ya mumkin na ho to zuban se roko aur ye bhi na hoskey to dil mein bua jano aur ager bhi nahi karsaktey to phir Emaan ka konsa muqaam baqi bachta hay”

    If 4 person are witnessing rape and didnt stop the culprit, then they are not fulfilling the requirements of ” Witness” as described by Islam (Honest, Good repute, Emaan)

    3) 4 witnesses were required when technology was not there to compensate it. Shariah Law can be modified according to the socieity as long as it does not go against Quran.
    Simple DNA test can solve the problem and is not unIslamic.Recommend

  • Hassan Raza

    “I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, It’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, And that enables you to laugh at life’s realities.”Recommend

  • Fahad Raza

    Wait a minute man!! the interview took a break and in the next par.. Golleee geee wilikerZ.!!!! Jihad questions.. why didn’t he continued the questions… somethings been edited…and you wrote your first blog n that………Recommend

  • TightDhoti

    I hope PTI and its leadership do itself some favours and distance themselves from JI. These religious rightwing parties use Islam to justify their rhetoric, and employ, as the writer above notes, questioning the faith of anyone who challenges their views. This disgusting display of “religiosity” to justify and camouflage their own misogynistic views is blasphemy against Islam, if there ever was. Recommend

  • Mazhar
  • Kashif

    He is not talking about false claims of rape. he is talking about real raps. listen to his interview. how can a woman find 4 witnesses after rape.
    we should only implement progressive laws and use. dna, forensics, videos etc as evidence Recommend

  • Moderate

    Whatever JI saying regarding rape is against Islamic laws. No need to bring Islam into it.Recommend

  • Disco Molvi

    Hope you say that while consoling your sister/motherRecommend

  • Fahad Raza

    That a high probability….I reckon do watch then comment or write a blog …Recommend

  • http://- maimoona

    they r it self unfortunate who create fuss in the name of Islam and misconceptions abt QURAN
    to get in touch or be a part of glittering shows Recommend

  • Inam

    One should distinguish between rape and zina…
    In quran God clearly told that “tumhay ksi shareef aurat py ilzam lagaty waqt char gawah chahiye hongay usy prove karnay ko”(Mafhoom)
    Qur’an (24:4)

    I am not a mullah but I can see clearly what is written in quran.Recommend

  • Mazhar


    You didn’t get my point. If is close to impossible for a women to find four witnesses specially when the law and order supports only certain classes of Pakistan. Look what happened to Mukhtaran mai..her case was recognized by international law but unfortunately actual rapers are having quality time as she could not present enough witness. I support the forensic evidence in Women abasement cases so that even if a women could not provide 4 witnesses scientific examination could easily prove her rape Recommend

  • Butt

    Simply to say, the talk show with Syed Munawwar Hasan was not on exclusive topic of Women Protection Bill or Rape Cases but was on Pakistan’s political crises due to America’s so called anti terrorism but in fact war against Islam and Muslim in Pakistan with help of our slave rulers, so during the coarse of discuss, pick any point useful by TV Channel is dishonesty to journalism.(by ex MPA YUNUS BARAI.KARACHI)Recommend

  • Spectator

    Islam builds a society where every woman is respected.
    A society
    where girls are not a toy of the advertising agencies,
    where dramas have other topics than the love stories,
    where films are made on the real life issues rather than fake love stories,
    where the education is based on Quran and Hadith and not on some borrowed civilization,
    where moral values are high,
    where men are taught to keep the gaze low,
    and women to cover themselves,
    and the Prophet PBUH then claimed in his life that
    (Mafhoom of the hadith is) A time will come when a woman will travel long distances alone but will have no fear of anyone except some deadly animal.

    So without establishing that society, if you want to discuss individual item in isolation, I think it will be injustice. Having said that, a law once made should be perfect. In this case, just consider the otherwise situation,
    what if a woman blames a man for rape but have no evidence? (consider man to be innocent)
    Should the man be punished?
    If not, what do you suggest for the woman? any punishment?

    Quran already passed a bill for the Muslims… and that is not “Women Protection Bill”
    if you are not willing to follow it, don’t follow. But don’t expect someone will tell you it is according to Islam…Recommend

  • Mudassir

    I totally agree with @Moderate, I am not a good Muslim myself but I am 100% sure about one thing that Islam never supports such cruelty. These kind of molas are just using Islam label for their own benefits. Recommend

  • Disco Molvi

    Please re read Surah e Nuur.
    A woman who has been raped (zina bil jabar) doesn’t need 4 witnesses to prove her innocence!
    You require 4 witnesses if you allege a man/woman to have committed zina (adultery/fornication/consensual sex outside marriage or before).
    Also any witness who’s found guilty of perjury (false oath), his/her testimony (gawahi) is not to be be trusted nor entertained from then onwards.


  • mahindar

    This is the sad face of our country, where rape victims are punished and the rapist are set free, i request everyone not to discuss this issue with religious reference but use your commonsense!

    “men and women should stay quiet after this shameful act” this represents the narrow minded, male dominated and simply insane views of these lunatics, who are considered religious leaders in our society.

    @shavaiz , have u any idea what a women goes through when she is raped, how can u comment on mukhtara mai,,, do u know she was lying??? what if ur sister or mother goes through the same fate??Recommend

  • Ali Wazir

    The absolute tragedy is that Islamic Jurisprudence was one of the first to make rape punishable.In a hadith of the Prophet (PBUH) after single womens testimony and identification was enough to lead to the stoning of a rapist. In Hazrat Umers RA time in another rape case the womens testimony was enough for the rapist to be punished, in both instances (of course) there was no punishment for the women.

    In Quran even for a female slave sexual relation against her will are strictly and explicitly prohibited.

    Rape in Islamic jurisprudence is a Hiraba category law (Public order), not a “Zina” law.Which makes sense as rape is less about sex and more about power. Hence the very harsh punishment in Islamic law,i.e stoning of a rapist is justified.To deter any one in future.

    In contrast Zina (Against consensual extramarital relation ie fornication) is to my understanding a public decency law. Hence the very tall order of 4 male witnesses for it to be prosecuted. The only way it makes sense is if its a law against public sex acts. If the accuser cannot prove an allegation he is punished. So as that the law also protects against defamation. Interestingly there is a hadith regarding expert testimony (of a dai) was allowed by the Prophet PBUH in a zinaa case.

    Unfortunately we would rather make a mockery of our religion…..Recommend

  • Salman

    Usman: Very well put. The segments of society that first responded to the Prophet’s call to Islam was the most oppressed or tender of heart: The women, the slaves, and the youth. The essence of the Islamic movement is to raise voice defending the “mustadafeen” the most oppressed and the voiceless and the meek of the earth. Yasir and Sumayya (slaves) and Hazrat Ali (who was 10 years old) are the examples that first accepted Islam.

    Today’s mullahs and the so-called Islamic leaders can care less for the oppressed, the most vulnerable of which are the women of Pakistan. These women can be raped by the waderas or the police or the goons, can have their faces mutilated by acid, could be sold into slavery or prostitution, could be traded in Vani or Sawara, or could be condemned to death as a Kari. But as the Quran promises a day will come when these oppressed will ask the society for what crimes were they condemned? (Sura 81, Al-Takweer.) Recommend

  • Hasan

    What is more is the fact that this guy couldn’t bring a single reference from the Qura’an to support his view.Recommend

  • Grace

    This is one element of Islamic law that I have never really understood. The idea of needing to produce male witnesses is to a rape is ludicrously problematic.

    If there were 4 (presumably adult) males there to witness a rape, then why did it take place to begin with? If there were 4 of them present to witness, that leaves us with two options – either they watched it take place and did nothing (in which case they are ethically questionable), or they were actually participating in the rape. The latter is more likely. This law effectively mandates that a rape cannot be prosecuted unless the men there admit to either 1) being cowards and allowing it, or 2) being rapists.

    That’s the most blatantly stupid, unconscionable thing I’ve ever heard in my life.Recommend

  • Habiba Younis

    what else u expect from JUI,
    great n much needed post!Recommend

  • indian guy

    unfortunately most of the comments target the maulvi, rather than the cause- which is religious bigotry. Even Hinduism is a old religion. We hardly see its presence anywhere.Recommend

  • Rehan

    Usmann, people like you keep me optimistic regarding Pakistan’s future. Keep up the good work! I wish you the best. Recommend

  • Akhtar hussain
  • fhhassan

    if you r an educated so please read the Tafseer and Tashreeh of (سورة النور.آيت 1 تا 10 پارہ 18)۔
    and know the real Islamic point of view. its not from Munnawr Hassan or Fazl-ur-Rahman.
    and if you disagree with thats ayaat so please dont criticised. u have to ask Allah that why that Law for woman..
    and do every thing what u wants.
    no one will ask u in this world… Recommend

  • Ammad Qureshi

    Yes I agree to those people who say that DNA test should be conducted to prove either rape is done or it is just a false accusation..if we have a technology why we should not use it in a positive and proper way.if you see it in a unbiased way then you will come across the actual context of four witness as there was no technology at that time and to get prevented from false accusations this condition of four witness was implemented at that time..We can do ijtihad,as we have best ever technology in shape of DNA, is available to us..I also agree to that person who commented on prostitutes of Heera Mandi,they can have false accusation on any one, so we must take full advantage of technology in order to avoid this mess.
    Ammad Qureshi.

  • Talat Haque

    There ought to be a ‘cunning plan’ to fight the good fight against the mind set of the JI and all others who think like them ………. so many of us with such clear thinking – I am sure we can devise a strategy ………. lets pool our effort.Recommend

  • Dr Naveed Uz Zafar

    Agreed with munawar sab wt he said is according to Quran. actually many of you want to talk against islam but they are feared of . so they talk against moulvis Recommend

  • Ziber16

    4 witness – a joke! if they are just witnesses and enjoying the ill fate of the women maltreated, how can they be a justified true spitting muslim or witness…..they however becomes the party driving the rape ar point.

    Mullahs however have a different opinion. they always tend to stand on the other side of the river and judge.Recommend

  • Ali

    @Akhtar Hussain: I read your link. Nowhere does it mention rape.Recommend

  • Zarmeena Ikram Babar

    Most of the members of Jamat-e-Islami are a bunch of bigots-
    In their eyes they are the only pious -By growing beard they think they can endorse every wrong as legitimate and religiously justifiable -Either they are trying in vain to fool us or they are themselves too ignorant about our religion-

    @ Author -You did a great job by writing this article-
    Keep it up!Recommend

  • malik

    What beats me from the comments here is that no one has questioned the logic of following a dispute settling system of 7th century and making it applicable in 21st century.

    I mean, no one thought that it is so incongruous to follow a law meant for a small society consisting of uncivilized neo-converts in a distant past.

    Maybe it was the practice in 7th century to rape someone – or to have Zina – with 4 or more people present. Nowadays, sadly, this practice is not in vogue and the rapist operates alone. So, we need to junk those laws – however divinely inspired they may be – that have not kept pace with the changing times.

    If you open your ears and eyes, you will notice that there are countries with excellent jurispudence to handle rape and similar cases. Just follow them. Don’t go back to a book which no one agrees on and which renders itself to so many interpretations. Recommend

  • Asim

    don’t merge 90’s Indian movies with real life in which villain raped women and leave witnesses.If a victim cant bring 4 male. Find alternates of it.Recommend

  • Seeking the Truth

    Also read this, Very impartial interpretation of the issue and the relevant Ayaat:

  • Rahim Ali

    The wives, mothers, daughters, sisters and ALL female relatives of such mullahs should be raped but with THREE witnesses present, recording the event and posting the video on every site imaginable online. The women should then be imprisoned for life because of the video evidence against them.Recommend

  • Akhtar hussain

    sister Islam is a complete code which protect human is human being.
    You mention those who earn millions on her honer Mukhtar maye etc.
    you mention those how legally justified homo sixes.
    also comment on that.Recommend

  • Waqas

    Kudos to the author for bringing this to our attention!

    A few people are going to raise their voices but the ultimate reaction would be of indifference. This kind of behavior is a testament to the segregation in our society: belittling other’s issues while riding one’s high horse of arrogance and self righteousness.

    The thing that puts me off the most is the conviction that such people have that nothing like this could ever happen to them, abetting in pervading an invincible state of mind at the expense of the rights of women.

    I say we should have a special department and an investigation force to handle such cases, with laws that reduce the discrepancy between the reported and actual cases.Recommend

  • fhhassan

    I say to all my Pakistani Brothers and sisters to read (Surat Al-Nnoor 1 to 10) carefully. and go to Tafseer of those ayaat…
    than u should to Comment or Criticized others.
    Regards Recommend

  • Shavaiz

    Here Comments r pathetic nobody is giving logic tht hw munawar hassan is wrong in this issue.wt he said is according to islam n quran n i pity on those who thinks tht quran was only for one era nt for today.stil people hav right to disagree n they can hav their own intrepatation of same issue in the light of quran bt who gave them right to make fun of 70 years old man who is respectable for millions???? I m tired of these so called liberals.they cant abuse islam so thts y they abuse islamist.
    Islam says mold ur lives according to islam don mold islam according to ur life so here people r molding islam rather molding themselves n abusing those who have molded theirselves for islam n spent their whole life for islam.
    Regards shavaiz khan wahcanttRecommend

  • Rahim Ali

    It is beyond me as well. If there were that many people present, why did they not make any attempt to prevent the rape from occurring in the first place. That goes for any civilized country. The pakistani public is a different kettle of fish altogether. They’d rather stand and watch the show than intervene…Recommend

  • Junaid Alam

    It only seems that he suggested that women be careful in filing an FIR in the case of rape unless they can produce an evidence.. the Law about 4 witnesses is mentioned clearly in Qur’an and as it is the implemented law of our country, so there are chances that a woman fails to prove it and has to suffer the resulting punishment.. he mentioned no where that forensic evidence may not be used. Recommend

  • Hmmm

    First of all – Munawar Hasan is a politician and not a maulvi. secondly, his views are not his personal ones – these are based on the quranic principles and the fiqah. reject them at your own peril buddy. Recommend

  • parvez

    Great article. The JI leaders are working on a political agenda using, actually misusing, religion and targeting the vulnerability of the people who have been deprived of a basic decent life by our rulers both in and out of uniform. The infiltration of the JI mindset into our armed forces was a victory for their agenda and serious set back to a progressive, moderate system being developed in the country.Recommend

  • Aasaf Ali

    **I am amazed at the intellect of the writer of this article Usmann Rana Saab, and all those people who support his views. Syed Munnawar Hassan said what is written in Quran, these people don’t understand that God has revealed it in Quran to present four witness not Munawar Hassan Saab. And it is the same God who has revealed Quran, assured the protection of women-folk but the condition is that a society must follow Quran and Sunnah in its true spirit otherwise society can’t benefit from the Just Laws of Quran.

    In a Muslim society, I mean a society which is fully Islamised, what to say of rape even looking at Ghair Muharram women is prohibited. I don’t understand why people especially so called Muslims fail to understand that Quran is guidance for humanity. Our Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. has said that if a women goes out from his a Mahram must accompany him. Why?

    Why aren’t these secular writers pondering on these facts?
    That’s why we see rape and violence against women is so rampant in Pakistani society because people in Pakistan have left the true teachings of God and His beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

    One more advice for my beloved brothers and sisters, don’t ever misinterpret Quranic Ayat according to your own whims but look out for reliable sources to understand the Quranic injunction correctly.**

    Take Care.

    Indian Occupied KashmirRecommend

  • Salman Arshad

    Why are people maligning Munawwar Hassan who is only using the Quranic evidence for his logic.
    The Quran is very clear about four witnesses necessary for establishing if zina had occurred. “bil jabar” or not is a qualifier for the act, that can be established separately only after zina itself is established (through four witnesses).Recommend

  • http://India Feroz

    You are side stepping the main issue of Women’s status under Islamic Law. First scholars must debate gender sensitive issues under Islamic Law and if there is some bias against women in the Laws. Subsequently public awareness must be raised to bring changes to the Law. The author does not seem to be interested in raising the level of debate or in correcting infirmities under the Law. If the Laws are sexually biased please attack them but not Munawar Hussain, he is only the symptom of the disease. Recommend

  • Malay

    Hypocrites. All of them.Recommend

  • Jameel

    @Salman Arshad:

    Why are people maligning Munawwar
    Hassan who is only using the Quranic
    evidence for his logic.

    So you accept that modern system of checking the DNA and thereby giving real justice is superior to the 1400 years old principle. Why stick to it then in this day and age if you have any sense of justice and how can you claim that Islam is for all times?Recommend

  • Jameel

    @Aasaf Ali:

    **I am amazed at the intellect of the writer of this article Usmann Rana
    Saab, and all those people who support
    his views. Syed Munnawar Hassan said
    what is written in Quran, these people
    don’t understand that God has revealed
    it in Quran to present four witness
    not Munawar Hassan Saab.

    Then it is clear that this can not work in this day and age of DNA technology. So why follow it then? It’s already out dated by your own claim.

    Forgive me if I am amazed if you still claim that what you believe in is superior to the rest.Recommend

  • faraz

    According to fiqh, a witness can retract his statement. So if a women has 4 male witnesses, and one of them takes some money and runs away, again the women will be punished. Nobody can be punished under this law.Recommend

  • SUB

    @Usman Rana: Why you have to write a blog on views of Munawar Hasan, what makes you belive he is worth it? The level has always been on declined since Moulana Moududi passed away. And I assure you of the worst of it in the days to come

    @All those who are recommending to watch the interview 1st: He is not worth it and you can not prove that he isRecommend

  • Faris Farooq

    How can you justify his statement …. He didn’t gave a SINGLE reference from the QURAN he just said its in the QURAN… where in the QURAN>????? give me that specific reference so i know what’s what….. :\Recommend

  • Shumaila

    Why am I not surprised by this man’s statement? Welcome to Pakistan, ladies. Sleep tight.Recommend

  • NK

    Strange that a man (spectator) is so worried about a possible situation where the man may be innocent. But is not concerned about the real situation of tens of thousands of cases that have already taken place in Pakistan of women having been raped in which they have suffered.

    In any case, the condition of 4 male witnesses is for Zina in which a man accuses a woman /couple of having committed Zina i.e. adultry. This condition is not for rape i.e. Zina-bil-jabr. Recommend

  • Blaze

    I really would like to see what Mr. Munawar Hassan will do and say if his daughters, daughter in law, or any female from his family is raped and she couldn’t produce 4 witnesses.. Recommend

  • Sheryl

    The attitude, and remarks of, Jamat-e-Islami are the only impression that most Westerners have about Islam. Any wonder Islamaphobia is rampant? There should be marches in the streets against such outrageous statements and attitudes.Recommend

  • hassan


    Malik says: “Maybe it was the practice in 7th century to rape someone – or to have Zina – with 4 or more people present. Nowadays, sadly, this practice is not in vogue and the rapist operates alone.”

    Brilliant !!Recommend

  • Fahmida Abdul Sattar

    Hey Guys there were some other ways to malign any party leader but this writer used an insane way of Insult. he directly chastised the very principle of Islam related to huddod orrape. go and read surah Noor. this write must have written this article without reading surah noor’s translation. it says if a woman place blame over a man for rape and cant produce four witness so she must be punished similarly if a man place blame over a woman for rape or prostitution and cant produce four witness so he must be punished. law is same for man and woman both. so why such sympathy for women only? in todays world simply do DNA test and punsih particular raper. so far Munawer hassan is concerned he meant the same but ofcourse you had to do a propaganda to target two with one sword (Islam and Islami party ) what if a woman put accusation over a man and cant produce witness what will you do with that person? will hang or sentence him imprisonment? both will be catastrophic for a society. and Islam always protect Islamic society from catastrophe.but this is the point that only KNOWN person can know.Recommend

  • http://none Sohaib akbar

    Assalam o Alikum… brothers and sisiters munawar hassan sb is very risponsible man and he have knowledge about islam…. but here some ppl who dont have any knowledge about islam r talking like muffties… So plz dont comment without knowledge about islam… ( Jamat ki mukhalfat main apni Akhrat mat barbad kero ) Recommend

  • Dr Jahanzaib Sheikh

    Under Islamic law, rape can only be proven if the rapist confesses or if there are four male witnesses. Women who allege rape, without the benefit of the act having been witnessed by four men who subsequently develop a conscience, are actually confessing to having sex. If they or the accused happens to be married, then it is considered to be adultery.The Qur’an:Qur’an (2:282) – Establishes that a woman’s testimony is worth only half that of a man’s in court (there is no “he said/she said” gridlock in Islam).Qur’an (24:4) – “And those who accuse free women then do not bring four witnesses (to adultery), flog them…”Qur’an (24:13) – “Why did they not bring four witnesses of it? But as they have not brought witnesses they are liars before Allah.”Qur’an (2:223) – “Your wives are as a tilth unto you; so approach your tilth when or how ye will…” There is no such thing as rape in marriage, as a man is permitted unrestricted sexual access to his wives. From the Hadith:Bukhari (5:59:462) – Additional Notes: Rape is virtually impossible to prove under Islamic law (Sharia) and even in more moderate countries. If the man claims that the act was consensual sex, there is very little that the woman can do to refute this. Islam places the burden of avoiding sexual encounters of any sort on the woman.There can be no such thing as rape in marriage, even if the husband has to hit the wife in order to bring about her submission. As a recent fatwa reminds a woman, she “does not have the right to refuse her husband, rather she must respond to his request every time he calls her.”(Islam Q&A;, Fatwa No. 33597).Recommend

  • Moiz

    @Salman Arshad:
    many of the wives of the companions would go forth from their homes alone and bring firewood back on their backs. they would come into the gathering of the Prophet(S.A.W) alone and ask any question they wanted. forget this, the arabs even had bathrooms outside their houses and many a time women would have to leave in the dead of the night alone. there is even a hadith saying that Umar met a wife of the Prophet(S.A.W) as she was going on such a trip at night, alone. so try actually reading ahadith instead of just believing maulvisRecommend

  • Truth

    It’s not good to comment on some things or an event without knowing the facts/reality…or without full story (seyak-o-sabak) and understanding/knowledge. I aur jab tum koye baat suno tu awski pori pori pori tahkeek karo…ya Khamosh rahoo, Warna serf ya kahana behtar hain ky Allah-o-Aalam , ka Allah behtar janta hain.Recommend

  • Fizza

    What a stupid and lame excuse you have to support your blind worshipping…Quran gives a woman full right to testify and in rape case no witness is needed because people don’t rape in public. Go get some knowledge.

    In another words Munawar Hasan is saying it’s ok to rape a woman when she is alone.Recommend

  • Fizza

    Please read Surah e Noor.
    A woman being raped doesn’t need witnesses to prove thhat she is being rapped. Here he own testification is enough. Witnesses are required only when one has to allege a man/woman to have committed rape or adultry. Recommend

  • Jameel


    The level has always been on declined
    since Moulana Moududi passed away. And
    I assure you of the worst of it in the
    days to come

    What makes you think Maududi was any better? The apple falls not far from the tree.Recommend

  • Fizza

    @Dr Jahanzaib Sheikh:


    If an islamic law is based on the assumptions of half-brained people like zia-ul-haq or Munawar Hasan then what would you say about that law. Read Surah Noor if you haven’t already and make sure that you have some knowledgable translater not the one who hust believe that Quran is a patriarchal text only.

    Remember, Allah Belongs to us as well, He is not the God of MEN only. He is not gonnna support these cruel lawa you guys have made to subjugate women.Recommend

  • Jameel

    @Fahmida Abdul Sattar:

    so far Munawer hassan is concerned he
    meant the same but ofcourse you had to
    do a propaganda to target two with one
    sword (Islam and Islami party ) what
    if a woman put accusation over a man
    and cant produce witness what will you
    do with that person? will hang or
    sentence him imprisonment? both will
    be catastrophic for a society.

    It is Jamaat Islami which believes in punishing raped women for adultery if they can not bring four witnesses. This is exactly what all the commotion was about from Jamaat Islami/Qazi Hussein when Musharraf tried to modify the huddood ordinance to protect raped women from going to prison. Qazi Hussein even took the matter to Supreme Court infront of Iftikhar Ch and when Ch ruled against Qazi, Qazi Hussein went ballsitic and refused to accept court’s verdict; ‘mein is court ku naheen maanta’ were his words.

    Jamaat Islami is clearly wrong on this issue, like it is on most other issues. No way around that.Recommend

  • Jameel

    @Dr Jahanzaib Sheikh:

    So a muslim women is doomed.Recommend

  • Ishtiaq Ahmed

    Yes I have watched the interview. Mr Munawar condoned rape by saying if a woman cannot produce four witnesses, she should not file a complaint. Shame on him and anyone who supports his views. This is certainly not the Islam which the Holy Prophet (PBUH) brought to the mankind.Recommend

  • ba ha

    Gibberish..par excellenceRecommend

  • Zubair


    Awesome man Syed sahab!!

    Express waley kia gundagi phelaraha hai. . . JaaahilzzRecommend

  • naveed uz zafar

    hey guys.. plz tell me, whats wrong in the statement of Mr Munawar. Plz plz plz if u want to give any comment against Mr Munawar, just carry on , but choose any other issue. Dont go against Islam. Recommend

  • Aasaf Ali

    That’s the problem with people like you, why don’t you use your logic? Half quoting things, what you want to prove?
    You must look out for facts and the fact is that the doubt that lies in your mind is because of your ignorance of reliable Islamic knowledge and sources. Qur’an is guidance for all times but condition is you must first of all ponder what Qur’an tells us, and then apply it in your lives only then you can feel the change.

    To get curd, butter, ghee or cheese out of milk one has to use many means to get the best outcome, in the same way if you want peace to return in society, Qur’anic Laws in society must be implemented, only then our society can taste the sweet flavor of peace.
    Take care.Recommend

  • Jameel

    @Aasaf Ali:

    That’s the problem with people like
    you, why don’t you use your logic?
    Half quoting things, what you want to
    prove? You must look out for facts and
    the fact is that the doubt that lies
    in your mind is because of your
    ignorance of reliable Islamic
    knowledge and sources

    Why don’t you educate us if you know the answers to the questions raised instead of hiding behind personal attacks? The usual Jamaati tactic of ‘when in doubt divert the discussion by personal attacks’ tactic is it?Recommend

  • Usmann Rana

    I donot only condemn Munawwar Hassan but also those bearded ones dreaming of caliphate and going all didactic on us while they go around messing with young children.Kindly read the article again.
    I dont usually respond to comments and all but you have made a very very valid point.We must not only take Munawwar Hassan to task but also Fareed Paracha and others.
    It is necessary to make a lesson out of these hate spewing crime apologizing beings.What I can do at present is make them point of my piece and bring them to task.Recommend

  • Usmann Rana

    “Why you have to write a blog on views of Munawar Hasan, what makes you belive he is worth it? The level has always been on declined since Moulana Moududi passed away. And I assure you of the worst of it in the days to come”

    Kindly read other comments too and see how many are blabbering about how Munawwar “Sahb” is respectable and great and what not and I am trying to malign the name of Islam…
    Isnt that enough in itself?
    He might not be worth it,but do you mean these hooligans be let go to run amok and bring unjust justice (what a laughable Pakistani term!).Recommend


    i am surprised that a person don’t have any sense to understand the question is the Leader of so called Islamic party. i think its is necessary, there should be lot of discussions among religious scholars about this law. i think munawaer hassan is not a scholar becoz he is not able to understand the question. He is very much intolerant person how this man runs a political party… JI support Musharraf in passing 17th amendment. and every body know, in Musharf time this party have government in two provinces..but they failed to make a good governance… Its its not far past that in Zia period they supported Dollar Jihad of USA and now opposing USA.( Now they are not getting dollars in the name of Jihad).. Recommend

  • Abuzar Iqtidar Siddiqui

    This is what we know as MULLA-ISM!!!
    WE must STOP Mulla-ism!!!Recommend

  • dictator

    @for those who are criticizing Munawwar Hassan: Read Chapter Al-Noor of Holy Quran..
    But plz don’t waste your “precious” time if you are infected with Islamophobia.

  • BM

    The fact is that ‘rape’ is not covered in the Quran, only Zina is. This argument has been going on for ages, but the indoctrinated ones just don’t get it. A few things are relevant here
    1. Sura Noor only covers Zina, not rape
    2. Rape or its punishment isn’t mentioned anywhere else in the Quran
    3. 4 Witnesses are required only for consensual Zina
    4. These witnesses are supposed to be from ‘among you’. No mention of male, Muslim, pious etc
    Everything else is conjecture (usually from Tafseer). But we can keep repeating this a thousand times, it won’t make a difference to the people who believe otherwise. The fact is that Rape can and should be prosecuted with whatever evidence society deems fit. And no, the rapist is the criminal, not the victim. There is no need for her to ‘hide’ the crime.
    And to those who think Zina and rape are the same thing, get your head examined. It’s like saying stealing and being gifted an item is the same thing. Both deprive the owner of the original article so what’s the difference?Recommend

  • Salman Arshad

    What does DNA test have to do with Islam being for all times?
    Islam being for all times is a BELIEF. It is up to you to not believe in the stance. You don’t have to MAKE Islam for all times by modifying it.
    If you simply overrule Islam’s prescribed law by so-called “better” ways of handling issues discovered by human beings, then why call this “modified” religion Islam?
    Can’t you “update” all religions of the world like that and conclude that all religions are for all times to come because basic principles in all religions have always been to benefit humanity? Why only Islam?
    Yes DNA testing is superior to the possibility of four witnesses, but this superiority might only be a misunderstanding on our part. In the Quran itself, I don’t find any concept of “rape” at all in Islam, in the modern sense of the word. The Quran talks of “forgiving” the woman who has undergone zina without her consent.Recommend

  • Shayan Afzal Khan

    Those who are supporting the Ameer’s disgusting statement should be aware that NO-WHERE in the Qur’an does it say that any witnesses are required to prove accusations of rape. All that the Qur’an states is that to prove allegations of illicit sex (outside marriage), there must be 4 witnesses of good moral character – this was to discourage spurious allegations against innocent people. Sadly, it is due to a lacuna in the Hudood laws, as they were promulgated in Pakistan, that if a woman makes an allegation of zina bil jabbar – and is not able to ‘prove’ it – it becomes treated as an admission of zina (or illicit sex) that they can then be punished for. A religion like Islam, that upholds truth and justice, could never mean to be so unjust as to punish a woman for being raped – and anyone trying to say that this is what Allah meant is surely misrepresenting the meaning and ethos of our religion. Recommend

  • Khan

    I request to all, please don’t issue fatwas and don’t try to be a mufti here….this is a religious disscussion because it exists in Quran so leave it for our great religious scholors, Quran and Sunna rather than post comments on these kind of so-called mullahs..Because he is imported political so-called molvi. :) So leave it and through them into the garbage bin. That would be more better for our Ummah. JAZAK ALLAHRecommend

  •!/ Bilal

    we are the Nation who suffered by drone attacks suicide attacks load shading corrupt govt poverty earth quake and flood because we make fun of Quranic verse and thoughts of those who inform us about quranic orders and Laws the staement of syed Munawwer hassan is 100% correct he only told about the Quranic law but we condemn it because that statement was told by ameer of jamat-e-islami so he must be wrong
    shame on us for making fun of Quranic LawRecommend

  • Atta

    dont’ confuse the matter and support an islamic law;

    Man should be punished if there are enough evidences e.g. medical report etcRecommend

  •!/mshehryar Muhammad Shehryar

    I think we are not even eligible to comment on this topic when we just prefer reading Sydney Sheldon or Robert Ludlum over Quran. I would like to ask the author to kindly quote the number of rapes per second in the US aswell where the women’s rights are taken very seriously? Islam is not just about women rights or men rights we have to see the bigger picture, how islam tell us to establish a civilised society. When we start quoting things from Quran without reference to the context, we need to go back to school and learn again the basics of reference to the context from again Shakespears novels.
    What little research I have done on it tells me, islam has given equal rights to both men and women. If a man says his wife has cheated on him and has no witnesses to it, even he should be subject to 80 lashes and vice versa. And then I think another thing which our so called “Wana be” burger society should challenge is why a woman has been given half the endorsement authority than a man? Should we start challenging that aswell when it is been very clearly described in islam? Becuase if we believe Quran has been written by GOD almighty himself am sure he would know better what rights to give to whom? As he would understand better how he has made a man and what software works in a woman? Women have been given a little extra portion of emotions than men, so they are subject to manipulation more than a man. To create a balance, that every second woman starts pointing fingers at an innocent man (1400 yrs ago) when technology was hardly there. This was the perfect solution. The idea behind the law is, no body should blame no one with no proof. If you can prove it these days with DNA or what ever semen tests then tell me where in Islam its written you cant launch an FIR.Recommend

  • Salahudin Hanif

    I watch this video
    I have some questions please answer.
    1. If a woman blame on innocent person what should he do?
    2. Are you have any way of judgement to secure an innocent person from a woman blame.
    3. 4 witnesses necessary for punishment of Zina (rape) but if a woman have not 4 witnesses Qazi should punsh any other way. Sayyad Monawar Hassan is right but he did not explane full thought of Islam.1.Recommend

  • Anjum Hameed

    I have spent 40 years of my life condemning the mullah in our society for the ‘jaahil’ comments he makes for the world to hear and be shocked at..and yet no one has been able to shut his deranged mouth..why is that?? it that most Pakistani Muslim society is a bit deranged??..Recommend

  • Talib

    Our mullahs are the worst things that have happened to this country, even worse than the “security” agencies. When you ask them a question about something, and they do not possess a satisfactory answer, they issue fatwas against you. Recommend