The corrupt, disgraced and disqualified prime minister who cried wolf

Published: May 14, 2018

Nawaz has made it clear where his loyalties lie, and they do not lie with Pakistan.

A while ago, Nawaz Sharif suggested that if things kept going the way they were, he would also, in retaliation, reveal the many secrets and insider information he was privy to. This was a veiled threat, but the implication was clear: Nawaz would not go down quietly, and if the attack on him did not abate, he would most likely disclose state secrets.

Now, Nawaz seems to have made good on his threat, for in a recent interview to controversial journalist Cyril Almeida, he acknowledged that the terrorists behind the 26/11 Mumbai attacks were non-state actors sent by Pakistan, and had been allowed to go to India to conduct the attacks. Even when given the opportunity to retract his statement, Nawaz stood by his declaration, wondering what it was he said that was wrong, and instead stated he will continue to “speak the truth”.

There is no need to elaborate on Nawaz’s corruption and his ill deeds of the past – the verdict of our courts paints a clear picture of the truth in that department. However, it has become clearer than ever that not only does Nawaz exist only to loot and plunder Pakistan, but he is also willing to go to extreme lengths in order to keep doing so, even if that means throwing Pakistan itself under the bus. After finally reading the writing on the wall, in the wake of the rise of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and the downfall of the Sharif Empire, Nawaz seems to have come to the conclusion to seriously endanger our national security as he goes down. If he’s going to go down, he’s going to take the whole country with him!

Perhaps Nawaz has acted out under the impression that if he brings Pakistani state institutions under international pressure, he may get relief in the various cases lodged against him and hence pave the way to win the upcoming elections. For someone who was elected prime minister three times and was entrusted with the country’s leadership, to stoop to this new low only to satisfy his lust for power is beyond tragic for our nation.

A pertinent question arising out of this entire mess is: if this is information he was privy to and felt so strongly about, why did he stay silent during his tenure as prime minister? Why did his conscience suddenly awaken while he is being investigated in numerous money laundering cases, including one involving the transfer of some $4.9 billion to a state none other than India? This fact alone is enough to delegitimise Nawaz’s claims and highlight his depraved intentions, not to mention the fact he has been disqualified by the courts for lying and corruption not once but twice. Hence, the assertions of a disgraced former premier hold no merit.

On the other hand, even if we take his words at face value and accept that Pakistani militants were indeed involved in the Mumbai attacks, Nawaz is nonetheless guilty of disclosing a state secret. He has broken the oath taken by him all three times he was elected as the leader of our nation. This classifies as treason, and Nawaz can legally be tried under Article 6 of Pakistan’s Constitution, which can lead up to capital punishment for the crime of high treason.

It has been proven that India itself had a role to play in orchestrating the 26/11 Mumbai attacks; an inside job aimed at distorting Pakistan’s image worldwide and having it declared a terrorist state. In Who killed Karkare, a book written by the former Inspector General of Maharashtra, SM Mushrif reveals that Ajmal Kasab, the main perpetrator caught after the Mumbai attacks, was arrested by the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) in Kathmandu, Nepal, and was already in custody during the attack.

According to the author, whose senior position authenticates his claim, the extremist Hindutva group Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) conducted the attacks, whereby Kasab was forced to become a part of the attacks and was presented as a Pakistani to the world. Hemant Karkare, the chief of the Mumbai Anti-Terrorist Squad, died under mysterious circumstances and his death remains unsolved. It does not take a genius to conclude he was most likely killed to bury the truth.

Moreover, Satish Varma, a senior officer part of the probe team of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), has also allegedly revealed that the Mumbai attacks and the Indian Parliament attacks were both “set up” and aimed at strengthening the counter-terror legislation in India.

Several investigative endeavours by independent journalists, including Elias Davidsson’s The Betrayal of India: Revisiting the 26/11 Evidence, also seem to rebut the Indian narrative and suggest the same – that the Mumbai attacks were orchestrated by the Indian government itself to blame Pakistan. At the very least, there is overwhelming evidence and crucial testimonies by the higher ups of India’s law enforcement agencies to suggest that all is not as India would want the world to believe.

Coming back to Nawaz, he began criticising the judiciary; insulting and abusing the institution and the judges on his cases, before and after his disqualification. He then resorted to attacking the armed forces, hurling accusations at them at any and every chance he got. All this, just to turn the narrative away from the reality of his corruption charges and to secure seats in the upcoming elections.

Now, when all else has failed, Nawaz in what appears to be his final attempt at saving himself and his family’s politics and wealth, he bowed down to India’s whims and desires by legitimising Indian propaganda. What is worse, he has enabled India to prove what it had failed to do over the past 10 years, despite fighting tooth and nail.

Nawaz’s collaboration with India is not new. He already faces allegations of conspiring with RAW and laundering huge sums to India, not to mention the fact that Indian establishment circles have long considered him to be an asset they can use against Pakistan.

This pathetic attack on Pakistan’s national security may result in India’s fanatical sense of nationalism reaching new heights, and Indian propaganda against Pakistan getting much severe, but it won’t work in the long term, for all the evidence refutes claims made by Nawaz. The fact this comes from a corrupt, disgraced and disqualified former prime minister does not help either.

If adequate action was taken against Nawaz at the time of the Dawn leaks, we would not have had to see this day, and there would be no new conspiracies to hurt Pakistan’s interests and annihilate Pakistan’s narrative. However, there is still time, and we can prevent future treacherous acts by making an example out of Nawaz and the corrupt, power-hungry, and anti-Pakistan cult that Nawaz represents. After all, Nawaz has made it clear where his loyalties lie, and they do not lie with Pakistan.

Ahsan Zafeer

Ahsan Zafeer

The author is interested in politics, social issues and sports. He has a passion for writing and believes that issues can be resolved through discussion. He tweets @AhsanZafeer (

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  • Rahul

    Nawaz has paid terrible price for speaking the truth late in his career.Recommend

  • Omar Sadiq

    Down with Nawaz and down with PML-N!Recommend

  • Kulbhushan Yadav

    The man who has been PM pf Pakistan must know something more than the ignorant author. It is surprising that a Pakistan is ready to believe words of “Hindu Indian” police officers but not on his “pious Muslim” PM. This is called truth of convenience. Just FYI, the Hedley guy from US , a man of Pakistani origin, is in jail in US for abetting the Mumbai attack.Recommend

  • Adnan Raja

    He’s not speaking the truth Rahul. He’s buying to create controversy as all the doors around him (the judiciary, his own political supporters, the opposition) are closing all doors for this corrupt scumbag. He is looking for a way to get out of the country or he’s facing massive jail time. If he knew about the Mumbai attacks while he was PM for 4 years with absolute majority in the Parliament, why didnt he do anything about it then? Why is his memory suddenly all coming back? Its laughable what he is.Recommend

  • Prabhat

    Hi Ahsan,

    As you are a Pakistani, I can understand how you can believe that a country can kill it’s own people and cops for an as petty objective of ruining the image of it’s enemy. You should check the documentary on 26/11 on YouTube, where Mumbai Police was listening to the calls made by the Terrorists from the Taj Hotel to their handlers in Pakistan. You mentioned that Kasab was already under arrest before the attacks. In the video from the Hotel and CST station, you can see clear pictures of Kasab and the other terrorist wielding the AK47s and shooting. You can also see the video of Kasab’s confession on YouTube. I understand that you love your country and do not want to believe that it can do something like that. But before writing something please crosscheck your facts and just don’t believe what you want to believe.Recommend

  • Patwari

    Well he was a wanna be Ameerul Momineen. He failed at that. Three times deposed PM. Which shows how shameless he is. Plus he has plundered and looted Pakland to its knees. It’s loan to loan survival. His cabal still has it’s hooks. In the Punjabi serfs who are kept illiterate so they can keep voting for Nawaz and Daughter cabal. His two sons absconded to London. Where they are living a palatial lifestyle, that would be nihari every day which gives them a bloated look.
    This can go on for 20 pagrs. Why waste time on a crook. Everyone knows what he isRecommend

  • Muhammed Waqar Younis

    Nawaz is a “Munafiq”Recommend

  • Saif Ali

    Best article i have ever read on this depraved shameless money mad creature that is ns. Thank you and Allah bless you for so coldly and undeniably laying bare the facade of this monster that has ruled Pakistan thrice and has each time taken this nation decades back economically, socially, spiritually, morally and in every other imaginable way. I agree with your conclusion that there is still time and the people that have the power and duty (Army, CJP) should safeguard the interests,security and sovereignty of Pakistan by immediately arresting and trying this traitor before he spouts more state secrets and lies. Does ns ever think of his afterlife as he’s pretty much at the end of his natural life and its ironic that having all the money and so called power in Pakistan he is still in constant torment and forced to cry and wail on the streets like a salesman selling fish yet how long will be he be allowed to sell his poison to the illiterate, gullible masses of Pakistan?Recommend

  • Saif Ali

    please check the proof that is clearly mentioned in the article. i have no hatred or enmity towards India and just advise you to check your facts.

  • Manzoor Ahmed

    The corrupt, disgraced and disqualified prime minister who cried wolf . You forgot traitorous and a big fat liar.Recommend

  • Ravian

    How can I get back my two minutes wasted on reading these lines??Recommend

  • Xahid

    Don’t know, how low he can go further more.Recommend

  • Sana Khan

    Xcellent Article !Recommend

  • Sane

    The words from a disqualified person has no value. He can do/say whatever possible for him to save his looted money. What price he has paid? nothing, rather enjoying his life.Recommend

  • Tony Singh

    What is that Nawaz Sharif said that was not known to the world?Recommend

  • Sardar Zaheer

    very balanced and factual analysis, Good work authorRecommend

  • Awais Imam

    Were u there Mr Rahul when this attack unfolded? Recommend

  • liaqat ali

    and you are refereeing to NS laundering money to India in spite of factual position now clear even to children delegitimizes your piece completely ……Recommend

  • Fahim

    Words without proof is just a violent disturbance of the peace and not a truth at allRecommend

  • Gratgy

    Pakistanis will continue to remain in denialRecommend

  • Xadil

    tony you will be surprised to know that a large portion of pakistanis dont support idea of terrorism in India. People genuinely believes if there are non-state actors those must be culminated. Some of them dont think so.
    the situation here is different. Imagine Modi loses election and is being investigated for corruption or say killings in Gujrat and he has nothing to defend on this. And suddenly he starts questioning state’s policy of sending Kulbhushan Yadev to Pakistan..this is what we feel about NS.Recommend

  • Sane sid

    Dearest Xadil….. Kasab was caught red handed during the crime…… He was spotted in the CCTV Camera shooting innocent people, There are call records that trace to Pakistan and finally David Coleman Headley in US, a Pakistani National has revealed everything in detail to US Authorities, at that time US and Pakistan were close friends BTW.

    I do understand that most Pakistanis stand against terrorism…but it is a fact that these bad guys are operating somewhere in your country….. Here Nawaz just stated the truth and someone didn’t like itRecommend

  • Patwari

    Well, Humza, he is corrupt and durbari.
    So? Your see?Recommend

  • Omar


  • Omar

    In any other country such treacherous corrupt criminals would have AT LEAST been jailed for life. In Pakistan punishing criminals is an attack on “democracy” and the so called liberals are the most vocal about defending such criminals, its like in Pakistan corrupt criminals are considered democrats, fanatics are considered liberals , white is black.Recommend

  • Prasad Kamineni

    “The words from a disqualified person has no value”

    Why did then Pakistan initiate NSC emergency meeting?Recommend

  • Raja Hamid

    Nawaz is a pathological liar, certified by SC. At-least now, Nawaz supporters should realized that he can put Pakistan National Security at risk just to save himself from corruption cases, there are some who still say that the news paper exaggerated his statement and on the other hand Nawaz still saying and owning his statement, what a shameRecommend

  • Sane sid

    Respect to Nawaz Sharif from India.Recommend

  • Shakir Lakhani

    Why not form a commission to investigate those politicians, etc. who have made similar statements, as Nawaz says?Recommend

  • numbersnumbers

    Too bad the author pushes the latest conspiracy theory books as “evidence” when in doing any research none exist! All can read detailed accounts of Mumbai Attack along with 9/11, with conspiracy theories all debunked!Recommend

  • Parvez

    Nawaz is positioned between a rock and a hard place …… and is flaying out in all directions.
    On the subject of the 26/11 Mumbai attack it’s worth reading an independent assessment by Elias Davidsson called ‘ The Betrayal of India ‘…..a wake up call for the thinking people of India.Recommend

  • Sane sid

    There are more write ups supporting the facts than a one off by Elias Davidsson that has no basis and is a false narative……. I urge you to go through them as well…….. I repeat Elias Davidsson’s article is false to the atom…….Recommend

  • Patwari

    See, it is hard for a Hindustan Hindu to accept facts which expose
    the blatant face of what Bharat has become. Must be divine karma.
    Could be an inferiority complex. Of being ruled by a handful of Muslims for 1200 years. We are talking millions of Hindus even at that time in the past, under the thumb of a few hundred thousands
    Muslims, (maybe even less). Hard to shake off reality.
    So your pain is undestood. Your denial is understood. Your karma
    is undestood.
    May God give you the fortitude to carry the burden of this karmic baggage. Amen.Recommend

  • Parvez

    You may think Davidssons’s narrative is false …. but it is very comprehensive, a neutral view and quite believable.Recommend

  • Ahsan Zafeer

    And who will do that? Shahid Khaqan Abbasi? The proud servant of the Shareef family?Recommend

  • Sane

    Take him back. He is more loyal to India. After all he is a fired bullet.Recommend

  • Sane sid

    Well Parvez…… all I am saying is critical minute details have not been covered in his article……. I like a lot of Pakistani writers….. Surprisingly, The most reliable and detailed article on Mumbai comes from a Pakistani…. Tariq Khosa, a very well researched articleRecommend

  • Sane sid

    Boy I really feel pity if that has been taught in school……. 12 Hundred Years….. seriously???Recommend

  • Parvez

    Agree Tariq Khosa has written a balanced account but if you wish to discard Davidsson, who is very detailed….you could try reading ‘ Who Killed Karkare ‘ by S M Mushrif an Indian author who knew a bit more than others ….. but you must do it with an open mind, otherwise the exercise is futile.Recommend

  • Patwari

    At this point, it does not matter if it was 1,538 days and 9 hours and 59 min. or 1,752 days 6 hours and 31 min.. Fact is just a handful of Muslims
    controlled a vast indigenous Hindu population. Spread out all over the sub continent.
    So sorry, for your pain.Recommend

  • Rex Minor

    Throughout our life we learn from scriptures and our parents, madrssas and schools as well as universities what is right and wrong? sSharifs apparently were denied all this and apparently brought up in greed and urge for piling up properties and gold.

    Rex MinorRecommend

  • Sane sid

    Stop Worrying about Modi …… his country’s tactics at International Policy making is showing results and you know better ….. India does not need to spend 40% of its income on Loan servicingRecommend

  • Sane sid

    So did the British when they captured China…. Even the Japs were able to capture far reaching lands in spite of being a country of size of a district…So????? Wake up boy the world has moved on…… You got your own country have you been able to make it a better place….ask yourself and introspect…it will helpRecommend

  • Sane sid

    Well I did…… after you suggested……. It is a good article …but Mr Musrif can never match the investigative article By Tariq Khosa……I am sorry I am an emotional reader, maybe because Tariq Khosa has been a Sp. of Police he has a wider vision to the investigation….Recommend

  • Rex Minor

    Do not be too hard Sir, the poor so is after all a human. The system in Pakistan should not allow a disqualified politician to practice poitics.

    Rex MinorRecommend

  • Patwari

    Coming from a Hindustani Hindu supporter of Big Yellow,
    now that is rich!
    What you fail to understand, as usual, is that Bharat and it’s
    indigenous Hindu population, will always be a fractured entity.
    Hindustan will never be a cohesive force. The caste system,
    alone is a barrier for nation building. And is the main reason
    why a handful of Muslims ruled millions of Hindus. After them
    it was the British, now it’s the Americans, ruling you all, long
    distance, while they sit in Washington.
    Hindustan will always needs overlords, masters, foreign rulers.
    So sorry for your intense, historic, caste, and karmic pain.Recommend

  • Sane sid

    “Hindustan will never be a cohesive force”…….

    It already is…….we don’t need to spend 40% income on Loan servicing…… We help countries gain Independence…….. we stand together against terror ……… And we expose the terror plotters successfully…… Right??????Recommend

  • Saif Ali

    There is a need to be hard with this man as he was spared so many times and each time he came back and spoilt the country more. Lock him up for life, as long he’s away from any position where he can pillage, leech or damage the country any further than he already has..Make an example of him for future generations.Recommend

  • Arslan Afzal

    The bias with which you have presented your opinions as ‘facts’ is somewhat similar to Zaid Hamid’s tirade, the difference being that you have blanketed them in a much more sophisticated manner. At the very least have some respect for our country and an ex premier. You can call him corrupt, call him a bigot, differ from his policies all you want but calling him a traitor and an Indian coon is not only saddening but goes to show how little respect you actually have for our own people (He was elected via elections as long as I can remember, or were they Indian engineered as well because by the looks of your work that seems like a pretty plausible scenario).Recommend

  • Patwari

    There are currently, 64, active, ongoing insurgencies
    in Hindustan. From Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya,
    Sikkim, Manipur, Ladakh, all the way to Kerala.
    Plus ‘the mother of all insurgencies’ :-
    Hindustani Occupied Kashmir.
    So sorry, for your pain.Recommend

  • Sane sid

    Now this is a limit boy…………64 active insurgencies…???? Seriously……. where do you find this????Recommend