Partying with pistols

Published: June 29, 2011

The scene of the shoot-out in Defence, Karachi.

It was an ominous day for the attendees of a dance party taking place on Khayaban-e-Rahat in Karachi.  I can imagine the scene: alcohol was ample, the DJ was working the crowd and amongst this unsupervised and posh array of people, a shoot out took place.

Firing outside the gates of prominent parties is a common occurrence in Pakistan and not a lot of people take it seriously. In fact, in my experience, if there was a shoot out at a party, it was usually preceded by an exchange of threats and followed by a phadda or an altercation. The music would stop momentarily, and people would either be scared for their lives, or they would cheer excitedly at the sound of gunshots.

Most uncouth teenagers walk away from such scenes scratched, bleeding and deemed more masculine than ever before. These rogues, as I like to refer to them, get the chicks, drive hot cars and have no one to check up on them, as their parents are usually enslaved by their demands to stand out, whether through power, class, status or violence.

On one such night, as firing took place, it resulted in the deaths of a handful of young adults.  Many newspapers said this brawl was about which group was popular enough to be worthy of entering the party gates first. Whatever the story may be, it was a shameful, as well as a tragic, day for many feudal families across Karachi, because young lives were lost, and not for the nationalist causes their fathers have been fighting for.

Nawabzada Akbar Bugti, a highly revered and important figure for the Baloch people was a remarkable man, full of character, fighting for the liberation and progress of his people in the rural areas of Balochistan. Similarly, there are many tribal families in Pakistan with equally credible and praise worthy feudal lords who have introduced education, shelter and food for their tribes in many hard-to-get areas of the province. For their children’s generations to be throwing their heritage and culture away is not only saddening but indicative of the sad plight that the youth of Pakistan has reached.

Deteriorating youth

This event brings out the nature of unmonitored parties taking place in the urban capitals of Pakistan.  Many conservative Pakistanis bash Western clubs and bars without paying attention to the dangerous and unforeseeable events taking place within residential homes, in upscale neighbourhoods, where there are virtually no ground rules governing the nature of these parties.

The concept of being ID’d for age is mandatory at every event with licensed alcohol in the developed world. Parties in Pakistan play host to people ranging from the age of 15 to 50. Girls younger than 18 are not looked at as minors and anyone in attendance can order a drink without facing legal consequences.  Of course alcohol is banned in Pakistan, but flows like the sweet rivers of jannat, sans moderation and inspection.

There are no body searches before you enter the party, so whether you’re carrying a bag of cocaine or unlicensed ammunition, there are no metal detectors or bouncers ensuring the safety of all those in attendance.

Once you make it past the gates of the party, anything can happen.

In the case of the recent shoot out, we saw how this relaxed and indifferent atmosphere of partying resulted in deaths and severe injury of some very young and affluent Pakistanis.

Cops often get bribed to side with the most affluent kids and provide them with security and patrol at the entrances of these gatherings.

Too rich for your own good

If you don’t have money and status, there is no point starting a fight with anyone because you will not win, no matter how right you may be.

Rich parents give their children access to luxury cars, gun laden guards, pistols, knives and copious amounts of money so their spawn can show off their wealth and stature on roads filled with orphans, beggars and people living below all humane standards of poverty and starvation.

Pakistanis need to realize that the youth have to be given a healthy avenue to express themselves and to be able to socialise and network with each other outside of their schools.  While the club culture is virtually non-existent, if private parties are to be thrown, there has to be a system in place overseeing safety measures and organization.

It is a rather sad state of affairs when the youth speaks with guns and violence, instead of peace and tolerance, over some of the most futile matters, such as gaining entry into a party uninvited or quarrelling over who gets to make an entrance first.

Is the hopelessness and indifference so high in Pakistani society, that parents have blinded themselves to the unhealthy development of their own children?

Mariam Magsi

Mariam Magsi

A photographer, writer and curator working in Canada. She tweets @mariammagsi ( and her professional work can be viewed at She is the recipient of a prestigious publication award from the "World Poetry Movement" for poetic works highlighting natural disasters in Pakistan.

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  • TruthSeeker

    “Whatever the story may be, it was a shameful, as well as a tragic, day for many feudal families across Karachi, because young lives were lost, and not for the nationalist causes their fathers have been fighting for.”

    Tragic day for many feudal families? It was a tragic day for ALL Pakistani people. Believe me, no one could care less about any fuedal family Recommend

  • Burger Bachha

    FYI. if only the can spend money on their people in real terms n honesty, they might be able to secure a future for their next generation.Recommend

  • sam

    there is a difference between nawab and nawabzada. akbar bugti was a nawab and his sons/grandsons are given the title of nawabzada.
    also, its a well known fact that nawab akbar bugti subjugated his people and did not do anything for them.

    “Similarly, there are many tribal families in Pakistan with equally credible and praise worthy feudal lords who have introduced education, shelter and food for their tribes in many hard-to-get areas of the province. For their children’s generations to be throwing their heritage and culture away is not only saddening but indicative of the sad plight that the youth of Pakistan has reached.”

    the truth is that most of pakistans youth did not have things served onto a platter and unlike the nawabzadas they dont suffer from ‘i am entitled’ crap.

    kindly check your facts. Recommend

  • J

    Well If their fathers and foreathers were such remarkable men. They could have provided their kids with some good MORAL education. And perhaps Pakistan wouldn’t be the place it is today. Recommend

  • J

    And how can you be so sure that their fight for “Nationalistic” cause was justified. Pakistan should be the first and foremost thing. Writing should be with some responsibility please. Recommend

  • Qadeer Ahmed Baloch

    Mr. Sam and J are good at their words, becaue they are mummy dadies, who live in posh cities and know nothing about facts and figures, specially about Trible system of Balochistan. your language, your culture and your way of style, in fact everything is different than us, so better you guys comment on things related to youRecommend

  • Asma Ali

    @J: Can you define “responsibility”? I hope it will be wider than the one we have so far been preached by our holy cows.Recommend

  • sam

    @Qadeer Ahmed Baloch:

    Baloch sahab i am not a mummy daddy type. rather i make an active effort to work and earn money. i do not come from a family of landlords, rather simple farmers. but yes my forefathers worked hard and i do take a lot of pride in the fact that i am a part of that family. as far as tribal culture goes, at least i stay true to my roots unlike the nawabs and all who want to party in towns and when they go back they treat their people worse than animals would. i know if you want i can send you a reply in chaste balochi but dont think many would understand it here. so before you call me a mummy daddy, please look at yourself. by the way, you getting worked up because of the fact that its a woman talking back?!!Recommend

  • HQ

    @Qadeer Ahmed Baloch:

    Just because you are a Baloch, or have ‘Baloch’ at the end of your name does not mean that yiou know more about what goes on in Balochistan than the people who have commented. It is true and it is a fact – all Baloch tribal heads oppress their people, do not let them get educated and bury their women alive in the name of ‘honour’ so give kindly give us all a break. Every one here knows exactly what they are talking about… Recommend

  • kamran

    nawab bugti a highly respected man… what bs!.. stopped reading the article half way thru..Recommend

  • Dianuj Rafaz Nahk

    @Qadeer Ahmed Baloch

    “becaue they are mummy dadies, who live in posh cities and know nothing about facts and figures”
    baloch Saahib,correct me if i am wrong but Taleh died in a Posh city and in a POSH party :) Further,no wonder when we see so many Balochs in their huge cars roaming around karachi and Defence in particular ,with their sidekicks,suckups and head honchos.But i get it cuz Its simple,suck on to the blood of those unfortunate working for you,maintain your ‘Sardar’ status at your hometown and back in the big cities “Paartaaay !!”Recommend

  • Tamaaz Khan

    Ridiculous Article!

    Blaming the party instead of the thuggish feudal mindset that led to the deaths of these young men.

    All over Defense and Clifton, one feudal after another with their “guards” roam the streets harassing people and being a general nuisance.

    Plus, Akbar Bugti supported the brutal murder of the Marri and Mazari tribes in the 70’s to gain influence, power and money, he was no supported of the Baloch cause.
    He was a bloodthirsty opportunist, claiming what is the rights of the Baloch people as his own personal inheritance.
    Save for a few family members, the rest of the clan is just as thuggish as that “grand” patriarch.Recommend

  • Moderate

    Why were the others not charged with alcohol possession? And enough with these dance parties thing! A gang rape of girl took place after such a dance party in DHA Karachi and now this and God knows how many such other incidents gone with out coming to light, it is time to take strict actions and enforce some rules regarding such private events.Recommend

  • Hari

    Good one. More of such frank and candid articles are needed and need to reach the masses.
    -Hari Recommend

  • Syed

    can’t believe these thoughts and views are printed here … keep surprising us ET !!Recommend

  • LayMan

    nough sympathies for the tribal lords who will do what it takes to preserve their monetary status and sardar ship. Pakistan would have been a better place without them.Recommend

  • Salman Orangiwala

    “your language, your culture and your way of style, in fact everything is different than us, so better you guys comment on things related to you”

    @ Qadir Baloch

    Then why dont you kep these spoiled brats of yours where they belong ?
    If Karachi is a different place , THESE urchins need to learn the manners of this different place .

    And , Ms.Blogger , Had Akber Bugti been so compassionate he would have shared his forutnes with the poor Balochs , instead of having hoardes of dough stuffed here there and everywhere for his offsprings .Recommend

  • VA

    The scion of a well known tribal family defending those of another while living continents away.


  • Hasan Abidi

    @ SAM

    Way 2 go sam!

    There is a famous saying, I wd like to share with ya,

    ” The ideal tyranny is that which is ignorantly self administered by its victims. The most perfect slaves r those who unawaredly enslave themselves”.

    All this country needs is EDUCATION @ the grss roots, and a crash course to the illilterate n ignorant masses of tis unfortunate land, about their rights as people.

    Only then wd this medieval, regressive, vicimizing and backward feudal menace wd evaporate from here.

    We hv to preach human dignity n equality at all levels of society, so that there is respect irrespective of the class n placement on social ladder.

    Sam, wat this country needs is No Talk and ALL Play. Time 4 lectures z lng gone.
    If the long suppressed ppl, dont get up NOW, then they deserve to b where they r.

    I leave u with a thought………………wd b looking forward to ur feedback

    Zulm phir zulm hai barrhta hai tou mit jata hai
    Khoon phir khoon hai, tapkay gaa tou jam jayay gaa

    Laakh baithay koi chup chup k kameen gahon main
    Khoon khud daita hai jalaadon k maskan ka suragh

    Zulm ke baat he kiya , zulm ke auqaat he kia
    Zulm bab zulm hai , aaghaz say anjaam talak
    Khoon phir khoon hai so shakal badal sakta hai

    Aisee shaklain k mitao tou mitayay na banay
    Aisay sholay k bhujao tou bhujayay na banay
    Aisay naaray k dabao tou dabayay na banay


    Hasan Abidi
    [email protected]Recommend

  • PakZindabad

    Nawab Akbar Bagti a highly respected man? lol! Give me a break! Although, I must say one thing that reading hte comments on this blog made me happy in a way…that’s because I thought I would read comments regarding the blind admiration of the nawab akbar bagti and the author who notified his name here as a maseeha or something!
    I’m glad people are not following the media blindly and they have their own views and understand what is wrong and what is not..

    and that’s right! The basic problem of Pakistan is education and that’s the reason those sardars and waderas dont let the kids get education because if they do..they will stand against them and they will not be able to act like a king and rule their community…Recommend

  • PakZindabad

    @Salman Orangiwala:
    Absolutely right! I get the point why politician always praise akbar bagti and use his name as some maseeha or something just to get the sympathies and votes from people…! but why does media do that? that’s what I can’t get…!Recommend

  • Maliha

    Obviously it seem that Miss Magsi is one of the young ladies who parties hard in Karachi City. These feudal lords are uncouth and ruthless…perhaps she would like to have an encounter with them and realise how influential and powerful they are.
    It is sad that INNOCENT people were killed at a party just because of stubbornness of entering a party (if that is the truth).
    Please EDITOR, why don’t you double check who you hire to write these articles and especially their backgrounds. Recommend

  • Tribune Reader

    Well written Magsi, I didnt know u had a hidden writer in you. Just one tiny bit of criticism, the praise for the former Anti Pakistan Baloch separatist leader was unnecessary. You could have simply said, Former Baloch leader, or the Late Baloch leader, instead of adding that line praising the late Nawab Bugti, I hope you do realize many in the country outside Balochistan saw him as a traitor hell bent on destroying Pakistan through his separatist movement in the province. Recommend

  • RealityCheck

    Yup all the Sardars, especially Akbar Bugti was a great men who did wonders for his tribe. Its a miracle how almost 95% of the biggest Balouch tribe is illiterate to this day. This is really an achievement, one (by that I mean a feudal chief) should aspire to achieve. Close down all the schools, don’t let any one reach to a primary health care facility who is not a part of your immediate family. How to make every one pay tax to the Sardar so that Sardar and his family can live a lavish life, go around partying in DHA while your children are denied basic education and health. BUT don’t feel sad cause the children of Sardar will get the best education in the best institutions of this country and abroad. And when they come back they shall use their newly achieved talents to come up with creative excuses for the Sardari system. They shall write rhyming fables about them selves and their oppressor ancestors, but you don’t worry about you will never be able to read it, firstly you don’t know what the heck INTERNET is or you can not read, left alone in English.
    Please visit Jhal Magsi before being an apologist for your Sardar and his system. If you think your entire tribe and area is affluent its about time you wake up from your dream.
    Whats worse then a feudal is a feudal who can write excuses in english. Recommend

  • KolachiMom

    The problem usually starts when feudal kids pick their first fight in Kindergarten, and daddy or mommy comes running to bail them out. The precedence is set then, and continues throughout their school years, and well into adulthood. These kids do not know the first thing about responsibility and consequence. And, the fault lies with their parents. There are many, many young kids in this city and country who attend parties/events where there is alcohol, music and dancing, and behave properly. If they get into trouble, you can bet your last rupee, their parents will kick their behinds, and not tolerate it again. Not so in feudalville, where for generations the parents have only ever run after more power, and more money, and set one bad example after another for their children to follow. And, here is the result.Recommend

  • Asif

    This is the first time I’ve heard somebody with the surname Magsi dare to say things of this caliber. Well done. Recommend

  • Ibrahim Shah


    Wheres the caliber …????Recommend

  • Baloch

    after reading this article I doubt the author’s tribe.Recommend

  • Ghafoor

    Who is arranging such parties,wealthy people, such functions should not be allowed to happen. Mostly people in such places are fully armed, drunk, fight with each others,use abusive language, disrespective women. Rich people for sake of their own children discourage such eventRecommend

  • concernedcitizen

    1. Stop calling these degenerates “nawab” or “nawabzada”.
    2. Deweaponize their personal militia’s and heavily tax ownership or their fleets of SUV’s and luxury cars.
    3. Prosecute them to the fullest and harshest level if they strong-arm and subjugate common citizens including bonded labourers.
    4. Take their lands away and redistribute them to the people of the nation of Pakistan .. Smarter countries than us realized this parasitic evil of feudalism was the death of their nations.. and Japan, India, Italy and numerous other ABOLISHED feudalism HUNDRED’s of years ago!

    And we’re still debating it’s pro’s and con’s?Recommend

  • Faran Maqsood

    Its a embarrasing situation for our country. Recommend

  • Ali

    DO WE CARE, the shear fact that this article has been written by a magsi exponentiates the thought process from a baloch mind set! 99% of Pakistani’s would have cared less if all of them would have died, a drone killing 20 people in the north aint news, but spoiled brats drunk and ecstatic hurled up in a feudal chauvinist brawl ended up dying is news that is played on the ticker as well as the hourly bulletin’s for 14 straight hours.

    Whether it was the Nawabzada or his offshoots anyone who challenges the state and its system should be punished, idealistically I do not care how we get rid of them as long as we do! There is no place for this barbaric feud to be fought on in the streets and neighborhoods of Karachi or any other urban center. THEY DESERVED WHAT THEY GOT, WE SHUD NT PITY THEM AT ALL!

    Pakistan ZindabadRecommend

  • sam

    @Hasan Abidi:
    Zulm phir zulm hai barrhta hai tou mit jata hai

    this line sums its all up pretty well.
    hope that the nawabgardi reaches an end soon and the tribes remain in peace. Recommend

  • Nadir

    You do indeed make a valid point in your article with which I completely agree. However, a certain Z. Magsi you might be familiar with does exactly the same thing, roam around with guards who fired shots in the air at a recent party as well. Luckily no one died in that incident. This whole culture needs to change where people think just because they are born in these affluent backgrounds they are automatically superior than everyone else. The reality is every single one of us will eventually end up buried in the earth very much equal.Recommend

  • Mariam Magsi

    Before attacking the Tribune, please understand this is a platform being provided for bloggers all over the world to express their views. When I spoke to Nawab Bugti, I referred simply to the manner with which he maintained social repertoire. While his oppression is apparent in Balochistan at no point did he shoot someone point blank for not being let into a party. I have spoken to several Industrialists, Bankers, foreign Journalists and my own family, to try and understand the social lives of Feudal lords before their children began to take over Urban streets. If the topic being discussed was “Feudal Families and their Tribes” I would happily start a dialogue with you, but the topic in question is the nature of unmonitored partying in Karachi and Lahore and while banning them is unnecessary and will only frustrate the youth further, it is important to have supervision in place as is the case with parties all over the Western world. I agree with many of you but I will disagree at one point. I stem from my father, Tariq Magsi and what I do know is that when half the cities of Pakistan were throwing fashion shows, fund raisers and other corporate scale events to help flood victims, my father was on the fields of Balochistan helping his people by hand. I can hope to follow in his footsteps. It is very easy for a reader to comment on me living abroad, without knowing about the love I have for Pakistan and what measures I take living here to help it, return to it, nurture it and remember it, you cannot presume and comment. Recommend

  • Gordan Sumanski

    I know the writer personally and not only is she unlike any of the feudals I have heard about from various sources I also know that she is one woman who will make a difference when it comes to her people and her country. Great piece of work, Mariam Magsi. I wish you all the best and I hope we see much more of your work here. Recommend

  • someone

    @reality check..ive visted jhal magsi several times, in fact i have many friends from there. Just for your information there are more magsis in sindh then Jhal Magsi (Balochistan). You were trying to act like a know it all well then you havnt seen the hundreds and thousands of magsis in sindh, U.A.E who are prosperous, educated and happy AND STILL SUPPORT THE SARDARI SYSTEM.Recommend

  • Sara

    You are all missing the point here and stop attacking the blogger’s family and background because clearly if she was anything like them she wouldnt be writing this. I agree with you minus the Bugti part that could have been left out, however your writing is concise and i like your points. The topic in question here is how safe is partying in Pakistan and since it will not just disappear how do we make it safer for our children to go out and indulge in these activities?Recommend

  • Zarak

    Magsi is anything but feudal in her thinking and I can see that from this blog. Everyone needs to relax and get to her main message! Forget the few lines about Nawab Bugti and focus on what is necessary and vital for our communities. Good work and hope to see more from you!Recommend

  • saba

    This did not come as a surprise to me at all. Where there is booze, there is bound to be ammunition as well.

    What you mentioned here in this blog was what happened and usually happens in an out-of-control fight but there is another side to using ammunition too, in CELEBRATIONS! I read this blog the other day which pointed out a fact that we have gotten so used to it that we don’t even consider it peculiar anymore. But the fact that aerial firing during celebrations is sooooo calmly reported by the media as if its the most natural thing to do to celebrate something is something to raise eyes at.

    Please tell me, are you guys all okay with this?Recommend

  • Analyzer

    No civilized society can tolerate gun-toting brats terrorizing the streets and being a general nuisance in their neighbourhood. Lack of awareness and a general disposition to let things be has brought us to these conditions, with no end in sight. One can only hope that land reforms are carried out and these pests who do nothing for their people are stripped of their holdings and turned out of their areas. Then we can see a change in this gunda-gardi mindset.Recommend

  • uzma

    After going through the whole review, though very interesting, it is sad to see it become a platform for criticism. Firstly before commenting or saying anything regarding this article, one should have the guts to use their real identity. Using alphabets and nicknames comes through as a very non-serious attitude, as people should know that whoever is commenting, what background do they belong to? Like i myself belong to a middle class family and am an educationist! the writer has shown an act of courage by writing under her real name. As far as i have understood, the wordings of the article portray her as a young writer. Coming to the main subject, parties, feudals etc, this is the way of the world. That is how Allah almighty has created it, tribals exist all over the world, its not only Pakistan that should be criticized on. Ignoring the man thought, people have emphasized on tribal status etc. There are even bigger incidents that have taken place, no one knows what was the cause of this paritcular incident. An even bigger example is that no one knows how Benazir was murdered? There are no solid facts regarding Zia’s murder. 24/7 there are suicide bombings without any real facts. Therefore without any reailstic grounds, there s no point of having a go at each other or getting personel. There are billions of killings in smaller areas, but we dont see any inquiries regarding them.

    What happened was a tragic event, it has nothing to do with feudals , nawabs, sardars, or businessmen. It has always been that what one doesnt have, they become against it.At the moment people are criticizing feudals including the writer, but we should know and im sure we all know that feudal is a system of authority. Politically it is also being criticized, but when looked at on the whole, my analysis is that at this time, there is no bigger feudal than Mr Altaf Hussain, sitting in London, on whose one gesture, anything and everything can happen. This is what is feudal power.
    Those who have power, authority , whether negative or positive, they use it to its extent. There is no such era in this world that has not gone through such incidents, whether its tribal nawabs or a common street man. One should take a moment to feel the pain of the parents(especially mothers) who have lost their children. We are going through such bad times, where for $10, killings take place abroad. Even for one mobile , a person is shot dead. Drinking, rape etc are all faults of society, they always have been, and will always remain this way. We shouldn’t target ones family or those childrens parents. Allah Pak has stated( Para no.3, Surah Al-Imran Ayat no. 27) ‘ thou causest the night, to gain on the day, and thou causest the day to gain on the night; Thou bringest the living out of the dead, and thou bringest the dead out of the living; and thou givest sustenance to whom thou pleasest, without measure. Scholars have explained it in this manner saying that Alllah Pak has created good from bad and bad from good.

    With no hard feelings, if one wants to criticize what i have said, then go ahead, however know that i will not reply. A very small piece of advice to Ms Mariam Magsi, that carry on with your work, with good thoughts and a good heart. This world needs courageous people like you, however it is best to write on solid grounds, so that no one has any reason to raise a finger on you. Moreover try to avoid writing on an individual basis, theres alot of good you can write, dont waste your time writing on those who have manufacturing faults.

    Lets all pray that the souls of these children stay at peace in the hereafter. Ameen.Recommend

  • Mariam Magsi

    Thank you, Uzma. Considering it was my first written attempt, I did not get the feedback I was looking for apart from the attacks on various systems, families and politics. I do appreciate what you have commented on and in the future I will definitely keep personal opinions out of my writing. Though I must say, I constantly remain updated with Pakistani writers and their work and if you go through some of the other blogs on Express Tribune, written by extremely educated and knowledgable bloggers, you will come across some extremely uneducated, harsh and ignorant comments that devalue the writer’s attempt at trying to convey a thought provoking message. However, instead of feeling disheartened, this has only encouraged me to write further and perfect my analytical and academic skills. Recommend

  • Muhammed Hussain

    I have to say well written Reality Check your comments about how brilliantly the Sardars and others of his inkling, have stolen from their own people to perpetuate their rule and raise children with no moral values, who go on to continue their fathers oppression. All this done while living in luxury and partying around Karachi like they are lords of such noble backgrounds.
    It is a shame that while his people cant afford schooling, healthcare or food for their families, I have seen pictures of the scions of Bugti roaming around Balauchistan in luxury Humvees costing 100,000$ each while their clan lives in abject poverty.

    Its time for the people and teh government to put an end to this, which I doubt would ever happen as they control the governmentRecommend

  • Hasan Abidi

    @ Marium Magsi

    Marium, I wd appreciate, if the next time that u write, kindly try to b focused.

    Its apparent from ur attempt, that u r a novice, when it comes to writing.

    But I commend u , that in this society of all drawing room speeches, u atleast made a practical effort to share ur inputs, on a particular topic. But as i said, u waivered a bit, and threw in quite a few things in ur write up at one time….so u were left with more than u bargained for.

    Moreover, u need to realize, that in these days n times, just the mention of feudals, sardars , tribal chieftains and area lords, who rule their strips, like the entire Pakistan was their fiefdom, is basically inviting the wrath of an average reader.

    There z just so much hate n disgust for these Nawabs & Sardars on the streets.
    Thats where ur article went a bit haywire, n touched wrong chords. I m sure u must hv some personal experience-cum-exposure, to hv writen wat all u wrote, but it was pretty much not in sync w a man walking down the lane, particularly ur endorsement of tribal chiefs n wat u think they hv done for their junta……

    I wd luv u to hv ur feedback on my comment that i sent to Sam ( above on 30th June). I hv been a frequent contributor to all ur renowned newspapers n few foreign publications, for quite sometime now.

    It wd b a gd mix, with ur family background & my Californian education, if we can co author some thought provoking n soul stirring piece (article) on the peoples n predicaments of suppressed n subjugated feudal populace.

    Wat say ya?

    Hasan Abidi
    [email protected] , Recommend

  • D Man

    Not only did my Sardar educate my family and I but he also paid for my sister’s marriage and my mother’s eye surgeries, as she was going blind. I am now working in Abu Dhabi which is more than I can say for the poor way factory workers are treated or the way the middle classes of Karachi, Lahore, Islambad and Quetta ignore the beggars, poor women and children rulloing on the streets. The last time I went home every woman in our area had more than 6 chadors and shalwar kurta to wear and unlimited milk and bread and meat. To say every Sardar is bad or every system is wrong is a stupid statement because there are many of us who are blessed because of our Sardars, God forbid we come into the hands of the city waalas.Recommend

  • Sara

    How is the situation in these villages any worse than the trodden upon helpless people in the cities? One only needs to look outside of one’s backyard in karachi and see the way people are being mistreated from under age workers, servant classes being restrained, poor people being haggled with all the time to know it is not Feudalism that is the problem. It is every Pakistani that is the problem! Recommend

  • Asfand Turabi

    OKay guys!! enough with this topic. We have bigger trouble coming our way. People think and talk positive. Khuda say dua karein and try to work on yourself. Its all our actions that have brought us here.. forget feudal, communisim, democracy, corporatocracy and all these ‘cracies’ and lame ‘isms’ including favouritism, socialism,etc. Think of a better and original idea on the lines of ‘Empathetic Civilization’
    Ms Blogger you seem courageous and interesting with your article but ground zero reality is very different. You belong to a sardar family but that still doesn’t justify whether feudal lords r good or bad. Some of them may be Heros but many have played torturous Villians as well.
    All the best and I hope you got the idea of how our local readers react to such discussions and allow you to write with an outside perspective.
    I am aware that your mother is a knowned poetess and i’m sure she could guide your writing in a better direction and relevant topics. Recommend

  • Salman Arshad

    @ D Man:
    OMG that was soo cute!!!
    If only you could be helped come out of that slave mentality, and be made to consider yourself having the RIGHT to a livelihood, and be made to realize how disgusting as a human being it is to being “thankful” to a Sardar for doing a favor of letting you have clothes and food.
    Feudal mentality is what drives our political parties, and the Army’s political hold.
    We need to take it down no matter how many feudals are “cute” and “nice” and “angels” as many feudal-cuties have claimed to be, even here among the commentators.Recommend

  • Pir Ali Raza

    Let me make one thing clear; nothing that the ‘feudals’ have done is ever been good for the poor people. Just consider one minor fact that in Balochistan 99% people live below the poverty rate while FEUDALS drive Ferraris in Karachi (more like Saudis in Audis). One must kill all the feudals, promote education and bring in socialist changes in which wealth would be equally distributed on the basis of education.Recommend