Taking the ‘bad’ out of Nazimabad

Published: June 30, 2011

It’s only sometimes you come across remarks so wide in their naivety and so deep in their insult that no one gives a damn about what you were saying in the first place.

At a gathering in DHA a girl walks in. “Hey, how come you’re so late?” I ask.

“I just came from… well, really far away,” she says.

“How far off?”

“You wouldn’t know where it is,” she dismisses in an ugly voice and with an embarrassed face.

I press on. “Like what, Nazimabad?”

“Yeah, how’d you guess?” She tries to laugh it off.

I guessed Nazimabad because I’ve stayed there and I know the ‘distance’. And I wanted her to stop acting weird about it! I should have yelled at her but decided to leave her to her own paranoia. A boy listening in to this conversation turned to me with a look that said, ‘God, how pathetic.’

Yes, there was definitely something pathetic about somebody trying to cover up the fact that they’ve just come from Nazimabad. Sure, we’ve all heard the arguments about that side of Lilly Bridge and this side of Lilly Bridge. But only people masquerading as ‘socialists’ dredge up this stereotypical quasi-metaphor. The reality is somewhat different. And there is perhaps no better way to demonstrate this than with something that cuts across boundaries: food.

Hardees Karachi is deciding on a venue to open in Nazimabad. Some people say their uncle’s chachee’s son-in-law swore that it would open next to BBQ Tonight in Clifton, but lo and behold, the smiling golden star will be shining over… North Nazimabad. “That’s where they opened the first McDonald’s!” said a friend, relieving childhood memories of the play area.

But the official Facebook page is littered with shock and amusement:

Of all the places you could have picked, Marketing Manager, you picked Nazimabad?!

Who’s going to drive 45 minutes to Nazimabad for Hardees?

Ah, but you’d drive 45 minutes for Port Grand, wouldn’t you?

“That’s different,” she replies huffily.

It’s not only Nazimabad that gets the flak, mind you. Feigned ignorance about any locality is just as worse as blatant disregard. Take as an example, the discussion during a free period that drifted towards Karachi University. “University Road? What’s that?” called out a loud, pink nailpolish voice, suddenly aware she had let slip something she shouldn’t have. A class of 32 students turned in shock.

“[It’s] only the location of the university with the best mass communications department in all of South Asia,” yelled a college-obsessed boy.

“[It’s] only where they opened the first sit-in restaurant of One Potato Two Potato,” gasped the foodie.

“[It’s] only where my mamoo lives, you burger!” spat out the last one.

So does one person out of hundreds matter? Does it matter that one small, pretentious person believes his or her own small, small stereotypes and applies them to a city of 18 million? Is this a big-city resident symptom? Do people in other large cities giggle and fret over whether they’ve been to certain areas?

For some people, Nazimabad is as ‘backward’ as Fata  (whatever that’s supposed to mean). It’s destitute like southern Sudan. It’s in the middle of nowhere, like the Pacific Ocean. Yet Nazimabad is also the Original Suburb. Its north side was designed in the 1950s to house federal servants, a planned enclave of its own. And Nazimabad is where the original Agha Juice is located, serving the best mango shake on any side of any bridge.

But then again, perhaps these days people are warming up to the idea of a shiny new restaurant no matter where it is. It is important, however, to point out that Nazimabad already has Pizza Hut, KFC, Largees and a host of other food chains. Small wonder then that pink nailpolish girl asks: “Since when did Nazimabad suddenly become cool?”

It’s only sometimes you come across remarks so wide in their naivety and so deep in their insult that no one gives a damn about what you were saying in the first place. This was one of them. Smile and ignore, and visit Agha Juice and Hardees, whichever you prefer, because there’s nothing bad about Nazimabad.

Published in The Express Tribune.

Meiryum Ali

Meiryum Ali

A freshman at an ivy league school who writes a weekly national column in The Express Tribune called "Khayaban-e-Nowhere".

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Tribune Reader

    a lot of dha people think pechs is awkward and uncool, yet residential property prices are even higher than dha phase 5, and kda scheme 1 which is close by has thr most expensive resdential property inKarachi. plus ese areas are in Karachi’s geographic center, so very convenint, as far as nazimabad goes, nazimabads always been cool, was known for its fresh air in the day, jhust a long drive in Karachi’s traffic.Recommend

  • MsMarium

    Awwwwww … you wrote abt the place where i born,brought up and still living ..Nazimabad is the best place in Karachi especially the area behind Imtiaz Savings and A O Clinic(my home sweeto home located there) ..here are some places my nazo had:

    Nazimabad has the best bakeries especially Ahbab Sweets(Ras Malai and Rabri ..yum yum)
    Nazimabad has so many banks almost all near my house
    Nazimabad has the best colleges including mine ‘Sir Syed’
    It has a famous and the largest Eid Gah
    SO many cafes and restaurants ..my fav is Student Biryani
    Best Whole Sale Market i-e ‘Gole Market’
    Not the best but the nearest and fine Hospital ‘Abbasi Shaheed’ ..it serves u as a ‘rehmat ka hospital’ when you or some of ur family member going through an emergency ..
    Best Salad,Imtiaz Super Store salad bar my personal fav(pineapple chicken) waise I like Pizza Hut Salad also but its too expensive and em kinda ‘Pocket Money dekh kar pao philana’
    Nazimabad has the first women university(in Pakistan) ‘Jinnah University For Women’
    Nazimabad has the best nimco,’Bombay Nimco’
    Best Kabab House (forgot the name)
    Best Beauty Parlour ‘Leeza Beauty Parlour’ ..whateva i’m today its all cuz of Leeza (bad joke :p)
    and there are so so many things and memories of Nazimabad No 4 and 3 ..but i remember once my mother told me when she lived in Nazimabad No 3 before getting married tht President Mush resided near nani’s house ..
    Oh I forgot to mention one thing more .. Nazimabad has the best Urdu Fiction and Lit library tht is ‘Ghalib Library’Recommend

  • Dabeer

    thankyou for writing this.
    should serve the purpose.


  • Ahmed Aziz

    Yes… exactly right… I did my 1st degree in IBA City Campus… all my friends were from DHA and for every dinner, get-together, study session, I had to go from Nazimabad to DHA, and not even the Nazimabad Central, it was North Nazimabad, even farther away. Still I didnt really get offended if I suggested someone to come to North and they declined, reason being, the places one has to pass through to get to Nazimabad. Firstly, Numaish and Guru Mandir, always the center of all kind of protest. The gangland wars that happen between our beloved local political parties always happen somewhere along the way. Lets face it, Nazimabad has a reputation of of the ruthlessness carried out by MQM, ANP, JI and all sorts of other crap parties. Most of my life I have lived in North and i have witnessed death, destruction, racial killing (in my neighbourhood) BUT my question is, which area of of Karachi is safe from this nowadays anyway.

    Hardy’s dicision to open the 1st one on Nazimabad is a good decision, it is a place of people who aspire. It is a good marketing decision.Recommend

  • Saad

    I have a feeling this artice was a sort of reply to another older artice where its writer said something distasteful about nazimabad. but anyway, great write-up, enjoyed reading it, one of your best i must say :-)Recommend

  • http://www.6la8.com Confused

    pink nail-polish girl lol. Nice blog.Recommend

  • Siraj Ahsan

    I am from North Nazimabad… I left by I still have my heart there. Good piece of work… didnt know Hardees was coming. Next trip to Karachi I definitely am going to eat. I am sure it is a relief for all the girls and boys crowding out in Dolmen Centre food court for a date they now have another venue to go to. Recommend

  • maira

    I’ve lived in bahadurabad, defence, shahra-e-faisal and nazimabad. i would choose nazimabad any day over everything else!Recommend

  • Ali K Chishti

    I think it’s important to understand sociology of Karachi. Nazimabad is where almost everyone once lived – the ‘wannabe burgers’ would still call, burgers – afterall, Nazimabad is a place where Dr. Abdus Salam, President Mushraff, Dr.Azeem Ahmed Tariq, Eqbal Mehndi, Saleem Yousaf (wicket keeper) once lived.
    Here’s a piece on Nazimabad http://www.chowk.com/Views/Society/Good-ol-NazimabadRecommend

  • Adil Adenwala

    Well as a karachite ..reading this article made me think about only one thing, are we now measuring the town of the city based on how much multinational food chains are preferring to open their restaurants !?! … if so then its sad ! … there are about 16 towns in the city. I agree its not justified to stereotype any locality but then this happens to every other metropolitan city in the world ( yes it does happens ) but not on the basis of restaurants, universities and buildings , rather than the level of crime, hostility and neighbourhood ! …

    So in my opinion, lets not create another division of ‘ burgers ‘ and ‘ bun kababs ‘ in the city out of so many. Bottom line is that its not easy to live in any part of karachi, some have security but dont have basic necassities like water and electricity and vice versa ! Recommend

  • Taha Shuja

    once in a bbq…. I ask a question from a friend’s friend.. who lives in bath island..
    at some point a question raise, where in karachi we can find the biggest Slum, as
    we saw in Slumdog Millionaire

    She said “” Gulshan Iqbal”””Recommend

  • waqqas iftikhar

    brilliant meiryum…..alas….this isn’t going to change people much…but a good try.Recommend


    well i have spend 10 days of my life in north nazimabad and i really enjoyed it. very lively place give me feel of being in a city. Now im living in DHA but i still miss nashta from dil pasand and food court there.
    @ HARDEEEZ in north nazimabad, i must say after its grand opening in lahore HARDEZZ is now wants to hit true karachi, area with dense population….. they will rock ;)Recommend

  • Sahar Khan

    Beautifully Written..!!!! :D….and hilarious tooo….Complexes…Recommend

  • Ed

    Big Metropolis have this habit of coming up with new areas away from the down town and older areas. The new areas suddenly become cool and the old ones seem so “uncool” but then comes the saturation point… especially for some place like Karachi with the sea making an immovable boundry on major sides….
    …who would have thought that some of the elitest colleges / universities would have to be in “Korangi” right next to Ibrahim Hyderi!!!
    Which 90’s burger would have dreamt about going to the “netty jett” (Native Jetty) bridge with his family to “experience an evening resembling europd!!!”Recommend

  • RealityCheck

    An excellent write up, just when I completely gaveup on the quality of material being published at Express Tribune Blogs, in comes this gem of yours. Brilliant, a smart well thought out write up and in face of all those who think just because they live on the other side of Lilly Bridge some how they are magical creatures who are better then rest of Karachites by the virtue of their place of residence. In a time and age of information such stupidity is rampant, but this only highlights the deep cracks in Pakistani society, how much we are fragmented. Recommend

  • http://www.facebook.com/nofalkhan Nofal Khan

    Ahahaha. Made me feel so good. :) and btw, thats where the street cricket happens at its best. Recommend

  • Saman

    Nice Read…..I was a resident once and trust me Nazimabad is the most reasonable place for any thing (cost wise)..:)Recommend

  • SZ

    A great article, funny yet it hits the nail hard. My daddi n Nanni’s house used to be in Nazimabad and wenevr we wud visit Pak me n my siblings loved the atmosphere thete, open houses, children playing on the street every evening men gossiping at the corners of muhallas n women standing at the house gates chatting wirh neighbours. I long to see tht Pakistan again. Ahh those were diff days. Mt elders tell us tht after the imdependence of Pak Karachi was initially the capital n it was very early on when Nazimabad was designated an area where all the creme’ came n settled fron hindustan. All the most highly educated ppl doctors, lawyers, engineers businessmen peofessors n the ppl who were in the forefront with Quaid e Azam. Mt Grandfather himself was amongst the first rather the pioneer economists appointed by Liaqat Ali khan. His entire khandan libed in NazimabadRecommend

  • Pakistani

    I am resident or born resident of North Nazimabad, one of the most planned area of Pakistan. If you talking about facilitates apart from Food outlet. North Nazimabad has 1 medical College and 1 medical University, more 8 general universities etcRecommend

  • SZ

    I hav lived abroad all my life n now live in the US so let me tell u all something very interesting. Every major and famous city in US is the least favoured or posh amomgsr the population. Be is washington DC, Detroit-the motor city, downtown, jersey city, brooklyn dowmrown, little rock-Arkansas,Memphis- the land of Elvis; philly-the land of American independence-etc All these places were n still are the hub if activity n economic growth yet the are populated with middle class ppl. And here in US , ppl worship these places. Whereas we , r stuck up in our own mediocre complexities. I think tht our generation must evolve from these differences in which we all hv been willingly or unwillingly pulled by the generation before us, tht of our ParentsRecommend

  • Ali Raza

    why haredees in this part of karachi!!
    I can add that, North Nazimabad Pizza hut branch was the most profitable and overloaded one and then they opened another on board office bridge nazimabad on a short distance.
    So hardees is coming here to make money.. so its target is the potential buyers not
    our burger bachaa ghettos.Recommend

  • Mohsin

    “[It’s] only where my mamoo lives, you burger!” spat out the last one.

    Yes. Of course. Because THAT’S what really makes it important.Recommend

  • http://www.tanzeel.wordpress.com Tanzeel

    Something to cheer you up!

    KARACHI: North Nazimabad Town enjoys the reputation of being the most literate town of the country, as out of its 700,000 population more than 90 percent are educated and compared with other towns of Karachi it is well developed.

    In the early Sixties when Karachi was the capital of Pakistan, North Nazimabad was initially selected for the establishment of offices and residential area for federal government employees. On account of these two factors it is ranked as the most-planned town of Karachi. All thoroughfares and service roads of the town are designed in such a way that they allow movement of large volume of traffic without any interruption. Almost all roads are broad and running along them are parallel service roads that are also wide due to which in case of emergency or accident no traffic clogging is witnessed.

    Daily TimesRecommend

  • Faria Syed

    As always, great piece Meiryum. You are an excellent writer.


  • Muhammad Junaid Akhter

    We should not care about those wannabes. You choose the location where you can afford. If you can’t afford to live in DHA or other places no need to be embarrassed or ashamed of it. My simple reply to such person is that OK I can’t afford the luxuries you have, can you help me? and the person shuts his mouth because he knows the Dad wont pay him a penny more then the pocket money. suno uski jo apnay bal par bana ho, na kay baap dada ke kamai pr pal raha ho.Recommend

  • Umair

    North Nazimabad…what should I say, the best place to live on the planet, wide roads, less trouble of traffic jams….awesome food and variety to choose from…what would you like to go, Student Biryani, Delhi Suhail ki Nihari, KFC, McDonalds, Donisal, Pizza Hut, Bundoo KHan, where would you like to shop, Papoosh, Hyderi or Dolmen Mall, and the list for all the luxuries go on and on and on…..
    I must say a very well written article. One more fact that people do miss about Nazimabad/North Nazimbad is that it has a literacy rate of 98%, and the reason almost all the banks operating in Pakistan have a branch in North Nazimabad is because 60% of the households have someone living abroad who sends expenses from abroad….which contributes towards foreign exchange….Recommend

  • M. Farhan

    Well well after a long time i ve read an interesting article. Indeed Nazaimabad / North Nazimabad are the most well planned localities with the capacity to cater the requirement of next 50 years. Braod roads, side lanes, service Lanes (Galli), Parks and Grounds in every sub blocks, Market Places in every blocks, Colleges and Universities namely Sirsyed, Abdul, Nazaimabd Boys, Jinnah college / University, Technical Colleges, Superb AWAMI Hospital – Abbasi Shaheed, Baqai, Ziauddin, AO Clinic you name it and you will find it in Nazimabad and North Naz.

    We have the strogest market potential and this is the reason all the major chains whether food or goods are prefering to hot out Nazimabad / North like MAKRO one of the largest super store neighbouring Nazimabd. Lots of eating location, but dont forget the H block food street. Chota Bara maidan famous for catering.

    Nazimbadians are self sufficient and knows to live the life to its fullest spirit. LOVE YOU NAZIMABAD. Recommend

  • Rabia

    such a time waste blogRecommend

  • http://www.tanzeel.wordpress.com Tanzeel

    Above all, North Nazimabad has “Musharraf Road” 8) (The service lane going towards Dolmen Mall from KDA Round about.Recommend

  • http://www.tarpley.net Moise

    I guess Hardees wanted it to be a family place and not a joint for vices. Though there are black sheep but most of people in North Nazimabad have family values still intact.

    -Ex-Clifton Resident living in North NazimabadRecommend

  • saeeda

    nice. The hardees Karachi page on facebook is shocking. Never knew there were so many un intelligent twits roaming about in my beloved city.

    p.s: Back off on the pink nailpolish!! :p im wearing some and have lived on both sides of the bridge and love every inch of my city!Recommend

  • Nal

    My childhood and teenage years were spent in teen number nazimabad. Taking benefit of being anonymous, I can confirm that me and my Nazimabadi friends have moved the most in social mobility on a global level. I live in half a million dollar house and drive a German car. And by no means I am the smartest one. People who travelled with me literally 15 years ago in 2K,2D,3B and 4K are the smartest professionals in the western world with career portfolios to be envied of.
    We moved to phase 7 in 2000 , but even to this day every first day of my visit to Karachi I take my childhood friend (phase 5) only to visit our Mohalla near Noorul Islam Masjid and we must always have the beef burger from Sultan Bun Kabab Shop followed by Pan by the jamaat Khana.
    My wife ( IBA grad) and a KDA 1 burger , believes that you can take a man out of Nazimabad but you can take Nazimabad out of a Man!!Recommend

  • Ex-North Nazimabadi

    It’s a matter of fact, almost all DHA residents can trace their residential origins back to Nazimabad or North Nazimabad. I lived all my life in North Nazimabad before moving to the US ions ago. All my DHA friends either had lived in Nazimabad in the past, or their parents had lived there in the past, or still had grandparents living there. The people who diss Nazimabad are the ones who are either ashamed of their humble beginnings or are in a delusional world where Nazimabadis are low-class people with no education or civility.
    Also, I agree 100% with what Nal said in his post!Recommend

  • Salman Orangiwala

    @ Blogger Baji

    There is a saying in RUSSIA , scratch any Russian and , one out of two will turn out to be a TARTAR ( Urdu : “tatari” ) .

    Trust me , the same goes for the residents of DHA and CLFTN et al , yes just add up the mass migration of nouvaeou riches from other parts of the country .

    It is nauseating to see people of Nazimabad or North are bragging they had the first of those FAMOUS FOREN jundk-food retail chain .

    Why not compare the intelligentsia ? DHA Vs NN.

    Bimbo Vs. Einstein will be sompthin closer . LOL ……………………… .Recommend

  • Arghal

    Finally some one put my thoughts in words! Good job! Recommend

  • http://www.tanzeel.wordpress.com Tanzeel

    Well said Salman, I wonder what on earth makes these people gauge human development through fast food chains, since when fast foreign food chains have become criteria to analyze intelligence and lifestyle ? Is this the Nazimabadis inferiority complex speaking ? Recommend

  • Sameer Usmani

    Just give me a break ! i wont talk about nazimabad, i’d talk about nazimabad and north nazimabad combined, as north is like a suburb of nazimabad. So, the place having the first McDonalds, one of the earliest KFC (if im not wrong) and numerous other things.

    Leave aside DHA and clifton, for these areas are proper authority (read army) controlled areas with proper social community taking care of them, besides/after these areas, North Nazimabad, as everyone knows and can see, is the most well planned residential area in karachi. It is one of the most peaceful (ok ok not recently), quite and refreshing area of karachi having a wide green belt stretched across its entirety and housing the city’s most educated lower, middle and upper class residents.

    But yes some problems have developed in the recent years like growing illegal slums and kati pahari and all that, but still it is one of the best areas to live, having almost all facilities of a city like education, food, recreation, and is one of the best areas to start improving if we want turn karachi to look like any other metropolitan in the developed world.Recommend

  • S. Anjum

    What a wonderful article!
    Whenever I’m in Karachi and meet people who live in DHA, Clifton or other “posh” areas, I always experience a certain look of incredulity, derision and amazement. Of course, I no longer live there, but for people from those other areas I’m not quite their equal.

    Last year, I was conversing with a writer in Karachi (from a posh area) about Pakistani literature in English. I was complaining about the dearth of books, short stories and such set in what I consider to be the solidly middle-class, educated sections of Karachi such as Nazimabad. This person had the audacity to tell me that the reason was that people from Nazimabad and other such locality can’t write in English because they don’t know the language well enough. My jaw dropped at hearing her analysis…I know of dozens of people from Nazimabad well-versed in English, with advanced degrees, educated overseas (U.K./USA etc.), and capable of writing as well, if not better, than a lot of stuff being published by authors who have never even seen the ‘real’ Karachi, cloistered as they are in their affluent neighborhoods wrapped in a false sense of identity.Recommend

  • Muqeet Masood

    Let me clear first to all the newly rich people that North Nazimabad is what where”purane ameer” r used to live, the plot cutting of north nazimabad is starts from 120yards and goesup to 5000 yards . Many of this big bunglow people now are iving aborad.

    the most important part is that why Marketing Manager choose Nazimabad is due to the findings that Pizza hut Nazimabad has the highest sales compare to all Karachi Outlets as this same goes with KFC.

    The road cuttings and the population is more there in Nazimabad than compare to DHA…Recommend

  • Ramiz

    Loving your articles! First the one about girl’s dreams about being on airforce and now this. Admire your courage about how you are indirectly breaking stereotypes on different aspects of the Pakistani society.Recommend

  • ALI

    excellent write…..its not about just Nazimabad..!!
    except some areas of Karachi…all are good enough…!!
    but DHA people ..those who live in a bubble……they really have some issue with the hole Karachi except DHA…
    anyways…nice article :)Recommend

  • Yasmin Hemani

    North Nazimabad rocks!Recommend

  • shagufta

    luved this article….. yes there is alot in nazimabad to cheer abt and yes there is no BAD in itRecommend

  • parvez

    Enjoyable read. Recommend

  • RS

    Haha this is well and good, but can someone tell me what a ‘pink nailpolish voice’ is? Also, what a ‘college-obsessed’ boy is? Funny, coming from someone who’s trying to urge people to stay clear of stereotyping.Recommend

  • http://nazi.com Nazi

    “warm” re-guards to the pink nail polish girls..Recommend

  • Prof. Tahir Husain

    May I add that North Nazimabad is the constituency of the National Assembly with the highest number of graduates in Pakistan.It is the most literate area of pakistan according to the Census.It was named after a great Muslim Leaguer and one of the Founding Fathets of Pakistan..Recommend

  • Faraz

    Apart from the resturants, North nazimabad or nazimabad is the best place to live, As there is a relation of love between the neighbours. And at least in any case of emergency your neighbour’s by them self would be there to help you.
    If north is unsafe or middle class people lives here then, why pizza hut,Mc donlads, nike store moosajee and lost of multinaltional resturants and Brands outlets are opening here day by day, know hardees is also opening in north. Are the owner’s stupid they are investing there huge amount of money in a phatetic area ?
    think about it. Forgot the Rumours….!
    REQUEST : The people who havent seen North Nazimabad or Nazimabad must visit first, Then tell us are these area are like that you heard up till know, JUDGE YOUR SELF AND THEN COMMENT….!Recommend

  • sami

    burger bachay lolRecommend

  • Kay

    Karachi is one of the largest cosmos in the world, and hence it is only natural for Karachiites to face the kind of differences in experiences when they choose to live in different parts of the city. It is a fact that there are certain very fundamental differences in the lifestyles of those living on different sides of the bridge. However, differences are really nothing to be ashamed of… They are what makes us a diverse community fitting rightly into the definition of Karachi being a cosmopolitan city. Having said that, I would like to recommend the author and readers who may be interested to read Kamila Shamsie’s legendary novel, Kartography. It is an excellent book, quite effectively highlighting the woes and plights of those brought up on the defence-side of the bridge. There are deeper insights behind the naivety found in the likes of the comments stated by the author. It’s hardly ever about having an elitist attitude or a superiority complex about the area you reside in. It’s simply the upbringing that comes with it that shapes our personalities :)Recommend

  • emotional beacon

    oh please. ignore the ignorant! and it is not the other side of the clifton bridge? any one?Recommend

  • Adeel

    Not everybody living in DHA/Clifton is burger.. Recommend

  • Osama Ali Khan

    great job. u absolutely wrote it off the hook. adding to the topic, u forgot to mention the childhood loneliness of those burgerians. nothings bad about living in nazimabad.Recommend

  • http://deleted Nazia

    Live Nazimabad, Love my place , we have the beautiful town and educated people and places .
    it even doesnt matter to us wat THEY think of this . Recommend

  • http://kulsoom.wordpress.com Umme Kulsoom

    Just that people have developed this mindset about several areas on their own. They come up with weirdest things on earth and make lame arguments about how resident of a certain place develops a certain personality trait. I believe all of us should not even classify people on the basis of where they live because that is mere useless. Its the person, the family, the attitude that matters rather than the living standard.

    GOD bless everyone and Thank you for bringing that up!Recommend

  • http://esportshut.blogspot.com Umair

    what most people dont realize is that the current DHA residents moved from those areas. they used to live there one as well. i used to live in gulshan block 7. its quite pathetic the way people act just because they live in a certain area!

    nice read :)Recommend

  • http://www.codingstreet.com Mustafa Hanif

    Does anyone know theres a EFFING ZOO!! in Korangi … No one knows ?? !!! And it has ALIVE animals !… Korangi ROXX!!Recommend

  • Raza

    Spot on :). As a resident of DHA myself, and a former one of North Nazimabad, I couldnt agree more with the writer’s perspective. Recommend

  • Maybe

    Very passionately written article, a little short on the right words. But passion matters; the words will be learned on the way.

    Coming to the subject matter, I have a strange mix of feelings towards Nazimabad. I live in F. B. Area, and 30 years ago, my family used to live in Lalu Khet (no, I wouldn’t mince any names). So, I am definitely not a Burger, not even of the ‘wannabe’ variety. But I am wary of the Nazimabad people. The ratio of people from Nazimabad that I can put in my good books versus those that I will put in my bad books is surprisingly low; like about 1:10. I cannot pretend to have pinned it down to one reason but generally I feel the vibes from Nazimabadis like they have a superiority complex. Unlike the people from the NORTH Nazimabad, whom I have noticed to be generally very cool, composed and apparently happy at their stature in life (“Who doesn’t wanna move to defense? But hey, take it easy.. hehe” –that kind of relaxed attitude), the people of Nazimabad don’t appear relaxed about their stature in life. There is a certain amount of haughtiness, or even confusion, or lets say a mini- ‘Identity Crisis’, as if they cannot decide whether it is Defense or Clifton or Nazimabad which is the best place to live in Karachi.

    Just my 2 cents. Not easy to talk about things like this..lolRecommend

  • salim

    i thnk dha is da worst area in da city,
    n nazmbad is vice versa 2 it,
    previously dr. a.q khan also livd her,
    dedicated 2 mariyum.Recommend

  • Zoya

    sheer awesome-ness :D Recommend

  • Syed Osama Sarwar

    A beautiful strip of wedding lawns keeps the area glowing every single night.Recommend

  • globalnomad

    Great write up, loved reading it. i had experience of growing up and living in both neighborhoods of Karachi, I grew up in Karachi, addicted to it. Declined moving to NY when my parents did and proudly working here and raising my kids in an according to all me relatives language a violent city. Now listen, I did at one point moved from North to DHA , believe me, I only had one simple reason, to sleep peacefully and not live in a threat of my house slowly getting into a business hub. I need a fresh brain to do the brainwork central to my job and a neighbor which is meant for residence.

    What makes DHA expensive and an exclusive neighborhood is not the world class restaurants, or the burger kids, it is the way the area is managed the difference between KDA and DHA and the civic set up. I lived in three different houses and apartments of North and Gulistane Jauhar, before moving to DHA. every single place managed by KDA can have a business coming up anywhere, a doctors clinic, a school reciting national anthem at 7:30am, a nagori, a pan shop, a bakery, or a convenience store, When all this done, you will have endless cart vendors shouting selling their good throughout the day. No, there is still more to come as the night falls; a neighbor having metal rock concert in an aqiqa function until 4:00am (one of my family had a heart attack due to one of the function nights). Many people in muhallah add one more story at the marriage of every son in the family, all on 120yards of plot with the ground floor having 4 shops here you go suddenly the lane that was a purely residential goes to commercial and gone are the parking, and the girls have tough time being started by all kind of customers and the boys hanging around the shops not to forget the firing if there is some conflict or strike during one of the political turmoils.

    Despite missing all these raunaq, one does not see any of these in DHA.Recommend

  • MZ

    awesome article! loved it! imagine someone who went to kgs and made friends with the people who have hardly ever been out of defence and who ask faced questions like ” ok so you live in North nazimabad. tell me about it. does it have malls? hospitals? what abt proper bungalows?” and i was such a fool to start explaining patiently when another north nazimabadi jumped in & said “listen, we live in karachi while you live in defence” lol

    last but not the least, really appreciate the way you have conveyed it all. =)Recommend

  • sylar

    even though i dont live in nazimabad HATS OFF TO you FOR WRITING THIS… Iive visited it a couple of times and its beautiful!

    i hope your article helps clear the ginormous untrue generalisation! Recommend

  • http://www.linkedin.com/pub/dr-iffat-zafar/21/88a/474 Dr. Iffat Zafar

    Dear Author;

    An excellent write up of what actually is the reality. I have grown up in North Nazimabad and at my university i had burger people thinking that oh North must be sooo backward and i hated that!. Being married to someone who has lived his whole life in Clifton i am again stuck in the same turmoil who thinks Nazimabad is some dreadful terrorist resort. Thanks for writing such an excellent piece. Recommend

  • Kay-Lid!

    T20 cricket was born in NAZIMABAD! ;)Recommend

  • Jannat

    Nazimabad has the largest category of plots.It’s town planning is of highest aesthetic order,and was done by an Italian company.The area also has its own first-class cricket grounds.Recommend

  • Adeel

    I can say with experience, that Nazimabad and Gulshan e Iqbal house the largest middle class population of Karachi and are thus the most attractive location for any business to start up. No wonder chains like McDonalds, KFC and now Hardees open their first outlet in these localities.Recommend

  • Ad

    BUAHAHAHahahahahahahahahahahah a defensive article followed by really defensive comments! y r u guys so insecure about it????? this shouldnt even be a topic to be discussed, let alone write a whole article about! i mean there is even classification of whther ur nazimabadi or NORTH nazimabadi! Puh! u guys have made urselves a laughing stock! tsk tsk tskRecommend

  • http://www.saquibbaqai.com/blog/ Saquib Baqai

    Hahah! i grew up and spend best years of my life in Fedrel.B.Area and used to have chai at Cafe Pyala every day (beat that suckers! best chai in town hands down) which was like walking distance from my house, I come across such people everyday and all i can do is laugh, My in laws are in Nazimabad and many of my “cool” acquaintances wonder how do i manage to go that far … I won’t be surprised if some day i bump into someone who inquires if i require a visa to go to my in laws :P Now i am a DHAite/Burger/Bun Kabab … or what ever the “in” word is now days :PRecommend

  • Fawad

    good read maryam ali..

    The current kids growing up in Karachi really need to be shown around..
    And i second you, like dr. Iffat Zafar, that ignorance is a bliss, specially when i see that the psychological brought up of kids in burger-istan aka DHA & Clifton, is turning them into ostriches..

    So, when the issue is on a larger scale, and masses need to join hands to counter it, one will find none of these burgeristan ostriches for support..
    Most of the educated protestors i have seen standing beside me for societys safety concerns at our usual venue of press club, belong to north nazimabad, gulshan and more north nazimabadis..

    I have understood one thing, that the societal decay has started not long time ago..
    And it is surely brimming in the elitist kids who have a fake sense of superiority..
    As most of the academic achievements and success stories donot propagate from there..But from areas like north nazimabad, gulshan, fb area, etc..

    I hope the kids of today can live in ‘reality’ and join hands together for a greater cause.. Rather than provoking such absurd hatred within one city of Karachi..

    Then why do we blame the killers? Arent the kids doing half their jobs already?

    Think about it… Wake up soon..Recommend

  • http://www.sapphirical.wordpress.com S.Mirza


    Very intelligent, i must say. When people hear the (not so intelligent)remarks, such as yours, most just, “Smile and Ignore. “Recommend

  • http://www.sapphirical.wordpress.com S.Mirza

    @Mustafa Hanif:

    where’s that? interesting.Recommend