Why should feudals apologize?

Published: June 30, 2011

We must try to understand people and they come from before we pass judgments and condemn them to hell.

I have grown up hearing all the stereotypes on television in newspapers.

Feudals drive big jeeps (who cares how many books they read?).

Feudals are the reason the country can’t prosper.

Feudals abuse people in the name of tradition.

But this ‘wadera’ boogeyman image is not accurate. I’m not saying that exploitation of the poor does not exist in rural Pakistan, but the facts that are often ignored are:

Exploitation is not exclusive to the agricultural community.

For every landlord who mistreats the people who depend on him for a livelihood, there are at least three who are actively working to provide services (services that every government has failed to provide) such as education, medical care, and some sense of security to their people.

I would even go as far as to argue that urbanites treat their domestic employees far worse and with much less kindness than a rural agriculturalist.

How many factory owners attend the wedding of an employee or an employee’s child?

Agriculturalists actively participate in their people’s weddings, and in many cases even pay for each and every wedding that takes place in the vicinity of their land. When someone dies in the rural area, this so called “evil feudal” is often the first person to help make arrangements for the funeral, and ensure the deceased’s family is looked after.

How many factory owners or bankers or businessmen can you name who do the same?

When was the last time you attended the wedding of your driver’s son?

Do you even know how many children your servant has?

The other aspect of the “feudal tradition,” that is criticized, is the concept of the jirga or fasila. This is when a person in the rural community, whose opinion is respected by both parties (this is not necessarily the richest man in the area) is asked to settle a dispute.  There are some cases (such as the case of Mukhtaran Mai) where these parallel judges have abused their position and have passed judgments that are inhumane to say the least. There is no justification for such horrible acts. But, just like we did not abolish the judiciary for setting Raymond Davis free, or exonerating some of the men who raped Mukhtaran Mai, we cannot do away with a system that in most cases works – especially if there is no alternative.

‘Feudals’ or rather people who are perceived to be ‘feudal,’ especially young men, are often stereotyped as nasty characters with a ‘Napoleon’ complex.  It is partially an urban legend that feudals crash parties, kidnap and rape young women, and shoot anyone who tries to stand in their way.

The stories that these people choose to ignore are the ones where a drunken young man from a prominent business family harasses a ‘feudal’ youth at a party, then follows him home and in the process of the confrontation shoots the feudal’s brother and servant.

Or, what about the young entrepreneur who kidnapped his girlfriend after she tried to breakup with him, locked her up and raped her for three days straight?

The point is that in Pakistan money leads some people to believe that they are untouchable and can behave in any way they wish, with those who are less fortunate or weaker than them. These people can be ship-owners, industrialists, farmers, stockbrokers, lawyers, doctors, or people from any other background.

What I believe the media needs to do is acknowledge that Pakistan’s problem is not evil feudals. There are people in every part of society that do evil and unthinkable things. These people should be dealt with as individual criminals and people who share similar backgrounds should not be stereotyped.

Every citizen of Pakistan must make an active effort to stop trying to find scapegoats. Blaming one group for all problems of a country leads to criminal acts.

So, let’s try and be more tolerant as a society. Let’s try and understand where people are coming from.

Instead of flying off to Thailand to go snorkeling, why not visit Astola Island?

Instead of dying to get invited to Royal Ascot why not drive up to Shandur and watch polo played, the way the people who invented the game play it?

Pakistan is a beautiful country, filled with many wonders and many different types of people.  Let’s all try to understand these people and the places they come from before we pass judgement and condemn them to hell.

This article has been revised to reflect the following correction:

Correction: June 30

An earlier version of this article stated that the author belonged to a feudal family, this was incorrect and we would like to apologize for the regrettable misrepresentation.



Basharat A Durrani

Basharat A Durrani

A businessman who enjoys fishing, riding horses, plays polo and travels as much as possible.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • H

    Freedom of speech for everyone, except feudals. The common Pakistani man despises the feudal for their lavish lifestyle at the expense of the poor. The intellectual Pakistani despises the feudal for their concentration of power. Our youth is rising, the common man of tomorrow will be intellectual with no place for the feudals in the urban cities. Recommend

  • Fahad Raza

    Please forgive me MY feudal lord…of the useless patronization. We can’t progress without ending feudalism from this country. Look at India and china, they abolished feudalism now their progress is leaps an bound ahead of us. Recommend

  • http://wasioabbasi.wordpress.com Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi

    Being a feudal (or Tribal, whatever one prefers) myself I understand what you are trying to explain. However, let me tell you that it is not possible to explain to majority Karachites and other urban areas what it really is to be a feudal.
    -They have no idea what a feudal has to go through in matters of loyalty and faith.
    -They don’t know what it is to protect themselves, their people, their land and livestock all the time.
    -They don’t know how a single mistake on feudal’s part can lead to several instant deaths.
    -They don’t know how the feudals maintain balance of power in the region so that creeps, dacoits, thieves, sworn enemies and what not try to destroy their very fabric of living.
    -They fail to notice the day to day hazards of being a feudal but only see the cars, money and guards. If they see the same things with businessmen and industrialists, they consider it legitimate.
    -They have no idea how difficult it is to be born in feudal family and survive. When sworn enemies are looking to put a bullet in you, when different factions are looking to put you out of the way, when servants are aplenty and money to throw around that threatens to rot your character from start and the constant fear that you may never be able to fulfill your elders wishes, especially when so much depends upon you.
    -They would never know how old a feudal becomes mentally while still in his prime youth.
    All the flashiness aside, the feudals are real as any real person and in many cases better able to help people of their areas than the government or most urbanites (particularly those living in posh areas who don’t even know who their neighbors are, they should be the last ones to worry about anyone else).
    Bad eggs are everywhere but it is not wise to fall for fallacy of composition by considering one bad feudal and believing every feudal to be the same.Recommend

  • http://ammar-aziz.blogspot.com Ammar Aziz

    Another petty attempt to justify exploitation, unequal distribution of property and the most inhuman system called feudalism. Feudals will continue to rationalize criminal acts of exploitation till the day when the exploited masses will overthrow them. What the hell is your ”ideology” except the accumulation of wealth? except patriarchy? except ignorance for the peasantry? NONE. Recommend

  • Gasherbrummistani

    Telling it like it is, brother! I agree with everything said in this article by this fine young feudal gentleman. I too am a proud feudal. Well, not really, but I was entrusted with the care of a pair of goldfish once. I graciously fed them, diligently cleaned their fish bowl at regular intervals, provided them with an education (including demonstrating mating techniques in their presence), taught their resultant offspring how to till the land (again, not really, for fish do not survive on land, but I did sell them to a neighbour for a few bucks), and made all the appropriate arrangements for their burial at sea by flushing them down the toilet upon their demise. They were even permitted to visit their cousins in another village for an extended period of time (got me again, that was just the fib I used when my kids asked why the fish had suddenly disappeared. The young ones do not understand the concept of a decent burial at sea). But the bottom line is – Pakistan Zindabad!!Recommend

  • Malay

    What crap!!!Recommend

  • Haider

    Who are feduals?
    Anyone who uses arbitrary use of power is a feudal.
    It has nothing to do with Agriculturists, though the media portrays otherwise.
    And there is a reason behind it, it is the inferiority complex of the urban and so-called educated class who just ‘percieve’ that all feudals are agriculturists.

    Its just like the misrepresentaion and misconception of the masses regarding the term/ word called love or freedom or terrorists or politics or police and so on…Recommend

  • http://dinopak.wordpress.com Hasan

    My friend, there are many stories which come to light about the feudal lords marrying ‘forcefully’ the farmer’s daughters, in some cases not even marrying them.

    What’s with the private detention rooms? As if they are somehow above the law?Recommend

  • Fahad

    Nicely written and I agree, how many of us even KNOW the names of our neighbours? So please think before writing high and mighty comments. And fyi most of the people that work for landowners actually genuinely love their employers. What has your government done for them? You are all talk and no action people, so get off your high horses!Recommend

  • M.A.S

    I know the article is written in sheer anger by mr. durrani. but way to go, u have exposed the urban materialistism. Yes, feudals are worse, but urban land lords and mill owners and businessmen are even worse.
    I have a mix reaction on this article. But at the end wht i say is, feudal system has to go. and the urban materialistic mind has to change.
    Then secondly, as i am living in a small town of punjab and the villagers here are not supresed, they actually want to live a simple life which we urbaners consider as life in poverty.
    there is more poverty in urban areas then in rural. Recommend

  • http://bakedsunshine.wordpress.com Shumaila

    I’m sorry, but your arguments sound a lot like the slave-owners in America put forward when they were attacked for an unjust system. Just because you or people like you are humane or civilised enough to choose not to abuse the power you hold, doesn’t change the fact that other people in your place can abuse it. And do.Recommend

  • ba ha

    Good Idea visit Astola island. I was under the impression the Faujj owns it and will be making hotels laterRecommend

  • IZ

    Umm. I agree ‘feudalism’ has become an lazy catch-all term used as a boogeyman to blame all of Pakistan’s ills on. And I agree “feudals” are criticized where the urban bourgeoisie get a free pass. But just saying something is right because others are doing it too does not make it so. You say Pakistan’s problems are not caused by ‘feudals’. I would say Pakistan’s problems are not confined to ‘feudals’.

    Now I’m waiting for this thread to explode in an orgy of self-righteousness…Recommend

  • waqqas iftikhar

    so i am guessing that means a no to land reforms eh?….

    what ridiculousness, the problem is that certain feudals (or rural agriculturists) own a large amount of land and the haris/kisaan etc. who till that land are dependent on the agriculturist’s blessing to cultivate that land, and live their lives (at least on a subsistence basis) – then you have got issues of absentee feudalism which is even worse….not all feudals are bad….but the system within which they operate provides them with a disproportionate amount of power over villagers (they better vote for you come election time or man are they in for a bad time)and the government.

    Feudalism does not exist in Bangladesh and India anymore, where it did previously – we somehow still have it flourishing in spite of various civilian and military governments and their promises of implementing land reform….that is an important factor which colors perceptions about feudalism.Recommend

  • Alizeh S

    ‎’As someone belonging to a land-owning background…’

    Opening line of this article is a misrepresentation because Basharat does not even belong to a land owning background and he never wrote that in the original article. This is so badly edited making him seem like a self sympathying feudal (which he isn’t).

    It was written from a third person perspective, so biased of The Express Tribune to think that anyone who says anything good about landowners is a feudal himself lol – I may not personally agree with feudalism based on what I’ve heard and read, but I have had no interaction with many of them. His article was abt media bias against one group of people and that’s exactly what the tribune has done. Ah the irony.Recommend

  • Old News

    Bhai, attend all the weddings you want and give them all the medical facilities and pay for there weddings etc., but tell me this, do you provide your people with education? not primary but graduate level, do you make this available to them? i doubt an educated youth from your village would willingly go back to work on your lands. do you allow them to go work for someone else besides you and your family? the fact that you become responsible for all there expenses is a method of making them dependent on you as they have no savings to build a life of their own. this is a well studied concept. look it up.Recommend

  • BADurrani

    As the alleged author of this piece I find it amusing that the Tribune would not check their facts before publishing something.

    I would like to point out that In the blog that i submitted i never once claimed to belong to a landowning family, because of the simple fact that i do not belong to a landowning or tribal family (unless you count the small farm my grandmother owned for a short time in Malir where she would grow tomatoes and other vegetables for her own consumption and to send to her friends and family). My Great grandfather was a professor, my grandfather was an officer in the army my father is a businessman as am I (my companies website is http://www.sysco-pk.com). The only properties that my family owns are residential homes and offices.

    My article was supposed to be my opinion as an outside observer who has interacted with peoples from all walks of life in the rural areas of Pakistan as i have had the pleasure of visiting many rural areas. I do hunt and fish and ride horses and play polo and it is these hobbies that have taken my to places in Pakistan that many people don’t know exist.

    I do not understand why the tribune has chosen to misrepresent me and altered my writing, perhaps they do not like my criticism of the media and the fact that I suggested that we not negatively stereotype people. Recommend

  • Golden Horde

    The Author makes some good pointsand answers a few question.
    But the real questions remain unanswered, which are:

    how much tax did you pay last year?
    when are you going to support the imposition of land tax?

    Until you own up and answer the above, your claim to victimization will continue to ring hollow im afraid.Recommend

  • Jiyala

    90 % of the industrialists in karachi… treat their labour and workers as slaves.. they too drive the big suv’s, maintain political affiliation and retain guards with lethal weapons… nobody condemns them…

    all this crying against the feudalism is also because of the ethnic divide/hatred in our country…

    anybody who deprives the other person of its fundamental right… is to be condemned.. be it a chaudhry or a so called educated industrialist of a city like karachi.

  • Zubair

    FINALLY !!!
    People have this idea that “everyone” who owns land or is from land owning family is feudal and that each one of them do “zulam” on people around the. I too belong from a middle class land owning family but that does not mean we are feudal who do guns blazing on others. Infact having a village in southern Punjab I know for a fact how we too have made lives better for people in general in village and that is EXACTLY why my village which never had anything now have good roads,Internet,TV,Gas and electricity. How come people dont notice the good things ?

    Certainly feudalism is bad but NOT EVERY land owner is feudal. Some of us dont drive Jeeps,dont have body guards and what not. Feudalism is prevalent in society for sure. but even in PK,feudalism varies as feudals in Punjab and sindh are VERY different from one’s in Balochistan. Infact sindh and Punjab EVEN possess middle class land owning families who are doing absolutely HARD WORK for people of their land.Recommend

  • Kinzah

    A useless attempt to try to justify the havoc these guys have wreaked on Pakistan for the past 60 odd years…both urban and rural Pakistan are better off without this bunch…Just explain to me why Agriculture doesnt get taxed? And soif they are indeed “providing for their ppl” thats the least they can do….just a question? how much have all you feudals paid in taxs? versus us Karachi Urbanites this year and the past?….. Recommend

  • Qasim

    The future is in food my friend.

    The term “feudalism” belongs in the western European dark ages. Today, Pakistani farmers are classified according to the size of their land holdings, as small, medium, and large.

    Like businessmen, the ones who have not made it “big” struggle on a daily basis to make ends meet.

    Agriculture is a specialised field that requires as much effort, if not more, as any other business. So much so that today only a handful of farmers rely solely on agriculture for their income. They know that one bad season can mean no food on the table.

    Now if farmers can’t eat what will other people do? Readers should keep in mind where their food comes from before letting their imaginations run wild.

    Also, a convenient glance at the term, tenant farming – where land owners and tenant farmers equally share profits would be useful. Recommend

  • HM

    I wonder why the writer didn’t touch upon agriculture tax issue?Recommend

  • RealityCheck

    Yes, feudal system was such a brilliant invention of human evolution, its sad that the West abandoned this curse. Not us we shall continue with this class cause thats how we roll. No matter what you and your feudal class say the reality wont change. Yes most number of Prados/Hummers are driven by Feudals, yes feudal’s carry Armed Thugs around city and yes feudal’s are one of the biggest reason why we are in such mess. Not only that they are politically influential, their only dream is to increase their wealth and continue the subjugation of people so their dynasty can continue. Go sell this baloney of good feudal’s some place else. Recommend

  • Tajdar Chaudry

    Your entire tirade about feudals not being “good guys” falls right back on its plump posterior simply because you deny these people the right to education and possibly a future where they may empower themselves enough to not require you anymore. Case closed.Recommend

  • Feudalismgotohell

    The fact that he is proud of being a feudal and justifying their presence proves his feudal/criminal mentality.
    Feudalism should be gotten away with… They are treated as Gods in their respective villages, where they can do no wrong… or not get caught anyways…. where they are worshipped by the very people feudals are supposed to take care of… This culture of driving around Karachi streets with armed guards at the back as if they own the streets…

    There is NO place for feudals in Pakistan… and if feudals don’t mend their ways, they should fear the wrath of God… the demise of Mr. Bugti recently should teach all a lesson.Recommend

  • Feudalismgotohell

    Agreed… everyone should be condemned… but at least the urbanites don’t follow parallel judiciary which in most cases comes up with the most insanely inhumane judgements…
    Urbanites also DO NOT treat their workers slaves since workers in urban areas of Pakistan not only have other options to move around… they are not tied down by fear of death, etc which they are under feudal lords…
    Also… you have talked about urbanites who have political affiliation, and drive around in suv’s with armed guards, etc… well my friend… thats exactly the kind of feudal mentality we need to get rid of…
    Feudalism is a state of mind… where you feel you are untouchable and above the law…
    and there is no place in Pakistan for it insha Allah.Recommend

  • CB Guy

    Not all feudals are barbaric and murderers, quite understandable. generally those in areas closer to larger cities would be probably better coz of more awareness amongst the people. Though it has to be considered that those in interior areas of almost all provinces, conditions are really bad. You would find good men in power too but mostly its the stereotype feudal lords that you will find. Recommend

  • Fahad Raza

    tell you what dude.. why dont you gives us the link to your original post or why dont you post it in scribd making you own account. Now ur not the first one going through et’s scrutiny like this i know some who had there blog over edited…Recommend

  • Mohsin

    Equating land-ownership and feudalism is reductive logic, and doesn’t make a great deal of sense. The issue is not about feudals owning land or driving around in SUVs or wandering the country with hordes of armed guards in tow: it is about a mind-set, in which tribal/provincial/geographical considerations trump all else. The activities that the author describes (i.e. hunting, fishing, riding with “feudal” hosts) are hardly representative ways of passing the time for the vast majority of the people living on these lands. Nor is it particularly sensible to assume that hospitality is an accurate basis on which to evaluate the daily behaviour of a feudal. The pointlessness of this blog-post is really rather astounding.Recommend

  • rida

    Interesting argument. Feudals don’t need to apolgize but I don’t think they are misrepresented. The ratio of land owning rich people who exploit their “employees” by shooting and raping them is far higher than the businessmen who do so.
    I think most people wpuld rather be underpaid, with no medical benefits than worried if they will be dragged in to an underground prison.
    There’s expolitiation and than there is EXPLOITATION.Recommend

  • HQ

    Tribune has a tendency to do such things!!Recommend

  • Jiyala


    Speak on the merits.. my dear friend…

    You feel urbanites treat people subordinate to them nicely….

    You havnt been to the industrial area’s of site and korangi in karachi i guess… there are a million examples of ‘Feudalism’… to give ou just one example…Young girls as young as 15 are hired to work in garment companies for mere wage of 3000 per month… international organizations such as the ILO and EU rate Pakistan as place as hell for workers… thats the reason they dont trade with us.

    Second example can be seen in right very homes of people in karachi.. Servant abuse is high… servants are under paid, treated as slaves, go and check any roz namcha of a police station in karachi.. you will be blown away..
    You mentioned about the Bugti’s right…

    You have any idea who they are… the bugti’s opted and strived for Pakistan’s creation.. who in the hell are you to decide who is a pakistani and whoz not… You obviously wont give any example of the such rich kids that belong to the very city of karachi… as i mentioned BEFORE PEOPLE LIKE YOU ARE DRIVEN BY ETHINIC HATRED.

  • Anny Marri

    The word feudal unfortunately carries a lot of baggage – and the saddest thing is, it’s now synonymous to argiculturists. I come from an agriculturist background – yet I am not a feudal. Feudalism is a mindset. It has nothing to do with how your family makes a living. A man who works as a clerk in Karachi, goes home and beats his wife, keeps his daughters locked up and thinks he is lord and master of his home is a feudal. Not the man who owns land which he cultivates, with the help of haaris, with whom he shares 50% of his profits, educates his girls, and promotes healthcare and other amenities in the area from where he hails.

    An interesting article – but I disagree with the premise the landowners (being one myself I can say that the term landlord offensive) are feudals. Feudals should surely apologize. But landowners should not!Recommend

  • Abbas

    Mr. Durrani, your definition of feudel is different from what is being criticised. Its a known fact that what we call feudels do to ensure that people in their respective rural areas live in a controlled enviroment with limited education / health / infrastructure / other day to day affairs. so that they can not harm their dynasties. Just like India land reforms in Pakistan are MUST and feudel system has to end if Pakistan federation has to survive as one operational unit.
    A few recent examples for your reference:

    Feudels landlords/ agriculturist sitting in the assemblies ensured their income is not taxed (despite being a major chunk of Pakistan’s economy) and salaried / industrial people from the Urban areas keep paying billions and billions of Rs. in form of direct/indirect taxes.
    Feudels / fake degree (look at the list of names and you will know) bearers are the ones who ensured funds of HEC are stopped after HEC disclosed their fake degrees.
    Day in day out you get on media people retrieved from private prisons.

    I can keep going but hope this and many other comments serve as an eye opener for feudels and their feudelistic minds. People in general hate them. Recommend

  • AP

    Hilarious article till I realized that you were dead serious.

    I love how any negative connotation of ‘feudal’ has been stripped away and you (and others) use it as a neutral category. Quite fantastic and an eye opener for me.

    What you described is the classic paternalistic role of landlords. I never thought I will read a defence of the same in this day and age, and from someone with your background (yes, I looked up Sysco).

    Allow me to rebut some of your points:

    ‘Exploitation is not exclusive to the agricultural community’

    True. But the middle class exploitation and disregard of domestic servants and of labour in general is derived from a very feudal understanding of labour that pervades South Asia in general.
    Also, the lack of any strong and competing state authority and the political, economic role of the ‘feudal’ in their territory makes it infinitely harder to restrict exploitation in rural areas.

    Feudal justice system works and there is no alternative anyway. Regular justice system just as screwed up.

    First, every citizen in a modern state has the right to access government service. There is no excuse for the state’s inability to provide these services, including access to a modern, if occasionally dysfunctional system. Also how much of the state’s inability is driven by lack of finance (agriculture is not taxed) and of ‘feudal’s’ jealous protection of there privileges.

    Second, the modern justice system is an element of the modern state and is held accountable by the press and the people at large. For every Mukhtaran Mai there are many whose voice has never been heard because of the feudal culture of obedience and silence.

    While I agree with you that a general disparagement of a class is not productive or fair, I also consider it an irrelevant to the issue.

    The central question is not the individual acts of ‘feudals’ but of the Pakistani state not fulfilling responsibility to ALL it’s citizens. For that to change, the power of the ‘feudals’ has to be broken and for the state to view rural people as citizens and not ‘serfs’.Recommend

  • Saad Durrani

    So, it seems that I am not the only Durrani complaining about ET on these boards.Recommend

  • Anny Marri

    Contrary to popular belief, tax on agricultural income has been in place since 1977, through the Finance Act of 1977. In Sindh at least, it is now collected under the Sindh Land Tax and Agricultural Income Tax Ordinance 2000. Problems do exist in collection and in implementation, but I strongly suggest that readers first get their facts straight. Recommend

  • FascismWillTakeitAway

    Feudal’s SHOULD apologize and the land must be redistributed. It’s high time. I would suggest everyone to watch the recent Japanese movie – 13 Assassins (http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/13_assassins_2011/), to understand just how evil, corrupting, destructive and selfish, the practice of feudalism is to a country that badly needs progress.

    Here’s the trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgPC74-Tde8Recommend

  • Omar Durrani

    @Ammar Aziz:
    It’s amazing how many people think they’re so brilliant. How many feudals do you know? Perhaps the ones you do know are criminals as you say, but not all are like that, and stereotyping people is wrong, regardless. “All black people are criminals because they have the highest crime rates in the UK and USA” I’d be a racist for saying that, why is it right if you say it about feudals? Well done, bhai. Even though the Tribune added their own rubbish two bits to it, good post.Recommend

  • sam

    the root cause isnt addressed.. the isue isnt a fuedal lord.. its the feudal system and the feudal mentality… we cant steriotype based on a few examples but yes we can generalize on a hollistic level.. given the rate of karo kari……. fedudal opression.feudals whov now moved to urban cities and are destroying our peace.. take for instance what happened earlier this week when 5 lives were lost at a party.. why because they were drunk? no such parties take place all the time.. because they had guns? its sad but even an 11 yr old probably carries a gun in this city.. its because of the feudal alpha male mentality.. the need to ahve a display of power……….. so pls spare us the lecture of how we have genralized wrong…….im sure there are some good ones out there too but theyr still a minority.Recommend

  • http://bookoflodhism.blogspot.com/ Lodhi

    I don’t think the writer touched upon ANY issue. Sounds like more of a “leave ém alone, everyone ELSE is doing it too!” sorta cry.

    I don’t know about you, but I’d rather be paid enough monthly by my GODS and MASTERS to be able to afford my own daughter’s wedding instead of getting paid in fruits and berries all my life and have them extend the value of a hilux to pay for when she wants to get married. After which they’ll still have enough money for about 16 more weddings. Trust me. I’ve been to a farming village wedding. Let’s just say they ain’t exactly paying for a night at the Hyatt. Big surprise…a small wedding every one or two years within their farming community (most of which consist getting two families at once since they all marry within their lands) comes out a lot cheaper than educating their slaves and paying them a healthier monthly salary. Opression is just good business. Long as you keep the smiles on your face and throw ém a wedding every now and again and learn the names of their kids, you help them forget they’re in such a horrible position in life BECAUSE of you and the taxes and lands you refuse to give back to the government of the country and the wars you keep fighting amongst yourselves for continuing bids of further land accquisition. It’s pricey to be king.Recommend

  • Omar Durrani

    Sam, I’ll have you know I have attended parties like this one, the son of ministers, lawyers businessmen etc. are the ones who are out of control violent. It’s not the feudals, it’s just the way things work. It’s far more likely that a minister’s son will use his father’s guards or whatever to create a scene than a feudal would. Are you involved enough with feudals to claim this, or are you just basing it off what you have read and been told? Don’t be a sheep, explore a bit. It’s astonishing that I’m seventeen years old and I’ve actually bothered to look at different opinions in contrast to your selective perception of things. Go and meet people instead of basing opinions off places like this that edit your articles and misconstrue what you’re trying to say.Recommend

  • Sclst

    What about secret jails? Not paying them even the minimum wage? Having total control over the economic and social lives? Doesn’t the peasantry have the right to upward social mobility, education & good schools? Does the farmer really reap the rewards of his labor? Does he really get all [or even a small chunk] of the revenue generated on his patch of land? Feudalism as a system was unsustainable [as we saw in Europe] and unjust to all the peasantry.. You aren’t doing them a favor by inviting them to your weddings or establishing parallel judiciaries, you have usurped all their rights and only give them those rights which are beneficial to the feudal with scant regard to their mental, economic and social welfare.

  • Abhi

    I think author needs to understand the basic principle against the feudals( which he calls as agriculturists). All the tenants have no legal status in this system. If you compare it with companies/firms the don’t own their employees life, they pay for work done for them and thats why there is no personal touch (attending wedding etc.) there is a legal contract both party have to adhere in this case. owner of the firm didn’t decide on personal despute of two of its employees, they have to go to courts. Also providing education, law and order etc is the responsibility of government and they can provide it better because they have trained persons to do that.
    Feudal system may have its merits, probably that is why it was invented in the first place but in the modern states should replace this system with the better one. Even if land reforms are not done at least there should be some reforms to provide more rights to the farmers.Recommend

  • Soomro

    Is this a joke? Is The Express Tribune a joke?Recommend

  • sam

    @Omar Durrani:
    lol at 25 iv been there and done that and i stand behind my views based on experience and not rumours… yes children of law ministers etc are just as notorious but this is not about comparision…… we are viewing the problem piece by piece… just because another segment behaves inappropriately shouldnot act as an excuse for such behaviour in other segments to fall pale in comparison.. yes you are 17 and sadly your naieve view of things your need to “let me know” that youv attened such parties is evident. Recommend

  • sam

    @Omar Durrani:
    also i hope you arent the chnage this country has so despeartely being waiting for…………..it wont be much different form the current government.a string of denial to every slap in the face…….. so plz.. yes do live a little broaden ur horizen and then maybe we can have a mature discussionRecommend

  • yousaf

    @baddo rani. I belong to an agrarian family I have always suffered at the hands of WAPDA.those in the field of agriculture will know what I mean.but today I am all praises for the guyes.after reading your article yesterevening I got very emotional and outrightly wrote a few lines in your favour,I was about to push the “post comment”when light went out at 2 AM.my frustration multiplied when same thing happened for 5 times as someone- not you- experiances while watering his crops.by 2 PM some 30 comments had poured in and one of them was yours now I think your article no longer deserves any comments so bye and goodluckRecommend

  • sam

    @Omar Durrani:
    you ahve it all wrong … this is genralization………. generlization is based on majority and not minority views………. is it wrong to generalize.. NO simply because it isnt possible to go pat every kind soul on the back for a job well done and give the rest a kick for lack of moral sense.. we hence genralize.. the article itself is based on the authors views which have been generalized.. so in case i havnt repeated myself enough its GENRALIZED!! Recommend

  • Maxi

    Mr. Durrani & @ Abbassi…The Feudal,
    You have made a very good effort in shaping up positive image of FEUDALS. Your question are apt too. Now Can you please answer a few basic questions on Feuadals behalf:

    How many Schools they have established? for your information most of the schools in rural areas are converted into their guest houses/ baithak/ Autaks.
    How many of Kids have been sent to Good schools for education?
    How many Health units have been established by them or in other words how many health units in rural areas are let to be RUN smoothly?
    what change have they brought in rural areas?
    Since you have projecte them as if they are most generous people on earth, can you tell me how many poor person been given out land so that they can live their life independantly.

    Feudals will never let poor get education and you must know WHY.

    I can write 5 times more than what you have written in blog. Please defending EVIL MINDED People.Recommend

  • Riaz

    The guys written in the comment section that he is not even a feudal, yet you all keep attacking him as though he is. At least read before just yapping like cattle. He sees the good in some people, there are all sorts of people out there. What has your government done for the rural population? Please it cannot even provide the basic amenities these feudals do. Remember those two guys who set themselves on FIRE to get the governments attention because their piece of land had no water? Of course you don’t. IGNORANT.Recommend

  • Omar Durrani

    Cool story, bro.Recommend

  • sam

    im intrigued to know.. what are the authors views on the Hindu cast system?Recommend

  • Sabz


    I have to write that I enjoyed reading your comment more then the stupid blog itself .. You should write (if not already doing soo ) .. I am hoping to find another NFP here :) Keep it up!Recommend

  • BADurrani

    Since i feel my work was not presented as it was intended (my observation as an outsider that the portrayal of any one group of people as a scape goat for Pakistan’s problem is wrong), I have decided not to participate in this discussion however I would like to provide you with the following examples:

    Sadiq Public School which was founded in 1954 by The Ameer of Bahawalpur who felt the need for an institution which would provide quality educational opportunities to the people of the rural areas of Southern Punjab. This school to this day benefit from the support of the Nawab of Bahwalpur and his family and is considered to be amongst the best schools in the country.
    The Sindh Madrasa-tul-Islam which was founded by Hassan Ali Effendi in 1885 was one of the first Muslim schools in British India (Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah is probably its most famous graduates) Hassan Ali Effendi’s family is to this day very much a landowning or as many would call “Feudal” family of Sindh, they continue to support The Sindh Madrasa-tul-Islam and have also established with their own funds institutions such as SM Law College and Quaid-e-Azam Public School
    There is a gentleman in Karachi who by trade is a tailor (he has a store by the name of Hameed’s and they do excellent work in case anyone is interested). This gentleman is also a landowner and considered a wadera in his home town. He has built and operates in his area a primary and secondary school as well as a medical hospital not only for the people who work for him but for others in the area as well.

  • Another op-ed Writer

    “As the alleged author of this piece I find it amusing that the Tribune would not check their facts before publishing something.”

    Wow – Is that the author of a piece shifting blame for content onto editors. Wow, that’s a new one. This was a submission to a blog, right. No one forced him to do this, right.

    And yet.

    Whether the author is or isn’t a feudal is debatable. What isn’t is the fact that he’s 100% childish.Recommend

  • MT

    @Feudalismgotohell: the writer just clarified that he is NOT a feudal…perhaps you should read his comment under BADurrani Recommend

  • Abhi

    @BA Durrani
    The point is not if feudals are good or bad. Like any other community there would be good and bad people. There are some whoe established school and there are some who sucked the blood of farmers for their own luxaries.

    The point is if this system is good? does it provide equal opportunity to everyone? the answer is no. The basic criteria of becoming a land owner is to have a wealthy father. the whole system works on inheritence. This can not be formed as basis for a just and equal society.Recommend

  • http://wasioabbasi.wordpress.com Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi

    Since there are some valid questions regarding taxation and tenants, let me address some of them as best as I can.
    As already pointed out, at least in Sindh the agriculture tax is been paid by the agriculturists and not just one but two taxes. One of them is Abiyana tax and then there is another tax collected. Agriculture tax is a PROVINCIAL issue. It was decided way back that provinces will tax agriculture of their respective provinces and not the center. That is why center is not being allowed to tax.
    Coming on to low taxation and targets, here’s what I have to say.
    Agriculture itself is an uncertain profession. For any reason, at the time of plantation, middle of crop growth or just hours before harvesting, the crop can wither and die. It could be due to excessive heat, heavy rainfall, lack of water, sudden surge in soil acidity (due to excessive fertilizer or excessive fertilizer washed down the river from farms above and enter in your soil), bugs and insects … even sudden change of wind direction can impact your crop.
    Agriculture is as uncertain as oil market, the only difference is that it doesn’t move or change as fast as oil prices.
    Now for tenants because it relates with the taxation.
    Unlike Punjab, in Sindh only handful of agriculturists till land themselves or even reside close to their lands. Majority depend upon tenants for farming. Before partition, the tenants had no legal status but after that they have legal status. The area of land a tenant tills, he claims half of the output. In Sindh, the acres are further divided into Jaraibs (2 Jaraib makes one acre) and that is used as calculation for land utilized for agriculture.
    Wheat plantation itself should give you an idea what the agriculturist (for majority he is feudal or tribal, take your pick) often has to spend over 100,000 rupees PER JARAIB (if not acre) to procure seed (if he already has not prepared seed from his previous crop output), fertilizer, water (if the land is not directly irrigated from river but through tube wells), diesel for tractors (with current rates, tilling one Jaraib using tractor costs between 2,500 to 4,000 for fuel) and several miscellaneous stuff such as insecticides and pesticides. Tenants, on the other hand, do NOT spend even a dime but work on the fields day and night with all the finances coming from agriculturist’s pockets. When the crop is ready and harvested, half is taken by the tenant and half is taken by the agriculturist. So if wheat output on average in Pakistan is 2,600 kg per hectare (1 hectare is 2.6 acres or roughly 5 Jaraib), that means over 500 kg per Jaraib. Half goes to tenant, half to agriculturist. Now, let’s assume the support price is Rs. 1,000 per 40 kg, how much will the agriculturist gain by selling 250 kg of wheat output per Jaraib?
    Do the maths and see what situation most agriculturists face.
    How are you suppose to pay taxes when majority don’t even break-even properly. In order to offset the loss, many of them turn to other means of income such fish farming, vegetable and fruit farmings, honey farming, setting up mills, starting small businesses (including DHABAS on highway if fortunate), leasing the lands for fixed monthly income to independent farmers and, for those deeply into politics, corruption.
    Don’t look at the jeeps they drive or guards that accompany them … see the expenditure they have to bear in not just taking care of troublesome farming situation in Pakistan but also take care of their villages. These same agriculturists, if respectable enough in their villages, act as elders to resolve village problems, support villagers, provide livelihood to those they can, help out with education if no school is available, station personal guards around the village for protection against dacoits, thieves, rivals and enemies … and still most of you cry for taxes without knowing that they already pay taxes (if they manage to gain enough output).
    The estimations I have used are rough but not much different from reality. For those who like to sit behind computers to repeatedly abuse the agriculturists (or feudal or tribal, it’s all the same for you), I think it is time for you to wake up and actually visit the rural areas to see and know the reality for yourself.Recommend

  • Haider

    It is so sad that almost all peple against the article apparently know nothing about agri sector. But out of their inferiority and anger against it due to TV dramas and films they just want to comment.
    England is one of the famous agri country. There are no land reforms here and upto the extent that only the elder son gets all the agri-land in order to avoid the distribution and small units of land which is not practicle to farm on.
    Many of you must be having factories or shops or urban properties even big houses which are far mor expensive in value than my agri land. But no one talks about put something like land reforms to them, why ???
    Feudal is a MIND SET, it has nothing to do with agriculturists!!!!Recommend

  • http://wasioabbasi.wordpress.com Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi

    I have already written a lengthy reply to questions related to tenants and taxation, I do hope that the moderators approve it because I don’t think I will be able to write another long piece like that. Since you have addressed me directly and some answer has been given by the authors too, let me add my answer to at least what we have done in our area.
    Let me make it clear once again, not every agriculturist (feudal or tribal, both are same to you) is good or do wonders. Those who can, they try to help out as much as they can.
    In our village, called Waleed which is adjacent to Larkana, we have established two schools (Mothers Trust and Marvi School) for primary and secondary education. Majority of the students there study for free and some are charged Rs.100 per month whose families can actually pay. There is also provision with in the schools for Quranic teaching for those aspiring to be Hafiz-e-Quran.
    For College education, sadly there isn’t enough money to provide that. Firstly the cost of college construction are high, salaries of teachers (actually willing to come and teach since most educated people go for government jobs and prefer to be appointed as lecturers in government colleges and universities) are difficult to bear compared to those teaching primary and secondary classes and maintenance of quality isn’t easy. However, Government Arts College which was constructed in 90s by Sindh government is within Waleed village and when the college suffer from lack of funding, we help them out as much as within power.
    The question regarding GOOD school is obscure. Just like in Karachi that good schools are those that charge you thousands of rupees a month, the same way good schools in rural areas and towns are those held by private investors and charge thousands a month. A good school in town like that is equal to ordinary school in any urban city of Pakistan, so it isn’t easy to define a GOOD school … however, just for your info, majority of those that top CSS examinations belong to rural and town areas of Pakistan. That should be some guide.
    As for Autaaks, as I said not every agriculturist/feudal/tribal is good or do wonders. If a school was converted into Autaak, why not look into the matter and find out WHY it was done so. I am sure in most cases the agriculturist/feudal/tribal will be at fault but then again, practicing Fallacy of Composition isn’t a good idea.
    As for healthcare, how do you suppose that people actually listen when “Polio” teams visit them for giving drops to children or “Sabz Sitara” people try to create awareness? Under ordinary circumstances, these teams would face deft ears and simply ask their elders to not to let them in again (the whole “infertility” rumor associated with polio drops and western kafirana practices related to “Sabz Sitara”). It is the elders that not just allow but also urge the villagers to listen to them. Starting from childbirth to various different medical conditions, we help out those by calling family doctors and nurses who can either come at home and check them or take them to their clinics, whichever possible, we do so.
    As I said before, please visit the areas first and then criticize. Not all of us are angels but neither are we devils as commonly labelled on media.Recommend

  • Haider

    All systems work on inheritance isnt it ?
    If your father is rich and have a factory or private school or anything, will you not get it as inheritance or will it be given to the workers of your father? Recommend

  • Maxi

    @ Mr. Abbassi:

    If you are doing all this. You are an EXCEPTION. Neverthless, I must appreciate your (Individual) commitment towrds the wellbeing of downtrodden section of the society.

    I wish our Feudal lords take some inspiration from people like you. Keep it up!Recommend

  • Ali

    Wat CRAP, this is the 2011, the christian calendar has turned a few pages and yet we are lost in the debacles of a feudal era!

    HOW SAD! Recommend

  • Haider

    I hope that rich people from all OTHER SECTORS of society learn some lessons from @Abbasi
    Do not just critisize agriculturists, see what industrialists are doing and other businessmen too, they are feudals too aren’t they ?Recommend

  • http://wasioabbasi.wordpress.com Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi

    Sadly, I cannot take credit for any of this. I have lived all my life in Karachi (19 years in F.B.Area and past two years in DHA), visiting village twice a year to celebrate Eid. However, elders of the family (uncles, grandmother, grandfather, aunts and relatives) that live there do all this. I am only a spectator when I go there and despite urging from cousin to come and teach at school when free from city commitments, I am unable to help out because despite coming from an agriculturist family and a tribal, I still worked for 25k a month at a start-up company and right now applicant for MBA program at SZABIST. Same situation is facing most of my cousins that despite inheriting land from elders, those who live in cities have to find job to make ends meet.
    As the humor goes in our village, a wadeira here is ordinary there (means a middle-class in Karachi).Recommend

  • Maqsood

    It is horrifying to see representatives of this parasitic and dying breed of brutal landowners (most of whom, commenting here, justifying their very luxurious existence in foreign lands) defend their pathetic VIP culture. This has been the death of Pakistan and a detriment to it’s progress, WITHOUT AN IOTA OF DOUBT. The time has come to exorcise these demons from our midst.Recommend

  • Tamaaz Khan

    How magnanimous of the feudal to attend their indentured workers weddings and maybe pay for it, what more can one ask?

    My friend the servant feudal relationship and mindset IS the problem, the fact that you glorify some notion of “benevolancy” by the fedual tending to his servants IS the problem, the fact that you assume the fedual has some right by way of birth to adjucate on matters of his “servants” IS the problem.

    You forget to mention the obligation that the indentured servant has to his ‘master’ for the rest of his life.

    The industrialist does not need to patronise as such, he PAYS his employee and the transaction is complete. The employee has no further obligation to his employer and vice versa, as IT SHOULD BE IN A PROGESSIVE SOCIETY.

    Since the 2008 elections, feudals kids with their guards and guns have become an eyesore in Defense/Clifton constantly harrasing people, the Nadir Shahani incident and numerous others are a case in point.

    Interestingly their conduct is limited to the more posh areas of Karachi, I’m sure in Gulshan and Nazimabad they wouldn’t dare to attempt this behaviour for fear of retribution.
    Therein lies the fedual mentality they throw around their gaurds and guns where they can get away with it – against the poor villiagers and ‘burgers’ of Defense/Clifton.Recommend

  • http://www.marxist.com Comrade Ali Taqui

    Very baseless arguments are made in favor of landlordism,the author has no knowledge of the science of sociality, if he has much endless passion and enthusiasm for livelihood in rural life, then, i think he should be sent and made a peasant for ever..Recommend

  • Siraj Ahsan

    The lands on which they sit and boast were handed over to them by British for their loyalty to the crown. They didnt earn it as their hard earned place. There should be limit to their influence. They dont have a right over the land given to them for betrayal of a nation hence they should have the same fate as it happened in India. Get as big a land as you can harvest yourself. PERIOD! and pay up taxes…Recommend

  • Kanishka

    Feudalism is BAD BAD BAD for the COUNTRY(Pakistan) as a whole…..but Good for the Landlord and labour working on it (if landlord shares his wealth as a cooperative organization or sells shares to the labour to stake a claim on profits)

    I am an Indian having Zamindari roots, my grandfather owned 2000 acres of land in UP before the implementaion of Land Reforms so to speak, going by it, a single person above the age of 18 could not hold more than 35 acres… rest is divided amongst the people who work on the land..

    If the Feudals start a CO-OPERATIVE and DISTRIBUTE SHARES of their ENTERPRISE amongst the Laburers , then FEUDALISM is BETTER THAN LAND REFORM..

    Otherwise here are the reasons why Feudalism is bad for the country:

    Low Wages to Farmer = Low Spending Power = Low GDP
    Risk to Agricultural Industry of teh Country: If the landlord is lazy and does not know International marketting strategies the produce of thosands of acres would be wasted and NOT sold in the market appropriately to yeild best prices… LOSS TO THE NATIONS GDP again by putting risk on a single landlord for such a huge produce..(this can be mitigated if fedals are educated in best farming practices etc)
    Lawlessness : Needless to say, too much power corrupts ANY man
    Poverty – No one likes to be eating Mangoes , Doodh Dahi Makhan when there is a hungry servant standing next to you… CONSCIENCE is something that hits hard one day or the other… Muslims should know this better cause your religion is UMMAH specific..

    List can be endless…and this list far outweighs the BENEFITS of FEUDALISM (there definitely are benefits too but I am running out of patience and time to write, and hence leave it upto pakistanis as a homework to figure out the benefits of Feudalism :) )

    Benefits of Feudalism:

    Better per Hectare Produce: Larger tracts of land can employ best farming practices and enhance agri productivity…
    ……..Homework….. :)

  • jam zahoor ahmed

    Bro i simply loved the article, but u knw wht these people frm urban areas would never understand or even they dont try to understand the reallities and conditions faced by feudals.. and they wouldnt understand untill and unless they dont experience these kind of situations by their own.. Recommend

  • Wazir Chandio

    An earlier version of this article implied that the writer belonged to a landowning family–was this the first time you people did such a thing to generate clicks? Recommend

  • Meekal Ahmed

    Whatever their wonderous deeds, they should pay taxes. Income earned from whatever source is taxable in all civilized countries of the world. No exemptions and no exceptions. If this were the rule our economy would actually do well and we could spend on things that matter while keeping a tight fiscal stance. Recommend

  • AchooWehshi


  • http://Leginca siddiqui

    @Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi:

    They have no idea what a feudal has to go through in matters of loyalty and faith.

    For example? Subservience to age-old, brutal, out-dated, barbaric customs? marrying girls with Quran, throwing your girls to dogs or burying them alive and proudly defining it as being loyal to your traditions… have some shame…

    They don’t know what it is to protect themselves, their people, their land and livestock all the time.

    Land belongs to those who can use it. While in cities, people are only given a lease of approx 99 years, Feudals have sold lands to other countries (e.g., part of Baluchistan sold to Oman, which was later bought by Pakistani Government). You are not supposed to protect the people. People should be independant enough to do it for themselves.

    They don’t know how a single mistake on feudal’s part can lead to several instant deaths.

    You want to be applauded for having the power of life and death or want the system to be applauded where the distance between life and death of somone based on a feudal’s conduct? WTH… Such setup and mentality belong to past and should be wiped off. They have no place in the world of today.

    They don’t know how the feudals maintain balance of power in the region so that creeps, dacoits, thieves, sworn enemies and what not try to destroy their very fabric of living.

    Its this mindset of having powers over your serfs and ingrains in feudal the culture of revenge and never ending wars. Such a mess is created by two feudal parties and feudals are themselves responsible for it. Its something to be ashamed of rather than chest thumping.

    They fail to notice the day to day hazards of being a feudal but only see the cars, money and guards. If they see the same things with businessmen and industrialists, they consider it legitimate.

    You guys can have all the money you want or the cars or whatever you crave for. Just don’t boss around people. I have been bullied around once at the sea view by some ass, his gang and frightening guards. And children of industrialist are not very far behind. Its not hard to imagine that if you guys can do these things in cities, what do u do with your serfs.

    They have no idea how difficult it is to be born in feudal family and survive. When sworn enemies are looking to put a bullet in you, when different factions are looking to put you out of the way, when servants are aplenty and money to throw around that threatens to rot your character from start and the constant fear that you may never be able to fulfill your elders wishes, especially when so much depends upon you.

    Again your mess. Showing compassion or bowing down head doesn’t make you any less of a human being. Do away with the culture of revenge. Stop taking pride in the fact that you dont register FIRs but take revenges (c.f. comment of Taleh Bugtis’ Uncle )

    They would never know how old a feudal becomes mentally while still in his prime youth.

    Stripping a child or a boy of his innocence or youth is not something to be applauded.

    All the flashiness aside, the feudals are real as any real person and in many cases better able to help people of their areas than the government or most urbanites (particularly those living in posh areas who don’t even know who their neighbors are, they should be the last ones to worry about anyone else).

    People are not your serfs. Don’t expect to be patted when all you do in the name of helping people is to throw the bread crumbs or left over as if they are dogs. Recommend

  • http://wasioabbasi.wordpress.com Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi

    Why am I not surprised that you would ignore the remaining 70+ comments and bash for the sake of bashing. Recommend

  • Abdullah Saifullah

    The author is 100% right about this misconception that all land owners wreck havoc or go around bullying people left and right this is not true at all. Land owners/agriculturalists DO pay taxes they do alot more then an average businessman or industrialist does. Now to the point that @SAM made lets get something straight buddy how many actual land owners kids or land owners do you know yourself and how many of them do these sort of things? I dont think any you just base this on stories and rumors(basically the typical pakistani way), you will hear something and you will give a first hand account of how actually it happened lets get real buddy you nor any one of the readers bashing this article or this gentlemen know anything about land owners and agriculturalists. I suggest before any of you guys make assumptions and start generalizing anyone first atleast and lets get something straight you cant generalize them because the majority of them are NOT let me reapeat ARE NOT like that, you only say that a mojority of them are like that because the few who do get up to such acts are highlighted by our media more so then the ones that actually are following the straight path so maybe all of you guys should go do your homework before you actually start pointing fingers and telling everyone who is right and who is wrong. Secondly why should a land owner give up his lands and have it distributed to others? thats just like saying hey you why do you live in a 2000yard bungalow when you only have 4 people in your family? Most if not all land owners have had big chunks of their lands taken from them by land reforms in the past why should one give his property up if you guys are so sorry and sad that land owners are hogging all this property and stuff go sell your multi million dollar mansions and distribute them but ofcourse thats not right cause its your property so its not much different in this case why should one have their property stripped from them its theirs and its not for anyone else but them to decide whether they wanna sell it give it or keep it.Recommend

  • jatoi

    You urban hypocrites want to hang on to ur fancy houses multiple factories and shopping plazas and tell the rural landowners to give up their right to their properties. 80% of those who live in DHA are not landed where the hell do they get their wealth from?? What gives you the right to tell a rural farmer who has 50 acres and does well in his trade to not buy another 50 and so on while you are free to buy as many houses or factories or shopping plazas. And dont give me that bull of exploiting dont you think we know how badly those factory workers and plaza employees are exploited and treated like trash, agriculturists treat their share croppers YEAH share croppers who actually share the produce with much more respect then a urban empoyer ever will. You want to do land reform fine, but we will only agree when u share ur house with ur servants ur factories with ur workers then come and talk to us about giving up our properties. But you wont and you know your wrong i think its pure god damn jealousy that drives you so you all can shout and cry till ur blue in the face, the big land owner will survive and continue to feed ur ungrateful asses.Recommend

  • Saeeda

    Would have expected the newspaper that claims it is of “Global Standard” to know that chopping articles and twisting the words of an author is beyond ridiculous. RIDICULOUS!Recommend

  • Umay

    I agree with the line..”These people should be dealt with as individual criminals and people who share similar backgrounds should not be stereotyped.”

    & also that I would like to go to Astola Island :DRecommend

  • sam

    not to discredit the great work being done by those people but they are still exceptions… ok to put it simply lets say tere are two types of feudal good and bad. if more than 50% are bad then is it a misconcepption that all are bad? no because its a generalization…. for instance if you think the colour blue doesnt suit you you wont wear any blue shirt assuming it wont suit you.. although there could very well be a shade of blue that does… what you just did in this example is generalize and theres nothign wrong with it…..

    however what your asking us to do.. is based on a few good people assume that the entire clan is good is ridiculous.! hope u understand now why people are so offended by your articleRecommend

  • I think, therefore I am

    Why don’t you name some evil feudals you personally know and are basing all your comments on…I take it you have personal knowledge and are not bashing based on hear say? Give me names and examples. Recommend

  • sam

    @I think, therefore I am:
    not unless i have a death wish.. and yes all based on personal acquaintances and not hearsay…… though u dont need to take my word for it nor will i expect you to. Recommend

  • Jamshed

    Well as writer himself is not from a feudal family so he dont even know the difference between feudal and agriculturist .. that is why he think feudal and agriculturist is same thing.. there are categories of land owners … Feudals are ppls who own thousands of acres of land … they got this land from their British masters as a gift of loyalty .. these are the ppls who are root of all evils … and these are the ppls who are in government because they always get votes from their farmers and ppls who live on their land … peoples think that PPP have vote bank in rural pakistan … but let me tell u …. PPP dont have a vote bank in Pakistan at all ….. the vote bank is of feudals and if PPP dont give tickets to these feudals they will even lose in naudero…. Feudalism must abolish in the country in order to have prosper and democratic PakistanRecommend

  • Megh

    According to the writer, it is ok for anybody to treat others like his or her personal property, unless he is going on their weddings and paying their medical bills. Wow, nice logic!Recommend

  • Abdullah Saifullah

    Did the writer or did the writer not say “Oppression and exploitation of anyone is wrong”. All of you people need to understand something sitting in your houses and hearing stories does not mean you know it all, what i suggest is you guys and girls actually go out into rural Pakistan and see for yourselves what all is done by these same land owners by these same people who you guys have labeled feudal’s and thugs. Just cause someone you know or you yourself have had an awful experience with a land owner or agriculturalist does not mean you stereotype the rest of them for being ruthless people who mistreat just about anyone other then their own. It is really hilarious to hear some of the comments coming in just because of the simple fact i know for a fact and yes i will go out on a limb and say i know for a fact that most if not all of you guys are not basing this on something all you are going off of is what you have heard and how the media portrays them. Lastly every society region country has a few bad people who ruin it for the whole bunch all pakistanis are not terrorist as a matter of fact it might be news to the west that most pakistanis are not terrorist only a handful of them go around disturbing the peace but as a result the whole lot of us are looked down upon my the majority of the people outside of pakistan so just like that is not true all land owners are not bad people what to speak of all 90% of land owners are not bad people they are a few who ruin it for others because as i said in an earlier comment the media only shows the ones who get upto no good the media never highlighted a prominent land owner who said flood my lands so a near by city doesn’t get flooded now i know a whole lot of you guys might say oh thats one person no its not one person its alot of them like that but the ones you guys talk about are the ones who are very low in numbers but ofcourse no one highlights a man doing good for his people cause its just not interesting enough its just not “chatpatta” (spicy) enough for the news.Recommend

  • Abhi

    I agree inheritance is everywhere thats why i said it works “only” on inheritence. Now if you own a business you would pass it on to your son/daughter, but you don’t stop another person to start a business. Any one can start their own if they can arrange for finances. While land being so scarce, nobody can become land owner if not through inheritence.Recommend

  • http://bookoflodhism.blogspot.com/ Lodhi

    Quite right.

    Everyone here agrees on one thing. It’s the CONCEPT of fuedalism that is in turn affecting also the relatively small, hard working, peace loving, progressive members of the land owning community in a negative way by throwing this stereotype on them. Regardless of that fact, it IS infact the IDEA and the SYSTEM known as feudalism which is a rotting disease endangering the growth and development of this country. Unfortunately, that system is working too well for too many of the NOT so peace loving backward apes that almost 70 percent of the land in this country belongs to. They keep their workers dumbed down hence scared of the idea of change. They are well educated, and choose not to share their knowledge of the world with the people working under them then moan about how costly everything is. If money was the problem, their first instinct would be to educate the workers or rent payers that they may be able to not only handle their own damn psychological issues but also become more efficient and productive human beings thus cutting costs in various areas. That’s what they’re THERE for…to HELP feudals do BETTER for themselves AND everyone else. The sad fact is…its NOT about the money. It’s about the cost of power.

    I WILL look at the battalion of security guards with rifles and I WILL look at the fancy watches and shades and I WILL look at the many expensive cars they drive around in because it DOES mean that someone somewhere is going hungry as a result of it. And when you tell the poor they’re about to get poorer they’ll do ANYTHING to avoid it.

    These men are building armies out of the desperation of slaves they’ve controlled like gods and prophets for decades. Government, or private business moguls, or secret agency task forces or just a rival clan, to a slave, it makes no difference. One word from their masters and they’ll grab farming tools and shovels if they have to in an attempt to protect what they THINK are their interests, even though they aren’t. It’s a brilliant plan and I commend the evil minds of feudals for conjuring it, but time changes everything. Sooner or later the rest of the world WILL break through the boundaries they’ve set around their lands. Their slaves WILL see that for a hard working, educated man and his family, there are much better options and oppurtunities outside the reaches of the almighty hands of their respective feudal lords, and when that day comes, hell have mercy on the kings because the second they lose their power, the world will hold them accountable for their actions. The blame of all their brutality and the abuse of their bloodlines before them will crash down on their heads, because the worst thing about inherited power is that you have no one to give it back to.

    To sum up…we live in different times now. No one is essentially GOOD from the start. It takes the performing of an ACTION to gain the right to be called that. There’s bad people, and there’s worse people. Power hungry feudals – bad. Educated new age feudals who still protect this backward system so they can continue to exploit everything around them for money and power because they can’t stand that their dad’s had the good life and they can’t – worse.

    A modern day feudal, who understands the magnitude of damage done by this horribly inconsiderate and DATED system, and has the spine to suggest maybe the knuckle scraping primates he calls his ancestors were actually WRONG…and makes positive changes or even has the humility to give up all his power for the good of the people – that…is a good man.

    But lets be honest most of them WILL get drunk at parties and shoot the place up cuz someone called them gay.

    Thank you and good night.Recommend

  • Hammad Khan

    Wow. You attempt to refute many common “assumptions of the urban society” with no facts whatsoever. Every citation in your article is a link to another Tribune Express article. Thus, even the “facts” you mention in your article, such as “For every landlord who mistreats the people who depend on him for a livelihood, there are at least three who are actively working to provide services”; both of the links do not support your claims. It is highly inappropriate for Express Tribune to spread misinformation by not fact-checking the articles or blogs before publishing them.

    Additionally, you sought to refute common myths about the feudal system by arguing that since feudal families attend their workers’ weddings or support them, hence they are the building blocks of society. Are you kidding me? This is how you support your argument? And while you make these subjective opinion, you never provide any single documented evidence of any such occurrence.

    Nehru abolished feudalism in India almost half a century ago, and today, India is on its way to becoming a superpower. Europe abolished Feudalism two hundred years ago and they are light years ahead of us. So, how do you think that feudalism is inherently good for Pakistan whereas it was considered inherently flawed in western countries and in India?Recommend

  • mahindar

    Please tell me who has given these feudals the right to decide other people’s fate?
    i feel sorry for anyone who thinks that feudal system represents the culture of pakistan, in reality it represents a culture of exploitation and injustice, that is the main reason for the backwardness of this nation.Recommend

  • mahindar

    Our problem is not FEUDALISM! our problem is our “Slave Mentality”. We the masses are so accustomed to being ruled by a few elites, that we have forgotten how to fight for our rights!

    1st we were enslaved by the British Raj and now we are being ruled by Military-Feudal-industrial elites of our society, who use tools such as Religion,Culture and sometimes Military might to keep us in this state of enslavement.

    This article aims at justifying the exploitation and injustice in our society.Recommend

  • concernedcitizen

    1. Stop calling these people “nawab” or “nawabzada”.
    2. Deweaponize their personal militia’s and heavily tax ownership or their fleets of SUV’s and luxury cars.
    3. Prosecute them to the fullest and harshest level if they strong-arm and subjugate common citizens including bonded labourers.
    4. Take their lands away and redistribute them to the people of the nation of Pakistan .. Smarter countries than us realized this parasitic evil of feudalism was the death of their nations.. and Japan, India, Italy and numerous others ABOLISHED feudalism HUNDRED’s of years ago!

    And we’re still debating it’s pro’s and con’s?Recommend

  • KK

    The vileness of feudalism has less to do with their personal lifestyle and more to do with facts like interference in the political system of the country and opposition to education in their fiefdoms. Recommend

  • sheednod

    My dear Pakistanis,
    You are missing a very basic fact here. Pakistan was conceptualised and created by the feudal Muslims or landed gentry mainly to protect themselves and their interests. The name this class used was that of Muslims of the sub-continent which was a fig-leaf. So, feudalism is the mother and father of Pakistan, it’s not going to go any where in near or far future.

    Best of luck!Recommend

  • smka

    Two cents:

    the comparison to other money makers such as businessmen or industrialists is unjustified a) historically, as your current position of privilege was most likely endowed to you by the colonial powers as a reward for your loyalty, and has little to do with any managerial ability but much more importantly b) feudals maintain stranglehold on their subjects -litmus test can your haris vote into power someone who stands against you without the threat of losing their lives? – no businessman or industrialist can make his workers vote for his party of choice. when he goes to his house at night he cannot control the person/party his neighbors would vote for. cannot say the same about feudals now can i? Recommend

  • Saqib

    Yes take their lands and distribute them to the poor. Good idea! Just like Bhutto nationalised pakistan and gave flourishing industries to random people who knew nothing about businesses therefore literally taking pakistan into the dark ages and a massive economic disaster. We were a thriving nation before bhuttos genius take from the rich and give to the poor. Fact is, only people who know how to do something should be doing it. You want land reforms? Good luck. Half your country will starve. If only land reform was so easy now. Phalease.Recommend

  • Sarah

    All you people sound like is a jealous mob who is envious of people with land and money. Seriously? We are such haters that we wish to not see the good in anyone and anything. This man is simply pointing out that that his experience with agriculturists has been good and he has seen the good side of something which is always considered to be ‘evil’. I remember tribune had one article which mentioned that in a poll Kashmiris and Pathans were ranked the best looking people of pakistan. And my god the comments on that blog were hilarious, like people couldn’t deal with the fact that it was not their cast which was given this privilege. So dumb. Where as that article was just about the looks the commenters went as far as to shred the two casts apart! So petty! We love to hate, point fingers, gossip and b**** about each other. The end.Recommend

  • TheLowBlow

    Man these people killed their own education minister cuz’ he wanted to build schools for little girls. It’s not upto anyone to do jack all about these thugs. I ain’t sayin’ they’re all bad but they’re sure as hell a far cry from being all good. There’s no protection for progressive minds in these areas. You want the land back? It’s time to be open and honest with the people of the country that the following operation is in everyone’s best interest. Then do an aerial survey of these massive acres of land where even roads haven’t been properly built yet in various places there are palace like constructions holding a hundred four wheelers protected by a small army. Feed those locations into a computer and break out the drones baby.

    If the government is gonna be yelled at every time they shove a missile into a million dollar cave to exterminate some bloodthirsty feudal who really had it coming…then fine let the Americans handle it cuz’you let them get away with everything anyway.

    White people for the win!Recommend