Fatima Bhutto and her songs of blood, sword and fairytales

Published: June 15, 2011

Fatima Bhutto's speech is based on fiction that has lately evolved as the unannounced national dogma.

She was beautiful. She was eloquent. She was vivid, and witty. Yet while orating at the Sydney Writers’ Festival Fatima Bhutto also managed to be  naïve, hollow and juvenile.

Seemingly, the trauma of her beloved father’s death has not left her and this, unfortunately, has become an indistinguishable part of her personality – to discuss her experiences while speculating about national issues.

Her recent speech clearly epitomises the emblem of her book, “Songs of Blood and Sword,” published in April, 2010, that is, selective amnesia and fiction in the absence of fact.

Her speech starts with the popular state propagated narrative of politician bashing and she makes no mistake in picking out her favourite punching bag, President Asif Ali Zardari, whom she terms as “Mr 10%, Mr 50%,  Mr 110%,” where the appellations are associated with the last three terms of the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) government.

There was not a single mention of the fact that the man had spent 11 precious years of his life behind bars and not even a single corruption charge was proved, despite the tedious efforts of his foes in the civil as well as military establishment. What follows is the much anticipated NRO claptrap where she, like always, misses out the point that the same ordinance became the basis of the return of two exiled leaders to Pakistan and paved way for the revival of the much needed democracy by doing away with legal implications of decades-long political victimisation. No wonders the indoctrination is the reflection of her memories of her father, given the family differences within the Bhutto clan that she stated in her book here and there. As for an instance she rewrites a poem written to her by her father:

Here is a small one on Wadi and Slippery Joe
Inky, Pinky, Ponky
Her husband is a donkey
Both loot the country
Her husband is a monkey
Inky, Pinky, Ponky

Aside from the political rants, the most unscrupulous account of the speech is associated with national security issues, where she conveniently displays blatant dishonesty by parroting the rhetoric of distant observers, the likes of Tariq Ali and other armchair leftists who seem to have not even an iota of the ground realities.

She handily portrays drones as an evil tool and the only reason of dissemination of militancy and terrorism by effusively pointing out the 52 drone attacks during the months of 2010 when Pakistan was suffering from one of the most calamitous natural disaster of history. What she misses out is that during the same months terrorists killed around 500 innocent citizens in terrorist attacks across the country.

To further predicate her apprehension, she mentions a report “Do Targeted Killings Work?” released by Brookings Institution, a public policy think tank based in Washington DC. The report claims that “for every militant killed, 10 or so civilians also died” without providing any source of information and statistical data – another glaring example of her selective amnesia.

Had she been slightly interested in getting the whole picture instead of relying on the reports that further reinforce her convenient inclination, she could have easily accessed local media reports that show the consent of locals of FATA over the drones. As far as statistics and facts are concerned she could have considered the following reports that provide data regarding militants killed in drone strikes and are certainly not in line with her dishonest hypothesis and fondness of fiction instead of facts:

The Year of the Drone

Drone attacks — a survey

New Light on the Accuracy of the CIA’s Predator Drone Campaign in Pakistan

Then she makes the most fraudulent claim, in which she mixes the disappearance of Baloch activists with the ‘war on terror.’ She states that the misery of the Baloch people is the ultimate consequence of Pakistan’s engagement in the war. This claim would leave anyone, who has even the slightest idea of the situation in Balochistan, stunned. Can she explain how the abductions and extra-judicial killings of Baloch activists is related to Pakistan’s engagement with the war on terror?

How would she vindicate the selective obliteration of Hazara Shias in Quetta who are being massacred by virtue of being associated with a particular sect?

Would she term Professor Saba Dashtyari, Habib Jalib Baloch, Safeer Baloch, Faiz Muhammad Marri, Arif Noor and hundreds of unnamed and unrecognised bullet riddled bodies as American agents who paid the heavy price of their lives in the lanes of truth and freedom? Why was there not even a single intimation of our heroic security agencies and mighty army who have the blood of hundreds of thousands of Bengalis among others on their hands?

There is a fine line between fact and fiction and one falls prey to losing sight of the truth if one hides personal repugnance behind the cloak of fiction, in lieu of the facts.

This is what the speech was all about – fiction that has evolved into national dogma, which is taking its toll by transforming not only those who are susceptible to propaganda, but also the resourceful educated elite, into apologists of militancy and suppression.

This adapted post was originally published here.

Suleman Akhtar

Suleman Akhtar

A mechanical engineer belonging to Gujrat.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Fahad Raza

    So ur dissing Fatima Bhotto for not saying what you think???. Oh she can’t have her opinion Can’t she. She should have said Islam is the cause of our nervous breakdown… Man you are of center for your first blog. Recommend

  • Ms Marium

    Exactly how much Mr.110% paid you to write this foolish article?hmmm?Recommend

  • parvez

    I feel you have been quite harsh. Fatima Bhutto is young, she is feeling her way forwards, she carries a name that is not altogether liked everywhere and that is not an easy burden to carry. She is intelligent and she has time on her side. Recommend

  • Hira Zulfiqar Ali

    Very late post ET. We are done and over with discussions and comments about her speech. Recommend

  • http://www.durraniblogs.cc.cc Saad Durrani

    Fatima Bhutto is a mess but at least she writes her own stuff.Recommend

  • Samantha N

    I think I see the “Ann coulter” in you. Can’t belive you are seeing smearing grotesquely a celebrated writer. I saw that whole speech and all she said Pakistan is failing because of injustice in the society…..
    before you comment please do see this original speech then say something
    Pakistan: Nation on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Fatima Bhutto

  • 70 clifton

    The views of Mr Suleman of his own PPP does not claim any responsibility.
    Pakistan Khappey Recommend


    a real master piece sulemanRecommend

  • safi haider

    @ fahad and u commented this as u didn’t like the article, freedom of speech ki baat kar rahay ho aur usi ko criticise kar rahay ho, and yes everyone has his or her point of view, but facts are provided in the article, follow ones opinion or accept the facts.
    @maryam does mr president need to have some favor from someone? and you think this all is done for writing, I can assure you its written free, and you can see at the bottom, its written that the orignal link was posted where, and that in totally non profitable Blog.
    @ samantha, so you think he wrote all this without even listening to the speech?
    @ hira it was written on 10th of june on the basic source.. Recommend

  • Moiz

    Guys stop ad hominem attacking the author – his profile clearly states his blog is criticalppp and so read it with a pinch of salt BUT that does not mean he is not allowed to voice an opinion? This is a BLOG post not a News report, its been a year at ET why no ones getting the difference…..I welcome mqm, ppp, pml-n pml-q pti writers to write also, what is wrong with that?????

    Good blog, may be a bit harsh but the sum total for anyone who has read Bhuttos book and can look beyond her charm in her speech, can see the problematic rhetoric.Recommend

  • http://www.facebook.com/Osama.Don2010 Osama Khan

    strong text The Author needs to over look his view on Politics . Commenting On Politics Isn’t Child Game , Especially Paki PoliticsRecommend

  • Omer Memon

    Suleman … nice work… I saw her speech and it would not be incorrect to say that she was bias throughout. It seems that she tries to gain sympathy of the army, or she is too coward to speak anything against them or may be she is in the mistaken belief that they would support her to come into power. Poor zardari and many others, as she always prepeares all her jokes upon the same limited number of people only and disguises it to the audience as facts.
    Keep up the good work !!! This nation needs people like you to step up.Recommend

  • Syed Taimur Karamat

    Regarding Fatima Bhutto she has not revealed much of Mr zardari !!! just gave an overview regarding him !!! She was exactly right in her address ! I dont know what to say about this who posted this article ! It feels sick when we listen some one still defending zardari !! May ALLAH grant us all with proper wisdom and vision !!Recommend

  • Fahad Raza

    @safi haider: you said
    freedom of speech ki baat kar rahay ho aur usi ko criticise kar rahay ho
    Critisism is a part of free speech ….. or isn’t it??
    i don’t what you see as a fact…. this may be
    Here is a small one on Wadi and Slippery Joe
    Inky, Pinky, Ponky
    Her husband is a donkey
    Both loot the country
    Her husband is a monkey
    Inky, Pinky, Ponky…
    some facts *
    or allegations like
    “What she misses out is that during the same months terrorists killed around 500 innocent citizens in terrorist attacks across the country.”

    couldn’t it be.. that those kiling of 500 inncocents be in the same country by the millitants as they can’t target perpetrators so they retalite by killing who they can instead. thier a fact relating in just above sentnce of this criticism by the writer “She handily portrays drones as an evil tool and the only reason of dissemination of militancy and terrorism by effusively pointing out the 52 drone attacks during the months of 2010 when Pakistan was suffering from one of the most calamitous natural disaster of history.” Just imagine being stuck by a bomb in the neighborhood then flood of the century..
    Now we can go on and on.. but sombody didn’t like OUR BELOVED PRESIDENT ZARD-ARI for what he was and is 10% then 110% and somebody didnt like a FACT that we were the second in world wide corruption just loosing to Nigeria during PPP’s last term.
    Good kNight Mr Saif ;)Recommend

  • Jibreel

    Way to go suleman!!Recommend

  • safi haider

    @ fahad, first of all its Safi not saif, and there was nothing to wink, if you are into serious discussion, u mentioned miserable situation of Pak, and same time you showed the seriousness by winking, the facts were the links of different surveys regarding drones, and other miseries which we are totally unaware, and our attention is also diverted from those facts. May God guide all of us. Recommend

  • Omer Memon

    @Taimur : I dont think anyone in the entire blog has tried to defend Mr.President (Zardari), instead the views concntrate on the distortion of facts, and at instances where half the picture is shown. It’s such a pity when someone produces a master piece like this one, which is totally neutral people oppose to it. Recommend

  • Zardari h

    Sooooo u mean to say zardari is a good guy? Lolz…… Keep hydrated! I know its too hot!Recommend

  • Omer Memon

    @Fahad: Instead of criticizing a long awaited democracy, how about you better gain a bit of knowledge about the drone strikes in Pakistan. Drone Strikes were officially allowed by Mr.Musharraf and lately wikileaks cable has also releaved that Mr.Kiyani requested the US for more drone strikes. And you still think that Zardari should be blamed for not being able to stop drone strikes. CIA chief visited Pakistan recently and only met The Army chief and the ISI chief, you still say Zardari needs to be blamed for drone strikes. Know the facts and form your own opinion. Its useless criticizing someone who cant do much about something, If someone is to be blamed then its the ARMY….. as far as corruption charges are concerned again, the biggest industry for corruption in our country is the HOLY ARMY, why do we always only blame our poor politicians. And PPP was undoubtedely on the 2nd in corruption during their last regime, but may be you have’nt checked the stats and the rankings during this regime.Recommend

  • Fahad Raza

    @safi haider:
    Can’t believe you took my typo so seriously.. ok thats your name fine.. ur right.. lemm say it again to you without a wink Mr. ***serious guy without facts***
    Good kNight Mr Safi
    P.s. Don’t say I misspelled night coz I meant itRecommend

  • Nouman

    hahahhaahha suleman u are an american agent…zardari se paise khaye hain tumne :D
    hahhahahaha this comment will haunt u in coming few days ;)
    good work but i think Fatima bhutto didnt deserve such attention.
    anyways thumbs up! Recommend

  • safi haider

    @ fahad, yeah those all links provided in article are not facts, they are not statistics, And you talking without any fact and figure, but u thing u r right. Ok leave this topic. lets first play spelling spelling, or wink wink, or hide and seek. We are second in corruption u said, I hope u never bribed anyone or never used your public relations for short cut things, what about our repute internationally? All terrorists are also taking refuge in our country, arabs, chechans, afghans, all. I don’t want to detrack the discussion from topic. But when we are discussing these things on public platforms, and talking against someone or in favor, we must have strong sources and should not just put the blame on the fairy tales. And as I said, My God guide all of us… Recommend

  • Talha

    @ Ms Marium

    Stop using Bold for all your comments, you come across as an individual desperate for attention.Recommend

  • Fahad Raza

    @Omer Memon:
    Who says we didn’t know??? The point is.. they (drone strikes) are acting as a catalyst towards the mess we are in look at KP and FATA not a day goes by here when we wake up dreading for some dreadful news.
    And are you seriously saying don’t blame politicians ??? Which rock were you under for the last 3years…Recommend

  • Asad

    @ OMER MEMon.
    let me just copy paste some part of your comment and it will make a perfect sense to you and other people who are supporting zardari here.

    “you still think that Zardari should be blamed for not being able to stop drone strikes”
    “Its useless criticizing someone who cant do much about something”

    Last time i checked, he was still the president of Pakistan. so if he cant do anything about drone attack then he should resign, isnt it? but no, that guy has other stuff to do and by “stuff” you all know what i am referring to. cheers .

    P.S I just love how you guys are fighting over zardari. Recommend

  • Syed Taimur Karamat

    @Omer Memon:
    C’mon man !!
    Opposing Fatima bhutto’s address or favoring zardari ere is the same thing either way you take it !! lol !
    Seriously man r u guys getting some pennies for all this disloyal publishing ??
    For God sake now come towards the reality we’re going through !! Stop misleading our people and nation , stop manipulating their minds with all this fake and so untrue propaganda !!! Be a true Pakistanihttp://blogs.tribune.com.pk/application/wp-admin/edit-comments.php?comment_status=moderated#comments-form !! Be a Muslim !!!Recommend

  • http://natashasuleman.wordpress.com Natasha Suleman

    Although not her fan , I cannot stop myself from asking how much you were paid to defend PPP …or …precisely… write against her?Recommend

  • Omer Memon

    @ Safi : I assure you that I will spell your name correctly (Safi Haider), I assure you that I will not use any winks just to look cool, but in return may I humbly request you to have mercy on people who talk or express their opinions without supporting it with facts. Unfortunately, majority of our population is intellectually bankrupt but please dont take away the right from them to say whatever they feel like.Recommend

  • Fahad Raza

    @safi haider:
    Reality check for you..
    Corruption of Zardari-Benazir Pakistan Jornalist Kamran Khan
    PPP’s corrpution and Incompetence Mubasshir lucman
    CIA Drones kills more civilians New york times

    and just to give you the problems the Pakistani people faced during these last 3 years 2008 onwards

    Sugar crisis with assistance of sugar cartels
    Electricty shortfall by 4000 kw claim was made that it would end by 2010
    wheat crisis
    petrol crisis
    Foriegn Aid increased from 36 to 50+
    Devalued currency from 60:1 to 87:1
    241 Drone strikes (may be one or two more as iam typing) causing death 2431 some them may be 250+ or say 300 or 500 terrorist
    Hajj scam
    Broken levies during flood of the century
    resistance towards resoting judges
    Missing GDP’s target every fiscal year
    Fake degrees I almost forgot that…etc etc

    Their is so much more that itwould take me a blog to write.. but then it might be edited.
    Now you said
    All terrorists are also taking refuge in our country, arabs, chechans, afghans, all
    Well do you know who was LATE Gen Retd Naseerullah Baber..interior minister of the Last PPP era ending. He orgainsed and facilitated with the help of our army thousands of men to go to Afghanistan which are now called Talibans. These are all Ousted Afghans, Arabs,chechens etc etc.
    We were second in corruption during the last term of PPP now we are 34th as of 2010.

    Then for your personal request about I hope u never bribed anyone or never used your public relations for short cut things
    Answere is no my friend which is enough for you I think, as I wont raise the same question to you. Anyway you said onething right
    we must have strong sources and should not just put the blame on the fairy tales Recommend

  • Imran

    @Ms Marium:
    I think it is a very sensible article. I am glad somebody wrote it as I think she was getting too much credit for stating the obvious.Recommend

  • Adnan

    Crap in its purest form!Recommend

  • Fooz

    “There was not a single mention of the fact that the man had spent 11 precious years of his life behind bars and not even a single corruption charge was proved, despite the tedious efforts of his foes in the civil as well as military establishment. ”

    I laughed at this statement as if you’re saying Zardari is all innocent.. and btw, this country has a habit of not following through with the charges and investigation..hell no one even knows who killed Benazir Bhutto.. still, I wouldn’t look much into itRecommend

  • HH

    OK so Fatima Bhutto is flexible in her approach … agreed.

    However … note the author’s own assertion … ‘the likes of Tariq Ali and other armchair leftists who seem to have not even an iota of the ground realities’ … now that takes a lot of chutzpah … calling Tariq Ali an armchair leftist!

    Seems the author is afflicted with the same virus … flexibility!Recommend

  • RS

    I stopped reading this article after I noticed you were defending Zardari in the very first paragraph. You probably don’t have a lot of friends… Am I right?Recommend

  • http://habloid.wordpress.com Habiba Younis

    @author, she sounds biased, and so do you.Recommend

  • Rashid

    Somebody needs to tell her that Zardari is there because she doesn’t have the guts to challenge him. She is no less confuse than an ordinary middle class chatter’itee.Recommend

  • Chilli

    Listening to exact video you will realize that she is absolutely correct. We are living ostrich life hiding our heads in dust and sand.Recommend

  • http://Lahore Ahmad

    Here is a suggestion. Could Fatima be persuaded to join the Tehrik-e-Insaf of Imran Khan. Two beautiful people could take Pakistan where no one has dared to take it before.Recommend

  • tharki leader Z

    i,for one, follow the quote which says ” dont see who is saying just see what is being said ” but FATIMA BUHTTO is exception to this :PRecommend

  • AJ

    Fatima is entitled to her opinions. It really is so easy for us to say that she needs to get over her father’s death – when your father is shot by your aunt’s government, i will ask you how you feel and when you will get over that loss. because trust me, you never really will.

    fyi zardari was in prison due to his own doings! please try doing your research before you write a blog. Recommend

  • Xari

    I dont understand why people have to think that Zardari is either a “good guy” or a “bad guy”….so tiring to reason with people like that.
    For Fatima Bhutto supporters: FB has no ground realities of Pakistan, or its people. Her age, lack of experience, reasoning and her lifestyle that is insulated, proves that she cannot be compared to Zardari. Whatever her father taught her because of HIS OWN beliefs was wrong. You should not teach your children to disrespect their aunts and uncles however they may be. BUt we can see that biased attitudes began fromn her family so she cant really help ot. POor thing has travelled all over the world, yet still she cannot come to terms with understanding the realities and the flaws that were present in her own father. An objective writer would, because real writers dont pose to think, they actually do think. They think of the worst facts of life. But FB has blindly repeated her father’s thoughts.
    I dont even understand what she is trying to do….being part of a political movememnt and then saying i dont want to fight in elections, etc. what is this faking for then? Sanam doesnt want to be part of politics but she doesnt go around commenting about stuff.

    I would advise the Western media, however, to check their facts before giving blind exposure to ppl like her because she obviously doesnt know anything about her own country. Recommend

  • sam

    f you which to insult her intelligence thats your choice.. but plz dont waste the readers time by suggesting just cuz zardari never got charged he is innocent. i know people who live in clifton who ahve been harrassed and forced to sell their house for half the value so that he can secure his fort over there.. is that legal? my dear if she is nieve i hate to disappoint you but your nievity superceeds hersRecommend

  • atif

    dude YOU ARE THE NAIVE here-Recommend

  • Asma Ali

    I think when she mentioned balochistan , she actually wanted to make a connection . Becuase war on terror kept Americans and European community silence regarding our army,s atrocities,since they themselves are involved in extrajudicial arrests and killings and some time as we have learnt they are exporting people to pakistan for torture.
    As for the other issues are concernds , I really respect your opinion but disagree with you. I lebilieve she was articulate and to the point.Recommend

  • Jiyala



  • Salman

    I dont know much about politics, i try to read as much as i can but i guess sometimes its good to hear and read less on the tv and internet rather then just going out and getting ur hands dirty in some honest research. I heard her speech and i read this article. Fatima Bhutto proves the reason why no man can resist a beautiful and talented pakistani woman she is eloquent, charming, witty everything a speaker needs to be. Her material was on the other hand a cliche. Any educated, literate, speech listening, facebook posted article reader could have voiced in a less charming manner of course, which obviously doesn’t mean her material is wrong. On the other hand this article proves the author is not much different from Fatima Bhutto and her style. Its well written and one sided just like the speech was. In short my point of view was Fatima Bhutto though showed how well spoken and literate pakistanis are, painted a picture of pakistan without any future hope (as much as i can remember) which obviously is not true for a nation whose been proving skeptics and hopers wrong everytime. This article is obviously by a man who loves his corrupt government too much without even slightly opposing it.

    Pakistani’s need a change in attitude, authors need to be neutral and media needs to be responsible. How about we start there?Recommend

  • rafe

    hahahaha …. what an achievement k now we dont have any thing left in this country …. Recommend

  • http://lonepkliberal.wordpress.com Loneliberal PK

    The author makes some valid points, but spits a little more fire than what’s really due here.

    For nation beset by carnival-barkers and “parhe-likhe jahils” who can’t even spell the word “God” correctly, F.Bhutto – a Pakistani with a flawless accent and the ability to join five words of English together without sounding stupid – alone is highly refreshing and praise-worthy.

    She appeared ill-informed in some areas – like the Balochistan situation – but overall it was a great, moving speech.Recommend

  • Sarim Zia

    It is surprising how Express Tribune would allow for such an article to be published online. It is rather banal and childish, with multiple fallacies and flaws in argument. The bias of the author could not have been more apparent in how he desperately attempts to pick on things and bash them with words poorly borrowed from an internet thesaurus perhaps. This is a reflection not on the lowly standards of the author but of the diminishing ones of Tribune itself, with all due respect. Recommend

  • http://none Bangash

    Only reason anyone pays attention is because her last name is “Bhutto”. Recommend

  • Ahmed

    Where u been Mr. Suleman? Wot the fu…n is it! Greattt jon ma!Recommend

  • Patriot

    For all her short comings, the one thing you have got to admire Fatima Bhutto for is the boldness to criticise Zardari in public. No one else is brave enough. Appreciate that at least. So brava Fatima Bhutto. More need to speak up and end corruption.Recommend

  • Abu Bakr

    This criticalppp is a website full of bias itself. It surpasses all examples hypocrisy for them to make that claim about Fatima Bhutto. There was no need to be so harsh and for the record i guarantee you that an overwhelming majority of people today will agree with her points rather yours. Another writer at criticalPPP posted one of my blog posts and wrote down an entire commentary of my personal life before it, completely inaccurate and full of lies. It was pure hate speech. These people are intentionally harsh and for some reason believe that people are going to take their writings seriously. Without a doubt many of you ARE excellent writers, but the content has to speak too. It doesn’t, at all.. and it doesn’t help if you attack people personally. http://criticalppp.com/archives/47246Recommend

  • Salma

    Good piece as “the other side of the picture” related to Fatis groaning and moaning albiet wittingly but that’s all she does….as far as supporting Zardari is concerned what’s wrong with that everyone has an opinion. This nation voted Zardari into power because BB was gone…so what is all the ranting about now….or it is just us the facebookies, twitteries and bloggies who are not representative of Pakistani population at large…and who most likely didn’t even vote!! Recommend

  • Shayan Afzal Khan

    This is the problem with people who take their personal dislikes of Mr. Zardari to ridiculous levels – they end up not sounding in the least bit credible. You make many just points in your article, and frankly, Fatima Bhutto speaks well, but without substance or credibility because she let’s her animosity for her aunt and her aunts husband get in the way.Recommend

  • Sarim Zia

    What you criticize her for is called political bias. If all she had was naive arguments and false premises to base her arguments on, her book wouldn’t have been doing so well and she wouldn’t be invited to all these places to speak as an honorary guest. It is not the personal dislikes of the President, its all professional. Trust me Mr. Suleman AND Mr. Shayan, there’s nothing personal between me and my dear old chum Zardari. However, all I’ve heard since he’s come in power is the word ‘mufahmat’ something I’m sick of by now. Its sad to think how politics else where is run on basis of policies and ideas, whereas in Pakistan..well your current government epitomises all that. With its brute and unprofessional clinks with PML-N, its foul-mouthed politicians who live solely to speak louder on tv, and its lack of direction or clear indication of policies. Apparently everything wrong in the country is the previous regime’s fault. All that NEEDS to be criticized so stop acting like a lunatic when somebody shows the audacity to do so. And stop being so blindsided too. Recommend

  • Shehroz Khan

    ur some points are justified.but not all…..the only flaw of bhutto is her biased,one-sided and passionate approach.she is benazir-cum-zardari centric.she severly censures them.however,she glosses over her fathers violent record………..this is only her shortcoming…….otherwise she is a principled woman given her categorical rejection of birthright politics…..to name a fewRecommend

  • abhi

    I don’t know why my comments were not publishedRecommend

  • Z. Akbar

    We are bashing the author for having an opinion.

    wow very mature guys!Recommend

  • Fahad Raza

    @Abu Bakr:
    Right man content has to speak too. BTW the revolutionary burger blog ur taking about published here, was one of the best reads that day.Recommend

  • K-R-Siddiqui

    All the comments made here are a culmination of the infatuation the people have for Fatima Bhutto. The author in its opening statement very truly said that she is unable to move on from her father’s tragic death and who would’nt? But having said that, here are some basic rules to the game..She (Fatima) needs to decides who she really is? A scarred daughter of a slain politician re-living the nightmare of her father’s death every day or a bright upcoming politician who needs to change things arnd here..
    …Truth is not always pretty or fair or just..But the “Mr. 10%” does happen to be in charge of the country at the moment…To say that he spent 11 years in prison for a crime he never committed….I know nothing was proven but havent you heard “justice is always for the rich an wealthy”..there is always some truth there..
    All in all i have very little to say abt these personalities mentioned….but i do have ALOT to say abt what they are doing or not doing….and they ARE NOT doing ENOUGH….and then again….I should start by saying…I’m not doing enough either…..my question is do you think your doing enough and can you look past the smoke screen of personalities and actually hear them speak rather than watch them talk? Recommend

  • K-R-Siddiqui

    @Sarim Zia:
    ummm….in case you dont know….her book and her views on politics are two separate things…her book doing well is attributed to a number of reasons:
    1. shez the granddaughter of a political family which loved and hated across the world, you would be curious to know whats happening behind the scenes
    2. Her being invited to speak is the West’s curiosity with Pakistan and the Bhutto Family, fact or fiction is regardless
    3. the name of the game is compromise or mofahomat in the big bad world of politics…as much as the word kills me and makes us look like a banana republic infront of the whole world.
    My friend its time to look beyond the obvious…people talk…and talk is cheapRecommend

  • Ali Sher

    “There was not a single mention of the fact that the man had spent 11 precious years of his life behind bars and not even a single corruption charge was proved”
    Is Firdous Ashiq Awan your favourite politician? Recommend

  • Shoaib

    totally opposite of what the author says about drone, including discrediting Aryana Institute and its much touted survey
    http://english.aljazeera.net/indepth/opinion/2011/06/2011613931606455.html Recommend

  • haroon

    informative post.there was a time when i used 2 read fatima’s columns and interviews with interest but not anymore. i tend 2 agree wid the writer. unfortunately, fatima fails 2 rise above her personal prejudices. its the bhutto name thats keeping her in the news. she z discredited as an analyst at least in pakistan b/c we know our history well and can’t be fooled by her distorted version of history. she seems obsessed wid zardari and becomes selective and biased in her ”analysis”, which z a sheer intellectual dishonesty. she seems 2 b a confused, bitter and judgemental person not a wrter or analyst.international forums r not meant 2 settle personal scores. moreover, if she z so much against dynasty politics why cant she tells her step mom, ghinwa ( who heads ppp-sb party 2 carry on the ”legacy” of her late husband murtaza bhutto) 2 shun it. infact, its very much in the news that she will stand in the next election 4m her ANCESTRAL SEAT. my objection 2 fatima z not abt her joining politics but on being a hypocrite . her political rhetoric z just 4 public consumption. infact she z no different 4m other politicians. her father , murtaza thought that as a man its his right 2 head ppp and take forward his father’s political legacy. fatima resents that her family property has gone 2 her aunt’s family. though as a history student i strongly believes that its b/c of struggle of benazir bhutto that ppp survived brutal zia regime otherwise the young party wld have been finished by, zia with the help of ZAB’S friends and benazir’s uncles. last but not the least, her views on balochistan reflect her ignorance of the ground realities. either she z naive or afraid 2 call spade a spade. she has never held our security agencies or strong miltiary institution 4 many of the problems we r facing 2day. perhaps she doesnt want 2 displease her MENTORS. i have no love 4 zardari but blamming him 4 every sin under the sun will not solve our problems.BE REALISTIC FATIMA and plz focus on fact not fiction.Recommend

  • Sameer

    Guys , I am an Indian, and I have to say that I am appalled at what is happening to Pakistan. My wish is that India and Pakistan become much closer than they are today, before I die. Fatima is a voice of reason, and an important one amidst the ‘nervous breakdown’. While the author has every right to express his opinion , I don’t think it’s useful to cherry-pick parts of her speech to prove anything. I think it’s high time leadership in Pakistan steps up to take control of everything that is going wrong in Pakistan today. Fatima points out that abuse of justice is the reason for majority of your problems, and it’s only partially true. While it is easy to say that lack of education or religious dogma is the cause for your problems , I think the way forward would be for the middle class and upwardly mobile to step up and try and put your achievements up on the world stage so that people will stop talking about your problems. Without chest-thumping too much, I can say that even though India is going to the dogs today, at least the nations’s middle class has managed to get the world to focus on India’s smarts in IT while we bicker internally. Stop blaming India, US, Afghanistan for your problems. Stop allowing fundamentalists from influencing the less educated. Take charge !Recommend

  • Andrea

    Sounds like you are jealous of her man. She’s a smart lady who is entitled to her opinion. She is a nice change from the uneducated dictators and politicians who normally speak on behalf of the country!Recommend

  • Hassan Durrani

    Suleman i think you your self is a victim of Short shortsightedness and limited mental approach , Of course she speaks about Pakistan ans people’s nervous breakdown,she speaks the truth ,isnt it a problem of our nation. Why to act Blind and deaf when we know 90 % of our population is living under the worst stress of poverty and disintegration along with 0 % Justice and 100 % social, military and economic brutality , but you wont understand that because you are not the part of that 90 % neither you want to know them and yes every one has the rights of freedom of speech and when its truth its positive for the country unless that criticism doesn’t suits some people’s interest that their own problem because they are the exploiter and exploiters never want to get exploited them selves. Recommend

  • Sehr A

    However, I wouldn’t defend Fatima Bhutto, her speech was quite insufferable to say the least, she had nothing new to offer, wasted too many precious minutes stating mostly obvious universally known truths, the whole thing was frankly like bad stand up comedy. Not one joke of hers made me laugh.

    Seemed like something prepared in 5 minutes and with not much effort.Recommend

  • Majid Ur Rehman

    Being a Pakistani I owe Fatima Bhutto for delivering that speech.Recommend

  • Ali

    Mr. Suleman its wrong to suggest that the “ordinance became the basis of the return of two exiled leaders to Pakistan and paved way for the revival of the much needed democracy by doing away with legal implications of decades-long political victimisation”

    First of all Mr. Nawaz Sharif did not gain any benefit of the NRO nor did he return to the Country vide the said Ordinance. It was the Supreme Court which held that all Pakistani’s are welcome to roam freely in Pakistan as per the fundamental right enshrined in the Constitution.

    The PPP was pro-NRO as all the cases against them were quashed under the Ordinance and they paved a ‘deal’ with a DICTATOR to come back to Pakistan.

    I think before you critisice Ms. Fatima Bhutto, you should atleast have your own facts correct!Recommend

  • Majid Ur Rehman

    Ali is correct. It’s PPP which is Pro NRO not PMLN.Recommend

  • safi haider

    Enough of ad-hominem argument or you people ever come up with something related to the content of article ?
    Seriously, This was most discouraging to see the youth here indulged in personal attacks in spite of discussing the reason. The very mindset author has tried to articulate but seems to be falling on deaf ears. Recommend

  • Irfan Baloch

    Nothing new from her . Last year she told international audience that Zardari has banned Facebook , wikipedia , google . In reality it was banned by Lahore High Court not president . Recommend

  • lahori

    The author is absolutely right….How come people don’t highlight the army’s role for the mess we’re in……Such a huge chunk of our Economic resources go to these people and for what? So they can serve the CIA some more….To hell with this logic….Recommend

  • Achakzai

    @safi haider, are you the author? Whatever written in this article is correct, everybody else is deaf and dumb? Grow up please.
    By the way it was discouraging for me too, to see this article getting published on ET.Recommend

  • akf

    Wow. Talk about emotional.
    First, you’re telling us that nothing was proven against Zardari? Seriously? I mean, if you really believe that our “free and fair” system was unable to prove anything against the man and that makes him innocent, u are utterly delusional.
    Fatima Bhutto has a long way to go before she can be taken seriously. But so do you. There is a lot wrong with this country and the whole world knows that. So if one person stood at a platform and said it like it is, why is everyone getting so worked up? We need to stop living a life of denial. The whole world knows how corrupt we are as a nation. One woman talking about it should not be coming as a shock.
    There is a lot of distortion of facts, but the real facts don’t paint a pretty picture either. Recommend

  • khan

    Great.. that is a first, a blog to supporting zardari :) .. did you vote for jamshed dasti as well??Recommend

  • http://www.facebook.com/piraliraza Pir Ali Raza

    Even though I dont agree with you, I do think Fatima Bhutto’s political rant is useless like a small toe. She goes on and on about how wrong this country is. We know that Sherlock but whats the solution? as far as Zardari goes, (the most hated man in the country) these people here wont cut you any slack for it.Recommend

  • asif

    This is the most disappointing article i have ever read, I don’t understand why people write on the basis of their short sightedness.What Fatima said was 100 % Fact. Lets be honest be each other and except the truth and where she said Pakistani people are at the verge of mental break down she also said that Pakistan is still a Young country with only 70 years of age , it is moving their its transaction experiences and thing will get better with time , iam sure Aurthur didn’t even head 2 minutes of her speech. Funny people taking over the pens and papers in their hands, disappointing Recommend

  • Reena

    Personally, I find Fatima Bhutto intelligent,insightful.and entertaining. I am really enjoying her current book. She is, in my opinion, the best person to represent Pakistan on an international platform.Recommend