Donald Trump is the best president for the Muslim world

Published: February 25, 2018

Trump is merely extrapolating from Bush’s policies, and keeping his voter base happy.

Donald Trump wins no awards for decorum or propriety. He is undoubtedly odious, temperamental and has an incredibly fragile ego as evinced from his continued Twitter spats. In no way do I endorse Trump as a good president, because he has bullied, intimidated and lied his way towards winning the most coveted and powerful seat in the world. However, despite it all, I still think he is the best president for the Muslim world. 

Why? Because he has singlehandedly jolted Muslims from a stupor that has plagued our countries for long. We have played the victim card to America’s ills for far too long, without even glancing at the self-made problems which exist closer to home. Consider George W Bush, who was a far more menacing threat to Muslims than Trump. He carried out not one but two wars against Muslim countries, with one of the wars being conducted entirely under false pretences.

When Trump declared his infamous Muslim ban as part of his election manifesto, Muslims throughout the world were in uproar about it, purely because it was seen as Islamophobic, xenophobic and quite pointless in the fight against terrorism. However, in December 2017, Christian worshippers were torn to shreds by a suicide bomber in Quetta simply for believing in a different religion. Where was the outrage then? This is not even the first incident to occur against Christians living in Muslim lands. There have been numerous bombings at churches where Christianity and Islam coincide, namely against Coptic Christians living in Egypt. Critics could argue that similar ‘bombings’ have happened in Muslim mosques in western countries, but those have been instigated by disgruntled individuals on a much smaller scale, and punishment is always meted out to the perpetrator.

Similarly, when Trump blamed mental health as the cause of gun crime in America, critics stated that his eerie silence against “white” terrorism was hypocritical. However, Ahmadis, Shias, Hindus and Christians are killed on a daily basis throughout the Muslim world and no one bats an eyelid or causes such uproar. What about Mashal Khan? A Muslim man who was killed by his fellow Muslims because of alleged and unproven ‘blasphemy’? Poverty or illiteracy cannot be blamed for his horrific death, because those who murdered Mashal were university students. Will his death, or Salman Taseer’s, make any difference in our psyche? Will we recognise Ahmadis as human beings worthy of kindness and acceptance?

Recently, Trump made the incredibly incendiary decision to declare Jerusalem as the Israeli capital, thereby undoing years of supposedly neutral American foreign policy with regards to the Middle Eastern conflict.  This was, unsurprisingly, met with much resistance both from Palestinians and the United Nations General Assembly. However, the Muslim world has been shockingly quiet about the on-going war Saudi Arabia has been waging in Yemen. While Yemen is on the brink of collapse and emaciated children are being denied the basics of life, Mohammad bin Salman is adamant that Houthi rebels must be taught a lesson.

Trump has also signed an executive order to not shut down Guantanamo Bay, which is a detention camp for suspected terrorists that Bush opened during his tenure. It has been a highly contentious issue amongst human rights organisations, who argue that inhumane treatment is meted out to the individuals who reside therein. Obama promised to close down the detention centre, but wholly failed to do so. Trump is merely extrapolating from Bush’s policies, and keeping his voter base happy. If Bush hadn’t instigated the building of this camp, it would never need to be extended by Trump today.

We all know Trump is a buffoon, but his scathing anti-Muslim sentiment has given me time to reflect and think about our behaviour as a community. Corruption, sexual harassment, honour killings, female genital mutilation (FGM), sectarian violence and blasphemy-related killings are widespread in our cleansed and godly societies, and yet our criticism of western values is scathing and omnipresent.

Let’s also not forget that Trump has not initiated a war against any Muslim country, he has merely denied entry to the US from certain Muslim countries. Bush went to war in Iraq on the pretence that there were weapons of mass destruction which could imminently destroy the West, but this turned out to be completely false. Instead, millions of men, women and children were killed in a senseless war that decimated Iraq’s economy and drowned it in years of sectarian killings, a war that created space for the formation of the Islamic State (IS).

While Iraq is still struggling to recover from the scars of over a decade of war, Afghanistan hasn’t fared any better. The Taliban are back in action despite years of American attempts to ‘free’ Afghanistan from their barbarous rule. A recent bombing in an ambulance killed more than a 100 people, proving that the war is not abetting anytime soon.

Introspection is a very valuable skill to have and it is something we sorely lack. We can no longer blame Trump or his country for the woes of our own. Trump is full of hot air, and not in any way an insidious threat as perceived by the Muslim world. As a society, our unhealthy obsession with conspiracy theories is putting blinders on our perspectives and clouding our judgment. It is time we clear the fog and try to mend our fractious communities for the better to get some respite from Trump and terrorists alike; otherwise we will drown in religious anarchy.

Faiza Iqbal

Faiza Iqbal

A law graduate from King's College, London Nottingham Law School. Having worked at Mandviwalla & Zafar as an Associate, she now writes freelance articles and is trying to qualify as a barrister in Canada.

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  • Najeeb A Khan

    It’s good that the author has started with introspection, but have the Muslims? Victim Psych still prevails and Trump is criticised, not hailed as whistle blower.Recommend

  • NKAli

    Why not write this article in Canada? No American head of state or European head of government is good for Muslims.
    Kindness will be shown as long as the Muslims buy their goods, allow remittance and allow prurience. Otherwise, they will meet the fate of Bhutto, Gaddafi, Saddam, Arafat, Boumedienne, et al.
    Since, the grave yards are full of people who tried going their own way. The Muslims now have to get down to genuine hard work sans corrupters and laggards. Otherwise, a further doom will follow and then they will resort to secret arts (Cheiromancy, astrology, card reading, etc) waiting for the Savior. Fortune tellers will be happy. Islam is the source of knowledge and progress and that is where our success waits. Recommend

  • Eddied

    very well written article that draws some serious conclusions…Recommend

  • BigMike

    If Trump has knocked some sense into the community it can only be good.Recommend

  • Murad Farooqui

    Excellent article Faiza.Recommend

  • Striver

    A well-meaning article but not free of some fundamental mistakes.

    “…. in December 2017, Christian worshippers were torn to shreds by a suicide bomber in Quetta simply for believing in a different religion.”
    This is a sweeping statement; loaded with misconceptions.
    You represent your country where-ever you go; which ever country’s nationality you may eventually acquire. It will take 3 or 4 generations to shed your origin. Till then you represent Pakistan. You represent us in a foreign land. People will judge us by your actions and your writings.

    Therefore you have a duty not to misrepresent us as a society. You have done just that in your line I quote above from your article..

    The truth is that Pakistani society is generally peaceful and not against any religion bar a few who play in the hands of those who want to create religious tensions in the country and these are mostly supported by foreign governments.
    In Pakistan Shias are married to Sunnis. Christians are married to Muslims. Nobody has killed them. There may not be many but the fact is there are. It is not difficult to make this clear in one sentence without prejudicing the overall message you wish to convey.

  • Keyboard Soldier

    Trump is a realist, who is not plagued by the politician’s “make everyone happy syndrome.”Recommend

  • TheUndertaker

    The most ridiculous article I have ever read. The headline would make one wonder if the writer has completely lost it.

    Mentioning George Bush was worse than Trump? Really ?
    Trump has only been in office less than a year!!

    In less than a year he has made the Muslim world a great place to live in; some of his accomplishments include:

    1. Stopping $2 Billion worth of American Aid to Pakistan so whatever terrorists America created in Afghanistan in the first place would every now and then suck the blood of poor Pakistani’s across the country.

    2 $350 billion of arms deal with House of Saud so they could destroy whatever is left of starving malnourished Yemenis.

    3. $1 Billion arms deal with Qatar so they can fight their brothers in blood House of Saud thereby keeping the spirit of conflict, chaos and havoc very much alive in the middle east.

    4. Further strengthening ties with Israel so they could destroy whatever is left of weak stone throwing Palestinians

    5. Further sanctioning Iran so whatever is left of their crippled economy is obliterated until they fall on their feet to beg to Captain America.

    6. Dropping world biggest bomb (MOAB) in Afghanistan like its a testing ground.

    The list goes on and 99% readers would know what else this man has done to the world let alone to Muslim states.

    Perhaps Ms Faiza Iqbal can do an inspection of her own and realize there are no hot air conspiracy theories, this person really IS the most dangerous person as of now commanding the world’s biggest military ,an extremely serious, credible, insidious threat to the world with his fingers on the nukes ready to go off like his twitter feedRecommend

  • Rahul

    The last time Muslims introspected was when Ottoman empire lay in shambles and Ataturk ruled Turkey, so don’t hold your breath.Recommend


    Trump never told lie..he told right….as told he is doing..Recommend

  • Asad Ali Malik

    These bombings are called retaliationsRecommend

  • Patwari

    Here are some facts.
    Trump hates Muslims.
    Trump hates minorities, religious and ethnic.
    [that includes brown people like Hindustanis]
    Trump is an Alt Right, White Supremacist.
    Trump is supported by Nazis, KKK, Alt Rights, White Supremacists.
    [they consider him their leader, all on record]
    Trump supports Nazis, KKK, Aryan Nations.
    [his comments about the riots at Charlottesville, US and other on record comments]
    Trump molested and abused many women [all on record]
    Trump is a misogynist, xenophobe, and a bigot.[all on record]
    Trump has been caught lying many many times.
    Trump is being investigated, currently, by the Justice Dept.
    [all indications are pointing at very very dire consequences in near future]
    Trump is only supported by Fox News.
    [no others news organizations will go near him]
    This can go on for 20 pages…Recommend

  • Dajjal

    Easier said than done. Recognizing Jerusalem and moving the embassy are good starts, but I am doubtful of his peace plan.

    Muslims should not need Trump to inspire introspection. Tafsir Ibn kathir should be sufficient.Recommend

  • Rex Minor

    It will take 3 or 4 generations to shed your origin. Till then you
    represent Pakistan. You represent us in a foreign land. People will
    judge us by your actions and your writings.

    Well said. The lady represent no one but herself and will remain occupied for a long period of time with her views about the muslim countries including the one she was raised in or the one where she received her education from. In the lumber jack country nights are long and wintr is hard. I would not waste my time with people of Bush or Trump kind, they are both made in America where pacific is struggling to meet the atlantic and violence is indiscriminate and lunacy is abundant and becoming a norm now even youth is massacring youth in schools.

    Rex MinorRecommend

  • Sane sid

    The point here is – stop crying, stop playing the victim card, get to work on your problems. No brother will come to help you out of it, you should do it yourself.Recommend

  • Sane sid

    Retaliations to what…?? Al Qaeda claimed the 9/11 attack as a retaliation against the injustice to Muslims… don’t you think its crazy thinking… it is a retaliation to stoppage of free lunches.Recommend

  • khanji

    Despite over joy and celebration, Indian should rest assure that Trump hates their stinky nation just as badly as he hates other non white people. So don’t celebrate just yet. Indians are being used to counter china and that’s their place in Trump’s world. Recommend

  • peter pan

    Trump is not good for Muslims but the real enemies of Muslims are Muslims themselves- explicitly Muslim fanatics, Muslim Corrupt politicians, Muslims who lack intellectual integrity etc. etc. like in at other religion. The problem is that Muslims have more people in these categories at this time. How will it change? With education, with time, with wake up calls like the one one that Faiza has made.

    Most importantly, Muslims will need to realize that most of them are Muslims just because they were born in a Muslim family. Had they been born is a Christian family they would be Christians and vice versa.
    They need to realize that salvation cannot be an accident of birth. Perhaps the secret to salvation is some thing more than just the religion one practices. If this is the case then the best course would seem to be to live and let live and let God judge who is right and who is wrong instead of taking on God’s role !!!Recommend

  • vinsin

    Give some examples of Christian Men married to Muslim women and Hindu Men getting married to Muslims women. Give similar examples for parsis, jains, buddhists, kalash, jews etc. Why the percentage of minorities down from 25% to 3%?

    How many non-Muslims had been head of Pakistan? How many new temples had been constructed in Pakistan after 1947?

    How freely is pork and non-halal foods available for non-Muslims in Pakistan restaurant?

    How Muslims marrying Muslims support your claim that Pakistan is peaceful? Do Shias and Sunnis follow different religion?

    How abducting girls of Christians community is being peaceful?Recommend

  • vinsin

    Appreciate the article but still a lot of gaps. Even though the author wanted to generalize Muslims majority state but she single out Pakistan for examples related to minorities. She could have mentioned Arab Pagans, lack of freedom of religion, slavery in some Muslim majority countries, Yezdis, Zoroastrians, love Jihad etc also. Muslims and non-Arab ban also exists in many Muslims and Arab nations. Pakistan is still better because of impact of India.Recommend

  • Muhammad Ahmad

    Trump, with his open anti-Muslim bias, has made many Muslims to compare his actions with discrimination by Muslim governments against peaceful minorities in their countries.

    He has also shown that many of his policies have approval of “so-called” Muslim governments in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar, etc. May be the masses will rise and overthrow corrupt monarchies and dictatorships (I have no problem with Just and Fair monarchies)..

    Pakistan Government continues to support terrorist organizations as well as meddle in affairs of its neighbors – namely Afghanistan and India; while continuing to sell its natural resources to China (in exchange for bribes to PM and inept ministers).

    This soul-searching among Muslim population will, hopefully, lead to fair, just, and honest governments (at least in some Muslim countries) to make us proud. Hey, at least we can hope and pray for it.Recommend

  • Patwari

    Hitler was a realist too. Who was not plagued by trying
    to make anyone happy when he built concentration camps
    for minorities and to keep the Aryan German Race, pure and
    free from mingling with what he considered impure races…Slavic,
    Russian, Baltic, Polish, Czeck, and Hindustanis, one of the brown
    He loved the Scandinavinians just like Trump does.Recommend

  • F. Khan

    I think the writer has very strong observations and reflected the true picture of prevailing circumstance in Pakistan. Citizens trying to kill citizens in the name of religion. False accusations, trumped up charges, blasphemy law and its misuse, courts and politicians fighting, corruption at its highest level, killings, rape, forced conversations, kidnapping and forcibly marrying minority girls, political turmoil and Uno e all zero national spirit.

    How can a nation succeed? Right-wing clerics bringing cities to standstill, one coming from Canada and threatening. This is the state of the nation. Those in the government looting, those left looted and those hungry wolves trying to get power to loot more.

    Still you do not understand, digging the grave of the country every day.Recommend

  • Asad Ali Malik

    More than 1000000 killed in Iraq over non-existent weapons of mass destruction. Thousands killed in Yemen to protect the US allied Saudis. Hundreds of thousands killed in Afghanistan in the name of liberty. If Afghans are so much against the Taliban, how come they survived a 17 years long war and still control a major part of the country? Care to answer that?Recommend

  • Striver

    What is this? An exam paper?
    Instead of asking me for examples why don’t you do some research?
    This seems to be a typical response from a mindset that has been stamped-on; kicked, punched and moulded into a shape that fits the Hindu RSS pattern that is killing Muslims in India for being Muslims.
    India may be progressing economically but its thinking has been set to regressive mode at high speed.

    Come and live in Pakistan and see it for yourself. We don’t hate anyone. You have totally distorted the comment to feed your prejudice.Recommend

  • Abid Mahmud Ansari.

    Fox News supports Trump, only because his son-in-law, Jared has Zionist connections!Recommend

  • abhi

    I think once the the overdependence on oil finishes terrorism will also die down.Recommend