Another day, another video of a killing

Published: June 9, 2011

Rangers shot the boy point blank

I saw the video of Sarfaraz Shah being shot by a Rangers official at 11am this morning.

The immediate feelings that went through my mind:



Mostly confusion

Over the course of the day, I have seen the gruesome video pop up again and again and again on sites like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook (much like the Sialkot lynching video), showing Shah pleading to the Rangers to take him to the hospital after being shot twice at point blank, with no one coming to his help.

His final words begging for someone to take him to the hospital continue to echo in my mind hours after I have seen the video, and I fail to see the “justice” the officials claim to have meted out.

Unfortunately, other than his family and close friends, most of us will forget about  both the video and the boy, perhaps when another heinous crime takes place.

The brother of the deceased, who happens to be a journalist, rightly pointed out in a television appearance that if the footage of this incident was not caught on tape, the killers would have gotten off scot-free. I believe this may unfortunately happen despite the video evidence. There have been footages with damning proof in the past – the Sialkot lynching footage and the more recent Kharotabad shooting footage.

What happened to the people involved in the murder of brothers Muneeb and Mughees?

What happened to the numerous personnel of the Frontier Corps and the Police who emptied their magazines on the unarmed foreigners in Quetta (one of whom was pregnant)?

Perpetuating hatred

What can one make out of this incident? A colleague, after witnessing the video, tweeted:

“Who will protect us from the protectors?”

Many are angry at this incident. In fact, some are even calling for the head of the person who shot Shah. I work on a website, where hundreds of people leave comments every day, calling for ‘shooting,’ ‘killing,’ and ‘hanging’ criminals as soon as possible. What we have to think about is if such a mindset is responsible for such incidents taking place to start with.

What was going on in the head of the head of the Ranger who shot Shah, I don’t know. I don’t even know what was going on in the head of the policemen who did nothing while men savagely murdered the young boys in Sialkot last year. But, what I do know is that we have become a people who do not trust the justice system, and as such we have among us those who do not shy away from delivering their own sense of justice, by themselves, with sticks or guns.

Officials have informed that the people involved have been arrested and a judicial inquiry will be made in the case. Just yesterday I read a letter from a granddaughter asking the Chief Justice about the Lahore attacks on an Ahmadi gathering of last year.

In a country where it takes years to convict terrorists, what is going to happen in this case, time will tell, eventually, maybe.

Ali Syed

Ali Syed

An MBA student at LUMS who likes to write about matters that may not really matter to most. He tweets @alisyedsays

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Ms Marium

    Every time i saw tht footage hurts my heart.. this is not my ‘Pakistan’Recommend

  • http://[email protected] Hamza Balouch

    You write this in support of Jawad maqsood, comment on that letter!

    We all are facing un-justice problem… Without differencing of religion, political and social thoughts.Recommend

  • Tanzeel

    How on earth all of the media, politicians and bloggers could turn the mugger into an innocent guy.

    Can’t you see the boy was trying to snatch Ranger’s gun ? Had he snatched rifle and opened fired at Rangers the same media would have been cursing our security agencies for being good for nothing.

    This guy seems to be a criminal because an ordinary citizen would not have hidden his face from the camera, or apologize — he would rather hold his hands up and stand silently — a pistol was also recovered from him.

    If this boy was given to the police custody he would have definitely released through courts due to lack of evidences as it happens in Karachi. Infact Ranger’s personnel never wanted to kill him until the boy tried to snatch his rifle — then only he was shot on his leg.

    I believe benefit of the doubt should be given to Rangers although the boy should have been taken to the hospital, if we keep portraying negative image of Rangers every time such criminals would be encouraged and will continue to kill innocent civilians.

    When a mugger can shoot innocent people on sight, why can’t Rangers be allowed to do the needful ? Recommend

  • Natasha Suleman

    Sialkot – Police
    Kharotabad – FC
    Karachi – Rangers.

    God save this nation from its protectors.

    We’ll make comments for a few days, blog, feel sad and then move onto another tragic story. Nobody remembered Muneeb and Mughees until last night. Shah will soon be forgotten too. Recommend

  • Natasha Suleman


    This IS your Pakistan. It always was. It’s just that you didn’t know.Recommend

  • Rahim

    Violent tendencies are not endemic purely to the Pakistani mindset; Human history is drenched in blood.

    Desperation begets rashness, Fear begets hatred. Sympathy becomes, inconvenient.

    Our tragedy is that we currently have both attributes in excess; a condition, primarily of our own making.Recommend

  • Sabeer

    As much as the video distresses me and I believe he shouldn’t have been shot in such an inhumane manner, I believe he WAS a ‘dako’ at the end of the day and he ADMITS he was ‘majboor’ and hence resorted to being a dako. He also admits he was using a gun, albiet as fake one. So yes.. the video and the manner of awarding him punishment was wrong, but the guy wasn’t a god walking on this earth either. Let’s not blur the facts.Recommend

  • Ms Marium

    @Natasha Suleman
    No,its not .. its ‘Rehman Malik’ Pakistan .. my religion hijacked by fanatics and extremists who ruined peace and are now sitting in parliament,senate,PM and President House.Recommend

  • A rahman


  • Natasha Suleman

    I agree with the Religion part Marium.We were never as intolerant as we are now. But when it comes to the armed forces, do you think they suddenly went berserk? This has been going on since 1947.

    Why do you think Balochis are disillusioned? Rehman Malik is not the man to be blamed.Recommend

  • Hassan Raza

    It is hard to believe that we live in same country where all this happen every day. We do have love for our nation and when i look around i don’t see much violent people but yes i see arrogance, lack of patience and illiteracy at every corner. We certainly do not represent what they show in media. Recommend

  • Ms Marium

    Rehman Malik is the actual man to be blamed Natasha .. how do you feel when your loved one shot in a local park brutally by rangers personnel and then a statement came out from interior minister’s vocal cord tht ‘the man was a ‘dakait’ .. how do you when your loved one drawned a ‘dakait’ after his death?Recommend

  • Samiullah


    Oh c’mon. The guy was just trying to change the direction of gun which was being pointed at him.Recommend

  • Ms Marium

    sorry made typo’s in urgent
    Rehman Malik is the actual man to be blamed Natasha .. how do you feel when your loved one shot in a local park brutally by rangers personnel and then a statement came out from interior minister’s vocal cord tht ‘the man was a ‘dakait’ .. how do you feel when your loved one drawned as a ‘dakait’ after his death?

  • F. Alam

    @ Tanzeel

    Your argument reminds me of the US policy: unarmed Osama was resisting!!

    This guy may have been a thief and robber, but you don’t shoot people without proper trial. Though we all feel the urge for ‘instant justice’ sometimes, societies that do such pratices are usually more lawless and have more serious crimes (as opposed to those who control their police). Recommend

  • Tanzeel

    @F. Alam and Sami
    This has been a practice in Karachi, the criminals snatch belongings of people and run away and in case of “slight” resistance they just shoot and even if the criminal gets caught our respectable courts set them free due to lack of evidences. Now what else is the way to provide justice ?
    Everybody is aware about such incidents in Karachi. Ranger’s guy on spot fixed the matter. I wonder why we are developing sympathies for the guy about whom it’s well established that he was a culprit. I only have issues with the video, it should not be made public.Recommend

  • Natasha Suleman


    I hate Malik as much as any other Pakistan-loving citizen with a functional brain would. But this is about extra-judicial killing. The brutality of the Pakistani forces. Whether Shah was a robber or not is not important here. We cannot rule that out after watching the video where Shah has said he was desperate.Recommend

  • ayesha arshad

    well i thought i could watch the video but it turned out i couldn’t,even if he was a dakku its not the way you treat a human being.Recommend

  • usman

    @tanzeel: and who established that he was the culprit, the same guys tht shot him. Lets just not criticize our security forces on such crimes, cause they r there to protect us. Better yet lets just buy guns and start killing anyone we think is a robber. Now tht would be a safe pakistanRecommend

  • parvez

    This is police (Rangers) brutality and should be swiftly dealt with. The public need reassurance – NOW.

    The deeper sickness is as pointed out by Tanzeel that when the judiciary fail in their duty to deliver across the board justice this is what will happen. The Criminal Judicial Process needs immediate looking into so that it becomes effective. Recommend

  • Fatima

    Deplorable! its yet again another feather in our hat of shames .No one has a right to kill another human being no matter what they have done .Its frightening to know how inhumane and callous we as a nation have become .Here there was a man begging to be taken to the hospital and someone was busy making a video footage ?? Recommend

  • T

    @ Tanzeel,

    Even if it’s proven dat the guy was a thief, dakoo or watever, the punishment for stealing or robbing is not death….n especially without trial…itz out of the question. The guy was unarmed at the time of his death; the rangers cud hav simply put him in the van and put him in jail n gone ahead with the proceedings…i dont understand y we always debate if the victims were innocent or not, be it this fresh case or dat of the Sialkot boys. The debate should be rather on wat kind of law does exist in Paksitan? or is there any law in Pakistan at all? Y do we have courts if extra judicial punishments is slowly becoming a trend here and seemingly educated ppl like u r supporting it. We need to have a law here dat wud ensure fair trial against culprits, and this shud b the matter of concern and debate among the youth!!!!!!!Recommend

  • -Sparkle-

    Very very sad and shocking! Why come everybody is turning into a barbarian? R.I.P!
    Allah inn logon ko hidayat de… sigh

  • asma asif

    It seems that we are Kashmiris or palestinians and Indian or isreal army is killing us .After 9 o’clock news my kids came to me and said that they will never get out of the house or army will shoot them and I was totally speechless.Recommend

  • H.

    NO one is a criminal until proven so in a fair trial..and every suspect deserves one! NO ONE has the right to kill, unless sentenced by the law AFTER a trial. injustice should be dealt with, but this isn’t the way. if you fear if he actually opened fire, he would’ve been released from jail without complete justice..why don’t you raise voice against the murderer-in-uniform here and make sure HE pays for his crime?
    if you say the media would’ve labeled the Rangers as “good for nothing” if they were actually attacked, do you think THIS is the way to do the job right? i’m sorry, but i do NOT feel safer say the least, it’s exactly the opposite.Recommend

  • Sohail

    Law & Order is crumbling in Pakistan.. Hopefully, this will release all police/paramilitary forces of immunity.Recommend

  • M. Uzair Sukhera

    Guys! Calm down.
    Tanzeel pointed out a valid thing. We need not make an issue out of it. The guy should not have been killed. But let me ask you a counter question!

    If FBI catches a criminal. What do they call? FREEZE. Put your arms above your head and get on your knees. What do people do in return? Beg them? Plead or change the direction of their guns? I can bet you that the suspect under FBI scenario will be shot as well! (though medical care must be provided nonetheless).Recommend

  • Danish Kamal

    From the current train of accidents, I just learn that we do not army at all. Its better to spend on education and health of common innocent people.Recommend

  • Anoop

    @Ms Marium:

    “my religion hijacked by fanatics and extremists who ruined peace and are now sitting in parliament,senate,PM and President House.”

    The Government is about 4 years old. These Terrorists took birth long ago, when Army was in power, especially under Musharaff.

    I pity the Civilian establishment. They have to get blamed for stuff which is not even in their control. When was the last time the Army listened to the Civilians? When Mumbai attacks happened Zardari wanted to send the ISI directorate to India to investigate, but he was quickly silenced(by the Army, of course). Musharaff allowed the Taliban from Afghanistan to find safe havens in Pakistan(Which continues till today).

    Civilians are toothless and are scape goats. The real culprits are the men in khaki. When are you going to blame them? Why blame someone who has absolutely no control over things? Shame that seemingly intelligent Pakistanis cannot recognize this basic fact.Recommend

  • http://islamabad Maryam


    did the rangers ask him to surrender? they should have asked him to bend down etc.
    plus rangers ofcourse have the right to shoot a mugger , but killing him is not the solution .
    plus after when he shot him, the guy was lying on the floor yelling for help…in that condition hiw could u just let him die………

    plz stop supporting the rangers……….plz…Recommend

  • Nadeem Ahmed

    The guy tried to snatch the gun and kill rangers. That was his motive, but our brave and alert soldiers foild his plan. Why everyone is forgetting the environment we live in and circumstances in which our law enforcement people work. At each second of their work they expect sucide bombers, robbers and other criminals and in return they get no appreciation. Between us and these criminals, our brave soldiers are standing like a rock and sacrficing their lives for meagre salaries. Shame on those who are taking advantage of this incident to insult our armed forces and other law enforcement people.Recommend

  • rubail

    I dont know why we always talk what ever media and the king america wants to…
    well by watching this video i m confirm that he was criminal. common person can not behave as he was behaving before gun shot and after gun shot … well second thing have u ever seen the street cirminal when ever they kill the people just because of 1000 rs mobile .. at that time we all say like these bas
    should be killed hanged to death and blab blab blab… and i m more then sure this guy was one of them….*Recommend

  • Misbah

    Shoking yet disturbing, another incident that riased a new question mark on those who are made to be called the “saviours”. and hence proved we are not in safe hands.
    and we all know, nothing will happen, the guy is dead, he will be proved a criminal and these rangers personnels will be back on their JOBS and no wonder may be found on so called DUTY at same spots. this is not an speculation but what history tells us, what happened to the 2 brother whose dead bodies were dragged in the faisalabad city…what were they doing? and where are the criminals? thats and hundered others are pending or resolved in the favor of cofusions lol … Recommend

  • Syed

    For everyone thinking that the rangers did the right thing, and by extension, condoning conviction without trial.

    Do you not realize the flaw your ideology holds? Do you not realize that these sick twisted people will mercilessly bend this ideology and apply it as is want? If I have an enmity with a policeman tomorrow, he could label me a robber and shoot me for having “resisted”. If I dislike you, and I see you on the road, I could accuse you of being a robber, and have a whole mob set on you, bent on killing you.
    Mob justice can NEVER be the answer. Justice without trial is NEVER justice. Not unless you’re a perfect human in any case, which, none of us are. The rangers were wrong to shoot the man regardless of the atrocities he committed. The victims of that man might see this as justice for the hurt caused to them, and I bear no sympathy for the mans actions, but I do bear sympathy for the consequences his actions had on him. Gandhi was right when he said “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind”.
    It is sad to see how desensitized Pakistan has become to the unjust death of a young man, even going as far as to support it. I implore you to see the consequences of your approval of this very action, lawlessness. That is where he have come. And a solution, I can think of none…Recommend

  • Ms Marium

    Yesterday I saw Sarfaraz’s sister yelling in anger and grief ‘Humain Insaaf Chahiyeh,Chahiyeh Humain Insaaf,Chahiyehhhhhhh!!’ and then she fell down.I cried when I saw his sister ..How can she get back her brother who was just 18 (according to his family)

  • Bhutto

    Its not the first time Rangers had done this. many times i had seen that Rangers brutally kill and punish the innocent public even if public has done a little mistake, they punish public badly while they protest and on may issues. Rangers is not protecting us its just a burden on Sindh’s economy. Rangers personnel should be Hanged Up before the public so that no one should do this act again and know their responsibilities, they are for the protection of general pubic not to brutally kill. Recommend

  • Yasir Hasan

    I am not justifying the extra judicial killings, but the facts are that the person was not unarmed and was not innocent…as our beloved media is bragging so much about it…

    Can you answer these two questions….You can listen to the video as my observations are not based on the media or rangers/police reports, I have heard these two statements in the video….
    Q1 : In the video the guy said “Meray paas naqli gun hai”…
    So what the hell was he doing with the fake gun in public? Doing “innocent” things… A gun is a gun, if someone comes in front of you with a fake gun, will you ask him to confirm if it is real or fake?

    Q2: In the video the guy said “Mein Majboor tha”….
    Majboor for what? looting? What kind of needs a 19, 20 year guy can have which force him to rob people on fake gun spot?

    Let me take you to the other side of the world… see this video…

    Now, what do you say, should have been done with the fellow who killed the person in ATM???? A mad dog needs to be put to death, you don’t have to wait for him to bite and kill a person….the guy was caught by the police upon his neighbor information…Currently he is on bail (I read it in newspaper, but couldn’t find it on the Internet) and how long will it take to get the justice, you know the system….Recommend

  • Ms Marium

    ET i’m becoming very upset .. why u always censor my comments?I’m sure you people are the family members of Rehman Malik :@ .. huh!Recommend

  • Ashfaq

    The society is going gradually towards riots, civil war and mass destruction. Pakistan as a state has failed to deliver to its citizen. Although I am a patriotic Pakistani, but if necessary Pakistan can be dissolved to 4 or 5 states to avoid bloodshed and exploitation. Sorry to say, Pakistan is a flop experiment, absolutely failedRecommend

  • Duaa

    @ tanzeel and sameer

    Even if the boy was a dakoo, it doesnt matter. Killing an unarmed individual (a fake gun amongst six armed rangers), that too a young boy who was what 17 (?) is wrong. Period.

    When you try and bring morality into this you are no different from people who say: “Oh she was a prostitute / loose character so her rapers are somewhat justified.” (case in point the defense rape case). No they are not. Recommend

  • Duaa


  • Ms Marium

    Surely you’re from PPP (the party who is blindfolded)Recommend

  • Kulsoom


    Yeah right Tanzeel, he was snatching the G3. Go back and watch the video repeatedly, he was trying to turn down the gun and begging for his life. If Rangers was so clean and clear in their actions, why did they shot his dead body with 4 more bullets, as per post martem report?
    And if he was a criminal, why didn;t they take him to head quarters and convicted him? Rangers was plainly showing their super powers in Karachi. They are like crazy dogs going haywire in the city.

    Sindh Rangers have come to eliminate target killing, instead doing the same normal civilians. They are indeed the ‘terrorists in uniform’.

    Rangers filed the FIR before the victim’s family could do so, and if they are so upright why DG Rangers is sorry over his death. Recommend

  • Alien

    All those who are supporting the rangers on this should watch the video again, he was not trying to snatch the gun rather trying to push the gun away from being pointed at him, and you can also hear another Ranger shouting from the beginning to kill him………In any case it was totally A BRUTAL MURDER…..PERIOD.
    By the way I would like to know that Rangers have been deployed in Karachi for the last 15 or more years and still the law and order is terrible and the Rangers are a burden on the Provincial Govt. Whats the point ???????? Its better we disband the Police and Rangers and the money thus saved be given to the people to defend for themselves and I am sure they will do it better. Recommend

  • Huda.

    @Nadeem Ahmed:
    yesterday, i thought the news was shocking and sad, and nothing could be worse than shooting a person and letting him helplessly bleed to death, begging to be taken to the hospital.
    today, i see something even more worse than that: people trying to justify the killing, and supporting the killers.

    Nadeem, Tanzeel..and everyone who is trying to make this point over and over again. Why don’t you see that Justice is NOT for you or I to give out like that? it’s to be decided after proper hearing and trial. FINE, if they shot the guy in self-defense..they should have had the decency to take him to the hospital because they were obviously in no danger from him while he’s helpless that way.
    but they didn’t. they watched him succumb to death. HOW is that justified?

    Nadeem, the armed forced as a whole are supposed to protect us..and most of them should be praised for the job they’re doing. but the ones who misuse their label and bring bad name to the armed forces SHOULD be frowned upon. they SHOULD be criticized and brought to justice.

    authority misused is not an authority. just because you’ve been labeled as “armed force”, you do not possess the right to kill. you can, under NO circumstances, let a person bleed to death and watch him through it. murder is a murder, no matter which end of the line the bullet’s coming from.

    it scares me, to have people like you. because i know that even if that rangers soldier is punished properly, shivers run down my spine, knowing that there are people like you out there, who would do it again if they were brought to it. and then they’ll try to justify it.
    what has the world come to? shuddersRecommend

  • Tanzeel

    Whether the gun was fake or original, the boy wanted to harm family. Rangers did their best to ensure public safety. Pakistan’s current scenario is highly sensitive we can’t afford any negligence from law enforcement agencies. When such criminals shoot innocent people just because of few bucks why they don’t deserve killing ?
    One or two such cases would definitely help restore peace in Karachi. Recommend

  • diya

    its the third i m totally confused
    what we are doing n what we will face in coming years? is this Pakistan’s army???????????
    shokeddddddddddddd ……………
    soooo who is responsible for justice n security?????????
    is there left anyone noww????
    n i m relaxed there is nothing to do now because itssssssss useless
    in grief
    its my whole life experience there is no justice so it will go on ………………………………..
    power is that dangerous thing which may kill whole society n may make it deadddddddddRecommend

  • Yasir Hasan

    Deterrence may not be the ideal tool in advanced and civilized country. Unfortunately, we are a different breed and until we see body of condemned hanging in the center of the city we don’t learn lesson…Martial law v Democracy issue is a prime example of it… Recommend

  • adnan ayubi

    wow look wht Tanzeel has written…….

    ” This guy seems to be a criminal because an ordinary citizen would not have hidden his face from the camera, or apologize “…

    Seems to be criminal…wah…So how do u seems to be tanzeel…

    Further he writes that ” If this boy was given to the police custody he would have definitely released through courts due to lack of evidences as it happens in Karachi.”…. if u have certain knowledge than u must know that every criminal will be handed over to the police…rangers have no authority of investigation… even if there is a chance of his release and he is a thief, then wht should we do,,,kill a person…….Recommend

  • waqas

    No sane person will support this heinous act of rangers, but have you dug the complete story?

    The murderer was looting with a gun , however it was a toy gun but who can have the courage to ask a mugger about the originality of his weapon ? (So the increasing trend in young generation of easy money should be addressed by the media and the government).
    He was caught because he tried to robe a police family (hi profile, i assume). So that’s why the Rangers came quickly at the location and furious too , because he (the murderer) to loot a police official , who is not a common person.

    So authorities should heed the matter in its true ambit, so that we can avoid such dismal incidents in future. Recommend

  • Salman

    you are such a liar…SHAME ON YOU…..the video clearly shows that OTHER 6 RANGERS were encouraging the shooter to “kill & shoot”….they were saying “Maar….maar….maar iss ko…” So, please have some respect for your self. Also, even if Rangers could not control him before shooting, then what was keeping them from taking him to the hospital after he was soooooo badly injured and bleeding.??? they were all standing there watching him begging to be taken to the hospital??
    I am sorry to be harsh, but its people like you who justify any act of brutality comitted by people in uniform.
    Which Pakistan these People Uniform want to save? A Pakistan without any living soul? They kill people in the name of saving the country and they dont want anyone to criticize them because they are the saviours of the country? But can there be a country without people????
    What if it was your son who was murdered like this?Recommend

  • Salman

    and I wonder why are you trying to garner sympethies for the RANGER KILLERS who shot and killed at point blank and unarmed man and let him bleed to death. Even after shooting him down, they would not take him to the hospital, perhaps because he could have still snatched their guns???? I wonder…I wonder…!!
    Paisha war qatilo, tum sipahi nahi…!Recommend

  • a


    you wouldnt be casting doubts if he was your son, brother or husband will you?
    is your second name na’ive or nutts?Recommend

  • Reader

    If the boy is a mugger or a criminal, he should have been put to trial and punished. That is why we have the laws for. Those armed soldiers could have easily arrested him and taken him into custody to deliver the justice. Instead they cut short the LIFE of a person, which could have been avoided. I would like to ask whether you feel safer now with all those rangers around to protect you? Recommend

  • Steve

    What is it about the judicial system that is so corrupt? Are the criminals not given adequate punishments? I ask for this reason. The Sialkot bothers were murdered by a MOB. Did the MOB feel that was the only justice available? We now see a video of Sarfaraz Shah being executed by police. Why do these people feel they have the “right” or “need” to be judge, jury, and executioner?Recommend

  • Abhi

    I have some doubts about the video. Who recorded this video? It is obvious that the ranger knew that video is being made. Still they went ahead and killed this guy. There are two possibilities.
    1. They were so sure that they are doing the right thing that they didn’t bother to stop video recording.
    2. They were so sure that nobody can harm them even after watching this video that they didn’t bother to stop the recording.Recommend

  • Maqbool

    Have you been a civilized person (not a family member of a “Bloody army man”) you would never say that a mugger should be killed without trial. you must be ashamed of asking for “benefit of doubt” for rangers becuase there is no doubt of them being “butchers”. Shame on rangers and shame on this country as a whole.Recommend

  • atts

    ‘TIME’ does not tell….. If time ‘told’, clocks would be shouting out saleem shahzad, mukhtar mai, air blue crash, lynching of 2 brother in sialkot, ahmediya mosque attack, salman taseer (to name just a few) and countless other unsolved mysteries….. unfortunately all time does is tick tock & covers the news with dust (in our minds, in our hearts) and thats a wrap folks!Recommend

  • umair

    People are commenting on the video shown on media even though we know that recently media has been misleading a lot. We shouldn’t be judging after viewing only one side of the story, media has failed to display the motive behind the killing and just made the incident a cause to increase their revenues. Without the motive you cannot prove that it was a murder.

    In the video he said ”main majboor tha”, which creates a mystery. Why he said that? Has he done anything illegal? It could have been a matter of safety of us.
    The other side could be that rangers have personal enmity against that guy. Well, my point is rangers couldn’t have killed the guy for no reason which I am unable to find up till now.Recommend

  • afzal

    My feeling for this Sarfaraz is zero. We need to clean up our Country. Too many Goodas and sluty women in our country. Look at Saudi Arabia you walk with lakhs of money in your hand and no theiving happens. We need to lean from them. Liberal idiots all of you.Recommend

  • Ms Marium

    To all those people who are trying to justify rangers personnel ..
    ‘Just Shut Upppppppppppppp’

  • Yasir Hasan

    In the current circumstances when suicide attacks are quite common the dead young man should have sat down rather than reaching for the gun (or begging for life)… May be he cost him his life… Recommend


    Rangers did a action like american action in “Iraq” if we can review the back history of Iraq there was the American who killed the Innocent peoples of Iraq, this was same action by our rangers.
    Our Ranger may b have right to kill the terrorists on the spot but it does’t mean to kill the innocent peoples any where. In video there was one thing is cleared that the boy was just tried to save his life.
    Our Pakistanis who are showing boy as thief are more else… The matter is not he is thief matter is this there is no any law which allows you to kill any person due to any mistake like that. But here the matter is totally different the boy was innocent.

    These are wolves in form of mans who are always looking for the blood of our innocent Pakistanis. and we are just voted those peoples who sell their Public to america only for Money… “Thay are Venal”

    Now we are back in the era of Sub-Continent we need a Quaid-E-Azam, we need those peoples who made a history to create a independent place for Muslim to leave according to their religion.

    Now-a-days we are not saved even in offices we are feeling uncomfortable and unsafe….

    who is responsible for this definitely our government, those peoples who voted currept peoples… those peoples who are supporting currept and Dacoit.

    Please get joined action against such actions in Pakistan…

    Please Save Pakistan…… Recommend

  • Azher

    @ T “i dont understand y we always debate if the victims were innocent or not, be it this fresh case or dat of the Sialkot boys. The debate should be rather on wat kind of law does exist in Paksitan?”
    We have to debate and we must debate. There is no doubt that the video was horrible and nobody has the right to prove a person guilty without a trial but then same is the case with the police, rangers and others. For almost a year now it is a growing trend that whenever a video like this emerges, Supreme Court takes immediate action and removes senior police officers (in case of sialkot even arrested one) and the most amazing thing is that those senior police officers are often most respectable, honest and hardworking people who reach at the height of their careers only due to their responsibility and hard work only to be humiliated by the judiciary and people of pakistan (who have no idea what they are celebrating). While this happens police, rangers army, FC is insulted as an institution only due to two or three bad guys commit a crime and the senior police officers, the IGs, DGs, RPOs, CPOs DPOs and others are made the scapegoat to cool down the public sentiments. These people are government servants for God’s sake respect them. We as a nation face a very big problem we are too emotional to be rational. If it becomes so inevitable for a person of authority to be removed after each incident than why not Rehman Malik or Rana Sanaulla (After Raymon Davis Case he lied and lied and lied on the national television) it is an eyewash.
    And as far as a debate is concerned always try to put yourselves in the shoes of the person who is looted or threatened by a dacoit. sympathy should be after knowing all the facts not just a video without any knowledge of what preceeded the incident.Recommend

  • Alien

    @Azher….’These people are government servants for God’s sake respect them.’ When these guys will start acting and behaving like Govt SERVANTS rather then RULERS they will get the respect as deserved.Recommend

  • aik larki

    THIS WAS COLD BLOODED MURDER! i cant believe people who’re trying to justify what the rangers did. Recommend

  • Sadaf

    @SAJJAD SARWAR: Sajjad you are Absolutely Right… Recommend