Ready: Brainless entertainment

Published: June 6, 2011

For all of you who had great expectations from Salman Khan after Wanted and Dabangg, Ready does not disappoint. The movie has all the elements of a typical Bollywood masala film – songs, goons, chases and fights.

Of course, serious movie watchers may wish to opt out of this movie, but if you are looking for a great time with friends and family, Ready is for you!

Salman Khan, plays the hero named Prem (for the fourteenth time) who is under familial pressure to get married. Sanjana (Asin), a run away bride on the run, lands at his house as the potential bride to be. Sanjana is mistaken for Pooja, the girl whom Prem is supposed to get married to. Predictably, Pooja wins everyones hearts by doing all the ‘good bahoo’ things (respecting elders, morning bhajans etcetera). But then the skeletons of her past tumble out, it is revealed that she comes from a mafia-family where her two feuding uncles (Sharad Saxena and Akhilendra Mishra), want her to get married to their sons.

In the second half of the film Paresh Rawal enters. Khan’s family eventually manages to sort everything out – good wins over evil, the two uncles turn over a new leaf and Prem gets his girl. Happy ending all around.

The story plot might have been done to death but what stands out is Salman’s inimitable brand of comedy. The typical Salman dialogues, moves, action sequences and in-your-face humour make for a great time.

Asin plays her part well, although her character is rather limited. Paresh also does a good job in the movie.

Overall, Ready promises entertainment and nothing else. So, keep your brain at home and get ready for Ready. It will be worth your ticket

Watch the trailer here.

Shashank Venkat

Shashank Venkat

A journalist living in Mumbai.

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