If you don’t ask why…

Published: March 4, 2018

Why is the sun so hot? I’m sorry, I forgot! PHOTO: SHUTTERSTOCK

I request a reply.

Dad, please tell me,


Is the earth not flat?

Oh, I don’t know that!

Why do bears hibernate?

Well, that’s out-of-date!

Why is the sun so hot?

I’m sorry, I forgot!


Where do the trade winds blow?

Come on, you should know!

Do you know how TVs work?

Let me call Mr Burke!

Or how the seasons change?

That’s out of my range!


What is the sense of smell?

Quite difficult to tell!

The capital of France?

No, I don’t stand a chance!

The speed of light?

Your science teacher might!


Any clue of aerosol?

It’s quite hard to recall!

Any Indian folklore?

I knew one before!

The length of lunar years?

I’ll break into tears!


Why a panda bear hides?

The cause of the tides?

Or a solar eclipse?

UFOs, space ships,

Do you know how to find?



Daddy, never mind!

Come on! Don’t be shy!

If you don’t ask why,

How will you ever learn?

And that’s my concern!

Saad Mallik

Saad Mallik

The author is a retired environmental engineer and lives in New York. His interests include reading, writing and travelling, especially to see old Islamic architecture and civilizations. He has authored poetry e-books including Zarina is three, Cherished Stories, and Nawab of Punjab.

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