“Desi Website”– Indulge yourself! There is no shame

Published: January 7, 2018

Where feeble hearts remain unseen, modest are few and far between. PHOTO: SHUTTERSTOCK

Surfing aimlessly late at night,

I came across a cool website,

Where feeble hearts remain unseen,

Modest are few and far between.


Where every topic always leads,

An attack on someone else’s creeds.

To hurl insult just take a pick:

Christian, Hindu, Muslim or Sikh.


You meet chest-thumping fanatics,

Old-fashioned mullahs, liberal chicks.

Imposing on adversary’s mind,

The likes and dislikes of their kind!

And all are free to blow their lids,

Till wisdom dims, and reason skids.


Most favorite sight? The view of rear,

The world revolves around Kashmir.

Check out, my dear friends, tonight,

With Google search “Desi Website”.

Indulge yourself! There is no shame,

Just hide behind a username!

Saad Mallik

Saad Mallik

The author is a retired environmental engineer and lives in New York. His interests include reading, writing and travelling, especially to see old Islamic architecture and civilizations. He has authored poetry e-books including Zarina is three, Cherished Stories, and Nawab of Punjab.

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