BCCI snubbing Pakistan from its opponents list only confirms their insecurities and fears

Published: November 30, 2017

Now it will be an insult to injury if India continues to neglect Pakistan in ICC’s FTP and ICC still doesn’t condemn this act. PHOTO: SHUTTERSTOCK

Cricket ties between arch-rivals, Pakistan and India, are currently the most discussed issue since news of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) planning to snub Pakistan from its opponents’ list for the ICC Test Championship has been making rounds.

Cricket insiders also revealed that BCCI has designed its own Future Tours Programme (FTP) for the upcoming World Test Championship which will only include six opponents for India to play against – Australia, England, New Zealand, South Africa, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. This means that Pakistan will not be part of any Test series against India for over two years.

The news created quite a stir in the cricket world. Many cricket pundits consider it to be a mere rumour, while some mock BCCI for being scared as Pakistan holds a better Test record against India (won 12, lost nine out of 59). However, some also believe that it is a serious threat to Pakistan cricket and a malicious plan to isolate Pakistan from the world cricket arena.

There is no doubt that BCCI has always held a great influence in the ICC. Cricket insiders also believe that BCCI has been actively involved in the making of ICC’s FTP. A clear window in ICC’s FTP during the Indian Premiere League (IPL) is one example of India’s dominance in the FTP.

Not only the making but ICC has been a mere silent spectator in the implementation of FTP as well. The existence of the Big Three limited the role of ICC and gave all authority to its member countries. They had the power to choose which team they want to play and whom they want to snub. Apparently, the Big Three phenomenon has died but its side effects are still there.

Logically, it is not possible for BCCI to snub Pakistan from its FTP because if they go for the ‘pick and choose’ method again, then other countries will also opt for the same. How will this, then, ensure equality and make it fair for board with less authority? This was the main reason of nullifying the Big Three, giving the power of FTP back to ICC.

It’s the truth that the side effects of the Big Three have hurt Pakistan more than any other country. The six series deal between Pakistan and India is still in question, as it’s been almost five years since India and Pakistan have not played a full series, not even the series scheduled in FTP. As a result, PCB had incurred losses of around $200 million.

On the contrary, BCCI enjoyed the Big Three phase enormously by playing a lot of cricket matches, generating greater broadcasting revenue and sharing the lion’s pie from ICC’s annual income.

It is also undeniable that ICC wastes no time in scheduling India-Pakistan matches in ICC tournaments because it is in the larger interest of broadcasters. However, when Pakistan asks for their right to play against India, ICC loses its authority and it all falls down to the approval of the Indian government.

The lack of authority by ICC and the monopoly of BCCI have pushed Pakistan to an extent that the PCB is referring to deal with the matter of their pending series with India legally and will spend some $500,000 further from its own pocket.

Now, it will be an insult to injury if India continues to neglect Pakistan in ICC’s FTP and ICC doesn’t condemn this act.

Pakistan is one of the strongest cricketing nations in the world. We have attained the top spot in Test cricketwe are the winners of the Champions Trophy, and rank first in T20Is. If anyone tries to weaken Pakistani cricket, it will only make Asian cricket weaker, and that will subsequently have a negative impact on world cricket.

Fazeela Saba

Fazeela Saba

She has a masters degree in English Literature and currently works as a sports anchor and journalist. She occasionally participates in sports-related talk shows and is interested in becoming a prominent sports writer. She tweets as @saba_fazeela (twitter.com/saba_fazeela)

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  • Gogi

    you are not getting Indian point here, Pakistan is non-existent for them and they want to deny you any opportunity to make money or fame.

  • Sharjeel

    Obsession of playing cricket with india is harmful.Recommend

  • Larry Davis

    Indians are chickens with lame excuses. The wont play inside Pakistan cuz they dont feel safe and they wont play us in UAE because they are afraid of losing. Even our commentators and umpires are threatened in shining India.Recommend

  • Sriraj Nair

    But why cant you take NO for an answer? If India doesnt want to play then how do you think you can force it. Recommend

  • Israr Khan

    tell icc tell them tell no hahahaha
    there is a thing called “sports man spirit ” and it becomes more relevant when its SPORTS … … tomm icc will kick india out of their panel then ? who do u want to talk about it, if it was india does not want to play pakistan we would have taken it but every single icc tournament india has played pakistan now they will have to play in test matches as well and to be honest india looks a better side on paper specially in test matches so what is the fear?Recommend

  • Israr Khan

    last time they called Pakistan at home in 2012-2013 they lost the odi series and drew the t20 the crowd could not take it , lost again in icc champions trophy the crowd left early in the final where as they enjoyed the win over pakistan in the group match … fear of losing ? YES 100%Recommend

  • greywolf

    there is nothing india can do- pakistan has enough goodwill to play elsewhere and teams are more and more willing to travel to pakistan. india’s pettiness will be its downfall one day.Recommend

  • kulbhushan Yadav

    As far as cricket is concerned, PCB and Pakistanis are now acting as addicted junkie who needs his heroin shot at any cost through, pleading, threatening etc. India has played all ICC matched with Pakistan. Playing bi-lateral series is India’s prerogative. Pakistanis who keep harping on CT 2017 final, should also remember the first match of the tournament and many other matches before that. If PCB is just serious about cricket only and not money, then propose a series and forfeit all profits else please knock someone else’s door.Recommend

  • kulbhushan Yadav

    Good for you. But do remember other teams are coming because Pakistan is spending a lot Recommend

  • Sriraj Nair

    bro..it is not fear or anything..it is a simple fact…India doesnt want to play Pakistan..how hard is that to digest? and i hope you are joking when you said ICC will kick India out of the panel…who will feed the ICC then?Recommend

  • Sriraj Nair

    more and more teams want to travel to pakistan? the last time i checked, West Indies backed out…and it is a simple fact here…India doesnt want to play pakistan, India is not asking other countries to not play pakistan…so i dont see what the fuss is here..if you are desperate then it is another thing….Recommend

  • Rajiv

    Pakistan can play with other teams, where is the problem.
    Why Pakistan want to play with India?Recommend

  • kp

    Its our government that doesn’t want to have a cricket relation, Why cant you guys understand it? Why it is so important for you to play cricket with India?Recommend

  • Yogi Berra

    OK. Tell this to PCB which is asking for series for last 3 years. Recommend

  • Yogi Berra

    Why don’t you go to Sethi and tell him this and ask him not to pester BCCI for series every 15 days? We can go ahead with your theory that India is afraid of losing against Pakistan. Anything is OK that will take this monkey off India’s back. Every 15 days some Khan or Sethi comes and begs for bilateral series. Stop this nonsense. Show some pride.Recommend

  • vinsin

    Indian government position doesnt allow. If you want to play with India Mumbai attackers have to be bought to justice.Recommend

  • ABKhan

    Whats the fuzz? Pakistan is a strong team and India cant win against a good team on a non-dead track. Pak should simply deny to play India in any ICC tournament tooRecommend

  • Gratgy

    Then go and play elsewhere, who is stopping you Recommend

  • Lalit

    Whatever floats your boat ….Recommend

  • R Yegya Narayanan

    All the money you say Pakistan has lost comes from telecast rights sold to Indian broadcasters. This money comes from Indian audience. Given the hostile relationship between the two countries, why does Pakistan expect India to fill the coffers of PCB? If Pakistani cricket team is so strong, the countries other than India should queue up to host it. Is that happening?Recommend

  • Hassaan Abid

    Must be a shame losing the final of an event holding such prominence from a ‘non-existent’ country.Recommend

  • Kuldeep Sharma

    I don’t agree with this article even though I will like to see a lot of Indo pak matches. Because, for example, India lost CT2017 to Pak, now we will have to wait for an ICC event to look for revenge. Same goes for Pakistani cricket fan.
    Rather than being illogical let’s look at real problem.
    The main problem is all tours made by Indian sport team(any) are subject to approval of Ministry of External affairs and tours made to India are subject to approval of Home ministry and seconded by state govt.
    In near future BJP is not going to allow bilateral series between India and Pakistan, citing security reason. So, I think there is no point in scheduling a series which won’t take place at all. India is scared or BCCI is doing that or this is nothing but illogical argument. Win or loss is part and parcel of any sport.Recommend

  • James Kapoor

    Difficult for Pakistan to digest humiliation of being ignored by India all together.Recommend

  • Uzumaki Naruto

    Did you check your Test and ODI rankings?Recommend

  • Enkay

    Thank you ABKhan. I fully support you view-statement! More Power to you!
    Best of Luck.Recommend

  • jssidhoo

    India vs Pakistan matches are the most interesting when they happen . In the present situation however they are not likely .Recommend

  • Sunil

    No means no. About time you understood, we are not interested in playing cricket with Pakistan or having much to so with you. I hope they close all the border crossings too, an end to anything cross border would be great.Recommend

  • Komal S

    This is not about snubbing PCB, it is about taking terrorism seriously. India will use every opportunity to isolate Pakistan until it gives up on terror.Recommend

  • Jay Singh

    I don’t understand why Pakistan is so adamant on playing cricket with India despite repeatedly being humiliated & rejected by India. There are 9 other test playing countries with whom Pakistan can play cricket with. Frankly speaking, most Indian cricket fans don’t even consider Pakistan a worthy opponent anymore & would much rather prefer to see India playing good teams like Australia, South Africa, New Zealand & England. Yes I know some people will bring up Pakistan’s Champions trophy victory but one fluke win hardly matters. Even Zimbabwe beats Australia once a while.Recommend

  • Jay Singh

    Yes India is “scared” to play a team against whom it has a 70% win record in the last 10 yrs & whom it comprehensively deafeated in 4 out of the last 5 matches. I hope you can sleep better now!Recommend

  • Dr. Insaaniyat

    ok they are weak and afraid..so let it be why you bother.. you can play with strong teams like SL AF BD and UAE ZIM etc.Recommend

  • Pure ind

    The Indian policy of not playing Pakistan has been followed since the Mumbai attacks even when India thrashed you all over the world. One lucky win in CT can’t make a mediocre inconsistent side great.Recommend

  • Analyst Man

    ha ha..Wow..What a arrogance after winning one game against India? Btw, just recollect your memory India Pakistan din’t have any bilateral series for the past 5 years. It din’t happen right after you won the champions trophy LOL. Have the facts right before chest thumping on Pakistani cricket skills or “afraid to play” factor. LOL.Recommend

  • Kashif Ali

    It’s actually beneficial for India, they will learn how to play quality bowling otherwise keep crumbling everytime they face high class bowling.

    It’s simple, they’re happy to remian in fantasy world by scoring runs on flat tracks against below average IPL bowlers & short boundaries.Recommend

  • Patwari

    Kashmiri Genocide and Human Rights violations against Muslim religious minority in Hindustan need to come to a
    Actually this is beyond cricket, and is a matter for the United Nations Human Rights Commission.
    Modi Sarkar need to be charged and held accountable for this,
    and brought before a tribunal.Recommend

  • Patwari

    See, there are rules and regulations that govern ICC and member nations.
    The only reason Hindustan can get away with all this, is,because of the 2 billion strong Hindustani population.
    If a ticket for a cricket game in Bharat is Rs. 100, the avalanche
    of people, more than makes up for it. Profit, profit, and profit.
    With more than 150,000 people crammed into a stadium, per
    game, there is standing room only. and a lot of dineros coming
    in. Not to mention the idlis and dosas that will be sold. Guaranteed.
    Hope that makes it easy to understand.Recommend

  • Patwari

    No one wants to force Hindustan. The blogger is just pointing
    out the spoilt rotten brat, attitude, of the BCCI.
    For all you know, Shiv Sena or Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh
    or BJP has passed a fatwa against Pakistan’s cricket team.
    If they can pass a fatwa/contract out on Deepika Padukone and
    producer/director Bhansali, of Padmavati and Bollywood,…then you can imagine what the Bharati talibans can do,…to Pakistani players.Recommend

  • vinsin

    Can you provide evidence that India population is 2 billion? But as per you India is also killing Muslims so its that reducing population? Arent there are more Muslims than Hindus in the world?Recommend

  • vasan

    Other than money, there is no motive for PCB to beg BCCI. That was evident when they begged to join IPL as well. No wonder Indians are not interested.Recommend

  • Israr Khan

    jay singh how many bilateral series we have played in last 10 years ? let me help u 1 and where in india and who won it Pakistan, so do not try to fool urself india is a loser and attacks every team who wins against themRecommend