Apologies, Lieutenant Yasir Abbas

Published: May 25, 2011

Lieutenant Yasir Abbas was concerned with the oath that he took; the oath which declared his life secondary to Pakistan’s security.

I have always been a supporter of the extravagant budget spending on Pakistan’s defence. The high global ranking of our military has always served as reason for me to maintain my stance and argue in favour of the forces. In debates with friends and colleagues, I have, several times, flaunted the fact that if there is one great thing about Pakistan, it is our defence.

Unfortunately, this all changed recently. Little did I know that the forces I talked so highly of would miss an ‘unknown’ number of people jumping in to one of the most valuable bases in Karachi, just because a 25 degree tilt in the boundary wall prevented the security camera from capturing them.

Interior Minister Rehman Malik’s press conference embarrassed me. In fact, while listening to him, my Pakistani identity started to discomfort me. Two of the terrorists succeeded in escaping from PNS Mehran during the operation. Mr Malik confirmed this figure, as the two suspects were actually seen escaping. We don’t even know how many unseen people escaped. I did not know what I felt more, embarrassment or regret.

If I wasn’t a patriotic Pakistani (yes, I still have patriotism but can’t say the same about hope), I would have laughed at this country which spends almost irrationally on defence but fails to protect its bases within a populated city, let alone its borders.

I was thinking what the international response to this blunder would be.

I wondered if there was an attack on our borders during the PNS operation. How safe would we have been on a scale of one to ten (one being ‘not safe’ and ten being ‘not safe at all’)? There was a lot going on in my mind.

However, there was another group of people, with another level of dedication and commitment which was fighting to keep Pakistan safe when the whole nation had lost hope in them.

Lieutenant Yasir Abbas was concerned with the oath that he took; the oath which declared his life secondary to Pakistan’s security. When we had anger and disappointment oozing out from every pore, people like him fought to protect us. They fought and gave up their lives, because a 25 degree tilt in the boundary wall prevented the security camera from capturing terrorists jumping in.

I don’t know how big a fan I am of the Pakistani military now. But, the men who lost their lives fighting against the Taliban or al Qaeda (or whoever) certainly deserve much more respect.

Those who lost their lives at the general head quarters in Islamabad and those who died fighting against the terrorists in Karachi paid the huge cost of internal security lapses.

I used to brag about the Pakistani military. I had complete faith in them. When the government hiked up the defence budget by 11.7 per cent for the current fiscal year, I did not object. In fact, defence allocation was the only thing I was completely at peace with.

However, when these forces took 16 hours and lost 13 of their men fighting against a still unknown number of people, I was forced to revise my opinions and patriotism.

I apologise to whoever supports an institute which can’t protect itself.

I apologise for not raising objections at the increased defence budget.

I should also extend my apologies to people who gave up their lives fighting as part of the military which does not realise their value.

I am not a believer of  “death comes when it has to” and I believe that this phrase is over-rated and over-used to comfort oneself and to prevent people from looking into what could have been done to avert the outcome.

Lieutenant Yasir did not have to die. The dedication he possessed was not one which we could afford to waste. It was because of people like him that our forces are ranked high internationally.

Kanza Azeemi

Kanza Azeemi

An exchange student in Waseda University, Tokyo, studying Liberal Arts and teaching English. She is interested in social development specifically in the education sector.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • M Ali Khan

    People would rather blame Zardari and Gilani for this mess, but NEVER will they dare accuse the actual incompetence found in GHQ and ISI about their 3 decades of support to Jihadi groups and playing double game in the name of ‘strategic depth’ that has led to the deaths of 35,000 Pakistanis because of Taliban bombings and assaults.

    The report for the GHQ attack of 2009 has not even been released in public, and probably never will, because of such collusion with jihadis that our army has become notorious and foolish for around the world


    and when blaming zardari etc fails, they instead blame RAW and CIA. Recommend

  • Umair Khan

    these are the fruits of the terror which we planted years ago. Every thing aside but only that Afghan guy comes into my mind who use to tell me that one day the fire which according to him Pakistani has sowed in their mother land Afghanistan, will come to Pakistan it self as well. No body likes the taliban style government, i wonder when we do not like it, then why we imposed it over the Afghan people so its true that these are the results of the training which we did to our own tribal people, we militarized them and today we cannot control them. Still change the policy and save the rest. Recommend

  • Alee Ahmed

    The Army is sure capable of Securing Pakistan, but if and only if the people and the people of Pakistan want it. The people are bloody sleeping, but i think now at least this indecent has awakened half of us, when the remaining half are awakened then we do not need any one we will be self secured.Recommend

  • Alee Ahmed

    This incident was planned for two good reasons, to weaken or NAVY, and to give a bad impression to the people of Pakistan that you Army is not capable of securing you, your country or even them selves.Recommend

  • san

    to be honest I have no faith anymore on our defence. Until our corrupt generals are playing double game and foregin money is involved, I donot think they can earn public sampathies. Its the time for junior officers to stand against corrupt leader within army. Whoever replaces stay your nose away from politics and stop supporting Anti-Pakistani organisations like LeT, Sunni Threek, Sipa Sahaba, MQM, MMA, PML N, etc etc.. Similarly stop listening to Isamic nations like Saudia Arabia, Iran, UAE, Dubai etc. Solve that bloodly Kashmir issue.
    Stop Indian diplomacy to fool nation. Recommend

  • Hassan Durrani

    Leme share a small story here ,” And when the very poor Old man picking up the garbage along with his innocent Donkey moved his head up,he saw a 10 feet long tall wall streched all across the long edge with the worlds most lavishing houses built behind it, he sighted the people partying and enjoying Laughing and showing off their strength of Power and Luxury ,where as the men in uniforms guarding those Great walls , He went to one of the guards on the gate and said ”son” !! i have lived all my Life in the disasters of Lies and great False stories showed the people whom you are guarding and following today and i regret it not because they have also told you that ”You” are a God’s Warrior and all you have to Fight and eat Grass no matter even if you and your family have to die in Hunger and Frustration,but because i believed in their created character of God and the enemies whom i had hated the most not even realizing the true face of the Ugly enemy hiding and playing with our minds among us”

    Today iam glad people have started opening their eyes , nice KanzaRecommend

  • http://www.theoeconline.org Tajii

    Bibi!! Respecting your opinion but, this is not a conventional war where military would show its strength, US defense is far far more stronger then Pak, yet they have failed to annihilate guerellaa fighters in Afghanistan and Iraq, navy commandos had blown all of them within an hour, but In my opinion, the strategy was to arrest at least one of them or to avoid the infrastructure loss to navy. Regarding decreasing budget for Defense; it is a debatable issue because neither we are country like Switzerland nor like Somalia, we are mix of both, we have to keep a balance deterrent defense intact. Willingly or unwillingly, we are now in center of external and internal security threats!Recommend

  • tr

    We are paying through our noses for the defense of Pakistan,major chunk goes from our budget,another chunk in shape of tax exemptions and subsidies to the Army welfare,Fauji Foundation , the BMWS the land cruisers and in of course the D.H.As of the country.
    Inspite of all that our young and brave officers are being killed,maimed and injuredRecommend

  • http://tightdhoti.wordpress.com TightDhoti

    Very well said.

    On the flip side, the police, FC, rangersr are poorly equipped and poorly trained. Yet they bear the brunt of terroist attack. What has been done to improve their lot? Nothing. Instead as part of an austerity drive in Punjab police, the use of paper, paper clips and staplers is being restricted. Today 12 policeman lost their lives in Pwr. Not a wimper from anyone to support them.

    Our collective failure is expecting the world from our jawans, policeman, paramdedics, firefighters, rangers, leves, FC, while offering nothing in support. Only those are the top are living in some fantasy land. Recommend

  • Nowsherwan

    I have full faith in Pakistani military establishment, they are fully capable of securing plots for themselves in defesne/askari, they are without doubt competent enough to secure seats for their progeny in the educational institutes of this country, they can bravely skip the toll tax showing their Card, they have honestly avoided any accountability, their intelligence is meticulously doing their work finding whose wife is going out with whom or which party is going to win the elections next year,they are courageous enough to give more than half of Siachen to India,they fear none thats why they topple a democratically elected government after every 7-8 years,we pay for their glittering uniforms and splendid weapons while our children don’t find any means to get proper education, our children die because we cannot afford their treatment but theirs get free medical treatment at CMH because we have paid for their comfort, so that one day a bunch of fanatics enter in their “well guarded ” unit and destroy millions of dollars worth of aircraft……..yes we are proud of our military and we should be lest we are UNPATRIOITCRecommend

  • Ghazanfar

    My question is very simple. Can we focus on “what to do?” Instead of “Who to blame?”Recommend

  • Talib Abbas

    1 word > AgreedRecommend

  • Rana Aqueel Asghar

    Not everyone can become a solider but we as a nation can fight against this crimes and maybe these acts of terrorism are destabilizing of our country but its not sole duty of our Armed Forces to defend Pakistan but an obligation to every Citizen also and death will come when it has tooRecommend

  • shoeb

    @alee ahmed what are you talking about man! ur on dope or something, dude the attack on NAVY base has nothing to do with Pakistani people hibernating its an out right lapse of intelligence, security and surveillance.
    Whatever reason the attack was planned for we must have prevented it, if not prevented it countered it … it took 16hr for our security force to take control of the situation and still two militants where able to get away and we are talking about attack on a NAVAL base not a hotel, not a housing society a NAVAL BASE!! Recommend

  • Jawad

    Really you showed to all that Yasir Abbas .. I salute you with my both

  • Fahad Raza

    We lost good Men like Yasir and we lost them because of the security negligence. Now inspite of the negligence in the surveillance Men like him Protected and give their lives. I salute them but condemn those who didn’t see it coming. Recommend

  • Khawaja Faraz

    You know Kanza you should not have apologized for what you think you should. You should have begged appology from the entire nation for not using your right to vote the culprits out. Please VOTE them out!Recommend

  • Noman Humayun

    Dear friends
    This whole debate… about the military.. is actually demolishing their morale and that is what the enemy wanted
    neither of us knows the actual incident.
    Can you actually believe that 4000 personnel surrounding the pns base.. and yet 2 persons can escape?
    they never did.
    May be they are only quoted “escaped” for some reasons.
    Do you even know why it took 16-17 hours for the operation
    do you seriously believe the 4 men can give resistance to the military commandoes who were re inforced again and again?
    no way dude!
    yes their was a security lapse on part of our navy
    the person who was incharge for the security of the base should be held responsible..whoever he is
    but this gives u know right to criticise our soldiers…our army..
    all the hostages… the engineers are safe… only pakistan army can do it.. that is to ensure the safety of hostages while the commando action is being done
    that is why it took them 16-17 hours
    yes it was a lapse and we should look into it
    but we should have no doubts
    our army
    our soldiers
    our “men” like lt. Yasir
    are the pride of our nation
    they are the ones because of whom we are able to use internet sitting in our houses peacefully.
    I m proud of Lt. Yasir
    and I am proud of Pakistan Army, Navy and AirforceRecommend

  • khurram raza

    I have seen all the comments posted by my respected friends i only want to say here is ” We should open our eyes and mind and must think whats going on and who is involved and responsible “.Recommend

  • shoaib mumtaz

    The amount of budget money is not concern but the level corruption and incompetency needed to be controlled as many army men doing corruption inside army how much legal salary a general posses and if we look at his assets we become stun so budget should be ensure to spend in right sector and this guy Yasir is inspiration for rest of the forces and every Pakistani to get ready for sacrifice to protect our great PAKISTANRecommend

  • Mahrukh

    A great article! I can’t agree more with the writer! If death really comes wen it has to, why do our Officials bother getting a protocol? Our young,dedicated officers are dying when actually their death could be prevented!and surely a 25 degree angle of the wall where a security camera could not capture is totally a lame reason for a security lapse!didn’t they knw this earlier? I had hope for Pakistan till sunday evening. But after this incident i highly doubt if our country will ever EVER be called a stable country.Recommend

  • Tehniat Ahsan

    @Alee Ahmed:
    I totally agree with you. Recommend

  • Muddi

    can you guys blabbing against Pak Forces answer this simple question:

    why the hell do you think you will be told about all the internal affairs or in this case mishaps, in fact anything about the military? do you want these things to get public so that the whole world can know about each and everything happening in our military? dont you think this will make our forces more vulnerable?Recommend

  • Usama

    The easiest way to destroy a nation is to distance its army from its people and unfortunately this has been done or is in process in Pakistan. The critique on the Pak Forces is justified to an extent but how can one solely make the forces responsible for this mess. There is a lack of political leadership and a will that forms the cornerstone for nations to get out of such a crisis.Unfortunately we have puppets instead of leaders and instead of criticizing the slave policies of the leaders we are putting all the blame on the Forces. I can bet no one can count the frontiers on which Pak Army is involved fighting but yet they are the one being criticized. You have to criticize someone criticize your leadership that has imposed someone else’s war on us!Recommend

  • Tehniat Ahsan

    People who have lost their FAITH in any of the three branches of military can go and live a prosperous life in India.
    It is really easy for people like Kanza and those who support her to sit on their comfortable chairs, sipping away on their coffees with their Apple Macs in front of them to comment about the “security” situation in Pakistan, than actually going out there and do something PRACTICAL about the country.
    For God’s sake, there has been lots of negative propaganda already going on regarding Pakistan and its security failures. Didn’t the 9/11 attacks happen in America. Wasn’t the Pentagon attacked? The American media didn’t started maligning the image of their security forces, instead the whole nation got united for those who actually lost their lives!!!
    But thanks to the media personnel like Kanza, whether they belong to the print media or the electronic media, instead of uniting the nation they are dividing it more!
    Unity is Strength is one saying that our people belonging to any walk of life have failed to understand.
    And Miss Kanza, can you actually go out like the 25 years old martyred Lt Yasir and receive at least ONE bullet on your chest for the security of your country? If you cannot praise this young man who had every right to live then at least do not let his sacrifice go to waste!!!Recommend

  • Ahsan7979

    @Ghazanfar: All we have learned is to blame, write blogs and take no action in past 60+ years…Its time to wake up and instead of condemning the military, condemn the real enemy. Hypothetically, lets take the military out of picture today. These God Damned Terrorists along with conspiring nations will over run you…
    Its high time to stand hand in hand with our military to defeat the real enemy, just like we did in Swat and South Waziristan. Only then we will succeed, otherwise, May Allah save Pakistan!Recommend

  • ASQ

    the most sad thing about WOT is that the enemy is the one which was nurtured by armed forces in the name of national interest.people like us were labelled as anti pakistan for voicing their concern at that time.there is reason for the saying as you sow so shall you reap.Honestly i don’t believe a thing our military saw nowadays we don’t even know under what circumstances these navy men died and would never know about it.Recommend

  • Azmanrana

    totally agreed ! i was too, impressed by our forces but nw its all changed .Recommend

  • Muhammad Farooq

    I m not a conspiracy theorist but i think we don’t know the exact details >> who did it and why it was done. Looking at our track record i cannot hope that we shall ever come to know real answers to these questions. May Allah protect Pakistan from evil eye.Recommend

  • ani

    Lt. Yasar Abbas died a hero’s death for his country and his army. But neither the country nor the army accept any blame. In fact the army rules over the country. It trains jihadi assets and exports them to neighbors and rest of the world. It now sends young officers like Lt. Abbas to undo the evil it has created and nurtured! – but only in a tactical and minor manner. The Navy commander has already said, “there was no security lapse”. Rehman Malik blames it on Star Wars type characters! Imagine what Lt. Abbas’ family must be going through. This is sheer hypocricy on the part of the powerful.

    The country also needs to extricate itself out of its Islamist sympathies. Only then can they have an Army and not the other way round. Until then deliberate sacrifices of the young will continue – that is unfortunate and criminal. Recommend

  • Kanza Azeemi

    The high global rankings of the Pakistani forces were there for a reason. Whats more scary is the fact even after such recognition internationally, we were subject to an internal security lag. Whats more shocking is that we could not even confirm as to how many terrorists jumped in to our crucial base.
    Those who did should still respect the Pakistani forces, but this security lag needs to be questioned! Their respect should be backed by realism, and realism demands fingers to be pointed at what happened at PNS Mehran.
    I, for one, still respect Pakistan and its defence, it is only because of this that the incident embarrasses me.. I would want to be assured that these types of blunders are not repeated in the future.Recommend

  • DownButNotOut

    it is a lapse of not armed forces tht they managed to enter the base, its a lapse on part of police infrastructure that has failed time and again to identify these threatening elements. but police has an excuse list like VIP duties, political pressure… believe it or not, but its not only armed forces who are responsible for this mess, its our dearly beloved politicians too who we keep sending to represent us, either through explicit vote or implicit vote (our silence)…Recommend

  • Qaisar Shahi

    I love Pakistan.
    We lost good Men like Yasir,our army
    our soldiers
    our “men” like lt. Yasir
    are the pride of our nation.Recommend

  • dr.mystic

    ”Lieutenant Yasir did not have to die. The dedication he possessed was not one which we could afford to waste. It was because of people like him that our forces are ranked high internationally.”

    Could nt agree more with the writer ..These soldiers are our ASSET…we can soothe ourselves by glorifying their ”shahadat” and the immortal status they have attained as shaheeds..but the truth remains that the nation has lost 10 of the finest men we had…10 families are bereaving the loss of their young men who died due to OUR negligence,,due the security lapse that occured because some people didnt perform their duty well,….they died because some people in the Pns base,in our intelligence and in our establishment are supporting the terrorists who murder mercilessly..these BLACK sheep in our institutions are responsible for the MURDER of LT.Yasir and of the other 9 soldiers,,,Recommend

  • Fahad jawed

    Ma’am respecting your opinion but i dont think you git it right there. People like lt. yasir die for this country because they want to…they always have a choice always whether o turn their backs on their country or not. he made his choice when he decided to go straight into action and he succeeded in achieving that when he took the first bullet. as far as the defence budget is concerned do you know how many hostile countries exist on our borders, not to mention all the external and internal threats. you were right to be proud of them but you were wrong to vilify them.
    @Noman Humayun: Sir you are right when you say that the terrorist didnt escape the base. i have been to mehran base and i have known commandoes of the pak army and the navy. Nor did the terrorist thought about escaping. they brought three days worth of ammo and food, why to leave and run. No the first instinct to any intrusion is to block the way they came in so that they cant escape. I truly believe that the reason for their escaping was a picture they wanted to portray.and for further info the base commander and the second in command has been sacked. early retirement. so please dont just vilify the army. you dont know the full picture and it was never their intention to give you the full picture due to strategic reasons. be proud of your forces. they are capable and are strong, no doubt. they just need our support. Recommend

  • Random Stranger

    @Tehniat Ahsan: Pakistan’s problems with extremism will only be solved, if there is a free and open dialogue on the issue. Calls for unity are equivalent with call for sweeping problems under the rug, instead of solving them. Look at how well it served the Soviets.

    If people have lost their faith in the military, it’s about time. Do not send them to India, they are Pakistan’s greatest hope!

    Also, in the current situation in Pakistan, journalist like Kanza ARE risking a bullet, by criticizing the establishment, so please do not question dedication or courage…Recommend

  • haider

    Shaheed ki jo maut hai….woh qaum ki hayyat hai.Recommend

  • Columbus

    the way u see it, but u cant see as the guy present at the spot.. the way i see you, enjoy the life at lums, study work hard and then sit at a cozy drawing room write and enjoy…Recommend

  • malik jahangir

    absolutely true..Recommend

  • basim

    in these difficult times the army and the ISI need our support!!dont fall into the trap of our enemies who want to weaken the only efficient and credible institutions we have however less that efficiency might be(and im not convinced it is as less as people r making it out to be)!!dont forget that our agencies and the army have limited resources in comparison to our enemies and in comparison to the magnitude of the task at hand!!please dont believe watever the media feeds u and please start taking responsibility tourselves rather than blaming zardari or kayani or whoever.
    if we r sooo opposed to drone attacks then y dont we come out on the streets and protest?!if u cant take ur responsibility than dont expect others to do so!!Recommend

  • Irfan Anwar

    First of all my deepest apologies to our heroes who lost their lives for the sake our motherland. The land which do not belong to us anymore. I’ve read some of the above comments and i’m just impressed with the maturity level of you all. You still are blaming talibans? Because whenever we fail to capture the terrorists it’s taliban?
    Why is that so that as soon as any such incident happens Rehman Mailk gets an immediate phone call in which the taliban leader has taken the responsibility?
    Who thinks so high of him anyways….
    People it’s NOT our own people carrying out these activities,it’s the foreign hunters who have been after us since long. Let me assure you that i’m not some pro-taliban person but I do possess a mind. America has given out the statement about our unsafe nuclear assets finally. Who the hell are they to be worried about us. People we need to wake up. When will we? When we are taken as captives? How many Yasirs do we want to lose to this crap. Understand that it’s defence against foreign invasion that we must look for…. It’s no taliban thing this time. I don’t understand how to tell you for it is deeply inculcated in our minds that everything’s happening around us is directly linked to talibans. It’s not. Belive me America needs an excuse to enter our country. Please atleast now. thinkRecommend

  • http://zaikchohan.blogspot.com/ zaik chohan

    May be many taking PNS Base Attack as Pak Army is negligence of that and we should cut down our defense budget. Can the writer tell how the other part of budget and tax collection amount is going. Will it be using in right direction? If we cut defense budget should we able to decrease our loan facility from IMF? Are we always happy to checkout while passing through check-posts? Why we always see Army as the major disease to our economy where we always progress in Army ruling. So please stop spreading this discrimination and think real. How will we help our forces to cut down these attacks. First see what you have done with this country than talk about those who gave their life for you. Pakistan Amy ZinadabadRecommend

  • fahad

    v well written…it is v sad..:(Recommend

  • Saad Siddiqui

    Kanza, this is the fine piece of article I have ever read on Tribune. I will still support my military. Am still not hopeless. Am still a patriot , the incidents like these make us feel that how much we love our country and how much we owe it to it . The anger which grew among us because of our failure is because we love our country . We cry because we want to see this land a place to live . Dont be hopeless .

    Jinnah Said : “Musalmaan musibat main ghabraya nahi kertay ” , our military have always proved it.

    Nahi hai na-umeed Iqbal an kisht-e-Veeran se
    Zara nam ho to yeh mitti bari zarkhez hai Saqi

    Zindabad Pakistan Recommend

  • parvez

    Its hard to disagree with your logic and views.Recommend

  • Aijaz Hussain

    Very aptly written. You’ve captured my feelings completely. I too am a patriot, fiercely so. But I’m beginning to doubt the wisdom of my patriotism.Recommend

  • Ramla

    nicely done kanza. especially the part where u mention how Lt. Yasir did’nt have to die. Let’s just hope his martyrdom inspires people to love Pakistan more, like he did. We’re facing a patriotism dearth, Allah provide us with hope. AmeenRecommend

  • ashu

    Yasir i sulot u ur brave hero ur national hero…all pakistani jst think abt tht k ham na kya kho diya i always misS u yasir always….hmara pas word nai hai ju tmhari tareef ma kaha jai bs i sulot u……heartlyRecommend

  • Amber

    kanza, this is exactly how i feel!!! and i simply ache ! Recommend

  • saif ur rehman

    let me all tell u one thing…..what do u think which state will be behind at this attack??as it was told and shown the amunation which they had and technology of night vision, it is only kept by state or forces? secondly enemy knew right now we had three pc 3 orions, we have totally six but three of them are in U.S for upgradation which will come in quite a long time..ok now see india doesn’t have even a single pc-3 orion…and very very next day india’s statement come fronts…that pakistan’s navy capability is now 50%…pc-3 orions were those planes which makes our navy more stronger than indian navy..one more thing that terrorists passed three or four c-130s there but they only blew orions what does this meas????in my opinion tehreek e taliban so called pakistani talibans are indian and US agents, mossad too…india behind this..it is very clear!!!!!….and truth is right now our navy security is 20% against india because one orion, one other survilance planes, radars and frigates…only these……hopefully china would give us some after this because i can’t understand why china has 60 orions even strategically it has no danger in it’s waters!!!!!!!Recommend

  • Ali

    Realization – better late than never. It is anyway quite unreasonable of you to have not realized it now. Some call it myopia.Recommend

  • Ali

    Realization – better late than never. It is anyway quite unreasonable of you to have not realized it until now. Some call it myopia.Recommend

  • Celina Ahmad

    I really appreciate the way you write . I would like to read more from you. …Recommend

  • ahsan7979

    So which is the best military in the world? US? It lost 5000 lives in Iraq more than 20000 in veitnam. Still think the same?

    So which is the best intelligence agency in the world? CIA? It was due to failed intelligence that 911 happened and no WMDs were found in Iraq and by the way in Afghanistan, 7 CIA workers were killed in 2010. Still think the same?

    Have you ever heard US media chastizing their military and intelligence even after their repeated failures(and I have only quoted few examples here that are well known). They know very well how important are these institutions to national security and morale of tha nation.

    Perhaps the people like Ms.Kanza and her admirers, fail to understand this simple fact!

    Pakistan Army and all defence institutions of this pure nation. We stand shoulder to shoulder with you and will not think for a second laying our blood in the defence of our homeland. You will find countless Yasir Abbas among your ranks!

    A humble Pakistani Citizen…

  • http://fruitforbidden.wordpress.com A heartbroken Pakistani!

    I’m in the same boat as you Kanza. I can’t express my grief enough on the inexpensiveness of our precious lives! And I cannot resent the high ups enough for being densely more obtuse than every jackass combined!Recommend

  • Nasir

    Hello this is is nasir from islamabad ..the tradegy of PNS mehran has indeed pierced my heart as i also belong to navy background. The valour of Yasir is indeed commendable but i am not able to convinece myself that he deserves Nishan-e-Haider (Highest military award) for this..He was shot down as soon as he jumped out of his vehicle..i am not saying that there is no bravery in getting in the line of fire without caring for ones life but u see he wasnt the only one who was shot down, there were 11 commandos who died that day.but i havnt seen any news channel talking about them and about their families..they too are our hereos and i dnt knw why we are giving so much importance to only one person…do correct me if i am wrong in my point of you..

  • zaka

    Hats off to u kanza…u reflected the thinking of majority of Pakistan!

    Yet it is unfortunate that r losers in incompetant govt and military establishment are showing no sigs of any repantance, any shame and accountability….

    the Nation is united on accountability of failed personnel n Pakistan has a resilient nation wd active media n judiciary dat belives n rule of law so it is time we hold r intelligence agencies n govt accountable, only dat would strengthen o…ur institutions…we hav v talented n much qualified people so the failed ones hav to quit, its not pointing fingures, its a blatant failure of r national security n whoeva sleeps now is criminal ….go shameless general pasha go!

    yes gen pasha n air n naval chief’s resignations wd start accountability process to clean up r institutions from failures…personalities r nt important countries becum strong by strong competant institutions…think wat use a military is if it doesnt hav any public support…v should learn 4m 1971 n hold accountable military generals who betrayed us repeatedly n 1971, kargil, lal masjid, bugti killing n now abbottabad….

    Pakistan’s nation’ s today’s thesis is dat if military woud punish gen musharaf n his cronies to gen pasha, wd be the shiortest cut to revive the public image of military destroyed by failed generals …dat wd make us strong…

    out of 20 bn US dollars aid n last deacde 14 bn Us dollars went to pak military, 3 bn back to US consultants n onkly 300 million to social sector…so simple if military stops its dependence on US , Pakistan wil neva be underpressure from the loser so called super power….n dis wil only begin if military weeds out or we make them to kick out failed people among there rank…

    besides v respect n salute al our martyrsRecommend

  • http://N/A Rizwan Ibnul Hasan

    There is one silver lining emerged from the PNS Mehran incident and that is that we know there are soldiers like Lt. Yasir Abbas out there who would not hesitate in shedding their last drop of blood to defend my motherland. Lt. Yasir Abbas you made us proud. My eyes are wet when ever I see your picture. May All Mighty Allah accept the sacrifices of all the shauda who laid their lives in defending my Mother land. Recommend

  • salar shahid

    Just make one thing very clear.Lt Yasir (Shaheed),was he a spare child of his parents.Was he surplus.He was the only son and brother to 3 sisters.What about his parents?what about their senior days?This has become a routine now.Please tell me what is high alert?This all is crap.Lt Yasir(shaheed)was a son of the nation.An educated,young,energetic,smart individual who could have contributed a lot to the nation.An Engineer and a soldier.He was a real investment by the country.
    Now let us compare the sons of our leaders.Bilawal,Abdulqadir and moonis elahi.What is their contribution towards pakistan uptill now.NOthiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnng.Oh yes one thing making their own illegal bank accounts.Why dont they stand in the line of fire.These so called leaders should send their own sons to the battle field instead of loosing precious jewels like LT Yasir.Its a limit now.How long are we going to give sacrifices of our precious sons like Lt Yasir (Shaheed).The pain of loosing an able son like Lt Yasir….only his parents and sister’s can answer.Alas! aaey Allah hamaray watan e aziz ko har mushqil say mahfooz rakhiieen.Aameen.Lt Yasir(Shaheed)sir,i salute your valour and gallantry in the line of duty.We will always be proud of sons like you.Pakistan Zindabad,Pakistan Paindabad.Recommend

  • basim

    i just wish we all actually DID something about this whole situation rather than sit and talk abt it! i for one am sick and tired of complaining and whining abt everything!! jub tak hum log khud kuch nai karte we have no right to complain!!Recommend

  • Sam

    RIP Yaisr!!!

    We owe you so much much more than the medals. Recommend

  • Aftab

    Well! Ms Kanza, you are absolutely right in apologizing to Brave Martyrs like Lt. Yasir. You are also right in pinpointing the security lapses of such huge security bases. We all condemn the irrational and irresponsible behavior of our ruling elites and heads of armed forces….But please be careful in writing your emotions as our Enemies (whom we now know very well now..if hidden in past) want us to be all hopeless and distracted. It is all their plan to make us so detached and desperate that we are unable to resist what they want to impose on us….We salute the Brave Men like Lt. Yasir and we have to follow their path, and not to surrender on the will, whims and master plan of our ENEMIES, as they would then succeed in their mission. Be optimistic about Pakistan, Islam and about the Jazba e Jihaad in our Nation (which is all there and time will decide-Insha ALLAH)….ThanksRecommend

  • Sadiya

    Very well said! i really appreciate your patriotic sense of thought. The only problem that arises with Pakistan Now and Then, is that they have sold their Unity, Faith and Discipline which our Quaid-e-Azam(may Allah be pleased with him) taught us to those powerful nations of the world, for a little pleasure and heart content money!.. Truly sad. Assalam-u-alaikum!Recommend

  • Abbas from the US

    if it is not a conventional war. Does the Pakistani nation need a conventional armed forces that saps more then 25 % of the a national budget that is perhaps 50% plus funded from revenues generated thru one single city in Pakistan. The Pakistani nation cannot remain oblivious to the nonsense sold as God’s truth over and over againRecommend

  • Patriot

    And the Navy has the gall to say that the Commander was transferred in routine and it had nothing to do with the incident. The Naval chief should have taken responsibility but alas the Military has never taken any responsibility. More than half of Pakistan’s budget is spent on the Military and they cant even protect themselves. They have’nt won any war or battle. Why do we need to spend so much on themRecommend

  • http://www.pakyouthoutreach.com Mirza

    well i support the writer, there was nothing big from the navy personal ,against five got killed 10! and the equipments!
    My sorry too!Recommend

  • Nadir

    Proud of you Pakistan army. You have, and will always protect Pakistan and it’s people. Yasir Abbas you will live forever. You are the real son of this soil.Please believe in Pakistan and the pak faug.Pakistan zindabad!!!Recommend

  • http://Newark Cherish Raj

    @saif ur rehman:
    We do not need your aging cold war Orion PC3s. We have a contract with Boeing to supply us 12 Boeing P-8 Poseidon ultramodern reconnaissance aircraft, each costing $220 million. Recommend

  • Anum

    The article does raise some valid questions however, I must say that despite everything I still have not lost confidence in my armed forces. Yes clearly there is an agenda to alienate Pakistani people from ISI and the armed forces. The statements coming, the things happening everything points to that direction.

    I dont know how the terrorists came into such high gear and I dont know how they knew exactly from where to go and what to do and I dont know why it took 16 hours but I will still not criticize the armed forces because I dont know what exactly happened. Until I know my facts I will refrain from saying things like many people said and a few statements from the article.

    But yes I do agree Lieutenant Yasir did not have to die!Recommend

  • http://www.flickr.com/ameerhamza Ameer Hamza

    Few of the conceptions (or rather, misconceptions) about Pakistani Army must be cleared.

    Firstly, the Army cannot justify such a huge budget when the entire country is racked with internal problems including, but not limited to, economy meltdown, power shortage, rising intolerance and illiteracy, etc. People who question such a huge budget and un-necessary advantage to Army personal are targeted morally and physically. They are even picked up by the agencies, taught a lesson, and allowed to go – or they are simply killed and their bodies dumped. Similar plight is faced by hundreds of Baloch, who are being targeted not due to any anti-Pakistan activities – although there are certain sections of Baloch population which indulges in such acts – but are targeted simply because they have the balls to ask Pakistan Army certain Hard questions.

    Secondly, Pakistan Army believes it is above law and therefore, it cannot be held answerable to anything. The attack on GHQ was brazen but no head of any general ever rolled. At PNS Mehran, similarly no Navy officer retired or was forced to retire following such a bad show.

    It is true that India may be behind such acts but if you eat up so much of the budget for intelligence gathering, you need to show the skills. But that’s sorely missing and we, as Pakistanis, have the right to ask Generals and Admirals about where our Tax money is going. I am a tax payer and I want to know what the hell is going on here. Recommend

  • zK


    Buddy you summarized it all in the best and comprehensive manner possible !
    kudos for speaking the truth ! Its about time the public acknowledges it as well !Recommend

  • Numbty

    I wonder how many more mothers, they are thinking, must sacrifice their sons before they actually start thinking it’s about time they got off their back sides and did the job they are paid for, their weight’s worth in gold every month?
    What my tiny brain DOES NOT understand is how could you have CCTV installed on the walls leaving blind spots (the gaps) between any two cameras? And these are meant to be rigorously tested and re-tested countless times by highly professional “security experts”…
    What, however, even my tiny brain DOES understand is … neither they nor their own sons will ever be asked to guard the bases. So no skin off their nose come hail, rain or shine.
    And anyway their lives are far too valuable and blood nobler to be lost for under twenty thousand rupees a month. Isn’t that really mine and Lt. Yaser job!

    Even them in the “jungle” demonstrate they can better plan, prepare and protect. Yes animals! Or perhaps, I need enlightening …Recommend

  • Numbty

    and with regards to the budget allocation ….

    if the balance any time soon is not shifted in favour of education, health care and civic amenities we will forever be digging ourselves out of the hole and will never be able to ofcourse!

    If the results on the table are anything to go by, we certainly got to have been barking up the wrong tree for the past 60 years.

    Try pouring in the same amout money on education for half the lenght of time and see where that takes us! Lets build first and then protect it!Recommend

  • Numbty

    @M Ali Khan:

    I heard an event called “Marathon de Incompetence” has been organised for Sunday the 28th of May.

    Its the 27th of May today and I wanted to take part but I’ve been told I can only come 4th or less because the top three positions have already been taken!

    Wonder who those top performers are … NOT!Recommend

  • Alien

    WHY ONLY Yasir, there were others also, BUT, Jawans and non gazetted officers so no mention of them ????? The Navy and in fact our Defence forces should apologize to all those young officers and low rank people who have died due to their wrong policies and incompetence. How many of us including the media knows the name and face of all those who died besides Yasir ???? WHY were they not important……….

    @Nasir.. very true, with all due respect Yasir did not showed extra bravery rather he was unfortunate to be at the wrong place at the wrong time……..Recommend

  • Ikram Ullah

    This is a very good article but the problem lies with our justice system.It is a known fact that our judicial system not gave punishment to any single terrorist instead they all get bailed because of lack of evidence which is not true the evidence is there but the major problem is that judges face a real threat to their lives if they give punishment to these terrorists and for this the only right way is to not let any one know the identity of judge to anyone this could be done by using technology of skype.This is the only and effective way we can end this menace once and for all.And one more thing destroying takes seconds but building takes years so do not blame our forces.It is so easy to attack but so difficult to defend and last but not least our forces need to develop psychological tests to check the mindset of personnel so that no black sheep remain in their lines. Recommend

  • http://yahoo B.s(hons)

    tare azmat ko salam!Recommend

  • Ali

    I would like to say that by saying our defenses have become weak or our army is a shadow of its past would be wrong well I agree of some of the points of the writer but not with all. Firstly lets see other scenario there was an attack on America so we should believe that their army is of no use, their solider’s die every day in Afghanistan that means they are incompetent.7/11 happened in England does this show the British army lost its prestige, when Britain was tackling Irish insurgency the IRA use to carry out daring attacks on Britain and their army.Mumbai attacks what was Indian navy doing when these 10 people on a speedboat just went through undetected and carryout a brazen attack then it should be said Indian navy is of sorry excuse. My fellow Pakistanis I live in Middle East I meet Indians everyday here u what they say about Pakistan they it is a matter of time for you people before you guys fall into abyss.Don’t stand in the opposing stand in which the American’s Indian’s and many more are standing and trying their level best to discredit our Army and Nation as a Whole. Thank You.Recommend

  • Mehwish

    Proud to be Pakistani not for what happened in our Valuable base at Karachi, but for the Valuable life that Lt. Yasir. chose to devote for this Nation. I hope we all get that unwavering courage and true commitement to replicate such honorable acts of bravery.Recommend

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000609518196 Khalid Masood

    **Pakistan Armed Forces and their professional reputation are too enormous to be dented by criticism of some maniacs here.**

    Most of these who are bashing Armed Forces and ISI have one thing common and that is LACK OF KNOWLEDGE.
    Our Armed Forces are made of human beings and they do not have extra-human capabilities.
    Humans do commit errors, mistakes and even blunders.
    You are only focusing on one successful terrorist attack and drawing your venomous conclusions.


    No one is against accountability – that must be done across the board.
    Many people got extremely furious once Naval Chief Said, “THERE IS NOT A SECURITY LAPSE”. Naval Chief was right and you got angry due to lack of in-depth Knowledge. I feel like laughing on pigmies like Asheya Siddiqa who have only lifelong mission of disapproving everything belongs to or done by Armed Forces.
    I support the statement of Naval Chief because – There was NO Security Lapse on the Part of Pak Navy !!!!!!
    PN officers and men responded within seconds of the attack, fired back and towed their planes inside hanger while under fire.
    However, There was a BIG Security Lapse on the Part of PAF who is custodian of PAF Base Faisal. Please understand that PNS Mehran resides within PAF Base Faisal.
    There was a Security Lapse once terrorists crossed the perimeter fence. How they knew about blind arc ?
    There was a Security Lapse once terrorists walked few kilometers from perimeter fence to main runway. Passed close to C-130 planes of PAF and never touched them. How come sentries of PAF guarding C-130 did not challenge them ?
    There was a Security Lapse once terrorists took positions along run away and fired rockets on P-3C Orion aircraft while standing on PAF soil.
    There was a Security Lapse once none from PAF ever fired even a single bullet during first hour of attack. PAF guards were probably waiting for orders from their officers.
    Please educate yourself before you start condemning those who are risking their lives for you people.

    **I Salute Lieutenant Yasir Abbas and his team for fighting back bravely, securing precious aircrafts and helicopters of PN and above all making supreme sacrifice for their beloved motherland.**Recommend

  • amna

    very true…Recommend

  • Alien

    @Khalid Masood……….’Our Armed Forces are made of human beings and they do not have extra-human capabilities.Humans do commit errors, mistakes and even blunders.’ This should be made to understand by the forces people themselves coz it is they who think that they are ‘UNTOUCHABLES’.

    Now shifting the blame to one another and not accepting own short comings, just like passing the pillow game to fool the nation who have LACK OF KNOWLEDGE. The point is there was security lapse, be it by Air Force or Navy. This is not the only one act after which the nation has started asking for answers but things have accumulated like attack on GHQ, Abbottabad, and attack on Navy buses, in just a matter of months. THE KNOW ALL forces of ours has brought themselves and this country to such position. If we go into History there are numerous incidents which have propelled and forced this nation to start saying Enough is Enough, we want Answers.Recommend

  • Laila Rajani

    Kanza jee. Brilliant!!

    This is a really well-written piece with well thought out arguments and a novel approach. Never being a patriot or pro-military myself, I still can relate to your pain and deem it important that the death of so many men in the forces being taken seriously, for once. However, I’d like to point out that to be human is to err. Everyone makes mistakes and though it’s a grave one, and I am not justifying any party here, we should accept that our defense has certain constraints.

    I’d love to see you writing more stuff in future. Keep it up. Love.Recommend

  • zir

    fighting for peace is like screwing for virginityRecommend

  • Mazz

    They can’t defend themselves how they can protect us?
    unknown number of terrorists? 4, 5, 20?
    16 hours of operation against them?
    they escaped
    defense budget is increasing in every budget for what reasons?Recommend

  • AMajid

    @Tehniat [email protected] ur rehman

    totally agreed.

    Did Anyone visit PNS Mehran or know the location where this incident occurred?

    people say 18 hour of fight if they didn’t protect them self how they protect us. if you know the location and saw by yourself and know how military counter on such incident you didn’t use these sentences next time.Recommend