TEDx Karachi: The Imran Khan factor

Published: May 20, 2011

Do not forget that he was once the captain of our cricket team who led our country to success in the World Cup in 1992.

TEDx Karachi’s second event, which will be held on the May 27, 2011, has already started receiving tremendous amounts of criticism from the people of Karachi. These include hate messages on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

The line-up for the event this time around includes Sarmad Tariq, Mukhtaran Mai, Raja Sabri Khan, Fasi Zaka, Dr Quratulain Bakhteari and Imran Khan. The theme for this year’s event, which is ‘Making the Impossible Possible,’ aims to inspire and motivate the audience through talks by people who have, in their lives, made the impossible possible.

Most of the criticism is aimed at Imran Khan being invited to speak at the event.

Some have even gone as far as taking time out to create cynical comic strips about the event and its speaker line-up. I find it completely ridiculous that people who do not make any effort themselves are the first to criticise. Pakistan is where it is today, exactly because of this attitude. People just sit and talk and do nothing and belittle the efforts of those who do. We should instead appreciate these things and encourage others to organise more events such as this one.

We need to realise that it is not easy to organise such an event – the hard work, dedication and effort that goes into event planning needs to be appreciated, not belittled.

Another example of our strong ‘belittling gene’ was seen when most of us mocked a PTI supporter, Zohair Toru instead of appreciating his effort to come out in the heat to protest for a cause he felt strongly about.

Agreed that Imran Khan is a controversial political figure in Pakistan’s political landscape and many may not agree with his policies but please, do not forget that he was once the captain of our cricket team who led our country to success in the World Cup in 1992. At this point, I want to mention that I am not an Imran Khan fan, even though some of you may believe so.

We conveniently seem to overlook the fact that he has worked towards social causes in Pakistan.

He founded the country’s first cancer hospital that provides free treatment to thousands of patients annually.

As University Chancellor of the Namal College in Mianwali, he set up links with the University of Bradford creating further academic opportunities for the youth of Pakistan.

He received many prestigious awards for his outstanding work for public welfare and personal achievements among which are the Hilal-i-Imtiaz, Pakistan’s highest civil honorary award, the Lifetime Achievement Award presented to him at the Asian Jewel Awards, and induction into both the Oxford University and the ICC Hall of Fame.

As Selina Rashid, who owns and runs Lotus Public Relations puts it:

“All said and done and political sympathies aside, TEDx is a platform encouraging the sharing of ideas worth spreading; Imran Khan is one of Pakistan’s icons – he built a life changing hospitable, changed the nature of social responsibility in many ways and was one of the best sportsmen ever and frankly, his dharna campaign has met with much success. The synergy is there.”

So let us sit back, give our egos a break (for those of us not invited) and enjoy this event, through livestreaming, in our homes and learn a thing or two from these inspirational speakers.


Anushka Jatoi

A psychology graduate who is interested in literature and current affairs.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • http://[email protected] Huda Baig

    Hear, hear.
    I agree with you because its high time we get out of this regressive mentality and instead of putting down people who are actually making an effort to make this country a better place we should come up with something constructive.Recommend

  • http://tightdhoti.wordpress.com TightDhoti

    The problem is that if you want other people to support and tolerate controversial figures like IK that sentiment has to work both ways. TEDx Karachi has rescinded invitations to people who were critical to IK’s inclusion. Also, the onus will be on IK himself to prove his critics wrong. If he uses this as a platform to peddle political diatribe then it will just give more armour to those who would not rather see him there. Recommend

  • Asad

    @TightDhoti –
    let’s wait till next week and see what IK talks about and then jump and judge. The event has a theme, i am sure he will speak about ‘making the impossible possible’ and not about politics etc. Not sure about how TEDx invitations work so can’t say much about the part where they have rescinded invitations – but let’s just appreciate their efforts for now. Recommend

  • Hira Zahoor

    This week I discovered how much people despise Imran Khan and I was shocked how people started fights on these social networks over TEDx Karachi I mean the event hasn’t even taken place and I see the so called civilized people fighting like cats and dogs. At first I thought the event has passed us but then I discovered that it has yet to happen. I agree with Anushka that we should all calm down and instead of fighting try to make such events happen frequently.Recommend

  • http://blogs.tribune.com.pk/author/264/huma-iqbal/ Huma Iqbal

    And I Just came across this brilliant and elaborate link of TEDx Karachi which read on and on about the marvelous events and guests, both past and present, only to find out that the deadline to fill a form and apply for an entry at the event ended some days back. Bad luck!Recommend

  • Waleed Khan

    We hear this guy EVERY OTHER freaking day on political talks in every other channel. Why do you want to hear him YET again in TEDx ?

    Would he bring anything new ? or the same old chants of taleban taleban ?Recommend

  • san

    TEDx is held in Karachi and Imran Khan is invited, why MQM will be left alone…We all know what IK did in this country and what he is capable in near future…MQM and its workers need to grow up and stop this propaganda…IK is not invited for his political stance but for his hospital, University and true cricket legend..whether you accept it or not but that the bitter truth about Imran Khan..Recommend

  • Frraaz

    “I find it completely ridiculous that people who do not make any effort themselves are the first to criticise. Pakistan is where it is today, exactly because of this attitude. People just sit and talk and do nothing and belittle the efforts of those who do. We should instead appreciate these things and encourage others to organise more events such as this one.”Recommend

  • Shehzad


    Jeena Hoga Marna Hoga ……..Dharna Hoga Bas Dharna Hoga !!!!Recommend

  • A

    Time to open your eyes Pakistan, especially the educated elite who are the audience of the Tribune! What Imran Khan says is for the benefit of Pakistan! Use your vote wisely, the other candidates and parties have been given their chances and look where we stayed now! At least PTI has accomplished individuals in their respective departments–men with REAL degrees from reputed institutions, WAKE UP PAKISTAN!Recommend

  • san

    @Waleed Khan

    TEDx knew the value of Imran Khan but you do not. He is the only respected and clean politician and rest are murderers, fake degree holders, terrorists and double faced. It is due to people like you. Who will be spend all their life for one cause that “ethnic hatred”.
    He is on every show because of TV show rating..No body want to watch the face of other politicians. He is popular among masses. Deal with it.Recommend

  • sana

    @Waleed Khan:
    I suggest you read the news and articles about Imran Khan carefully. He has never supported the Taliban and his policies and remarks are the most consistent for the last 8 years in which he called for ending military adventures in the tribal belt and empowering the tribal leaders to take on the taliban as well by stopping the death of innocent people by drone strikes. This is exactly what the Americans are saying now! In essence time has proved him right so, I suggest you make accurate remarks and not ill informed commentsRecommend

  • meow

    As Selina Rashid, who owns and runs Lotus Public Relations puts it:

    “All said and done and political sympathies aside, TEDx is a platform encouraging the sharing of ideas worth spreading; Imran Khan is one of Pakistan’s icons – he built a life changing hospitable, changed the nature of social responsibility in many ways and was one of the best sportsmen ever and frankly, his dharna campaign has met with much success. The synergy is there.”

    why not invite abdul sattar edhi? is he not fancy enough? the man has spent his life working for this country.

    as for IK, all he does is whine. ibet he would win if votes are cast online. rigging by the supporters (armchair idiots all of them). Recommend

  • http://www.nabeel.pk Nabeel

    A nicely written blog indeed. Well I fail to understand as to why Imran Khan’s inclusion as a speaker becomes a reason for criticism. Without doubt, he’s an extraordinary individual and just like anyone else, he too cannot possibly be perfect. Also, considering he brings in the political element while speaking on stage to prove a point with a help of a real life example, I don’t see any issues with it. I think his talk will increase the event’s viewer-ship and his inclusion shall surely add tangible value to the whole experience.Recommend

  • meow
  • A

    @meow, All he does is whine??

    What do you prefer? Someone with fake degrees from the mainstream parties of PPP and PML N? Someone who is afraid of standing up for Pakistan’s sovereignty? IK has spent all his life working for Pakistan as well. Edhi is the greatest nobleman of Pakistan but Imran Khan is not far behind. PTI has the support of the majority of Pakistan’s youth, the youth that will soon inherit this land and will have to deal with the problems caused by YOUR leaders meow.Recommend

  • A

    @meow, please tell us what you thought of that Imran Khan column? What did you find wrong about it that you used it to prove your point? Please enlighten us all.Recommend

  • Arslan

    @Waleed Khan:
    You see anything bigger apart from the OBL/Alqaeda/Taliban/Internal security issue right now. If you want Pakistan to contribute to the World community, than realize what problems we are facing and support people who are addressing them!
    I’l listen to what ever he has to say and you know why BECAUSE he’s the most credible figure you have both inside and outside of Pakistan!Recommend

  • Mohammed Naeem

    “I find it completely ridiculous that people who do not make any effort themselves are the first to criticise. Pakistan is where it is today, exactly because of this attitude. People just sit and talk and do nothing and belittle the efforts of those who do. We should instead appreciate these things and encourage others to organise more events such as this one.”

    Totally agreed!!!!!Recommend

  • meow

    is A moderating this forum??!!Recommend

  • asad

    I completely trust IK because he is sincere with PAKISTAN and that is wht i need from my leader.Recommend

  • Saad Arif

    Well! so much has been said about TEDx event that is going to happen in Karachi. I may not add much to it but there is one thing that i would like to express here. Imran Khan is a national hero and of course a proved and accepted one. Beside this TEDx events are for bringing and sharing such ideas that are worth sharing. I just don’t get it why we get so possessed with someone that we don’t even bother to play our part in well being of society and start believing that by sitting back and criticizing on someone we are playing a great role in progress of the our Country.
    To all those who are criticizing for inviting IK to the TEDx event; Go get some life people, He is a national hero and i have never seen him speaking ill or away from the topic in any conversation. He has made “impossible possible” and you have got to respect all this.Recommend

  • http://www.sabon.biz Mansoor

    I wish Altaf Hussein, Zardari, Gillani, Nawaz or any other politician was also invited to the event to speak on the topic…….

    But I am afraid, even then most of us would not be able to see the difference…….

    Way to go TED!!!Recommend

  • http://www.sabza.org Noumaan

    The author probably does not watch cricket at all or is not aware of how Pakistan won that worldcup and how much contributions Imran Khan made in this victory. Well I will summarize it for you in one word… None!

    But when it came to picking up the cup and delivering the speech he came and his speech of accepting the worldcup is such an epic that you never get to listen to it ever on any pakistani sports or news channel. It was totally personal branding.

    A sit up of 3000 people is not an idea worth spreading in country where people lack food, health and are on verge of violence. Is it an idea worth spreading to anger the hungry and frustrated young uneducated islamic idealists?

    Universities all over the world make ties with each other. If making a university is an idea worth spreading. Why not invite the Daughter of Hakeem Saeed who runs a great university, a hospital, a pharmaceutical company, a children’s publishing house … and makes no profit out of it. Just because she has no British connection we find her non glamorous.

    Thats why I compare Imran Khan with Paris Hilton. He is not very smart and he is not even pretty and no body actually knows of any logical reason as to why this man is on the television all the time? Recommend

  • waqas

    pardon me to differ you Miss Anushka Jatoi on your word to discribe imran khan ” Imran Khan is a controversial political figure”. In pakistan name me any leader who is not controversial in one way or in the other? its us people who are again and again made fool by our so called leaders.The people of sindh were also wanted to restore judiciary and when this judciarey gave decision to sack NAB chairmain due to the proven allegation the same people stood against SC so its mean that SC is also a controversial sector and start saying it Contoversial and shatter citizen like me who think that our SC is free from any black doings !

    You can never make every person happy .Imran speaks about the people of pakistan the real people ! so encourage him and use proper words to describe him because after ALLAH he is the only hope left.period.Recommend

  • Cheema

    All he does is whine?
    So, being a leader alrounder, briiliant with bat and ball,
    leading a second class cricket team to make it one of the best, defeating india in india for first time in pakistani history, beating england in england for the first time in pakistani history, wining world cup….
    Then, building a cancer hospital and research center, with the help of school children and common people,
    Then, building a university in a remote area, where our politicians only go to seeks votes every 5-10 years,
    Then raising funds, in billions of rupees, to help flood victims,
    Then inspiring millions of youths to start owning their country, be proud of it, and help solve its problems…

    If all that is whining, i wish all of us can have a little share of it.
    Nobody is perfect, neither is imran…. And one has a right to disagree with his political thoughts, but i will appreciate, if all those who disagree with him, can tell us, who they agree with?Recommend

  • Cheema

    Thanks for sharing the article, i really liked it..Recommend

  • Selina Rashid

    @meow: why not invite abdul sattar edhi? is he not fancy enough? the man has spent his life working for this country.

    Re Eidhi: in no way does my quote remotely suggest Abdul S Eidhi, nor any other such Pakistani’s of such high repute and stature be left out of Tedx or indeed any other credible forum/platform. I merely explained in my quote why i feel Imran Khan’s inclusion is justified on a platform thats themed ‘making the impossible, possible’ – not to debate why others are not and whether someone ‘is fancy enough’ or not.

    Re for comment “as for IK, all he does is whine.”

    He brought glory to Pakistan through his shining cricketing career and led by example, built a life changing hospital for the unfortunate and fortunate alike and is in politics because he believes in change. All three of the aforementioned facts are clear manifestations that he is not a whiner. He is a doer.

    Whether or not we all agree with his political manifesto is a separate issue of debate, which is not at all in my opinion the purpose of the blogger’s piece nor my comments/quote.Recommend

  • Cehyr

    Very well-written piece…I ABSOLUTELY agree with the writer…great thoughts…

    And my message for Imran Khan is…

    We all have faith in you Imran…& surely, you’re da most competent & honest person among these corrupt politicians…who has da potential & guts to face severe consequences…& lead dis nation in these hard times…so do not lend ear to these people with negative mentality…let dem keep whining…& yes, GOOD LUCK for TedxKHI & upcoming elections… :-)Recommend

  • faraz

    In a talk show few days ago, Imran khan was talking of national honour and economic independence while giving example of Cuba. He perhaps doesnt know the difference between Communism and Capitalism. He needs to read some marxist literature to understand the connection between capitalism and imperialism. Such goofy comparisons will hurt his credibility as a mature leader.Recommend

  • Hira Zahoor

    There’s a reason why Edhi is not at TEDx because he says ‘the educated people have caused me a lot of damage’. He doesn’t like being part of such events. I’m saying this because i recently met the great man Edhi and heard his views.
    IK is not the only person speaking at TEDx Karachi, before critizing IK i suggest you check TEDx Karachi’s line up which is easily available online and some really great people like Quratulain Bakhtaeri. It’s just sad to see that you don’t support the idea of people coming in together and expressing their views and experiences as an individual. Whenever someone tries to organize such event ones bound to hear a howl or cry about how people are starving blah blah. I’m sorry to say this regardless this event takes place or not such sad conditions will still be there
    I’m pretty sure Ms. Anuskha referred to IK as controversial because in the past two days i was really surprised to see how much people criticize him, so i think she must have referred to him in that spirit Recommend

  • meow

    @ salina

    i really did hit a raw nerve there somewhere.
    IK is a doer but he is not doing it on his own.
    have you ever heard him give credit to any of his team mates?
    remember the world cup speech? ‘me myself and i’!!!
    have you ever heard him thank any of the hospital staff? never.
    tell em did you vote for imran in the last election?
    i will stand by him the day he shuns his double speak.
    he is a brown sahab who just misses being a captian again.
    running a hospital is very different from running a country.
    that was his personal bit as his mum suffered from cancer and hence it he built it.
    good for him and the people. however, the day he takes of his designer glasses and faces the world honestly i will believe him. Recommend

  • meow


    LOL! paris hilton say mila diya aap nay. chaa gaye tussi. Recommend

  • waqas


    i love imran khan thoughts now with more faith in him !! thnx meaow it the matter of one how he see some thing !! read it again MEAOWWW !!!Recommend

  • meow

    @ hira
    edhi has his reservations because its the educated folks who did rip him off.
    he may sound odd but the fact is that he has done a whole lot more than any of the armchair activists who go around trolling the web.

    do tell me if tedx is doing any sort of publicity in the urdu press or if you see any articles by the educated youth in urdu media. have yet to come across a ‘passionate’ article/blog on IK in urdu.

    also sweetie, the last time i heard this author peddling his book to NGO aunties by sharing his thoughts on mukhatar mai’s rape case verdict (tribune even printed his comments and he had this smug smile about how he hit the right note with the NGO women) was more than enough to make me puke. placing mukhtar mai as a freak show wont help her anyway. many would support her for speaking out loud but how many of you would have ever treated her as an ‘equal’ human being if she was not someone ‘controversially it’. Recommend

  • Asfand Khan

    Imran Khan is the only hope for Pakistan. Recommend

  • Fiza

    I can understand resentment over the exclusivity of an event, but the speakers’ line-up? Before the event has even taken place? Brilliant. It’s simple, really; if you like it, you go. If you don’t, you stay at home and let those who do have a good time of it. If you like the idea of the event but not how it is being organised, do something about it. The TEDx team has an email, a facebook page, post suggestions of which figures you’d like to see next time around. Tell them why you think a certain figure doesn’t add to the event. I assure you civilised responses will make your voice heard a lot better than random hate tweet. Because honestly, I don’t see anyone else making the effort to organise a TEDx event (in Karachi) let alone do a better job of it. Sure the current one may not be perfectly executed, but at least it’s a start. If you have something constructive to offer to make it better, email them. But don’t sit on your sore behinds, typing crap on your laptops, shooting down efforts other people are making just because You don’t like a certain figure involved. Anyone can type crap.

    @meow ‘placing mukhtar mai as a freak show wont help her anyway’
    You’re either a hater or just very very bitter. Either way, you lost all credibility with that statement. It in itself demonstrates a gross lack of sensitivity in your arguments.

    As for Imran Khan, you may disagree with his politics, that’s nobody’s business. But trying to downplay his achievements in cricket and effort with Shaukat Khanum? Ridiculous as it gets.Recommend

  • Abu Bakr

    Just go and read IK’s bio on the TEDxKarachi webpage. To think he won’t go down in Pakistan’s history books as a social worker and a champion of the poor is fooling yourself. The guy could have just retired from his sporting life and lived abroad but he chose to make a difference, and succeeded. His being in politics is irrelevant to the event, but that was also to make a change – and more people agree he will do so than not. No other politician presently would even be considered to talk at the event. TED has standards and Imran Khan Niazi has done more for the people of his country then all these other self-proclaimed leaders without ever being in power. Please just open your minds, put your political preferences aside and appreciate the good things people do and give them credit for it. You don’t have to be a fan of Imran Khan PTI, but you can’t possibly not be a fan of Imran Khan if you’re Pakistani. Even his biggest rivals admit that much. Think about it..Recommend

  • Hassan

    @faraz: I love the way you present your flawed arguments, the issue was about national honour and economic independence and Cuba is an example of how they have tried to work with what they had and made the best of it, it wasnt a discussion on marxist philosophy versus capitalism it was an example. Just dissing Imran Khan because of some weird insecurity is getting old, he has an undergrad from Oxford University one of the best institutions of higher learning in the world. Maybe if you went to a decent school you would have so many issues!!!!!Recommend

  • Hassan

    @meow: Go meet any of the World Cup team that played with imran Khan they hold him in the highest of regard for what he has done as a player, as a leader of men, one ignorant person who has posted above has said that imran had no contribution in the World Cup win well buddy how many World cups have we won before Imran Khan and after imran Khan think about it and stop hating.

    Now Meow, go to SKMt and Namal university and find out what the patients, their families and the staff have to say about Imran Khan if that doesnt put your false propaganda to shame nothing will. he has faced the world and won, he will always be the Man who brought pride to this nation you dear meow dont have the guts to write your own name on the comments you post let alone talk and challenge Imran Khan to take on the world.

    Hypocrites Galore!!!!!Recommend

  • Hamza Ali Khan

    We hear Imran Khan’s crap every day on television shows. We want something different…Recommend

  • Ahmad

    Give it a break. There is no comparison between Edhi and IK. IK went to Edhi along with Hamid Gul (surprise, surprise) to ask him for help in breaking BB’s second government. Edhi declined, and left the country. IK is still here, talking all about democracy and what not. After also supporting Pervez Musharraf. So lets dispense with all this talk about him being so principled and a democrat. Having said that, he is a great humanitarian, but politics really isnt his thing. I have no problems with him at TedX Karachi. I hope he doesnt talk about politics, because as far as politics is concerned, he hasn’t made anything impossible happen thus far.
    Oe more thing, an undergraduate degree isnt a requirement for standing in an election anymore, that doesn’t really negate what everybody did in the last election which was wrong, but your ‘real degrees’ rant is irrelevant. The requirement was wrong to begin with. It invalidated more than 95% of Pakistanis from running for public office. Talk about flawed democracy.Recommend

  • woof

    Mera bhai garmi main kharab ho gaya hai!Recommend

  • faraz


    Cuba enjoyed economic, diplomatic and military support from the Soviet Union. In 1962, Russia deployed nuclear missiles in Cuba. Years later, Robert McNamara revealed that before the Cuban Missile crisis, President Kennedy had ordered the defense department to plan for an invasion of Cuba. During negotiations to end the missile crisis, Kennedy had to guarantee that Cuba’s geographic sovereignty won’t be violated.

    Do you know that Soviet planes flew thousands of Cuban troops into Angola during the civil war to support the communists; so much for the sovereignty.

    You still don’t get the connection between Capitalism and imperialism. Foreign investment, trade, loans are an essential component of the foreign policy of a capitalist state. So an imperial power can manipulate an economically weak country by simply influencing its economy. Imran suggests that drones should be shot down; so what about our 50 percent exports that are bought by US and EU? How can we obtain IMF, World Bank and Asian development Bank loans without the approval of US and EU? I am not talking of aid, Kerry Lugar Bill or coalition support fund; I am talking about trade and investment.

    Cuba is a silly example of economic independence because it isn’t a capitalist state. The government provides jobs and facilities to the people and controls all the institutions. It doesn’t rely on multinational companies, bilateral trade, foreign direct investment, foreign portfolio investment etc. And its due to communist economic mode, not “qaumi ghairat”.

    Dont blame me, blame my parents, they didnt have the money to put me into a decent english school. I did matric from an average school meant for the middle class. So what qualifications are required to critisize an undergraduate of Oxford? And is their any role for common sense and book reading in all this process?Recommend

  • A

    Regardless of the economic jargon you used, the drone attacks need to be stopped. You are suggesting that we let the US continue these drone attacks in order to promote trade and investment in Pakistan? That part doesn’t make sense to me.

    @Hamza Ali Khan–you hear Imran Khan say ‘crap’ like this everyday, so who do you want that’s different? What’s more different than a man educated at a top notch university and one who speaks out against corruption and who’s own slate is completely clean?Recommend

  • A


    Imran Khan refutes Edhi’s statement that they ever met along with Hamid Gul. Imran Khan maintains that Edhi and him only met one time to discuss ties between Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust and the Edhi Foundation. So we can go on forever in arguing if they ever met or not.

    Imran Khan supported Musharraf ONLY because he at that time planned to implement legit democracy and rid Pakistan of the corrupt individuals. However once it became clear that Musharraf was in fact just a overzealous power hungry general, Tehreek-e-insaaf separated from him.

    Everyone knows the filth of the PPP and PML (N). If we think corrupt politicians,it is those that come to mind. It doesn’t help that they submitted fake degrees and even if you say that it rules out 95% of Pakistanis from running for office, I’d rather have the 5% properly educated ones who support mass education rather than the 95% jahil ones who’ve lead us to what we’ve become today.Recommend

  • Salman Arshad

    So he is being given a chance to whine in english. The brother will be damaged in the heat.Recommend

  • Hameed

    Typical western double standard BS, why not invite a bus driver from Mianwali to deliver a lecture would be more entertaining than listening to IK anyday.Recommend

  • Ahmad

    Well the question really boils down to who you trust more. And every single Pakistani will give the same answer. Hint: They won’t be saying Imran Khan. And how stupid is Imran Khan if he believed even a single thing that Musharraf said. All he had to do was look back in Pakistan’s history to know how well dictators have fared, and how well they did on the sincerity scale, since he decided to take Mush on his word. And that ‘educated 5%’ you talk about are the same people who supported Musharraf whole heartedly. In fact, Musharraf and IK supporters fit the same profile as a long as we are talking about the so-called educated 5%. What does that tell you? They are the same people who think that the ‘benighted’ masses dont know whats good for them and need to be saved from themselves, same thing that Musharraf said to justify his degree requirement. So your 5% educated ruling class argument puts you squarely in a dictators corner. Recommend

  • Hamza Ali Khan

    @A We want to hear something different coming out from a person like Imran; not the usual rhetoric which he is using to garner support. Why not discuss education and health,and how he intends to bring that positive change? How he is planning to make a chiaroscuro out of this dark, miserable picture?He only keeps feeding us with that ‘American/Israel/Zionist’ conspiracy crap which is meaningless.Yeah right, he is educated and a great philanthropist, but then his associations are the worst. Is he planning on running the country with hypocrites like Jamat-e-Islami? If that be the case, we are better without him!! Recommend

  • Farid Dehlvi

    For anyone who really want to know what TED is about and not discuss politics but promote intellectual work.

  • Ahmed

    People who criticize the great man are IDIOTS!!!
    Name another person you want to lead Pakistan
    OH! thats right cant think of any so lets just bash Imran Khan for a few flaws he got and continue suck the marrow out of our countryRecommend

  • http://[email protected] Nouman Mushta

    Pakistan has once again been beset with yet another terrorist attack undertaken by the frankensteins that are have been created and still being protected by the powerful security establishment. The day began with the news of two more Shias (both lawyers and brothers) being killed in Karachi by groups like Lashkar e Jhangvi that are allied to the Taliban and Al Qaeeda. Karachi has also been the location of Imran Khan’s 2-day dharna whose attendance was bulked up the Jihadi groups allied to the Taliban like Sipah Sahaba and Laskhar Tayaba (renamed Jamat Dawa). The centerpiece of Imran’s dishonest political posturing is to condemn the killing of the Taliban by drones while blaming the 35,000 victims of Taliban violence on America and the elected government. In his harangues, Imran Khan is careful to avoid mentioning the double game being played by his political mentors and backers, the ISI. The ISI uses failed Islamist politicians like Imran Khan to highlight to the world that there is an alternate political force in the country aside from the PPP which they should accept now.Recommend

  • sarahelahi

    Abdul Sattar Edhi was not invited because he’s not interested in platforms such as Tedx, not because he’s not inspiring enough.Recommend

  • Agha

    A prestigious event like ted (read tedx Karachi) shouldn’t have been politicized…
    Imran Khan was a wrong move!!Recommend

  • Awais

    Tribune please dont make it look like Pakistani people are anti Imran. They are not, you paper isRecommend

  • https://twitter.com/noumaan_ Noumaan

    @hira Zahoor : I totally support the idea of people coming together and exchange ideas. But Imran has access to much stronger platforms than TEDX. He is on television for hours almost every day. He is a regular panelist at several news talk shows. He has already shared his ideas. I am not against good things happening in Pakistan. But I will speak up if some pakistanis due to their elitist attitude turn a good thing into a typical pakistani news talk show. People of this country need great ideas not confused conspiracy theories. Recommend

  • EJ

    meow you rock! :)

    IK should just stick with his social work, trying to bank votes on it, will not work. His voters, the “educated” class, kitty party aunties, youth walking in their branded sunnies….make ummm 5%, 10% of Pakistan!

    and yes completely agree, he is all about me, mine and I.Recommend

  • A.T

    totally agree, Imran khan is one of the few national hero’s that we have in pakistan.

    For those who criticize him, I want to ask which political party do they support or is worthy enough to support, or they are just here to criticize all of them

    As for his views on the drone attacks, most alqaida and taliban leader have been caught in the bigger cities so would you support a drone attach on khi, lhr or isl. I do not think so as it is too close to home Recommend

  • http://asadejazkhan.blogspot.com asad Ejaz