10 things I love about Grey’s Anatomy

Published: May 19, 2011

This fictional hospital, based in Seattle in the show, seems to be full of cute and highly competent surgeons.

I was never really fond of medical dramas, but after a friend’s recommendation, I started watching Grey’s Anatomy and was instantly hooked to the show.

With the seventh season currently being aired on ABC (which several of my friends follow religiously on the internet), here’s a list of ten things I love about the show:

1. The play of words: Dialogues were the first thing I liked about Grey’s. Emotional, funny, close to life – many strike a chord and are easy to recall (‘the truth freakin’ hurts’). Hence, apart from following the seasons, I have been an active user of Addicted to Grey’s Anatomy application (quotes section) on Facebook.

2. Meredith Grey: Played by Ellen Pompeo, she is pretty and vulnerable. You feel like protecting her and at times, knocking some sense into her. Emotionally distressed most of the time (in her ‘dark, twisted corner’), she is still more lovable and consistent than Christina, Izzie and the other characters.

3. Derek Shepherd: Even though several people who I’ve asked, like Mark Sloan (Eric Dane) more, particularly in seasons five and six, my personal favourite remains Derek (Patrick Dempsey). The Chief of Surgery in the sixth season and Meredith’s husband, he is the kind of guy you would trust and want to be with.

4. Life is one long song: According to Mark Kimson of The Guardian, Grey’s Anatomy has popularised the “songtage” or musical montage segments. The music gives the necessary breathing space to viewers, amidst all the drama, while generating positive publicity for the tracks used. I am not a regular listener of English albums but began enjoying The Fray‘s “How to Save a Life” after I heard it on the show.

5. There is no solution for life and death, save to enjoy the interval: It is wonderful how humour is entwined with the serious medical cases and life-and-death situations depicted, especially in the first few seasons. The characters continuously compare what is happening in their troubled personal or love lives with the pain and suffering they witness every day at the hospital. They frequently laugh at each other and at themselves, enjoying mundane things.

6. Unpredictability: It’s generally hard to guess what is going to happen next: whether a certain patient will survive or not; a couple might break up or that bomb inside a patient’s body might just explode! I often find myself sitting on the edge of the couch, actually praying for things to turn out right.

7. The Mc-nicknames – Dr Derek Shepherd (McDreamy) and Dr Mark Sloan (McSteamy) are nicknamed by Meredith’s circle of friends based on their good looks and attitude. These add an interesting and fun element to the show.

8. Unique medical cases: Even though I can barely watch the surgeries and blood often shown, some of the cases are quite interesting and inform you about a number of rare diseases and ailments. They make you shudder but you still want to know how the doctors are going to find a cure. I’ve seen several people, on their way to becoming doctors, follow the show closely.

9. The ‘soap’ factor: Despite the continuous portrayal of disease and death, this American drama retains the soap opera quality of inconsistency, in terms of storyline, death of characters no longer wanted on the show, the continuous back-and-forth in Meredith and Derek’s relationship and even changes in sexual orientation of characters – If nothing else these aspects help one remember that it is only drama!

10. Seattle Grace: This fictional hospital, based in Seattle in the show, seems to be full of cute and highly competent surgeons, apart from having a handsome, large building and state-of-the-art technology. No wonder there is a Facebook group called ‘If I Ever Need Surgery – Take me to Seattle Grace Please.’


Ayesha Hoda

A PR professional based in Karachi. She writes on literature and social issues.

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  • meh meh

    considering this show is in now in its 7th season, your quite a bit late with your 10 thingsRecommend

  • Rajat

    House MD is far better than Grey’s Anatomy IMHO. When we compare the two, GA almost looks like a chick flick.Recommend

  • http://www.ayeshahoda.wordpress.com Ayesha Hoda

    Well, I think you can analyze a show better when you’ve at least seen a couple of seasons! And the show is still quite popular :)Recommend

  • Dr. Amyn Malik

    Well if you like unique medical cases then you would definitely enjoy House. That show has the most unique medical cases imaginable. As for Grey’s Anatomy, the season finale should be very very interesting considering the news of Meredith’s dishonesty has gotten to Owen.Recommend

  • Sehrish

    excellently written and covered all the points which has really made the show popular! Recommend

  • Khan

    And I can give you a 100 reasons why I HATE Grey’s Anatomy. I used to love it, but then the stories of the characters should have just ended by the end of Season 3. The main storylines are the most important part of any story… and they keep changing those stories just to see how people will react. It all comes down to doing business, not story-telling. Good story telling requires a start, a middle and an end… but these stories just don’t end… they stop continuing the story when people are no longer interested. The first three seasons just formed an excellent story with excellent actors and everything… after that it’s all nothing more than another drama (a money-making machine). Recommend

  • maria arif

    liked the blog, nicely written. the soap seems interesting. havent watched any of the seasons. reminds me of a very old soap,the name just slipped.although wouldnt be able to watch any blood or sugeriesRecommend

  • FaRaX

    it’s an awesome show… but it was better with the original cast, Katherine Heigl and TR Knight as Izzie and George.. still can’t miss a single episode as it’s an AddictionRecommend

  • Tribune Reader

    @Dr. Amyn Malik: Watch CSI and more manly shows, Grey’s anatomy has reached a point of no return, hopeless.
    @Khan: I fully agree, the show became such rubbish after Season 3, I quit midway through Season 4 watching it, I can also come up with a 100 reasons to dislike the show. And Merideth is the most annoying, most annoying female lead character on television, always whinning, nagging, complaining, her petty annoying daddy issues and her cheating mother which sub consciously makes her view all men with suspicion and take ridiculous decisions, does any one remember the episode in one of the earlier seasons, when she almost drowned because she was drowning and she didnt make any effort to save herself. And as trends in American television, their also trying to convince the audience, that everyone is secretly gay, does any one remember the 2 female doctors hooking up at the end of season 4, one of whom was perfectly straight until she realized her sexual orientation is distancing her from a close friend.Recommend

  • http://blogs.tribune.com.pk/author/264/huma-iqbal/ Huma Iqbal

    This show always reminds me of two things:
    (1) How much phobic I am to hospitals.
    (2)What great capacity GA has in portraying a ‘Medicine and hospitals are such cool places’ image of the otherwise this very difficult and brave profession.

    All in all I have never watched more than one episode of this soap. Nevertheless, I have often seen my med sister going all oh la la over all the dreamys and streamys here. And so does one of my colleague. You should see the drool in her eyes and the pink on her cheeks while she speaks about this one, Ayesha! Which also reminds me, once a doctor friend compared me to one character in GA…I don’t know her name, both real and fiction, but she is the Latin one. Oh la la! Recommend

  • http://blogs.tribune.com.pk/author/264/huma-iqbal/ Huma Iqbal

    Only I wish that friend had changed into one of the dreamy guy…or was it steamy?!Recommend

  • http://blogs.tribune.com.pk/author/143/taha-kerar/ Taha Kehar

    Great work!
    Now do one on Desperate Housewives and Mad Men. Recommend

  • Mehwish

    Seriously? You start off with medical dramas and go on to talk about the genre with regard to the characters’ personal stories and by skipping the actual medical situations? Seriously?

    Sometimes I feel like writing a post about What I Hate About People Who Watch Grey’s Anatomy, the first and last of which would be: thinking they’re actually watching a medical drama. Invest in some serious stuff like House and ER, would you all!Recommend

  • Dr. Amyn Malik

    @Tribune Reader:

    CSI Miami and Criminal Minds are two of my all time favourites but Greys Anatomy is up there too!Recommend

  • Salman Orangiwala

    And all the time I thought Grey’s Anatomy was a medicine-student’s book which once I had to haggle through my prowess and purchase from Khori Garden for my cousin nearly a decade back .

    Silly me . lol……Recommend

  • S

    Puhlease! Its more of a soap and less of a medical drama. If you want truly unique medical cases you watch House. Its also running its 7th season and has better dialogue and play of words than GA could ever have!Recommend

  • Sana

    Excellent article!! I definitely love the characters from Grey’s Anatomy. It’s fun to watch and the characters seem close to real-life. Well-written piece!Recommend

  • A Fan

    “Sometimes I feel like writing a post about What I Hate About People Who Watch Grey’s Anatomy, the first and last of which would be: thinking they’re actually watching a medical drama.”

    You need to dial down the drama here, you’re not on show here and this is not a soap opera of any sort:** LOL!! It’s really a matter of choice of who prefers to watch what show. So such forceful advocacy isn’t needed. Some people like watching Grey’s Anatomy while some others may like House… it’s a matter of opinion really… So, Truce!!:)Recommend

  • http://www.ayeshahoda.wordpress.com Ayesha Hoda

    @S: Actually that is what I like about GA as I mentioned in ‘The soap factor’. Not everyone wants to watch very serious medical cases only. The soap element kind of balances it out. Recommend

  • Leila Rage

    Grey’s Anatomy FOREVER!
    Derek Sheppard is indeed “McDreamy”Recommend

  • Hira

    Yes but i like it more in hindi remember “Dil Mil gaye” :DRecommend

  • http://humayuniftikhar.wordpress.com Humayoon

    Well, people around me better like Dil Mil Gaey. :pRecommend