The end of Aunty Disco Project

Published: May 5, 2011

Aunty Disco Project is breaking up. We’ve been sitting on this decision for a long time. Now’s the time to tell you guys. Here’s our official statement.

To all our fans and friends,

It is with a heavy heart that we’re announcing our decision to end Aunty Disco Project.

We are in no way breaking up because of personal animosities or differences. We will always be family to each other. We’re breaking up because the demands of real life were too difficult to ignore and because of our duty to fulfill individual personal and family commitments. We have decided to give each other the space to pursue our own ambitions.

We never in our wildest dreams imagined we would achieve what we did and we’ve savored and cherished every single moment. All we ever wanted to do was be in a rock band and play the kind of music that made people feel something. All we have ever wanted to do is give people an experience at our shows that they would always hold on to. It has been one of the greatest, most rewarding and magical experiences of our lives and it is time for us to leave while we can still hold our heads high.

We aren’t ruling out the possibility of performing together in the future but Aunty Disco Project will formally cease to exist as of this summer.

In the coming months we will try to release several recorded songs, some of which you’ve heard at our shows, some of which are brand new. We’ll also continue to be active on our Facebook page.

We will be performing one final time on June 25th, 2011 to say goodbye and thank you for all the love and unending support you have shown us for the last 5 years.

Thank you all for your love and understanding. We truly hope you’ll continue to listen to our songs and tell your kids about us someday.

Most of all, thank you for the memories.

My band, the Aunty Disco Project is breaking up. 

The editors at ET were kind enough to let me use this space to give a personal take on things.

Now this might not be big news to most of you, but it’s a big deal for me. It’s a bigger deal than I had previously imagined. The band and I have known about this decision for a long time, but after putting it in words, there is a deafening finality to it. I’m sadder and more affected by this than I expected. I don’t think I had seriously considered what this meant until now.

Last year, I decided I wanted to be a journalist. Sure I’ve already been writing for a while, but given that my two most popular articles were about dating insane women and Shahid Afridi’s sex drive, I didn’t have much credibility. I decided I wanted to be a real journalist and write about, you know, the issues man. To that end, I’ll be attending grad school this year pursuing a master’s degree in journalism.

While I could potentially take a hiatus from ADP and come back and resume things, I really felt that personally, this was it for me. This year I’ll turn 30.  I was never a full time musician, indeed it’s extremely difficult to be one in Pakistan. When you’re 30, there’s only so many things you can juggle side by side before you burn out. The adulthood I’d been trying to delay for so long began quietly tapping at my door and eventually threatened to break it down. I don’t think I have it in me to pursue music full time in Pakistan and and while I hope to always be making music, I don’t think I will be pursuing commercial success anymore. Then again, who is?

When I started the band five years ago, I never in my wildest dreams imagined I would get to play music in front of a live audience singing songs that I had written. I  know I’m amongst the privileged few to have experienced the electric rush of taking the stage at a rock concert, to feel the goosebumps  when everyone in the audience is singing along to the words you wrote, to feel the incredible energy pulsating through my body with every crashing drum and every screaming power chord. I know how lucky we have been and how blessed we are to receive the kind of love and devotion that most people can only dream about. I have loved every second of it and never taken it for granted.

But the time has come to say goodbye. We all knew it was going to end. When the time came, all of us accepted it. It’s time to preserve the memory of ADP exactly as it is right now. These have been the five best years of my life and I want to leave on a high.

Through all the crippling lows and sublime highs we’ve had, the guys have stuck together. The guys in ADP were always fiercely loyal to each other no matter how much we may have disagreed in private. It was always us against the world and I am proud to have shared the experience with them. I know they’ll continue to be the amazing musicians they are wherever they go.

I didn’t realize how sad I was until I started writing this. Ending are always sad. I’m sad to be going away from the fans that gave us their unconditional support and grew up along side us. All I can hope for is that people will still listen to our songs when they’re older.

I hope our songs will remind them of their youth. I hope they’ll tell their children about us. Maybe they won’t remember the tunes. But I hope they’ll remember the way they felt at the time, the girls they had crushes on, the classes they attended, the uninhibited dancing and the simple, pure joy that comes from screaming the words to your favorite song.

To think that ADP, in some small way contributed to those amazing memories is the most incredible feeling anyone can ever have and I am forever grateful for being given that amazing opportunity. I will cherish it forever.

Omar Bilal Akhtar

Omar Bilal Akhtar

A musician who studies journalism. He blogs at

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  • Abu Bakr Agha

    Always a fan.


  • Fatema

    I will miss you guys! :(Recommend

  • san

    good night..`Recommend

  • Saad Durrani

    Sad story of being a Pakistani music band. However, very classy of them to give an official statement like that.

    Good luck to you all! :)Recommend

  • H

    Our prayers have been answered.Recommend

  • Arooj

    Please don’t quit guys :( :( I love your music …. !!!Recommend

  • Zaha

    You will be missed. Saltanat is one of my all-time favourite songs! And I have so many memories atttached to it, that song always made me feel really patriotic. Thank you so much for your music!Recommend

  • Noor-ul-ain Hanif


  • Babar Khan Javed


    ya’all been domesticated and stuff :DRecommend

  • Anam

    you got me sad.Recommend

  • Fruitforbidden

    A lot of touching emotion there! All the best with the adulthood years boys :) It’s a good move to officially inform your fans of your plans!Recommend

  • Ed

    never attended any of your concerts, but did attend a play you acted in. Have heard a few good things about the band.
    Good Luck with you adulthood.
    …it must have been good… but its over nowwwwww…Recommend

  • sherry

    sad :(
    u guys were brilliant…
    ahista ahista kar k sab khatam ho raha hy… hamaray paki music scene main bachay ga kon :(
    where r u ppl performing on june 25th?Recommend

  • maria

    I am devastated!! I live in US and I never got to attend any of your concerts!! The other day I was thinking of concerts I would like to attend when I go to Pakistan during vacations

    ADP is brilliant, especially you OBA

    but life goes on, sadly:(Recommend

  • Nojeba

    Very well written piece, think its one of your best. ADP will be missed. There are very few people in this world who have lived to see their dreams as well as pursued their careers.You mahAllah have lived the dream and will now be pursuing a career. Goodluck, hope to see ADP again sometime in future.Recommend

  • Umair I. Khan

    I’ve been following you guys since the beginning. Since the days of Imran and the first album. I’m absolutely shocked to hear the news, but at the same time, being a pragmatist, I hope you guys are successful in whatever commitments you have. Once those commitments are fulfilled, I hope you guys regroup and kick ass again! Honestly I hope this is all a joke!Recommend

  • Aarij Rasheed

    Guys ! you will be missed .. Sultanat was the best gift you guys gave..Recommend

  • Zeeshan

    this is sad indeed, always loved your music.Recommend

  • Shamy

    I honestly thought they had weak vocals….music was good though…Recommend

  •!/yousuferanpur Yousuf

    @babar YOU sure have a way with words :| :D!!Recommend

  • Mueen

    Hey, sorry to hear about this. ADP was right on top, if you look at the bands that have come up in Pakistan, in recent years. Sure, it is true to survive as a professional band in Pakistan, but then that’s true for all the bands out there.. they all juggle to pay the bills. You may all come back, once you realize that being “grown-up” isn’t so much fun, like Strings did. Good luck with whatever you do!Recommend

  • Humayun

    with a name like “Aunty Disco Project” these guys shouldn’t have existed at allRecommend

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    will misss u guys :(
    well… good luck for ur lyf…..!!Recommend

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    You are a great musician and an even better writer. All the best for your future endeavors. Recommend

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