13 worrying facts about Pakistan and terrorism

Published: May 4, 2011

1. Abbottabad is a military town that is home to three Pakistan Army regiments and thousands of military personnel and that is dotted with military buildings. The land mostly is owned by the Pakistan Army and retired army officers.

2. The house Osama lived in was 800 yards from the gate of the Kakul Military Academy, an army run institution where top officers train. The compound, which is worth $1 million, was surrounded by 12 to 18 feet high walls topped with barbed wire.

3. The map of the regions shows sections of nearby land marked as “restricted area,” indicating that it was under military control.

4. The compound is eight times larger than any other building in the area making it very high profile. The security detail and gunners on the roof should have raised red flags.

5. According to Gulf News, the compound where Bin Laden was killed was once used as a safe house by the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI).

6. According to Wikileaks, “American diplomats were told that one of the key reasons why they had failed to find Bin Laden was that Pakistan’s security services tipped (him) off whenever US troops approached.”

7. The United States (US) has given $10 billion to Pakistan to assist in the War on Terror.

8. Pakistan claims to be the leading player in the War on Terror but at the time it has not declared al Qaeda a terrorist organization yet.

9. Some high profile criminals/terrorists residing and/or allegedly spotted in Pakistan:

  • Maulana Masood Azhar
  • Hafiz Saeed
  • Akram Lahori
  • Tiger Memon
  • Dawood Ibrahim
  • Quetta Shura
  • Illyas Kashmiri

10. As social activist Syed Ali Abbas Zaidi puts it:

“The compound in which Osama Bin Laden was staying was built in 2005, how many times Kayani, Pasha Gillani came within 01 km visiting PMA.”

Pakistan has the sixth largest army in the world. Its annual military budget is approximately $10 billion and yet it claims that it failed to identify the compound (highly restricted area) hosting the most wanted fugitive.

11. Terrorism cost Pakistan more than $43 billion between 2001 and 2010 and 35,000 Pakistanis lives.

12. While the whole world (including the Zionists, Hilary Clinton, Tajikistan and me) claimed that Osama was in Pakistan, conspiracy theorists like Hamid Gul, jingoistic Zaid Hamid, the unbearable Mehar Bokhari etcetera, dismissed the allegations as propaganda against Islam.

13. Pakistan’s foreign debt is estimated to be $55 billion and it is expected to pay nearly $3 billion in repayments this year to avoid default. At this time, Pakistan’s father (China) and grandfather (Saudia Arabia) have abruptly refused to grant any loans. In this predicament, America is once again leading the campaign to accumulate aid for Pakistan by influencing nations such as Japan and France.


Anas Abbas

A UK based financial analyst, researcher and blogger with interests in counter-terrorism, history and philosophy

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • http://www.wpf.org.pk Chup Shaw

    “Pakistan’s father (China) and grandfather (Saudia Arabia) have abruptly refused to grant any loans.” Regarding Pakistan, the tone of the article, particularly of above stated sentence is very offensive. I think its needed moderation. Recommend

  • http://www.criticalppp.com Ali Arqam

    There are many worrying aspects of this whole episode!!!
    Its the time to rethink our strategic fallacies and get rid of these liabilities called Jihadi assets.Recommend

  • Sammar Malik

    Lovely piece Anas Abbas. Thanks :)Recommend

  • http://tightdhoti.wordpress.com TightDhoti

    Please, have you seen how manicured the canotnment is? How amazing the Piffers mess gardens are, not to mention the garden chairs! They have their priorities right! Recommend

  • Yadvendra Mehra

    I laud the auther’s concern for his country. Anas, you always saw things clearly ! The rogue establishment has kept the nation hostage for too long. Recommend

  • Sadiq Ali

    When we see our hisotry since 1947, this episode of OBL is one of those dirty games played with this country by our state in the name of “National Interest”. The biggest dilema with our country is that, majority of our people consider America as the enemy of Pakistan and leftist politicians as the traitors. They listen and see but will never accept that americans are implementing all of their plans with the help “Generals”. Whereas Generals are fulfilling their american duties by using groups like PTI/JI/JUI. When every thing is being done then these groups becomes mouth pieces of these “Guardians of our national interest”. Enough is enough as we heard Too Much about this national interest and also suffered too much because of it and now people’s interest should be superior. Recommend

  • Talat Haque

    Loved reading the article ………… facts , analysis and the emotional punchline at the right proper moment ! Recommend

  • M Ali Khan

    You left out Imran Khan’s lunacy in fact no.12!Recommend

  • Khalid

    Was ISI and army in knowledge and sheltering Osama? That is a case of treason and Pasha, Kiyani and few other generals should face trial. If they had no knowledge, both of them along with others should be charged for criminal negligence. Is not that fair enough? Recommend

  • Imran

    YOO-ESS-AYE! YOO-ESS-AYE! Down with YOO-ESS-AYE! :PRecommend

  • uzair khan

    clap clap .. thanx to you brother for giving us a proof to attack pakistan .. ” c ppl wot their own youth thinks of pakistan, so any more proofs that they r a terrorist state?? ” tell ya wot bro! after all that CIA supported mainstream media slamming pakistan n its terrorist role, u didnt need to bring laurels to pakistan by writing this piece .. which othewise is nthin new but a repetition of the same media spread poison,, media which can make ppl blv that 9/11 was actually done by usama, while their own ppl researchers openly proved it a hoax .. Recommend

  • Farhan

    Whatsoever, but his death has boosted the morale of liberal and secular Pakistanis, who are against all fundamentalism and radicalism.Recommend

  • Anonymous

    just for the sake of record, no criminal case has been proved against Hafiz Saeed in nay Pakistani court, kindly quote the reference of the case if you have one against him. Recommend

  • http://solomon2.blogspot.com Solomon2

    According to Gulf News, the compound where Bin Laden was killed
    was once used as a safe house by the
    Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI).

    I wouldn’t put much faith into any report originating with Gulf News.Recommend

  • Hammer

    O that’s way you went to Youkeyhh .. Aww scardey cat don’t wanna play counter strike here…… thank God your gone Author.Recommend

  • http://afisays.blog.com Afi

    First of all, things published in the news article don’t make things the facts.
    Second, you are pretty much restating the headlines of the articles we all have pretty much read before.
    Third, it is very biased since all of your sources are from very limited online newspapers.
    And last but not the least, I am not rejecting all of the things you have stated in your blog. But you seem educated enough to know about things such as: propaganda. I would expect that you look at different media and then conclude things as fact. By just reading 2-3 newspapers online doesn’t necassarily mean those things are true.Recommend


    WOW a beautiful way to show others how horrible your country is….. way to GOOOO! Now every search result for Pakistan will say 13 worrying facts about Pakistan and terrorism.

    But your job is done, you got some hits and some comments and u feel proud that someone read your () writing. I’m leaving the brackets empty because the word I’d use would definitely be moderated Recommend

  • Talha

    Pakistan’s father (China) and grandfather (Saudia Arabia).


    You forgot to name US as our Sugar Daddy.Recommend

  • parvez

    A somewhat impetuous article. One established fact in the business of high stakes espionage is that nothing is as it seems to be.Recommend

  • sn

    Our (Pakistani) biggest problem is tht if someone pointing finger to our nation instead of defending or finding the truth, we will do the same by writing such articles in public media. why u always hve to c half empty glass? Recommend

  • Atif Mehmood

    Mr Anas Abbas: Being an analyst based on just media reports is certainly not the apt thing to do here. Not everything stated on media becomes fact. continuing on your rationale pls also include the point that he was captured from MANSION in/near Islamabad!…

    Seeing maps on google also doesnt give u any insight over the areas around it or the homes surrounding it.

    Also why do you tend to evade the fact that all these high profile terrorists were once agents of the coaltion saudi-US-pakistani camp against USSR. They were bred, raised and empowered back then in same regions.

    In war of terror US is also counting on Pakistani support. Their fuels, supplies and logistics all go through Pakistani routes. Countless bucks are spent in support and assistance missions in their war. What US is paying us infact the cost of expenses army is making on the western front. Why does it insist to call it aid? when most of it goes as reimbursement of their bills!

    @Tight Dhoti: No need to bring useless arguments in debate. Even during operational duties and your routine work and deadlines you would still keep up with housecleaning chores etc. What has clean chairs to do with war on terror? As if US’s army’s messes are no more decorated since they are on war? DUH!Recommend

  • Osman

    An ultra pathetic piece of writing…
    Grow up guys,,, everyone considers himself an intellectual… That all rubbish…Recommend

  • Thunder Striker

    Well, Well Anas great work, by summing up all the propoganda headlines you may have thought that you will strike the cords of Anti-Pakistani hearts but all you have shown is that the best you can do is to become a first grader mouth piece which these western propoganda orchestrators can find many and much better looking than you…..Take a break buddy and find some other way of venting out your domestic furstrations.Recommend

  • Raj

    Deductive Logic: CHINA’s Father is SAUDI ARABIARecommend

  • simply61

    All one can say is that military training must be really bad in Pakistan if they failed to detect OBL under their collective noses…..
    On a serious note.the army has always run the country in all aspects,in spite of the present token civilian government….so this actually is no surprise.The Americans specifically did not inform/involve the Pakistani army because they know well that the army runs with the hares and hunts with the hound.Recommend

  • Asad

    Did you even bother to research the facts that you have mentioned like the aid and stuff or did you just copy and paste them from different clippings in different newspapers. Seriously, Million dollar mansion. Have you seen its condition?? And the ISI safe house. From Gulf news. You should get your head right instead of looking for 30 seconds of fame..!Recommend

  • Majeed

    Really, Pervez bhai? Soooo … Dawood Ibrahim and Tiger Memon are truly legit businessmen, who are running a worldwide business in ‘pharmaceuticals’ and ‘security devices’ from a posh Karachi neighbourhood? Recommend


    Well its because of our mean Generals and USA we are in this situation and not to omit the silence of the nation……. Its easily to call some country a terrorist state but its important to know the ground reality I am sorry to say you know L my friend……..Recommend

  • booboobo

    More Whitey brainwashing articles -.- creating fear among the American people. scums.Recommend

  • Qandeel

    @Chup Shaw:
    I agree 100% either the author dislikes pakistan from the beginning, or has started to hate later…Recommend

  • anil

    wud like to advise Pak politicians to remain away from so-called Daddies,otherwise…sell ur country part by part to ur daddies and live happily with them.Recommend

  • Farheen Hussain

    Excellent read !

    To the point, factual and made my blood boil first thing in the morningRecommend

  • Ali Sufian

    Extremely Dislike..Recommend

  • http://maynotmatter maynotmatter

    @uzair khan: “9/11 was actually done by usama, while their own ppl researchers openly proved it a hoax ..” ….. No one except few Pakistanis believe this. Proved ? You know what it means to prove something ? Just giving opinion is proof enough for you ain’t it ? State of Pakistan speaks louder than what anybody has to speak about it. All it takes from brave Pakistani is will to accept fault and fix it rather than living in delusions that everything is fine with you and everyone else is messed up. Recommend

  • http://maynotmatter maynotmatter

    @Anonymous: Pakistani court is not willing to check voice prints of Hafiz Saeed with the voice conversations captured by India and USA during his participation in Mumbai mayhem. Do I have to explain the rest ? Well connected people know very well how to live outside the perimeters of law. Recommend

  • http://sajid.com Sajid Khan

    Fabulous article. Its bitter truth reflects is reflected by the negative comments from our few adamant Pakistanis here. We need to start looking at facts as author projected here to clean our mess or continue living in denial.Recommend

  • http://philip9876.com wasim

    @M Ali Khan:
    “Im is dim” was a popular saying when Imran was playing. What he speaks just reinforces that fact.Recommend

  • Amjad Khan

    Brilliant article Anas Bhai. hit the nail on the head. thanks for your informative bold piece. Recommend

  • Amer Khan

    I think all along, atleast since last couple of years, both cia and isi had restricted him to this place and this was the right time to do action and become heroes as this is the lowest time in obama’s ratings and he needed a boost. I think US had ultimatley given assurance to PK on the Afgnaistan front after their withdrawal and hence all this operation took place with their consnet…Recommend

  • Huma
  • Junaid Alam

    Abuse your own country and call it progress.. Every one, who can write a bit of English, seems in a hurry to write something hideous about Pakistan, its Army, and the ISI. If there had been no army and the ISI, Pakistan would have long gone my liberal-cum-rationalist-cum-nihilist brothers! I wonder if there is a better way to malign Pakistan, than its own youth writing and persistently repeating such stuff (and that too based on NEWS REPORTS–Wow! what standard of research behind journalism these days!)Recommend

  • Khalid Masood

    *I would like to reply the author point by point.*
    1. Most of civilians fail to understand that PMA is not an Operational Unit or Headquarters of Pak Army PMA is a training establishment only. Likewise FF, Baloch and AMC Regimental Centres located in Abbottabad are also Training Establishments. Training Establishments do ensure their own safety and security through many means but do not enough resources or designed to have a larger picture of surroundings like a Divisional Headquarters or Corps Headquarters. I have been to PMA many times in various capacities and know that neither whole land surrounding PMA belongs to Army nor it is owned by retired army officer. It is only an imagination of the author of the blog.
    2. PMA does not train high ranking military officers but they train cadets who are commission in Pak Army as Second Lieutenants. So related proximity of PMA gate to the alleged home of OBL are not rationale. High ranking army officers are trained elsewhere.
    3. There is no restricted area close or in surroundings of Kakul as written by author. I am giving first hand information
    4. The bigger size of compound comparing with surrounding homes, apparently, look suspicious but the property belong to 2 pathan brothers living with their families. Pathans always like to have such big houses with high perimeter walls if they can have enough land and resources. Many houses of this or even bigger size had been built by affluent Pathan families in Jinnah Colony and other areas of Abbottabad. This house was built in 2005 and inhabitants lived peacefully so nothing was to worry about. In fact, if something was suspicious, it was the duty of their neigbours to report to local police about that but no one saw anything suspicious activity and no one reported. It is a common practice in Hazara that Pathan families live secluded due to language difference and it is taken as normal.
    5. The house was never ever an ISI safe house. It was built in 2005 and was occupied by two Pathan families and their guests as stated by Yemeni Doctor. ISI did pass information and tape of a suspicious call made by using a under observation SIM from this compound. 10-12 calls in Arabic were made through same SIM I were also shared with CIA in last 4-5 years. ISI is focusing on Talibans and specially TTP so they have put maximum resources for Pashto, Punjabi, Hindko and Urdu language calls and Arabic is left to CIA and NSA.
    6. US authorities reached to Osama bin Laden due to the efforts of ISI and cooperation of Pakistan. Blaming Pakistan for past failures is nothing but passing the buck.
    7. US gave Pak $ 10 billion and we lost something more than $80 billion. Who is at loss ?
    8. If UNO has declared some outfit as Terrorist Organisation then it is for complete globe. We do have presence in UNO and Pakistan conforms to all resolutions.
    9. I strongly object to this point. Hafiz Saeed and others are not a terrorist. Hafiz Saeed is running Jamaat ud dawa which is a charity organisation. LeT use to operate in Indian Occupies Kashmir but that was banned and no longer exists. Tiger Memon and Daud Ibrahim are Indians and they are supposedly living somewhere in Gulf. Indians keep saying about their presence in Pakistan in order to malign Pakistan. Quetta Surah is nothing but a myth. Ilyas Kashmiri a leader of TTP was a known terrorist and was killed by drone attack in North Waziristan in 2009.
    10. House to house search is never made once Prime Minister or other VVIP visit to some area. Only house overlooking the venue are checked that no sniper is there to shoot down VVIP. Osama’s house was much away and was not in direct line of sight to the Parade Ground of PMA. Moreover, the inhabitants of the house were living peacefully and nothing was suspicious so I see no reason of knocking its door if Gilani or Kiyani are visiting the area. Is such practice is carries out in Multan or Peshawar or elsewhere ? Respect of privacy is equally important … specially in the era of free press.
    11. Pakistan lost maximum in this War on Terror. For same reason Government and people of Pakistan are against Terrorism and paying maximum price we must not earn bad name for it.
    12. Osama hid successfully for 6 year in this house and never left or even came in lawn. He made a wonderful and unbelievable effort for hiding and ISI, CIA, MI-6, NSA and so on…. could not locate him till ISI picked a mobile phone call made in Arabic to Saudi Arabia form this house buy using an under observation SIM. How come, Pakistan or ISI failed ? People like Hamid Gul and Zahid Hamid made their minds basing on their calculations.
    13. The author do not have to worry about debt servicing at national level. The Government has gathered best brains of financial field to solve this problem. The author should be more worried about paying his income tax and utility bills. Recommend

  • Apni Dharti

    @ Author

    You really think “Quetta Shura” is a terrorist, just like the others listed above? I mean the “Shura” is an organization, while the rest are individuals whose names you seem to have taken off some Indian website.

    What is wrong with ET’s editorial control?

    Besides, this is a very loosely structured text and no other newspaper would have printed it, save for Pak Observer, maybe!Recommend

  • malik

    Who is this guy, he doesn’t even know how to write some good lines with concrete evidences.Recommend

  • Junaid Alam

    there is something I’m really wondering about, and that is how a conspiracy theory is defined. I mean, from the tone of these blog writers, it seems, every fact that doesn’t make it to the newspapers is a conspiracy theory (and newspapers too, those that have a history of information manipulation and filtering)… However, I don’t know how to believe the news in the newspapers if the standard of journalism is merely what we see in these blogs: no facts, only speculations; and no regard for scientific evidences.Recommend

  • Junaid Alam

    @Khalid Masood: A very good reply Mr. Khalid. Its good to see some facts quite linked with logic and not some mindset vainly substantiated by news-cuts.Recommend

  • Aftab Rahman

    @khalid masood

    “JuD is a charity organization”. LOL

    Your a victim of their propaganda. Come to my town muridkey and i will show you what books they sell at their stalls and how they justify attacking western countries. This nation is suffering from a disease known as denail. Recommend

  • faraz

    Well said. There is no solution to our state of denial but rest of the world which wasnt subjected to 3 decades of jihadi propaganda knows whats wrong with pakistan and its military establishment.Recommend

  • Arif Z


    Excellent article and to the point (with some funny anecdotes)
    You summed up most important and immediate problems. If the people you have listed are brought to book.. the nation will not have to hang its head in shame in the future…. but you know it will not happen.Recommend

  • Zub

    @Khalid: I agree it is fair. They want everyone to worship them even when they are in reality nothing close to competent. The army should be disolved since they are not good for anything anyway. Mean while well known terrorists still roam free in this country and nobody tries to arrest them since they have the protection of the ISI mafia. Recommend

  • Dr. Iffat Zafar

    @The Author;
    Dear Anas, see you are speaking what ever the US media and US patronizing people want us to believe, how can you not see that Pakistan is being misused and defamed in the line of Osama, what i believe and many other people believe is that either Osama was a non existent character altogether or that he has died some 2 – 3 years back. Can you all please open up your eyes that what the media people consider as a propaganda against Pakistan is quiet true, so jot down all the lines from 9/11…… from Osama a character highly wanted and was killed without any notice without any images?< if showing his picture was not important then why did they show Saddam’s status bit by bit when he was killed?. …….. If Osama is considered the most dangerous person then why werent we given the clarity.
    Secondly which Islamic theory says to dump a deadbody in water? why can you not see that they just do not have evidence that is why they have done all this.
    Also how can they secretly kill Osama in one night and Mr. Obama has the dead body the very other Morning?, when did we begin reaching America so quickly?
    Dear Writer and all the readers please jot down all the mysteries line by line
    9/11………..Osama….attacks in Afghanistan and completely destroying it….. no Osama Found……Chemical weapons found in Iraq….Iraq all destroyed and no weapons found….all found was Saddam and killed…….Afia….No specific crime found against her…Brutal behaviour with her inBigram Jail as Witnessed by Moazzam Baig as the grey lady whos screaming was what haunted him?……….Ramond Davis and his mission in Pakistan?……HOw silently Ramond Davis was let loose and set free to go home………..What is all this? dear Anas please open your eyes and stop criticizing your own country instead see what the US is trying to do to the world………..
    @ Khalid Masood……….Yes i completely believe to what you have written………..It is high time we all open our eyes and see the beyond………….Recommend

  • Fahad Raza

    @Khalid Masood:
    EXcellent work Sir I think we need to keep a lookout for these pseudo intellectual Non residents.
    I think i agree with hammer above as well. Nothing for you ..blabber. Recommend

  • Saad H

    Ok, my views echo with the majority of the replies here. Just because a tv channel or newspaper publishes something doesn’t make it a fact!Recommend

  • Khalid Masood

    @Aftab Rahman:

    If someone is selling hate books…..That is not good……do not buy those.
    Just discard those books as well as sellers.
    I am not in state of denial but I wrote what I have seen. I personally saw JuD excellent relief work in Muzaffarabad and surrounding in AJ&K after 2005 earthquake and in last year flood in Central Punjab. Their work standard was much higher than the remaining charity organizations. Only Army relief work surpassed them but Army had much more resources available to them. At Muzaffarabad, in October 2005, hospital of JuD was equally equipped comparing with US Army hospital and surgeon of JuD worked more hours then US surgeons.

    @ Ehsan
    It is OK for me to type something lengthy in order to clarify doubts of my countrymen. Your may look in any direction but I request to please read my previous post once again. I have some firsthand knowledge and I tried to share that with you. It is up to you to believe it or not.
    It is only inferiority complex.
    Did someone in USA said CIA is either incompetent or CIA orchestrated 9/11 terrorist attacks ? How was the reaction of US media and people? No one did blame game like we do
    Did someone in India said RAW is either incompetent or RAW orchestrated December 2001 terrorist attacks on Indian Parliament? Remember, how Indian media in unison barked like hounds against Pakistan ?
    Why are we so pathetic that we always start blame game and begin pointing fingers at our institutions and organizations if something goes wrong somewhere ? Members of organisation work at the cost of family life, youth and even life. Some of them lay their lives for Pakistan and many of them are unsung heroes. It is so easy to criticize someone while sitting on comfortable sofas in front of TV in the chill of AC.
    Today we all are suppose to stand behind ISI and Pakistan Armed Forces and support them instead of pulling their legs. Media in particular is trying to destabilize our country and nothing else for few minutes cheap popularity.

    @ Zub
    I am sure you are an Indian key board warrior. Pak Army is the only institution along with ISI, PAF and PN who are stumbling block in front of Indian hegemonic designs to annihilate Pakistan. Whatever rant you talk against Armed Forces is likely to have any effect.
    ISI is just an Intelligence Agency. It is not GOD that ISI must know everything. There will always be failures and weaknesses in future as well and we have to accept those as normal.

    @ All

    I am available to further clarify anyone’s genuine doubt.

    But I fear that people who have closed their eyes and ears and
    even minds may not be able to
    comprehend the truth.
    There is need to get united at this juncture but some of us are
    trying to behave in opposite fashion.-


  • Saba Khalid

    Incoherent, lazy writing with the only purpose behind this is to trash PakistanRecommend

  • Ehsan

    @Khalid Masood:

    Precisely the reason why I said.. things will not improve for a 1000 years with views like yours..Recommend

  • Abhinav

    Before i begin i am going to say i am an indian living overseas, now even before reading my comments most of you all will have a pre emptive mindset as to what i am going to write. however i will do my best to go otherwise from the mindset.
    I honestly don’t think the people of pakistan in any way support terrorism in any form be it on their land, or be it overseas or be it in kashmir. I do however blame the media both international and indian media for depicting a negative image of pakistan her people. having said that i feel that in the past 10 years a lot has happened in and around pakistan and pakistan seems to be caught in the middle of violent crossfire between the west and fundametalists.
    I am not going to talk about the death of OBL, or the spot fixing episode, or even the mumbai attacks ( which i feel india has dragged a lot on the international level), what i am going to talk about is the state of denial, which i think is not helping, i think their needs to be a departure from that mind set of blaming everything as a conspiracy theory or putting a religious angle to every event which effects pakistans. i feel that the youth in pakistan needs to stand up and ask questions and more importantly start taking control of the situation because clearly who ever is incharge at the moment is not doing a very good job.
    i would like to conclude by saying that the people of pakistan need to ask questions to the establishment and not blame them because that will not go help any one in the long term and it will not help pakistan or her people in any way!
    ps i have a pakistani room-mate and i know it first hand that most of you want to have a respectable life and not crazy fundamentalist as potrayed by the media around the globe!Recommend

  • Yasir Hasan

    The facts that you have mentioned are evident that it is a fake drama by United States… It is hard to accept that Osama was living in a place where there was no getaways…U.S and other media is building it all up like they did it for WMD in Iraq..how many did they manage to find, none….

    And Now we have journalists like you who are highlighting these points, instead of raising suspicion against that attack…Recommend

  • seeker

    13 worrying facts about Pakistan and terrorism
    plz re-caption it as
    **13 worrying facts about Pakistan, America and terrorism

    Pakistan failed!agree

    but were not all these facts open to Americans, as well , who were sitting very close to him and claim to have the most sophisticated tecnology for man hunt all over the world . Were they waiting to get an NOC from Pakistan to capture him.

    Sucess has a hundred fathers but a failure is an orphanRecommend

  • Khalid Masood


    I expected a reply backed with some reasons and logic.Recommend

  • http://www.noor-ul-ainhanif.blogspot.com Noor-ul-ain Hanif

    @ Talha: Lol
    well nice post great analysis!Recommend

  • Disco Molvi

    @Khalid Masood:
    “Hafiz Saeed is running Jamaat ud dawa which is a charity organisation”

    Then pray enlighten me who the people protesting against terrorist Osama’s killing in these pictures are?? Aren’t they holding JuD flag??


  • http://humayuniftikhar.wordpress.com Humayoon

    An easy way to win cheap public popularity :P Recommend

  • Usman

    1Million DOLLARS?

    its Like 85MILLION RUPEE.Recommend

  • talat

    zaid hamid ,orya maqbool jan,hameed gul and meher bukhari are the voice of the youth of islamic republic of PakistanRecommend

  • Miriam

    sources of 11 and 13? Recommend

  • Javed

    @Solomon2: “I wouldn’t put much faith into any report originating with Gulf News”. I am sure you would believe every word from Geo TV Recommend

  • Javed

    @Yasir Hasan: The facts that you have mentioned are evident that it is a fake drama by United States… It is hard to accept that Osama was living in a place where there was no getaways…

    My question is why is the Army & ISI not denying this fact. Why have they accepted this? And what about OBL’s wives. Are you saying they are also part of the drama and are in fact someone else’s wives! Burying your head in the sand won’t change anythingRecommend

  • human

    @khalid masood : i am not here to blame pakistan govt. or ISI. what i have understood from your comments. you are still in the state of denial that pakistan is becoming more dangerous. this is because none of your family member would have died in terrorist attack. you are not understanding the severity of situation. you are simply saying .if the books sold by JUD are not good then dont buy it. but those book define real idealogy of top brass of JUD . i know you are one of them . you are highly brainwashed. you must be supporting blasphemy law in Pakistan. According to islam ,if someone insult our prophet then you should try to convince him if he/she would have got wrong meaning of it. here law in pakistan is allowing to kill these children of god. people like you killed minorities minister some days ago.

    Now pakistani taliban has gone rogue , it will be Let(JUD) tomorrow which will be killing POOR pakistanis on streets. but you will be sitting there in your room watching TV.

    aam insaan (common man ) whether it is indian ,chinese or pakistani doesnt make a difference. they are just worried about earning their livelihood and people like you who doesn’t have anything to do are following JUD. people have been fooled for thousands of years by religion and they are still fooling us.
    and having said so . i dont expect any change in your thinking because i know you wont change your thinking. just come out of your home and try to find the facts by roaming whole pakistan. western media is not a fool calling pakistan a terrorist state and indian media calling pakistan a epicentre of terrorism. Recommend

  • Farooq K. Qazi

    I smell an INDIAN IP ADDRESS here… Dawood Ibrahim, Illyas kashmiri, Tiger Memon … ha ha ha… what a joke :PRecommend

  • Syed Sahib

    Dear Anas, if you like writing then write something original and positive about your country if its your country in the first place. Its easy to copy headlines and call yourself a blogger by sitting peacefully in another country while making expert comments on Pakistan. Your profile shows that you are a researcher but this is very poor research and just using copy and paste. be original and be positive otherwise go back to the financial figures in the rat race for more sterlings.Recommend

  • Kumar

    I donot know why most of the pakistanis tries to hide their wounds to rest of thye world. “If man is ready to kill a group of people for religion, he will definitely kill his own people for no reasons”
    This is what happening in pakistan Recommend