Conspiracy Bin Laden: Is he really dead?

Published: May 3, 2011

Osama is dead. (Or is he alive?) The US killed him in a special forces operation. (Or did they only get his look-alike?). He was America’s bitterest foe. (Or was he was an American agent?)

Laden’s body was spirited away and buried at sea to avoid his burial place becoming a militant shrine (Or is he actually in captivity and the entire exercise is a psychological warfare ruse designed to confuse Al-Qaeda while the US interrogates him?) No, the truth must be that Osama died many years ago and the latest reports are only meant to put Pakistan in a tight spot.

Few men have sparked more debate and prompted more conspiracy theories than Osama Bin Laden, given that he has been reported dead so many times in the past, and that his rumoured hideouts ranged from Chitral to the K2 mountain to Iran, news of his death in Abbotabad will by no means put an end to the theories. It will simply spark new ones.

Some, will dismiss reports of Osama’s death as propaganda by a United States desperate to show any kind of victory in the global quagmire that the war on terror has become. Adding grist to the mills is the now-proven fake photo that has circulated and was in fact even aired by several local TV channels and the ambiguity over what has become of his body.

Others will look at it from the point of view of Pakistan’s tattered sovereignity. The late and seemingly confused official reaction from Pakistan, the secrecy that still shrouds the mission itself will prove to many that the US is capable of taking unilateral military action deep inside Pakistan without being detected. If Osama can be taken out in Abbotabad, a stone’s throw from key military facilities, then how safe are our nuclear assets?

While it’s true that Obama did mention Pakistan in his speech, the Pakistani establishment has been reluctant to confirm its own involvement. If this is through fear of retaliation by al-Qaeda and its domestic allies, that fear is groundless. Al-Qaeda is in a state of war with Pakistan in any case, and the reaction from this now-fragmented organisation will come regardless of whether Pakistan was actively involved in this operation or not. To take part of the ownership for it would be the wiser course, as it would at least allow Pakistan to control the narrative at an early stage.

In India as in Afghanistan, the reaction has been predictable, with the focus once again on Pakistan as the safe refuge for international terrorists. While this is to be expected, this time however, the charge will not be easy to deflect or label as mere propaganda. The very fact that Osama was living in a ‘custom-built’ compound in a city host to military bases and academies implies either an intelligence failure of epic proportions or else collusion.

The first option is humiliating.

The second is terrifying.



Zarrar Khuhro

Is currently working at Dawn TV and was the editor of The Express Tribune weekly magazine.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Asad Shairani

    This is the new JFK saga in the making. Years of stories, conspiracy theories to follow.Recommend

  • Meerza R Khan

    Gud One, hmm.Recommend

  • Yousuf

    True!…i completely second your “post-obl termination mission” narrative. In fact i was just sharing the same with my mother an hour back!!.. haha.
    @Mr Zarrar THIS blog post might interest you ….gives a sneak peak into what anti-Pakistan overzealous Indians, especially their “analysts” are making of all of this….Recommend

  • Tanzeel

    So you mean to say “Picture abhi baaqi hai?”Recommend

  • malik

    I saw him yesterday at the Elvis concert held in honor of the dead martians in the 3 Mile Island incident.

    And he was talking to me about the Fake Moon Landing !!Recommend

  • Satish

    Enjoy the backlash guys .. U deserve itRecommend

  • Ravindra

    conspiracy theories – theories after theories u people have make mockery of country jina gives u.
    In each and every problem u have different versions and surprisingly many pakistani follows those theories.
    O come on get out of this filth focus on economy and common people.
    Better late than never.Recommend

  • Fahad Raza

    Come on man…… he behind 9/11 is one thing but he did killed Americans in Kenya and its like fast n furious 4 the bad guy was hiding where he was LEAST suspected. Like a stolen car in a Poilce Impound.. but having said the its OK he’s no more on land and somewhere in sea with MAGATRON….fun aside If a US President Named OBAMA said it it has more chance to be true than any other…of wild thing coming in Donald Trump’s head.Recommend

  • Burn Terry Jones

    Apparently Osama Bin Laden is Jewish – try and disprove that!!Recommend

  • Nobody

    By ‘you’ I hope you mean the corrupt and deceitful higher ups who allowed this to happen. Furthermore, if you’ve got nothing of value to write, why write anything? Useless and infantile comment posted by someone who seems to have a shallow understanding of the big picture. Recommend

  • rehan

    @Satish. Remember..the US has us in front from Afghanistan.We have you!..enjoy!..or be careful..your choice! Recommend

  • Noor-ul-ain Hanif

    hmm picture abhi baki hai!Recommend