Instead of invoking patriotism and jazba, #CSNationalAnthem portrayed disrespect and injustice

Published: August 11, 2017

It’s become common practice for brands to associate themselves with humanitarian work and patriotism in order to gain extra mileage in the public eye.

Recently, Coke Studio launched its own version of the national anthem. Considering that it had the likes of Shafqat Amanat Ali, Ali Zafar, Attaullah Khan Esakhelvi, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Ali Noor, it should have been a beautiful rendition, but it was anything but that.

I have quite a few issues with this version of the national anthem. Firstly, I find it ridiculous that they thought it was okay to call it the #CSNationalAnthem and not the Pakistani national anthem. Has branding become that important now? Is it more important than our own patriotism?

Secondly, the execution, direction and composition are a complete disaster. For something that was meant to invoke patriotism within its listeners, it seemed to quell it instead. But what I found extremely disrespectful was how the guitarist was sitting instead standing throughout the national anthem. The producers should have looked into that matter. It’s common courtesy to stand when you hear the national anthem, forget when you’re playing it!

As for the composition, starting with Esakhelvi, who wasn’t the best choice since his voice is too husky. Furthermore, the beauty of any anthem is its vocals, not the music, but in this particular instance, the music overshadows the vocals on numerous occasions.

To be honest, the anthem is not inspiring or motivating at all. The singers didn’t look optimistic or zealous. Rather, they looked way too serious and sombre; for instance, Farhan Saeed’s sad expression, why so glum, chum? It’s a national anthem rendition, not a funeral march. Where’s the passion?

The following verse, ‘Painda Taabinda Baad’ required the singers to be more enthusiastic; instead they made it sound so gloomy that it almost broke my heart. Where’s the jazba? Clearly, not here.

Moreover, when we say ‘Saya-e-Khudaa-e-Zuljalal’, we bow our heads in respect, but the singers in Coke Studio’s version did not do so.

People usually sing the national anthem with all the fervour, but this rendition just seemed like it was forced. It felt as if they were mouthing the words without realising the actual meaning behind them, thus doing complete injustice to what our national anthem stands for.

What was most surprising for me though was how #CSNationalAnthem was trending on Twitter. Dozens of people used the term ‘goosebumps’ to describe the effect Coke Studio’s version of the national anthem had on them. It had the opposite effect on me. It was only a handful of Twitter accounts that were praising the Coke Studio national anthem. The general public view, however, was negative and most Coke Studio followers were extremely disappointed.

Continuing to produce such shoddy renditions will only reflect poorly on Coke Studio.

Lastly, thanks to Coke Studio, people will be sitting and listening to this version of the national anthem during Independence Day celebrations, and that isn’t right. Out of respect, we need to stand up whenever we hear our national anthem. We need to sing it with excitement, we need to show our true spirit for our country. Shouldn’t this have been given more thought before it was released?

If this version of the national anthem is anything to go by, Coke Studio’s upcoming season already seems like an impending disappointment.

Shafiq Ul Hasan

Shafiq Ul Hasan

The author is an avid movie lover and reviews films and dramas regularly. He is a professional digital inbound marketer. He has worked with a silicon valley-based social network as a content analyst. He blogs at and tweets as @shafiqulhasan81 (

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  • Adnan Tariq

    Such a stupid blogRecommend

  • Haris (Canada)

    WOW man, you really don’t like the #CSNationalAnthem eh!…
    Bro I think you are being a bit harsh man.. it is actually pretty good, saying that I feel that
    it could have been a little better with a bit more enthusiasm/passion. Really
    enjoyed the last year promo song, it was very patriotic and definitely gave me
    the “Goosebumps”.. Happy Independence Day JRecommend

  • Mustafa Mirza

    I wonder whether we all stand up and bow our heads when our parents come into the room. I hope we do. Because if we don’t, and still feel the need to standup and bow our heads for the national anthem….something is wrong somewhere….Recommend

  • A Mere Pigeon

    I say, YOU should be ashamed of making a mockery of the significance of the words ‘injustice’ and ‘disrespect’. When there are real social issues out there and real crimes against humanity being committed not just in Pakistan, but around the world. Yet, you decide that this privately produced rendition of a national anthem is somehow equivalent to those injustices? Perhaps you need to give your blogs a little more thought.Recommend

  • Wasif Jalal

    quit whiningRecommend

  • sheriar

    when i first heard it . i thought something terrible happened to Pakistan and it was the Funeral Anthem for PakistanRecommend

  • Ahmar

    Everyone must stand up, sing along and wave a flag with jazba when listening to the National Anthem. Those who don’t should be shot and thrown into the Arabian Sea.

    Dude, Chill.

    Also I didn’t get any goosebumps :-/Recommend

  • Hamza Khan

    disrespect? Come on. Pepsi lobby?Recommend

  • Abdul moiz

    What did you expect ??? … it’s Coke studio (A commercial pop format catering to the general public who drink loads of Pepsi/Coke and listen to “Romeo save me bla bla bla” and “call me maybe”) and not a Marillion/Porcupine Tree Fusion projectRecommend

  • Abdul Rehman Lodhi

    So tell me, how many times you stood in respect for the anthem while listening to this coke studio version of the National Anthem? Disrespectful and injustice?? look around you some serious matters of injustice. A very poor blog.
    *goosebumps* as always, while listening to National Anthem whether it was in school, or in college, or before any cricket match, or even after “Prime Minister ka Qoum se Khitaab” or even in this Coke Studio….Recommend

  • Yahyaar

    How much of fool do you have to be write such a petty venomous piece?Recommend

  • Hassan Mirza

    Things for free Nation of resident Pakistan AND Business on other people money or on loan which not return is the mind set . but sing National Anthem and beat the drum day night about Patriotism . Also from player to general public who ever have Chance can get money including COUNTRY respect. that is Pakistan PatriotismRecommend

  • Umair Zakir Abowath

    Worst article ever, I am really sorry to say that! If it didn’t bring out your patriotic side then you should question your patriotism and not others. And it’s not mandatory to stand up and bow down , Everyone has their own way to show respect. I wish you had proof read your article before posting.