Dear Amir Khan, publicising your divorce on social media only shows your indecency

Published: August 9, 2017

He is stuck in the early stages of an ugly divorce that was announced by him on Twitter.

During my recent trip to Pakistan, I often found myself flicking through TV channels. Even though I am still uncertain about what exactly I was searching for, I do remember seeing a menagerie of prominent faces flash on the TV screen from time to time.

Some celebrities like Mahira Khan, Fawad Khan and Shahid Afridi appeared regularly. This was wholly expected given that the scale of their stardom has transcended Pakistan’s borders. But I also recall seeing Amir Khan, a British-born boxer, with similar frequency.

He was promoting an energy drink in a commercial that showed him running through the streets of Lahore while attracting hordes of young and starstruck followers. It culminated at Minar-e-Pakistan, where the pugilist drank the energy drink amidst a roaring crowd.

Channeling Rocky Balboa, Amir ascended the monument’s steps, looked above at the Pakistani flag and acknowledged the hysterical throng below him. In this moment, he had fully embraced the nation and its manifold hopes for him.

It isn’t difficult to see why Pakistan has been enchanted with Amir ‘King’ Khan. Born to British-Pakistani parents, Amir pursued boxing as a child in order to harness his hyperactivity to achieve something more productive. And he succeeded.

The brave and precocious child from Bolton made his way into the homes and hearts of Pakistanis after winning a silver medal for Britain in the 2004 Athens Olympics at the age of 17. Since becoming a professional pugilist, he has gone on to become a two-time world champion boxer who has said and done endearing things.

Speaking on Al Jazeera English to Mehdi Hasan about Muhammad Ali’s effect on him, Amir said,

“He was not only great inside the ring, but even greater outside, because he wanted to be a people’s champion and always spoke what was right.”

In an Ali-esque way, Amir has attempted to use his hyphenated British-Pakistani identity and his prodigious stardom to improve the plight of Pakistanis. He wants to work as their advocate and better their conditions through various forms of charity work.

His words and actions have been heartening for Pakistanis, who see a part of themselves in him and celebrate whenever he enters the ring. A rare Pakistani athlete of international repute, he carries the dreams and ambitions of his Pakistani brethren into the global ring to tussle with the world on their behalf.

But with the mounting crises in his life, it appears that the Amir we knew was a myth. The country was initially enthralled with what he potentially represented and symbolised as a British-Pakistani hybrid. But in reality, he was knocked out by the sheer force of his stardom long ago.

The details of Amir’s boxing career have been eclipsed by the spectacle that is now his life. There is no talk of future opponents or evidence of training to fix the ‘glass chin’ that has left him vulnerable. The ruthless hunger that animates boxers seems to have abandoned the former champion.

Now Amir is being shamed. He is stuck in the early stages of an ugly divorce that was announced by him on Twitter. By irresponsibly ventilating his marital problems on a social media platform, he hoped to cast himself as the victim of his wife’s unfaithfulness despite his own chequered past.

He desperately found a way back into the global headlines by besmirching Faryal Makhdoom’s name. It seemed as if he had no concern over publicly attacking the mother of his daughter. Through all this, the infantile boxer demonstrated that his hands, which no longer throw punches, are only capable of mudslinging.

Furthermore, allegations of infidelity continue to haunt him and his previous family feuds have quickly devolved into public tabloid fodder. Fellow boxer Kell Brook compared Amir to Kim Kardashian.

“It’s comical, comical. He’s become Amir Kardashian. He has so much drama around him. He’s in the papers for the wrong reasons.”

The controversies punctuating Amir’s life have rendered his charitable work hollow and have reduced his inspirational words to mere platitudes. And as more scandalous details are revealed, he will be at risk of being further compromised.

Pakistanis owe no loyalty to Amir solely due to the bonds of a shared nationality. Integrity and character should be paramount in the new Pakistan being constructed after the ouster of Nawaz Sharif. In this pursuit of a new nation with greater accountability, Amir King ‘Khan’ is not the role model Pakistan needs or deserves.

Jalal Baig

Jalal Baig

The author is a physician and writer. His work has appeared in The Washington Post, the Guardian, Slate, Salon, Public Radio International and elsewhere. He tweets as @jalalbaig (

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  • Kumar

    Of course. It showed that he has no respect for women leave aside respecting his wife.Recommend

  • Israr Khan

    to an extent i agree with u that he should have not humilated his ex-wife and my next question is for u … u think she is humilated ? i do not i think she has been a proper cat and shared social media as much as he did so in my books both are WRONGRecommend

  • gman starr

    Everything written in this article is absolutely true.Allegedly he claims his wife cheated on him with no concrete evidence when he has been proven to have cheated on her about nine times Recommend

  • gman starr

    Good article jalalRecommend

  • C M Naim

    One wonders how ‘decent’ it is to sit in judgment on other people’s private lives?Recommend

  • Syed

    Who cares? Not worth talking.Recommend

  • Ahmar

    I think we all know the type of character Faryal Makhdoom is. She’s covered in plastic surgery. Everything about her is fake. From lips to eyelashes from hair to body. Her pictures scream out how much she craves attention.

    First she got Aamir separated from his family, friends and relatives. Now that his career is going down, she’s decided to end it. Typical.

    I blame Aamir Khan himself. What did he expect? When you marry a woman like that, expect the drama. Women like that only worship success. Either remain successful or don’t marry such women.

    He needs to pull himself together and focus on better things.Recommend

  • Ahmed Faraz Bhatti

    Jalal Amir was a World Champion boxer whereas you are a another desperate person trying to get attentionRecommend

  • Vinod Chauhan

    Amir is a proud British Pakistani. He is very good role model for Muslims.Recommend

  • raj

    and that follows for his wife.. so change the title also..Recommend

  • Farhan

    Not defending Amer. But it’s OK when she publicly feuds with his family on social media?

    Would have been a better article if it was balanced on both genders. But ultimately, everyone writing an article nowadays has to be a feminist ally.Recommend

  • Masood Uttra

    Superb post! He is living in a society where this doesn’t matter.Recommend

  • Ghazi Gul

    Publicly proclaiming marriages and divorces is a requirement under lawRecommend

  • Ghazi Gul

    He deserves some one more than a skinny overly made up empty headed cat walker. A mentally balanced normal kind caring intelligent affectionate girl is always better than a gold digging narcissistic girl.Recommend

  • Dave Solomon

    It’s not him it’s our bloody cheap media taking too much interest in people’s public lifeRecommend

  • MJ

    Your troll level is too low. Better brush up on your skills and try again.Recommend

  • MJ

    Amir got too much money and fame at a young age. His parents are traditional Pakistani immigrants to UK who wear religion on their sleeves but turn a blind eye when their sons go out and mess around with girls. Amir and his brother have been far short of what a typical Muslim role model should be. The reason I am dragging his brother in this comment is to show how the boys have been “groomed” by their parents. With dozens of scandals, extra marital affairs etc. Amir has the gall to accuse his wife of infidelity. He is a typical poster child for when fame and fortune falls in the lap of someone with poor upbringing.Recommend

  • Abid Hafeez

    Can’t say much as I haven’t been following his news stories but it reminded me of another legend “Tiger Woods” who lost his fame due to the same reason. His fans were deeply disappointed by the revealation of a disloyal character he inostensibly had, but he realized his mistake and honestly admitted it publicly and had a resolution to not to let that happen again.

    Whereas disloyality in marraige is concerned, does it matter much in the western world where such a deed is considered as a trivial matter, as if it was not, how could a cheating business tycoon become the president of USA? This is one, there are many other such examples.Recommend

  • Sane

    Amir Khan lost all his respect and love people of Pakistan bestowed on him. He is money hungry and even parted away from his father and mother. To whom else he could be loyal?!!Recommend

  • Sane

    Better you spend time in counting how many cows slaughtered in India and how many women raped today. Do some constructive work,.Recommend

  • Keyboard Soldier

    They are the opposite of White Trash: Brown Trash.Recommend