Dear PML-N supporters, dragging Tyrian White in your battle with PTI reeks of indecency and dirty tactics

Published: August 7, 2017

Twenty years ago, the battle between the two parties featured little Tyrian White.

When Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) was formed in 1996, I quickly became a member. Back then, I was much like the PTI supporters of today – impressionable, emotional and self-righteous. My devotion to Imran Khan was also like that of contemporary PTI supporters – blind, cultish and eulogising.

Like millions of PTI supporters, I was also unable to see anything wrong with Imran and would break into passionate debates with anyone who was critical of him. I used to think that only jahils (illiterates) voted for the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) and the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N). Thank God, those days are over, and today I vehemently oppose this ideologically reactionary party and its self-obsessed leader.

Within a few months of its formation, PTI was facing its first electoral challenge of the 1997 elections. Imran campaigned aggressively and as a foot soldier, I was also going door to door, pleading people to vote for the great Imran. During his campaign, Imran accused Benazir Bhutto, Nawaz Sharif and Asif Ali Zardari of being the greatest thieves, who were in reality conniving with each other to loot our country. His political maturity and rhetoric has remained frozen in time as he sounds exactly the same even today.

Back then, I thought that since people were sick of ‘corrupt’ politicians therefore my hero Imran – who was ‘honest’, had won the 1992 World Cup and then built Shaukat Khanum hospital – could sweep the elections. My optimism was also quite similar to the optimism of contemporary PTI supporters prior to the 2013 elections.

As the election campaign was reaching its crescendo, PML-N started to raise the issue of Sita White. This issue had been in news before as well. It is alleged that Imran had an affair with Sita and she ended up having a child, Tyrian White. However, Imran has not acknowledged her as his daughter till today.

I remember the first time it had made news in the year 1995, even before the formation of PTI. However, with the passage of time, it faded from the headlines. It was PML-N which brought the issue back into the spotlight through vicious means. In response, Imran said that PML-N had made up this story and was bribing Sita. Hearing this, Sita challenged Imran to take a paternity test which he declined.

That negative campaign had a huge impact. Although realistically, Imran had not been in any position to win the elections, but in the absence of this negative publicity, he would win more votes. Many women of my own extended family had flatly refused to vote for him (despite my pleas) after the Sita issue had taken centre stage.

I remember hating PML-N back then. In my opinion, it was Imran’s personal life and they did not have any right to make it an electoral issue. Later, after the Los Angeles Court decided in favour of Sita, she issued the following statement:

“Power, money and high office should always be less important than a child’s emotional and financial well-being. It’s not cricket for a father to deny his child in order to gain political office. And we’re happy that this case became an issue in his campaign to become prime minister and we think that the Pakistani people sent him an important message when they refused to elect him the prime minister of Pakistan while the issue of paternity remained unresolved.”

Today, this statement resonates with me much more than it did back then. Sita was making a valid point which I could not understand back then due to my youth and hero worship of Imran.

However, while her statement may have ended up resonating with me, PML-N’s dirty and third class tactics have never done so. I still think it was cheap to politicise Imran’s personal life for petty gains. To make matters worse, PML-N thrusted little Tyrian in the national spotlight in a negative manner, a position that she still finds herself in.

Twenty years ago, the battle between the two parties featured little Tyrian. Now in 2017, a grown-up Tyrian finds herself in the same place all over again. Every time a feud between PML-N and PTI heats up, Tyrian is brought into the political discourse in a condescending manner. Moreover, PML-N trolls, who though lesser in number but are as crude and abusive as PTI trolls, also started harassing Tyrian online.

After the Supreme Court’s (SC) judgement against Nawaz followed by Ayesha Gulalai’s allegations, some PML-N supporters have been targeting Tyrian on Twitter. The tweets became even more offensive after Imran made claims that Sita had taken money from PML-N in 1996 to malign him.

This was a highly irresponsible statement from Imran and frankly, he should not have said this. However, the subsequent online response targeting Tyrian was totally unfair and reeked of petty and third-class mentality. While some were directly tweeting to Tyrian, some were just tagging her in their own online battles with PTI trolls. Below are the screenshots of several disgusting tweets by PML-N supporters:

In the face of this filthy and disgusting behaviour, young Tyrian maintained her poise and gave one or two replies which showed these trolls their true faces.

No matter how much I politically disagree with Imran today, dragging Tyrian into this political battle is plain wrong and indecent. By targeting a 25-year-old innocent girl in this ugly fight, some of us are merely shaming Pakistan internationally and showing that we are incapable of even basic human decency. It’s time that we learn some dignity and shame.

We are sorry, Tyrian!



Raza Habib Raja

The author is a recent Cornell graduate and currently pursuing his PhD in political science at Maxwell School, Syracuse University. He has also worked for a leading development finance institution in Pakistan. He is a freelance journalist whose works have been published at Huffington Post, Dawn (Pakistan), Express Tribune (Pakistan) and Pak Tea House. He tweets @razaraja (

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Mr. Ok

    There is a term named as reverse psychology. The author has tried to show that he is writing in favor of Imran Khan but he is actually trying to throw the dirt on him. This shows how much he is against Imran Khan and PTI. Honestly, your arguments that you were PTI follower in the past does not carry any weight. This is the article number 19 that you have written against Imran Khan and PTI that shows your real intention and carries weight. If the author would have been neutral, he would have written something immoral practices of the king family as well. But, on that aspects, he is keeping quite and writing again and again against Imran Khan.Recommend

  • Ali

    So, on one hand you are saying that Tyrion issue should not be raised. While on the other, you are highlighting this old propaganda by posting this article. #DoubleStandardsRecommend

  • layla hai

    Corruption wins. You can be a corrupt politician, gather millions and still be “less worse” than a competitor. Since you are less worse, you have the right to retain that corrupt position and be above the law.
    Morals of our people.
    It is sickening how some people have harrased Tyrian.Recommend

  • RHR

    This article is NOT in favor of Imran.It is merely condemning online harassment of Tyrian. It is condemning PML (N) trolls while clearly stating that I don’t like Imran.
    Ok Mr. OK? The article clearly mocks at PTI right from the start!! Yes, I was unfortunately once a member of PTI and in fact I express that regret in the opening lines of the article as well. I have never ever said that I am “neutral” because with respect to parties like IK, only option for any liberal person is to simply oppose it.
    By the way, why have you changed your ID to Ok?Recommend

  • RHR

    I am condemning PML N behavior here. Not raising the issue!Recommend

  • Parvez

    If the PML-N can display utter disdain for the SC ruling …… for them to resort to such behavior is not surprise or unexpected.Recommend

  • Aamna Hassan Fasihi

    “His political maturity and rhetoric has remained frozen in time as he sounds exactly the same even today.”
    Because the bloody politics of Pakistan has been frozen around Sharifs and Bhuttos kingdoms due to people like yourself.

    “Hearing this, Sita challenged Imran to take a paternity test which he declined.”
    As far as I remember she went to the court, IK never attended proceedings nor appointed an attorney to defend him hence in his absence court ordered that Tyrian is his daughter unless proven otherwise with help of a paternity test. IK doesn’t need to defend himself against stuff hence he hasn’t complied.

    “Moreover, PML-N trolls, who though lesser in number but are as crude and abusive as PTI trolls, also started harassing Tyrian online.”
    This “lesser in number” reeks of your own subtle support for the “decent” PMLN. PTI trolls have been only a few who abuse, and they have been sternly warned to not abuse, officially. Log in to your Twitter regularly and you’ll know which party’s trolls are more abusive and even officially asked to do so.Recommend

  • Ahmar

    lol cheeky.

    PTI put this on themselves. PML-N had little to do with Gulalai but PTI’s Firdous Aashiq chose to respond by raising Aisha Ahad’s issue to counter that. Well…here comes Tyrian back to the stage.

    Let’s have justice for Tyrian. She is also #QuamkiBetiRecommend

  • Uzair Abbas

    What is funny is, that is not her real account. Her tweets would be made private, just like her instagram is. Making a blog on fake id, really?Recommend

  • M. S. Chaudhry

    Had she been connected with any Prince Sharif, the decent, modest, polite, honest, kind, upright, virtuous, upright and well behaved PTI trolls would have never mentioned her, not in their dreams. Recently we have witnesses how honorably they treat women when their sister Ayesha Gulalai said something about Khan. PML(N) trolls should learn from them how to talk about women….Recommend


    Somebody is on PML-N payroll..Recommend

  • Ghazi Gul

    A writer who manipulates and rewrites posted comments to suit himself, eh RHR.Recommend

  • RHR

    I really like your name!Recommend

  • ak


  • Farhan

    PTI followers supported using article 62/63 to disqualify the PM because he was not “Sadiq/Ameen” as per irregularities in his finances. However, the same law in it’s definition would prohibit Imran from being PM due to his past indiscretions.

    Law is the law children. We cannot make it lenient as for our desired favourites.Recommend

  • Mr. Ok

    Again, read about reverse psychology. You have tried reverse psychology, might be unintentionally but, to us, it feels like a deliberate attempt.
    Because, we know each other, i think :PRecommend

  • Mr. Ok

    read reverse psychology, if that was unintentionalRecommend

  • Duniya Hasan

    Didn’t know imran khan has a daughter. What is he waiting for before accepting her openly as his daughter?Recommend

  • Striver

    The state of democracy in a country depends on the mindset of those who proclaim to be its practitioners. No other country has such a low level of democracy than in PK.Recommend

  • Shakir Lakhani

    If he openly accepts her as his daughter (he was never married to her mother), he automatically becomes ineligible to become the prime minister of Pakistan (according to the same law which disqualified Nawaz Sharif last month). Besides that, he will lose a lot of his followers, who will ask why they should vote for such a man.Recommend

  • raees

    IK committed a sin and he is at large. To discuss this issue is dirty game. wowRecommend

  • Hasan

    What has Pakistani politics come to. Sad.Recommend

  • Ali Kazmi

    Mate that issue is already in the spotlight again, try talking about NS getting ousted with any PMLN supporters and if they even suspect that you’re a PTI supporter, they’d bring up Sita White and Tyrian White almost straight away. If no one was actually talking about it and the author decided to bring it up out of nowhere, you might’ve had a point but with the way things are, not so much.Recommend

  • Ali Kazmi

    Hmmph as a liberal Pakistani myself, I have no idea who to vote for °~°°_°, any recommendations?Recommend

  • RHR

    PTI supporter?Recommend

  • RHR

    I did not try any reverse psychology. Recommend

  • Israr Khan

    Tyran is a princess and she should be respected as she is a top girl.. who cares who thinks what i do not see anything wrong with her she is normal UK girl and will find better partner in life than most of girls in UK that’s what matters..sita white had troubled life and never challenged ik for dna test… what happened was when diagnosed with terminal illness she requested IK and Jamaima to look after her daughter IK said he cannot but Jamaima agreed since then i think she is here in UK, who is she where is she from who is her dad these answers are not important for me atleast what is important for me for example is how come so called shareefs are certified liars and dishonest by SC of Pakistan, how can we change Pakistan so justice is for everyone, PMLN is a cheap shot they never existed before zia.Recommend

  • RHR

    Sita white had challenged him several times . Yes she went to court also which declared in her favor due to Imran noncompliance. Whts the point here?
    Regarding trolls, the world knows!
    Btw I did not say PML trolls are not abusive but that they are as vicious but lesser in number
    On internet the footprint of PTI is way strongerRecommend

  • Abbas Khan

    The only point of discussion is that IK has not committed financial embezzlement where as other have done it all their lives. Else if it’s about morals then one can start from Nawaz-Tahira, Hamza-Aysha Ahad to Bhagi giving birth within 3 months of marriage; & belive me its just the tip of iceberg. N-league copy paste experts & other reverse or forward psychology experts must recognise that its not ppp or jahil jiyalas but educated turned frustrated prople its facing who have enough material on this Sharif clan not till 18 elections but till 2023. U want some, come get someRecommend

  • Jawad

    In view of the above Mr captain must acknowledge his daughter to give her.her due right and shield to fight against the issue openly as blood relations should be far superior than politics.Many honest people can come to serve Pakistan other then the captain. But a daughter can’t have another real father at any costRecommend

  • rex minor

    RHR should recognise that IK has a bag of worms from his previous life and is not a suitable candidate for a public office. he is adequately sponsored by western lobbyists. given the opportunity he will prove to be the worst of all previous poltical leaders of the great pakistan with majority lletrat population. You should btter promote avareness through education.

    rex minorRecommend

  • Ahmar

    Tyrian has lived with Imran and Jemima. Her pictures with siblings/step mom are all over the place.

    Just because Imran did not attend court proceedings does not mean he’s not the father.Recommend

  • LG

    Agreeing to RHR! He didn’t used any reverse psychology! Stating facts that may hurt party followers but he is fairly bringing to attention of public how they (1) either Imran with his recent face saving statement of bringing a departed soul (who is also mother of a 25 year old human being who never had fairness or protection all through her life just because she was forced to be born for moment pleasure rather than being responsible for her birth) in limelight to off track public mind or (2) PMLN workers sending heart breaking tweets to the same girl who had been deprived of her right to live decently in society! Well said RHR!!Recommend

  • K k

    Nobody is to be blamed for the embarrasing situation experiencing by tyrian other than imran naizi who not only betrayed sita but refused to own his own daughter. I have all the sympàthies with tyrian. He is the biggest cheater. HorribleRecommend

  • Ghazi Gul

    What is your point?Recommend

  • RHR

    You are educated? Nice to know that! Such self righteousness and derogatory references to PPP and “jahil” jiyalasRecommend

  • There can be no excuse to harass Tyrian White, online or in person. However, her purported father–and I don’t think anyone believes at this point that he’s not her father–is a rampaging hypocrite who just conspired to bring down an elected prime minister under articles 62, 63 when he himself stands in violation of those “sadiq, amin, good Islamic standing” provisions given his extramarital affairs and child(ren?) out of wedlock. I won’t care if Imran Khan were a private citizen or not a hypocrite, but he wants everyone else to live by rules he doesn’t practice.Recommend

  • Kiran Javed

    This was more of a reminder/gossip than an apology for poor Tyrian, for ppl who didn’t know about this aspect of IK’s personal life. IK doesn’t need PMship for money or ego boost. He already has alot of Fame and fortune. He is sincere to this land and wants to bring good. Otherwise he would never have divorced jamima. He could have lived with his children and enjoyed the life of luxury we all yearn to live. And for the writers information, sita White before her death made jamima , her daughter’s God mother. Had she hated IK , she would have never done that. It’s obvious IK made amends. Tyrian spends her holidays with her step Brothers and they all love her. This is the integrity my leader has. Unlike all of us who have loads of shit burried in our past, and we pretend like saints infront of the world. Try comparing yourself with him first and then comment again!Recommend

  • Humza

    You really don’t know the facts do you? Imran Khan was supposed to provide a DNA sample – look up the court archives which are there in the United States. Imran Khan refused to attend court hearings in the US to defend himself in a paternity suit because the result was known to all. He is the father which everyone knows except you. The poor dying woman Sita White only wanted Imran to accept his child born out of wedlock. This is what disturbs people the most. No one cares about Imran’s affairs with many Western women but not owning up to his daughter disgraced him in the eyes of many in the West and in Pakistan. People will forgive you for being a playboy when you are young but they will not forgive you for denying justice to your own daughter and her mother Sita White. Jemima did the decent thing and reunited the girl with her brothers and that’s why they carry on as a family in the UK. Blended families are no big deal in the West. The fact is that by opening this court case against a sitting PM instead of waiting for elections, PTI has effectively created the case for having Imran Khan disqualified to ever lead the country. If the only reason Nawaz Sharif was removed was because he did not declare income from his son’s company and is not Sadiq and Ameen, who in the Supreme Court will call Imran Sadiq and Ameen?Recommend

  • RHR

    I am teary eyed after reading this!Recommend

  • S.

    Both PML-N and PTI supporters could go to any lengths to hurt each other. Sadly, there are many who get caught in their crossfire.Recommend

  • Patwari

    Say hi to your patron Maryam Sharif, ooops! That is Maryam Safdar,
    the one who owns the London apartments. The same one who will
    have references filed against her and her abba by NAB.
    Nice try. But as usual, you failed in your pathetic attempt to portray yourself as neutral. Problem is you “ain’t neutral”.
    Thou dost protest too much.
    You are a ‘nooner’ in triplicate. The more you deny the more it shows.
    See after your two million articles, praising God’s gift to Pakland,
    also known as the ‘Man With A Face Only A Mother Can Love’. Or
    MWAFOAMCL or Raja of Raiwind or Two Palaces In Saudia Sharif or
    Dubai Iqama Sharif, or I Was Working Two Jobs Sharif, or Li’l Bit Sharif’s Older Brother, or Ivanka Sharif’s Abba… you will be forever known as a Nawazite.
    By the way Maryam moved her office from the PM House in Islamabad
    to Gawal Mandi, Lahore. Above Gullu Butt’s Kebab House. Be aware.Recommend

  • Patwari

    Surely you mean crocodile tears.Recommend

  • Patwari

    What would you call the huge 129 million voter base of people who keep voting for the Man with the Bloated Sour Looking face? Geniuses? Nobel prize winners? MENSA aspirants?
    His corruption goes back decades. He is a billionaire in USD now.
    This kind of voting is called ethnic provincialism. Use a dictionary…
    Now these 129 million people in Punjab have no medical care, their children are out of school, there is an open season on Christians, Ahmadis, Shias. Not to mention every single banned outfit has an office in Punjab. They are thriving there. The govt. looks the other way.
    There are people who die on govt. hospital floors because they could
    not pay. Pre mature babies die by the dozens because the incubators broke down years ago. In Faisalabad, Sialkot, Guranwala, Mianwali.
    Sahiwal. No new ones either.
    Just working incubators would have kept them alive.
    So, what would you call these people who keep voting for this horror show?Recommend

  • Patwari

    A sitting PM? Whose has a corruption records going back
    30 years. [a conservative estimate]. Now has almost $4 billion USD.
    A sitting PM who would not allow a full fledge foreign minister, who could attend forums, nations, all over the world and defend Pakland and present a positive image. This man single handedly destroyed Pakistan’s image worldwide.
    A sitting PM who wanted to negotiate with terrorists/extremists
    who have, to date, killed 73,000 men women children and soldiers.
    A sitting PM who made backroom deals with terrorists to spare his
    home province of Punjab, the rest of the country does not count.
    Hindustan has a vicious toxic campaign to malign and discredit
    Land of the Pure. While Paks have no one out there to defend it.
    Except Gullu Butt’s sister known as Maleha Lodhi in the United Nations.
    By the way, what was Nawaz doing as Chief Executive of a company
    in Dubai while he was Prime Minister? With a Dubai Iqama to boot.
    Working two jobs? To support his poor family?
    The reason he did not collect a salary was because he owned the
    shell company. His son was just a front. Money laundering.
    A siiting PM who lied to the nation , National Assembly, the JIT,
    and the Supreme Court. Who could not proof prove how he purchased properties in London. Fake documents, letters…..
    Take a good long look in the mirror. You will see Nawaz staring back.Recommend

  • RHR

    Tears of sympathy 😄Recommend

  • RHR

    Oh typical self righteous and know all behavior is even more fully at display. And you think that you are better or more intelligent! Typical supporter of that reactionary Taliban Khan
    Self righteous!Recommend

  • RHR

    Instead of telling him to take a look in the mirrorr, take a good look at yourself. Recommend

  • RHR

    Pity on you! Typical PTI commentator accusing anyone who differs in opinion as paid

  • sterry

    The online harassment of Tyrian by strangers is wrong but I am sure her rejection by her own father Imran Khan must hurt her more. What daughter wants to be ignored by her father and have her mother disrespected? Imran Khan has put himself in a catch 22 situation. If a JIT is formed that makes him prove that he is not the biological father, he will be in big trouble. In US he is considered the biological father.Recommend

  • Patwari

    Find an easy two bit excuse to defend whatever. Put them all together and call it a book.
    Number 2,815,059 coming up, soon, in defense of the
    ‘Ousted One’ or ‘Our Lord and Savior of Punjab’.Recommend

  • Patwari

    Bet you like these names too :- Hasan and Hussain’s Abba,
    Ivanka Sharif’s Daddy, Kalsoom’s Beloved, Dollar Dar’s
    Samdhi, Saad Rafique’s Pal, Bholu the Wrestler’s son in
    law, Hamza’s Chacha, Darbari Sharif, Iqamawala Sharif and
    Nawaz bin Salman bin AbdelAziz,

  • Patwari

    When you look in the mirror,…you notice that pointed head?Recommend

  • Abbas Khan

    Yup educated turned into sour critics because of mehrbani of people like u who do not leave any chance to criticize IK’s personal like. U want some; come get some.

  • RHR

    Wow what a “witty’ and brave answer ” U want some; come get some.”
    Typical PTI self righteous behaviorRecommend

  • RHR

    Yawn. PTI walas jokes are also as lame as their leader.Recommend

  • Patwari

    Let’s not worry about what the Kuptaan is considered in the US. They have mega problems with Big Yellow.
    Nobody gives a rat’s a*s about it except the ‘nooners’
    John F. Kennedy had numerous affairs, even when he was
    president. Women were quietly brought in the White House. Including the famous affair with the actress Marilyn Monroe.
    Worry about what the Fiji Islanders the Mauritanians, the Somalians, the Ethiopians or the Papua/New Guineans think of the ‘sadiq and amin’ deposed Darbari from Raiwind Palace.
    The praises won’t cover a pinhead.
    The third time failed ‘alleged’ Prime Minister/Foreign Minister
    of Punjab [ONLY] has no leadership skills. He is mediocre.
    There should be a JIT to investigate why he did not allow a
    foreign minister. Why he held the position himself. And destroyed Pakland’s reputation everywhere. Worldwide.
    Was he collecting two salaries? Hhmmn….interesting.
    He and his family should be on Exit Control List. Does not matter how many ‘iqamas’ the Londonwala holds in his sweaty pudgy hands.
    The $3 billion + dollars need to be brought back.Recommend

  • RHR

    Again lame jokes coming from a member of the party of the man who sold Pakistan. Taliban KhanRecommend

  • Abbas Khan

    Well my answer can be much more detailed & comprehensive Mr. Rent a blog, so much so that your vocabulary can be short. But the point remains that paid thugs like u have got no option but to attack personal life of IK. Its about time that where abouts & family details of paid puppets shoud be extracted & then personal question & answer should be done in detail!!Recommend

  • sterry

    Isn’t Sita White’s case relevant since Imran Khan will stoop to any level to bring accusations against others. He should look at his own character and answer why he refused to appear in US courts for the paternity case. He loves to accuse others of everything but clearly Imran is no saint by any standard. What’s worse is that he has no agenda except using bad language and taking power at all costs, even if that means damaging the economy. People are upset that the country’s democratic system was beginning but Imran seems hell bent on just dharnas and extra judicial coups. Maybe a good JIT to look into his past affairs and children born outside of marriage will disqualify him too so we don’t have to deal with his negativism the next time he loses in elections. Everyone I know is turned off my Imran’s stubborn antics and bad language. Let the people judge in elections but Imran will never accept the verdict of people like the spoiled playboy he is.Recommend

  • Aamna Hassan Fasihi

    Tyrian has never lived with IK. As for Jemima’s pictures with Tyrian, the first picture surfaced right after IK and Reham’s marriage. Jussayin!Recommend

  • RHR

    You people are so petty! Anyone who has different opinion is a rented person for you! Typical PTI self righteous behaviorRecommend

  • Patwari

    ‘…everyone I know…? Huh? But you only know 13 people.
    10 neighbors and 3 at the day laborers ‘adda’ [camp].Recommend

  • Ali Kazmi

    a) I did not support PTI in my comment in any way, shape or form.
    b) If Imran Khan brings allegations of financial corruption against other politicians and there’s any chance that they’re based on facts, I care because that financial corruption directly affects me as a citizen of Pakistan. That’s my money they’ve stolen.
    c) I don’t give a crap about who’s had/having an affair with whom because that doesn’t affect me in the slightest.
    d) Nawaz Sharif would have been disqualified in 1997 had PMLN supporters not attacked the Supreme Court of Pakistan and forced the then Chief Justice Syed Sajjad Ali Shah to resign. The only reason they couldn’t do that this time around was because the army chief announced that the army would protect national institutions.
    e) PMLN and PPP have been a curse on this nation for several decades. Here’s to hoping that House Sharif and House Bhutto/Zardari are both curb stomped out of Pakistani politics. Don’t actually know who’d replace them at this moment but they have to go.
    f) What economy are we talking about? The one where the imports are rising uncontrollably and exports have been in free fall for years now? Yeah, that economy isn’t all that great. Imran Khan or no Imran Khan.
    g) Unless you’re telling me that the Federal Government was going to solve the energy crisis (the biggest problem we have in several growth markets) by creating power plants in D-Chowk or on/around the GT-Road, the dharna did not effect the economy in any meaningful way. The economy would’ve limped along regardless of whether there was a protest against the government or not.
    h) Nawaz Sharif was disqualified by the larger bench of the Supreme Court of Pakistan. I had the misfortune of listening to a couple of his speeches during the rally and unless he actually wants to get thrown in jail for contempt of court, I have no idea what the point of going off about how the court has insulted the people who voted for him and riling up the public sentiment against the courts serves any purpose.
    i) The article wasn’t about Imran Khan. It was about PMLN supporters dragging someone who has nothing to do with whatever’s happening in Pakistan into their fight. Looking at your comments, you seem to fit the bill so congrats, the article was actually about you.Recommend

  • Ali Kazmi

    RHR didn’t use reverse psychology but you most certainly did.
    “PMLN workers sending heart breaking tweets to the same girl who had been deprived of her right to live decently in society!”
    Uh in case you aren’t aware of this, in the West, most people don’t give two hoots about whether someone’s parents were married or not when they were conceived or if someone actually knew their dad or not. I’m certain Tyrion has lived a decent enough life thus far and the fact that her father’s identity is not exactly confirmed has never led to any social problems for her.Recommend