Dear Ayesha Gulalai, instead of honouring our roots and culture, you have disgraced every single Pakhtun woman of Pakistan

Published: August 4, 2017

You were muddled and disoriented over whether you should level your allegations against Imran or blame Khattak for his dishonesty.

Dear Ayesha Gulalai,

I am neither a political worker nor do I support any political party. What’s even more interesting is that I am not a fan of Imran Khan either. I am a young Pakhtun woman who has been following the Pakhtun tradition and culture since I was a little girl.

My parents have always guided me to stand up for my rights and speak up against any kind of harassment in the male-dominated society we live in. Brought up in a conservative traditional family, I have always been reminded to uphold the respect of my family and most importantly, to uphold my own izzat (respect). I’ve also been told not to compromise on it no matter what comes in my way.

Not having a brother to protect my izzat in the male chauvinist environment, I, along with my sisters, have been edified by my parents to speak up against repression and intimidation in all forms. My father allowed me to lead an independent life of a working woman and I was never barred from anything, provided it stayed within the boundaries of our Pakhtun culture.

I have always regarded you as a female political party worker from South Waziristan who has been actively playing her part in mainstream politics. Simultaneously, I have always observed your sister Maria Toorpakai Wazir, who is ranked as the top professional squash player of Pakistan.

As the news broke that you decided to leave Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) on the grounds of the respect of a Pakhtun woman, trust me, I felt honoured that a Pakhtun woman of high political stature had taken a firm decision against oppression. However, after watching your press conference the other day, I had no words and logic left to defend you.

Allow me to share my views on your statements in the media, that I think demeaned the Pakhtun society, particularly our women.

At first, you should clarify the confusion, as on one hand you claim that Imran is a womaniser, while on the other you think that the chief minister (CM) of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (K-P), Pervez Khattak, is dishonest and corrupt.

Secondly, putting myself in your position, I would have resigned, left the political party and stood up against the alleged harassment in 2013 only, if and when I had received inappropriate text messages from the party chairman. I believe that respect, not just for a Pakhtun woman but for any woman in Pakistan, comes before professionalism and so I would have highlighted this issue of exploitation and disdain in 2013 instead of bringing it up four years later. You are not only responsible for disrespecting Pakhtun women but are equally responsible for degrading your sister, Maria, who has come a long way to make Pakistan proud.

Thirdly, you said Imran is a ‘do number Pathan’ (fake Pathan). As far as I remember, he never called himself a Pathan as he hails from the Niazi family. After this drama, I do not see you as a genuine Pathan either, because if you talk about respect and following Pakhtun traditions, you should not have opted for politics and stayed at home if it bothered you so much.

Once you came out to join a political party, you chose to come under some moral obligations and responsibilities. If you realised that that you were not getting respect from the party’s leadership and were being harassed by its chairman back in 2013, instead of enjoying the perks and privileges of being a Member of Parliament (MP) until 2017, you should have taken up this issue immediately.

Pakhtun fathers are known for being overprotective towards their daughters. In an interview with Kashif Abbasi, you claimed that you had discussed the issue with your parents. I want to ask you, how on earth did your father allow you to stay? How come he didn’t force you to resign?

On the issue of ghairat (honour), Pakhtun men can even take up arms, so how could your father spare Imran after seeing the alleged text messages? It’s appalling that he, as a Pakhtun father, allowed you to stay in the political party, visit Bani Gala and attend party meetings even after such an incident.

After speaking to Abbasi the other day, you specifically mentioned that you wouldn’t be resigning from the National Assembly seat. By saying this, you gave the impression that you were only interested in the seat. Throughout the interview, you couldn’t answer a single question appropriately or provide proof to the anchor. You were muddled and disoriented over whether you should level your allegations against Imran or blame Khattak for his dishonesty.

My humble question is, while remaining as an MP, how can you utilise the current seat to serve the people since you are no longer a part of PTI? How can you address peoples’ problems from a forum that you have already left?

Malik Shah Muhammad Khan Wazir, an aide of Khattak, has demanded for a tribal jirga to demolish your house if your allegations against Imran are not proven to be true. As a Pakhtun woman, I strongly condemn his statement and believe that if a jirga of Pakhtun elders had been formed to resolve this issue, they would have spared you. The reason for this is because Pakhtun people respect women and demand their women to respect themselves first.

Unfortunately, today, instead of honouring your roots, tradition, culture and above all, yourself, you have embarrassed and disgraced every single Pakhtun woman of Pakistan, including your own talented sister.

Aimen Hayat Khan

Aimen Hayat Khan

The author is currently working with a peace development organization and is former Project Manager Youth Parliament Pakistan. She tweets @aimenhayatkhan (

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • KaKa

    WOW! What a master-stroke by you Aimen. That’s a great convincing write-up!Recommend

  • Ali Khan

    An excellent, cogent and rational response. Keep up the great work. Thank you. :) (y)Recommend

  • Lakhkar Khan

    Aimen Hayat Khan, you have the right to your opinion. I believe Ayesha Gulalay that Imran Niazi is a disgusting human being who lowered the already low standard in Pakistani politics. Ayesha Gulalay is fighting for her dignity like a true Pukhtana which makes us Pukhtun proud.Recommend

  • Asim

    The timing of these accusations shows how much the opposition is behind people like Ayesha Gulalai to implement a smear campaign against IK and PTI. These accusations come at a time when PTI has started to gain some support amongst public after the panama verdict. Ayesha Gulalai just months ago was highly praising IK and his personality.

    Furthermore, since educated females form a major portion of PTI’s vote bank, PML-N is trying its best to damage this vote bank. I feel as soon as the elections are over gulalai will go completely silent as her purpose has been served.

    Pakistani politics is indeed a dirty game.Recommend

  • Simple Truth

    looks like the writer has been skillfully brain-washed! forget about Jirga; in any Western country, Mr Naeem and IK both would be in jail for trying to trap a girl, their children’s age! Naeem and IK are clearly predators, who were trying to use marriage as a facade to lure Ayesha into satisfying their ugly designs! Recommend

  • sterry

    Instead of trying to understand this woman, you are blaming the victim. That’s not fair. You think it’s easy for a woman to speak up against abuse? It takes time, thought, support and so much other stuff. If men like Imran Khan who are used to dating many women, especially foreign women like Jemima, Sita, Reham and others feels that they can behave same way with Pakistani women, it should be exposed and stopped. Instead you are talking about what is or isn’t right for a real Pakhtun. You pretend to be impartial but you are not. Ask any woman who has faced abuse whether it is easy to speak up. It takes time to get courage to speak against Imran Khan and fight for truth. Look at how PTI abused her sister Maria Toorpakai and launched 30 million defammation suit against her instead of providing the text records of the phone. Why can’t JIT be set up to investigate and look into the text messages. If there are dirty remarks, Imran Khan and members of his party should be forced to resign by court.Recommend

  • Israr Khan

    Yap Aimen i agree with you .. pakhtoon tradition is v strict when its about sisters wives and daughters i remember the guy only said something to another women old enough to be his mother and her sons were there in our area demanding his head. as simple as that, u need to see a doctor u need help, the only person here who can help is ur brother who can say my sister believe what she is saying is right but i think its not right and i apologize to IK and request him to forgive usRecommend

  • shah khan

    I am not supporter of any politician mostly are crooks and serve their interest,To be honest as a pushtun i feel down when i saw this lady on talk show which i did not know, heard or seen earlier, she speak in such a disgraceful manner just for the sake to be in limelight and with a thought that she could gain something from this heinous despicable shameful act, i was totally shocked to see we have these kind of women in our pushtun race and society like this hungry lady for fame and money, its very unfortunate this politician lady gulalai became a disgrace to the pakhtun race and its culture, whats will be the thought of those that are not aware of pashtunwali tradition and culture, she is so hungry to become famous and for that matter she can go down so extremely low i could not imagine, surprisingly now she is complaining of ill treatment when this was happening from four years and she was tolerating it just for the sake of her chair as a parliamentarian money and fancy lifestyle, why her conscience was sleeping for four years and now suddenly she woken up, these kind of people can do anthing just for money fame and fancy desire, she is calling herself to be an emerging politician but in fact she is a big joke by looking at this frustrated lady one can see frustration,
    just wondering who is the father of this lady???Recommend

  • peter pan

    I do not understand what all this fuss is about Gulalai and Imran Khan.
    IK apparently likes the gal and made a gesture to see whether the liking was mutual. Is this not how it is supposed to work?
    If she does’nt want to go further she should just say no thanks!! So you win some you lose some. End of matter.
    All this bull shit about honor of Pakhtoon women is ridiculous. How do Pakhtoon men have babies-invitro fertilization ??Recommend

  • Rooh Ullah Khattak

    Complaining of sexual harassment is a disgrace?? It might be your own mentality about dealing with sexual harassment but no, I don’t think that it is true.Recommend

  • Faraz Talat

    It’s pieces like these that feed right into the problematic ‘aurat hi aurat ki sab se bari dushman hoti hai’ (“A woman is woman’s worst enemy”) trope, that Pakistani men frequently use to absolve themselves of guilt and responsibility.

    The victim of sexual harassment is under no obligation to report to you or anyone else why she did not resign in 2013. There’s a constellation of reasons (yes, not committing career suicide is one of them) why a victim may be reluctant to report an incident. Consider the fact that it took Bill Cosby’s rape victims 10-30 years to come forward with their allegations.

    As for the matter of how Gulalai’s father “allowed” her to stay in the party; what a ridiculously patriarchal thing to say. I’m assuming it’s because Gulalai is an adult woman who does not take orders from men in her family. It might also be that Ayesha had not updated her father about details of her harassment.

    Any victim-blaming rant that accuses the harassed woman of ‘disgracing’ her culture feels so outdated, I’m surprised by it’s been published as an online blog rather than being scratched onto a cave wall by a sharp rock.Recommend

  • Sami

    So basically the article is stating that Pukhtuns are far superior in morals and in general than the rest of Pakistanis. But somehow Miss Gulalai have betrayed this so called Very Very Superior race.

    Actually I am sick and tired of these trumpets of Pukhtoons all the time. Considering yourself superior than others is basically a racism and many Pukhtoons do not even understand this very concept.

    As a Non Pukhtoon let me assure you that Every ethnicity of Pakistan is honorable and women are respected in every ethnicity. But no other ethnicity of Pakistan disgrace others to hide their inferiority complexes or write articles to beat the drums that they are better than the rest.Recommend

  • Ahmar

    Wow.. such a misogynistic blog. How do you want Pakhtun women to respect themselves? By keeping quiet?

    First, Gulalai is alleging both. That Imran Khan is a womaniser and Khattak is corrupt. Those are not mutually exclusive claims.

    Second, her claims about Imran’s text in 2013 is not necessarily about harassment but flirtatious. Very unbecoming of a party leader. We will have to wait to see what exactly the message is.

    Third. Imran is a FAKE pathan. He’s no Khan. Why does he pretend to be one? Nothing wrong in stating the truth.Recommend

  • Azhar Ali

    Aimen, you want that all sexually harassed women should be a model of virtue, tradition and modesty. Only then they should complain about the encroachment of their space. If they are not paradigmatic like you, they should shut up. If a sexual worker is raped, it is not a big deal.Recommend

  • Saad Khan

    @Author… You are going blind sided as if IK cannot make mistakes. I thought the term masoom was only for prophets.

    So you answer me that what should a lady if she faces such a situation in a male dominated society. Should we burn her boats and contribute nothing towards the society. Should she go behind curtains and hide her difficulties. To you, it seems like it is fun for Ayesha to go out there and blame IK. It takes guts to take daring moves unlike you who can boast about women rights yet would not write an article about encouraging other women to come out and speak for themselves.

    Shame on you for talking about women rights, our culture and roots.Recommend

  • Amer

    I haven’t read your blog completely since I am disgusted by this whole ‘Paktun culture’ thing. Do ‘Paktuns’ think that other Pakistanis or other Muslims or other Human Beings are not ‘Izzat Dar’ or do ‘Paktuns’ sit on a higher ‘Gayrat’ pedestal then the rest of humanity ? I don’t believe in any ‘culture’ anyways and only follow the teachings of the Quran and Sunah.. always looking for guidance in them. Please ‘Paktuns’ go on with your dark age tribal stuff and don’t give us lectures of your ‘Garyrat’.
    THANK YOU VERY MUCH !Recommend

  • Marghoob Ahmed Siddiqui

    The most important thing is you must have protested on the first day, Pakhtun or not Pakhtun, woman has her respect and she must defend it at every cost.Recommend

  • 19640909rk .

    Problem with women. Instead of getting facts right, why insult Ayesha. No lady will take the risk of getting her face blackened, unless they have undergone a lot of humiliation.Recommend

  • Ben Youssef

    Dear Aimen Hayat Khan, you have totally missed the point. Sexual harassment is a cancer, its often the result of men sense of entitlement. it has nothing to do with culture, religion or ethnicity. Please real men, get up and denounce this disgrace.Recommend

  • Asif Paracha

    Hopefully the matter will now be settled as a high level inquiry will be conducted by a Parliamentary Committee. They will examine the evidence first hand.Recommend

  • kahn

    power of money my dear… can do wonders!!!Recommend

  • Milind A

    Ha ha.. Spot on….Recommend

  • Khan RF

    This article does not make any sense. Sorry to say!!Recommend

  • Khurram

    I agree totally this notion that is thrust down our throats every day that there is only one ethnicity that has a monoplane on honour and ghairat and somewhat superior should see how pakhtuns and aafghans live in europeRecommend

  • Gcs Mktd

    very good article. This lady gulalai has messed not just herself but every women who is dreaming to come out and be something in life. This is well scripted drama written by experienced writers. In our society, fortunately or unfortunately women in few cases are over-privileged and this case is one of it. Recommend

  • wb

    Bachabazi is also a Pakhtun culture. Should you preserve, protect, cherish and spread this amazing culture?Recommend

  • wb

    Yes. Why did you stop writing? I used to enjoy your writings.Recommend

  • Ghazi Gul

    A very well written hard hitting piece. Did you write it all by yourself, Aimen?Recommend

  • Ghazi Gul

    No, she is slinging mud hoping some would stick. She has presented no proof.Recommend

  • Gratgy

    The gems in this article

    “as on one hand you claim that Imran is a womaniser, while on the other you think that the chief minister (CM) of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (K-P), Pervez Khattak, is dishonest and corrupt.”

    Are the two mutually exclusive?

    “Secondly, putting myself in your position, I would have resigned, left the political party and stood up against the alleged harassment in 2013 only, if and when I had received inappropriate text messages from the party chairman.”

    Easier to preach others without being in their position. Moreover why should one resign if she has done no wrong? In fact shouldn’t it be the perpetrator who should be punished rather than the victim?

    “In an interview with Kashif Abbasi, you claimed that you had discussed the issue with your parents. I want to ask you, how on earth did your father allow you to stay? ”

    Isn’t she an adult or is it that a woman doesn’t she have to right to make her own decision for herself

    “so how could your father spare Imran after seeing the alleged text messages?”

    Err Should he have done a Mumtaz Qadri on Imran instead?Recommend

  • Hassan Mirza

    Things for free nation Pakistan and doing business on other people money .Mind set of Pakistani Resident . like so call self acclaimed leaders so there supporters .Opportunist She claim She is in Politics for social work .What she did for women of her area or Pakistan which she get paid and not want to leave for Nation? Charity social work began from Home and once there own money but Pakistani resident do not understand that who living on other countries loan and other people Expense .Where in Pakistan it is self respect some body claim sexuall harassment issues with some body and her father and brother know it as well keep working with that person and been paid monthly taking perks and this is all she doing it for respect and for nation.Recommend

  • mithidada

    Very well said. You should be writing professionally.Recommend

  • Javid Hussain

    simply she destroyed her political career soon she will be realized.Recommend

  • SMR-87

    so basically you are saying that career advancement should take precedence over self respect?!? first of all it is AG who brought in the pukhtoon card. even in kashif abbasi’s show she asked him how would you react if someone sent lewd messages to your wife. KA simply replied that i would not wait for 4 years to make all the noise and confront it then and there.

    AG is not IK’s slave. nor was she his wife or related to him in anyway. she showed the so called messages to her father who told her to do nothing!! she is an educate woman and she comes from an educated family that has been active in public life. I understand coming out in public is not easy but the least she could have done was quit the party. how she managed to work over there all those years, facing IK and defending PTI on all forums, drawing similarities between KPK and Medina (hilarious!!). no hatred for IK no nothing. that is strange to say the least.

    she claims that all the ‘honourable’ women in PTI are in danger and should look to protect themselves. Absolute gibberish. spewing nonsense without even realising how her statements would be received by women workers in PTI. what is the definition of honourable? has anyone asked her that.

    if IK is guilty then he should face the consequences. but spare us this political correctness and hiding behind words like ‘patriarchy’. she has used political excuses to answer questions on her personal issues. using pukhtoon and honour card was nothing less than stupid. and i wonder what if all her demands were being met!!! demands which would expedite her career progression and sate her voracious political & career ambitions. would she still make these revelations. i highly doubt it.Recommend

  • Ihsan

    Great analysis by the author but I disagree with the aggressive tone about honor in the name of a particular cast/tradition/culture/family/gendre. A good woman, a good father could be any where. I believe that a good woman is (only as much) respectable as a good man. Just to let know, I am a Pakhtun.Recommend

  • jibran

    This is what women have to endure when they open up and speak out about the injustices. She should not quit the politics, nor vacate the seat. She has the right to be there. The culprit has to be removed, not the victim. PTI is not a property of a handful of misogynist men, who like Trump believe that because of their celebrity status they have the right to grab a woman by the *.

    It is unfortunate that we have some women who are condemning the victim.Recommend

  • jibran

    The author is making precisely the same excuse as the perpetrators of the (dis)-honor killings make. That by getting raped, or molested, or by raising a voice, women dishonor their family.

    It is this mindset that is a disgrace, and must be condemned.Recommend

  • Kalim Ullah Hussain

    Sorry to say, but you don’t make sense at all! I am a Pashtun myself and I admire Gulalai’s courage to fight her battle against Imran Khan who is revered by his blind supporters. If every girl in Pakistan decided to stay home after being harassed, you would not find a single girl at work or on the streets in Pak.

    We cannot ignore the fact that most girls in Pak get harassed in Pak either on the streets, facebook, work, college or unknown callers. Gulalai raising her voice against Imran in 2013 would have been a career suicide, Imran was at peak of his popularity and no one would have believed her.

    She took her time but I am glad she did take a stand against the harassment and it does make me feel proud as a Pashtun.Recommend

  • Kalim Ullah Hussain

    No one is saying we are superior but we do have our own culture and by those standards things are looked at in different ways.

    Every person of every race and colour can be honorable or dishonorable.Recommend

  • Memona

    By reading your article i have come to the only conclusion that women in Pakhtun society shouldn’t speak up or defend themselves regardless of what happen to them because it is matter of ‘Pakhun Women’s Izzat’.  Ayesha Gulalai is setting a good exmple for all Pakistani women to speak up.Recommend

  • Ahmar

    It is an issue because Imran Khan is in a position of power and authority in PTI while Gulalai is a low ranked worker. Refuting Imran’s advances would mean an end to her political career. So either she puts up with it or ends her career. This is why men in positions of power and authority are not supposed to make advances towards women because women would find it difficult to say no and antagonize their boss. Classic case of sexual harassment at work.

    Besides Imran is more than 40 years older than Gualali…if I am not mistaken.Recommend

  • ali

    we respect pakhtuns and all people. we are all human. we need a human view of things. all women are respectable. we need brotherhood.please do not divide the community .Recommend

  • ali

    the article is very confusing . we respect pakhtuns and all people. we are all human. we need a human view of things. all women are respectable. we need brotherhood.please do not divide the community. woman in any community gets disrespected when she does not keep self respect( by exposing herself etc) otherwise we all respect women.Recommend

  • Patwari

    But Somu, er,…see..well…hhmmm,..just a month ago you wrote a comment
    about how you were in Karachi and you were taller and fairer than every
    Karachiite you saw. Since you are from Sharif land, also known as Land of
    Five Dried Up Rivers,…and 15 million out of school children with an open season on Christians, Ahmadis and Shias. So what happened? You changed?
    Before that, you wrote about Muhajjirs, the ones who migrated from Hindustan,
    In a very derogatory way. And before that….about Pathans….so?
    You do remember the invitation to come up to Hunza or Chitral or Gilgit from
    your lowland blistering abode?
    Where we will show you some fair skinned blue/green eyed people. Much better then what you are used to in Sharifpur? Kot Sharif? Hamzaganj? Shahbazpura? Maryam Goth?Recommend

  • Patwari

    See, we can always talk about Sadhvi Prachi,…then onto
    Mamta Bannerjee, that can include the famous declaration
    by the Saffron Lord, Modi Sarkar. Moving on, there is Maharaj,
    Master Modi’s guru, not forgetting Yogi Adityanath,….now you
    want to read about their misogynist utterances? Will need 10 pages.Recommend

  • Ayesha K.

    stupid article. the blogger is rhe reason why women dont tall about hqrrassment in a place like Pakostqn and get riducled id they do. what sa shame!Recommend

  • Zaya Lia

    You are certainty right.But , Punjabis should not pretend to be more patriots…
    And calling other’s traitor etc.
    I am pakhtoon, and you are right about pukhtoon superiority.Every pakistani are Brave&beautiful&handsome&respectful. #stereotype.
    ONE Nation, One Pakistan.Recommend

  • Ayesha K.

    Imran has been a well known playboy. I am not shocked at Gulalai’s claim.Its our public that needs to see that people accused and convicted of sexual harrasment charges are not in power. otherwise we are talking about a Pakiatani Donal Trump.Recommend

  • Zaya Lia

    Thumbs up..
    You are right.”

    But , Kindly just take a glance over pukhtoon perspectives over punjabis , racism , Discrimination.
    Etc. What they think about Punjabis…?
    It’s true that pukhtoon should not pretend to be more superior etc. But , did you ever glance over punjabis allegations on other’s Cast….Recommend

  • Hassan Mirza

    Hypocrite and Two face Pakistani Resident and frustrated Nation Where Sexual Harassment topic is Fashion .It is not one side it is both side opportunist can do any things .Recommend

  • Hassan Mirza

    So call High level and so call respected where a Parent or a father and a Brother let her daughter ,sister work for money and seat 4 years under Sexually Harrse for money and power .Recommend

  • Hassan Mirza

    Really yes sure there is nothing lolRecommend

  • Hassan Mirza

    Pathan and some tribe Sell there Izat taking money I only see that in Gulalai case An opportunity for moneyRecommend

  • Salim Alvi

    What is Pakhtun culture? Pakhtuns dont have any connection left with Panini, the grammamarian, the great Takshshila University and Gandhar Art & culture. Pakhtun elite like Niyazi & Gulalai sold common Pakhtun and his poor Allahrakhi daughter for foreign masters, Enslaved men create fake Ghairat pride thingy based on their female behavior, since they have nothing to show off.Recommend

  • Golnath

    Fake pathan? What kind is that? You mean one day he
    woke up and said I am going to add khan to my name?
    Henceforth, from this day forward, I am a pathan now.
    Try thinking, before hitting the ‘send’ button.Recommend

  • Carbon Khan

    By highlighting these issues, you are exposing more pukhtons to some illiterate people who will only follow your this blind stunt! You can come up with better opinion than this one !Recommend

  • Carbon Khan

    I will totally agree with you when the mainstream media stop stabbing Pukhtoons in their talk shows, dramas, and movies. Other provinces have the same kind of people but they will find the best actors when it comes to theft, snatching or killing scenes in the clip. Don’t you think this attitude of media should be changed?Recommend

  • Golnath

    No. You you can also let it go on. Get as much proof, paper trail, text
    messages, emails, proof of phone calls received, witnesses, letters,
    voicemails etc. Record all dates and times.
    And after doing all this, it still wont help.Recommend

  • Salim Alvi

    All Ayeshas suffer for their Abbu sake. Recommend

  • 19640909rk .

    do you have proof ?????Recommend

  • Patwari

    How about you crawl back under your rock.Recommend

  • Evan
  • Sane

    More work, more money.Recommend

  • Abdul moiz

    And its comments like these that feed right into the problematic, PC Policing has totally wrecked the universe” that Dirty minded people like me frequently use to absolve ourselves from all the evil we commit

    As for the matter of how her father kept his gayrat glued up, and suggested her to keep up with the harassment, that question was raised only after her self righteous claim that she belongs to a family of extra modest saaf suthra folks who would never endure any harassment, specially of a sexual nature

    Many victim-blaming rant that accuses the harassed woman of ‘disgracing’ her culture feel outdated,Provided that the said victim is not herself hypocritically simultanously claiming to belong to the stone age/Acting modern/yet enduring blatant abuse/then suddenly realizing it can’t be endured any further/unless she were given a seat/then claiming not to lie/while contradicting herself in every other sentenceRecommend

  • Ben Youssef

    Their is no problem with women, their are problem with some men who cannot take no for answer. Sexual harassment is common behavior among men, it has nothing to do with race, culture or ethnicity. In Canada here, we have the same issue on every level of society. Accepting that its happening will go long way to start exploring solutions.Recommend

  • Qween Oof Sorrowsz

    Bibi gulalai Jan forget Pakistan come home to Mother Afghanistan an help your ppl there Recommend

  • Qween Oof Sorrowsz

    The men target my Gulalai because they’re jealous a woman’s smarter an braver then them an they want to mock n be disrespectful that’s they’re method of being a winner. Her win is there war that can’t handle being defeat by a woman so they use sexual degrading to dominateRecommend

  • Fraz

    she never said that punjabis or sindis or balouhs are not izzat dar .Recommend

  • EvEry BuDy

    I second faraz’s statement of “how gulailais father allowed her to stay in the party” to be ridiculously patriarchaic. Secondly, the writer of this article doesn’t realize how hard it is to get out of abuse. Or even speak about it. Especially when it comes from a place of authority or power. No one really “enjoys” it. I mean, understand the culture of America where people actually are more vocal about such cases, Angelina Jolie and her likes suffered from sexual abuse from industry executives and they didn’t speak for ages. Courtney Love spoke up years ago and was ostracized for it. So in our culture, you can imagine it takes immense courage to even speak about this at some point in your life. And when you are dealing with someone who has power stemmed from corruption, there are many reasons you can’t leave easy.Recommend