Pirs, fakirs and other freaks

Published: April 19, 2011

Why is it so difficult for us to perceive the perils of playing with these known-unknowns?

Why is it so difficult for us to perceive the perils of playing with these known-unknowns? Why is so difficult for us to perceive the perils of playing with these known-unknowns?

Blood curdling fury. That’s the best and perhaps only way to describe my feelings when I read news stories about pirs and their never-ending shenanigans. Fury, not at the pirs, because let’s face it, they’ve proved time and again that they’re quite good at their job of scamming, but at the people who happily volunteer to be used and abused by these charlatans and then go whining about their misfortune to the authorities, seeking commiseration and justice.

What a heartless snoot you must think I am, right?

Brutally chalking off victims of one of the most hideous and widespread forms of social crime as essentially unsympathisable. But tell me, who else is to blame when a pir shamelessly asks a grown man to leave his pubescent daughter at his place overnight so he can “cure” her, and he agrees?

Or when a family silently looks on as a young man’s nails are pulled out by a baba who doesn’t know cold blooded murder from exorcism?

The most recent case of Shehzadi Bibi, a mother of two who was raped by a pir after she let him into her home to drive away evil djinns, is a classic example of people’s messed up ideals and how immaturely they deal with them. And to be honest, I find it hard to empathise with anyone who is willing to lay their trust in men who not only look like they haven’t had a decent bath in years, but are, in contrast to inconspicuous men who are actually in touch with the Divine, quite revolting to look at!

We’re 11 years into the 21st century for crying out loud, and it’s about time people stopped blaming their idiotic decisions and acts of utter nincompoopery on lack of education. Common sense is a virtue even the worst-off have been blessed with.

Self-fulfilling prophecies

Why is it so hard for us to finally understand that just like any other profession, the world of piri fakiri is swarming with sexual predators and impostors who are simply out to make a quick buck? They grasp at ideas of cosmic consciousness, use lofty language and claim knowledge of esoteric secrets, prostituting their powerful clasp over the ‘unknown’ through dramatically staged displays of expertise, attracting a sizable clientele from the most beleaguered sect of the social order. The result is a lot of unqualified people with outlandish claims and grubby beards playing games, living in imaginary worlds and wasting poor people’s time and money who blindly embrace any form of consolation, no matter how foolish, hoping to make some sense of their continuing ill-fortune and hardships.

It’s understandable in a way, for these people spend a lifetime bogged down by issues concerning marriage, relationships, kids, careers and finances, but this belief becomes a problem when they religiously begin surrendering themselves to the baseless prophecies made by their invalidated spiritual leaders and street side amil babas.

Prophecies made are also almost always self-fulfilling because people, in all their ignorance, start to see signs where there are none or even subconsciously do things to bring the prophecy to fruition. The imagination behind these prophecies doesn’t have anything to do with reality, except that time and again some pattern is uncovered. The mistake people make is to take that as proof of what they want to believe in, instead of the fact that most imaginings, however absurd, illuminate truths and patterns in some respect at some point in time.

They sell because we buy

The only reason Pakistan is swarming with pirs, fakirs and babas is because they find good business here. Demands are in abundance: make your lover swoon at your feet or win over your impossible-to-please in-laws within 24 hours – all this at the expense of a poor unsuspecting black goat of course. And if you want quicker, stronger relief, gear up for the horrid task of burying an amulet inside a freshly dug grave and spending a few extra grand for “divine administrative purposes!”

I understand people are often helpless and resort to these freaks only once they have lost all hope in other forms of salvation, but shouldn’t we have learned a lesson already.

Why is it so difficult for us to perceive the perils of playing with these known-unknowns?


Saad Zuberi

An Economics graduate with a post-grad in International Relations who’s currently pursuing Chartered Accountancy while working as a freelance writer for a number of local publications.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Mohsin

    Exact picture taken , Great sharing , Dilemma of this society is they like insolent brat, don’t use their senses and they aren’t one to BLAME FOR , Actually, we mostly are grown up in such a way that we have so many hardships Specially “Tagged” with “Religion” to minmise evil spirit.

    We usually don’t follow Quran O Hadees properly to validate facts but just keep our trust as “BLIND”. These black sheeps have a black clot in whole picture, where “Naik” pious people are getting wrong labels.

    Thanks for such nice article.Recommend

  • Maleeha Shah

    The words ‘pir’, ‘faqeer’ are grossly misunderstood, thanks to these ‘freaks’.Recommend

  • Ahmed Jivani

    Great, timely article! I really like your writing style. Recommend

  • saira rehman

    i don’t understand why people are so obsessed with pirs and fakirs either. all they do is rip you off. it’s all shirk! Recommend

  • Maheen Fareed Ahmed

    A very good article…!!! People here in the West still consider back home “peer fakeer” as professionals who will help them with issues they are dealing with in the West. As absurd as it sounds, a lot of $’s are sent back home along with a piece of paper which has their issues written on it!!! I say “Jahilyaat to its max”! Recommend

  • parvez

    The pir fakir takes advantage of your weaknesses. Our political leaders take advantage of our helplessness. Our armed forces take advantage because of their strength. The rich take advantage of the poor and so it goes.
    Enjoyable read and I liked your hard hitting style.Recommend

  • Sana

    Awsome article. You say it very well!Recommend

  • arsalan

    I completely agree with everything you have said. Fake pirs and fakirs are a neusance that the government should take serious measures to eradicate. They’re like cancer in an already deteriorating society! Recommend

  • Ahmed

    I hate teachers and wonder why people in pak send their children to them??? once educated, ur degree is not given any respect internationally. forget international market, ull struggle to find a decent job within Pakistan as well.

    does this statement make any sense? Whatever ur answer may be, I feel the same towards this article.

    so coming back to my statement, its not the profession of teaching which has a problem but the quality of the teachers.

    the word ‘pir’ itself means religious teacher and the term ‘murid’ refers to the student. now applying the same logic we applied earlier, one should not have a problem with the concept of piri-muridi but with the quality of pirs we tend to find in our society.

    however, just lik we have few (rather very few) good universities (a proxy for teachers), there are also some very wise pirs.

    without going into detail and simply bashing everyone by looking the actions of some ‘freaks’, this article is not doing any good to anyone.

    I completely agree with Maleeha Shah: The words ‘pir’, ‘faqeer’ are grossly misunderstood, thanks to these ‘freaks’.Recommend

  • najam chaudhry

    Great article and a good revisit to safety parameter before i leave for pakistan…..
    but i have recently been studying about pir and fakirs and sheikhs , what an amazing people, can even imagine , but certainly not these imposters …

    But leaving a pubescent daughter overnight is same as allowing your daughter at a late party and expecting that nothing would ever go wrong (any ways, consensual copulation is allowed in Pakistan now )…
    execpt tribune to write anything on dat as well , soon :DRecommend

  • http://dinopak.wordpress.com Hasan

    All of this, goes back to illiteracy and lack of religious knowledge. I bet everyone here knows djinns as these people who claim to be abused by these pirs and faqeers. Take a look at the thrid world countries, you will find this menace of exorcism and black magic in everyone of it.

    If these djinns exist in the form majority believes, why aren’t their any pirs and faqeers in other Muslim countries such as Turkey, Malaysia or Saudi Arabia? The concept of these djinns (of this type) was purely Hindu concept which have been amalgamated into our religion (in Pakistan and Bangladesh only). Even the ‘educated’ elite is affected by this menace. Gen. Zia is said to have made a panel of scientific experts to research how to harness the power of djinn.

    The only way out of this is to get scientific education and align your beliefs with them as the famouse Einstein once said:

    Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind. And Islam is no blind religion.Recommend

  • http://islamabad Maryam

    i would say right on time, hope people learn something out of it and stop wasting their time going to these pir fakirs and instead pray to Allah (SWT) themselves .Recommend

  • Fizza

    I find it hard to empathise with
    anyone who is willing to lay their
    trust in men who not only look like
    they haven’t had a decent bath in
    years, but are, in contrast to
    inconspicuous men who are actually in
    touch with the Divine, quite revolting
    to look at!

    That is soo true!!! I have never seen a pir who looked like a clean, pious man….I just Cannot understand how people could be so dumb and go to these freaks seeking help for their problems! Recommend

  • Afrasyab Khan

    These men have been around for ages. I remember when I was a child in my village there used to be a baba who everyone including my parents used to go for duas and guidance… Thank God we’re beyond that now, but it’s a sad thing because many people are not and still go to him. Recommend

  • saira rehman

    @ Ahmed

    its not the profession of teaching
    which has a problem but the quality of
    the teachers.

    Isn’t that want the article says also?

    Why is it so hard for us to finally
    understand that just like any other
    profession, the world of piri fakiri
    is swarming with sexual predators and
    impostors who are simply out to make a
    quick buck?


  • A Bukhari

    @ Hasan

    Pirs and Fakirs do exist in other Islamic countries like Turkey, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia. And Djinns exist in unIslamic countries like USA, France and Brazil also….it’s just that the people there call them by a different: Spirits.

    We (Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists) believe in 2 forms of the unknown: Djinn and Rooh
    Most learned Muslims believe that even though Djinns live amongst us and sometimes interact with us, Rooh (Spirits of dead human beings) do not live amongst us, and their existance on the earth is an invalidated truth.

    Christains only believe in Spirits.

    And please don’t disregard the exisstance of Djinns as a stupid Hindu concept. Read the Quran. Recommend

  • seeker

    Then why is it so difficult for us to perceive the perils of playing with these known-unknowns?

    bocause most of them dont recognize them well ——-and definitly you cant judge the awareness level of the masses by estimating the awareness level of the people around you.

    And there is no other moral obligation of the people who know, other than to expose what is hidden criminally in the guise of piety

    Be it a fakir or a Sahib(read politician)Recommend

  • hasan

    i was wondering if there is anyone in the world of writer who can write simple language so that everyone could have easy access to the actual idea of the article.Recommend

  • Hamdani

    You took words right out of my mouth!
    I’ve read numerous articles and seen many documentaries about these fake pirs that have a hold over our lower and middle class, but no one has ever done anything beyond that. there are literally hundreds of jadoo walay babas and aamils sitting with proper shops/offices in major parts of the country. they don’t even hide anymore…all their illegal acts are carried out publicly….and no police or maulvis ever try to stop them!! Recommend

  • Hamdani

    I do wish that someone would elaborate more on the nature of Djinns however!Recommend

  • http://blogs.tribune.com.pk/author/265/haris-masood-zubairi/ Haris Masood Zuberi

    Very well written.
    While there’s no denying supernatural phenomena or salvation from evil to be found through divine means, it’s really the people’s prerogative to select their facilitators. Certainty there’s much to be doubted about the mental wellness of individuals opting for filthy alternatives as shown in the above pictures. Real people of God and good have been known through the ages to reflect it through their pious appearances, hygiene and tranquil demeanour.
    May literacy prevail in our lands. Recommend

  • http://dinopak.wordpress.com Hasan

    @A Bukhari:

    Really? cuz I was born in Saudi Arabia and travelled to Turkey alot. Either they are hiding or something or I didn’t see them. The thing I am pointing out here is that This peeri faqeeri originated in INDIAN culture, there was no peer / faqeer at the time of the Prophet? The practices they do, how do they even relate to Islam?Recommend

  • Asad

    The people of Pakistan need to get some knowledge of Islam. Superstitions like ‘slaughtering a black goat’ or ‘removing the impact of the evil eye with pepper’ or other superstitious practices are strictly forbidden in Islam. In fact going to peers and asking for their ‘unislamic’ help can even constitute a form of Shirk and Shirk is a sin never forgiven by Allah (swt).
    All these ignorant practices originated from living with the Hindus. In Hinduism you have concepts of Sadhu, Santh, Sai Baba, etc and the muslims took this from hinduism.

    In true Islam there is no concept of any Peers, fakirs, sanths ,etc. Every muslim should worship ALLAH (swt) Only, without assoicating any partners with ALLAH (swt). No harm can come without Allah’s will. Only ALLAH can avert any harm and no one else has the power to destroy or protect except ALLAH (swt).

    So there is no such thing as Nazar, evil eye, etc and no peer fakir can help. Its all ignorance. Jinns are indeed a reality, but they are just a creation of ALLAH like humanbeings, lions, tigers,birds,snakes,etc. Jinns can never harm you if ALLAH protects you and the best way to protect oneself is reciting Ayat Al Kursi as mentioned in a hadith of Prophet (saw).

    If only muslims in Pakistan follow the Quran and Sunnat and come out this ignorance, this problem will be solved.

    Pakistanis should learn from the Saudis, Egyptians, Malaysians, Libyans, etc and follow true Islam rather than going after hindu practices. Recommend

  • pitaafi

    eventho i agree with asad’s comment above totally, i think we should come out of the delusional bubble that makes us believe that muslims in saudi, malaysia etc are better than us.
    they’re probably as, if not more, illiterate than us,… and they also go to these so-called spiritual saviours who do nothing but rip them off.

    on the whole, i think it is a nice blog post that highlights a very important issue that’s eating away at our society. i would have liked to read some solid solutions also, but then you can’t expect writers to do everything for us, can you!?!?

    at least they’re making us think…and it’s a start…Recommend

  • Somone

    @ Asad: uhh, dude.. get your facts straight. There is enough evidence to prove that the concept of buri nazar DID exist in the Prophet (PBUH’s) time

    What makes me say that? Two things:
    1- The presence of the exclamation ‘mashALLAH’ .. What other purpose does it have but to ward off the evil eye?
    2- The presence of the ritual of putting on surma/teeka … so as to ward of the evil eye. In some cases, it is reported that the Prophet PBUH used to mark his chin with black soot (kalak) as a teeka to ward of the evil eye.Recommend

  • True Islam?

    @Asad: You said.. Pakistanis should learn from the Saudis, Egyptians, Malaysians, Libyans, etc and follow true Islam rather than going after hindu practices.

    My question: Have you even BEEN to any of these countries?????? True Islam?
    BS.. they are just as much involved in black magic, curses as any good muslim country should be (sarcasm intended) (clarification for all those too slow to understand)Recommend

  • Asad


    If you read a hadith in the authentic Sahih Muslim, Prophet (saw) mentioned there is no such thing as evil eye, ill omen, bad time, etc. In Islam there is no room for any superstition.

    MashaALLAH means ‘whatever Allah wills’. Your comment that ‘MashaALLAH is to ward off evil eye’ shows how deep rooted this unislamic hindu concept of buri nazar is among Pakistanis.

    MashaALLAH is a praise to ALLAH (swt) when someone does well at Exams, or looks nice ,etc, because it is all due to ALLAH’s will.

    Secondly Prophet (Saw) putting surma had nothing to due with warding off evil eye. Prophet (saw) always taught that all things are in the control of ALLAH and no tika, taveez or any thing can protect you. Only ALLAH can.
    Prophet (saw) said in a hadith to recite Ayat ul Kursi for protection. That is enough. No need to write it and wear it. All these tikas, tilaks, charms, taveez, etc again came from hinduism.
    Also there are many ‘fake’ hadiths circulating in Pakistan. Always verify the Hadith sources to the Authentic six books of Hadith. Recommend

  • Asad

    @True Islam?

    I have indeed been to the countries I have mentioned several times- Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Nigeria. In Saudi Arabia you do not have any Peers Fakirs. Only Islamic Scholars.

    This peer mureedi came from hinduism and sikhism and now is a multi million dollar industry in Pakistan, with these peers looting money from gullible ad ignorant people. Unfortunately even in the UK, US you have peers among the indo-pak muslim communities and they get thousands of dollars in ‘donations’ from wealthy mureeds. But among the Arab muslim community, this farce of peeri mureedi is NOT present, because, they practice unadultrated Islam.

    Islam is very simple. Just follow the Quran and Sahih Hadith. Just worship ALLAH only, Pray to and ask from ALLAH only (Tauheed) and believe that Prophet (saw) is the last and final messenger of ALLAH (Risalat).

    All other humanbeings are equal. Yes there are some people who are more pious, but they have NO power to intercede between ALLAH and other humanbeings. Recommend

  • AAQ

    useless i dont think any reader of Express Tribune is likely to believe in Peer FakeersRecommend

  • Aleena

    And once again, we show our true face by fighting in the comments section over irrelevant things…Recommend

  • @ AAQ

    haha, dude, you’d be surprised if you read the statistics!Recommend

  • Mohsin

    @AAQ: How you can say so , There are so many people who believe in their Piousness but “issue” is its v v rare now a days. You can’t say its not happening on Earth “Allah” has shown “Real wali ” so many times but now its like 1/10000.Recommend

  • Yasser Sheikh

    All these cases we hear about in the news are horrifying…but Shehzadi bibi’s case was just too much! Poor woman…but I guess you’re right…she was asking for it when she let the man enter her house.Recommend

  • Sana Khan

    I’ve had a few rather weird experiences with the paranormal and my mom’s friend suggested we go to a very famous (his name’s all over the roads in Karachi) with her…I was shocked by his suggestions and the “office” from which he works hardly looked like a place where good would triumph over evil. Thankfully my mom decided we were not going to go back but the point is, so many people fall in the wrong hands like we almost did. I admit I’ve been to an aamil baba…and I’m sure there are hundreds of other “educated, civilized people who do the same…
    so you see its not really about illiteracy after all!! . Recommend

  • Ahmed

    @ saira rehman

    The writer himself offers no clarification in this regard. While there is this statement which u pointed out, there are other places throughout the article where one finds several sweeping statements. It could be that this article is a product of some emotional outburst – a very natural thing after coming across cases lik ‘Shehzadi Bibi’. Also the writer has almost put everyone (pirs, fakirs, amil babas, other babas etc – all of them being totally different from each other) in the same basket and then bashed them in one go. an incorrect but a very convenient thing to do.

    @ Hasan

    You dont find pirs in turkey and middle east because they are known by the names of ‘Hazrat’ or ‘Shaykh’ in that part of the world. simple logic, isnt it? ‘pir’ is a Persian word and given urdu is a mixture of persian, arabic, sanskrit, etc you find extensive usage of this word in south asia. now the terms itself may be called part of ‘INDIAN culture’ but the phenomenon is very much global. Recommend

  • Ahmed

    Asking wise men to pray for you is not a sin/shirk in any sense. Read the following hadith:
    – [Sahîh Muslim (2542)]In a narration from Umar b. al-Khattab, it reads: I heard Allah’s Messenger (peace be upon him) say: “There will come to you Uways b.Âmir along with the people arriving as reinforcements from Yemen. He will be of Murâd then of Qarn. He will have been afflicted with leprosy and will have recovered except for a patch the size of a silver coin. He will have a mother whom he will honor. If he swears by Allah, Allah will bring his oath to fruition. Therefore, if you are able to have him supplicate for your forgiveness, then do so.” [Sahîh Muslim (2542)][Sahîh Muslim (2542)]
    This was an example set by prophet (peace be upon him) for us to follow. Therefore going to AuliaAllah/saints/hazrat/pir/shaykh and asking them to pray for us is actually encouraged.

    Now that the issue is under discussion, i must also point out some other practices which are from the times of sahaba and not a part of indian culture like some tend to believe.

    1 – 91It is also narrated that Muadh ibn Jabal and Bilal came to the grave of the Prophet and sat weeping, and the latter rubbed his face against it.
    [Source: Ibn Majah 2:1320; Ahmad; al-Tabarani; al-Subki; and Ibn

    2 – 91Dawud ibn Salih said: “[The governor of Madina] Marwan [ibn al-Hakam] one day saw a man placing his face on top of the grave of the Prophet. He said: “Do you know what you are doing?” When he came near him, he realized it was Abu Ayyub al-Ansari. The latter said: “Yes; I came to the Prophet, not to a stone.’’
    [Source: Ibn Hibban in his Sahih; Ahmad (5:422); Al-Tabarani in his Mu`jam al-Kabir (4:189) and his Awsat according to Haythami in al-Zawa’id (5:245 and 5:441 #5845 Book of Hajj, “Section on the honoring of the dwellers of Madina, chapter on placing one’s face against the grave of our Master the Prophet ” and #9252 Book of Khilafa, “Chapter on the leadership of those unworthy of it”); al-Hakim in his Mustadrak (4:515); both the latter and al-Dhahabi said it was sahih; It is also cited by al-Subki in Shifa’ al-siqam (p. 126); and Ibn Taymiyya in al-Muntaqa (2:261f.)

    3 – 91Imam al-Dhahabi said: “Ahmad ibn Hanbal was asked about touching the Prophet’s grave and kissing it and he saw nothing wrong with it. His son ‘Abd Allah related this from him. If it is asked: “Why did the Companions not do this?” We reply: “Because they saw him with their very eyes when he was alive, enjoyed his presence directly, kissed his very hand, nearly fought each other over the remnants of his ablution water, shared his purified hair on the day of the greater Pilgrimage, and even if he spat it would virtually not fall except in someone’s hand so that he could pass it over his face. Since we have not had the tremendous fortune of sharing in this, we throw ourselves on his grave as a mark of commitment, reverence, and acceptance, even to kiss it. Do you not see what Thabit al-Bunani did when he kissed the hand of Anas ibn Malik and placed it on his face saying: “This is the hand that touched the hand of the Messenger of Allah “? Muslims are not moved to these matters except by their excessive love for the Prophet , as they are ordered to love Allah and the Prophet more than their own lives, their children, all human beings, their property, and Paradise and its maidens. There are even some believers that love Abu Bakr and ‘Umar more than themselves.
    [Source: Al-Dhahabi, Mu’jam al-Shuyukh (1:73 #58).]

    4 – 91“‘Abd Allah ibn Ahmad said: “I saw my father take a hair that belonged to the Prophet , put it on his mouth, and kiss it. I believe I saw him put it on his eyes. He also dipped it in water and drank the water to obtain cure. I saw him take the Prophet’s bowl (qas’a), wash it in water, and drink from it. I saw him drink Zamzam water in order to seek cure with it, and he wiped his hands and face with it.” I say: Where is the quibbling critic of Imam Ah.mad now?
    It is also authentically established that ‘Abd Allah asked is father about those who touch the pommel of the Prophet’s e pulpit and touch the wall of the Prophet’s e room, and he said: “I do not see any harm in it.” May Allah protect us and you from the opinion of the Khawarij and from innovations!
    [ Al-Dhahabi, Siyar A’lam al-Nubala’ (9:457). Ch. on Imam Ah.mad, section entitled Min adabih]

    Someone likes it or not, its not my objective. I only intend to clarify that such practices have always been a part of Islam and have got nothing to do with indian culture. Recommend

  • saira rehman

    @ Ahmed
    I agree, but here, the writer, me and everyone else is talking about FAKE pirs, fakirs & amil babas.
    if genuine, they might have different roles… but when they’re fake, offering unislamic advice to people in trouble, performing black magic, abusing and fooling people for money, then i don’t think it’s unfair to put them all in one basket and bash them,Recommend

  • Tooba

    lol at swooning lover at your feet. i think i’ve read that somewhere on the streets in karachi! Recommend

  • Ahmed

    @ Saira rehman

    well the article has many sweeping statements with no specific clarification. it shouldn’t be assumed that readers will themselves figure out as to who exactly is being criticized here. but yes I agree with you otherwise. Recommend

  • urooj khan

    Nice blog. I appreciate ETs & its writers’ efforts to highlight these issues.Recommend

  • http://dinopak.wordpress.com Hasan

    I am sorry but I did not find the Hadith you quoted in any of the Sahihs I searched for keywords, if you find them please let me know. I have been finding it here:


    Please do not quote anything that has no authority.Recommend

  • Irum

    I totally agree…they sell because we buy!!!!Recommend

  • Asad


    100% agree with you bro.

    There are many many fake hadith in circulation which misguide people and they continue with this farce of peeri mureedi.

    You will never ever find a hadith in the Authentic books of Hadith that supports peeri mureedi. This concept has been borrowed from hindus and was never a part of Islam.

    In Middle East the Shaikhs are NOT peers. They are Islamic Scholars/Teachers who teach from the Quran and Sahih Hadith.

    These peers of Indo-Pak claim that they have a special connection with Allah because of their piety and can solve your problems. This is a total Lie. All human beings are equal for ALLAH. If someone is pious he/she will be granted Jannat InshaALLAH, but thats it. Even Pious people dont have any power to ‘convince’ ALLAH to do as they want. ALLAH does what ever ALLAH wills and equally listens to the prayers of sinful people just like pious people.

    How can you explain the prayers of non muslims beings answered? This is because ALLAH listens to every ones prayers regardless of pious or sinful, muslim or non muslim. ALLAH is closer to you than your jugular vein. You do not need any pious person when asking from ALLAH. Allah is most merciful and forgiving and listens to prayers -even from HIS sinful servants.

    Infact asking a peer for prayer is sin. Because then you are putting your faith, hope and trust in the peer rather than in ALLAH, which is shirk and shirk is the biggest sin never forgiven by ALLAH.

    So dear brothers and sisters get close to ALLAH and get far away from Peers. Get close to Tauheed and get far way from Shirk. Recommend

  • Asad

    Of course you can ask your friends, relatives, parents to pray for you but when the prayer is answered you should make sure to thank ALLAH and your Iman should be that it is ALLAH who answered the prayers and not the person who prayed for you. Of course you should be thankful to the person who prayed for you, but your Iman should be that its ALLAH who is the doer and NOT any human being.Recommend

  • http://filza filza

    loved how you’ve worded the article. It’s a shame that they are in demand because we rely on mindless freaks for the fulfillment of our wishes. we do not ask ALLAH nor are we willing to work hard to achieve it through the right means. Recommend

  • http://www.thehrdesigns.com Hassan Raza

    They sell because we buy. Absolutely Recommend

  • Sadaf

    Nice article. There are too many fake pirs and fakirs out here and i’m glad someone is talking about them!Recommend

  • Ahmed

    @ Hasan

    Please go to the following link and read hadith no. 6172. I hope this has a gud enough authority. And this proves my point I was trying to make earlier.


  • http://dinopak.wordpress.com Hasan

    I couldn’t help but notice that you have blown the Hadith out of proportions. Asking for someone to pray has been around Since Judaism (in Abrahamic religions). This does not stand parallel to the peers and faqeers of today. Islam has prohibited dis-contention from the world (as it is in Christianity and Hinduism). These peer faqeers who ‘claim’ to throw away the world are in contradiction with Qura’an.

    I hope you understand the meaning of this. Recommend

  • Sumayya

    I agree with Hasan. Fake, dramatic pirs and fakirs of today who are only interested in your money are not your only link to Allah. Instead, depending on dirty, questionable men and placong your faith in them is plain shirk.
    Ask your parents to pray for you instead. I’m sure that would bear more results and it wouldn’t piss of Allah either.Recommend

  • http://Lahore Naveed Javed

    Great piece of writing! A Pir in my hometown killed a woman and the family of the woman was happy that their woman is martyred! Doesn’t this sound wretched?
    Why can’t we put all of our hopes in ALLAH ALMIGHTY? :(Recommend

  • Mohd Ishrar Ali

    Aslam Alaekum,

    The Fakirs are one who observes FAKAH with fakr and spread its knowlege of ISLAM, preaches the teaching Mohammad (Sallahu Allahi Wassalam) among the people who contacts them, They give duas to them. They are very knowlegeable person but unfatunately the word Fakir is misunderstood by people, specially by Indians, Pakistanis And bangla Deshis. The person who walks from home to home in the search of food are beggers none the less of it. They get easy way to include themselves among Fakirs, Fakirs are sayed’s. In the Quran it is written that if any Fatwa could be imposed on the people of Islam, that can be by FAKIRS only. The people from different cast in Islam as well as from other religion wants to throw bad name to sayed’s because they dont go to MAZAR’s like madarrulalameen, sayed Azmeri rahmuttullah almeen, gause-a-azam (Bagdadi) and Hazarat Nizamuddin Alauyia and so on Hazrat Madarrulalameen had faught battle against Hindus in Makkanpur.

    They are also insulting Brave Hazrat Maula Ali and His sons and They are also fakirs, tipu sultaan— son of Hader Ali. They are FAKIR who fought enmies with Arms. The Aligarh Muslim University was established by a Fakir Sir Sayed Ahmed Ali Khan, The Nuclear power given to INDIA is by Abul PAkir Jainulabddin Kalam Azad, He is the Fakir.

    Please Put farword the good things which we Fakirs have done to this world dont be putting farword such cheap things done by ordinary guys.
    It also gives us chance to think on thinking.

    Finally We are thinking of deleting this word from the dictionary itself.

    Please feel free to write me anything reagrding Fakirs.Recommend