Wait for me… till then, the heart of Lahore will keep you safe

Published: July 30, 2017

A suicide bomber on a motorcycle struck near a police team in the eastern city of Lahore on Monday killing 26 and wounding more than 50, many of them police officers. PHOTO: APP

*Breaking news flashes*
Nine people killed in Lahore.
*Five minutes later*
Fifteen people killed in Lahore.
*Five minutes later*
Twenty-two people killed in Lahore.
*Five minutes later*
Twenty-six people killed in Lahore.

Twenty-six lives. 26 innocent lives. 26 families. 26 sets of dreams. 26 sets of memories. 26 sets of wishes.

All gone, just gone. Washed away with a hose, left to dry and soaked by the heart of Lahore. Lahore, the city of bright colours, hungrily feeds on the blood of the dead, fearing the precious minutes to be over before this blood becomes food for the heartless. When the domino effect starts and these 26 set of dreams just become a mere number, a mere number that flashes on screens, a number that leaves the mouth of every politician sugar-coated with lies and shoved down our throats wrapped in political agendas.

Rest in peace you precious souls, the heart of Lahore will keep you safe.

You deserve more than a headline on the newspaper, a flash on the TV screen, a re-tweet or a Twitter trend. You deserve better than to have your hopes and dreams to be forgotten by a mere flip of the remote.

People shall go back to marvel on Nawaz Shairf’s absurdity or Imran Khan’s ignorance. People shall go back to being amused by the looters and the Robin Hoods of our land. You’re safe, my friend. For you, the war is over. The war always ends for the dead.

So go on over and wait for me. Wait for me beyond the fields of ignorance and across the land of the heartless. Wait for me by the stream of kindness and under the shade of compassion. Rest your head on the bed of love, soak in the warmth of peace and wait for me. Wait for me to come join you.

Wait a little while longer. Wait for me until we can hold hands and dance to the tunes of freedom. Freedom from corporate businesses, lawmakers, tyrants and trend-setters. Freedom from lies, manipulations and hypocrisy. Freedom from what we called our lives but which were not ours to begin with.

Wait for me.

Haya Fatima

Haya Fatima

The author is currently doing her bachelors in electrical engineering but her love for writing surpasses all other interests. She believes kindness and tea can fix everything. She tweets @HayaF2710 twitter.com/hayaf2710

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