Looking out for their own

Published: July 12, 2010

The number of fake degree holders continues to mount as the scrutiny process is underway. It worries the public when it finds that the legislators they elect to protect their rights and pass laws in parliament are actually themselves breaching the law. But on comparing these fake degree holders with politicians and ministers who hold real degrees I find no difference. Ministers who are graduates are also seen disregarding the sanctity of the law quite audaciously.

Some weeks ago the prime minister endorsed fake degree holder Jamshed Dasti who contested National Assembly by-elections held in Muzzaffargarh. Supporting Dasti means that our prime minister felt little or no regret in backing someone who had wilfully broken the law. Another similar example was set by the president who pardoned the interior minister and saved him from a three-year jail sentence.

The law ministry conveniently ignores the Supreme Court’s verdict and directives on the NRO case and is seen to be clearly taking sides. This behaviour of the law ministry eventually led to forced resignations from the attorney general and the law secretary.

Such acts of government officials indicate that perhaps the government is more concerned with keeping itself in power than in ensuring that the law is upheld. There seems to be no concern for the national or public interest with our legislators and elected government seemingly looking out for themselves.

Huma Fatima

Huma Fatima

The writer holds an MBA degree in media management from IoBM University and works at The Express Tribune.

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