Olivetto: Two thumbs up for classic European cuisine

Published: April 8, 2011

Located right next to the Russian Consulate, Karachi in a relatively peaceful neighborhood is a uniquely pleasant eatery called Olivetto.

It offers authentic Italian and French cuisine made to perfection and complemented by equally delicious side orders. Tucked away from the city traffic, the restaurant is divided into two main areas – the main restaurant which can house around 50 people and an attached coffee lounge with a seating capacity of around 25.

There’s a separate function hall in the basement which is reserved for ceremonies.

The exterior of this aesthetically built restaurant speaks volumes for the kind of hospitality we should be expecting. To our surprise, we were greeted warmly by an English lady Amanda, who’s working as the manager and offered to be our hostess for the night.

Our picks of the night were grilled fish in provencal sauce and stuffed baked chicken with creamy spicy sauce. Both the entrees justified the price tag that came along. Fish was properly marinated, literally melted in the mouth, grilled to perfection and served with boiled veggies and rice.

Baked chicken was equally delicious and filling served with a heavenly creamy sauce. We ordered their famous shakanjabeen (lemonade) which came with mint and ice which served as a perfect rejuvenator in these hot summers.

Last on our list were their famous bread pudding and crème brulee as our dessert finale. Bread pudding was pure ecstasy while brulee was done with pure French precision.

I’d give full marks for the presentation and finesse while the serving size of the entrée requires a bit more quantity. Otherwise, Olivetto is a genuine European treat with a fusion of vintage architecture, California shutters, romantic ambience, great hospitality and a stimulating experience for connoisseurs of good food.

Arsalan Faruqi

Arsalan Faruqi

An entrepreneur with a degree in computer engineering and an MBA from IBA Karachi. He tweets as @arsalanfaruqi (twitter.com/arsalanfaruqi)

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  • parvez

    When you say ” Both the entrees justified the price tag that came along ” what exactly do you mean ? Fancy eating places can put a big hole in your pocket. Recommend

  • Ms Marium

    I visited Olivetto twice.Its just high in quality and low in quantity.Nothing special in that.This restaurant is made for elite class not for middle class.Kamameshi(Japanese restaurant) is much better than this european restaurant.Recommend

  • Deen Sheikh

    How pricey we talking about?Recommend

  • Sorry

    A cheap imitation at a high price. The Caesar salad disappointed with ice-berg lettuce obviously washed in chemicals and had that putrid crinklyness. The steak while juicy enough for a medium-rare lacked the proper flavour that comes with herbs. Good on parathas, but the local quality butter has the wrong after-taste in the vegetables served on the side. Recommend

  • Good food costs good money!

    Pretty pictures!Recommend

  • Saniya qureshi

    The place is addictive. I’m in love with this place… The herb coated rare beef is for people who know how to have steak. The bread basket is to die forever. The menu however is quite similar to a couple of the restaurant in the same category.. They might want to change that. Recommend

  • Arsalan Faruqi

    @Saniya qureshi:
    it sure is way too addictive saniya. i went there last night again. hadtheir calamary fish and , variety of shrimps and beef medallion….their herbs and sauces are to die for :) o and their chocolate lava is unmatchable :)Recommend

  • aliyakhalidmalik

    Superb, Excellent amazing &out class. Yummy Food.&fblus plc.Recommend

  • anas butt

    the author obviously knows NOTHING ABOUT food. calamari (the correct spelling as opposed to calamary) IS NOT A FISH! the pictures wanted to make me never go there.Recommend

  • sameer alaam

    ive been here once only but i gotta say i was pretty impressed! Recommend

  • http://blogs.tribune.com.pk/author/304/kiran-farooque/ Kiran Farooque

    While it is commendable that The Express Tribune is attempting to encourage food blogging – the result is very disappointing. I think any bloggers who write about food should browse the web for some food blogs and examine how to critically exmine food. You can’t just describe the food as came with fish that melted in your mouth with ‘veggies’ and ‘rice’. Describe the veggies, describe the rice – what kind of sauce was used? What did they use for seasoning? Was it too moist, too dry, just right? How could the food have been made better? What was the food lacking? What struck you as most exciting about the food? Just using words like ‘heavenly’ and ‘pure ecstasy’ does not a good food critic make. I wish I lived in Pakistan – what wouldn’t I give to become Express Tribune’s food critic ;)Recommend

  • Arsalan Faruqi

    @ anas: it’s a case of missing comma ‘,’. what i meant was calamari, fish and shrimps. as for the pictures, these have been put up by the Tribune team. You gotta go there and check for yourself before passing judgements based on pictures :) cheers! Recommend

  • Arsalan Faruqi

    @Kiran Farooque: objection noted and the author has taken your criticism positively :)Recommend

  • alpha gamma

    Nice read…please keep updating with more food blogs like theseRecommend