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Published: April 8, 2011

How can one justify the need to eat another human?

“The supple, soft touch of his skin against my coarse, scaly fingers. Caressing his plump, rosy cheeks I get a whiff of his gripe-watered breath, lips dribbling with saliva. I stare, yearn, hypnotised for days just simply touching his seductive skin.

I held out for six years, three months, two days and 19 hours, but my lust got the better of me and I was helpless against my desire to feel his crimson blood against my starved lips.

Starting with a nail, a finger, I enjoyed him piece by piece, every square inch of his youthful arm.

Our desire is no different from every carnal need of humans, like the need to be loved. We are shunned for our needs because they do not fit into the framework of conventional society. Why must everything be explained?”

The Aztecs had their religious rituals. The Caribbean tribes justified their lust for human flesh by terming it a tribal practice, but how does that make it relatively more acceptable?

Is it because they hid behind the facade of cultural and religious norms?

At the end of the day, all forms of cannibalism are about the undeniable need for human flesh. And those who indulge in this desire are called mentally deranged, sick, even victims of poverty, and so on.

Jeffrey Dahmer, the American serial killer who mutilated his victims for sexual gratification, was also considered to be psychologically unstable. However, it is imperative to see that he was a rank outsider in a society that places a premium on conformity. This is not to say that what he did was right but that perhaps, what drove him to do it should have been better understood.

Similarly, the brothers who have been arrested in a village near Sargodha in Lahore did not try to justify their act of cannibalism.

Once caught by the police, they admitted to not only desecrating graves but also feeding on the flesh of one of their wives and two children. Of course, that is when the story started receiving increasing media attention, but again no effort has been made to understand what would drive two men to do something like this.

Perhaps some things are very hard to explain, let alone understand.

Rida Sakina

Rida Sakina

A sub-editor on the Karachi pages of The Express Tribune.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • saad
  • saad

    what would you say about this,Recommend

  • parvez

    The title given is in poor taste. The article goes nowhere.Recommend

  • Fahad Raza

    We had our serial killer in Lahore by the name of Jawed Iqbal. the Lunatic who killer over a 100 kids by vitriol drowning. It is sad how our society is talking these incidents so lightly. This story has yet to be covered properly.

    What if it revolves around an honor killing? Every one will be jumping up n down to have a go at this.

    {Now its like another meat substitute has been found and you know what it quite abundant and free}*

    You for sure have made a grotesque event, novel. What’s next Vampires and blood milkshakes?


  • Abdul Ahad Ayub

    True, some tendencies and behavior are beyond the comprehension of the individuals who are undergoing them themselves.
    Good read rida. Food(human) for thought.Recommend

  • Habiba Younis

    and your point is?Recommend

  • Faisal

    @Fahad Raza: Good to bring forth the case of that lunatic in Lahore. There was much more to it then met the eye. Its said he was also into the selling of organs of those children, with many doctors involved. The man was murdered in Jail and many questions remained unanswered. Recommend

  • Happy Man

    @Habiba Younis:
    Her point is about the unknown reason behind all this insanity.

    @ Rida:
    Regarding the article, It is Poorly written. You could’ve written it much better with thoroughly explaining much more constructive references. If i were you, Armin Meiwes would have been my guy for this article. Next time do some thorough reading before putting up an article on any news website. Thank you, No offense though. :)Recommend

  • Fahad Raza

    @Faisal: Your quite right
    It had all the traits of that and police was involved in it to i believe a name of resident SHO also came along if i recall correctly.

    Now it has been some time. Why hasn’t this story being investigated properly? I wonderRecommend

  • Doc.S

    A Cannibal’s feelings for fellow cannibals! That’s what it looks like. Yea surely, psycho and sick stuff is mostly inexplainable. Recommend

  • Ghausia

    You know, if you gotta kill for sexual gratification, you could always just try a little S&M or roughplay before going to those extremes.Recommend

  • Ducky

    When I read the title, I thought it was about Afridi, lulz. Given all the recent bashing that has been going around on ET and pretty much everywhere else.

    When I read the content, I was just plain confused.Recommend

  • Agonised Uncle

    Why is it justified to kill animals for consumption.
    Where is the compassion and consideration for a living being there?
    ‘Enjoy’ the next meal … that ‘dead’ meat was once living.
    And know that it did not ‘wilingly’ sacrifice itself for your so-called ‘nourishment’.
    Bon appetit! Recommend