Five things I hated about the Pakistan vs India match

Published: March 30, 2011

I hate that our heroes are reduced zeros in a matter of hours

My love-hate relationship with cricket began a few weeks before the fateful World Cup of 1999, and ever since that horrendous final match that had me and all Pakistanis pulling their hair out, I kept my distance with the sport.

However, this year was different.

But I confess that I caught this cricket fever again. While we lost the “historic match”, there were a few things that bugged me while I was actually watching the game (besides the result).

Here are five somewhat irrelevant things that continued to irritate me as I watched the big match tonight:

  1. Cheering for the Pakistani team with Indian songs: Oh, come on! Are we seriously that confused? This morning I switched on the telly and my eyes nearly popped out as a chef wearing a skin-tight Pakistani uniform tee showed off his killer dance moves to the beat of a catchyIndian number. He is not alone! Granted our musicians are lazy twits who sing one song and live off it for years, and not one of them has sung a half decent patriotic song in ages, but we’ve still got a good collection of adrenalin stirring tunes from the 80s and 90s. They can do the job, right!?
  2. The hocus pocus brigade: As much as I feel for the poor Indian parrot that had to sacrifice his life in the name of this momentous Indo-Pak match, I was totally overwhelmed by all the tarot card readers, fortune tellers, astrologers and creepy little birds that came out of their shady little holes to predict the match’s result. Ironically, they all predicted (wrongly, obviously) the same thing out of fear of being lynched by a mob of cricket-crazy patriots!
  3. Islamic connotations: I have nothing against praying and strongly believe that we should include the exercise in our daily lives to remain on a first name basis with Allah mian so we can ask Him for small favours in desperate times like these. But honestly, I begin to doubt my religious proclivity when jubilant TV hosts solemnly request the nation to watch the match after performing ablution and Islamic scholars come on-air with ridiculous theories about how our team just cannot lose to a bunch of kaafirs because we’ve got players with oh-so-holy names like Yunus and Shoaib!
  4. Friends for a day? I am totally bowled over by the way our nation came together for a day to cheer for the green boys. I bet even Nawaz Sharif and President Musharraf would have shook hands to watch the game together like best buds. But I can’t help but wonder how long it’s going to take for us all to go back to being uncouth rogues that fight on prime time telly? Who’s money on tomorrow?
  5. And finally, the apprehension. Not for the match, because it was an exciting day even though the Indians had us remembering our grannies all through, but for our poor boys who have successfully managed to go from heroes to zeroes in a matter of minutes, once again becoming the subject of every Pakistani’s poisonous fury for months to come!




Saad Zuberi

An Economics graduate with a post-grad in International Relations who’s currently pursuing Chartered Accountancy while working as a freelance writer for a number of local publications.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Noor

    Excellent piece.

    I, for the very first time, enjoyed the match. Loss does not matter. Younis and Misbah could have done better. Recommend

  • maheen usmani

    Point # 3 is intriguing indeed. So how do our religious TV hosts explain this resounding defeat to “kafirs”? Personally, I think God was fed up after suffering through Dr Aamir Liaquat’s excruciating prayers on two consecutive days.Recommend

  • Adeel Ahmad

    Totally!!…. I’d so add Aman Ka chaka & Geo tv’s irritating dancing avatar….Recommend

  • Ghausia

    Oh God someone kill Geo’s little dancing man already. It wasn’t cute with the ‘kitna badal gaya insaan’ thing, its not cute now.Recommend

  • Sana

    Hahaha. Wonderful! I agree with all five points, specialy the one about Islamic connotations. We seriosuly need to grow up! Recommend

  • Imran

    arent v already frustrated
    tnx 4 ur kind words =pRecommend

  • omer khan

    i think saad zuberi is trying to find humour in this sad situation and i admire that. and all the points raised were also quite valid so good job. is there a part 2 to this blog? because i can give you a big list if you need help!!!!!!Recommend

  • Bharat

    Pakistan did pretty well, considering they were never in contention before the world cup. It was a rag-tag team, and though being an Indian must confess really put up a good fight. The match could have gone either way till the last 2-3 overs. I suspect it was Pakistan’s strategy, especially in taking the batting power play. Both Razzak and Afridi are known for it. I fail to understand what they did not opt for it earlier, since in the end it was quite a narrow margin by which they lost.Recommend

  • Kashif Rashid

    I agree with all of these points except the fifth. Didnt see a lot of apprehension. There was sadness obviously but no one blamed the players. Most of my friends facebook status’s (including mine) say that they still love the men in green. I still wondered how it would be like on the streets and my questions were answered by a status message from one of my cousins. It went like this:

    “I am at my in laws( susral) right now and afridi’s house is also in our lane.There is a Police mobile standing infront of his house to avoid any kind of protest or unfortunate incident. Just heard lot of noise coming from outside .I went outside to see what was happening and saw many people outside his house chanting Pakistan Zindabad.! ”

    Lets hope the maturity lasts. Recommend

  • http://na deep

    As an Indian fan obsessed with all things Pakistani, I found the following disturbing:
    – on a morning show that was shot among several green-coloured balloons, one of the guests by the name of Fakhr I think said that he was celebrating the fact that despite an international conspiracy, Pakistan has made it to the top. And the victory was already achieved when the Pakistani team entered Indian soil, the Pakistani national anthem played on Indian soil and the Pakistani flag was seen unfurled on Indian soil…alll insinuating that India had something to do with Pakistan’s cricket troubles…not three Pakistani cricketeers who chose to take some money for bowling no-balls. No wonder then that Amir has yet to confess his crime. Recommend

  • Zain

    I, for one am proud of the Pakistani cricket team, sure we made a lot of mistakes today but you can’t just disregard our performances in the past matches of the world cup. Shahid Afridi is a great captain and it was heartbreaking to see him in tears by the end of the match. He gave it his best and ultimately India capitalized on their talent and our errors, lets hope we can improve on it. As far as the people I have talked to go have given their utmost support to the team and the captain. We lost because of individual deficiencies which lead to a greater weakness. I enjoyed the match and wish the Pakistan team all the best for the future. T20 worldcup in 2012 anyone ? Recommend

  • asma

    WOW u jus put in words my thoughts :) great piece!! :DRecommend

  • HS

    a good read. all points are quite true.i partially agree with point #1, watever songs they made this time were good enough to boost our teams confidence n ya ofcourse the 80s n 90s songs were there too, so why on earth they themselves were asking for “de ghuma ke” :/Recommend

  • charles

    Betting in sport has corrupted sport. Let’s look no further than Umar Gul for Pakistan’s loss. This great bowler took no wickets and had an economy rate of 8.6 runs per over. He dropped a catch and his fielding was poor. To watch him bowl full toss after full toss was to denigrate the game of cricket. Recommend

  • raza

    they didnt have us remembering our grannies all day! we bowled really well !Recommend

  • Amna

    I agree with the first 4 points. I do think however, that Pakistanis have taken this loss pretty well and for the most part, most people I know have not proceeded to reduce our players to zero.Recommend

  • Shaista Khan

    I would say the hype made everyone come out to get their share of the limelight, be it the tarot card readers or the mullahs, all are the same. The Pakistan media especially ‘Geo’ thrives on sensationalism, they love to just play on people’s emotions.

    By the way, what’s wrong with cheering with Indian songs? I personally looked up all the Pakistani patriotic songs to build the morale, but music has only one language, it transcends borders. This only proves that we have not really grown up, it was a game please just take it as one.

    And ‘NO’ we did not land from becoming ‘heroes’ to ‘zeroes’ in minutes. I strongly disagree. Please do not pour your frustration in such articles.Its easy to vent on your key board, just think of the boys who faced a huge alien crowd under tremendous pressure.

    I would say well played India and well played Pakistan too. We are proud of the Pakistan team for proving their high calibre, they brought us from ‘nowhere’ to ‘somewhere’, dealt a crushing defeat to WI and Australia and reached the semis with India. Well played boys. Thank you for the excellent game. You win some, you lose some. You proved to be worthy opponents inspite of lack of experience. We have high hopes for the Pakistan team.

    We are proud of Afridi and the team for bringing Pakistan in the lime light, especially to this semifinal with India. The team generally had a confident and comfortable body language. India had the advantage of a home crowd and more experienced players. The boys should be welcomed home with cheer. Pakistan Zindabad!Recommend

  • Har Maal Do Do Rupaiyah

    “Our musicians are lazy twits who sing one song and live off it for years” – don’t know what world you live in! We have extremely talented musicians and singers alike for example Strings, Ali Azmat, Salman Ahmed, Rahat Fateh, Nusrat Fatheh, Alamgir, Ali Zafar, Atif Aslam, Reshma, Shazia Khushk, etc. to name a few. I know that you are disappointed about the loss but making such sweeping generalizations is uncalled for. While I agree with the rest of Point #1, I do feel offended by your harsh words for the Pakistani musicians. May I recommend this video to cheer you up!Recommend

  • Raj

    I have always maintained that if GOD has to decide on the basis of prayers then India will win all the times.Recommend

  • Farah Malik

    Totally agree with all the points. Cricket is a game, it should remain a game. Yes we are passionate about it, nothing wrong about it, remember the hockey matches too were followed with the same frenzy. Most of all hated the Indian songs, come on people can’t our channels do something original?Recommend

  • Moon

    Thank you Saad, for so nicely putting my nagging thoughts into words. I remember that fateful match of ’99, and honestly, that was when I gave up on following the game as well. But this time around, even though I sit here so far away from our country, I mildly got into it again, thanks to the social media being what it is today.
    This whole time, I did feel like an outside spectator watching the events unfold, and guilted myself into not voicing my negative feelings for being a classified a pessimist, especially on your point # 3, which still amazes me. A nation that is tearing itself up from the inside out, should come together and start praying for a sports team whose future in the tournament depended on a match everyone knew they had just a 50% chance of winning? This prayer time could be better utilized for say, bringing peace to our country and its people, for keeping us from killing fellow Muslims over stupid little things, and from just being self destructive?
    On a positive note, =) , we do seem to have some good players on our team, and the semi-final result goes to show the match could have gone either way, and that we are not that much worse than the Indian team. Well done boys!Recommend

  • Bia

    OMG! These are xactly my thoughts!!! I was laughing out so loud while reading this!!! poor parrot! lolRecommend

  • Samir

    This is a humourous blog, people! It’s not criticizing the team in any way…so cool it!

    And for everyone who disagrees with the last point, agreed the people are being very mature this time, but do you remember how badly we’ve treated the team for losing the match in the past? the poor guys one had to wear abayas while flying back….on one occassion people attacked some of the cricketers houses…..
    the point being, we’re not that mature all the time.…so….Recommend

  • Samir

    @ Har Maal Do Do Rupaiyah

    how typical…you just listed the names of all Pakistani musicians, but forgot to mention how many of them have come up with new patriotic/naionalist songs recently!?

    shazia khushk has been singing the same song for a decade now, so are strings and alamgir…atif aslam and rahat fateh rarely sing for Pak anymore. ali azmat and salman ahmed havent come up with anything new in years….and nusrat fateh has been dead for years!

    comments should be made in context to the writers thoughts….not just to criticize people for having a different point of view! Recommend

  • Dia

    Excellent piece Saad though you didnt mention the showy, sickeningly over-confident text messages that we all kept getting ever since India beat Australia in the quarter final. Arrrghhhh… Recommend

  • Sateesh

    As an Indian i must admit that Pakistan has put up a supereb show in world cup. It was in tatters before it came into WC . PCB now has to consolidate and build on this . PAK played very well and would have won if they held their nerves . But they were playing in India remember. Well Done Pakistan . Its time build now after all those issues of Spot fixing ….. u have come out of it. Recommend

  • http://islamabad Maryam

    nice write up!Recommend

  • FQ

    you’re so right in all especially the last one. I don’t like how pakistanis praise pakistan in indian songs and indian fashion i mean we never see indians doing pakistani things like really and how hoestly we never appriciate our culture fashion cricket team lolz everything is always india india and some more india instead of coming together only on a cricekt game we should all come together as nation on regular basis instead we are mahajir, panjabi, pathan, sindhi like what is it. i mean here in canada i never see an indian or any other nation people saying oh “we are bomberian or dehlian” or “i am from bombay” when asked about the COUNTRY and not the city of origin. But pakistanis would be like “umm oh i am from lahor” like seriously the questions is not which city you’re from but what country you’re from. I think we need to work on becoming a nation first and then do something else.
    and also you’re right in how just one loss of game made our team into losers and a target of all the bad talk against them for months to come it seems like they CONSTANTLY have to please their nation and its people especially when it comes to india but the nation never tries to please the country and instead of appriciating india in everything appriciate Pakistan.
    and WOW! good thing i don’t have the channels to see silly religious ppl coming on national tc and pulling out crap relating it all to the match like thats pure stupidity and why the hell did commentators ask for all that stuff…. why aren’t we celebrating the fact that our proud team got back on Australia and Made it to semi final how many teams actually managed to do that really. Inshallah there is always a next time for world cup. and may Allah grant Pakistani nation to actually unite under one flag and not just pretend to be unitedRecommend

  • FQ

    @Adeel Ahmad: Geo is always annoying that channal should be banned all it does is give air to the fire Recommend

  • syeda samreen Afzaal

    Dear Afridi,
    May Allah bless our country and our team. Dear no doubt this match is very very important for us. But don’t you worry and prepare a team for next world cup from now. Our team is so junior and younger and having less experience for playing under pressure condition.
    Management should take serious and reasonable decision while making the team and give chance to potential, young and energetic members.
    Please put more concentration on your fielding and bating, it’s really the time to think why we are continuously fail in bating?
    Afridi, you should remain as captain till next world cup please. Shoaib Akhtar we proud of you love you. You are the marvels player better luck for your coming future.Recommend

  • Vin

    I am surprised how can one even believe in the theory that God would differentiate between human beings based on what prophet one believes in..? Is that really not RETARD ? Recommend

  • Arshad Jamal Butt

    I think this match was booked 200%
    Afridi intentionally made following mistakes or i should say blunders:

    1.Bowling started with Umer Gul and there was no seam or pitch movement for fast bowlers then why he gave ball to Abdur Razaq in front of Sehwag and Tendulkar? There should be A. Hafeez or Saeed Ajmal with Umer Gul.
    2.No slip fielders even when new batsman came to crease.
    3.1 catch drops, 2 then 3, then 4, then go on.
    4.Ok. Score is 260
    5.Batting started how Mr. A. Haffez got out? After Asad Shafeeq there should be Afridi, A. Razzaq or Wahab to play fast inning but they send Misbah and younis together.. WHY? When Pakistan took Last power play?

    I think we should not be emotional about our politicians and cricketers and even other games. Actually they play game with us, not with opposition.Recommend

  • Ayesha M.

    I was so very glad for my team, my whole family slowly moved away from the telly as the game neared its end, but i was glued, and i admit, i’m one of the same generation as you ,i had the bug till 1999, and i swore to myself that i’d never invest so much of myself into a sport again, but i dunno what it was about this year. Khair, i can’t say i’m not dissapointed, but i’m also so very proud that a team with such young guys, people younger then me! played SO WELL under such scrunity. EVERYTHING WAS BEAUTIFUL AND NOTHING HURT, and Nehra, OMG HE IS AWESOME, people need to learn from him.

    Also, i wish the media wasn’t so over-the-top, i couldn’t figure out why people were just dancing around on the streets for the sake of media attention when such an amazing match was on. Uncouth rouges indeed.

    I feel so bad for the new guys though. The kind of things they’re gonna have to face when they come back home :( I wish more people were civil here.Recommend

  • amna usmani

    Till after the match… i also thought that we have gone mature seeing supporting statuses fer our team like “still we love u team” and “boys u did extremely well” but i just logged on to facebook and it has all started again…
    see one of the comments here too… i would say whether it was fixed or not.. whether they could have played well or not… its still just a game… !!!Recommend

  • @ deep

    Totally agree with you. We lost because we slacked. We could’ve done better, but clearly that wasn’t our intention yesterday!
    And also, as much as I like Afridi and think he’s been a great captain this year, I cannot forgive him for playing so rashly. We were counting on him and had he stayed a few more overs, the story could’ve been different…. Recommend

  • K.R.Z.

    Hilarious! I loved your previous blogs and I love this one. I really like your laid-back writing style. Please write more often!Recommend

  • Hassan Raza

    Islamic connotations, haha exactly.. it was funny receiving such messages…
    for God sake, our team wasnt participating in jahad, it was match of a cricket.. not of religion.Recommend

  • Muhammad

    It’s my country. It’s where I was born. It’s in my blood. We might not always get it right and we might stuff up from time to time, but for goodness sake, this is a part of me. I love this country. I love our team and I know they try their best, even though their nerves sometimes get the better of them.

    We love the team not because of the games they lose and the heartbreak they cause, but because of the good feeling they so often inspire. We love them because they make us proud. We love them because they can unite us. We love them because they’re a conversation started that bridges boarders and other breaks down barriers that so often still divide people in this country. We love them because they are OURS, we grew up with them and they’ve grown up in front of us. They are our cricket team and this is our country. This is Pakistan.

    No matter Pakistan win, loose or tie, will always keep on supporting them.Recommend

  • sonia

    i think you are fond of writing articles and you decided to write on a hot topic ……….

    i totally disagree with you there is no logic in what you wrote ……………

    there is no logic in your first point……….most of the popular songs of the world cup on which they were dancing were official cup 2011 song is also an official song by indians..there is no harm if you recite HOLY QURAN and if you pray infront of ALLAH perhaps,you are far away from religion that’s why you don’t know about the power of DUA .it’s alright we did not win the match but,we asked our ALLAH for the victory because ,he ordered us to beg me through prayers and he is the only one who showers blessings on us

    i agree 200% with the above written statement that this match was fixed ………

    i don’t believe in any diplomacy between india and pakistan..we will remain enemies no matter how hard we contribute towards peace and friendship……..india will never realize so forget about it!Recommend

  • sonia

    we still AFRIDI 11 though there was some pressure to loose the match ,thats what i believeRecommend

  • Kunal

    What I like best about this article is it continues to affirm something I noticed all through the event – the Pakistani team may have lost the game but it won on a much larger stage as did the people. I’m Indian and have always been, and I’d just like to personally apologise to all who care to listen, for the terrible way in which the Indian public and media have treated what should have been hailed as a wonderful occasion. The smiles on the faces of the Pakistani team were in stark contrast to the aggressive crassness worn by most (not all) of the Indian side. The hope of the Pakistani media stands out against the negativity of the Indian media towards its guests and much maligned neighbours. The open-minded participation of the Pakistani community stood out against the rabid obsession of their Indian counterparts. I for one doff my hat to the people and players of Pakistan for reminding the few of us who care, what it means to be a good neighbour. Thank you for playing in my country. Thank you for being as gracious as you were. And thank you Saad for serving an example to the Indian media on being a responsible journalist by not resorting to the kind of frothing-at-the-mouth writing that has almost put me off watching the finals.Recommend

  • kulsoom

    lol @maheen usmani: Recommend

  • Sana Safina

    i was all feared when heard PM Gillani was going, it reminded me of 1996 match between India and Pakistan. Same happened again we lost. Wait few months for wikileaks to confirm inlvovement of Govt. in defeat of Pakistan. But despite all, i am proud of Shahid Afridi and his lads, they did a wonderful job.

    I agree completely with author that we and our media should should be responsible one, we must know what our priorities are and where should our loyalties should be. Recommend

  • Samved

    @sonia: Grow up Sonia. Allah could not have won the match for Pakistan, however think if:

    (1) Sachin Tendulkar was not dropped 4 times.
    (2) Batting powerplay was taken earlier.

    The outcome of same match with same amount of prayer would have been different. Recommend

  • az

    they r not zeros..they r real champsRecommend

  • Nida

    Hahaha! I agree completely but you’ve missed out on the ANNOYING adverts that were squeezed in between every over, wicket, run and six! Seeing our captain as the face for a shampoo, bank, shoe, cellular network,drink got a little disturbing towards the end when we began to stumble!Recommend

  • Humanity

    What I did not appreciate about the match was the fact that the nation practically came to a stand still with a public holiday.

    Does the daily wage earner, worrying to bring the next roti home for his kids, care about the match or its outcome? I don’t think so.

    The match filled an empty void with euphoria and superficial merriment when the reality is that the country is fighting an existential battle. The lows after such fake glee are deep and dark.

    Pakistan must learn from the Indian team. They have their eyes set on the ball and they let nothing deter them from reaching for the goal. Pakistan, on the other hand, is trying to figure out what it wants to be when it grows up. Enough already with the tantrums. Time to get some focus and do some serious character building.Recommend

  • Rud

    Both country especially North and west India and Pakistan has same culture and not much of difference in Spoken language. I agree that being different nation now and separate entity Pakistan should use music/songs created by that region. But why This does not happening even after 64 years of separation. Answer should be find out by Pakistani themselves, what went wrong and why. In India I can think of few reasons only:
    A) May be Pakistan was smaller nation and thus smaller economy did not helped its talent to come out to that extent and India being culturally and linguistically same like Pakistan made it worse for you(Pakistanis).
    B) Nation did not set its priorities right.From this end it look like (may be I am also wrong) Pakistan is too much India centric in what ever it do. Too much obsessed with India. In last 64 years, India has more or less come out of this obsession. Now Nation still want to defeat Pakistan in cricket world cups etc but is not much obsessed with it either. China and US has taken more central space in mind of people of India.

    As far as match was concerned, Pakistan played good but not as an unit. Bowling was great despite poor fielding. India’s better fielding make good bowling looked even better. Batting wise India is ahead of Pakistan, But none of your player understand what your vice captains wanted and what was his plans. If Afridi had not thrown his wicket and played sensible for few hours, I think Mishwah and He would may even had snatched victory.Recommend

  • Indian

    Exactly. It seems the Mullah’s would like to blame India for everything including Pakistani cricketers taking money from bookies for underperforming instead of asking their musalmans to have a “musallam iman” and not be bought.Recommend

  • Mastishhk

    @ Kunal…Nice attempt dude…but we all know u r a pakistani..No need to disguise urself..Just by trying to hide ur identity u have proved how proud u r of being a Pakistani. We do not need scums like u amongst us !!Recommend

  • Meha

    a well written piece but no i dont agree to point # 5 at all. I did not see anyone blaming our players or not supporting them. People have been giving full support to the team and have not made them go from heroes to zeroes! Pakistan played very well. There may have been a few errors on our part but nevertheless we did put up a great fight and lost by a narrow margin. It was indeed heartbreaking to watch our captain in tears at the end of the match and to hear him say sorry to the entire nation! We love you Pakistan Team! Pakistan Zindabad!Recommend

  • http://- akram sasoli

    it should considered as game on the prophecy on win/lose. beside of it no nerves rattling. who plays well deserve the day and who is weak to play good gets the way of exit.Recommend

  • Siva

    I am not against Islam or the prayer. I didn’t like the Pak cricket players prayer just before the match. That looks little intimidating the hosts. They could have avoided it. If they wanted to pray they could have done it in the hotel or in change room. Its like cheap way projecting, it didn’t make any good sense to me.Recommend

  • erum

    So well thought and written.our team on the whole played good enough but on the particular day when theirr best play was required it seemed like they were playing a MUHALA MATCH.Umar gul was totaly GUL and Misbhas slowest 50 were beyond my understanding ,the only player who did wonder was Wahab ,hats off for him ,and in future we should avoid creating such hype as it may put extra pressure on the team .Recommend

  • No More Mr. Nice Guy

    @ Siva: It’s a Muslim/Pakistan thing, you wouldn’t understand.Recommend

  • Tooba

    i completely agree with you on the first three things but the 4th and 5th are just unfair. Instead of appreciating the sport and that fact that atleast for one day we all forgot our differences your criticising it. It takes time for everything to fall into place and we’re not going to be served democracy and freedom on a golden plate! The match triggered an emotion in all of us that had been lost for so long and now its our responsibilty to hold on to it instead of being skeptical towards it…. in which case we’ll end up going back to the same place we were! and secondly our team played brilliantly and not one person i know is ‘furious’ at them! they were on top of their game through out the tournament, and since winning and losing are all part of it we have to accept that. even then we should support our team because they managed to achieve something nobody was expecting out of them!!!! they deserve to be applauded for their efforts and Shahid Afridi should be honoured for his amazing performance!! PAKISTAN ZINDABAD!!!Recommend

  • mahpara

    enjoyed reading such a piece. i do agree with the points you elaborated especially the third one. People of our country claim to be the pious Muslims, but unfortunately the scenario is quite different from the actual one. a childish comment by one of our so called scholar is quite astonishing for me. it was like the rain in Mohali wiped out the bad vices and cleaned the ground as a Muslim had to bow his head in that ground. Give me a break…… i wish i could ask that SCHOLAR… “what do you say now SIR?”Recommend

  • venky

    I actually am more impressed by your writing style even more than the content. You seem to have an engaging and humorous way of describing your thoughts.

    Good luck to you and hope you do well in your career.Recommend

  • urooj khan

    Expect people like tooba 3 posts above to drag freedom & democracy into everthing….for gods sake….take the match and this article as they were intended; lightly!Recommend

  • Kunal

    @Mastishhk That’s a strange analysis, but if it suits you then so be it. I stick by my words. Recommend

  • qaisar farooq

    yes i agree with some of your points but i think Pakistani players did well against India.A team that go through with so many controversies in last year, we lost our main bowlers,we did not play even a single match in Pakistan,despite all these facts we reached in semi final of the world cup,and also the best thing is this we played semi final in India.look guy’s we need to back our team our players. at least they give us a hope for some days they made us unite,and hopeful.hats of to my team my Pakistan,we are living in a great nation but we need a change in our system specially in our political system and i believe we can do it one the end i like to pay tribute to worlds fastest bowler Shoib Akhtar, i think with the retirement of Rawalpindi express the legacy of fast bowling in Pakistan ends…..hope we will find some good fast bowlers soon like great Imran, Wasim, Burewala express,sarfraz, aqib, and shoib. Recommend

  • hira

    This is so rite we should not blame our team now although we losted the match agint india bt remember tHis is a game .. and game men HAR JEET hoti hi hai.. we should proud to our team tht they reach to the semi final our cricket team was facing so much crisis before this world cup and they wwere in soo much pressure bt they did well any way..
    And its my thoght that our media specially some main news channels are soo much responsible for the phycological behaviour that comes after pakistan lost the match.. our media turned tht match as a war between pakistan and india by there news this was very ir responsible behaviour of them..Recommend

  • Sneha


  • Hamna Shahnawaz

    ‘Heroes to zeroes’? ‘The subject of every Pakistani’s poisonous fury for months to come’?
    The Pakistani team has never been more popular and we have never been more united. Recommend

  • ani

    Congratulations! You defied expectations and almost made it to the finals. Every Pakistani is disappointed – understandable. But some think they could have done better. You were not on the field. A few of you think that the match was fixed. If you have facts, present them to the appropriate authorities. Don’t confuse emotions with facts.

    Your players handled the pressure with grace. Give them a break.

    Looking ahead, you have a great opportunity to build a match winning team – without Indian songs and the usual hocus pocus!Recommend

  • jav

    lol nice piece…i wonder why i missed reading it earlier! and the islamic scholar you’re talking about is amir liaqat, right? the dude needs a reality check like yesterday!

    i think the piece was written 5 minutes after the match ended so cut some slack….and eventhough people are acting unusually civil this time, they’ve always treated the team with hostility after losing such high profile matches.Recommend

  • J

    If Kaafir thing is taken into account, then perhaps Mullahs forgot the fact that there are AS MANY muslims in India as in Pakistan. Perhaps the prayers were negated!Recommend

  • Ramesh

    While I supported India, there was a part of me that wanted Pakistan to win. From time to time we all need a tonic of good news and right now Pakistan needs some good boosts. It would have lifted the spirits of the Pakistani people who are going through a rough patch. As far as the Pak cricket team is concerned they have a good future. Most of them are young and are talented. We can all expect excellent cricket from them.Recommend

  • http://[email protected] khlil

    I am proud of Pakistani, because they are very BRAVE AND HONESTY.Recommend

  • maniqadir

    I agree with all the points except the 4th one: friends for a day !
    i think its a good thing that for 1 day the whole 18 crore people of Pakistan were united, forgetting all differences and old enmities forgotten ….even if it were only for a day it showed the whole nations potential to come together as one !Recommend

  • Syed Adnan Hasan

    I totally agree with you Sonia. It was a political motivated game. Our Government has asked them to loose this match against India. I went to see Shahid Afridi today as he is a friend and we play cricket for Karachi Blues.
    I have never seen Shahid so dejected and threatened before, it was so obvious. I can see tear in his eyes. The way this guy has united our nation, it was just tremendous and we all should appreciate him for doing that. It hurts like anything whatever happen on 30th March. I don’t have any words to share my feelings. I love Pakistan and i know one day we will rise inshallah. you can write me on my hotmail account which is [email protected]Recommend

  • Syed Adnan Hasan

    Thanks Ramesh, we need few of them like you in India. On my trip to India, all i have seen ISI phobia, Hatred against Pakistanis were so high that they cant digest or except us. My sincere advise to all the technocrats and decision makers in Indian politics is , accept the reality that Pakistan does exist and it will be there till our last drop of blood.
    But good to see an Indian thinking positive about Pakistan and i really feel good about it. God bless you. Give peace a chance.Recommend

  • An Indian Pakistani fan

    Agree for point number 3.. God has more difficult and useful things to do than winning a cricket match for Pakistan,

    PAK media has to grow-upRecommend

  • Deen Sheikh

    I just want to say, I am glad some one from the other side of the border finally admitted to this, we have access to Indian cable and television here, a lot of us saw the horror of all those talk shows, news programs and Anti-Pak propaganda material in the days leading upto the semi final at Mohali, seriously bro that is no way to treat visiting guests in your country, no other team got that attitude, and such media provocation only fuels a lot of Anti-Pak sentiments common now in India in the aftermath of Mumbai 26/11. One of your news channels, kept showing the picture of Afridi bitting the ball, which he actually did in a match against Australia again and again saying Afridi is a cheater, is a fraud, India will be up against a big cheater and fraud etc. Then they needlessly dragged the spot fixing scandal into light again and again, I am certain I speak on behalf of a lot of Pakistani cricket lovers when I say, the world needs to give us a break and move on from the spot-fixing scandal, it was heart breaking to read in the newspapers that during the World Cup, a lot of the teams and their players gave Pakistani players the cold shoulder despite staying in the same hotel as them.
    For now, I can only hope there is a better future for our two nations and for Cricket which runs through the veins of people in both our countries. Recommend

  • Ahmad

    @Shaista Khan:
    Goof effort , carry on.Recommend

  • saima

    nice blog. i too think our maulanas and fortune tellers need to get over themselves. where are they all now?? Recommend

  • usman

    yeh match he bika howa tha.misbah jaan kar slow klhela.Recommend

  • Anoop

    Regarding the Indian Songs thing, I think Pakistan cannot ignore the Cultural influence from the Cultural Juggernaut of Asia.

    Can Canada have its own Hollywood, till USA is around? Same with Pakistan. Its time to reconcile to that fact.Recommend

  • Hassan Farooqi

    About #1: Most of the Bollywood movies are a bastardized version of Hollywood movies e.g. Ghajni vs Memento. Then the same goes about Indian songs and Dances. So Lollywood might not be copying Bollywood, but copying directly from Hollywood. However Bollywood would think that way. I saw an Indian saying on TV, “Lollywood is a term coined after Bollywood”.Recommend

  • Sami

    @ Anoop

    Reconciling with that fact would mean giving up on trying to achieve better things. If you do that, you lose purpose in life.

    Its charming to tell others to give up trying because you’re great. But try aplying that to your own life and see how you’ll feel.

    Pakistan has tremendous potential. Not in film, but in music. We just need a little faith in ourselves AND we also need to invest in new talent. I agree with Saad that some established names are hogging the limelight and just not doing enough…Recommend

  • Anoop


    “Reconciling with that fact would mean giving up on trying to achieve better things. If you do that, you lose purpose in life”

    –> Very well put. But, I dont like the whining that comes from certain quarters and this Author against the Indian Cultural influences. You simply cannot fight it, but have to embrace it, and contribute to it, the way Canada has given so many Movie Stars and Soap Opera stars to the US and even Musicians like Bryan Adams, Celine Dion(If I remember right).

    Pakistan can do the same. It hasn’t hopes of,though, matching the Cultural Juggernaut.Recommend

  • Tasmia Yaqooti

    Let aside the indian songs being played for the Pakistani teams. I watched the entire match in my sports club and I was astonished to see people going crazy when the camera showed Amir Khan. We Pakistanis need to grow as a nation, seriously!Recommend

  • honey

    I dont agree with you on “Indians had us remembering our grannies all through”. The reason it was a fixed match. agar kutae billi wala khel hota to Pakistan zaroor jeet jata.Recommend

  • RaN

    @Shaista Khan:
    I would agree with you when you say that the Pakistani team played well. But to try and pass off the team’s loss to the Indian team’s greater experience and home-ground is stretching it a bit too far. By the same token it can be argued that the Indians were under greater stress playing on home turf – they would have probably not been received well by the crowds if they lost.
    Pakistan mis-calculated. For all his skills at cricket, Afridi mis-calculated as a Captain. Price to pay: Loss of the match.
    Try to learn to stand up and take it on the chin and not try and find excuses!Recommend