Dear Paresh Rawal, “you can change friends, but not neighbours”. Love, Pakistan

Published: June 16, 2017

BJP member of Parliament and Bollywood actor Paresh Rawal. PHOTO: AFP

Dear Paresh Rawal,

Writing this letter to you was difficult since I did not know where to begin, and I feel that the rapidly changing dynamics of India-Pakistan relations and this letter are quite similar in this regard.

However, let us focus on the reason why I have written this letter before we get on to the seesaw that our countries have been riding over the last seven decades.

Hera Pheri was your first movie I watched in my childhood, and believe me when I say it still triggers fits of laughter every single time I watch it. Babu bhaiya has thousands of fans in your neighbourhood too, just like Bollywood movies and fraternities, which have a very special place in the hearts of Pakistanis.

From our weddings and birthday parties to any other gleeful occasion, Bollywood songs are an integral part. And there is no harm in dancing to the beat of songs composed in India, nor is it a sign of any kind of subservience. Art is a common heritage, which is what we have observed over the years. Bollywood masterpieces like Omkara and Haider are clear vindications of this stance.

And who can forget Andaz Apna Apna’s Teja? The film has a cult following in Pakistan too, and the dialogues of Teja’s character are quoted on relevant occasions to date. NayakHungama and Aankhen are also remembered by your name here. As mentioned earlier, art is a shared heritage, and it might have the stamp of one country or another on it, but the extent of its outreach and dissemination cannot be circumvented. You have got your fans on this side of the border, and there is no denying the fact.

Nevertheless, it is not only art in the form of literature, movies, dramas, songs, paintings, sculptures and more that touches and effects people. The performers are equally eyed as a priceless asset by the followers. Your political affiliation and niche in the Lok Sabha are not unknown to anyone. Yet for us, your Pakistani fans, you are and always will be the kind and caring Hemant from Baghban. Therefore, every statement and remark of yours and your fellows regarding any situation is noted by and gravely affects the sentiments of those sitting on the western side of the Radcliffe Line.

While the Kashmir conflict is a bone of contention between the two countries, the Ayodhya dispute is one within India. Nevertheless, we have witnessed several incidents of inter-faith harmony on both stretches of land which do not let our hopes for a peaceful and prosperous shared future wane.

Cultural exchange is one medium of rejuvenating the prospects, and cricket is another such instrument. It is true that a cricket match between the greens and the blues is over-hyped as a crucial battle and the winning side holds this victory as a major accomplishment; yet at the end of the day, the expatriates from both countries, as well as peace-loving denizens from both the sides, continue to work together. Nothing changes.

Despite these matches being celebrated as Armageddon, the world does not end. I realise that many of the worthy readers will laugh at me because I am a Pakistani and definitely have no other option but to justify the unpredictability of my national cricket team, but this is not the case. It is not my case to fight, nor am I capable enough to comment. However, I know this with certainty that June 13, 2017 was certainly not the date when the Pakistan cricket team packed their bags and landed at the Lahore airport.

Our respect for our neighbour did not wither away even when Rishi Kapoor tweeted about bluing us. The apparent outcomes of tossing a coin are heads and tails, but there always is a third probability, and that is what we should actually be looking for.

Whether we are blued or you are greened, the cricket match itself should be played with a jovial spirit, and you being the ambassadors of your country and having a huge fan following in Pakistan should impress us with your willingness to promote harmony.

Nonetheless, even if you choose the path you have already taken, that is, of trolling us, we will love you by appreciating and enjoying your work. Your tweets and Facebook posts are hailed as much as your films. Therefore, Kapoor’s happy-ending movies like Amar Akbar AnthonyChandniDo Dooni Chaar, and Kapoor & Sons will always be preferred to his recent tweets because the former have conveyed the message of love, cordiality and friendship, while the latter that of utter hatred and competition. And we, Pakistanis are a peace-loving nation.

Like I said, these things do not matter and are not worth extinguishing the kindle of hope. The high esteem you have gained through your work and the respect that you have earned over the years is way more than a single tweet that hurt your Pakistani fans. Yet, we are not pessimistic about the whole situation. To quote your former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee,

“You can change friends but not neighbours.”

Similarly, history cannot be undone, no matter how harsh or bitter the reality is. Time goes on, through which we learn that nothing remains stagnant. Dynamics have changed and will continue to change, and it is this very permutation of events that we all have to acknowledge and live by.

Why not give peace a chance? Why not respect each other despite all the differences? Why not embrace the diversity which, in actuality, broadens the spectrum and makes this planet a common home for everyone? Why not regard each other’s failure with dignity and cherish all the successes together? When clusters of clouds do not hesitate in precipitating on two lands at once, why are we so reluctant to show our feelings?

If demarcating a land into two was not an impossibility, then how could connecting millions of hearts over this line be so difficult? We, as two nations, have borne and accepted much worse; let’s give deference and tranquility a chance. It can work wonders for us.


Green Pakistan

Aminah Qureshi

Aminah Qureshi

The author is a freelance columnist from Lahore.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Patwari

    What was his name again? Puresh Rowall ? Sounds like a nasty tropical disease.
    [Something that might leave you covered with purple spots.]
    May Lord Shiva protect all the hindus.Recommend

  • Tommy Gunn

    So Indian actors should stop speaking their minds because it hurts Pakistanis who watch their movies? I’m sick & tired of Pakistanis trying to claim a part of Indian film industry when they have absolutely nothing to do with it. Yes we share a common culture but we don’t share our industry or actors with you. Also nobody has put a gun to your heads to watch Indian movies, please feel free to stop anytime. And if you really want to be good neighbors, first stop sponsoring terrorism against our civilians & soldiers.Recommend

  • khyam akbar

    while It is not difficult to understand that a person can simultaneously be a good actor and a religious fanatic,still i wonder how a sensible man like Paresh Rawal can be a hate monger.Recommend

  • akhil g

    But neighbors can be change India changed its two neighbors east Pakistan and west Pakistan into two new neighbors Bangladesh and Pakistan.Recommend

  • Paki Terrorist

    Your military establishment has the answer … to be precise.Recommend

  • suhail

    TO THE AUTHOR, What the use of writing a big letter for a useless person that always act as a lowlife villain or even if their is any known actor of bollywood whatever they say why we need to react, I am not a fan of bollywood neither a fan of any actor and not all pakistanis are watching indian movies or fan of these people, please write on relevant important issues instead of wasting your energy and time on useless things, i was expecting the indian villain must have said something really bad, find out it was mountain out of a molehillRecommend

  • Kulbhushan Yadav

    Well Author, God forbid , no one should have a neighbor like you.Recommend

  • Amer Lodi

    Good article…!!!!Recommend

  • 2#

    oh You’re already done by then i guess unfortunatelyRecommend

  • Yogi Berra

    She actually wrote…Pakistanis and peace loving people. Can you believe it? Ask Afghans, Bangla, UK, US, Indians if they agree.Recommend

  • Yogi Berra

    Worry about Muslims. They are in trouble every where because of their won designs.Recommend

  • Duniya Hasan

    When former South African captain smith said “Pakistan Zindabad” after Pakistan won from S.A. in CT he was trolled by indian fans. Why? We hardly consider India our neighbor more than half of our country dont share any culture with india. If indians stop using Urdu in Bollywood it would change everything we would be aliens to each others Recommend

  • Keyboard Soldier

    India can shift to a different neighborhood.Recommend

  • MJ Zahid Zahid

    Wonderful. This should be the boldness like a true man. So akhil u changed your neighbours and we are and we will try our best to change our neighbours in future as well. Following same Chankiya rule so better ask people at your side to stop weeping about terrorism from our side. We are simply trying to change our neighbour as well. Kashmir Khalistan then in your Desert side in Western side……our.recently started investment bearing fruits. We also wish good luck for Bangladesh Nepal and Srilanka ….so we are also helping them …Nagaland Sakkum TamilNadu…..u keep trying in Baluchistan and Karachi.

    Regards and best of LOOK.Recommend

  • abhi

    Hey you are not wearing your hijab properly. Your hair showing through.Recommend

  • Patwari

    Nobody is trying to take that away from 2 billion Hindustanis
    By now it must be in the genes and DNA. Turkomans, Afghans, Persians,
    Mughals, the list goes on…..
    Genghis decided he had nothing to do with a swarm of people led by
    sadhus, yogis, a caste system, sati, female infanticide, etc. He kept away.
    Kublai just held his nose and told his hordes to keep going West. no need
    to bother with ash smeared holy men leading millions of people with
    967 gods and goddesses and their avatars.
    Now the Mughals, they liked gold and silver and rubies and diamonds.
    They came and just a handful kept Hinduland under an iron fist for hundreds
    of years.Recommend

  • Abdul moiz

    The Tweets displayed in the article are absolutely inoffensive and bland, they are offensively unfunny and lack creativity …
    e.g. Paresh could have atleast typed Lawhore instead of lahore for a start …
    While Rishi’s tweet is pretty Irredeemable (BLUE you away is just sad)

    And the Author despite being into Biotech isn’t into rationality or senseRecommend

  • Sane

    She is also a beef eater. But, fortunately not lives in India.Recommend

  • Sane

    Look who says what? You kill people labeling beef eater and also those who want freedom.Recommend

  • Sane

    You are losing Kashmir. Take care, before a series of losses starts.Recommend

  • Sane

    Indians are colored GREEN. This defeat shall be taught in Indian cricket academies for years to come. Indians need to learn how to avert and extremely humiliating defeat. Boasting and tall claims do not work.Recommend

  • Yogi Berra

    No we will not lose Kashmir. As a last resort we can always use Nukes to erase Pakistan from the map. Have no illusions. We will fight till end. Not an inch will be conceded even if that means we do away with all Kashmiri Muslims.Recommend

  • Yogi Berra

    Beef eating is crime in India. Obey the law of the land or get out of our India.Recommend

  • Patwari

    Dunyia, it is very hard to lay this on you, but you are dead wrong.
    Hinduland is the next door neighbor of Land of the Pure. Permanently.
    It matters not who accepts it or does not. Countries simply do not have the luxury of choosing their neighbors. Just like people. Remember,
    Urdu is the Lingua Franca from Afghanistan to Myanmar, to Sri Lanka.
    Ask Nepal, China, Myanmar, Sri Lanka…[Bangladesh is a Hindustani colony] Bhutan, to describe Bharat,…they have one word ….yeechh !
    [they also use other words that cannot be printed here]
    Afghanistan is Bharat Junior, or Son of India. Either way will do.
    If you look objectively, there are quite few things you share with
    hindus. Clothes, [Shalwar/Qameez, Kurtas, Saris] Cuisine, Basant, Cricket, Hockey…….you get the drift.
    There is one major, huge, difference though,… in Hindustan, 70% of
    the population does not have toilets….karma….Recommend

  • Duniya Hasan

    I have written it so many times that the current india stole all its history and glory from land of pure(pakistan) including the name INDIA and religions Hinduism and Sikhism, indus valley civilization, indus river , Aryans invasions, rajputs, pandits all originated in our pure land Pakistan. That’s why today you people are very insecure. All thanks to Persians!Recommend

  • So Up

    Beautifully said, my friend. So what do you suggest we have no right to live just because you don’t like us ? What happened to humanity?Recommend

  • So Up

    @giridesh3:disqus so you would rather kill 200 million people? I’m pretty sure your religion doesn’t teach you that ? I mean what has a normal Pakistani done to hurt you that you would want to go as far as killing him ?Recommend

  • Yogi Berra

    No need to over philosophize. Will you not defend your land or house if your neighbor tries to grab it from you? Why you guys are having difficulty understanding this? How difficult is this really?Recommend

  • Yogi Berra

    Study the history carefully so you do not remain delusional. There is not a single example in human history of any Nuclear power losing part of their land to enemy. That is seen because the world will not allow this eventuality. If India shows its fangs (Nukes) then international community will jump in defuse the tension. The status quo will be maintained like in Baluchistan and Tibet. Just look at North Korea situation. Super powers like US, Japan, Europe are so helpless against this small pesky insect. The reason is Nukes not that it is big or rich or powerful.Recommend

  • gp65

    1. Urdu was born in India and is an official state language in India, so no reason for India to stop using it.
    2. Indian movies use some pure Urdu words no doubt but essentially the language is Hindi.
    3. You can watch Hindi movies or not, you have a right to choose that. Either choice does not give you a right to dictate what our actors can or cannot say.Recommend

  • Tommy Gunn

    First of all the language used in Indian movies is “Hindi” & secondly Urdu itself is a language which originated in Uttar Pradesh India and was derived mostly from Hindi with a few Persian & Arabaic words. So why in the world would Indians stop using Urdu when it is an Indian language? Your comment shows how ignorant you guys are. The fact is that you guys speak an Indian language, wear an Indian attire, eat Indian cuisine, watch Indian movies, listen to Indian songs and yet you desperately want to be like Arabs, Persians & turks who want nothing to do with you and treat you like dirt. You are a confused nation which has abandoned its own identity & heritage. Yes you are correct, what is now Pakistan was pure until it was a part of Hindustan. Once it was divided on religious grounds, it became an unholy & impure cesspool of extremism, bigotry, violence & sectarianism. Your chickens have come home to roost.Recommend

  • gp65

    Beef vigilantism is wrong. So is thrashing journalists for drinking water during Ramzan, falsely accusing people of blasphemy and killing them, forcibly raping and converting minor girls.
    None of this has anything to do with the comment you were responding to.Recommend

  • Duniya Hasan

    Urdu was born under Persians and turn rule, if Urdu hadn’t been born the official language of Pakistan would have been Farsi. I wonder how Indians understand Pakistani dramas then they watch which have heavy Urdu vocab words? In Bollywood movies there are no heavy hindi words its mostly Urdu when it comes to heavy words which we can understand the rest is mainly hindi-english mixed dialogues.Recommend

  • Duniya Hasan

    Hindi is a slang of beautiful poetic Urdu language. you think you are speaking hindi but you are using Arabic, farsi and turk words. Next time pay attention to words when you speak hindi you will feel it is slang of urdu and the words you use are mostly none Hindi. Your not even Aryans, Aryans invasion took place in pakland.
    We speak a language which was developed by Persians/Turks the name URDU means an army in turkish. Most of the dishes in Indian sub continent have origin in middle East even the most popular road snack Samosa does not belong to sub continent its middle eastern among other dishes. Pakistanis don’t eat daalbhat which is your national dish on banana leaf, Pakistani national dish is Nihari. Our national dress is Salwar Kameez, Indian national dress is Saree for women and langota for men. You steal pakistani songs and call them indian , you call pakistani classical music as hinduistani classical music, You borrowed your country name from pakland after Muslim leaders decided to name northern western land as Pakistan… mahatama Gandhi called hinduistan as India hoping to keep the unity, he even kept hindi as national language of hinduistan because pak national language was Urdu. You try to copy us in so many ways.
    We don’t want to be Arabs we only share religion with them nor we share anything with current india we are mixture people many empires who ruled our land once and we are proud. It is you indians who keep assocating with us. Have you seen any Pakistani associating with india?Recommend

  • Sane

    Just because Pakistan defeated them in cricket to win Champions Trophy.

    Yogi Berra: what about nuke the fang as you say, Pakistan has. You will remain hate monger, not considering that you are nose dive in all sectors. Your women on street are with mask of Cow to protect themselves from rapists. This is the level you have reached and still do not show any shame.Recommend

  • Patwari

    Watch the Bollywood movie “Piku”. Good movie. Excellent cast
    Great story line, Flawless acting by all, but the dialogue will make you cringe. It’s crass, street, Urdu. Which passes for Hindi.
    And to think the Muslims and Hindus in Lucknow and Agra speak Urdu which is so refined and so pleasing, it’s like music to your ears. Classic Urdu.
    Have been there and heard it, personally.

  • Tommy Gunn

    Please educate yourself ma’m. Actually when you are speaking Urdu, you are speaking 80-90% Hindi with the rest being persian, arabic etc. In any case it is irrelevant that Urdu has foreign influences because it still does not change the fact that Urdu originated from what is presently India. Before the partition, nobody in what is today Pakistan spoke Urdu. They spoke Sindhi, Pashto, Punjabi, Balochi etc. Urdu was shoved down Pakistan’s throat by Jinnah. That is why the people who migrated to Pakistan from India are still called “Urdu speakers” in Pakistan. Whether you accept or not, the reality is that Pakistan has always lived in India’s shadows since its creation, whether its langage, food, attire, arts, music etc.

    As for Indians wanting to associate with Pakistan, you are very much mistaken. Maybe the generation that lived the partition had a soft corner for Pakistan but today Indians don’t want anything to do with Pakistan & given Pakistan’s horrendous global reputation you can’t blame them. In fact go the the US & west sometime and you’ll see Pakistanis calling themselves Indians in order to get some respect & not treated as terrorists. I have come across at least 3 such cases in the US.Recommend

  • Duniya Hasan

    What is Hindi? Hindi’s orthography and grammar were not even standardized until the 1950’s, whereas Urdu had been famously known for hundreds of years prior, just watch old Bollywood movies from 50s, 60s or 70s where only Urdu was used. URDU is not even an official language in UP where it was born. If Urdu hadn’t been official language of Pakistan than Farsi would be our language.
    Actually it is India which is living under our shadows all the history even name of your country is from our land. You associate with Pakistan whenever there is talk of your origin, We all know how indians hate being called dark skinned because you are whereas Pakistanis are not. All the muhajirs in Pakistan call themselves indians from UP, Bihar, Ahmedabad, Allahabad, dehli.Recommend

  • Tommy Gunn

    I’m afraid, you are running around in circles about the language thing with irrelevant & based on false assumptions. The only relevant FACT here is that you guys have adopted an Indian language as your national language. And again, no Indian that I know of (including Indian Muslims) want to associate with Pakistan in any way. We are nation which is proud of its heritage and culture unlike Pakistan which is confused about its identity, history & heritage.

    Lol, what is with this shallow & pathetic fixation that you guys have with skin tone? Indians living in northern India have fair skin and the tone gets darker as you move south just like the way it is with Pakistanis as well. It has more to do with Geography than anything else. I’m a Punjabi whose family origin is north India & I can tell you that I’m fairer than 90% of the Pakistanis that I’ve come across here in New York. And even if we assume that 100% Indians are dark skinned & 100% Pakistanis are fair skinned, so what? Has your “fair skin” got you any respect in the world or made you a successful nation in any field? Here in the US I see “dark skinned” Indians who are CEOs of global corporations or doctors, engineers etc whereas your “fair skin” Pakistanis are caught in terrorism activities or they drive cabs & sell chicken rice on the street. It is not the color of skin which makes a nation successful, its the education, brains & quality of its people in which you guys have totally failed.Recommend

  • Patwari

    Bullpucky in triplicate. You can spot a hindu a mile away.
    Servile demeanor, shuffling gait,
    a red dot on the forehead, short stature, avoiding your eyes.
    The women now wear shalwar/qameez, [rarely saris] or pants.
    A Pakistani will have a hard time passing himself off as a hindu.
    As for the arts, culture, poetry, etc. they were basically introduced, mainly, by the Persians, and Mughals.
    The indigenous hindus sat around thrumming a sitar or tablas
    or doing the ‘talk’ dance. Period.
    Oh! forgot! The hindu did introduce a caste system, sati, female infanticide, Untouchables .And if you are found
    eating beef, or even suspected, you will be hanged from the
    nearest ‘holy’ tree.
    You will find all of this, plus sadhus, yogis, ash covered men, devadasis, drinking cow urine in Saffron, Vermilion Hinduland
    Now ruled by the man known as the Butcher of GujratRecommend

  • Patwari

    Basically Bullpucky in triplicate. Doubt it very much that you
    are from the borough of Manhattan. Doubt it very much that
    you are a Punjabi. Doubt it that you are any fairer than a
    Gujrati or a Maharashtrian or a Bengali. What’s your caste?
    However, if you come out of Penn Central, in Manhattan, on the 7th. Ave. side, first thing you will notice is this hindu woman selling newspapers in shalwar/qameez. [bought the NYT from her many times]. She never looks you in the eyes.
    You go further down 7th. you will see yellow cabs congregating, that’s where the best desi food in Manhattan is found. Cheap and very good.
    For your information the hindus are found in New Jersey. Edison, NJ to be exact. The whole city is overtaken by them. It’s Hindutown. Even the store signs are in worm like hindi writing. There are very few hindus in Manhattan. Hardly. Maybe they live Bronx. Maybe Queens, definitely Harlem, in subsidized housing.
    Also the Hindustanis and Paks get along very well with each
    other, in US and other countries. Once they are away from the toxic environment, they act civilized. YOU being the exception.
    There is only one thing to remember, your PM is known as
    the Butcher of Gujrat.
    Oh! he was at Madison Square Gardens, over Penn Central.Recommend

  • Tommy Gunn

    Sorry I don’t respond to people like you. You are obviously clamoring for attention but you are not worth mine or anyone’s time. Get well soon! (I’m blocking you)Recommend

  • Duniya Hasan

    The FACT is india don’t have a national language while pakistan has its own national langauge, an other fact all your history including religion, name of your country is derived from my land even the name of Punjab is Persian. YOU have nothing to be proud of. If you take Pakistani land out of the pic you don’t exist.

    I’m sorry what was that? Indians living in north india are fair? What is north india? Are you joking with me? The so called North Indians are as dark as South indians, look at Bihar, UP, Haryana, Dehli, Rajistan, Gujrat. I have come across mostly with north Indians they look like people from South Pakistan even tho india shares border with Pakistan, Indians have mostly different face features and tend to be more darker than Pakistanis.

    I’m sorry I heard New York, California and Chicago only have Sikh cab drivers? That’s what they show in movies and media. Also India has 1.5 billion more people than Pakistan don’t tell me that your huge insane population doesn’t play any role in you claiming to be a successful nation….not to mention without some Southern states in india which holds most of your economy Recommend

  • Tommy Gunn

    Your comments seem to be based on the distorted history that you were taught. Let me correct you – How can you have your “own national language” when that language actually originated in another country?? How are Indian languages derived from Pakistan? The major languages spoken in Pakistan are Urdu, Punjabi, Pashto, Sindhi, Farsi & Balcohi. We have already established that Urdu originated in India. Did Punjabi originate in Pakistan? NO. Did Pashto originate in Pakistan? NO. Did Farsi or Baloch originate in Pakistan? NO. The only language spoken in Pakistan which actually originated from Pakistan is Sindhi. Besides that all languages are foreign. As for India, it has 22 official languages because India is proud of its diversity & heritage and does not need to borrow foreign languages like Pakistan does.

    Like India, Pakistan could’ve embraced its identity, culture & heritage but Pakistani leaders like Jinnah and the ones after him .
    As for Indians driving cabs in the US, let me inform you that the Indian American community has the highest average income among any ethnic group in the US including the jews and it also has the highest percentage of college graduates, masters & PhDs than any other ethnic groups in the US. So I’m sure Indians are not earning such high income by driving cabs. Yes, about 10-20% Indians living in the Us & west may be doing blue collar of labor oriented jobs but with Pakistanis that figure is the opposite – 80-90% drive cabs or other labor oriented jobs. Recommend

  • Reddy

    whether pakis watch their movies or not doesn’t make a diff to them or us,we are not your friends and never gonna be .by the time ur turks,mughals learned to run around trees we had a number system here,Recommend

  • Salim Alvi

    Urdu literally means Turky Army Tent. First Urdu Shayar was Uzbek Babar. He penned his first couplet describing his love for a teen age boy called Babari (most probably a Pakhtun or Muslim Punjabi). The couplet describes Babari’s shiny bottom cheeks. Nikah literally means a contract, be it of one night stand or otherwise. Shadi literally means pleasure in Persian. BPakistan and Muslims in general are in dire state economically, culturally because of these borrowed words. You are still borrowing foreign accent, foreign leader/rules. Recommend

  • Salim Alvi

    Panini standardized Sanskrit grammar. Sanskrit has been proposed as language for knowledge base, expert system and Prologue like programming language. From Sanskrit came Prakrit then Pali, then Khari Boli and then Marathi, Gujrathi, Bhojpuri, Bangali…Arabic & Persian are recent languages. Persian has close relationship with Sanskrit. Arabic is derivative of Hebrew & Aramic. Indians need to go back to their original names such as Hastinapur (Dilli), Prayag (AllaBad), Karnavati (Ahemedabad)… India needs to get rid of meaningless imposed names just as Bombay took original name MumbAi (Mother Mumba).Recommend

  • Salim Alvi

    Soon Balochistan will be Bharat Junior and so also Sindh, Gilgit Baltisthan and Pakhtunkhwa.Recommend

  • Salim Alvi

    Arya means noble man in Sanskrit. What is Aryan? Anglos and Germans created a fake race called Aryan because their own ancestral history was wiped out by Romans after Xianization/brutalizationRecommend

  • Salim Alvi

    soon India will have new neighbors Sindhudesh and Balochistan.Recommend

  • Salim Alvi

    In Kirket only Anglos win. That is why they sent to Mount on natives who wanna be Anglos, Mughals, Turks some one with long and sturdy bat. That is why he was called MountBatten. Kirket is for distracting natives so the loot & plunder goes on. Modi should ban Kirket to compete with China in Science & Technology. Modi also needs to ban Bollywood.Recommend

  • LS

    Wow – Have you ever looked at the gender gap index from WEF? Pakistanis is the penultimate country in that report. At least we report the rape, convict and jail the criminals and a punishment is handed out. Unlike pakistan that hides its rapes, rarely reports them, victims are jailed and they are asked to produce 4 male witness to support their claim so no one comes forward.

    Here is the how it is measured: This includes safety, health and survival

    It blows my mind when pakis preach not knowing where they themselves stand.Recommend

  • Shilpa

    The language used in Bollywood is a mixture of Hindi and Urdu. Urdu was much more dominant in the early years of Bollywood as much of the writers, lyricists were Urdu stalwarts. Today’s Bollywood does not use the heavy Urdu words and in fact uses primarily Hindi. There are exceptions of course depending on the story and background the film is set in.

    With that being the case, the thing to wonder is how would Pakistanis understand films like Lagaan, Munnabhai MBBS, which aren’t really Urdu. An ordinary Indian like me finds it difficult to follow some Bollywood songs that use Urdu words, but over the years we’ve learned to fill in the blanks when such Urdu lyrics are used and have Googled the meaning when we really wanted to be sure.

    When I was younger, our cable guys used to have Pakistani TV and some other private channels beamed to our home. While I understood the general context and followed some words, Urdu words were difficult to follow – I particularly remember words such as Tayara, janubi Asia – we use Dakshin for that. Words like khasoosi, sarbarah, siyasi, quiyadat. There are so many words you use that we don’t understand at all.

    On the other hand, I’ve seen Pakistanis use words such as Suraj, Chand, which have Sanskrit origin and aren’t derived from Persian or anything else. There may be many Hindi words you may not understand similarly.Recommend

  • Shilpa

    Hindi originated from classical Sanskrit. Then evolving to Pali-Prakrit and Apabhransha. You might want to research on how many Urdu words have Sanskrit origins. Urdu wasn’t a language that was transported from Persia or Middle East. Urdu is a language that developed in India as a result of intermingling of Hindi or Khariboli. Yes, there are words with Persian and Turkish origin, but so too of Sanskrit origin. The reason why both Hindi and Urdu speakers are able to understand each other (for the most part) is because both evolved in India and derived from the same set of languages besides the Persian and Turkish words that you refer to. If Urdu were primarily a Persian and Turkish based language, there is no way Urdu speakers would be understood by Hindi speakers.

    Regarding dishes, perhaps you don’t realize the sheer vastness and diversity of Indian cusine. What you refer to (which is common to both India and Pakistan) is a certain type of cusine that even Punjabis from our side claim as their own. The West, South, East, and Mid regions of India have a cusine that is totally different from the cusine found in Delhi/Lucknow/Indian Punjab. Daalbhat is not our national dish :) Indian can’t have a national dish because each state of India has its own diverse and unique cusine – from various types of vegetarian and non-vegetarian curries to myriad types of seafood preparations to snacks like dosas, idlis, sweet dishes.

    As far as stealing Pakistani songs, yes there have been some. It’s also worth noting that there have been news articles about Pakistani composers stealing songs from Middle Eastern composers. So this works both ways. And NOT all songs (by far) composed in Bollywood are remotely lifted from Pakistan. What is Pakistani classical music? Did you mean Hindustani classical music? Hindustani classical music practitioners in Pakistan are almost extinct. How many Pakistanis are practicisng Dhrupad? Khayal originated out of Dhrupad. Learn about the history of classical music that you so claim – you’d be surprised how it originated and when. Much like Urdu, you seem to want to think of it as being transported from some place elese.Recommend

  • Shilpa

    It is quite rich to point to standardisation of grammar as being of any significance. Maybe it holds significance to those who have an agenda and narrative to drive at. As I’ve pointed out in my previous post, the prevalance of Urdu in older Bollywood films was primarily because of the dominance of Urdu stalwarts. They were lyricists, writers, composers and they spoke in Urdu and not just had Urdu as a language of profession.

    More famously, Javed Akhtar mentioned in one of his interviews that he consciously tries to avoid Persianised, heavy Urdu words as the masses don’t understand them. Urdu was not the language of the masses in India then and still is not. Go on the streets and ask any Indian watching a heavy Urdu-worded song and they would have no clue as to what half the words mean. But then songs have never needed to be totally understood to be popular and so the usage continued.

    Plus Urdu has the advantage of describing things in fewer words and hence lyricists even today prefer to use them, particularly in songs. However, the language in Bollywood films today is primarily Hindi with local dialects and nuances. You may of course have the Urdu heavy film which would be due to the context of the film.

    As far as dark skin, yes people like fairer skin just as Europeans love darker skin and aim to tan and get that kind of tone. However, being dark per se has never bothered the vast majority of Indians, who are dark skinned. The fact is that dark skin can be found in Pakistan too and you’d seen a gradual darkening of skin color from the North to the South of the country.

    That apart, you’d find fair-skinned people in the South too, in Pakistan and India. Those are genes and people who have migrated from North to South. The climate in West, Mid, South, and parts of East are very harsh and that’s the reason over time people living in these parts have developed dark skin to protect themselves from the sun. There is a scientific explanation for that and melanin is what causes the darker skin. Reason why Sri Lankans are dark and so are Africans and West Indians. No shame in that.

    It is, however, amusing when you give a categorical fair-skinned label to Pakistanis. Is Javed Miandad fair? Is Sarfraz Ahmed fair? Waqar Younis is fair? Shoaib Akhtar is fair? Fact is most of these Pakistanis as well as Sindhis and Baloch, et all have brown skin. Maybe what you call fair applies to a few like Afridi or Imran Khan.

    Am not sure what you point is about Muhajirs? They are inferior cos they came from India or are dark skinned? They have Indian genes and you have Arabian/Persian genes? The fact is most of the residents of this region have local genes – the rulers who invaded who had foreign genes weren’t enough in number to breed and create 200 million foreign-ancestry-based offsprings.Recommend

  • Shilpa

    The reason India does not have a national language is because (unlike Pakistan) we didn’t choose to impose a language upon the masses across what is essentially a very diverse country with local languages and dialects. Pakistan incidentally is also diverse, but we all know what happened in East Pakistan as a result of forcing a language the locals did not identify with or want any part of.

    Am not sure what part of our history you want to claim? I mean for the most part, Pakistanis and educational books of Pakistan, don’t even want to acknowledge that Pakistan had a non-Islamic past. Pakistani (by the way) is the size of the Indian state of UP, so not sure how by any stretch of the imagination, India could claim anything that happened or was derived from what is now Pakistan. The divided parts of both countries shared a similar culture, food habits, dress – esp in Punjab. That apart, you have no idea of the rest of India. You seem to be equating Punjab and North India (really Delhi) as India.

    Indians living in North India are generally fairer because of climatic conditions being milder. Due to migration from other parts, you would see an intermingling of people and skin tones. You should really research on the temperatures the states of Gujrat, Rajasthan, Bihar experience to know what melanin does to skin and why it does it. I find dark-skinned people just as beautiful and human as any other.Recommend

  • Shilpa

    You really need to search within this own newspaper’s archives to overcome this myth about Urdu. Read “Myths about the Urdu language” found within this newspaper’s archives for example. There are countless other articles that share a similar view, if only you really care about finding out.

    As for understanding Pakistani dramas, much like I said before in my earlier post, there are a lot of Urdu words we’d have to Google to find out the meaning of. However, the commonality between Hindi and Urdu allows people from both sides to grasp what the other is saying in sentences and thereby grasp the broad meaning, if not word by word.Recommend

  • Shilpa

    feel free to believe that. Seems it makes you feel good, so carry on.Recommend