With no tabdeeli in sight and given the recent recruits, I no longer support PTI or the “great” Imran Khan

Published: June 10, 2017

And so it became the Khars, the Tareens, the Qureshis, the Kasuris, the Jatois, the Chaudhrys and the list goes on.

A couple of days ago, I caught sight of a headline which shook me to the core of my political conscience. What struck me was the hypocrisy it carefully concealed and the pretentious outlook it rendered. It read that,

“Former Sher-e-Punjab Ghulam Mustafa Khar joins PTI.”

Attached with it was a photo with a glowering Imran Khan, sitting across Khar on his magnificent couch.

Ghulam Mustafa Khar called on Chairman Imran Khan at Chairman's Sectt in Islamabad to announce his support for Pakistan Tehreek-e-insaf.

‎Posted by Imran Khan (official) on‎ יום שני 24 אפריל 2017

Up until a couple of months ago, I used to identify myself as a Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) supporter and much to the resistance of a lot of people around me, I continued to support the party on conditional grounds. I believe support does not come free, as with it comes a filter of sensibilities. And I am glad I fall under the category of not being blinded by hero worship or the oh-so-charismatic Imran, as many around me unfortunately are.

At its conception, PTI was founded upon the basis of justice, humanity and self-esteem, of questioning and reprimanding the status-quo, and youth and merit. It made people believe that a utopian society was within their reach. But for a while now, Imran has strayed from his prior vows. I remember clearly the massive jalsa at Minar-e-Pakistan, where Imran promised to break the status-quo and bring about change in our society, or what he aptly called tabdeeli (change). That tabdeeli was meant to be based upon principles and merit, justice and equality but over the years, the concept has eroded.

And so it became the Khars, the Tareens, the Qureshis, the Kasuris, the Jatois, the Chaudhrys and the list goes on. The status-quo that he was out to challenge, slowly and gradually integrated into his organisation, to such an extent that they started dissuading him from his commitments, his goals and secretly altered his mission.

At first, it was credible people such as Shah Mehmood Qureshi and Javed Hashmi, who at least displayed a modicum of sense and diplomacy, but very soon, every other regional political leader with a sustainable vote bank became an entrant into the party of so-called change.

From Liaquat Ali Jatoi to Khar, Firdous Ashiq Awan to Chaudhry Akhlaq, all of them are vehement supporters of the status-quo. In their lands and tracts of influence, they continue to wreak havoc upon the lives of people labouring under them and yet, they form the hierarchy of the party that once claimed to represent the weak in society.

While there is no doubt in my mind, or perhaps in a lot of minds who once supported  PTI, that Imran is loyal to his country, it is to my disappointment that he is no longer the man needed to bring about the required change.

Fishing for electables like bait in the sea is just another virtue that was criticised by him, not once or twice, but multiple times. And he persists in pointing fingers at parties that were virtually formed upon the Changa Manga politics of horse trading, yet refuses to look within his own ranks.

If this state of affairs continues, one can only wonder how long the chants of naya (new) Pakistan, tabdeeli and the resurrection of hope will manage to sustain themselves; for the people of Pakistan are no longer the cattle they once were. They are now far more knowledgeable, politically informed and courageous in making gallant decisions and deception, specifically from PTI, is intolerable for many.

Khar is not a new name to politics. He’s been a household name for decades now, and while I can at least digest others’ (who I blame for PTI’s decline by the way) inclusion into the party, Khar is one name I cannot take without cringing. Perhaps, my bias is galvanised partly by Tehmina Durrani’s ’My Feudal Lord’ and otherwise, through private conversations I’ve had with members from his family.

To me, personal life is not to be displayed in public and it is unethical, but he is a man who betrayed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, the man who made him the household name he is, the man who gave him confidence, resources and the opportunity to excel in politics. If he could not remain loyal to the man he called his ‘spiritual father’, how can I believe he will stay true to Imran, who he detested until a few years ago?

I don’t buy any of it and sincerely hope that Imran sees some sense very soon. Criminals are creeping up into his party’s ranks and he must steer clear of them and build back the organisation of hopes, dreams, and idealism that he once promised us all.

Oroba Tasnim

Oroba Tasnim

A visionary donning idealism, a revolutionary seeking reprieve. She tweets @OrobaTasnim (twitter.com/OrobaTasnim)

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  • Raheel Zahid

    so who you support now ? or you don’t support anyone anymore..and completely indifferent ?Recommend

  • Zubair

    He needs seats in the National Assembly to bring change. He is doing the realistic things to achieve that.Recommend

  • http://nazarbaaz.blogspot.com/ 2#

    well thats true PTI doesnt have any practical ways to bring change and the addition of seasoned and particularly failed politicians surely, IK is going nowhere and as you said “has strayed”. Fantasy is core value of PTI to attract the youth and thats all. Seriously you are right that people are more knowledgeable and if Imran Khan beats the drum of change without practical solution and by only adding more failed politicians in Party then as Quran says “ALLAH, If wants to give success to someone, surrounds him with good people” that means IK is going nowhere and the dream to become the PM will remain a dream only and I doubt if he could even secure KPK again.Recommend

  • cheebz

    seems like you have never supported PTI, else IK has answered your complaints many times.. selecting “Clean” people for your team vs. getting elected is two different ball games… we all want “new” faces, but none of us will vote when the day will come.. surely the person who spent 20 years of his life in politics fighting the mafia would know what he is doing.. Recommend

  • Sheraz Khalid

    I support IK.Recommend

  • Ahmed

    with due respect. your article portrait included the pic of jahangir tareen and khurshed mahmood kasuri. by the way both joined pti before 2013 polls. why didn,t you write this blog before 2013. i don,t understand why ET gives space to blogs based on individual thoughts of people? specially anti pti ones?Recommend

  • Al Alex

    Yes righter.. IK will change every thing as he’s not even in power.. 25 years of destruction.. Will be repaired in few hours… Go back to pmln Recommend

  • Miraz

    Learned people will always have doubt but the fools will have non !!!!
    So one more Activist goes in Nawaz favour .

    People do forget Imran’s fight and struggle of 20 yrs and more just because some one has entered in his party they see whole mission is faling…

    Fools will have no doubt only learned people will have !!Recommend

  • Fareed Hussain

    Pakistani politics is in the grip of few hundred families. Imran can not loosen that grip alone. He’s got to deal with the world as it is and not how he wishes it to be. Any sensible party supporter would know and understand this. Angels from heaven are unlikely to be attracted to PTI. The important to bear in mind is his vision and commitment to clean up the system. His will do this despite some of his people having a chequered past. Recommend

  • M Razzaq

    One needs to be in “power” to bring positive changes. In Pakistan good honest ordinary folks, are never given the opportunity to do something for their country, because the system is so corrupt, where the only beneficiaries are the status quo.
    Imran Khan knows, to bring positive changes to the masses and the country. He needs to bring on board, people who will help him get to the highest pedestal. Once he gets there, than he will have the opportunity to bring positive changes.Recommend

  • Patwari

    Ms. Tasnim wrote an excellent blog, [please keep up the good work]
    In the comment : “To bring change”….ahh so! There in a nutshell.
    However, the blogger, Ms. Tasnim, did somehow bypassed some very critical facts about the former ball boy. Also known as Kuptaan. Very
    likely there was just too much, to write about and not enough space.
    It took him a week, to show up at the house of Aitzaz Hasan, to show his condolences. Aitzaz, the teenager from Bannu, who saved the lives of 200
    of his classmates, by grabbing a suicide bomber, and got killed in the process. Why did it take so long? Because Aitzaz was a Shia.
    You never hear the ball boy/Kuptaan condemning any massacres of Shias, Nothing, zip, nada.
    Christians are altogether another story, for the Kuptaan. It took
    him two days to visit the injured , of the heinous Church attack,
    in Peshawar, that killed more than 230 Christians, [at Lady Readings Hospital] Only after a huge hue and cry went up, everywhere.
    The Kuptaan has quite a few names. UTurn Khan, 26 Car Entourage
    Khan, Hamara Bhai Khan, Phateecher Khan, Mr. Jemima Goldsmith Khan, Fall From a Stage Khan,….Recommend

  • Maddy Pti

    We need to make Khan take charge of Pakistan, to fix the mess it’s in. Recommend

  • Nabeel

    Pakistanis can only criticize. IK is doing the best he can. Just support him or leave him alone pleaseRecommend

  • Naila

    I had similar reservations. But then if you read seerah e Nabi SAW. You realise that the most ardent of Suhabas RA were not born in islam. They were once mushriq, worshippers of idols. They were so because there was no one to guide them, show them by being an example of rightous… Hence I realise tabedli is changing a person’s vision not creating robotics.Recommend

  • Bilal

    I agree with you completely but the only issue is that their is no other political party that we can support.Recommend

  • Syed Abdul Basit

    If IK stay at his own honestly don’t get cleaned people from other party then how he’s going to have to win the election whereas his party don’t have financial aid to run expensive elections expenditure, it’s very difficult to win election for new candidate without financial support. Other parties are financially strong in this case IK cannot win election. How he will get honest, angles and popular candidate from current society. He has to select honest & clean person from current society otherwise again the status quo will win by using influence, financially by giving bribery to public to buy vote. SyedAbdulBasit Recommend

  • Sierra Alpha

    Yup. All the best people are around Nawaz Sharif. His family primarily. And when Zardari won, the best of the nation was with him. When the Khakis come knocking down on your doors of democracy; they will be escorted by Angels. Have mercy!Recommend

  • Kay

    Muslims accept a non muslim with open hands and pride when he/she converts to islam irrespective of his earlier beliefs and deeds, than what is the wrong with people converting to PTI from other parties. Why double standards?Recommend

  • adnan dastgir

    That means he is not popular enough to win seats by himself. These so called electable will fly elsewhere if he do not win next election. These are seasoned turn courts Recommend

  • PatelPara

    well you are late. when Javed Hashmi was made Chairman!Recommend

  • Muneeb Kazmi

    by the way the so called lotaas were elected by your intellectual awam why not going out on the streets for once to spread out the real word instead writing these article What i understood by the content of your article is that you/people are willing to give NS 20 years and bhuttos 15 years criticizing IK to hiring them. your awaam does not leave any options. judging Ik in last few months vs you giving 20 year to NS lol pathetic article. Recommend

  • Muneeb Kazmi

    Allah also says to fix people who have lost their way. its just the way you looking at things my man. be positive
    ik ke under ye corruption kereain to bolna until than wait bro like we have been waiting for past 40 year under sharifs and bhuttos if you can give the same people chance try them under a new uncorruptable leader and before you say it can be done without it i am going to say PLEASE i dont have to spell it out for you as a pakistani we are in the same boat Recommend

  • Jaffer Hasan

    IK is involved in a struggle between vice and virtue. The forces of vice have become so strong and deep rooted that for him it is almost impossible to remain puritanical. Fire is needed to drive out the fire. Ethics do not work all the times, under the present state of affairs pure ethics do no seem to be working for IK. He needs the hardened steel to cut the steel-the sicilians. This is a non violent way of fighting the evil, else we should wait for a bloody revolution eg Iranian, Russian or French.Priority is to clean up the filth. Ideals can follow on a cleaner sheet.Recommend

  • UMAR

    This is the only way for Imran to fight big evil by inviting less. He can not bring Angels
    from other worlds.Recommend

  • Zeesh

    I still believe Imran Khan and PTI are the only hope for Pakistan. If they do not win and form a proper government in the next elections, game is over. ANd I dont understand why people are so critical of IK. Other parties have looted and plundered the nation yet they win and form governments, only to loot again. PTI is by far the best choice and only hope we have!Recommend

  • Umar Farooq


  • Amad Ali

    Bibi, its very important on Punjab level as the politics of hypocrisy can only work there. You will not find selection of electable s in KPK as they are independent to vote. U must note that in Punjab the voters were divided between PPP and PMLN and now to attract PPP voters, one has to go for their electable. Even though the success will lie in the neutral voters if they were convinced to vote PTI. Its not necessary that all the electable s are corrupt or one can not run a country with corrupt people. Pakistanis are by birth corrupt and senseless people and in fact IK is trying to awoke the senseless nation.Recommend

  • Omer Rasool

    You forgot one name Ch Fawad who after drinking water from wells of APML, God knows how many more parties has finally joined PTI. PTI has lost its credibility. I still believe Imran is a good man but he cannot bring change with these corrupt people around him, by following the traditional political practicesRecommend

  • Afroz

    Oroba Tasnim! Will appreciate if you share your any article in favor of PTI/IK as you have claimed that you was one of the supporter. Then we can only assume that you are a real disgruntled supporter of IK.Recommend

  • Afroz

    I have asked writer of the evidence that she was one of the supporter of PTI. Let see how she respond.Recommend

  • M. S. Chaudhry

    First, let me inform PTI supporters that none of the PPP’s so called leaders who have joined PTI recently can claim to have a secured seat. All of them have been defeated before and it can happen again in future election. Secondly, they came to Imran to get his vote bank but they are telling in media exactly the opposite that Imran need them because he has scarcity of electables in his party. Thirdly, when Benazir was martyred, it was proposed by many pundits that PTI ( which was an insignificant party at that time) should merge with PPP and Imran be given leadership of this new party. At that time, PPP’s leadership including these electables rejected the idea with disgust. As now, Imran has become a force on his own, the same so called electables are looking at him for their own ulterior motives. Their presence in PTI has proved two points, first Imran is no different from other politicians and secondly, his popularity and forces behind him including women which are half of total population, youth which is majority of Pakistan’s population, anti corruption and anti status quo forces which is every Pakistani, Establishment, Agencies, SC, JIT which are representing Pakistan’s majority are not enough to defeat Sharif family. He still needs these rejected and failed electables to win majority. What a shame?Recommend

  • Mehmood Malik

    How much money did the Motoo gang give you to write this piece of crap?
    The established parties have looted the country for their own benefit, we have no standing in the international community even though we have lost 70,000 of our citizens in this so called war on terror. Our people are crying out for good governance which the discredited Sharifs and Bhuttus cannot provide, we need a great leader, a patriotic, an honest man…….we need Imran Khan.Recommend

  • farhan

    Now imran khan is joining hands with likes of racists mumtaz bhutto, zulfiqar mirza and irfan ullah marwat in sindh. They should change the slogan of tabdeeli for lotagirri.Recommend

  • Khalid

    Well Oroba Irfan Marvat is another feather in PTI crownRecommend

  • Tahir Naeem Alyana

    You must understand and know that our masses vote for the kind of people IK is getting into his party. Mustafa Khar secured about 75000 votes in the national assembly contest in kot addu in 2013 against 88000 by the N-leaguer. So no surprise, if you believe that grandson of Allama Iqbal i.e Waleed Iqbal shall contest from kot addu and win for PTI then you live in fools paradise.

    The title of your article and the article itself is totally absurd, Pakistan in not US or UK. IK is doing the right things.Recommend

  • Tahir Iqbal

    He is Hungry of Power otherwise Nothing..Recommend

  • Lakhkar Khan

    PTI is the party of empty slogans, promise big, deliver nothing. The best example is their majority in Pukhtunkhwa. Over 4 years in the government, they have delivered NOTHING… The biggest slogans they have is to counter corruption but about 90% of PTI elected officials are corrupt and should be in jail, starting from their Chief Minister and Speaker of the House.Recommend

  • Qiko

    What verse of the Quran is that?Recommend

  • http://nazarbaaz.blogspot.com/ 2#

    thanks please. we need to liberate our thoughts without being favorable to a few only we need to be favorable to all.Recommend

  • Hassan

    Actually Pakistanis don’t cast vote impartially. I myself do not want to vote PPP but each time it goes to them, Even Trump wins on partiality of white people. PityRecommend

  • Hassan

    Honest leader can do anything. I don’t agree with the article.Recommend

  • saad

    Oroba, you just hit right on the nail. Nice write upRecommend

  • OSD

    You missed another important name which he had earned for himself.. Taliban Khan!Recommend

  • OSD

    Hahaha.. The PTI of KPK is littered with the opportunist electables of the same color which Khan has enrolled in Sindh and Punjab. This is not a provincial problem, so please don’t give this a provincial color. The electables of PPP have had their deposits confiscated in almost all of the assembly and local government elections since 2013, and that prominently includes the Punjab. The problem with IK is that he has not made a single contribution to the progress of Pakistan since he won a sizable representation for the first time in his political career, and he still gets blind support from his fawning supporters to cement his arrogance!Recommend

  • OSD

    How is that any different from all of the other mainstream parties? Do you really think these rejected pieces have changed their colors? Do you think they will just sit quite after winning seats from the PTI platform? They will drive policies to benefit themselves, just as they did in the other mainstream parties, and so what is to stop the PTI from morphing into the next PPP?Recommend

  • http://nazarbaaz.blogspot.com/ 2#

    Hello. Thanks for replying. I dont remember but I will find out and send you the message please. But I have read it in Translation myself. Just give me sometime I will let you know. Thanks.Recommend

  • http://nazarbaaz.blogspot.com/ 2#

    thanks bro.Recommend

  • http://nazarbaaz.blogspot.com/ 2#

    that a LOLZRecommend

  • http://nazarbaaz.blogspot.com/ 2#

    no seriously… i mean opinion is ok i agree with most points but respect is a must please. after all many love him insanely right?Recommend

  • http://nazarbaaz.blogspot.com/ 2#

    it seems to be a code of conduct that the writers do not repond. they just put up their theories and vanish like this anyways whats the purpose of asking so?Recommend

  • http://nazarbaaz.blogspot.com/ 2#

    well a drop of dirty water contaminates the whole of it right? Now, if you add corrupt people in your party who are already famous lotas, they will try to secure the top seat and as the lady mentioned, have, and will try to influence and change Khan’s vision, which is already the case. We like him but the problem is his strategies are not taking the party anywhere because he is trusting the failed and corrupt peopleRecommend

  • Patwari

    In a way, no. “Hamara Bhai Khan” refers to his undying
    love for that ‘particular faction’ of Pak society.
    [He wanted an office for them, in the capital city]
    ET moderators mangled and edited the comment.Recommend

  • pervaiz nasir

    Then IK should have Bhutto from Larkana, Khursheed Shah from SUkkur, Siraj DUrrani from Jacobabad, Ejaz Jakhrani from Shikarpur, Zardaris from Nawab Shah, Mulana Fazal Rehman from DI Khan and above all ALtaf Hussain from Karachi to win election in 2018. If these people will be in assembly on PTI ticket then why not on PPP ticket.Recommend

  • pervaiz nasir

    we have lost 70000 of our citizen and you still need a Taliban Khan. Please dont try to fool us more & more.Recommend

  • Mehmood Malik

    The reason why we have lost 70,000 of our citizens is because of the policies the fat man and his gangs have followed, if he had a semblance of intellect he would have held talks with the talibans. War on terror is an American agenda to devide and rule the Islamic world.
    Have you not learnt anything from what the western countries have done throughout the whole world for centuries? Recommend

  • Mehmood Malik

    Under the leadership of Mr10% and his wet behind the ears son the PPP is finished in all regions apart from rural Sind. Recommend

  • Sane

    All dead horses and those who were either part of corruption or supporters to corrupts are gathering around Imran Khan. Beware of this lot. They will make PTI another PPP, PML(N), PML(Q), JUI, JUP etc.Recommend

  • Oroba Tasnim Siddiqui

    Salaam, Please search ‘Oroba Tasnim Siddiqui’ with regards to Insaf Blogs. Also, the headline of this article is misquoted, I still support IK, but not upon all the decisions he makes. As his supporter, I feel it is my onus to reprimand and question him so he is not led astray. To me, love and support is not blind, because when you love someone, you can not see them fail. However, it is your right to disagree. Thanks and Regards.Recommend

  • Oroba Tasnim Siddiqui

    Salaam. I still support IK but not all of his policies/decisions. Just because I called out IK does not mean I no longer support him. The tagline of this article misrepresents the content unfortunately. I believe IK is a man who can transcend the traditional norms of our politics and actually bring about change if he resorts to his prior vision. However for now sadly, he is just another man in the arena that surrounds the Sharifs, the Bhuttos, the Choudhrys etc.Recommend