After all, Kabul is no Manchester, and the media and world’s reaction proved it

Published: June 8, 2017

If the west really cares about the scourge of Islamic terrorism, then voices in the west should denounce incidences of Islamic terrorism in the Muslim world as vehemently as they do incidents in the west.

At some level, I do understand why no Facebook profile picture filters appeared or why no hashtags dominated the social media landscape after a bombing in Kabul or Baghdad. It is assumed that cities like these must be acclimatised to the reign of terror; to towering plumes of smoke; to children’s blood being spilled on the city’s pavements; and to mangled corpses strewn on the dirty streets. It is assumed that they must be used to mothers wailing in a strange cacophony; to rundown ambulances whirring past shocked onlookers, who in turn are used to their unacknowledged existence; and used to the lack of sympathy from any quarter.

Last Wednesday, a massive bomb killed 90 in Kabul. The day before that, an ice cream parlour explosion claimed 30 lives in Baghdad. Of course, both these explosions were covered by the international news media, but the world’s reaction was a bit muted. Kabul, after all, is no Manchester. While a bomb blast is a bomb blast, and any loss of life is sad, compare the difference in the magnitude of both the blasts.

The Manchester explosive was a homemade affair, filled with nuts and bolts to serve as shrapnel. It caused 22 casualties because the bomb was placed in an enclosed and overcrowded place. In Kabul, the sewage tanker used was laden with 1,500 kilograms of explosives. It left a 13-feet deep crater on a concrete road. Had the same blast taken place in an enclosed area, the number of casualties would easily have been in the hundreds. While survivors of the Manchester bomb were consoled by Ariana Grande’s benefit concert on Sunday, I wonder who will provide solace to the survivors of Kabul.

Kabul had barely recovered from the attack on Wednesday when there was another bomb blast on Friday at a protest. The number of deceased was seven. In London, on Saturday night, three men used a vehicle and knives to cause mayhem in the Borough Market area. The number of deceased was seven. Scroll through your Facebook newsfeed to find even a mention of the Kabul attack on Friday. On the other hand, every news item screamed out loud that London was under attack.

Theresa May appeared in front of the press on Sunday, rightly denouncing the “single evil ideology of Islamic extremism” responsible for the London attack. Right after, she touted,

“It is an ideology that claims our western values of freedom, democracy and human rights are incompatible with the religion of Islam.”

This is true, because it is what terrorist organisations such as the Islamic State (IS) and al Qaeda claim. But pray tell, why do the same kind of misguided and vile miscreants target Muslim cities then? Neither Kabul nor Baghdad are citadels of “western values of freedom, democracy, and human rights”. It is because they look for easy targets. They may claim to be idealists. But guided as they are by an abominable ideology, they are also very practical people. They hit wherever and whenever they can.

In the Middle East and South Asia, they have a formidable network of resources and people, which they use to launch deadly attacks. In the West, however, they have begun to use a different strategy. Much like Airbnb outsources the provision of rooms to local homeowners and Uber outsources the means of transportation to local car owners, the IS outsources the waging of its war to local Islamic fundamentalists in the West. How convenient. It is not that after the emergence of the so-called ‘Islamic State’, these assorted fundamentalists have begun to hate the West more. They have merely found a better business model – a better way to wage their war.

Since the advent of these Islamist terrorist attacks in the West, there has been this mantra by the right in the US, UK, and Europe that “Islam hates us”, that Islam hates the West.

First, any religion is fundamentally incapable of hating a multitude of people hailing from any particular region in the world or ascribing to a particular culture. Thus, Islam does not hate the West, but yes, a very small number of Muslims might, not all of whom might be marauding murderers though. There is certainly a connection between this visceral hatred and the evil antics of Islamic fundamentalists. It is not hard to imagine that in part this hatred stems from the West’s view of people from the Middle East (they lump Pakistan and Afghanistan in that category too) as what Edward Said termed as “the other”. It is a sense of intrinsic superiority which is a hangover of the West’s imperialist past.

Perhaps, the West’s indifference to atrocities in Muslim countries stems from this very mind-set; the mind-set which thinks that those people (those Muslims) may maul each other to death a thousand times over, but the moment they bring that cancer to “our” shores, it’s a problem.

If the West really cares about the scourge of Islamic terrorism, then voices in the West should denounce incidences of Islamic terrorism in the Muslim world as vehemently as they do incidents in the West. This is because these Islamic fundamentalists, who have perverted a great and peaceful religion, use it to expound their erroneous ideologies. More so, they use it in a bid to succeed in their nefarious plots, and are as much of an anathema to the Muslim world as they are to the West.

The sooner the West understands this, the better.

Shajeel Zaidi

Shajeel Zaidi

The author works in alternative financing on Wall Street, and has a fascination with modern history and politics. He tweets as @shajboi ( and can also be found on Instagram as shajboi (

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  • wb

    Dear Shajeel, let me make something very clear to all the Muslims of the world:

    If Muslims kill Muslims in the name of Islam, we’ll always welcome it. The less of you in this world, the more peaceful it will become.

    So, YES. Kabul is not manchester and Islam is not like other religions.

    But if you attack non Muslims, we’ll raise hell. We’ll attack you back. We’ll vociferously condemn it. We’ll malign you. We’ll make it difficult for you to live or progress.

    Trust me, we have suffered for 1400 years. And enough is enough. PC lies won’t work anymore.

    So, if you want sympathy, don’t try that in blogs or media. We condemn you. We don’t sympathize with you.Recommend

  • Khan

    Why should the West do this and do that? Do you see the same coverage for Manchester carnage in Pakistani or any other non Western countries the same way as in the West? Here in the UK we are still talking about the Manchester & London atrocities, Is our media in Pakistan giving it the same coverage too? I bet not.Recommend

  • Rohan

    Pakistan should be condemned for sponsoring the attack and celebrating it on social mediaRecommend

  • Aunty MA

    This was a great read! I especially enjoyed the comparison made between uber/AirBnB and radicalists exporting terrorism to local fundamentalists living in the west to do their bidding. a life is a life regardless of location, it’s unfortunate so much emphasis and prayers are offered to those lives lost to terrorism in the west as opposed to those suffering at the hands of terrorists in the Middle East every day… Recommend

  • Ahmar

    Laughable writing. Once again an example of the west being blamed for the suicide attacks. If only the west had condemned Kabul and Baghdad bombings more loudly, everything would become so much better?

    Here’s a question. Did the Muslim world itself condemn these attacks? I have yet to find any media coverage of Pakistan, Turkey, Iran, Saudia, Egypt, Libya, Malaysia, Indonesia condemning these attacks any more than any of the western governments. Why do you crave so much attention from the west when your own, so called Ummah doesn’t give a hoot?Recommend

  • liberal-lubna-fromLahore

    laughable comment.
    Seriously? Why should Pakistan be showing vast coverage of attacks in West. We have enough problems of our own. Did West ever apologize for innocent muslim deaths caused by their governments’ bombings in Middle East since 2001 that has resulted in deaths of MILLIONS of innocent iraqi children. And yet you have the shamelessness and audacity to come and here ask why the world is so much more messed up than it was before? patheticRecommend

  • liberal-lubna-fromLahore

    West faked 9/11 to start illegal wars in Middle east that caused loss of millions of innocent Muslim lives. Now they are faking suicide blasts in their own countries and then forcing Muslims to apologize. SMH.

    Really? When was the last time white people apologized for drone strikes and bombings by their governments that killed millions in middle east?Recommend

  • ioer

    Even other Muslims or Arab countries don’t care about those blasts, so don’t wonder why the rest of the world doesn’t care.Recommend

  • wb

    Did Pakistan apologize for 10 million deaths when your hatred created Pakistan? Did Pakistan apologize for 3 million murders and 200000 rapes in Bangladesh?

    Did Muslims of India apologize for 100 million deaths of Hindus during barbaric Muslim occupation of India? Did Muslims apologize for multiple genocides that wiped out several 100s of millions of Jews, Christians, Pagans, Parsis from the middle eastRecommend

  • wb

    I heard a great comment on youtube about Muslims. Credit to the commenter and not me.

    “There are two types of Muslims in the world. Liberal and extremist. Extremist Muslims want to kill others. Liberal Muslims want Extremist Muslims to kill others.””

    Clearly, you’re liberal Muslim giving excuses to murderous terrorists. Congrats!Recommend

  • Rajiv

    Who cares?
    It’s like putting boiling water on your face and then asking your neighbour to pay your medical bills.
    Muslims killing Muslims is internal problem of Muslims . Why should West care about it?
    Sort your problems yourself.Recommend

  • Rajiv

    Very well said.Recommend

  • Rajiv

    who cares about worthless critters.Recommend

  • Rajiv

    These conspiracy theories are old and debunked.
    What about abdali, Ghauri , Ghaznavi
    What about barbary Wars – the first attack on USA?Recommend

  • yobroman

    In your lifetime, you will NEVER see thousands of western suicidal killers, living in desert training camps, driven to self-sacrifice, inspired to do evil to other cultures and countries, ALL simply because of interpretations of a religious book.

    The only good Muslim is NOT one who only denounces terrorist attacks, but actually turns in suspected terrorists. We in the west don’t know the difference. We only buy flowers, build shrines, hold concerts in tribute, and wait for the next attack against our own.

    Don’t hold your breathe for any western musical artist being accepted in all Muslim countries, let alone performing there to bring attention to your own issues. Look to your OWN leaders, whoever they may be.Recommend

  • liberal-lubna-fromLahore

    wow 9/11 conspiracy is old and debunked? says the guy who probably has never bothered researching the truth and who hasnt made the effort to remove his eyes that have been glued to fox news brainwashing channel since as long as he can remember.

    sir, 9/11 truth movement is gaining biggest grounds than it ever had in the past and u just blatantly disregarded a movement that has millions of followers and believers as debunked? shame on u

    babrbay wars? r u high? what is that.Recommend

  • liberal-lubna-fromLahore

    r u high? this is all in the hate messages that are preached by textbooks in india.

    none of your stats are true or verifiable. 100 millions indian deaths? really yet their population is over 1 billion. smhRecommend

  • liberal-lubna-fromLahore

    another brain dead Islamophobic commentator showing the world the abundance of his ignorance and stereotypes that his brain is able to store.

    how low do you have to be in life that you can categorize muslims into 2 categories?
    number of people killed by isis, a creation of the WEST anyway, does not even come close to the Muslims killed by americans.

    u need to learn your facts before exposing yourself as hate mongering ignorant personRecommend

  • Rajiv

    If you can’t do a google search it’s not my fault.
    Whatever happened after 9/11 was entirely the fault of you Muslims.
    stop all these conspiracy theories.Read facts. learn to swallow truth.Recommend

  • liberal-lubna-fromLahore

    thanks for admitting about your intellectual incompetency to google facts.
    sound like baseless arguments are your key traits.
    you’re a hopeless case.Recommend

  • Rajiv

    What 100 million deaths have to do with 1 billion population?
    Have you got any brain or not?Recommend

  • Rajiv

    and you are showing your empty head by writing nonsensical comments.Recommend

  • liberal-lubna-fromLahore

    typical indian
    useless arguing with youRecommend

  • Rajiv

    typical Pakistani
    wasting others time.Recommend