One small step towards reducing poverty

Published: July 13, 2010

Efforts need to be made to eradicate poverty and beggars from the roads of Pakistan.

Today after attending a meeting at the Maritime museum I was headed home when on Shaheed-e-Millat Road signal a kid came up to my window asking to clean my car windscreen.

I refused,  so he went on to other cars. A few minutes later on Korangi road signal another kid came, and I refused again.

Finally I reached Shahbaz commercial signal and called a kid who was cleaning windscreens. He cleaned my car windscreen as well as the side and back mirror in a minute and a half. I gave him Rs10 and a smile broke out on his face. “Shukrya” he said, and went on to another car.

My home was a six minute drive from Shahbaz commercial signal and in that time I was thinking about this boy, and how I could aid him and the other street children involved in this business. Here are some initial points I believe will work to help in their education and eventual escape from poverty:

On each and every signal we should install a small box for water with surf or any other cleaning material and a few wipers. Two to three kids should be assigned to each signal with one official to collect money. All these kids should be provided uniforms and they should have standardised times for their duty. There should also be a standardised system for distribution of money to each child at the end of their shifts. Each child should also join the team by filing paper work, and it should be mandatory for all of them to attend school in the morning. Through this effort we can at least try to eradicate poverty and beggars from the roads of Pakistan.


We need to involve our corporate sector as well as individuals who will sponsor the idea and develop it further e.g. Mineral water companies could install coolers on particular signals and a team could serve water in the afternoons and charge a small fee per glass. I know I will receive comments that these suggestions are contrary to child labour laws, to which my answer is that it is better than beggary.


Abid Beli

Founder of E-Retail and E-Kitchen businesses in Pakistan. A Social Media Consultant, a blogger and an anchor at He tweets @abidbeli

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  • S. Ali Raza

    Good idea Beli bhai!!Recommend

  • Farhan Noel

    Very Nice Thought… really appreciate thisRecommend

  • Shahid Abbasi

    Nice Idea. May ALLAH give us strength to remove poverty from Pakistan.ameenRecommend

  • Tahir Ashraf

    No i dont agree. Except making all those arrangement for institutionalizing the child labor on the signals , i think we should direct our attention towards educating them. We should give them school and also some daily stipend so that they can support their families.Recommend

  • Shahid Abbasi

    @ Tahir Ashraf
    Your Idea Required huge Funds, which are not in those hand who want to solve the problems.
    but if we can organize street children on the idea of Abid Beli, we also can provide education to them in separate time.Recommend

  • qasim

    Definitely food for thought! Thank you for sharing.Recommend

  • Faizan Basit

    A good idea indeed, but it is not that easy to implement as it looks. Different mafias and cartels operate on the streets of Karachi which force these children to conditions like this. Its a huge network and needs a lot of effort from all authorities.Recommend

  • Wasiq

    i totally agree with Tahir Ashraf..i mean the whole point of teh author was to actually legalize and institutionalize the miserable condition of those kids because somehow it went hard on his conscience?? his spirit of philanthropy is also quite evident by the mention of the fact that he refused the kids who didnt ‘deliver’ to him..this is classic ‘pro-child labor’ mentality, which is so conveniently tried to be covered by a ‘revolutionary idea’ for them kids…instead of going through the trouble of providing those kids with absurd conditions to actually legally do what they’re already doing hardly seems to change anything..and the mention of educating them as well, i mean is it a joke?? you’re suggesting to spend so much for their development, while actually not changing their miserable lives..
    if so much could be spent on them, i’m sure we can do with dirty car windows and not ‘enslave’ them as you suggest..infact it is only going to make the child’s life worse when he’s being educated and at the same time obligated by ‘duty’ to carry out the miserable tasks he was already doing..
    please think a little deeper before coming up with ‘ideas’ for social changes (this hardly seems a change)…Recommend

  • Haider

    good idea but a little naive.

    Are we forgetting the fact that such kids are controlled by mafias? any attempt made till now has been backfired. Recommend

  • Abid Beli

    @Tahir: Thanks for your comments when you join us to give them schools & daily stipend?

    @Faizan: Pakistan appear on the world map it was also not easy to implement, Islam spread in the whole world it was also not easy task but all these work done then why not we get success?Recommend

  • Schazad

    I think its a very bad idea. The writer has just spilled can of worms and there is no end to the spill like gulf oil. There are so many issues like child labor, corruption and safety of these kids on intersections and all that jazzzz. So very bad idea.Recommend

  • sadia

    Thats a very good idea i really agree that at least one step forward to over come poverty but i think most of the people have only time to criticize it good and bad and nothing else.I must say that well done and keep up the good work.Recommend

  • faizan

    lol appreciating child labour eh?Recommend

  • S Dave

    Dear Writer,

    I guess you’d need to learn more about child labor before writing a blog.

    Many thanks.Recommend

  • Abid Beli

    @S Dave: Thanks for advice, I also need to give you one advice if you dont mind that learn more about beggars mafia, They abuse our kids, Cut their body parts & force them for beggary. We have to remove professional beggars from our street, Roads. We have to make our youth & next generation educated & encourage them to face challenges of life.Recommend

  • Syed Salman Ali

    I wish all of us just make this one a practical ..!Recommend

  • Reactionary

    You actually have the gall to try to suggest a plan to legalize child labor? You would see these children study in the day and stand on signals in the afternoon heat cleaning your windows for 10 rs? A blog like this, published by express? tch tch its one thing to be practical and quite another to condole child labor. This paper should know better.Recommend

  • Maryam

    u actually are proposing a plan to legalize child labor……..
    please for God’s sake….!!!!Recommend

  • Salman

    I only want to say that this is a great idea
    em with you …. bolney se kuch nhi hoga aur jhan tak child labour ka sawal to abb bhi wo bacehy ker hi rahey hain na ham to bus unko aik format me laney ki koshish ker rahey hain jo unke liye acha aur faida mand ha aur issey unko financial support bhi miley gi plus wo education bhi hasil ker lyengey Recommend

  • Salman

    aur jo log ye kehtey hain ke is idea se child labour ka issue increase hoga to unke liye aik choti se baat ke meri age 17 years ha aur me 10 saal ki umer se kaam ker raha hun due to some financial problems aur ajkal main Globallinks paksitan me I.T manager hun …
    jab main ne kaam kerna shoro kiya tha to aik shop ke bahar jharooo laaganey ka kaam mila tha eo bachey bhi eesi terhan kuch sikhnegey aur apke mulk ke halat itney achey nhi ke app child labour ki baat karyen kisi ko bhi ghar bethey roti nhi mil jati struggle kerna perta ha bohat kisi bhi bachey ko shoq nhi ha ke wo jaker cars ke sheeshey saf kerey sirf halat ki waja se eesey kerney per inssan majboor hojata ha ..Recommend

  • Salman

    aur is idea se unko unkey work place per acha enviroment , facilities, education mil sakti ha
    is kaam ke liye koi zyada fundings ki zaroorat nhi ha apke ander kerne ka jazba hona chiye ha kisi bhi khali bottle me surf ya koi aur cleanning stuff jo apke kitchen me available hota ha aur aik wiper jiski qeemat max 100 rs hogi … bus app khud bhi apne signal per ye shoro ker sktey hain Recommend

  • Mabz Ahmed

    Abid bhai i really appericiate you for taking this step. We all are with you. People will surely creates difficulties for you, but u have to take this work so far. looking for some other instructions from you. As we are standing with you in this cause. And i will also suggest other people to join hands for this cause.Recommend

  • Erfan Afghan

    And the uniform could be sponsored by any company. They can promote their brand by:

    T-SHIRT – “ABC BRAND” each kid wearing branded shirts. Each signal T-shirt branding can be sold to any company.

    Monthly additional income for wearing T-shirts and they can earn from cleaning windows. Two source of income for them. Recommend

  • Shumail

    Please this blog MUST go to corporate sector people and others who can begin work on implementation. Also NGO.Recommend

  • Ali Shaikh

    @Tahir Ashraf, @Schazad, @Faizan, @S Dave, @Reactionary, @Maryam :-

    If you people dont mind did you ever observe child labour in your own house for house keeping work? Did you ever try to help children of Pakistan to improve their life? Did you ever try to support them to get education & dont work or beggary?

    Plus most of the Fisheries Involve Child Labour, the processing & cleaning of PRAWNS cant be done by Adult Fingers. The Prawn gill is been cleaned by Small Fingers of Children.

    When European Delegates come to check Child Labour in FISHERIES .. most of the Fisheries Industries move the children away.

    Secondly these Childrens are also in to drugs because the smell of fishes is really disturbing. Most of the Shipment arrives had noticed this drug issue.

    If Abid talks of giving them a Proffessional Home Grown and respectful method, than i am in this with Abid.Recommend

  • Shahzad

    First you should involve our political parties becoz this cannot be control due to a big street mafia.Recommend

  • Akhtiar Hussain

    Dear Abid Beli sahab, Aap ka Msgs wakit b wakit milty rahity hain, kabhi jazbati kabhi kabi-e-amal kabhi nakabi-e-amal, Gurebat ka khatema eik bara kam hy jo aap k oor hamary bus ki bat naheen, iss k liye drwesh sahib oor aap ko face book sey bahar nikalina pary ga.

    ye jo nia idea aap ny dia hy ye bahut mushikil kam hy, iss ky liye aap ko home work kerna pary ga, oor aap k pass kia hikmat amali hy??????????????????????Recommend


    Every idea have some flaws so has your idea as welll ………but it can be the first first to improve the life of those children.

    But the big question mark is on implmentation. We alll have great ideas to share but none of them implements.

    So,u will get my full support in implementing your idea even I am ready to work practically on streets.

    Plz, let me know if you have some plan.

    GOOD LUCK! Recommend

  • Ali Shaikh


  • Abid Beli

    Every work have difficulties but we all together then we achieve our GOALS & Targets. If anyone interested to work with us on that project then please send me your email address at [email protected]Recommend

  • Masroor

    Dear Abid,

    With reference to your topic I suggest poverty can only be reduced if we work on mentioned agendas collectively rather individually i.e.

    1) Mission we have in front.
    2) Commitment
    3) Directions
    4) Support
    5) Proper Monitoring of actions on above 4 points. Error identification and appropriate corrective and preventive actions.
    6) Unbiased evaluation of 6 points.Recommend

  • S Dave

    Dear Abid Beli,

    Thank you for replying to my comment firstly.

    Secondly, before I say anything, please have a look at this latest published news story in New York Times:

    Thirdly what you are advocating is completely wrong. Instead of helping those kids get a school bag/books and proper nutrition, you are further throwing them in the economic war/race which goes on in our Pakistani community as everyone is in a survival mode to live and live on the next day.

    You claim yourself to be a office bearer of a youth organization and I must confess that I am VERY afraid with the kind of mindset you’ve got.

    At one point you are advocating your glorious idea of helping kids earn money, and at another point, you are saying that its not child labor? The contradiction is clear.

    I would still suggest you to please back off from such idea to further deprive from education and monetize the youth of this country. That stuff is only appropriate at an appropriate age.

    You really need a lesson on child labor, as you are already agreeing that their hands are forcibly cut and artificially handicapped, you must also be aware of that they are sexually abused all because they are on street to earn money, but you are still pushing them in the race of money.

    I am also certain that you are not aware of the percent of street boys going into male prostitution these days as you enjoy the shining posh locality of DHA in Karachi and have to wait on traffic signals which has count-down timers.

    If you would still try to contest on such sensitive issue of supporting child labor, I would have no choice but to formally complain to the Editor of Express Tribune Pakistan and International Herald Tribune/New York Times to ban you from spreading such material.

    I hope this all make sense.
    Many thanks

  • Shumaila

    I would have to agree with S Dave and those opposing the idea.

    For all of those who support it, I wonder if they would allow one of their own children to be part of these ‘uniformed groups’ at signals washing cars/selling stuff.

    These are children we are talking about. They deserve to be cherished, loved, protected, educated. Not forced into the street to earn.

    Your idea is good, I agree, on the face of it. It may reduce poverty. It may reduce exploitation for beggary. But it will not reduce exploitation of children in general, thus it fails in essence. Recommend

  • GMPiE

    Finally any one comes to focus on this sensitive issues and yes this is a fact some we can never tolerate the controlling of so called Mafia’s but the question is that come in front & why don’t hand up & grab these all innocents to Mafia. By the way the stomach attached with every human being & we all are enforceable at least our parents or guardians guide us but what about them….Need of food stimulate to do the non-humanitarian act.


  • Shahzad

    Poverty is one of the products of capitalism and especially when topped up with corruption.
    If everyone become rich who would do the odd jobs for us? probably we’d need to import human resources from some other poor countries, and make sure that they remain poor so that they continue doing our odd jobs! we can probably even use them for waging wars. Its capitalism. Recommend

  • Wasiq

    @ S Dave..Thank God you said it as well..The utter hopelessness in the ideals of the writer and his supporters makes you really scared of the fact that such people are a part of the mainstream society.Recommend

  • Malik Rashid

    Legal sanction against child labor aims to protect children from exploitation but it should not be used as an argument to keep the poor children hungry. State is unable to provide them subsistence but corporations cannot indulge in any activity that involves child workers either. This is the only flaw in a very well-intentioned suggestion by the author. Instead of corporations, the ministry of social welfare and NGOs should get together to handle this child poverty in cities that keeps beggar-mafia and prostitute-mafia in business. Standing behind the legal sanction on child labor, we do nothing and let the problem grow. An organization that maximizes fruitful productivity of street kids while engaging them in education could be more protective of their lives and living conditions than a piece of legislation that bars them from employment without providing for food, shelter, health-care and education.Recommend

  • Abid Beli

    I just want to say Thanks with smile to S Dave. Recommend

  • Umair

    @S Dave Hello! do you have no idea of the ground realities in Pakistan? Abid Beli is suggesting one SMALL step, he is not saying that the children should forever be forced into labour – he is saying that we must take them out of this situation one step at a time. Reality is that they are in a horrible place and even giving them one measly tshirt is a blessing and how Dare you say ‘no no dont give them that because it is perpetuating the position they are already in.”

    do you see how you are speaking from a position of privilege without recognizing the ground reality? Please Do send that letter to the editor and i am sure you will receive the same response. It is people like you who hold our country back by imposing ideals onto a place which has to take small practical steps forward. I completely endorse Abid Beli’s idea which if you think about it will not be the END ALL step, but just the initial phase of getting these kids to the place you want to see them in, out of child labour.

    No offense meant.Recommend

  • Saeed KHan Abbasi

    Abid BHai, I appreciate your this initiative and would like to join your hands in this move.Recommend

  • Ahhad Hashmi

    I like your idea but I think these kids are been controlled by the mafia. If what you are trying can stop this mafia act then it’ll be better for the welfare of Pakistan……
    Hence If these children proceed on the right path then no doubt Pakistan will have a better future…

  • Abid Beli

    One more Thanks with Smile to Wasiq. Secondly i don’t know why you remove that sentence that i wrote or submit that blog or post for the sake of publicity :). Search my name on Google after that if you still say the same then i just want Say Asalam o alaikum, Tusi Great hoRecommend

  • S. Ali Raza

    Abid Bhai – Let me know how you want me to help you with this cause :)Recommend

  • Sultan Haider

    i think the school with the stipend is a better idea. it has been done in rawalpindi. i am with you if we establish such a school.Recommend


    Agreed with all who opposed your solution, it can b more refined but a good effort to put some light on our darker situations…!Recommend

  • Tasneem Chowdhrey

    Dear Dave,

    I am not aware where you are from, however it is appearent that you reside somewhere in the West. Eastern countries, population, economies and CHILDREN have bee literally RAPED by so-called humanitarian standrads devloped and preached by the West. Formulating standrds sitting in the comfort of your cosy damned Five Star Hotel conference rooms is one thing and facing the reality of living in a under devloped or developing country is another. Developed world has forgotten how they reached thier so called – DEVELOPED state. Developed world’s major part is thriving on killings of innocent children in Africa, in Asia, in Middle East. So called MULTINATIONALS are thriving on converting these kids into merceneries all over the world. Despite all this you preach us about Child Labour – its much far better than handing them Mascheties in Rwanda for killing thier own native people. Its far better then leaving them to die of hunger in Senegal because Corporates of the West speculated on food grain and made it difficult even for charity organizations to procure enough for distribution. It is far better then throwing food grain in the ocean by US Giovernement to keep the price stable instead of sending it to the needy. It is far better then these kids being kidnapped for Jockeying Camels at the race for the enjoyment of Arab Shiekhs.
    Have you ever heard of people selling thier kidneys for supporting thier families in Western world. We have numerous cases in South Asia. Would you like to know why? Its because Western brand of CAPITALISM professed by multilateral agencies has forced them to the other side of the ECONOMIC divide created due to the policies thrust upon by multilateral agencies.
    To your threat to report to Tribune in Pakistan and the US – to hell with it. Do you think in this day and age this is the only platform for discussing such ideas? You need to wake up to the reality!

    Dear Abid and all who Commented positively:

    Keep thinking, discussing and trying to implement home grown solutions to our Social, Economic, Political problems. We have so far been raped by the Western Philosophy starting with the East India Trading Co. to this date. My request is to not get bogged down by CAPITALIST mindset instilled through education and trainings at work – our part of the world has contributed a lot – the system of Micro Finance prevalent world over was not developed in the West by Capitalists it is Dr. Yunus’s brainchild – we know our culture, our people and our land – no one can think for the improvement of our state of affairs better then us.Recommend

  • Syed Abdul Wahab Gilani

    The idea is good but not for the kids who can be categorize as the child laborers. We can do it by increasing the “Initial figure” of age bracket so it cannot be termed as Child labor.

    @Tasneem Ch. I agree with you. We can reach a better solution by discussing it more and more with better intent.Recommend

  • Syed Muddassir Hussain

    Dear Abid,
    I really anticipate your vision but in an environment where there isn’t any checks on co-operates, gov sectors how will you monitor and run it and isn’t its child labor and we are promoting it?
    I guess it will incite the lobbies involved in child labors and provide them new business opportunity

    Instead of this why not a charity school that pays its student lets say whole day school that pays 15,00 to each student or maybe 1,000
    there you can utilize their resources in some in-house activity that would help them to learn technical expertise as-well help that organization to run on its own.

    Just my two cents…Thank youRecommend

  • Tasneem Chowdhrey

    My Dear Friends in Pakistan,

    We are quick to learn the terms propagated by “developed” world, however seldom do we realize that these TERMs and STANDARDS are developed by the people who have the luxury of SOCIAl SAFETY nets. Quite often our dear friends going by the names of “SOCIAL ACTIVISTS” and “NGO” take-up the responsibility to propoagate these TERMS and STANDARDS – unfortunately quite a few of them are detached from the reality as they are holding “MEETINGS” with thier FUNDING ORGANIZATIONS in places where the cost of such meetings is equal to the LIFETIME EARNINGS of a member of majority of the population of South Asia.
    In our setting “Pappu ki maan” sends his 8or9 year old to “Dino Ustad’s” workshop so that he does not hang out with “Lafangas” of the “Muhallah” and learns a skill which will help him to earn honest living. This is because “Pappu ki maan” does not have the LUXURIES of the DEVELOPED world like “Child Support” and “State Schooling” and she can not afford to feed, clothe and educate her “Pappu” and his 5or6 siblings on her meager earnings that she earns from cleaning and washing your and my homes from dawn till dusk!

    Please, please,please! do not get bogged down by the terms that are only applicable in the developed world. You can not take a Date Palm from middle East and plant it in Alaska hoping for it to bear fruits!Recommend

  • Abid Beli

    Thanks to all of you for positive & negative comments. I just want to add 2 points.

    First I am not promoting Child Labor & i will not accept that our Kids could work, but unfortunately, we cant stop that because of so many reasons which we all know very well.

    Secondly, I will try my best to develop atleast one module in any area of Karachi then it also depend on all of you that you can join handRecommend

  • Kashif Haroon

    To all those opposing the idea coz of child labor. The author mentioned this in first place that come up with a better idea.

    Its easier said than done.

    Look at it this way. These children are already there cleaning the windshields, its just an effort to give them an opportunity of getting a good education while doing what they are already doing.

    @Dave, if u want to complain to tribune then please also ask them to come and get those children, admit them to schools, give them stipend enuf to cover their education and living expense so that they are not forced to work on streets. This is going to be a big help to our country as we all want to get rid of child labor, unethical practices and poverty.Recommend

  • Waseem Bahadur

    Mr Abid your idea is really good and I agree with you that might be issue regarding child labour be raised, but what they have done to remove child labour? Your idea can be implemented with a contribution from a couple of prople. This is help them work in a proper way and earn in a respectful way.

    Hope that people will come forward in this regard.Recommend

  • Faizan A. Laghari

    I have mixed feelings on this issue, as well as the comments opposing it.

    Firstly, all the people opposing it seem to have not even thought about this issue before the above solution was provided for it. Seems that they “let things be” till something else caught their attention.

    Was a child being made to work on the street in miserable conditions not “worthy enough” of your attention? Did it take an article providing someone’s opinion of a proposed solution for you to actually pay heed to it?

    So maybe it may not seem to be a perfect solution, we should propose better ones if you feel like it then don’t you think?

    But instead we’d rather chop someone down to size for even trying to think about a solution which we don’t agree with.

    Thank you Abid bhai for your opinion and idea. At least someone is thinking about them. The idea may not be perfect or the best solution, but atleast you’ve made people pay a bit more attention to it.

    Perhaps now all the readers/commentators here would think each time a kid is cleaning their windshield, and come up with an even better solution.Recommend

  • Adeel |

    @Abid: Brother I agree it is better than beggary. But we also need to decrease the Child Labor Ratio in Pakistan and I don’t think so it will possible if we follows these kinds of steps…we must look into it and come up with the solution….Recommend

  • Abid Beli

    If you people interested to workin on that project then join that meetup

  • S Dave

    Hello @Abid Beli/PYR/PTI commentators,

    With regards to who I am, I am in your language, a gora! was initially born in Pakistan 26 years ago, but I am living in Pakistan for the last 6 years. I have special interest and know Pakistan very very well.

    I am a graduate from Cambridge.

    So since I am a Pakistani born human as well, please don’t challenge my thoughts about Pakistan or give me a strange/unwelcoming look, which some sadly mistaken people feel doing so will raise their own level of nationhood/make them patriotic – Thanks.

    I would also like to request others to please do not use CAPS as it doesn’t emphasize much in this modern time, rather is aggressive.

    Mr. Belli, you can not deny that you are not supporting Child Labor by just saying that that you are not supporting. Your actions of writing such thoughts and then following/supporting are showing the western world how far beyond our Pakistani nation have gone.

    Please never think of supporting issues like 1. Sasti Roti, 2. Sasta Tandoor, 3. Your one, as these are designed to keep our Pakistani nation into all-time slavery mode and keep praying to feudal politicians rather than God.

    Education is everything Pakistan needs. We won’t die if we don’t eat for a day or two, but depriving the youth from education under your idea is a nuclear bomb.

    I don’t have to say much here Mr. Belli, but maybe your own race/destiny to make money in your own life is actually leading you to suggest that those innocent youth must also be placed on the same roller coaster of making money.

    We really need a nuclear bomb of education. The whole Muslim world got/had only 2 Noble prize holders with a huge population. Jews whereas, have had 200+ Noble prize holders. Why? Is this just a coincidence? NO NO .. Mr. Abid Belli people like you are responsible to corrupt the youth and divert them from education – and that all done as you were in so love with your idea of giving an new idea — and ultimately trying to get famous :)

    Many thanks

    S Dave Austin

  • Matin Ghani

    I endorse all efforts to eradicate poverty and reduce illiteracy. Child labor is a reality but ever wondered who benefits from this? It is definately not the child but parents , mafiosi, law enforcers and who knows how many more.
    Will these forces ever allow their “benefits” to be infringed upon by agreeing to their earners going to school and leaving the money making spots unmanned?

    See my profile on facebook ……. in my own way I also work towards eradicating illiteracy.
    Matin GhaniRecommend

  • Ghausia

    Legalizing/condoning child labor? Really? That’s your grand idea? Why not provide children with an opportunity to gain education and make something of themselves?Clean your own damned windshield, you lazy slacker!Recommend

  • Abid Beli

    Please accept my thanks with smile Mr. S Dave. Recommend

  • Rai Azlan

    nice idea Abid bhai and its the purity and sincerity towards a job that defines the effectiveness of one plan. there can be difference in view points but i have to say that i agree in the point that labor is better the to beg.Recommend

  • Fatima Tufail

    I totally agree with mr. Abid Beli. And I have a suggestion to make tht why dont you use the income earned by these children in educating them in the morning? They will get educated and you wont need much more funds from elsewhere for their education.

    Sadly I cannot read all the comments above. But what I have observed from comments by people who are opposing the idea is that you guys are regarding it ‘child labor’ to save a child from beggary. I am not supporting the idea of child labor but I am not against it either here. I think one think which all of you will agree on is that doing a job to earn money is better than beggary.
    Mr. Abid is taking that first step. Saving them from beggary to becoming independent.
    And i dont understand when a child is spending sometime to earn money, we call it child labor. And we totally support the idea when kids do part time jobs abroad? Its just a part time job that they will do to improve their living standards, may be to support their education? Those who say that we should focus on their education. Obviously we do need to focus on their education. But do you have enough funds to educate children? How many street children can you educate and give stipend to? only a few? But you can make them independent! you can make them work for themselves and there is no harm in working. I am sure Mr. Abid Beli is not going to earn profit over their income. It will be their income, which they will earn from hardwork. And it is a positive step. At least they wont beg infront of anyone.
    So one piece of advice is that if you can educate ALL of them, do it! But if you can’t then save them from beggary at least. There can be more ideas to make children and even their parents self dependent. Maybe by this way we can eradicate beggary. And after this project, we might be able to educate them as well. Its just one small step to eradicate an evil thats what I think. Recommend

  • Joanna V

    I think the basic idea is good but I don’t know anything about children in Pakistan being made to work on the streets by the mafia. That is so sad. If they are going to do this work anyway I think whatever can be done to help them would be good. Any positive effort should be encouraged.Recommend

  • verstylevirgo

    good luck and all the best wishes for ur gr8 work
    wiil u plzz explain wht exactly we have to do
    b/c its not easy to directly do anything parentz r always beside and also wanted to know wht is going on :9
    so to give thm a satisfied ans. will u plz give any discribtion wht we r going to do after joing u Recommend

  • http://none Junaid

    Salaam every one on this forum!
    How are you. I hope you are fine.I have a suggestion that Shahzad Roy is already works on this issue with his trust. Which is called Zindagi Trust. He gives 20 Rupees daily as a pocket money & also provide the books & uniform. Please discuss this issue with him & also invite him in I Own Pakistan.
    God bless you.
    Allah Hafiz!

  • Ahsan Ahmed

    As you said yourself … you’re promoting Child Labour. Whereas you are right that we dont have much of a choice regarding child labour, this is no real excuse to allow corporates to promote it.

    If you are going to get corporates to help you, a real benificial idea would be to help these children stay at a boarding school where they are taught and stay and feed and play around. Corporates make a lot of money … a … l … o …. t! Running a few boarding schools is going to be nothing to them. These people have profits in the billions easy, running such boarding schools wont take much of that. Im sure people will pay charity to these organizations, much like they do to Edhi etc. if they are properly running a boarding school where children live a childs life for a change

    Giving corporates the right to use children to market and sale their products, seriously a bad bad idea. You’re pretty much saying “Hey lets allow big corporates to use child labour, since they currently cannot due to laws and regulations”

    And then … “All kids will have to go to school mantadory” … how ? Whos going to pay them for school ? Are they going to go school then work ? What are they … executives or children ?

    Remember also that if you try to setup a “Wiper cleaning service” etc. there will be a lot of pressure etc. from the beggar/child labour mafia who employ these kids to beg, do such little chores etc. Recommend

  • Ojha, Muhammad Ibrahim

    Abid I sort of Agree…

    But I think we need to have more industries and businesses which will create more job opportunities.

    What China, Malaysia, Japan or other developed countries did was to create environment healthy for businesses to grow.

    Take example of Car industry. Honda, Toyota, Suzuki and many others came to Pakistan. But now we just don’t have 10-12 Auto factories but over 50,000 allied or supporting companies and factories. These factories supply seating, stereo and many other parts of these Auto factories.

    So you see 1 factory creates opportunity for many other factories and also employment opportunities.

    We need to create environment where these businesses grow.

    This way we will not be required to help these kids but they will be on Self Help Basis and not dependant on anybody else.

    Just my 2 Cents…Recommend

  • Abid Beli

    Thanks Ibrahim bhai for your comments. As you said that more industries & businesses create more jobs

    I just share my idea or thought & as usual a big debate started & use too for that. If i am going to start that project then i will hire people above 16 or 17 & i think its not breaking any child labor law. Secondly if that project starts on a right way then 5 to 10people working on every traffic signal & more then millions of traffic signals on the road of Pakistan & through that project lots of industries getting business like viper manufacturer, Surf, Plastic boxes, Shoes Tshirts manufacturer & lots more

    Its a very small step but if its done then think on wider way that how many other business will grow related with project. One more thing earn money from respectable job is better then beggary.Recommend

  • Sami Vohra

    Idea is great but there are few points to be take underconsidration .

    1) Most of this activity which is running are run my road mafia and we all know about this .

    2) This activity can be run only under some policy and rules becuase if there were no ragulation whole mafia will promote this and this activity will more increase where the vision will totally change after some time as you mention above . The main question is will any one follow this as no one ever follow any one in the town ever .

    May Allah give success and keep you safe from other attraction which will effect and come accross in your track Recommend

  • Matin Ghani

    A better solution would be to give these children an opportunity to read/write Urdu and do simple maths but instead of formal schooling (unaffordable by them) they should be taught vocational skills.
    After acquiring a skill there is some hope that in later life they would not beg ( cleaning windshields at signals is begging)Recommend

  • Ali Hadi

    I really anticipate your work! Well done, AbidRecommend

  • faysal

    keep it up beliRecommend

  • imran

    it looks great … keeeep it up broRecommend

  • saira sabir

    Assalamaualikum! ur idea is marvellous and i discussed ur idea with many people but nobody gives me positive resopnce. i m from lahore. if u want any help or support i m here in this regard. just tell me how can i give my services for the betterment of Pakistan.thanks. Allah HafizRecommend

  • Abid Beli

    Friends, We did survey of different (15) traffic signals, We got the response from kids that they earn average Rs.150 to Rs.200/- per day In the morning Beggards kids stayed on signals & After 5 o clock other team arrived with different stuff to sell or with vipers to clean car wind screens, They said that sometime police came & sometime arrest them for few hours or some time steal their whole amount which they earn, Only McDonald (Tariqroad) Chowrangi kids said that 4 young guys came at 4 or 5 o clock & they take Rs.100 from each kid if anyone give them negative response then they beat them & steal their whole money.

    We receive very positive response from these kids & they all willing to get education as well as want to do some work. I will upload survey file on my blog. Today we also meetup with Zindagi trust people to get the experience from them that which kind of problem they faced in past.

    Now inshallah we will get permission for one traffic signal & will implement on our idea & give a model or pilot project to whole nation & prove it everyone that this idea is workable.Recommend

  • Daniyal

    Dear Abid bhai u have suggested a very nice idea and who ever says that it is supporting child labor or it may increase child labor is saying totally wrong and does not have any idea or information regarding the khi roads and streets……..Recommend

  • reshma

    main appreciate karti hoon aap ko k aap nay shahbaz commercial se guzartay huay in chottay chottay haaton ki taraf dehhaan change this system a lot of funding is needed and above all these kids are under the contol of mafia. Recommend

  • Abid Beli

    Thanks Friends for your kind support, Do watch tomorrow morning show on Express 24/7 related with that project.Recommend

  • Maniha Aamir Barry

    Yeah I agree. Your right, We have to help the poor people.Recommend

  • hardeep chawla

    I like the way u thinkRecommend

  • Khan


  • ar chachar

    it was very nice and i am greatly impressed by this story. it is a reality that our youngest generation is thirst for education.Recommend