Why Uzma Ahmed’s narrative of her stay in the “well of death” is as fishy as it gets

Published: May 30, 2017

Uzma reaches back to India. PHOTO COURTESY: TIMES OF INDIA

Whether Uzma Ahmed’s story is true or a farrago of  a distortion of facts, misrepresentation and outright lies (Hail Shashi Tharoor ji), still remains a mystery. While she has her own version of the story, the videos shown in the Pakistan media of her nikkah prove otherwise. Besides, there are lot of questions and missing links. However, out of all the things, the one that is bothering me the most is her attitude towards Pakistan as a nation.

Interestingly, even when the Indian External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj thanked Pakistan for the safe return of Uzma despite the troubled bilateral political relations between the two countries, Uzma, in a press conference addressed the same country as a well of death”.

Well of death? Even though the truth is that Uzma could not cross the Wagah border to go back to India without the support and cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan? How about the Pakistani judiciary and diplomats who helped her thorough out the entire process?

In fact, without the aid of the Pakistani establishment, it would have not been possible for her to return to India at all. And here, despite knowing these facts, Uzma is calling Pakistan a death trap?

Well of death? Even when Barrister Shahnawaz Noon argued her case almost like a father figure? Sushma Swaraj lauded Justice Mohsin Akhtar Kayani for his verdict on humanitarian grounds, but Uzma, in her press release, had nothing to appreciate about the Pakistanis who helped her.

How very thankless!

Well, Uzma, you might have gone through all your alleged tribulations, but labelling a nation on the basis of one person without acknowledging the help of several others, somehow makes me question you, even if I want to believe your story. Besides, calling Pakistan a death trap on the basis of one Tahir Ali, is like calling all Muslims terrorists.

Talking about questions, lets look at the following ones that come to mind.

What about Uzma’s WhatsApp message to Tahir?

Throughout, Uzma has mentioned how Tahir is a mean guy who lied to her. She even maintained her statement that she had no clue that he was already married and had four children. However, this Whatsaap message sent by her to Tahir narrates a different story altogether.

Here, she is not only requesting him to keep mum about his previous marriage in front of her brother, but is also telling him to lie about his education to her brother. Photo: Screenshot

Here, she is not only requesting him to keep mum about his previous marriage in front of her brother, but is also telling him to lie about his education to her brother.

Visa details that state Uzma’s destination as Buner, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (K-P)

In the press conference, Uzma mentioned Google searching Buner and how one can see it was occupied by the Taliban in 2008-10. She also mentioned how military operations occurred regularly in Buner. She talks about all the worst things related to Buner.

However, one thing that surprises me and several others is that her visa details clearly state her destination as Buner, K-P. Logically, if she can tell us to Google search the place she visited, being a literate (oh, she is a doctor by the way), I am sure she must have Googled the place she was visiting beforehand. In such a case, the history of geography shouldn’t have surprised her.

Moreover, foreign nationals visiting Pakistan cannot get visas for K-P unless and until the sponsor gives a guarantee. In this case, Tahir’s father became her guarantor. A quick Google search (as advised by Uzma) tells me that any area that Pakistan feels is unsafe, needs such provisions.

This further indicates that Uzma was well aware about the situation there. I am sure if she can tell us to Google search this particular place, she would have herself searched the place before leaving for it. However, in her statement, she expressed that going to Pakistan is easy, the visa process is easy, but coming back is not. Oh well!

Despite being aware of everything, she still visited Pakistan. For a moment, let’s believe that love is blind, but then why oh why would you label the entire country as a ‘death trap’, despite being warned through the country’s visa documents?

Lastly, you’ll see Uzma thanking even the office boys of the Indian High Commission, let alone thanking the firebrand External Affair Minister Sushma Swaraj time and again, but not even once in the entire press conference did she thank the Pakistani lawyer and Justice Kayani who played an extremely pivotal role in her return to India.

Photo: Screenshot

Don’t all these things sound fishy? Nevertheless, the Intelligence Bureau should keep this daughter of India under special watch until all these questions are answered.

There is more than what meets the eyes in this story. Aha, this reminds me of Republic TV. Mr Arnab Goswami, how about diverting your slight attention from Mr Tharoor in order to find out about this mystery called Uzma that both India and Pakistan are keen to know about?

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Deepti Verma

Deepti Verma

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  • Saif Bhatti

    Well stated

    There is lot to be explored in this case

    And funniest was when she said it is death trap for anyone and every house has 3-4 wives
    Wow I wonder why are there so many men still single …. perhaps because of these 4 marriages ..🙄. ridiculous beyond words
    She says she is a doctor but her persona and the way she carries herself seemed otherwise

    With a history of spies by both countries … a little paranoia on part of intelligence agencies is justified … yet they assisted her at best to send her safely back to India Recommend

  • muzaffaralisyed

    Nobody can force you to come with them to a different country and marry, there are many steps involved. Knew she was a cheat from the beginning.Recommend

  • http://www.gomindmerge.com Fudayl

    Thank you Deepti Verma, thank you very much for talking about these things. In Pakistan, I am sure people are as confused as many indians, as to what really happened?Recommend

  • jasoos

    while she was addressing to Indian Muslims that “Pakistan is well of Death” Muslim women raped and killed their family members in her ‘INDIAN WELL” uttar Pardesh. now what should we call her WELLRecommend

  • Fawad

    Waste of space and time.Recommend

  • vinsin

    Biggest question is why the Pakistani freed her or let her come to India? Muslims support terrorism, calling all Muslims terrorists is not wrong. Almost all are extremist anyway. In Pakistan, Muslims women dont even marry non-Muslims and even in Saudi Arabia.Recommend

  • Karachiwala

    you raised all obvious points, but i was rather interested in the claim of every household in Pakistan or in Buner has more than 1 wife… seriously…seriously??
    my head is acheing and my eyes are rolling.Recommend

  • Kasturi K

    Ma’am, you have raised valid questions which we have been raising all along. Love is blind and so is hatred. Uzma has shown that she is immature. She hastily fell in love (that also with a Pakistani taxi driver. A big no,no) and then hastily got out of it. Even we didn’t get what was all this tamasha for?Recommend

  • PatelPara

    here I would like to generalize again. Indians in general are thankless idiots.Recommend

  • Mehmood Malik

    A stupid woman, glad to be rid of her and please don’t ever come back.
    Feel sorry for her family.Recommend

  • Sami Thinker

    Well, some faces are explained anyhow. Next Pak Man marrying Indo Woman is warned hereby i.e. every indian woman is not Sania Mirza.😉Recommend

  • Raj – USA

    The author is absolutely correct. Uzma is lying. Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry and Judiciary deserves to be praised in this case. I have always admired Sushma Swaraj. However, in this case I do not like her calling Uzma “Daughter of the Nation”. Uzma needed help to come out of difficulties that she willingly brought n herself. Sushma Swaraj should have helped Uzma but without giving her prominence or glorifying her. However, it is all politics too. If Sushma Swaraj had not helped Uzma, Congress would have played the muslim card and attacked BJP.Recommend

  • kp

    fishy?? She is a liar who knew how to utilize the political game for her own benefit. isn’t ludicrous that a Girl living in Pakistan can force me to come Pakistan & marry me?? Good for that poor man.Recommend

  • Sane

    She was here to act in a drama written and directed by Indian foreign office. She was an Indian agent.Recommend

  • Nana

    You trying to stir up controversy or looking for some kind of fun altercation with Pakistani readers? I pity your mentality.Recommend

  • Ily Khan

    Ma’am, maybe she felt terrified of the new environment in Buner area and was actually referring to that as a “death trap”. But is she really a medical doctor , already qualified and practicing at the stated age, what was it, 20 years? That needs to be clarified in public interest.Recommend

  • Sudhakar

    She was in Buner hardly 3 days, reached on 1st may and left on 5th may. Then how can she say that it is Taliban area and there are so many Indian and other country women are lured and married when she went there on presumption that it is a mini Switzerland. She is full of lies and to be investigated.Recommend

  • LS

    Lot of holes in Deepti’s assertion. Her whole argument is centered around the fact that how could Uzma say pakistan was “well of death”!

    I want to pickup the story from the point where Uzma is already in pakistan (KNOWING the fact that he is married with 4 kids). No where in her statement or anywhere it is mentioned that she planned to marry him, though there IS a confession of love.

    1) Google search cannot tell you what a place really looks and feels like. Buner has one wikipedia article that talks about exactly what Uzma said in her statement. Which is one or two paragraphs. Now I don’t know about you but I cannot KNOW the place and everything in it including people, circumstance and nature of the place by reading two paragraphs. Even a google Map or Google earth won’t tell me about that unless I am only interested in what the terrain and development status of that place is. Geography does not tell me the kind of people, their customs, gun culture, oppression of women or rape culture in the marriage.

    2) Once there she might have seen what the reality of that place was, terrorists, radical people, their behavior may have put her off. Including the suggestion she made about Philippine and Malaysian women and the torture that WAS confirmed by the lady officer at IHC in Islamabad. Any girl WILL be scared and out of her wits in this circumstance and instead of sympathizing she is victimizing the victim here.

    3) Showing VISA details and talking about personal guarantee is of little relevance here because mistreatment happened afterwards not before. As the author states she came with an intent so she WILL have those documents.

    4) I don’t disagree that Uzma might have lied to some extent but I would rather focus on WHAT prompted her to go to IHC on the pretext of getting VISA and refusing to see Azhar and the only thing that comes to my mind is the torture, assaults and general backwardness of the place and its people.

    What matters is that SHE is safe.Recommend

  • LS

    PFM WAS praised by Sushma. You want a girl who was tortured and sexually assaulted in pakistan to be thankful to pakistan that they let her live and send her back that too through the court?

    Indians in distress from Yemen, Saudi, Libya were also saved by calling them “Sons of the soil” – What is wrong here?

    You are trying to find conspiracy where none exists. Sushma has helped people across the religion including the Paki kid who is sick. India DOES not have any obligation to treat them (When their OWN country refuses to treat them or respond) when its own citizens need more care than what pakistanis receive in terms of free or discounted treatment and that too when thousands of them come here. That money is better spent on Indians.Recommend

  • abhi

    If anything is fishy it is the the video in the article and copy paste of the Whatsapp screen shot. We all know the situation in Pakistan so no need to cover that up.Recommend