The big bra brouhaha

Published: March 25, 2011

According to the Roznama Jawani story a protest was held against "offensive" underwear.

Working in the online news world helps you develop a certain knack for determining viral stories. Words like sex, death, rape, religion and blast call out to you from the screen.

So, when a headline like “Padded Bras are Devil’s Cushions says Council of Islamic Ideology” pops up in the wires I can understand why a bored sub-editor would sit up and take notice. Here’s a story about extremist mullahs from terror infested Pakistan cracking down on a symbol of women’s sexual liberation – it’s so perfectly cliché, it’s almost funny.

The small story soon found its way to international websites, newspapers and channels.

In their eagerness to publish the oh-so-revealing story that Pakistan’s Council of Islamic Ideology was ‘protesting the use of padded bras’ Fox News, Times of India, Hindustan Times and Zee News all missed one key fact – the story was fake.

The original story appeared on a satirical news site, Rozanama Jawani known for its absurd and unlikely stories which are humorous because they are so ridiculously impossible. The website has been known to produce gems such as:

Peshawar celebrates Valentine’s Day with Saudi Arabia

Hakimullah Mehsud admits father never hugged him as a child

Sindhi music sensation ‘Malal Chandio’ releases album “Adi Quit Playing Game” – covers Backstreet Boys

Eventually, these mainstream websites realised their mistake, but considering how stupid this mistake was it is understandable that there has been no overt retraction and admittance of the error. In fact, Zee News has yet to remove the story from their website.

Do they stand by it then?

If we look at this incident through the eyes of a conspiracy theorist, the international media jumped at the perfect opportunity to bash Pakistan. Either that, or everyone collectively decided to be stupid together. Did someone fail to do a check on the source? The website clearly states that the news published on the page is not true. Or did someone miss the ridiculous looking picture that is clearly photoshopped?

In any case it is amusing to see the media can make mistakes of this magnitude in its eagerness for a “Pakistan extremist” story.  But then again, I cannot blame them entirely.  After all, in Pakistan the ridiculous and reality are becoming increasing similar.

Shaheryar Popalzai

Shaheryar Popalzai

A sub-editor on the web desk of The Express Tribune.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Agonised Uncle

    How about these:
    – Musharraf wants to star as Gabbar in Bollywood remake of Sholay.
    – Kayani to host Pakistan’s version of Kaun Benega Karodpati.
    – Zardari decides that 50 Cavali suits aren’t enough to last through a week.
    – Imran mulling a chain of botox chains across Pakistan.
    – Marvi Sirmed announces ‘wear a sari and a bindi’ day for all Pakistani women.
    – List item
    PS: I am only submitting these here, because Roznama Jawani’s US franchise, The Onion, will not accept these entries. So, if you like these, please send me a donation of Pak.Rs.100 or US$1 through ‘secure’ money transfer. I will pray for your safety. ;)
    Sirf tumhara,
    Agonised Uncle

  • http://[email protected] deedee

    hilarious!! Recommend

  • shahji

    point taken. loved this piece. and i think you are spot on about two things:
    the international media (and sorry, but ourselves as well) LOVE to believe a quirky story out of here.
    and secondly, ‘in Pakistan the ridiculous and reality are (indeed) becoming increasing similar.Recommend

  • uncle J

    what a vulgar picture you’ve put at the top? Have some shame and remove it. There are boundaries that need to be respected despite you “liberal” outlook. Please change it.Recommend

  • Roznama Jawani

    JUST IN: Local news paper editor happyRecommend

  • Omer Akif

    I’ve followed this whole fiasco with fox putting up the story and then taking it down, didn’t actually know that Zee had it too.

    Anyways hats off to Roznama Jawaani.. You guys rock. Loved your piece on ‘Veena, Pakistani Youth and Zaid Hamid’Recommend

  • A Pakistani

    @ Uncle J what’s so vulgar about a bra??? Please start realizing that such things are not under the banner of ‘taboo’… Men wear underwears, women wear Bra’s what’s the problem, it is a ‘known’ fact so stop bickering about everything… @ the author Loved it!Recommend

  • Uncle J

    @ A pakistani

    I don’t know whether you’re a man or a woman, but either way here’s the thing. Do you wear your bra/underwear in public for all to see? If yes, then I take my words back. If no, then I stand vindicated.

    It’s not about being taboo. Everyone knows what a bra is. The only thing is we still haven’t reached that bit of openness when such things wouldn’t matter. Fact is seeing a picture of bra in a newspaper in Pakistan is vulgar.Recommend

  • Tanzeel

    So its you who’s working for Roznama Jawani and subtly promoting the site on tribune.You shouldn’t stoop to the lowest levels to increase your ratings. Recommend

  • Wajeeha Asrar Siddiqui

    Simply Hilarious :DRecommend

  • Khan

    nice to point that out, but what has been published (Fox news + mostly indian media) at first place would have left false memory prints on millions of minds. thats how propaganda works.if the propaganda is unveiled somehow, its a mistake, till its not, its always the “eyes of a conspiracy theorist”.

    fox is know for its propaganda stories(the indians follow them blindly when it comes to pakistan). few months back they published a report about “Pakistan topping the porn searches on google” . Google later stated “the data was inaccurately collected”. that was keyword focused and based on small samples. lot could have been written in defense to that. but instead of standing upto nation’s defense our liberal intelleCHAWALs became party to the propagandist, to further ridicule nation’s respect.

    i always wished pakistan should have a strong media specially in english language domain. so to counter such propagandists globally but watching our media becoming the catalyst instead of neutralizer makes me frustrated.Recommend

  • Noor-ul-ain Hanif

    change the pic plz!Recommend

  • A Chowdhury

    Even I read the fake news in yahoo India news … very disappointed and feel stupid of myself to believe it blindly.Recommend


    Roznama Jawani is my favoritezz.. This mamu piece was One of the very few interesting reads I’ve come across recently. The picture is vulgar though. Very entertaining use of words. Icanhasmamuz ????Recommend

  • Mariam

    Whats the issue with the padded bras by the way?Recommend

  • mind control

    @Shaheryar Popalzai

    Thank you for something to smile about.

    @Uncle J

    Chill man. A bra by itself is just a piece of undergarment, it becomes ‘vulgar’ only when you start associating the picture with things that are not there.Learn to control your imagination.Recommend

  • Tariq nawaz

    Why change the picture ?
    That’s the way it is.Isn’t it ?Recommend

  • Vaqas

    @ everybody who thinks the pic is vulgar,

    vulgarity, like many things, is in the eye of the beholder.

    Or would you rather have a burka used to illustrate a bra?Recommend

  • mad eye moody

    post the original story.Recommend

  • Shumaila

    Loved the title. Liked the article too. You made a good point.Recommend

  • Confused

    So… does this mean that padded Bras are not the Devil’s Cushions? Thats a shame…Recommend

  • AK

    I was not offended by the picture. The title of the article interested me, so I read it without thinking about the picture even once. Later, i read the comments…

    Uncle J does have a point when i come to think of it. In the Pakistani ‘middle class’ setup, youth (and elders too) dont talk about sex in mixed gatherings. In the Pakistani ‘upper / broad minded class’, children attend sex ed classes in school. “Sex” is a taboo. Yet children of the upper class talk about it in front of their elders. But are they shown porn (in other words, two people practically having sex) in the sex ed class they attend? No. Thats the difference between taboo and vulgar. We all know what a bra is and we are discussing it here alongwith the issue of foreign media picking up juicy “news” about Pakistan and spreading it. But pls do explain how does the picture of a bra here relate to the actual issue in hand?

    Its rather, perhaps, only attracting a random visitor to the site towards the article. The title is attractive enough, one doesnt need a vulgar picture for it.Recommend

  • Mahvesh

    Oh god, more hilarious than the idiocy involved regarding the story is the reaction to a picture linked to an article about bras. Now you understand why media houses thought it was true.

    Should’ve put up a picture of a bunny rabbit! Recommend

  • ayesha siddiqui

    It’s a responsibility of newspaper to decide which is appropriate or not. It is my request to The Express Tribune, please change this picture.Recommend

  • Ghausia

    Someone on the ET fanpage on FB called you a rascal. :D Up high dude!

    I don’t know why people are protesting about the picture. Its a blog about bras, thus the picture of a bra. And its a nice bra too. Nothing filled with lace or fluff and crap, sometimes the makers overdo it and it ends up looking ugly instead of pretty and delicate. I really hope that if webdesk doesn’t censor this comment, then future employers, family members, etc. never come across this blog and my comment. :DRecommend

  • Rabia

    It is not a matter of vulgarity but please for sake of women respect remove this pic.

    We are your mother, sisters and daugthers atleast we owe this much.

    You made your point through the content and that is good enough. Recommend

  • khan

    LOL so funny how some people are taking offence to the picture of the bra.
    Chill out it’s only a picture… if not accepted today.. it will be accepted tomorrow and it’ll only be accepted if it’s shown. deal with it :DRecommend

  • Rabia

    @AK: I agree with you, I strongly feel that one should not blame these writers but it is the media house who is promoting such content to entice the readers just like a small kid who is an attaention seeker.

    I will unsubscribe the The Express Tribune Facebook page because as I feel they are equally responsible just like other foreign media houses who created this story to gain attention.Recommend

  • Salman Arshad

    How can a bra be vulgar? Any aalim out there to explain that through proper references? Recommend

  • Rehman

    @uncle J: shut it uncle j!!!!nai dekhna to naa dekho Recommend

  • Ghausia

    So, all those mothers, sisters, etc. don’t wear bras, and by putting a picture up of a bra, ET is implying that we are all shame-shame women who wear dirty things like bras to entice men into the haraam ways of the kafir/yahudi?

    You know what, I like ET, a lot. I don’t want small-minded people like you hijacking it, so please, please, DO unsubscribe from the fan page. ET has always been a forum where any and all kinds of discussions can be openly carried out, provided that everyone remains civil, and that’s the best part about it, unlimited free speech. Too many readers like you, and they might be forced to reconsider that policy, and I really don’t want that to happen. So go on, click that little unlike button, and go on living in your bra-less world.Recommend

  • Rehman

    no wonder we have clerics and mind sick people here thinking in such an extremist way!!!i think it would have been a lose bra with no depiction of the size and shape that is turning oldie uncle jii onn somehow!!i can explain further but i beleive express tribune would sensor me!!!i have suggestions though!!!for a more approprate picture:))Recommend

  • Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi

    I don’t see anything vulgar about the picture, though being from middle class myself, such openness is discouraged for some very obvious reasons. Loved the blog entry. I had shared the story on my Facebook page but the source was some other website (an Indian, I think) and received plenty of comments where people showed their outrage at the council’s decision.
    I kept my cool and silently laughed until one of them discovered he has been punked and he let loose a string of few well-chosen swear words for duping him into believing Roznama Jawani’s story. This was a very well written piece that really shook people up and I commend the writer and editor for it.Recommend

  • Agonised Uncle

    @ uncle J and Rabia:
    I too think the image is inappropriate. (But not vulgar). However, you can always vote by pulling your subscription off from the Tribune Express. And if sufficient people called in personally the subscription lines and spoke directly the reason for their cancellations, the good folks at the Tribune would take notice. A media entity does not live in a vacuum. They are in context to a society and its values too. My request to the Tribune Express is to be mindful of this reaction and rejection in future stories. Please take note. Thank you.
    Agonised Uncle Recommend

  • Hussam

    I don’t get why people are objecting to the picture of a bra. It’s not like someone’s wearing it in the pic! Yes, it would’ve been vulgar had there been a picture of someone wearing it..but right now it’s just an article of clothing.

    Remember kids, it’s not the’s what you put in it.Recommend

  • Atts

    lol. @ author too good…. in order to dispel one controversy u started another (bet u r hitting ur head against the wall)….

    good article, gr8 pic…. maybe the noise makers would rather have a female wearing a bra, than just the bra itself ;) that would shut them up!

    ‘The bra (pic)’ is vulgar but living in a society where female/ kids are raped / abused … thats not vulgar, porn frequently watched in Pakistani (upper/middle/lower) class…..thats not vulgar,

    the comments here r worse than the so called ‘Pakistan’s Council of Islamic Ideology protesting the padded bra’ …. actually come to think of it the comments are actually protesting the padded bra …. hahaRecommend

  • Omer Akif

    OK just to remind everyone, this blog was about how awesome Roznama Jawani is and how it Pwned Fox & Other International News Houses and not this bra…

    And hey RJ can we have a news item on the new isloo inquilabi guy?

    P.S. The Lawn Exhibition with Meera Engrish was very hillarious !!Recommend

  • mind control


    Uncle J does have a point when i come to think of it. In the Pakistani ‘middle class’ setup, youth (and elders too) dont talk about sex in mixed gatherings.

    Man, you must be the long jump champion of Pakistan, for having jumped to ‘sex’ from looking at a bra.Why you did not think of a nursing mother, is something for you to sort out.
    And ‘not talking about sex in mixed gatherings’ tells me that in that event everyone in your circle must be gay.Recommend

  • Ammar

    Uncle J is an interesting character.

    Bra’s, sex etc are natural parts of the society – we need to stop shying away when these things are mentioned. MAN UP uncle J. Recommend

  • A Pakistani

    The reason why we are still fighting over whether we should put up a picture of a bra or not is exactly the reason that international media jumps at the chance of declaring us as a terrorist nation whether the story is true or fake….(The funny thing is this article is about padded bra’s and ‘sometimes’ visual depiction is used to add weight to a story)…

    @ Uncle J no i don’t wear my underwear or lingerie over my clothes (but superman & wonderwoman do) but everyone knows I am wearing it… And I think the reason why frustration is running rampant in the society is because we like to declare everything taboo without realizing that it no biggie and talking about things will lighten up people’s stance towards normal things which exist… If rapes are happening, if unmarried girls are getting pregnant its not because a picture is put up on an article but because we rather not let anyone speak about what is normal and healthy….We need to start communicating and stop pretending to sweep everything under the rug because our society doesn’t allow it… From Marital rape to Sodomy to Incest to Homosexuality we like to pretend that we are a perfect society and if we don’t talk about these things they are not happening here…..

    Let’s grow up for a change… and take things as they are :))Recommend

  • raheela

    I kept thinking for quite a time whether should I comment on it or not, but finally thought of raising my voice against the issue selected? is it something worth discussing and wasting our time.Satan was definitly sitting nearby the authorRecommend

  • AK

    @ mind control (and others):

    well, i was really looking forward to see the responses to my post. Sadly (or perhaps unluckily), i couldn’t wait till evening when i got back home and then read the comments. So i opened the site from office when i was taking a break. I (and my female friend sitting next to me) gasped and minimized the window immediately because the so-called vulgar (i now find ‘inappropriate’ to be a more appropriate word) picture was on the whole screen and men (most of whom are married, by the way – NOT GAY) were standing behind my back talking among each other. And the workplace where I work in, people come from middle to upper middle classes and are considered to be VERY educated by many. Yet they are not tolerant to such discussions openly. Thats the majority of people in our society.

    The idea of Ammar carries weight but he also needs to face the truth that we have a long way to go before all pakis stop shying away from such stuff. So till then, at least be discreet!

    P.S. I do love the article though. The original “news” item as well as this one :)Recommend

  • Muhammad Junaid Akhter

    whoever saying here about the pic is not vulgar!! m sure these are the people who, if she go n get underwear for her brother and boys get bra for ther sisters ……..

    Yes you are all right it is just undergarments go get one for ur siblings. May be u r people who will say after a while to ur sis “oh its OK dear if ur hubby is not ther i’ll bring cond** for you”

    Indeed My Comment Should Not Be Treated As Vulgar Because Everyone Knows The Product I Referred Is Used Widely Nowadays.. right???Recommend

  • AK

    Further to my previous comment, I’d like to narrate another “dialogue” i had with another female colleague today. I had also read “Seven traits of an average Pakistani man” yesterday so I felt like sharing it with my female colleagues here for a good laugh (and a few men too who are either 1) courageous enough to admit that they are “average” or 2) that they have “unorthodox ways” and can also prove that from their day to day behaviour).

    The article has three “pictures” of a man and woman physically hugging each other. One of the girls I sent it to came to me a while after I had sent the email and asked me “What have you sent?” I said, “An interesting read.” She said,”Oh ok, a very INAPPROPRIATE site opened up while there were so many guys sitting around me, so I closed it. I’ll read it at home.” Therefore, I had to explain to her that she was not directed to any inappropriate site and also that the picture precedes the article I want her to read.

    My friends, this is the society we still live in. Beleive it or not. You want to change it… good, you have my moral support. But I can’t give you any active support because Pakistani society already suffocates me day in and day out just because I am a girl, I go out of home alone, come back home not before 9 or 10 daily, drive a car and so on and so forth… I’m already fed up of being labelled as “bad-chalan”, lose character wali larki just coz I do all of the above… none of which is actually reflecting on my character. I live and breathe in this environment and therefore I tell you that the picture is going to be labelled as “vulgar” by many. I appreciate the openness with which both genders are discussing the topic here though and do want to see everyone in the Pakistani society behaving like this one day so that I can have some fresh air and my own independence as a female.Recommend

  • Muhammad Junaid Akhter


    Guys do you think its ok if u get undergarments for ur siblings?? don’t mind but if it is only about a product everyone use then Y hesitate to get one for ur own sibling. Obviously for that ull have to ask some details that what type, color, size n bla bla .. got it ?

    go shop for ur family…

    openness is good but one should consider his own culture n values and above all ur Religion. Now don’t say this m xtremest or something like that Recommend

  • Muhammad Junaid Akhter


    u can’t blame me like that dear.. justify what I said was wrong? wd respect to our values, culture n Religion.

    If i would hv turned on then i wont b against this pic but liked it. like u did. the problem is that they posted such a pic on a public platform who everyone sees (now dont say v hv everything available on net for free publicly). I think tribune shud post something like that which u can see or read easily whn at home wd ur family around but wd such stupid blogs MAY B U R FINE BUT V R NOT. and this is not because as u say m high potential to b incest but it is bcs i hv shame in my eyes for my family THAT U DO NOT HV . thats y u said that. Its good to b frank wd ur brothers n sisters but to that xtent ??? Recommend

  • Rabia


    Its the mind set that you have clearly indicated by your comment and tranlsalting my input in an inappropraite way.
    I clearly indicated that the point was made through the content which is spreading incorrect news item (in simple english) and there was no reason for this pic..

    But the picture was used to entice customers. So a woman or you wear a bra or not, padedd or unpadded i don’t care nethier my mindset is to dig what you are wearing insdie.

    So relax don’t get excited and I will not force you or Express Tribune to change its policy but have a choice to unlike the page and get disassociate myself from a mindset who want to expose what we hide to entice readers.

    I hope you understand.Recommend

  • Kruger

    For the the ones crying over the picture of a bra, Get a Life! there more important things to worry about in this world …

    And for the (open-minded) ones defending it, you too get a life! knowing that something exists does not mean its okay to exhibit it publicy. Everyone knows women have breasts while men have men have organs too, does that mean its okay if they flaunt it? I think not.Recommend

  • qaisar farooq

    I think every one changed the topic, we must have to discuss on foreign media and how they are spreading wrong things about Islam and Pakistan. please stop words war, use this blog in a positive way to bring a change and to defend Pakistan and Islam.please leave this topic and start thinking how Pakistani youth can bring a change in Pakistan please give some positive suggestions.Recommend

  • Kaisar A

    Come on. Where is our sense of humour? Why is our sense of morality so fragile? Good hilarious piece! We need to have more light-hearted moments especially in our environment which is mostly full of anguish.Recommend

  • kamran

    small-minded peoples hijacked islamic idealogy.
    This is shameless thinking.
    please for sake of women and our sisters’s respect remove this pic from the blog.Recommend

  • http://deleted mind control


    Having gone through your latest post regarding the hardships of your everyday work life, I have another perspective on the issue. Thanks for making me see it another way.
    All I can say is be brave and do not give up. Fight back in whatever way you can.Take this article for example, if you do not oppose it, may be there will be another like this tomorrow, and to that extent some taboos and barriers will be done away with.
    Being opressed is one thing and accepting it as right, quite another.Recommend

  • AK

    @mind control:
    I had not been able to go through all details of all comments earlier during the day. You had also asked me why I did not think of a “nursing mother” instead. The reason is that I come from a family where talking about sex is not considered a “hush hush subject”. If i have a question pertaining to it, I’ll go to my parents and ask straight away. Yet I am amazed at finding so many guys, let alone “innocent” girls, around me who do not know even the basic ABC. Doing something out of natural instinct and doing something after being properly educated are two different things. I never attended a sex ed class myself but I have seen my juniors in school attending one. Yet I meet so many people who feel embarassed while talking about the topic. Hence “sex” and not talking about sex are the contrasts in our society which I strongly feel about. The first thing which comes to my mind when I read the word “taboo” is, therefore, sex. Taboo was discussed before my initial post.

    I still don’t agree with the idea of the picture though. Putting up bras for display doesn’t mean I’m not oppressed and not putting them up for display doesn’t mean that I am. Two issues have been mixed I guess.

    Anyway, I’m so relieved to know padded bras are not banned! ;)

    On a more serious note, I just don’t have words for the media people such as fox etc. They keep finding new ways to disgust me.Recommend

  • Uncle J

    Since my comments have made such a “tehelka” its only apt that I clarify.

    Yes yes we all know how “liberal-minded” you all are and how nothing pervy comes to your minds. You’re all angels of “sharafat” if I may. But my point remains the same. Do you (men particularly) talk to your mothers and sisters about their bras? (And there was someone saying this isn’t taboo anymore)

    My only point was this: There are some things which are considered vulgar in our society. Underwear is one of them. You want to show underwear – well you didn’t ask for my permission in the first place and its not as if you care – go ahead, be my guest. Maybe next time you post a blog about rape victims, you could put a picture of a panty. After all, “that’s not vulgar”. Recommend

  • Khan

    i found the pic inappropriate for a serious public forum like ET, ignored it for the sake of sticking to the topic. but found a totally different debate started. Muhammad Junaid Akhter’s has a good question for the forum.

    will you guys be interested shopping a bra/panties/pads for your sisters/mother/daughters?(i feel reluctant for writing it, but since ET provides a platform for open discussion, so putting it here )

    if the answer is YES in majority then we pass the “break the taboo” test and ET, feel free publishing article “is it OK to lose virginity before the marriage?” next, the TOI kind.

    if answer is NO in majority then ET should refrain from putting such stuff in future (we still need some time to lose rubbish values injected into our mind by this backward culture).


    my answer is NO…Recommend

  • Ghausia

    @Uncle J:
    Underwear is vulgar in our society? Really? I suppose we should all stop wearing them then. Hellooo yeast infections. WOOT!Recommend

  • Roznama Jawani

    JUST IN: Pakistani’s divided in to groups of people who can say “bra” and people who can’tRecommend

  • http://[email protected] deedee

    there is nothing wrong with the pic! the blog is related to the picture! if people find it indecent..then that just proves the state of your own minds!seriously people grow up!Recommend

  • Sana Kirmani

    Ohh God pinky was looking for her pink bra from a long time but before she found out that it is here on tribune she is no more.
    Poor PinkyRecommend

  • LoyalFeminist

    Yes, please remove the picture and burn it. But why stop there? I say down with the BRA!!! Round up all the bras in Pakistan and BURN them. They are the devil’s invention and the women of Pakistan (and the overweight men) must shun them publicly ;) Recommend

  • Atts

    unknowingly all the people disgusted by the pic have actually contributed to its popularity & reach…… if u view the blog page of ET ‘the bra’ is the most popular article with about 50 odd comments….. so it kinda stands out among the remaining blogs…. lol, good going!Recommend

  • Engr

    @Rabia….Well done…..I liked your reply to Ghausia…….We all know what man and women wear in terms of under garments…..But don’t discuss like you all are trying.
    Just close this topic.Recommend

  • FH

    @Uncle J:
    If these had been mens boxers, you would have no problem at all looking at them. Tells us something about the kind of sexist hypocrisy rampant in this country.
    Roznama Jawani zindabad.Recommend

  • Uncle J

    Talking about underwear is vulgar. Ghausia next time you want new underwear, go to your dad and tell him to take you underwear shopping. And then feel free to enlighten us with his reaction.

    That’s what I mean. In public forums we don’t talk about underwear. In social gatherings we don’t talk about underwear. If the majority here disagrees then well done. We have come out of the social impasse collectively known as the “taboo”.

    Good for all of you.Recommend

  • Roznama Jawani

    JUST IN: Pakistanis ignore to debate on the article and choose to only talk about the supporting picture.Recommend

  • Nahyan

    This sure is a crazy society. We have people up there equating Bras with Condoms!!!! My God give me a break…
    Please be clear.. A Bra is a piece of cloting and a Condom is a ssexual and contraceptive aid. There is no comparison in the two.
    Further if you can show and discuss Shoes, Socks and Dupattas, than you can also showw and discuss Bras…. Grow Up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Recommend

  • Rehman

    @Uncle J: but in an internet world you can talk about underwear because simply you can!!!u are not facing your mother sister , so why should we feel ashamed!!is this a social gathering?no it isnt! taking about underwear in a social gathering is unacceptable in every society!i do not know why u making an issue about such a thing! you are acting like the maulvis who say polio causes infertility!Recommend

  • Laim Euguise

    You need to learn how to write, popalzai. This was supposed to be funny. It turned out paraphrased and boring. Get a few classes on writing? Good.Recommend

  • Addu

    Will you stop this mother, sister, daughter chant. its been going on for two long.

    Kind Regards,
    Your brother.Recommend

  • The Atlas Moth

    I have a few questions to ask.
    . Isn’t vulgarity supposed to be a subjective concept?
    . Is the internet a representation of Pakistani society only?
    . Is there such a thing as Pakistani society? Lahore and Karachi are the exact same societies then, I take it.
    . Why is intellectual debate limited to creatively taking shots at other people’s mothers and sisters? Recommend

  • Sara

    I almost died laughing when I read that item in RoznamaRecommend

  • Seher

    Ok so this bra is really embarrassing.
    I opened the blog section at work. and there it was.
    change it. Recommend

  • AK

    @Roznama Jawani:
    lol your last comment is so right !! Somebody posted a comment that the picture is related to the article. Please re-read it. The article is making the point that foreign media did not miss the opportunity of creating propaganda. Its not actually about bras.

    The concept of what is vulgar and what isn’t, is subjective, as somebody else has also said here. I personally think the picture is vulgar, others are free to have their own views. But seriously, why can’t we talk about what image we carry among foreigners instead of what image bras, condoms, sex, mothers, sisters and mens boxers bring to our mind when we discuss them? To some extent it was ok to protest about the picture, but isn’t it time we realise that enough is enough?Recommend

  • Har Maal Do Do Rupaiyah

    This blog (plus its comments) is one of the reasons why the Internet never fails to amuse me. Also, some of the comments are pretty racy even by my standards.Recommend

  • Ghausia

    I bleeping love this newspaper, seriously. Only on ET would there be a debate on, of all things, bras. Recommend

  • Omer Akif

    Mankind 1 – Racists 0Recommend

  • Uncle J


    And I bleeping second you. Keep it up ET, you den of the leftist liberals you.Recommend

  • Salman Arshad

    Back when there were no bras, was the kamiz itself vulgar?Recommend

  • K

    the “ghairat brigade” vs. the “beyghairat brigade” Recommend

  • K

    Quoting Uncle J’s response to Ghausia

    “Talking about underwear is vulgar. Ghausia next time you want new underwear, go to your dad and tell him to take you underwear shopping. And then feel free to enlighten us with his reaction.”

    Uncle J doesn’t feel any shame in talking to Ghuasia in such an appropriate manner, but is being a phanney khan when it comes to picture. I say grow up a bit.Recommend

  • seeker

    @A Pakistani:
    you are a pakistani –true, are not yu a muslim first?
    keeping something under the carpet is another issue and enjoying it by discussing it from every possible angle because it carries a material that is very spicy is the other very dark aspect of it.
    look at the mail received by this particular blog and compare it with the response received by something that is serious and very sobre, and you will find a very grave difference.Do you honestly believe that it is something that needs to be raised and disscussed?
    Well ! if your answer is in positive, then why should not the next topic of our discussion should be “what color of garbage shoppers is preferred by Pakistani’s” for me the two topics have a close similarity.Recommend

  • Rehman

    Islam talks about SEX all the time!!!arent there teachings regarding the SEX positions, or when to approach the women and when not?arent there teachings like not to approach them like a beast!can you deny all of this!?!i am as much a muslim as anybody else!its all the subcontinent mindset and we can put to ridicule this taboo mindset that erupts every now and then! and how can you equate picturing a bra as AGAINST our values!!how stupid the mindset!!if you are getting aroused go watch porn!!get a life dudes(and some women)!if u are opening it up in your offices, who is asking you to do so, dont do it!but dont force yourself onto others, this is liberalism!if your mindset as substance people would automatcally be attracted towards you!

    ps et dont hide this comment even if words like sex are there!why do we need to hide it under the carpet all the time!if it is our culture then we need to change it adopt what the religion says so!and the religion talks about it openly mind it!Recommend

  • Vaqas

    for anyone who cares, this is humor based on reality, Somaili hardliners actually enforced something like this in 2009 >>>

    Hardliners whip young women for bra-wearing ‘deception’

  • Hussam

    To all the people who found the picture offensive because they couldn’t open it at work; shouldn’t you guys be workinf rather than reading blogs online at the office?

    Also, I don’t know how we went from a picture of a bra on a blog to buying bras for your siblings. What nonsense. There is a world of difference between being ok with a picture of a bra on an article and buying bras for your sister and what not.

    Grow up.Recommend

  • AK

    @ Rehman:
    quote “if u are opening it up in your offices, who is asking you to do so, dont do it!”

    Its just a blog for God’s sakes! Its not a porn website which I will ‘automatically’ refrain from opening in public. How in the world was I supposed to know that the blog is one of the most popular and the picture will show up as soon as i click the blogs link? I find the picture inappropriate for a public forum, you don’t. Accept the differences and live with them. Being liberal is one thing and imposing on others is another. Who is imposing on who is apparent from the quote i’ve copied from your post.

    I opened the site from office once, didnt open it again coz I knew the picture would pop up. So you (and the likes of you) imposed yourselves on me and others who opened this site from office without even knowing / realising it. So please change your “offensive” tone now, you got what you wanted.

    @ Hussam:
    Ever heard of lunch break? And what about all those professionals who are in the media industry and their jobs encompass sitting in front of such websites (newspapers, blogs, social networking etc.) during office hours? Also, what about those who sit after office hours for work, don’t they deserve tea breaks after office?

    I do agree with your second point though.

    P.S: Can somebody now PLEASE talk about the actual point being discussed in the article?Recommend

  • Sidrah Moiz Khan

    @Ghausia: If you have made such a comment and proved to be oh-so-liberal then why are you scared of your family members and friends and potential employers? Can’t let go off your hypocrisy, eh?Recommend

  • Ghausia

    @Sidrah Moiz Khan:
    a) the comment was made in humour, my family actually does read ET, and has seen this comment. They’re much amused, because like me, they’re not hypocrites either nor are they uptight bleeps. This includes my dad too btw, b) Sorry to disappoint you by not really being a hypocrite and pseudo-liberal. c) Get a life, and have a nice day! xoxo.Recommend

  • Tariq Nawaz

    “Back when there were no bras, was the kamiz itself vulgar?”

    Those were really good days,weren’t they ?Recommend

  • Laim Euguise

    you amaze me. it’s called cultural relativism and barriers. if they don’t like it, regardless of the hypocrisy that prevails, they don’t like it. it’s that simple. Recommend

  • Usman

    @uncle J:
    its a free worldRecommend

  • Usman

    Uncle “Bra” J got owned today. Recommend

  • Waqas Ahmed

    I found it hard to believe that such a would every appear on a Pakistani website. I would request to please don’t publish such senseless and vulgar stories. Recommend

  • Fahad Raza

    That’s epic fail on Pakistan hating stereo types.Recommend

  • Curious

    Finally, Thank God!! someone wrote something about that fake piece of roznama news, my friends were thinking its true and spreading it around, I had to paste their legal disclaimer which clearly states that; this news may be true in another universe, something like that. Well a relief that somebody took the liberty to clarify it :) Good job!Recommend

  • j.abbas

    Ok so I’m a girl. I live in pakistan. I’m seeing this bra. I don’t get the big deal.
    Anyone who lives in this sad close minded society who like to brush EVERYTHING under the carpet like the gay men, the std rate in
    Increasing the abortions happening etc etw well maybe. Just MAYBE you’ve been to I don’t know sunday market or itwaar bazaar, maybe
    Zainab market or bori bazaar. You’ll see pathan men. Selling bras. To OMG.. Women. Yes burqa clad womenn, even non burqa clad women buying BRAs
    Do u stand their and say tauba tauba ? I belive not.
    Stop whining. Its a bra! Not an actual naked woman.
    Also. This article was wayyyy to funny. And I’ve never commented on a blog before,
    But I HAD to have my 2 words in to basically lash back at the idiots who censor the word condoms and say idiot things about inappropiate images and buying bras for their sisters.
    Grow up. Open your eyes. Stop breeding such a ridiculous mindset.
    No wonder the world looks down on us. This is such a conservative society who are on such a path of self righteousness its unbelieveable.Recommend

  • Asad

    @j.abbas i completely agree with u
    what i have noticed that people commenting n discussing Bra pic more than the actual content of writers pointsRecommend

  • sarah siraj

    i think there is no need left to debate over the picture, as the results are in front of us. every one started focusing on the picture excpt paying attention on the real soul of the article. there was no need of the picture as we were not discussing the type of it neither we were to debate whether such pictures are allowed to publist or not. the article was about the propaganda of the western and indian media about our religion and our state. we have to focus on it rather than wasting our energies on this stupic pic.Recommend

  • SHAH

    shahriyar r u out of mind….? WHy u put this image on paper ? Just for rating….Recommend

  • sarah siraj

    yup u r rite mr. shah….. rating means a lot for many pplRecommend

  • hassan

    Not Wearing Bra = Freedom Movement Recommend