India’s absence from the OBOR forum is testimony of Modi’s failed foreign policy

Published: May 17, 2017

China hosted a massive two-day international event between May 14 and 15 in Beijing to formally launch its One Belt, One Road (OBOR) initiative, which plans to connect Asia, Middle East, Africa and Europe. More than 65 countries participated in the summit and nearly half of them were represented by their heads of state and government.

World powers such as the US, the UK, France, Germany, Russia and even Japan too were in Beijing. Apart from Bhutan, which does not have any diplomatic ties with China, all other South Asian countries took part.

However, the Narendra Modi-led Indian government decided to give it a miss in spite of China’s repeated overtures. Nothing can explain this self-inflicted isolation of India except PM Modi’s foreign policy or the lack of it.

But does the Modi government have any foreign policy?

Even if there is one, no one knows what that stands for, and who is responsible for it, especially when the foreign minister’s job is restricted to only Twitter diplomacy.

Surprisingly, it’s the national security advisor and a particular Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) general secretary who seem to be dictating India’s foreign policy. Both of them, however, neither have the institutional mandate nor the competence to do it.

Modi admirers miss no opportunity to highlight how the PM has undertaken nearly 50 foreign trips in the past three years and has developed “strong personal bonds” with several world leaders. Indian missions abroad have also been working overtime to mostly organise “cultural” events on yoga and ayurveda.

The critical module describing India’s “foreign policy success” has been mostly limited to Modi’s “overbearing speech” to the “drooling diaspora” during his frequent foreign visits.

Contrary to all the tall claims, the OBOR international forum in Beijing has clearly exposed the fact that India’s foreign policy in the past three years has gone into a tailspin. The China-Pakistan axis has isolated India in South Asia besides rendering it lonely in the world.

Not only did Russian President Vladimir Putin attend the OBOR international forum in Beijing, he also gave a speech at the opening ceremony. What’s more, despite increasing bilateral tensions with China, Japan sent a delegation to Beijing.

The Trump administration, though objected to North Korea’s participation, finally decided to join as well since the US does not want to be left behind. It clearly shows the growing international clout of China, and exposes the lack of careful thought and foreign policy on part of India.

Not only globally, but also within the region, India has isolated itself from others with its foreign policy. Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif did not only attending the OBOR international forum, he also took a high-level official delegation with him including four provincial chief ministers.

Adding to the $46 billion investment for China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), China also seems to have promised Pakistan $50 billion investment for the Indus River Cascade.

It is not surprising considering the fact that Sino-Pakistan relation has been historically strong. However, other critical neighbours such as Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka have also refused to side with India on the OBOR issue.

Once an Indian diplomat had told me that we occasionally push smaller countries in our neighbourhood to take a position to see where we stand vis-à-vis China. In that case, India should not have any doubt over its power equation with China in the South Asian region. Even Bangladesh, which had sided strongly with India to boycott the SAARC Summit in November 2016 at Islamabad, sent a high-level delegation to participate in the international forum in Beijing.

Bangladesh has not only received $24 billion investment from China, it has also imported 80% of its arms from China in the past decade. In this context, it is foolhardy for the Modi regime to force Bangladesh to side with it in opposing China’s ambitious OBOR initiative.

Prime Minister Modi just returned from Sri Lanka after a high-profile two-day visit. While the Indian media highlighted Sri Lanka’s refusal to let a Chinese submarine dock in Colombo, it totally avoided mentioning that immediately after Modi’s trip, the Sri Lankan prime minister flew to Beijing to take part in the OBOR meeting.

In spite of all sorts of pressure, India failed to keep even Nepal with it. On May 12th, Nepal signed a Memorandum of understanding (MoU) with China to be part of its plan to revive the ancient Silk Road trade routes. Nepal’s deputy prime minister and finance minister have travelled to Beijing to take part in the OBOR forum, and it clearly exposes the fact that India has lost out to China to continue to keep Nepal under its sphere of influence.

On the OBOR issue, the open siding with China by Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka clearly shows the abject failure of India’s whimsical foreign policy under Modi. It was absolutely unnecessary for India to boycott OBOR, while the rest of the world has joined it.

A sensible thing could have been to take part in it and work with Beijing to get an acceptable deal for it in the CPEC project.

Moreover, the Modi government’s adamant opposition to the OBOR has forced India’s friendly neighbours to take a position against it.

It was absolutely self-defeating for the Modi regime to force the usually considered pro-India regimes in Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka to make this uncomfortable choice.

There was no reason to put them in such a situation where they have no option but to come out of strategic ambiguity and take a position on making individual choices.

Modi’s foreign policy seems to be less worried about India’s long-term and larger interest. Rather, it is obsessed with keeping its hard-core nationalist constituency happy. It is important for a government to stand firm on country’s core interests and basic principles, but at the same time it is critical to be flexible and bend them to accommodate reality.

The oft-repeating claim about Modi’s foreign policy success by his admirers is nothing but misleading. The “Modi fan club” coined the term “Modi Doctrine” to define the present Indian foreign policy and has even written a few books and articles to glorify it.

The Modi marketing machine has been repeatedly propagating that with Modi, India has moved to global high table taking a position on par with China and has isolated Pakistan in the region. Nothing can be far from the truth than this.

India’s isolation from the OBOR international forum is a testimony of Modi’s failed foreign policy.

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Ashok Swain

Ashok Swain

The author is a Professor of Peace and Conflict Research at Uppsala University, Sweden. He tweets as @ashoswai (

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  • Ahsan Khan

    Spot on Ashok, Modi has flunked the test of time yet again. Same is the case with that hollow ICJ movement on Jadhav’s case. Nothing but hot air but it’s doing well back home for him; bhakts are ever ready to vote again for the maniac.Recommend

  • Rishabh ranjan

    My dear failed writer of this column who said we boycotted OBOR ,we didn’t agree with policies so decided not to go there …..Recommend

  • ProgressForIndia

    Fools – India was the only one absent because of the sovereignty issue of Pakistani occupation of Kashmir. Others like Japan, USA, and European countries likewise don’t support OBOR, but could still attend because they have no territorial claim involved in the OBOR. You can crow all you like about the fact that these nations attended, but make no mistake – they don’t support OBOR and never will. The OBOR dream will fall flat on its face, along with Pakistan’s dreams. All Pakistan will be left with is a high-interest debt to China, which it won’t be able to repay.Recommend

  • Sane

    India’s foreign policy is just bashing Pakistan and Muslims and internally to protect cows.Recommend

  • Gagan

    Trust, Pakistan will come to know whose foreign policies has failed over a period of time. Just wait Dear Pakistan, the real show will begin 5 years from now.

    Also, Even China Admits, If India wont join, Your CPEC will not be a success.Recommend

  • Rahul

    Were you not complaining about Modi’s failed foreign policy even before India skipped the China OBOR summit? Even Pakistani commentators admit Modi’s foreign policy is a success. Most Indians support Modi so maybe the joke is on you. By the way, are you and Sanjay Kumar separated at birth, he also complains about Modi in his each and every ET blog.Recommend

  • vijay2day

    By the way, what is Pakistan’s policy towards India. Just think, we Indians can go and settle in any part of the world and develop those nations, then wen cannot do that in India? Your charge about ‘Muslim’ bashing in Idia is totally false for then we would not have had sone respectable Muslim names in all fields, e.g. President Abdul Kalam, Cricketers Azaruddin, Irfan Pathan etc, Singers Mohd. Rafi, Ar Rahaman, Musicians Bismillah Khan, Zakir Hussain etc, Actors Dilip Kumar, SRK etc, Businessmen Azim Premji etc….and the list goes on. So don’t be narrow minded and think only about one who was beaten in Bhendi Bazar last night in street brawl by the policemen.Recommend

  • Fudayl

    Why are indians and Pakistanis so obsessed about India joining or not joining CPEC or OBOR? Its no big deal. India has its own plans and I am sure they are working hard to achieve good results. In the meantime, Pakistan will likely make the most out of CPEC, which is part of OBOR.Recommend

  • vijay2day

    Mr. Ahsan Khan we know what our PM is doing. Ashok has written the article sitting in Sweden based on the conditions today ask him to wait for another 5 years, time will tell the difference. Also he has no comments on the objections India has raised on the sovereignty issue. The attendance of so many does not necessarily mean they approve of the OBOR project.Recommend

  • SHAH S

    YEAH RIGHT ! ! ! ; Now you Hindustanis start playing with words; Stay Away and Keep Out of this OBOR where presently 60 countries are already IN; which includes Russia, USA, UK, Germany, France and other European, African and Asian countries; You Hindustanis along with your clout of your occupied countries like Sikkim, Bhutan and BD can do your own thing; Even the small & smart SL came on board; By the way… This is called ISOLATION; Now it is time for your Hindustan to run after the train which has left the station;Recommend

  • SHAH S


  • Gingerman78

    Modi is answerable to the Indian people. On the matter of OBOR, the Indian people are supportive of his policies vis-a-vis China as well as other major powers. The Indian people have immense faith in Modi’s sincerity, judgment and love for the country. Can the same be said of Sharif, Xi or Putin? That is the essential difference.Recommend

  • NewIndia

    paksitani cant live without indian news……….atleast 50% news come from india…… they watch indian movies serials eat indian food buy indian clothes…. listen indian music…. but still hate india….. what kind of people pakistani areRecommend

  • Scrutator

    CPEC is essentially an escape hatch for China!! Why would India let go of its concerns on it sovereignty to help China establish economic, political and military superiority??

    China already has a disproportionate advantage in the trade with India (which India has allowed to appease the Chinese); why should India allow that imbalance to increase by allowing more Chinese goods to enter India through Wagah??

    As regards Sri Lanka, the author does not know that the Sri Lankan prime minister argued Indian case at OBOR (how about that for foreign policy and diplomacy???)Recommend

  • Concard_007

    If the author is alive in 2030, I would like hear about OBOR from him. Today EU said no to OBOR. Japan isn’t joining either. India’s economy is bigger than Russia, without India OBOR isn’t going to deliver returns for the Chinese. Whatever it maybe this entire OBOR is Chinese plan to shift their overcapacity from China to abroad. Pakistanis ofcourse are yes men. Anything Chinese they blindly say yes. Just like all the projects are going to only Chinese companies in Pakistan. And if the leaked report about CPEC is true, where farmlands are given to Chinese then you can guess what are their real intentions. But I honestly welcome the Chinese investing in Pakistan. Pakistan deserve a better cuisine than they have now.Recommend

  • Concard_007

    Yeah, entire European Union, Japan are all fools to simply boycott OBOR. Let us see who is a maniac in 2030 when this thing will have a clarity. In the mean time you can drink the cool aid given by the Chinese. Oh wait, last I heard your forex reserves are dwindling even with the massive investment of $50 billion into Pakistan. I wonder why?Recommend

  • Harshvardhan Modh

    So a professor of conflict research (and Peace ?! ) does know how to make conflicts and be popular. Good for him. It would be appreciated if he can use his knowledge to lower the conflicts, not to raise it.Recommend

  • Raj – USA

    Ashok Swain wrote this article before he read Dawn Leaks 2.Recommend

  • abhi

    I think you have writtent the whole article just on the assumption that India was trying to prevent other countries from attending this forum. Now everyone know that it is just show and no substance. The smaller coutries are don’t want to decline the money that China is throwing their way.Recommend

  • manoj mago


  • Tabish

    China does not say that… You are missing one very important word from what China said. China admits if India doesn’t join then CPEC will not be a TOTAL success. Of course we realize this and that is why we are happy if you join. It will also be a game-changer for you. You could just have adopted Russian path… It is the same Russia we broke apart that is joining our hands for the sake of regional stability and prosperity and you needn’t have had to spend millions of dollars just for the sake of opposing and suppressing Pakistan. You wouldn’t have needed to make Chahbahar for Iran or the road to Chahbahar all through Iran and then Afghanistan. It was all available to you without much cost if you had only not been so short-sighted as to let the prosperity and development be overshadowed by your emotions of hatred and ballooned up false pride. But it is not your fault. Have you seen a spring? The more you press it, the more it bounces. Hindus had been slaves for more than 1100 years. They have just got to the position to show their true colours and that is why they are acting such. They have gathered slave mentality which compels them to fear Pakistan when there is actually nothing to fear if you can live peacefully and at par with them. Gandhi rightly said that fear creates hatred. You fear Pakistan and so you hate it. On the other hand, we Pakistanis do not hate Indians. Indians who come to Pakistan including sikhs and hindus are never threatened and they never feel so. In fact Pakistan holds the annual procession of sikhs coming from India. We do not hate you because we do not fear you. The words of your own great leader Gandhi tell the truth.Recommend

  • Slumwood Fantacy

    How can India be isolated? India now the 10th largest recipient of FDI of about 44bn $ in FY 2016-17 according to world bank. China is investing far more in India then past years. China was ranked 15th in terms FDI investment in India in 2015.Now they are 10 the largest investor in India of 2.3bn$ last year. What will India gain by joining OBOR as all projects are given to Chinese companies. What will India get?India has already 40bn$ trade gap with China.China even don’t allow India IT and pharmaceutical trade.It should be bilateral trade but here it seems like China is the master.Recommend

  • Slumwood Fantacy

    In economic transaction terms India is doing good.Now Apple has started assembling IPhone in Bangalore. In terms of company investment China invest far more yoy in India then Pakistan. For Pakistan they are seeing 50bn$ first time coming from another country that is why they are in cloud nine.But remember India gets 50bn$ FDI every year.Recommend

  • gsc_999

    On the contrary, Modi needs to be commended for protecting India’s core interest in Kashmir. Due to past Gandhi family governments and even Nehru, India wasn’t able to protect it’s self interest. Time are a changing and Indian people are loving it.Recommend

  • gsc_999

    Exactly, and I would extrapolate further from what Chinese did to Tajakistan where they they took over 1000sq Km of agricultural land when Tajakistan defaulted on their loan from China.Recommend

  • gsc_999

    Lol, a Pakistani talking about India is like a four legged animal that I won’t name here yelling at an Elephant.Recommend

  • gsc_999

    English is not your 1st language and your comment doesn’t make any sense.Recommend

  • Hyderabadi

    I’m amused by these pseudo-intellectuals making a case for India to become a part of CPEC. While it is nice to live in an imaginary world singing kumbaya with every country, there are multiple issues here:

    A) Diplomatic: Forgetting the most glaring/biggest red flag that CPEC passes through contested parts of Kashmir, what assurance does India have that Pakistan would not close OBOR as a leverage over India? When,
    1) Pakistan is yet to reciprocate Most Favoured Nation status to India.
    2) Pakistan has been dragging it’s feet on Iran-Pak-India and Tajikistan-Afghan-Pak-India gas pipelines.
    3) China is protecting a terrorist/terrorist organization (Massood Azhar) who is directly invoved in Anti-Indian activities, by blocking Indian case at UN.

    B) Economic: India already has a trade imbalance of $50B USD, which would only grow, should we blindly sign-up for this project.

    C) Financial: What kind of sense does it make financially when,
    1) You are forced to take loans from Chinese at double-digit interest rates (13-17%) when India can get loans in single digit rates (6-8%), owing to it’s BBB- or better credit rating.
    2) All Infrastructure contracts are awarded to Chinese companies, who employ Chinese labor,instead of providing employment to local labor
    3) And for the love of god, stop calling Chinese loans as investment/FDI. It is a loan that is to be re-paid with interest. There are no friends when it comes to paying back loans.
    4) What kind of Return-on-Investment (ROI) is expected when the loan rate itself is in double digits? Can the project sustain a ROI of 25% over the entire course of loan repayment period? (20-30 years)

    Going through all of this, to enable the Chinese flood local markets with their cheap goods, eroding local industries and their markets. Why do you think China is wooing India to become a part of OBOR? If anyone is missing out, I would say it is China, missing access to an ever-growing 600 million+ strong Indian middle class.

    I think India played it’s cards very well, sitting out of OBOR conference! The leverage is in India’s court.Recommend

  • Milind A

    Cows are better than Muslims, anybody will tell you. They have no nuisance value and are not delusional.Recommend

  • Rajiv

    India has access to all three seas/oceans surrounding her.
    Indian does not need CPEC/OBOR.Recommend

  • hp kumar

    I know how blog desk works on et .considering this fact I would definitely like to divulge few more information since there is nothing substantial written in the article.first of all India will not participate in obor since China doesn’t care about indias sovereignty.the same China makes hue and cry when any investment is done in arunachal.secondly and very importantly this obor is nothing but a trap .cpec is a very dangerous project accepted by pakistan.pakistan is bound to be colonized by Chinese investors in coming yrs.pakistan whose economy is in shambles,is in no position to absorb an investment of 60 billion dollars and pay it back with an exorbitant interest rate.then we have news of another 50 billion dollars investment .india can clearly see what is being part of it India would have allowed China and pakistan to exploit her.india would be dumping ground for cheap Chinese product.that would affect our local industry.then pakistan who is a strategic partner of China will make our life difficult. mind you China has done nothing on this front to assuage indias concern.they vetoed against massod Azhar ban.then we have confrontation with China in Indian ocean.interestingly obor,s major trade activity will take place across Indian ocean which is under indias control.india didnot even send a low level delegation and irritated india made it clear that obor has every recipe for its disaster if accepted.Recommend

  • Milford

    So this novice know more than many seasoned think tank and experts in their chosen fields who’s been guiding Indians foreign policy. Many Pakistanis who has the chequered history of selling their country out shamelessly are proud of this new feat of selling themselves, and their dignity to China; and Pakistanis having a field day in online extolling the great virtues of Chinese. No surprise Pakistanis are in hellhole and are subhuman species with no shame with no dignity other than being in false ego trip. Keep it upRecommend

  • Duniya Hasan

    As far as Kashmir issue is concern we all know india is making excuses such as protesting 0B0R to confuse world about the real issue of kashmir because look at the mess in IOK it is a total chaos since past 70 years and getting worst you can’t even wave indian flag or sing your national anthem in IOK due to Pakistan’s influence there and here your protesting about Gilgit Baltistan? People from india have hard time going into IOK ,so what makes you think you have right to protest about a land you will never see? Pakistan has right to protest about east punjab which india is occupying it and broke into three states himachal pradesh, haryana and punjab. Recommend

  • RZ

    Bigotry will only get you so far.Recommend

  • DoorDie

    even if Modi attended the OBOR meeting,still these people would bash him .Recommend

  • ProgressForIndia

    No, man – your desperate Pakistani govt is now making an even worse mess for itself, in its desperation to stay afloat. 70 years of irredentism haven’t helped Pakistan to prosper, it’s only led to one stunt after another – and here now is the latest stunt for Pakistanis to later rue down the line.Recommend

  • Milind A

    Yes fear creates hatred.. That’s why you guys scream Islamophobia everytime someone shows you the mirror and hate Hindus, West & Jews. Hindus fought back for 1100 years and reclaimed their land unlike you who just talk about 1000 yr old war, but rush to the West at the drop of the hat.Recommend

  • Mf’ing Hinda

    Good to see a sane voice of Indian origin.Recommend

  • Ashok Kumar

    I fully concur with the views of the author. I could not find even one concrete reason why India should not have joined the OBOR. Reasons given by India seem crap to me.Recommend

  • LS

    He is commenting about Author’s opinion.. Are you the author of this article?Recommend

  • LS

    Kashmir isn’t YOUR problem. Period. So stop talking about it. What ever is happening in IOK is to root out ISLAMIC terrorists.

    Comparing GB/PoK with India we are MUCH better placed in both human rights as well as development. So don’t you bother about J&K. Pakistan has NO right to protest anything and anywhere if you have read the UN resolution 47 from first word to the last word on UN’s website. Let alone talk about Punjab…

    These useless narratives only find audience in Pakistan because you just believe what you are TOLD and never verify.Recommend

  • LS

    How is it going to be game changer for you? Can you give me the math for it that shows at high level how you would be making money? What protection your government is talking to protect local industry, provide local employment, revenue sharing?

    “We Broke Russia” is nonsense – Your role was to train jihadi’s, provide transit route and get paid for it. The actual game was played by CIA. Its just that ISI kept mucking around even after US left. So don’t exaggerate like all paki’s do.

    Chabahar was required because:
    1) pakistan REFUSED to provide permanent transit routes despite asking umpteen times by both India and Afghanistan on security reasons. There was a time when it was allowed
    2) pakistan pilfered the goods meant for Afghans when the transit was allowed
    3) pakistan stalled all efforts in SAARC (18th submit in Nepal in 2014) for:
    – Transit agreements
    – People to people engagement and easy visa ageements

    So the only blocker here is pakistan because it fears India as we have seen. All your policies are India specific.

    Speaking of “Slave mentality” here are some clues for you:
    1) Name on Muslim Kingdom in what is today Pakistan – NONE
    2) Name a Muslim Freedom Fighter of repute who fought for British India OR pakistan’s freedom – NONE
    3) Indians still have their religion Intact you don’t
    4) Indians still have their languages intact your national language is URDU (Which is an Indian language)
    5) We don’t celebrate our own marauders
    7) We still celebrate our own festivals
    8) We don’t name our things on Marauders
    9) We are not Arabicizing Urdu – You are.
    10) your budget depends on monetary alms from Saudi/US
    11) When was the last time what is pakistan today was ruled by someone from that land – NEVER before 1947 in the total history of that land in past 19,000 years? Never happened.

    Wonder who is the real slave. pakistanis have a tendency to hide behind “Islamic history” not the history of Your OWN PEOPLE or LAND. There is nothing to gloat about there. Absolutely NOTHING.

    Why is it necessary to have ties with pakistan? We don’t want pakistani in our country. None what so ever because all they do is spread terrorism, engage in anti-state activity. Dozens of spies, terrorists are caught every year. Dozens are shot on the border trying to infiltrate while your rangers provide cover fire.

    We are just trying to protect ourselves from nuisance. Everytime our leadership extended the hand it was foiled by your military a) Be it Parliament attack, b) Kargil, c) Mumbai.. like a clock work. Everytime civilian peace process was started Indians died because your ISI/Military derailed it. So the name of Gandhi and all this prissy attitude does not suit you guys.Recommend

  • Gulzar

    india do not approve or agree with OBOR,so you did not participate.That is testimony.Those who attended do agree with OBOR.Very simple.Rember ,”bakhts,”money makes the mare go,as happened ln case of your confident neighbours after receiving huge Chinese investments.”Much has to come,just wait and see.Recommend

  • Patwari

    Seems like all hindus from the hindu nation, Hindustan are here.
    With their glazed eyes, brainwashed by Modi Sarkar’s nationalistic
    Hindutva fervor.
    Two rusting World War 2 aircraft carriers, held together by paper clips,
    rubber bands and staples do not make a world class super power. They
    only make a regional bully. Lording over Nepal, Bangladesh, Afghanistan
    [long distance] and Bhutan Bhutan, which has one airport 3 yaks and 18 people in the whole country, plus 25 foreign tourists trying climb up to a
    god forsaken monastery hanging on a cliff’s ledge..
    When you have abject poverty, afflicting nearly 75% of the Hindustani
    population, what can you give them except broken promises on top of
    broken promises and visions of grandeur. When jobs,idlis and dosas are
    what they need desperately. which OBOR would have supplied.
    May Lord Rama and Goddess Lakshmi shower their blessings on Hindustan.Recommend

  • Duniya Hasan

    I’m sorry what mess are you talking about? Have you looked in IOK? India is sending terrorists in Pakistan to make world believe pakistan is unstable and a threat to India blah blah. You elected a terrorist as your PM who was banned to enter US at one point. India is grabbing land from other nations and cry to world about Pakistan. India ‘s location is not as important as of Pakistan’s because it’s proximity to central asia and oil rich middle east. Indians are insecure! Recommend

  • Duniya Hasan

    Who is comparing? IOK and East punjab belongs to Pakistan as well as the name INDIA belongs to Pakistani land and sub continent history belongs to Pakland.
    Yeah that is why India have over 10 like army men in IOK to kill stone pelters, tight them on jeep and get award from courts,ban news papers, Internet, cell phone service etc yeah your better placed in human rights …you will find pakistani flags in IOK than Indian, people there sing Pakistani national anthem and celebrate pakistani independent day and victories.Recommend

  • LS

    “IOK and East punjab belongs to Pakistan as well as the name INDIA belongs to Pakistani land and sub continent history belongs to Pakland.”

    On what basis? Just because you said it?

    We will have whole India convert to Army and put in IOK to CRUSH the islamic movement. All you can do is comment.Recommend

  • Sane

    Kashmir is absolutely ours problem. People of Pakistan extremely condemn atrocities by Indian Occupied Forces against Kashmiris who are fighting to have a free land for themselves. You believe what your govt. and biased media tell you. Reality is that you are about to lose Kashmir.Recommend

  • Sane

    We don’t cry Islamophobia. This is you Indians who want to make India the land for Hindus only and you say this your right being in majority. HINDUWTA doctrine is your doctrine given by your PM Modi. You kill Muslims for beef eating and for many other concocted reasons. See your face and be ashamed,Recommend

  • Sane

    You agree with policy or not. CPEC and OBOR is a reality. India is drowning in all sectors. Your social system has collapsed badly.Recommend

  • Sane

    But, Indian plans have miserably failed and remaining are to fail.Recommend

  • Sane

    Why you have pain in your stomach for high-interest debt to be paid. We are partners in CPEC. You take care of freedom movement in Kashmir. You are losing Kashmir. Next is Khalistan. Hinduwta doctrine is to fail. There will be another freedom movement and Muslims of India shall make another Pakistan, like 1947.Recommend

  • LS

    I am talking about legality not emotional rant. Your selective cries about injustice on Kashmir does not hold any water, when:
    1) 1947 pakistan attacked independent Kashmir violating its own promise that it signed the stand still agreement with Kashmir and killed more than 3000 people (all Kashmiri muslim – in Baramullah alone)
    2) pakistan sold parts of Kashmir to China for Nukes and Uranium
    3) pakistan has attacked Kashmir 4 times
    4) It is well know how pakistan funds the stone pelters and sends trained terrorists into IOK and keeps talking about Human rights violation.

    Read the UN resolution 47 that your country harping about. It identifies your country as an aggressor and problem creator. Asks you to leave BOTH AJK and GB before anything else takes place.

    What is happening there is Islamic terrorism that YOUR country is supporting. World knows it – its just that your country spreads fake propaganda. Every article on pakistan media is so far removed from the reality, twisted logic, where a person who went to prevent the voting, pelting stones and preventing people from voting is shown as an innocent person. Kudos. I don’t blame you… You are a product of the country that thinks it was founded when some Random syrian attacked what is pakistan today. Pathetic.Recommend

  • Sane

    ET: Please don’t wipe out. This is the answer of with same coin.Recommend

  • ProgressForIndia

    Idiot – you will become the next bankrupt North Korea with your indenturement under high-interest rates, and that will lead you to only cause further headaches for the rest of us. You people used to eagerly sell yourselves to the United States in spite of our warnings, and now today they cry bitterly at being abandoned by the US.
    If this deal is so great, then why are those who have signed it hiding away its contents from the public? Apparently, Pakistani public are not important enough to be consulted in signing away their future. Just don’t come flooding across the border into India as refugees, when your country goes down the toilet.Recommend

  • Sane

    you need to stop trolling on these pages and keep your language worth respected. I belong to that race which ruled all Hindus for 800 years and majority of Hindus are offspring of Mughals. First is Kashmir, 2nd Khalistan, 3rd Nagaland and others. Why you are worrying about this deal. If this is not good for Pakistan, you must be happy. While fact is otherwise, your economy and your social system is drowning.Recommend

  • Duniya Hasan

    It’s easy ….the greater a punjab region and kashmir region have always been part of Pakistani land becuase it shares culture with pakistan not with India. And the name INDIA was derived from Indus river and sindh in Pakistan.
    In news 60% of selected officers refused to join indian army? Recommend

  • Sane

    You don’t qualify to talk about legalities. You fanatic Hindus have no morals, what to talk about legality. You reward your army person to tied an innocent Muslim on his vehicle to protect himself and other Indian army personnel in Kashmir. What legal protection is given to Muslims in India. You kill them just for eating beef even just labeling/suspecting for eating beef. Do you think you live in a civilized country. You should have shame. Legality…..bullshit.Recommend

  • Sane

    India also has three more merits. 1st Largest rapist population of the world. 2nd The only country where a beef eating person is killed and killers are protected by Govt. 3rd the only country having a terrorist prime minister, who lately was denied visa for many countries due to acts of terrorism committed by him.Recommend

  • ProgressForIndia

    Haha – you belong to race which is desperate to sell itself to whoever comes along. Ever thought about what will happen when you don’t read before you sign something? You’re getting screwed. This deal is meant to be stimulus package for China, just like what Germany did with Greece – they will export stuff to you, which you will buy and still have to repay back. Look at what Greeks are suffering now – and at least they’re a developed country – Pakistan is already miserably poor, so just imagine what will happen as the debt and interest pile up.Recommend

  • LS

    There was NEVER a pakistan. Period. Just it was all India from Eastern border of Afghanistan to Bangladesh.. Just because someone came along and created pakistan does not mean anything. Since when BSF became Indian Army? Lol…Recommend

  • Duniya Hasan

    Wrong!!! The land west of indus river was not called india it became british india when british forcefully occupied that land from afghnaistan and later it merged with pakistan. and the name INDIA was derived from Indus river in Pakistan, your living on a name borrowed from my land. What’s the history behind india name? Recommend

  • Duniya Hasan

    Land west of indus river was not part of india it became part of india under British rule. Name india is derived from Indus river in Pakistan you stole it after nortgern western land was named PAKISTAN. Recommend

  • Duniya Hasan

    What is BSF? Recommend

  • Yogi Berra

    Yesterday I refused to join party of my neighbor’s kid. No one commented nor article written in new paper! What am I doing wrong to suffer such ignominy?Recommend

  • Yogi Berra

    Are you forgetting what India did to you in 1971 in Bangladesh? Tell me what odds you give that this does not repeat in Baluchistan once again? You could not save 50% of your land mass and lost it in 1971. I am willing to bet you will fail again and lose Baluchistan. History repeats. Indians are committed to freeing Baluch people. Modi said so, right?Recommend

  • Yogi Berra

    But Kashmir is and will be part of India regardless of what you try. Can you beat nuclear armed 2 Trillian dollar economy to free Kashmir? I doubt.Recommend

  • Yogi Berra

    Is that the reason you massacred all minorities in Pakistan? Because you do not fear them? Muslims fear Hindus and Christians. That is why they attack minorities. Mullahs fear minorities.Recommend

  • LS

    More emotional rant. Terrorists and stone pelters will be treated in worse ways than tying to the jeep. None of your problems,, I know you sympathize with Islamist around the world, but that is YOUR problem. Not ours.Recommend

  • LS

    It was always ruled by India and Indians. There was NO pakistan based ruler ever. So get over it. Your Madrasa propaganda and logic never worked in international forum..Recommend

  • angrybird

    your land was not there before 1974, no pakiland. just because some islamic terrorists created new country for their army and terrorists nowhere makes ur rants worthyRecommend

  • Devon Smith

    India won’t give any more land for creating radical Islamic states.Period.Recommend

  • Devon Smith

    What fanatical Hindus? Muslim terrorists are killing Muslims and Non Muslims both,so where do fanatical Hindus come in.Recommend

  • Devon Smith

    You belong to that race who converted to Islam to save their skin,hahaRecommend

  • Duniya Hasan

    What is india? You african stolen name of my land and call yourselves INDIANS? Funny Recommend

  • Duniya Hasan

    Before 1947 we owned the name INDIA before you africans stole it from us and started calling yourselves INDIANS. Please go back to africa and claim your original roots rather than trying hard to be one of us. Recommend

  • Duniya Hasan

    It was ruled by us (present Pakistanis) not you fake indians who stole our land name. Don’t go claiming our past history to glorified your african selves. To us your africans, that’s all. Becuase of you fake indians the international community thinks india is located in Africa. Recommend

  • Devon Smith

    Hindus are natives of the subcontinent land,Islam is not. Pakistan is made on the genocide of Hindus done by their own converted HIndu populationRecommend

  • Devon Smith

    Whole subcontinent is land of the Hindus. Kashmir pandits are the natives of Kashmir that were killed. That’s why Indian army had to move over there to protect other communities like Shias,Buddhists,Sikhs,Hindus. Recommend

  • Duniya Hasan

    Hindusim was only native to present day Pakistan it was brought to northwest (pakistan) by Aryans, later it spreaded to what is now bharat, the name india also belongs to pakistani land, you stole the name of my land. You african origin fake indians are using my aryan ancestors religion and my land’s name for your idenity to disguise as real what you are not. You would you explain your real origin?? you people in Bharat think you originated from my land and your Aryans but the fact remains your africans that’s why most of you do your DNA tests to prove your not africans.
    FYI, the people of present Pakistan had mixture beliefs Zoroastrians, Buddhists and Hindus etc. We are superior race in the sub continent based on the history of our land. We lived among the greatest empires of the world. I would be happy to know what you have to say. Recommend

  • Duniya Hasan

    What is kashmir pandits?? Is that something you people made up to claim the land?? You people are so insecure. If the whole sub continent is land of hindus that makes Pakistanis the original owners and you hindus should move back to africa and have a blessed journey. Recommend

  • Devon Smith

    Pakistan is an Islamic country where other religions are treated less than animals.Recommend

  • Devon Smith

    Kashmiri pandits are original inhabitants of Kashmir dear. They were kicked out of Kashmir by radical Islamists. Many of them were killed and their women were raped and captured.
    Pakistanis have always claimed they are descendants of Arabs and Mughals. They never acknowledge their Hindu ancestry so I think Pakistanis should leave the land and go back to Arabia.Recommend

  • Duniya Hasan

    Pakistanis are the real owners of the entire indian sub continent, you came from Africa and settled there. We the present Pak people gave you name and identity. Look back at your history and identity and tell me what you are? Recommend

  • Devon Smith

    Human race comes from Africa. Are Pakistanis homo sapiens or not?Recommend

  • Duniya Hasan

    Yes we are but what are you homo erectus doing in Indian sub continent? Recommend

  • Devon Smith

    Homo erectus died out millions of years ago. We are belong to one species homo sapiens and we all originate from AfricaRecommend

  • gp65

    In any case these instances are in last 20 years. Let us not forget 1965 when Pakistan attacked India. Prior to that, the 2 country’s citizens did not even need visas to visit each other.Recommend

  • gp65

    Just because US, UK, European countries sent observers does not mean they are investing in OBOR.Recommend

  • LS

    Try started attacking us with 6 weeks of being formed. The first attack came on 6th October 1947 (At that time on independent Kashmir). They went on to kill (more than 3000 of them) the SAME Kashmiri’s who these people vouch for today. Baramullah alone suffered maximum brutality at the hands of their army regulars and hired Mujahids where men and kids were killed and women raped at wanton. Today they have galls to cry and shed fake tears for the same people while they supply arms and send terrorists. While all this was going on they even sold parts of Kashmir to China. So much for Fake Sympathy for Kashmiris these people have. All they care for is territory just like Chinese. They are territoriality revisionist.Recommend