Why Yogi Adityanath’s decision to prune official holidays should be applauded

Published: April 30, 2017

Some detractors are highlighting the inclusion of Eid Milad-un-Nabi in this list and are insinuating that is a communal move directed at Muslims.

One of the most contentious political appointments in India in recent times has been the elevation of Yogi Adityanath as the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh (UP), the country’s most populous and politically significant state.

After the Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) emphatic victory in the recent assembly elections, there was prolonged suspense over who would ultimately get the coveted position. There were a number of strong candidates, and though Adityanath’s name was in the fray, he certainly was not the front-runner. The announcement therefore took a lot of people completely by surprise.

Surprise would actually be a bit of an understatement given the kind of reactions that came from various quarters. There was fear, loathing, derision, and shock. Even amongst BJP supporters, many felt disappointed. The man, after all, had an image. With over two decades in public life, he had a reputation for being an “ultra-right wing Hindu leader”. The fact that he was a practicing monk, always clad in saffron robes, added to the perception. Over the years, many divisive and militant statements had also been attributed to him.

On the other hand, over the years, he had also come to be known as a strong administrator and a strict disciplinarian. His constituency in Gorakhpur has a significant Muslim population and has enjoyed relative communal harmony. Above all, he was believed to be incorruptible. As a monk, he renounced all worldly ties and dedicated his life to public service. However, his Hindu identity and roots were very obvious.

He was, thus, the antithesis of the state’s outgoing Samajwadi Party, which was notoriously caste-ist and was seen as pandering to Muslims. UP has been wracked by corruption, violence, crime, and poverty. Successive state governments have been more intent on nurturing their vote banks and have allowed development to flounder. The massive mandate that the BJP received in 2017 was clearly a repudiation of identity politics and appeasement. The people were yearning for development and good governance, and that’s what the BJP promised.

It was, therefore, unexpected that someone as divisive as Adityanath would be made the CM. One of the things about strong democracies is that power brings moderation, and that is exactly what happened with Adityanath.

The moment he came to power, he sought to assuage the concerns of minorities and his opponents. His statements and pronouncements were markedly inclusive. Of course, there were some controversial decisions like the anti-Romeo squads and the closure of illegal abattoirs, which were perceived by some as targeting Muslims. However, these moves were motivated by a need to enforce the rule of law rather than out of vindictiveness.

It was almost amusing to watch the outrage over the closure of “illegal” abattoirs. If something is illegal, it should not be functioning in the first place. Animal slaughter produces a lot of biological waste, and if not treated properly, it can cause major health problems in the surrounding areas. It is a testimony to the ineptitude and carelessness of the previous government that a large part of the meat industry was served by unlicensed and illegal establishments.

Similarly, UP had a huge problem with sexual harassment and crimes against women. In this climate, it was essential to instil the fear of the law. It’s instructive to note that the initial noise over these decisions, created by vested interests, has now subsided.

There were some instances where innocent people were being targeted under the guise of these initiatives, but yet again, Adityanath moved swiftly to curtail any abuse of his policies. Adityanath has gone about revitalising the state’s administrative machinery with missionary zeal. One after the other, he has introduced measures that have breathed new life into the moribund system.

He’s a workaholic and a tough taskmaster. Bureaucrats are being held accountable and honest officials are being given a free hand to run their departments. English is being reintroduced for the lower grades in school so that children get exposure from a younger age. He has stressed on the need for clean government offices and has led this initiative from the front. He’s stripped his official residence off all creature comforts, which is yet another departure from how politicians in India usually live. A deep cleansing is underway in UP.

Another major distortion that Adityanath is trying to address is the extravagance of public holidays. UP has over 40 government holidays, which is twice as much as anywhere else in the country. This surely is a drag on efficiency and productivity and therefore the number had to be pruned. How can any work get done if there are so many holidays? Add weekends and personal holidays to this equation and it becomes clear that government offices are closed almost more often than they are open. His recent decision on removing 15 holidays from the official list is therefore laudable.

Some detractors are highlighting the inclusion of Eid Miladun Nabi and Jumaatul Wida in this list and are insinuating that it is a communal move directed at Muslims. However, they need to understand the fact that the remaining 13 holidays being discontinued are non-Muslim occasions. Some of the holidays being scrapped include Chhath Puja, Maharaja Agrasen Jayanti, Maharishi Valmiki Jayanti, Vishwakarma Puja, Maharana Pratap Jayanti, and Parshuram Jayanti, all of which hold great significance for various Hindu groups. This pruning is fairly comprehensive and is directed at making the state more efficient and competitive, not to mention improving its work ethic.

There is a lot of optimism surrounding UP and Adityanath today. He’s picking up the broken pieces of a once glorious state that was done in by bad politics. It is important for this momentum to not get derailed by issues of communalism and social divisions. He’s made a strong start and must not lose focus in order to usher in a new era of transformation.

Amit Nangia

Amit Nangia

The author is a learning and development professional with a background in finance and human resources that informs his commentaries on geopolitical and socioeconomic trends. He tweets as @amitnangia06 (twitter.com/amitnangia06)

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  • Sudhanshu Swami

    Earlier I was shocked to hear that Yogi is going to be CM, Mr Rajnath singh was my favorite as he had more acceptance and experienced. Also Pakistanis may be surprised to know that Yogi is NOT AN RSS MAN,
    Now Yogi is performing much much more than expected. Handling UP is not easy task.
    One shouldnt forget to mention that he stressed that schools should be opened on these previous holidays and students should be taught about those great personalities. Many people skipped this statement completely. People who are angry with sentence that “Muslim holidays Canceled”, could be more than happy if it was reported like “Yogi asked to teach about Prophet Mohammad, Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti, etc instead of wasting day in holiday”

    Few things to consider that
    -Yogi is working 18-20 hrs a day.
    -Vehicle beacons lights are removed
    -Asked bureaucrats to declare assets
    -Asked BJP officials not to undertake any contractual work
    -Banned Pan masaala in offices
    -issued strict instructions to senior officials to tackle cow vigilantes
    -set a deadline of June 15 for making all UP roads pot-holes free.
    -Asked officials to keep their eyes on every social media post that poses a threat to communal harmony and peace.
    – ordered his ministers to keep their mouth under control.
    -Monthly presentation by all departments
    -Govt files cant be taken home
    -Teachers cant use mobile unnecessarily in schools
    -biometric attendance at government offices has
    -CCTV cameras at government offices
    -directed officials to replace contractors of criminal background
    -directed one female and one male police personnel to be present at the reception of each police stationRecommend

  • Slumwood Fantacy

    One more thing you missed, he arranged funds for 200 poor muslim couples for mass marriage. That is what I think a good step to have a makeover.Recommend

  • Avinash

    dont worry. islamists will see this as a hindu conspiracy(we have some jealous neighbours who look to india’s muslims as a justification of their existence)Recommend

  • Waron Dafe

    Most muslims will not read this because this article is true about yogi adithyanath but they would jump on any lies and propaganda against him and hindus.Recommend

  • Parvez

    Agree…..when you hold public office you must do the right thing and not the popular thing.Recommend

  • Rites

    Everybody have their own school of thought and to translate thought into process takes huge courage .Yogi is translating his thought into process so there is bound to be some hiccups but to cry foul instead of giving a positive narrative is what most of the current media is doing. For a process to be inclusive and long lasting it has to be slow so that there is enough space for correction. E.g Anti-romeo Squad was an excellent step for the people who are facing the ground realities but its a matter of criticism for people who are sitting in a studio and watching Hollywood movies where kissing and hugging is common. You can’t corelate the two different sphere at a common level. Yes there are some problems but there is not a single system insulated from problems and I believe for a single problem there are many solution, which fit the best at a given situation should be adopted instead of being criticised .Recommend

  • Raj

    Good article and this is the true depiction of Yogi Adityanath, whereas the detractors are still trying the Yogi as a villain.Recommend

  • jeetainder

    very well written article.Recommend

  • Rahul

    Yogi is off to a good start. We must keep an open mind and let him show what he can do instead of prejudging him. Similar doubts were voiced when Modi became Prime Minister but he has silenced all his detractors with his performance.Recommend

  • Dipak Mehta

    He should add two additional holidays. Netaji Lalu Holiday and Mawali Mayawati Holiday.Recommend

  • wb

    Thank God. Finally, we have removed COMMUNAL parties from power in most states and SECULAR BJP is in poewr. Before it’s too late, we need to remove communal forces such as Mamta Banerjee, CPI and Congress from Kerala, Karnataka and West Bengal.

    These communal forces never pander to Muslims. I would have welcomed if they had pandered to the common poor Muslims.

    And these Mullahs have kept Muslims regressive, poor, ignorant, illiterate and failed.Recommend

  • Parvez

    Second attempt : Agree….the job of a leader is to do the right thing….not the popular thing.Recommend

  • Striver

    Most Muslims have read it in passing only as they did not consider it worth commenting about. They have far better things to doRecommend

  • Adil

    i am from Pakistan , and if whatever mentioned in this article is true , nothing is better then this – remember if justice is done to all sects , tribes and faiths – no one should complain –Recommend

  • Patwari

    You really believe this? A politician, specially, from the sub continent
    doing the right thing? Not worrying about the next election or getting
    reelected? [or for that matter, any politician on any continent]
    Specially Yogi Adityanath, who wants a statue of Rama in every mosque!!
    Truly if such a forthright politician exists, he would be an awesome creature
    to behold!!
    Here is an example :- Aung San Suu Kyi a Pulitzer Prize winner a very
    well respected politician from Myanmar [also known as Burma] keeps her
    mouth shut and does not say anything regarding the ongoing Rohingya
    Muslim genocide perpetuated by the Buddhist majority in Burma. Not one
    single word or condemnation from her. Because Aung Kyi voter base is Buddhist. And if she wants to win elections and stay in power she better not
    rile up her base.Recommend