For the millionth time, Muslims are not terrorists Mr King

Published: March 11, 2011

Prior to the horrific September 11, 2001attacks , no one doubted our patriotism towards the US.

Another attack has been made on American Muslims, this time by Congressman Peter King from New York, who claims that the alQaeda is recruiting and training members on US soil. The chair of the House Homeland Security Committee has initiated a series of hearings to probe the so called “radicalisation” of American Muslims in the name of national security.

In true McCarthyistic tradition, the hearings are to investigate if Muslims are “loyal” to the state and whether they are doing enough to curb extremist elements. King says the local threat against Americans is real and must be addressed urgently.

The Telegraph quotes him as saying:

“Today, we must be fully aware that home-grown radicalisation is part of alQaeda’s strategy to continue attacking the United States.”

While Democrats and interfaith leaders fear that the King’s witch hunt will do little but increase terrorism, he remains adamant. King has defended the hearings, by saying that alQaeda terrorists are recruiting members to launch more deadly attacks, so the probe is justified.

While respecting the honourable Congressman’s position, one has to wonder: why now, sir?

What is it that you want us American Muslims to prove? Do you want us to tell you that we are as American as you are?

There are more than seven million of us in and around the US. We have been tirelessly working in all 50 states, enhancing and enriching the fabric of this multicultural and multi-ethnic nation of immigrants.

We love this country as much as we love the countries where we were born. We have spent more of our lives here our children were born here.

Prior to the horrific September 11, 2001attacks , no one doubted our patriotism towards the US.

But in the last 10 years, we have realised what being Muslim in America means: wire taps, secret investigations, surveillance of our places of worship and the presence of agents in our congregations – all this point to the fact that the many in the government don’t trust us.

Mr King may carry on with the hearing and dig up all the information he wants about us; but he will only discover what millions of our fellow citizens know already.

We were here before September 11 and will remain here no matter what happens.

We pray for God to bless America forever, for it is the land where freedom dwells and justice prevails.


D. Asghar

A mortgage-banker by profession who also loves to write.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Daniyal Nawaz

    I agree with with what the congressmen says which is that al-qaeda is recruiting people throughout the world as well as US and it is a legitimate concern. What senator would probably refuse to consider is that US policy is the major driving force behind it.

    I dont think he’s going to get anything out of these hearings but lets admit that there is a sizable Muslim population in which the message of osama bin ladin resonates. Recommend

  • IZ

    Ironically Peter King supported IRA terrorism against Britain in the 80s, saying it was okay if the IRA killed civilians because the British government was “a murder machine”. But then right-wing conservatives always find it difficult to be consistent and avoid hypocrisy Recommend

  • Milestogo

    What’s wrong with wire tAps and secret investigations? Don’t you want to catch Faisal shehzads?Recommend

  • G. Din

    All Muslims may not be terrorists but terrorists, overwhelmingly if not entirely, are Muslims. Why is it that Muslims coming from parts of the world continents apart turn to terrorism? The answer to this question is to trace the source of their inspiration. And, that singular source is “The Book”. Muslims, if they want to be good citizens of the countries they live in and the world, are duty-bound to examine “The Book” and rid it of all the offending text. However, one is not sure there will be much left in between its covers after that exercise!Recommend

  • Blunt


    All Muslims are not terrorist, but majority of the terrorist are Muslims!

    No one holds the religion as an instrument to fight or wage a war, only Muslims do, the radical Muslims, look at the no.of fatwas which are issued every yr., no.of deaths in the name of religion, killing others in the name of religion(read Salman Taseer) and so on.

    Majority of the terrorist who are Muslims have their origin somewhere in Pakistan/Afghanistan, there is always a link. Think of any big,taliban,lashkar,mujahideen and so on….

    Bitter truth!Recommend

  • Rida

    I do not think that we have anything to hide. As a muslim American I am not against the police tapping my phone. They can spy on my congregation.
    But who the HELL are they to question my patriotism? I was borm in this country just like them, I pay taxes and if I choose to believe in a different religion that does NOT mean I will blow up the White House or attack a random subway station,


    I am American and I understand that we like being in charge – but let’s not go crazy. Recommend

  • AB

    Dear Author,

    Sadly your millionth time does not impress anybody …because .. you know the reasons don’t you?Recommend

  • Truth

    Let’s not forget the International terrorist US, How many countries has US bombed on False pretext. The american are purposely kept ignorant on issues like this. Not long ago it was the Germans and the Japanese who were made target of their imperialist goal. Don’t forget that the Mighty America cannot speak without the approvals of the Jews. Common Americans being ignorant cannot see the cause behind the issue.Recommend

  • Mr Correct

    American are generally ignorant people, they do not have the capacity to think and judge on their own, their opinions are formed or made up for them by idiot boxes, like Fox, CNN, etc. Walk on the street and ask them a General knowledge and they come up with wrong answer. So given too much importance to their believes is really not important. Lately the fashion word for them is Islamist terrorist, so let them say what they want but the world laughs at them.Recommend

  • Shock horror

    Mr Asghar and his friends could repeat for the billionth time that Muslims are not terrorists. Yet the world knows for a fact that 95 percent of terrorists in the world, during last ten years, have been of Muslim faith. Period. Recommend

  • http://GTA Vin

    As Dr Jasser hinted in the hearing, “If Liberal Muslim community would have been harsh on these radical teachings, this day of insult/defamation of Islam wouldn’t have come”

    Its no one else but the so called ‘liberal’ muslims that are to blame for such a mess and defamation of Islam…. All I see is ‘liberal’ muslims trying to find excuses and not doing enopugh to push the radicals towards the wall, engage the radicals in intellectuial duals and debate(ijtihaad) their understanding of the teachigs of ‘The Book’ ….

    But none of the above is done by the ‘liberals’ ..I feel there are no liberals and the ones that are it seems are not liberal enough or have no courage…ihas been 3 decades since the world has been tolerating islamic terror, India will not take a stand cause we dont have any courage and emotionally/politically are the weakest country in the world, but the world will take a stand and it has… Its still time for liberal muslims to hop into the bandwagon and be a part of the revolution otherwise you would have to live with the HISTORY that “Americans/Kafirs helped Islam to reform in the 21st century”… Recommend

  • Malik

    Another attack has been made on
    American Muslims,

    So a hearing on radicalisation is an attack on American Muslims? Now you are self connecting American Muslims with radicalisation. chore kee dharee main tinka

    So who is to be blamed? Stay away from protesting. This is about radicalisation not about average American Muslims, unless average American Muslims feel sympathetic to muslim radicals or feel they have something to hide.Recommend

  • Malik


    What’s wrong with wire tAps and secret
    investigations? Don’t you want to
    catch Faisal shehzads?

    If truth be told not really. That is what all the fuss is about. We praise murderers and Talibans in our country. Don’t expect us to change just because we have crossed border. Of course for political reasons we have to pretend we are moderates when in kuffr land until we are in majority, then you’ll see the real us.Recommend

  • parvez

    You have a valid argument but protesting ones innocence and claiming patriotism is not really helpful. If you put yourself in the others shoes you possibly will realise that he is afraid and wants to protect his way of life from harm.
    Effectively you should first agree with him that yes, there is a problem. That will win half your battle, then proceed to constructively solve the other half.Recommend

  • Deen Sheikh

    Having never lived in the United States, i do not know the ground realities over there, having lived in the UK, i know Islamic radicalisation amongst the youth os a ground reality on this side of the pond. From what I hear and read America is a reasonably well integrated society, so domestic cases of radicalisation should be far and few unlike Great Britain.Recommend

  • Malik

    Mr King may carry on with the hearing
    and dig up all the information he
    wants about us; but he will only
    discover what millions of our fellow
    citizens know already.

    We were here before September 11 and
    will remain here no matter what

    We pray for God to bless America
    forever, for it is the land where
    freedom dwells and justice prevails

    So what are you worried about? Something is not right.Recommend

  • ox

    Dr. sb nice oneRecommend

  • Yusaf Khan

    The US should do all of us a favor and get the $*^& out of Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. They are not wanted there and are occupying these lands under their imperialistic policy. The Americans need to understand that they are despised in the Islamic world not because Muslims are crazy but because they have shed the blood of millions of muslims on the pretext of the war on terror. Soon, God willing, the US will be out of Afghanistan and Pakistan. The fall of the Arab dictators will make sure that the Americans will have no friends left in the Islamic world. Then Mr. King can stick his hearings where the sun don’t shine.Recommend

  • MilesToGo


    You have been found guilty of causing Islamophobia. A CAIR executive will soon contact you and convert you back to real Muslim. Don’t dare to run or hide or try to take help from any Govt or NGO agencies. You know what the real Muslims are capable of.

    Real Muslim, CAIRRecommend

  • Vicram Singh

    Deen Sheikh : ” … From what I hear and read America is a reasonably well integrated society, so domestic cases of radicalisation should be far and few unlike Great Britain.”

    Radicalization of Muslims will happen irrespective. As long as the directive/thought that the entire world must submit to Islam is not exorcised from Muslim consciousness, there will be radicalization based on a misplaced sense of supremacy.

    Non-Muslims from the sub-continent have integrated themselves pretty well in British society – why do Muslims have difficulty integrating ? Recommend

  • Qasim H.

    I dont see any issue with this hearing…What the politician of this country is trying to achieve is to stop attacks like Fort Hood, NY attempted bombing where the individual views were radicalized by extremist imams who wants to live in this country and expressed hatred against this country as well….My simple argument is if you dont like this county then leave. We have to understand that we are not living in a Muslim country.
    The rights to worship for every Muslim here is USA is still very easy compare to thier own Muslim countries.Recommend

  • Tim Davidson

    Oh, come on! There is nothing wrong about openly talking about Islamic radicalization in the US. Islamic radicalization in the US is a fact of life and hiding our heads under the sand would do us no good. In fact, Islamic radicalization is a problem around the world and must be confronted openly.

    I am constantly amazed at Pakistani expatriates complain loudly about relative non-issues in Western countries while there isn’t even a modicum of freedom for minorities in Pakistan. For instance, Hindus who were 20+% of Pakistan post-partition are largely non-existent today – killed, kidnapped, forcibly converted, or otherwise “taken care of”. Ahmadiyas, Sufis, and Christian are now being eliminated systematically. And, you are worrying about a US congressman who is doing his job?

    Lets deal with reality here and call a spade a spade.


  • Hasan

    I am sorry sir, but if we ‘Muslims’ aren’t terrorists, then why is that we fail to show it to these people? Look at how the nation of Pakistan treated the killer Mumtaz qadri. Did you see the crowd in favour of the blasphemy law?

    Moreover, when those controversial cartoons were published on facebook we all were ‘side-by-side’ with these people! How can you complain when the ‘mistake’ you for being a terrorist.Recommend

  • MilesToGo

    Kuffar Shahada:

    There is no Allah but God and Muhammed is not God’s messenger.Recommend

  • D. Asghar

    @Tim, I made my point already. I am not against the hearings. I am against the phobia created by certain elements within US about Islam and Muslims. BTW, Tribune staff did edit some of my other stuff, where I had indicated, the cases that came to fore are staistically insignificant to call the entire Muslim community of the US as suspects.

    Secondly, it is un-American to do it. Singling out people based on their faith or belief. I am offended by term “expatriates.” Why call us such. We are part and parcel of mainstream America. Lastly, please for GOD’ s sake do not compare Pakistan and US. US has come a long away in 200 plus years, Pakistan is barely sixty something.Recommend

  • Sarah Farrukh

    Islam is the Religion of truth….Recommend

  • Khalid Rahim

    NEOCONS and NEW WORLD ORDER are both products of ZIONISTS; These two elements cannot survive without the innovation of terrorism. Terrorizing others to achieve their objective of
    geo-political domination through creation of terrorist cells in selected regions. While at home in
    north american region they look for emotionally disturbed youth whose nearest kin have been killed by their mercenaries such as TTP and others? some of these youth in US and Canada fall victim to such schemes and the frenzy media blurts out against Islam which is now the new
    BOGEYMAN of McCarthyism. This surge that has taken place in North Africa and Gulf is a game board presented to the world by the Weasels to play ”Snakes and Ladders” between the
    present rulers whom they want out and new proteges in, to continue serving vested interest. Recommend

  • Alien

    @Truth and @Mr Correct
    Totally agree…… when in the 80s Americans were using Afghan Taliban and encouraging jihad to benefit them and against their enemy the Russians it was alright but now its Muslim terrorism.
    As for all or majority of terrorists being muslim….well terrorist are terrorist having no religion, but even then if one wants to know if majority being muslim….they should check history where one will find more terrorists from other religions……Recommend

  • Ravi

    @Tim Davidson:
    Agree every word of your comment …..
    God bless Recommend

  • http://Delhi ani

    For the millionth time, this once again exposes the prickly nature of the Muslim community as a whole. Not everyone is a terrorist but most acts of terrorism in the world are conducted by Muslims in the name of their religion. Muslims in America profess their patriotism – nothing wrong with that. Now consider this: 1) 9/11 ocurred – there were no protests by the ‘moderates’ in the streets of any kind. 2) Muslims in US armed forces gunned down their fellow US citizens in the name of religion. No protests! 3) All ‘citizens’, waiting to be citizens – immigrants, and students who were caught in acts of terror professed their allegiance to Islam over anything else. No protests! Despite this full protection of the law is granted to all muslims. Leaders at every level ensure that a climate of tolerance and inclusion is maintained.

    Now compare this to the attitudes and record of Muslim societies. Just look at Pakistan. Its own thinking muslim citizens are appalled at the mass discrimination and violence against non-mulsim minorities. Yet when the time came to show up, no one did. Could the ‘moderates’ in Pakistan have come out in the streets to voice their solidarity for Salmaan Tasser and Shahbaz Bhatti – one a Muslim and the other a Christian? Could the President, with all his security protections, have shown up at their funerals?

    Nothing wrong with Mr. King for having the courage to ask the right questions. There are enough checks and balances in the system to ensure that he does not exceed the bounds of his authority. Already there are protests against what he is doing. But guess who is leading and standing in support of their muslims citizens, it is the average non-muslim white and black person. Recommend

  • http://Earth Peace On Earth

    For your statement that, “…Muslims are NOT terrorists”, try explaining that to someone who is constantly shown pictures of bearded Muslims holding the Holy Qu’ran in one hand and an AK-47 rifle in the other.

    To all of you who constantly say that America is a bigger terrorist nation. Are you kidding me? Yes, America has made mistakes but these mistakes were committed by a certain administration and NOT by America as a whole.

    Pakistan has made many mistakes too so let’s look at ourselves before we point fingers! We attacked our own citizens in Bangladesh because they didn’t want to speak Urdu, we launched several wars against India and lost them all, and we continue to attack minorities in our countries that are Pakistani citizens.

    So who are you and us as a nation to say “X is a bigger terrorist!”?

    To get back to the article, Rep. King wishes to investigate and cooperate with American-Muslim leaders in order to combat radicalization in mosques within America.

    NOTE: Don’t be so naive and say that Muslims would do no such thing in a holy place of worship. In the Lal Masjid, students were being recruited for jihad, in England mosque clerics preach violence against the same people they live next to, and in other countries Muslims are being recruited to commit attacks against their home nation.

    NOTE: This is NOT going to be like McCarthy-ism. If Rep. King does NOT follow the constitution and federal laws, he will be stopped. So long as he follows the law, he will be allowed to do what he want’s under strict government supervision.Recommend

  • S.haque

    @ Sarah farrukh: Lol ..yeah right!! Islam is a religion of truth and peace, it’s just that the whole world is blind.Recommend

  • Makes sense

    Who defines terrorism? How will you separate it from freedom fighters? US occupation of Islamic countries & it’s support for their fascist dictators & brutal armies are drawing a constant recruitment for hardliners. Why not we end the US imperialism & let Muslims live in peace with their value system?
    This is all predesigned text to win public opinion towards any military & social adventures on Muslims & their lands/resources. I am surprised why rationale mind Americans are not figuring that out?
    Understand the big game folks. These people want to control wealth and resources of all the countries and they have to make fool & fear their own people first to justify US tax dollars and military technology to be used against innocent civians. They are killers of humanity commonly known as “zionist neocons” whose agenda is to slave the whole world for few rich and resourceful. Can’t you see already what they are doing to ordinary Americans?Recommend

  • M,

    @G. Din:

    I’m gonna be blunt and just state this: you’re wrong. Terrorists are overwhelmingly Muslim? Yeah, right. 99.6% of the terrorist attacks carried out in Europe over the period 2006-2009 were done by non-Muslims. Islamist attacks constituted 0.4% of terrorist attacks. (This article provides a summary with links to the original Europol reports

    So no, terrorists are not overwhelmingly Muslim. Just because your media only covers the 0.4% of terrorist acts that are carried out by Muslims does not allow you to create your own statistics based on your wrong perception of the world.Recommend

  • Raj

    Not every Muslim is a terrorist but every terrorist is a MuslimRecommend

  • G. Din

    It gives me no pleasure to make the statement I made but I stand by my statement as do many others right on this forum. Understand the difference between terrorists and the so-called “freedom fighters” or those who avenge terrorists acts upon them. As an example Tamil Tigers could not be termed terrorists because they did not travel to other countries with their AK47’s or crazed minds. Also Sri Lankan Hindus -which Tamil Tigers were actually- did not make their struggle a religious struggle which is why no other Hindus joined them. But Muslims, on the contrary, have made it a religious war which is why even Muslims from countries far apart have got on the terrorist bandwagon. Just like Nazis had their hate manual, “Mein Kampf”, terrorists derive their inspiration for terror from their manual, “Quran” (regardless of whether it was intended to serve that purpose). Muslims must undertake a thorough review of “Quran” and discard those parts of it which have been (ab)used. But that is not likely to happen since it is considered as God’s word. That is why this phenomenon would lead us to only one solution – a world conflagration.Recommend

  • Muhammad

    Islam means peace.
    Muslims cannot be terrorists and terrorists cannot Muslims. They do terrorism in the name of Islam. In fact terrorists do not have any religion. Islam never teach these things. No religion teach these things. People who say Muslims are terrorists are either xenophobic or biased or they don’t have enough knowledge because killing someone is considered as a major sin in Islam and according to Islam “By regarding a sin to be permissible, one’s religion (faith) goes away (He/She is not a muslim anymore). No matter how serious a sin may be, as long as it is regarded as a sin, Faith will remain. However, it (Faith) does get weaker (diminish).Recommend

  • Salman Arshad

    @ D. Asghar:

    “Muslims are not terrorists”

    At least don’t say that in Pakistan. We as a nation celebrate cold blooded murder with sweets and flowers. And we are proud Muslims.Recommend

  • sundar

    Islam means peace.
    Islam is a way of life.
    Islam is a religion of truth
    Muslims cannot kill another muslim, cannot be a terrorist……….
    and on and on

    I don’t get it.
    If all the above are anywhere near truth, why the killers always raise religious slogans after/before killings? Why the murderers of innocents always justify and term the heinous act as ‘jihad’? Why always dissenting voices are silenced and killer showered with roses? It is common sense that the terrorists must not be condoned by any religion, must not be glorified, must not be allowed to represent any religion. But lawyers garlanding, offering free service to killer, muted response from the powers that be in response to assassination of Governor and minister, defy logic.
    No offence intended but I didn’t get it.Recommend

  • G. Din

    Please do not repeat cliches. Doing so does not contribute any thing to discussion. It only makes you look uncaring and stupid! You can close your eyes, the rest of the world has theirs wide open and see clearly what you can’t!Recommend

  • Alien

    @G.Din, if this is how you define terrorism as you said
    As an example Tamil Tigers could not be termed terrorists because they did not travel to other countries with their AK47′s or crazed minds.
    then tell me how many people did these terrorists killed and HOW MANY has the US has killed in Iraq and Afghanistan in the name of peace….
    have some sense and open your eyes… not just see what your media and government wants you to see but see the real picture…Recommend

  • Muhammad

    @ G. Din
    I really don’t want to be offensive or disrespect to you or anyone here but you didn’t get my point and now I feel that I am writing to an illiterate and uneducated person. Please go and read my comment again. I already said in my comment, people like you are either xenophobic or biased or they don’t have enough knowledge. Now it clearly seems that you are a perfect example of stereotype or media-brainwashed, if you know exactly what stereotype or media-brainwashed means. You seem one of those people who don’t want to understand anything, no matter what people say to you, you always argue. Don’t follow your heart buddy, think from your brain. The only thing I want to say here is may Allah show you the right path. No more comments from me on this topic. Peace.Recommend

  • G. Din

    @D. Asghar:
    “…Secondly, it is un-American to do it. Singling out people based on their faith or belief…”
    It is the classic case of the Devil quoting the Bible. So, now you are going to teach Americans what is American and what is not? (For your information, since Americans defined what is American and what is not; it is entirely for them to revise that definition if situation warrants so. Unlike the Quran, it is not, even supposedly, written in concrete. Humans wrote it, humans can rewrite it)
    As far as “singling out people based on their faith or belief”, has there been even one OTHER case of such singling? Have they singled out Hindus or Sikhs or Jews or any other faith except Islam? And, if only Islam has been singled out by Americans (and all other non-Muslim nationalities worldwide) is would it tax you too much to comprehend that Islam has some inherent problems which Muslims ought to address? Islam, as it is practiced by Muslims worldwide, has become incompatible with the world at large in current times and ought to be revised.Recommend

  • G. Din

    This is a generic problem with the thinking of Muslims. They will plead their victimhood by only quoting how many of them were killed. For instance, they will quote only how many thousands got killed in Gujrat but never refer to what caused that killing, the Godhra burning of Hindus. Here is a lesson you might want to imbibe; for every provocation by Muslims, the non-Muslims shall retaliate disproportionately, massively. Retaliation does not only have the basic component which balances the original provocation by Muslims but must, of necessity, contain a deterrent component which is designed to convince the provocateur to desist from initiating the next provocation. It works, trust me.
    As far as the Tamil Tigers are concerned, of course they killed a lot of people but once they decided war to be their modus operandi to achieve their goal, however misguided others may think those to be, that was only to be expected. And weren’t their actions also retaliatory in nature? Did they target Muslims or Americans or any other nationality to achieve their goals as Muslims are so randomly doing?
    “HOW MANY has the US has killed in Iraq and Afghanistan in the name of peace….”
    Get your facts straight! US is not fighting its wars “in the name of peace”, but as a retaliatory action against attack on it by Islamic barbarians. As mentioned before, retaliation will always be “disproportionately massive” for the reasons mentioned above. So, why are you surprised? If you cannot take the retaliation, DO NOT PROVOKE. Period.
    “have some sense and open your eyes… not just see what your media and government wants you to see but see the real picture…”
    Now, who is it that needs to cultivate some good sense and open his eyes? Of course, not you, never you!

    Read Sunder’s post above.
    And, stop mouthing off the same stale, nauseating cliches about Muslims, being such virtuous beings when everyone with eyes can see how they are literally tearing apart the fabric of their own societies.! Those cliches don’t serve any useful purpose other than to make you look stupid. Think a little harder on real issues and reason why the whole world is condemning Islam and its followers or why you, a Muslim, is not welcome anywhere, or why you came to be looked down upon wherever you present yourself. Get out of the misplaced delusional Islamic superiority, for your own sake! No one considers you superior and for good reasons!Recommend

  • D. Asghar

    @G Din, BTW, whatever is written what defines being an American is almost in effect since its writing. So please save your Islamophobic speech. Logically one can make argument between Good and Evil among all religions and faith.

    You and some other high on something unusual demand changes in faith of Islam on this and many other forums. To you and those others, I would urge you to take sometime of your life out of the usual bashing business, sit with some reasonable person, a real scholar and have a discussion and understanding of what this is all about. I am not being mean or disrespectful here, and not giving you any lecture either.

    At another forum, I told someone else the same thing, if you seek Good, whether it is Islam or any other faith, if you seek Evil, you will find it in this or any other faith. The choice is yours.

    With your blanket statements you are enveloping a Billion plus people worldwide, which is down right ridiculous. Peace. :)Recommend

  • Alien

    ….for every provocation by Muslims, the non-Muslims shall retaliate disproportionately, massively…….
    OR Vice Versa????????Recommend

  • mawali

    @Sarah Farrukh:
    And the “truth” kills?Recommend

  • Malik
  • G. Din

    @D. Aghar
    “whatever is written what defines being an American is almost in effect since its writing.”
    It is NOT written in concrete and it can be rewritten, written over or just erased. Understand that. Please do not specify what conduct others should confirm to. It is not your right. By targeting non-Muslims, aren’t the so-called Muslim Americans being un-American, as it is defined now according to you but they do think that they are doing Allah’s work? According to you, when Pakistan attacks India, it can plead non-resistance, or passive resistance, by India because “aren’t Indian good followers of Gandhi?” Even Gandhi did not subscribe to that as was seen in Kashmir.

    “I would urge you to take sometime of your life out of the usual bashing business, sit with some reasonable person, a real scholar and have a discussion and understanding of what this is all about.”
    You have absolutely no right whatsoever to put a dagger to my jugular (as some of you put to David Pearle’s) and then ask me to study and discuss Islamic theology. I resent your threatening stance. Why do you think it should become necessary for me to do so in contrast with studying Jewish theology, for instance? I have absolutely no interest in Islam and no one has the right to put me under duress to study or even glance at it. I have lived through a 1000 year association with Islam and, frankly, I have found it to be repulsive, yet even though I lived through only 200 years association with Christianity, I revere Jesus Christ. Even Gandhi did that. Islam is just NOT every man’s cup of tea, certainly not a non-Muslim’s. Reconcile to that and don’t force the issue.

    “if you seek Good, whether it is Islam or any other faith, if you seek Evil, you will find it in this or any other faith. The choice is yours.”
    You are missing something here. No one, as far as I am aware, has gone “seeking” anything from Islam, good or bad. You just won’t leave people alone!

    “With your blanket statements you are enveloping a Billion plus people worldwide, which is down right ridiculous.”
    We are not doing the “enveloping”, it is you, the Muslims, that have come courting, my friend. As far as the five other billions are concerned, we could care less. …But you just wouldn’t let us!

    I totally agree1 Whoever provokes,Hindu or Muslim or Christian or whosoever must be ready for a “a disproportionately massive retaliation” and not crib later.Recommend

  • Malik

    @ D. Asghar:

    Its one thing to say these thing sitting in peace in US but its another matter what is going on in Muslim countries.

    Indonesian military backs religious persecutionRecommend

  • Sarah Farrukh

    what you people think about this “Wanted: Muslim, Dead or Alive! Very Dangerous” Recommend