PTI knows that it cannot win the 2018 elections and the Panama case proves just that

Published: March 31, 2017

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan. PHOTO: AFP.

For the past one year, no other issue has gained more prominence in the political landscape of Pakistan than the Panama leaks. The issue is frankly trivial and not worth this much obsession, but thanks to Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and our electronic media, a triviality has transformed into a national obsession. The government has been distracted and is in some sort of a survival mode; more pressing issues in the country have been relegated to insignificance as the Panama case has become the centre of everything.  

For PTI, the Panama case has become a fixation which is now bordering lunacy. So much so, that even bomb blasts, openly claimed by Tehreek-e-Taliban (TTP) and Islamic State (IS), are perceived to be a conspiracy hatched by the government in connivance with India to divert attention from the Panama case. Furthermore, many PTI leaders start their tirade by saying,

“Abhi Panama case ka faisla inn ke khilaf aane wala hai.

(The Panama case verdict will be against them.)

Just yesterday, PTI chief Imran Khan was seen whining about a secret deal between the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) and the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), entailing a plan to save the former from the impending doom of the Panama case verdict.

On social media, I constantly read laughable tweets by desperate PTI members, mostly belonging to “educated” urban middleclass, expressing a range of emotions including hope, fear and frustration about the Panama case verdict. Following are some “shining” examples:

  • Poranay Pakistan Se

    To me Panama Case wasn’t that much important specially in reference to today’s Pakistan if any corruption has been done to buy those flats that was done in the past but PTI made it main issue of Pakistan with the help of ARY and specially Kashif Abbasi. It suddenly look like that all other problem has be solved in Pakistan and the only thing is remaining in Pakistan is the case of Panama. Talking with same people in everyday in every talk show look like a circle of repeat telecast of the one show. Sometime I laugh on the analysis provided by ARY group’s so called senior tajzia nigar who can’t even speak in an attractive manner. I know that PMLN is corrupt so as other parties but guys please tell me is that the only issue that what happened in the past. We saw program and talk shows over the performance of every provincial government but no program, debate or talk show on KPK. Is that media supporting PTI.Recommend

  • Reason&Logic

    Bravo! What a breath of fresh air, all your blogs, Raza! I recently came across your writings and find your thoughts are so forthright & clear. The last one about the TV debate on secularism was excellent. From some of the very superficial and shallow comments below, you can realize how difficult the task is, to write anything that is balanced and thoughtful. And this is the so-called English press readers of our country! Anyhow keep writing, all the more power to you & all similar opinion makers, we need you to help us find the right priorities & perspective in the issues we face. One day, many will see the light of reason, to address the real challenge of intolerance, which are our issue #1Recommend

  • ab

    yes the article is all about “Jamhooriat ko khatra hai”, “Jamhooriat ko chalnai do” rant. just sit back and let these corrupt people do their job.Recommend

  • Afshan

    a shameful , lazy and biased article written to please the corrupt and inefficient.Recommend

  • RHR

    Thank you so muchRecommend

  • RHR

    Thank you!Recommend