Live it now or leave

Published: April 9, 2017

What I’ve done, is what I’ve done. PHOTO: TUMBLR.

Permit me to be dead by next morning.
A night in passion had been exhaustive,
As dreams burnt in their heat;
Lost in the ecstasy,
As if there were no tomorrow.

Live it now
Or leave!
They bluntly told me.

What I’ve done, is what I’ve done.
I can’t undo what I lost,
Or gained,
As we wanted it to go on,
And on.

Hence, I refuse to wake
Thinking it was another dream
That faded into nothingness again.

Zeeba T. Hashmi

Zeeba T. Hashmi

The author is a columnist based in Lahore, and writes on various social, cultural and political issues. She tweets @zeebahashmi

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