Seven traits of the average Pakistani man

Published: March 8, 2011

Don’t ever bring up his flaws, nothing is ever his fault.


The following piece is the result of an opinionated writer’s bias. Though the writer herself remains miserably devoid of any male attention, she likes to learn through other people’s experiences. Her piece is based on the experiences of many, many married acquaintances.

1. He loves his mom

Mom is an infallible angel. The only way to achieve harmony in your relationship with him is to understand this vital fact. Don’t question or contradict this lady who will steer the boat of his life, while you will remain one of the many passengers on-board. She is the average Pakistani mother-in-law and her word will be the final say in most matters – marital or otherwise.

Your bathroom fittings and daily wardrobe may also fall under her probing influence. Her cooking is the benchmark that you should aspire to reach. Aspire only, for you will never be able to match her gourmet skills.

And no, he will not cancel the Khawateen Digest subscription to get you The Economist.

2. He doesn’t like the movies you like

He might pretend to like Tangled, but he really doesn’t. His tolerance towards movies of the like is a toady façade of politeness, an attempt to ingratiate himself with you (for nuptial reasons) or a “please, cheer up” measure after a particularly fiery quarrel, which obviously was all your fault.

He’d rather you give up your chick-flick obsession and watch Hum TV dramas like his mom (preferably with his mom).

He secretly dreads cinema detours because your ladyship has to be driven to a decent restaurant for a meal afterwards and not to Nagan Chowrangi Nihari House where he likes to go with his cronies to eat nihari and drink lassi and burp without embarrassment.

3. He knows more swear words than you think he does

Despite his urbane style, he has a knack for swear words with grotesque sexual connotations. He has picked most of them up on his Nihari eating pursuits at Nagan Chowrangi.

He might seem like a harmless while he placidly puffs on cigarette, but he is silently serenading your ex-boyfriend with a tirade of swear words.

4. Beauty over brains – end of story

No matter what he says to you, he admires your hair more than what lies beneath it. He does not care about your ability to multiply fractions in your head. In fact, he doesn’t want you to multiply fractions at all. All he wants you to multiply is the number of his off spring and the food on his table.

He doesn’t care if you can recite the Odyssey at the drop of a hat (probably hasn’t even heard of that magnificent work).  He prefers that you look pretty and sit silently while passing occasional smiles to his mom on the breakfast table; rather than have spirited discourses on the morning news headlines with his father while bearing huge eye bags because you were up memorising the Odyssey all night.

5. He loves his car

Please don’t brush your hair in the car. Step out on the side walk to do it. Buy candy with the money that is tossed at you.

6. He won’t notice your freshly plucked eyebrows

Or your new earrings or your manicure. Aversion to detail has been vested in him by nature itself. He can’t tell cyan from turquoise or fuchsia pink from magenta, or magenta from maroon. It’s either pink or not pink.

No, he will not catch any subtle looks you give. Either you say it in words, or you don’t say it at all. This man is Saeed Ghazi’s nightmare. But yes, he will definitely notice the extra flab you’ve recently acquired while trying to drown your vexations in the ghee-laden gajar ka halwa that his mom’s been making (and secretly eating despite her soaring cholesterol levels.)

7. He likes shareef, sharmeeli and suggharh girls

He thinks Sharmila Farooqui is a vile woman whose first name is misleading. He thinks she is an exhibitionist who comes on TV only to display her new hair streaks and designer shalwar kameezes.

Obviously, as an average resigned-to-home Pakistani girl you are thoroughly in awe of the lady’s austere confidence in herself. But no, he does not care about how wrong or right her views are, so stop asking.

What she says can never be of consequence because she is just a “shameless” woman who does not know her place. He thinks women should all sit at home in peace and help reproduce for their husbands.

Shareef girls personify the excellent merits of womanly impassiveness to the extent of having just no opinions at all.

Shareef girls just watch the news, and then gasp, pat their bosoms (Lollywood style), shed a tear or two of commiseration and then quietly recommence the discussion on the news-caster’s wardrobe with the average Pakistani sister-in-law.

Shareef girls don’t discuss the Hudood Ordinance, because shareef girls don’t quite know what the Hudood Ordinance is. They blush prettily at any mention of the Hudood Ordinance and excuse themselves to go and display their sugghrapa in the kitchen, which results in the multiplication of the average Pakistani man’s food supply. Meanwhile,  he ogles at Sharmila on television.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Jamil

    in the words of Haggar the Horrible “Har har har…..”Recommend

  • Atif

    Typical copy paste style, bring something newRecommend

  • Prometheus

    This is obviously coming from a woman who has recently been left for dead by her “significant other”. Obviously this guy she was with is unmannered since he is obviously from a backward area!. Believe it or not, Men realize the fact that looks will remain for upto 5 years max. But brains are forever. You obviously have no brains otherwise you wouldn’t have stereotyped every Pakistani man as a misogynist.

    BTW points no. 1, 2 and 6 are true. But others are simply man to man.Recommend

  • Dr. Amyn malik

    hahah…an excellent piece…loved the humor!Recommend

  • Tanzeel
  • Hala

    its sad because its trueRecommend

  • Ahmad

    The basic drift of this article is that only men can be ignorant paindu dumb****, i beg to differ.Recommend

  • Hala

    that’s not true the entire last paragraph is about dumb womenRecommend

  • Jameel ur Rasheed – JR

    Average defines the population. So the writer should try to be the one liked by the average guys then to be the one no liked by the average guy and then put the blame on them for not liking them! Simple enough!Recommend

  • Moazzam Salim

    guilty as alleged…at least on most accounts Recommend

  • Noor

    I think Express Tribune’s readers deserve more than personal experiences of irrational individuals!

    The ‘average’ Pakistani man does not have a car

    There are no Nagan Chowrangis in Pakistan and, believe you me, Nehari’s true domain ends where the “Super Highway Toll Plaza” begins, or ends, depending on where you are coming from.

    You may be speaking for the men of Karachi (well that city of no-lights might be your “Pakistan”

    Not everyone who drinks Lassi burps. I have had the bad luck of ‘hearing smelling’ many cola-drinkers who have the worst farts ever and burp like idiots
    The “average” mother-in-law cannot read her name, let alone the “khawateen digest”

    Towards the end, may you get some attention, again :-)

  • maheen usmani

    The typical Pakistani male and dullard in laws dissected so beautifully, and with so much humour :) Recommend

  • Usama Zafar

    Lol @ Tanzeel!!

    Anyways the article was hilarious!! The last point was quite unrealistic though…but still it was funny and true…specially the Saeed Ghazi part!!Recommend

  • karachvi


  • Yawer Amin

    uh well….
    the nagan chowrangi and sharmila faroqi point was awesome !
    it is 80% true article
    we male do this with our wives…!Recommend

  • Sana

    very nice piece of work
    an example of complete looser in the Modern era from Asia, PakistanRecommend

  • Saif

    I am sure it holds true for the 99% men out there.Good humour!!Recommend

  • mehmudah

    I laughed outright reading that! LOLRecommend

  • Mariam

    The mother in law part is perfect! the rest…not so much!Recommend

  • Happy Man

    “He thinks Sharmila Farooqui is a vile woman whose first name is misleading. He thinks she is an exhibitionist who comes on TV only to display her new hair streaks and designer shalwar kameezes.”

  • D
  • Mariam

    I am tired of this stupid women-against-men or men-against-women episode in ET.Recommend

  • Angelos

    Good for laughter but nothing to do with average Pakistani man!Recommend

  • Taha Ceen Tayyab

    Nihari’s true domain ends with the beginning of super highway toll plaza provided you are coming from Karachi.Recommend

  • Mubasher

    a personal elegy Recommend

  • athar quraishi

    Is the Express Tribune aspiring to become ‘The Times of India’ supplement of Pakistan?
    Why the waste of column inches on these Cosmopolitan or Maxim type gender jibes?
    The so-called men-women ‘war of stereotypes’ has been used by the Western publications to actually objectify women and turn them ( like men ) into consumerist work horses. The result of this social engineering, with a flawed concept of empowerment and liberation has broken down the institution of family and interdependence in the West. All this in the name of individualism and independence. The West is now beginning to question the prudence of this sore and sorry approach to a community. Why is the Express Tribune importing it to Pakistan?

    Could your editorial team not find a better set of columnists who would address relationship issues with the maturity it deserves? Are we really seeking ti better our understanding of marital relationships or is the aim to ‘vent’ ( that too exclusively in a anti male fashion ) as teenagers are vaunt to do in a café?

    I suggest that the Express Tribune take the example of what has happened in India. There, despite of the immense economic growth, their media in general has promoted an exposure to certain unhealthy genres of Western media which are gossip, sarcasm and cynicism driven. This type of Cosmopolitan journalism has led to exacerbate ‘no-fault’ divorce rate Recommend

  • Ahsan

    are you sure ur not related to Nadeem F. Paracha? i find various similarities in writing styleRecommend

  • Nayab

    Well to be honest, Sharmila Farooqi does look quite Farigh ( Do Politicians have enough time to get dressed, put on layers of make up? ) she probably takes an Hour or so just to get ready :/ Okay, we can Ignore that fact if she holds good Opinions, But Aaah who are we kidding? she Belongs to PPP!! sooo, whatever she says is basically related to what the Dear President Thinks himself, so there’s no difference as such.
    And yeah, everyone knows about Hudood Ordinance, even if they’re ‘aam larki’. You could’ve raised more Important issues actually.. Like women’s Literacy rate, The Double standards In our society and How bias it is against them.Recommend

  • shahzeb

    what? just 7 things is that it?Recommend

  • Salman

    You live in a bubble and have no idea about what your trying to talk about. Recommend

  • Nadir Abbas

    I find one of them is not in me. Guess, which one?Recommend

  • Sanya Shiraz

    Haha, a wonderful piece. Lol .. I havent found anything on Tribune this funny for a long time! Keep writing. :DRecommend

  • Ali

    these people wont grow up ..Recommend

  • A

    hahahaa…you seem quite frustrated by your personal experiences. still…was a good laugh!Recommend

  • Yumna

    Great piece, humorous. And humor seems to be pretty much the point rather than male-bashing. It’s not supposed to be a serious or a misandric article. Why don’t you focus on the the funny side of it rather than judging the writer?
    Quite witty, I liked it.Recommend

  • Aisha

    This is where stupid guys stand so not even a single second or penny is supposed to be spent on these idiots ……………… :PRecommend

  • Shahzaib

    Looks like the author recently suffered from the wrath of such man. Get over dear!Recommend

  • Saad Durrani

    Pray tell which Pakistani average women will read the Economist… I guess he knows that the Economist you want is Harper’s Bazaar or VogueRecommend

  • Shery

    Typical Rant! Funny how the so-called “modern” girl turns into an old fashioned mother-in-law commanding exactly the same merits in years to come. ha!Recommend

  • Taimur Mustafa

    Addressed to all those who are providing us insight into the complexities of good and bad journalism, issues of western infiltration into the sacredness of Pakistan’s social perceptions and the authors personal frustrations:

    Honestly, what are you guys talking about? Seems to me like you’re the one who just needs an opportunity to start venting on anything that anyone writes. Did you not notice that this is a BLOG and not a front cover headline! If you are looking for well informed articles by professional jounalists, go to the other 12 tabs at the top of the page. Why are you loitering around in the Blogs section, trying to make yourself sound all important and critical? Seriously, if you need an ego boost, try arguing with renowned political and social commentators.
    Try and appreciate the writing style and creativity of this piece. It is supposed to be humorous, in case some of you missed the point. I think it manages to provide a good laugh and a moment of relief for people who are working and studying. Try encouraging upcoming writers instead of licking your own wounds.

    Well done Faiza! Great Writing!Recommend

  • Mariam

    Hey lets not forget these men are raised up by the same women who turn into villain sass….tsk* tsk* kyon ke sass bhe kabhi baho thee ;)Recommend

  • CB Guy

    I have a lot to say but i guess my time is too precious to waste on this person. Excuse my indiscretion in choosing my words, bottom line is, ITS A PIECE OF STEREOTYPICAL nonsenseRecommend

  • Madiha Akhtar

    I love it everything said in it is absolutely true:) good observationRecommend

  • AA

    Looks like you’ve picked up these traits from men living in North Waziristan ;)Recommend

  • AA


    Read up on corruption scandals that Ms SF is involved in as well… If not 10%, she definitely qualifies for Ms. 5% :)Recommend

  • Salman

    How about seven traits of a Paksitani woman? Infact there is only one trait. Just Sit there and Look Pretty because brain can only comprehend bollywood masala movies and most of the youth is spend looking for that hero that doesn’t exist. Recommend

  • Muhammed Nasiruddin Ismail

    If a man or woman can understand the creature of human being there is no conflict or mis-understanding, God put a mass of attraction in male and female, so why not male and female attract each other, it is nature of a soul in the body, else, why man always put a step forward than a woman because man always in hasty nature while woman have more patience inside,so it looks a like that man always proceed…… any comment…?????Recommend

  • Confused

    yup, thats me. what you using your brains for?Recommend

  • Patriot

    LOL @ the comments, The average pakistani guys seem to be quite offended. Job well done dear author :DRecommend

  • saad

    very amusing and highly observant! I’m a British Pakistani guy and most of my cousins back in Pakistan are exactly like that. However, a lot of these types happen to exist here as well!Recommend

  • ox

    inspiration but nice execution…:DRecommend

  • Neeraj, India

    Miss Faiza Rahman,
    Brilliant! A wonderful piece of write-up. Though, you wrote in the context of Pakistani society and the prevalent morals, but, more or less, it is equally true of our own society and approach to the relationships with our wives/girlfriends. But, please forgive us men for being momma’s boys, because mom is just irresistible. Yes, you girls bring unimaginable joy and ecstasy to our lives (temporarily though), but, a mom is a mom, none can love you as unconditionally as she does. You wives or girlfriends are no match to her when it comes to love.
    But, I can say or accuse you of the same thing, after all, you girls too are dad’s lil girls and he surely prefers you over us boys. For us boys dads are always harsh and uncompromising even if we come up with good reason on any issue. Therefore, my dear, nature has made us equals, but, yes you women, historically, always fared badly compared to us boys and that is a shame. Recommend

  • salma

    @Noor: see the thing is, the express tribune is in ENGLISH, therefore yeah the average reader’s mother in law may have a subscription to khawateen digest.Recommend

  • Meher

    hahah true!Recommend

  • parvez

    You certainly have managed to acquire a not so flattering opinion of the average male.
    The disclaimer says the writer remains miserably devoid of any male attention and is forming an opinion from others experiences. If you personally don’t test the water how will you really know if its cold or not ?
    Anyway thought it was pretty funny.Recommend

  • Maddy

    lol .. Couldn’t agree more with you. I literally am sick of such topics from women claiming to be the so called ‘Man Expert’. And then shedding this immense valuable knowledge onto some poor SHAREEF lady embarrassing her and him too. Shame Shame. Don’t blog if you have no topic. Recommend

  • Q

    Point number 1 is pathetic and highly biased along with others.
    “And no, he will not cancel the Khawateen Digest subscription to get you The Economist.”
    You are a today’s headstrong girl with no temperament and tolerance for others, specially a husband’s mother.Recommend

  • Hafeez

    A good peice. Anyhow, Isnt the mother in law also a woman. Means you will also be a mother in law someday to somebody.Recommend

  • Fizza

    I certainly won’t subscribe to the Economist if I have such a depressing life. Blog gave me a good laugh though. Recommend

  • Ayaz Ahmed Siddiqui

    Well somebody had to put it out for us Pakistani guys straight; This typical Pakistani guy attitude holds true whatever names one wants to label it with. The sad part is we man of faith do not even realize our fundamental flaw which is rooted in the core of our personalities; The fact that no matter what, a women’s role is principally limited to the confines of her house!
    It all stems out from decades of cultural, ideological and religious confusion that has plagued our country resulting in a, morphed and hypocritical belief system. I’m glad that someone is writing it out putting it plainly in front of us men specially around Women’s Day.
    Women on the other hand must realize that the world is not a giant fantasy, the Knights in armors and true loves first kisses do not really exist and so they should lower their very high expectations from their partners. I believe this very nature of expecting too much results in false promises and talks of impossible feats that men commit to their lady fair before running off with someone else(metaphorically speaking)Recommend

  • Zuhaib Ali

    Excellent piece from the start till the end…it is so true and obviously which makes it bitter for all those typical men on whom u have hit..:-P
    I loved it and like yourself i have learned these things from the experience of so many friends and acquintances, the only difference was u put those experiences into well-crafted writing. Way to go lady, keep up the good work!!!Recommend

  • Saman

    Sadly a true picutre of the men in our society, i recently started experiecning all this and i must appreciate the author for having suc good observation……Well Done.Recommend

  • Jawad N

    seriously did you know we like nihari so much..and that too not at boat basin, or khadda market, but at nagan or burns road…especially when you are from Lahore…spot on there waisay.Recommend

  • Kashif

    the writer is deeply troubled and confused.Recommend

  • saeed ahmad

    HHaahhaahhaahhaa… Great peace of work…

    I wonder if someone will soon come up with an equal response to it. ie. “7 traits of average Pakistani Women”

    Someone please…!Recommend

  • Erum

    From where I see it, this piece is both humorous and witty. I doubt if the author actually meant any harm.
    At times, it is better to read a piece of writing, enjoy it and savour the humour rather than critically analysing every line.
    Fictional writing always involves some degree of exaggeration.

    Faiza, brilliant job!Recommend

  • Raza

    Well i have mixed opinion about this piece. At one side I liked it due to its humour and some incisive pbservations but on the other side, I think this piece smacked of pretentious elitism and wannabe behaviour. The author has a right to make fun of men but I think it is wrong to bring in Nagan Chowrangi in such a way.

    It is typical upper middle class mentality smacking of condescending attitude towards the less privilged. Even if you have such ideas it is better to keep them to yourself.Recommend

  • The Strategist!!

    HahhAHhahAHhahah!! Faiza this was an awesome reading experience!! I should be offended but im actually lmao!!Recommend

  • AK

    Firstly, people from all facets of life are reading this and this is impacting all the not-yet-married girls! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING???

    If the guy has a long list of swear words.. so what? if he uses it..or even thinks about, what’s your problem? He has all the freedom and liberty to know and think! Boiling over it, or what do you plan to take complete charge over what and how he thinks its completely insane! Its irrelevant information. Even if my husband does that, i wouldnt give two hoots. ITs not affecting me. He doesnt use it around me.

    Second, he loves his mom, alright, he loves sharif,sughar larki..alright.. so what am I supposed to ‘try’ being one? Dude, i have been brought up in a sharif family and i have all the confidence to run this house. By saying things like that, you just sound insecure.. even that mothe rin law sounds insecure. there’s a way to go about it. Keep your house neat, yourself neat, do all your work for yourself.. not for ‘trying hard’ to become the person somebody else would like. That’s shallow. Its like going blind to all that you have.. its all in the mind!

    I like to get my nails manicured, eye brows done so i look good and it makes me feel god about myself. Just like, his taste in movies is pre determined by his past and his passion for car, defines his individuality! He has a personality. So what’s wrong with it. The problem with this article is, it is coming from a couple who had nothing better to do in life! And if that time was spent discovering your own individual traits,im sure you wouldnt be so hurt today! That man would probably be head over heels after you wanting to have ‘that thing’ you have. but you dont love yourself, why would ANYBODY else love you?

    And alright this is a blog, but why should it be appreicated for its style of writing bleh.. no, i dont like to keep selling out for anything less! For a writer needs to have a thought process, a purpose, focus and at the end, whether put humorously or whatever, but you get a single point across. however, in this case, the writer is endorsing the idea of how all you unmarried women out there are utterly useless without the men and if you are not all the above, you will become like the writer too so do all that. And she is misleading you to such guys who have no personalities that’s why they want all what they know they already have, but have nowhere else to vent out.

    Dude seriously, move on! Take pleasure in whatever is around you and be happy about it. I can tell you you about you, you are insecure, unhappy, negative, superficial (rightnow). You are not a bad person. You must be average looking (which is not bad,and is majority), funny, exciting, humorous, a friends circle (but you have given up on all that after giving yourself entirely in to something not-so-important in ur life). Collect yourself. Feel happy. Life’s to short to fret man! Seriously, go swimming with your girlfriends.. you have yet to be the best cook! best hairstylist! best writer! best… But you cant do anything unless you put your past behind, and love every moment you breathe. I give you my word; the best way to avenge him is to look happy (he will know it and will be so jealous!)

  • Ali Sikandar

    It is a lovely piece … I suppose this was for Women’s Day
    Seeing this from both perspectives, I must say that Athar Quraishi is right to some extent as well. However, I must admit that you have put something on table for discussion and have addressed an issue which has been polluting our society for quite some time now. On the other hand what Athar is saying is also correct because subscribing an economist is not a solution as we have to find balance between the best of both ways.
    -Females are responsible for house chores and produce off springs full stop
    -Hand us the economist. We want freedom. We have equal rights. No discrimination.
    What is similar in both arguments?

    My point is that no matter how you put it we can not do it with out each others support.Recommend

  • Ahmed Talha

    If this tormented girl has come across such lowlifers.. aint collective fault of us all!! she needs to raise her standards!!
    I will notice hairs along with what lie underneath it, i cant stand no Doll & i wont mind even if she comes back with my car wrecked.
    Though she stands corrected in all of em, loved the last one.Recommend

  • MKB

    the gender jokes…….passe!Recommend

  • Shumaila

    You’ve been pretty heavily biased and stereotypical, so it wasn’t as funny as I thought it would be, but still okay. I had a laugh or two. but I agree with AK’s comment, there are lighter and easier ways to feel good about yourself than expecting constant male commendation or expecting them to appreciate your mental powers. And personally I like nehari and guys who swear and don’t watch chick-flicks.Recommend

  • zaid azam

    ok so people are actually taking this piece seriously and arguing over it. that just show what we got in our closet !!!!

    @ noor we actually got a nagan chowrangi in karachi, so there might be a couple more in pakistan , since every one copies us :p

    @ author well written salut !!!Recommend

  • zaid azam

    @ author where is the nihari joint on nagan chowrangi ? never heard of any good nihari place there . can always do with one more nihari placeRecommend

  • http://Northampton,UK Jazib

    Dissapointing read. Apart from the nihari and lassi bit with the boys back in town…and you forgot to add the paratha and chai and dhabas. That over a shiny restaurant’s manufactured food which reminds you of domestic airline food any day. Recommend

  • Ameena Kirmani

    Oh this is good, quite amusing.Recommend

  • Sara

    I totally agree with Taimur! This article is satire at its best and not every line has to be taken literally. This is a blog, not an Economic Survey of Pakistan Report that you start statistically testing the validity of each trait quoted as being “average”. But then again, you really need to have an aesthetic literary sense to appreciate good humor. Otherwise you’d just get defensive and insecure and resort to criticizing it for not being as bona fide as the JSTOR article you’re using for your next Research report, which is an accomplishment this article is clearly not trying to achieve. Brilliant writing Faiza, keep on spreading smiles :) Recommend

  • Khan

    Your thoughts are really sick. Why woman like you think so sick?Recommend

  • AK

    funny? did anyone say funny? i tried my best to laugh, it didnt happen. no exagerration.Recommend

  • AK

    although.. well written.Recommend

  • shazia

    Thoroughly enjoyed it. Can the guys pls just chill…its a point of view…the heading says it all…so if u didn’t like the sound of it you shouldnt have read it and then bitched about the depths Pakistan has fallen through! There are other more pertinent pages to make those kind of comments…this isnt one of them!Recommend

  • Yousuf

    Okay, so it seems all your friends or whoever “others” you have quoted the experiences of, have been wed with “Jahil Jutts”… though luck for them…

    By the way,

    6. He won’t notice your freshly plucked eyebrows
    Or your new earrings or your manicure. Aversion to detail has been vested in him by nature itself. He can’t tell cyan from turquoise or fuchsia pink from magenta, or magenta from maroon. It’s either pink or not pink.
    No, he will not catch any subtle looks you give,


  • Munazza Sami

    hahahahhaa really a true article………it seems the quality of my husbands:-(
    He admire his mom while i was the perfect cook at my father’s home,He love his car, he never noticed my eye brows facial and dresses,he dont like the movies which i luv the most and this is the reason we fight to watch the movie of own choice,he also said to me ZADA APNA DIMAGH MAT CHALAO YA ZADA HOSHIAAR MT BANO…..but last point is not true i mean this kind of girls are no more now…….and guys dont lyk these HAAEEE ALLAHHH MAIN TO MAR GAI type girls…………after all a nice research……………Recommend

  • Atts

    Good one faiza! Obviously u will be subject to undue criticism from the average pakistani man regarding ur male bashing ‘how dare this chit of a girl demean us like this’ ‘u r not over ur significant other’ ???? ppl should read ur disclaimer as it covers this point but obviously they missed it b/c ur male bashing hit a little too close to home for comfort.Recommend

  • saniya

    This response is keeping in mind that the above article is by no means a reflection of Rural and low-income households (95% of the nation);

    1) I would prefer a man who loves his mother, to one who does not. Men who have little or no regard for their mothers often disrespect and beat their wives too. suggesting that women should be weary of men who love their mothers is irresponsible.
    2) As far as not liking the same movies or noticing your plucked eyebrows ; Unfortunately – This problem isn’t limited to Pakistan. Even so, it’s not like we care for action films nor do we notice when they add an extra speaker to their car.
    3) I think you’ve lost the meaning of ‘shareef’ (unless that was the intention?). Shareef means moral; 90% of the men in the WORLD prefer a ‘lady’ . on the point you’ve made- Sure, I know alot of men who want a woman with the IQ of a peanut- it’s usually because they cannot handle being challenged- but the majority of intelligent men know that they need intellectual stimulation and go for smart women- this includes low-income households where men are starting to understand the need for double-income living . hence, your final point is a generalization when it comes to the urban, educated/semi-educated population.

    Aside from that, this article is funny and I really do hope the writer meets a normal, educated, liberal thinking man with no complex’s or double-standards :)

  •!/ahsan.mansoor Ahsan

    hahahhaa yar cummon at first i thought she must have written something worth reading that people are sharing but it was the typical stuff you try to put on when you play games like boys v/s girls.

    Either the writer is pissed of at her bf’s mom’s obssesion with hum tv dramas that she’s mentioned it a bit to much … or she is a feminist when it comes to other people’s mom :p lol

    and some points are like baseles .. he wont notice when your freshly plucked eyebrows and he wont like movies you like … :o oh cummon !!
    i mean WAAAATTT ???

    Hellooooo !!!
    time to wake up girl !!Recommend

  • allee

    Hey I love Tangled.

    And about men’s mothers…yeah we love our mother more than anyone else, BUT! The funny thing is that women who dis their other half’s mothers also end up being a crazy witch, they think their mother in law was, when it comes to their sons and bahus’. And you love it when your son loves you more than anyone…including his wife.Recommend

  • Osman

    An extremely boaring article in a well reputed mag.
    a few observations abt the points discussed.

    about Moms. girls thinks the same about their mothers. dont they?
    about movies. Daah. the guy has a mind and likeness of his own too. why do girls want him to like every dumb movie that they like?
    about Beauty over brains – end of story
    obviously as if its a sin. who likes to marry a phd godzilla instead of a cute graduate? even the parents of the auhor would like their son to marry a cute graduate instead of a Phd godzilla.
    about his car.
    REMEMBER GIRLS……. the way a man treats his car is the way a man treats himself.
    He won’t notice your freshly plucked eyebrows.
    plz sum1 tell the writer that girls have to thread their whiskers too. pluckin only eye brows wouldnt help gain his interest.

  • Osman

    i dont know u but…. glad to know that there are girls out there who can use their minds for reasoning and dont create a fuss for the sake of creating fuss.
    wishing u a great life ahead. Amen.
    and o yes…. i totally agree with u. May the writer find a reasonable guy :DRecommend

  • shaikh adeel ahmed

    amusing but 80% non factual this isn’t real life honey real is much more easy then you think it is….
    trust me…. Recommend

  • Safia

    @Noor: Hi Noor…i was reading through all the comments and decided to reply to urs..just because of one thing. There IS a Nagan Chowrangi in Pakistan. It’s actually in Karachi, in North Nazimabad. I had to correct you because my family lives in the area :)Recommend

  • N.

    Dude. Such a crappy piece. But I really don’t blame you, Faiza, since you’re majoring in political sciences at LUMS. Recommend

  • Kenan Ali

    Dear author of this article,

    Being a Pakistani guy, I’m not offended by this article at all, but more amused. What happened? Did your boyfriend dump you recently? Heartbroken?

    A word of advice, the next time you decide to express your emotional issues, think twice about posting them on a social website, that is Google-able. The reason being, because now not only have you showed to the world how emotionally unstable you are, but also that you are a pretty horrible writer…Recommend

  • Arsalan Iqtidar

    Apologies but I don’t agree to most of it Recommend

  • Gibby

    Duh. Me no process. Me big dumb stupid man. How dare you have opinion! Who cares about stupid haircut! You just a girl. You go make me sandwich instead! Then I go hug mommy and tell her sandwiches better! Then maybe eat biryani with my cronies! Who the hell this Odysseus?
    Lady please, funny and stereotypes are two vastly different things. Kinda like smart and pretentious. And I learned how to swear from my grandfather thank you very much. He was a doctor. Recommend

  • S

    Very very very very low generalizability!!!Recommend

  • Athar Quraishi

    Nero plays the fiddle,
    While Rome burns.
    Solve first this riddle,
    And lose the laughter in return.

    Sure. This is just ‘harmless’ fun. Right?
    Have we as a people earned that right to respite?
    Not going by the blinkered and cloistered lifestyle
    we have adopted and the consequent price the country
    is paying for it.


    True, those well heeled can always join the ‘George’ exodus shortly.
    Still can’t connect the dots can you?


    Just cause it’s a blog is no reason to excuse it from journalistic probity.
    And freedoms of expression, association and press, does not mean license to
    vent. There is such a thing as decency and gravitas, which of course,
    this mobile social media troopers are only too eager to dispense with.
    It requires a sense of responsibility. And who wants that?
    Certainly not the faux women’s lib set (there is a genuine set as well,
    but the faux set denigrates them as the Khawateen / Behenji crowd).


    The very fact I say this will open me up to being labelled
    a dadeewallah, a ‘lihaji’, one of ‘puraney khayaalat’ etc.
    Just remember, your kids will grow up, and you yourselves
    will be surprised how much closer your thoughts will be then,
    to where mine are now.


    May you age well.
    Because what we praise, we preach.
    And what we preach, we teach.
    What they learn, they live.Recommend

  • Madiha Wahid

    @author. well written Faiza. thats absolutely true. Recommend

  • dont delete me freedom of speech sake

    hahaha, all i can say is…you are probably the least talented writer in the entire nation, that is why you are busy writing articles with no substance and no meaning. In fact that is possibly the most inaccurate analysis of the average pakistani man. It is complete Jargon and was a waste of my life, and many other peoples lives to read. in fact lovely author you are a waste of a life with many issues if you feel this way about any one. talk about an ego trip? and no your attempt to tie in your not funny jokes to your previous points was an absolute fail…much like your writing skills and or your life. thanks peace lots of love from the average pakistani man. PS im so average an my vocabulary exceeds your by at least a figure of such magnitude you had no idea it was even possibly.Recommend