Thank you, Modi, for proving that partition saved the subcontinent’s Muslims from extinction

Published: March 18, 2017

Prime Minister Narendra Modi gives a speech at his lecture meeting hosted by Nikkei Inc. and Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) in Tokyo September 2, 2014. PHOTO: REUTERS

Dear Mr Narendra Modi,

I was not at all surprised that your party, Bharatiya Janata Party (the BJP), swept the recent Uttar Pradesh (UP) elections. You ran your campaign on an anti-Muslim platform, you convinced most of the UP Hindus that Muslims in their state are Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agents and that Muslims would not vote for your party, therefore they voted en masse for BJP.

In fact, to appear anti-Muslim, you did not field a single Muslim candidate despite the notion that there are more than 40 million Muslims in UP! So, in spite of the Muslim population of UP being over 20% of the total population, the new UP assembly will have only 25 Muslims (only 6% of the total), the lowest ever. And the credit for all this goes to you, Mr Modi.

But why should we be surprised?

It was in your state of Gujrat (when you were the chief minister) that the genocide of over 2,000 Muslims took place. As hooligans wrenched open the bellies of pregnant Muslim women and fed the fetuses to dogs, you watched silently, even though you could have prevented the massacre.

But why should you have done anything to stop the killings, Mr Modi?

The Hindu vote was important for your party and the destruction of the Babri Mosque helped your party become popular. Your men destroyed five hundred mosques and shrines of Muslim saints while the slaughter of Muslim men, women and children was being carried out in your state in 2002. And you cannot deny that it was your blatant anti-Muslim agenda that helped your party win the national elections in 2014.

You have never faced a mob of killers, have you Mr Modi?

My parents did; in 1947, when they had to flee to Pakistan from your state to save themselves from the followers of another rabid Hindu leader (Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel). I shall never forget how, for many years after the event, my mother would break down in tears as she told us about the thousands of dead Muslim men and women she saw as she and my father trudged their way to safety in the new country.

Mr Modi, I sometimes hear Pakistani and Indian Muslims claim that if India had remained united, and partition had not taken place, Muslims would have been a force to reckon with in a united India. They do not know that if Pakistan had not been created, the percentage of Muslims in a united India would have been, at the most, 30%. And even though the Muslim population in India today is 15% of the total, their representation in the Lok Sabha is only 4%. In fact, Muslims would have been a powerless group in a united India, the same way Muslims there today have no clout.

Just in case you are tempted to think that Muslims voted for you, think again. The Muslim vote was split between Congress, the Samajwadi Party (SP) and the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) parties. If you think Muslim women voted for BJP due to your campaign against ‘triple talaq’, you’re wrong. You won because the Muslim vote was split, and next time it won’t be so easy, as Muslims will continue to live in fear of being killed as long as you are the prime minister. Next time, they will be united to ensure that the BJP does not win.

No, Mr Modi, if 600 million Indians (including Hindus) continue to live below the poverty line, you will not be able to win the Lok Sabha elections in 2019. Ultimately, Hindus will realise that there is no possibility of improvement in their lives under the BJP government and they will vote your party out. It is good governance that wins elections, Mr Modi, not terrorising Muslims and treating them as pariahs.

And this is why Mr Jinnah wanted a separate country for India’s Muslims, because he knew that in a united India, Muslims would have practically no rights. He knew that they would have been in danger of being massacred, which has repeatedly been proved by Gujrat’s Muslims and those that are being killed in hundreds of communal riots in India.

So, Mr Modi thank you for proving that Partition saved the subcontinent’s Muslims from extinction!

Shakir Lakhani

Shakir Lakhani

Engineer, former visiting lecturer at NED Engineering College, industrialist, associated with petroleum/chemical industries for many years. Loves writing, and (in the opinion of most of those who know him), mentally unbalanced. He tweets @shakirlakhani (

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  • aircon

    cant believe that pakistani muslims cry about discrimination when they have conducted genocide of hindus in their own country. the percentage of populations of hindus at the time of partition and today in pakistan conveys the treatment meted out to them. Bus alas muslims want secularism when in minority but will happily kill non – muslims when in majorityRecommend

  • aloo bukfara

    In fact, to appear anti-Muslim, you did not field a single Muslim candidate despite the notion that there are more than 40 million Muslims in UP! So, in spite of the Muslim population of UP being over 20% of the total population, the new UP assembly will have only 25 Muslims (only 6% of the total), the lowest ever. And the credit for all this goes to you, Mr Modi.

    The Writer Wants to say..Even if u are incompetent…you should win..If UP has 20% muslims…how come BJP can win without muslim votes..The point is muslim women voted in numbers for BJP..Because all India need in uniform civil code..U made ur islamic republic in the people that remain in india was the choices they made…now whatever we do or they do is none of ur issue…u keep on electing Mr 10% and Panama Boss…or keep on giving 90% to fauji fertilizer bosses..All the best..I hope ET published my facts for healthy discussionRecommend

  • Feroz

    Like many millions of radicalized Muslims around the world wanting to kill and maim the infidels and lynch minorities for slights to religion under harsh blasphemy laws, ignorance is bliss.
    Muslims in India have greater liberties and freedom than Pakistan. No disappearances in thousands with Courts silent. No whisking away and convicting in Military Courts where no one knows the charge, no legal counsel and no media scrutiny. How many Muslims killed in fake encounters just this year in Pakistan Sir ? Can we bet that the number is many times higher than not just India but every country in South Asia.Recommend


    and it saved india from hardliner islamic terrorists. Thank god pakistan was created. thumbs up for your Osama bin laden and hafeez syeed.Recommend

  • sree

    Yeah. That is why the Muslim population in India jumped from 8% in 1947 to 14% , while Hindus and Sikhs who formed around 15% of Pakistan in 1947 dropped to less than 2% now.Recommend

  • Ahsan Zafeer

    We should probably distribute sweets and applaud express tribune for accepting a piece that goes against the liberal narrative that Indians are friends no matter what they do and therefore we must beg them for friendship…Recommend


    we can see how muslims is safe in pak. no respect of minorities…Recommend

  • vinsin

    Partition shaved non-Muslim from extinction just like Arab Pagans. So why Indian Muslims never moved to Pakistan? What rights minorities have in Saudi Arabia?Recommend

  • Concard_007

    Dude first let me get some things straight

    1) We are very happy Jinnah took away the rotten parts of India. I would list him as the true Indian who saved the burden of 200 million radicalized Muslims.
    2) If you call what happened in Gujarat as a Genocide which according to all standards is a riot, what do you call what happened in Bangladesh in 1971? a picnic? 3 million people were slaughtered by your army and half a million Hindu women raped. And still Pakistan objects to hanging of war criminals who took part in that frenzy in Bangladesh.
    3) BJP did not field a Muslim candidate because Muslims always vote enblock against BJP, so what is the point of giving tickets to them when they cannot win?Politics is about winning elections not pandering to any group. Harsh truth.
    4) You call Sardar Patel a rabid Hindu leader. What do you call Jinnah who called for direct action day? You talk as if only Hindus attacked Muslims during partition and Muslims were saints who didn’t harm a single Hindu or a Sikh. Really?
    5) 2014 elections even if you ask a Modi hater will tell you that people voted for him for development and humongous scams of Congress party. It shows how much ignorant people can be when it comes to understanding Indian politics.
    6) Well the irony you also admit Muslims didn’t vote for BJP and they will be united to defeat BJP. Now you know why they didn’t give Muslims tickets. Don’t worry even if Muslims don’t vote for Modi, there are millions of Hindus who will vote for him in 2019.
    7) Look old man, you need to come out of your delusion that Modi is everyday terrorizing Muslims. You think he doesn’t have any other job? If so why does he have Muslim Bureaucrats in his administration who are appointed to UN and his Minister of state is a Muslim?

    Now let me ask Pakistanis a real question, you always talk about Muslims in India, Palestine and where not. Do you consider Hindus as human beings since we don’t belong to people of the book? Looking at how you treat Hindus in your own country, I don’t think so. You don’t even treat Shias and Ahmediyas as equals, so please don’t kid yourself by telling me sweet stories.This guy has mentioned Gujarat riots umpteen times but not once he has mentioned the trigger for the riots which is some Muslims burning a train compartment filled with Hindu women and children. When people saw a 1 year old kid burnt to death, the anger set off riots which no one could control. Modi a novice then had no idea what to do apart from calling the army. But Why did they burn the train? What grievances they had? Would those grievances be solved by burning a train? And not once this guy mentioned Hindus being reduced to less than 2% of the population in Pakistan.Recommend


    100% agreed with the author. Modi is just confirming the TWO NATION THEORY even after 70 years……….Thanks Allah for Pakistan…………Recommend

  • Sanjeev

    We love Jinnah very much. Every time we read the story of partition, we remember the story of pied piper who lured rats out of village. But find out how many muslims from India want to migrate to Pakistan for a reality check.Recommend

  • vasan

    The muslim population in India has increased compared to Hindu population. That fact throws this article into dustbin which it deserves. Only one thing we appreciate in this article is that MAJ got Pakistan and protected Indians from the western mayhemRecommend

  • PatelPara

    Let the war begin.Recommend

  • indian

    your open letter speaks of a tone of partition and hatred and outdated.Lets say you take a different view .A united India including pak bangla and secular ,uniform civil laws motto is progress and control on religious institutions like china and what u get peace in bargain and progress.Recommend

  • gameplanner

    LOL..India is a country with 1.20 billion people and few incidents can not be generalized.For sake of your argument you have choosed only few incidents where Muslims have been killed and ignored the many Hindus who have been killed by Muslims in other riots.I don’t want argue about the riots and who is right.What about Hindus/minorities in Pakistan.Why the population.They should have either buried in a mass grave or converted. have come down If Muslims in India are unsafe,they have migrated to Pakistan by now,but it is happening the other way.But over a million Hindus have migrated to India in last decade.Indian Muslim population is growing at a faster pace in India while Hindu population growth rate is declining.

    Minorities in India have been Prime Ministers, Presidents, Vice-Presidents, senior Cabinet Ministers, senior civil servants, cricket team captains,singers,sports players, Bollywood superstars. Can the minorities of Pakistan claim even a shadow of this?Recommend

  • The Truth

    This headline is so misleading.
    The atrk truth is that Its Hindus and Sikhs who became extinct in Pakistan while Muslims have thrived and increased in numbers many fold in so called Hindu India.
    The exact opposite of what the headline claims.Recommend

  • M. S. Chaudhry

    Please don’t give logics on our behalf. First, more Muslims are killed every year in Pakistan than in India. Therefore if there would be any extinction of Muslims, it would be in Pakistan, not in Modi’s India. Secondly, Muslims of United India were over 35% of population. In many European countries and in Malaysia there are ethnic and racial groups which are about 30% of entire country’s population. So called majority in those countries cannot think to ignore them.Recommend

  • Rohit

    Keep your concerns for Indian Muslims to yourself. If you so worried for them, ask them to leave India for Pakistan. Let’s see how many of them take the bait. Hindu girls are routinely kidnapped, raped and converted in Pakistan. What have you done for them? It’s funny to see a country that wiped out it’s Hindu minorities giving sermons to Indians.Recommend

  • Ahmad


    Well done.

    The stamp of approval of your views will come in the shape of mockery by the Indians and liberals of Pakistan.

    But don’t worry about them.Recommend

  • webnesia

    Hahah, muslims are increased here from 8% to 18%, now talk about hindus.Recommend

  • surprise

    In an united India Sufi shrines would not have been blown up, Ahmedis would not have been killed, Christians and Hindus would not have been arrested under blasphemy law and Abdus Salam would not have left the country in protest. Recommend

  • G. Din

    “Saved Muslims from extinction”?
    You should have found out how Muslims have multiplied in both countries. Recommend

  • Bobby

    Stupid article. wasted my time to read this .Recommend

  • Sridhar Reddy Kommidi

    More muslims are killed in Pakistan than else where in the world besides Iraq/Afghanistan and Syria.Recommend

  • Dipak Mehta

    Jinnah is turning over in his grave cursing his grandfather Meghajibhai Thakkar to chane his religion. Crating Pakistan was the biggest blunder of his life.Recommend

  • Rahul

    Indians of all religions are united behind Prime Minister Modi, that is difficult for Pakistanis to stomach. India has a secular constitution. We have had Hindu Prime Minister, Sikh Prime Minster and Parsi Prime Minister. All religions have been represented in our Presidents. Can you say the same for Pakistan?Recommend

  • Rose Mary Marlow

    The remaining Muslims seem to multiplying furiously in India, far from extinction. In fact, there are even more Muslims in India than in Pakistan and Bangladesh combined. Why don’t they go to Pakistan, I wonder?Recommend

  • Nana

    I love this man, Modi. I’ve become a great admirer of him. Due to him I’ve started loving my country… Pakistan again. He has made me realise what a heaven it is despite terrorism, despite the state of war we are in. Its worth everything on this earth because I can eat beef, chicken or lamb as much as I want without the fear that somebody can lynch me for consuming them. I do not have to tow a line to appease anyone. I’m thankful to Modi and co for letting me see the other side of the coin. May Modi has more power so that I can see more blessings of my country, Pakistan. I have no problem with him.Recommend

  • Paul Patel

    Mr. Lakhani

    Please also disclose to your reader that IN Godhara few extreme MUSLIMS burnt train with Hindu people ( man, woman and children) in it.

    There were 1000 Muslims were killed not 2000. ( not acceptable but fact should be mention)

    For 70 years Muslims have been mistreated by Ruling Party and they are so naive that they are making same mistake over and over again.

    There has no riot of Hindu and Muslim after 2002 in state of Gujarat. In fact, Muslim in Gujarat are more prospers than Muslims in Pak.

    Its easy to spared hate, and hard to give love; choice is yours Mr. Lakhani.Recommend

  • Ghazi Gul

    Very well written article Mr. Shakir Lakhani, sir. Very well stated, sir. I salute you. If Pakistan needed any further justification then Mr. Modi, the Butcher of Gujrat has provided in aplenty.

    He, his party and his nominated officials are a deadly threat to the life of Muslims living in India. Now they will be further reduced to being paupers and beggars. And India has now more than ever become an existential threat and ever present danger to Pakistan and its people. The people of Kashmir and Khalistan are already suffering from his racist bigotry, communal riots and manipulations reminding us of prepartition India and the holocaust perpetrated on Muslims in 1947.

    Thank you for your article, sir.


    Modi won the election on one point agenda ANTI ISLAM/ANTI PAKISTAN. Hindus of India gave him land slide victory only to destroy Pakistan & Muslims of this subcontinent. Lets start to prepare for the 3rd & final round.Recommend

  • Kulbhushan Yadav

    Well I hope and wish that Muslims in Pakistan grow to 600 Million in next few decades and saved from extinction :).Recommend

  • Kulbhushan Yadav

    By the way, we Indians, can’t thank Mr Jinnah enough for partition. Had it not been the case, just imagine 600 Millions of you in a single country. It would have been a nightmare for everyone. Although I think Jinnah was outwit by Nehru and Patel. He was bluffing and Nehru and Patel called it hence Jinnah had no option but to go for another country. Again, convey my heartfelt thanks to Mr. Jinnah, next time you visit his grave :).Recommend

  • rationalist

    “Thank you, Modi, for proving that partition saved the subcontinent’s Muslims from extinction”

    If there has been any “extinctiion”, it has been the Hindus and minorities in Pakistan. The Hindu and other minority population in Pakistan was about 30% after partition. It has been decimated the current figure of 4% Don’t you think that is the real definition of “decimation”?

    In contrast, the Muslim population in India has grown from 12% to the current figure of 16%.Recommend

  • Shabbir

    Mr Author, you have penned down a scary hysterical rant. I am an Indian living in a well sized city. I am of your religion but mentally I have a very different outlook. Your account seems to stem from the news you see on your TV. It is not real. I am writing to you from what see around myself, family, mohalla, college etc. and what I foresee my future holds for me. Please come and stay with me and may be we can change your opinion.

    I feel very normal, safe, optimistic, comfortable, happy and excited about the current and the future. I am accepted the way I am. Nobody asks me my religion or even my views. I am pretty sure I could date somebody of the other religions from my college and my being a Muslim will not be one of the first few things that will come up!!
    In fact the only ‘religious’ intolerance my extended family is concerned about is for my cousins who are working or studying in the West!

    Modi is moving the country in the right path. He is not giving Muslims false promises and buying their votes under false pretenses or painting a picture of fear (the way other parties do).

    I know I have equal chance of doing well and living happy and having a good like any of my friends from any other religions. I am proud of being an Indian, my Muslim identity rarely kicks in. My friends and neighbors make accommodations for me around my culture and I make the same for them. Not eating beef is a negligible sacrifice to make.

    I can see where Muslims do have a problem. But then that is the same problem for everybody else. No education equals poverty which leads to misery. Being a fanatic – of any kind, is a problem. If you are a fanatic or extremist (religion, sect, caste, class, gender , language etc.) – all of this leads to societal fracture and leads to a poisoned mind and unhappiness. Perpetual anger and grumpiness is guaranteed.

    Bad elements and extremists are everywhere. They are in India, Pakistan and even in the USA! But can you see the line shortening for folks who want to move to the USA? You know why? It is because of the freedoms, the equal opportunities, the promise of the future. I want India to be on equal footing for those things, and I can see it moving in that direction everyday.

    If you accommodate others who are different from you, they do the same in return. If you smile at the world, it smile backs to you. At least, that is what it does for me in India ;)Recommend

  • Rao

    It is Hindus and other minorities who have got extinct in Pakistan
    Muslims have grown in numbers in India
    This article is baseless and lacks facts and figures.Recommend

  • Shiv

    Well, the Muslim community is growing at a rate faster in India than any other. As usual everywhere in the world. Keeping producing no matter what. And the author talks of annihilation! And how about minorities in Pakistan Mr. Shakir Lakhani? Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, Bohras, Ismailis, Hazaras – all of them butchered.
    Should all of them not have also left for Pakistan? India would have been a much better place then. Recommend

  • Waron Dafe

    if that was the case pakistan should not have been created at all.Recommend

  • BR

    Wow. Rarely have I seen an article that managed to be both so inflammatory and so completely misguided and foolish. I think Pakistan is doing more than anyone else could do to harm Muslims in the subcontinent.Recommend

  • BR

    Furthermore, to have someone from Pakistan, which is essentially a failed state, call out another country is hilarious! Most people would rather live in North Korea than spend a day in Pakistan.Recommend

  • Patwari

    Half the hindu population,
    that can read or write English are here Suffocating the pages.
    You must know by now, in the eyes of the Bharati Hindu
    Janata, The Vermilion Lord can do no wrong. He is assigned
    a godlike status. They have built temples and shrines in his
    name. Modi Sarkar is the hindu version of Fox News. He sells
    hate, misogyny, bigotry and racism. And all other things in between.
    Funny, all of this coming from a brown South Asian Hitler.
    Well, be assured, there will be Nazi like concentration camps for
    Muslims and other minorities in Hindu Desh. That day is coming.
    However, the hindus have a severe inferiority complex and an identity
    crisis. This goes back 5,000 years. And it will be mostly saber dancing
    and rattling, before the world and China comes down heavy on the
    hindu sapnas….then it will be back to square one, like Wiley E. Coyote.Recommend

  • LS

    Another hater… Muslim, Muslim, Muslim, Muslim… Constantly talking about religion.
    1) Fact 1: Hindu population in pakistan decreased from 24.6% to less than 1%
    2) Fact 2: Sikh population has decreased in pakistan from 1.500,000 to barely 20,000 now
    3) Fact 3: Masjids in Sindh have yearly targets to kidnap and convert Hindu girls and forcibly marry them.
    4) Fact 4: Christians are considered filthy and now even allowed to sit on furniture and are killed, burned randomly
    5) Fact 5: Temples, Churches are destroyed every week and Gurdwara’s are sold off by pakistanis

    Where did these people slowly go? They were butchered one by one

    NONE of that happened in India. NONE of that. Yet muslim, muslim, muslim, muslim, muslim….

    It is democracy.. those who get votes win.. Everyone has equal opportunity to fight in the election and nobody can stop them. If Muslims wanted to fight in the election they could… The issue here is that you don’t understand what democracy means. You want power to be handed over to muslims…Recommend

  • LS

    You are in pakistan… why do you care about India or Indian Muslims? Mind your own country that is on the brink of being a failed state since last 4 decades…

    Talk about the minorities that have all but vanished, mind your own hatred for them that has been proven time and again by those bombings, your constitution, your own laws, Till date you have not recognized Hindu marriages (except Sindh) It took you 70 years to introduce the bill… bravo…

    Talk about Hazara, Ismailis, Ahmadiyas who are unceremoniously killed and discriminated by LAW.

    People voted FOR Modi shunning cast politics propagated by both congress, SP and BSP. They voted for progress and development.Recommend

  • Fruck Off

    Sorry to hear you can’t tell everyone how much better life was in India and you were better off there. #Modi2019Recommend

  • creativeIndian

    Who are you to write such garb of hate for the hindus. Fot too long muslim appeasement and suppression of hindus has destroyed this land, but no more and it will be equality. People are the ones who have created the divide and we dont burn colonies or force conversion and rape women like you guys. Recommend

  • clap clap

    It is a wonder to me how some people can focus on a spark in the neighborhood, when their own entire house is on fire!Recommend

  • creativeIndian

    Didnt publish my comment. Recommend

  • Jeff

    Hahaha. Yes, They are getting extinct in India. From 9.8 percent during 1974 they have grown upto 15% in India. My English school teacher teached me wrongly that increase in the population mean growth not extinct :( Recommend

  • JJJackxon

    Polemic, hysterical and wasted time. Also, incorrect but not unexpected. Let us wait and see.Recommend

  • Kulbhushan Yadav

    So with Modi in power, Muslims have extinct in India???Recommend

  • Satyam

    All I can see is an angered person writing down his frustration.
    What you have mentioned is all one sided, if you think only muslims lost their lives in Gujrat rites, then check again, because there were countless hindu beheddings as well. Secondly, there are muslims groups whose core purpose is to bring havoc in India, and I’m sad to say this, a percentage of muslim population supports them.
    If you check history, muslims were never Indians and will never be. Their ancestors came as invaders and stayed here.
    That’s All !Recommend

  • creativeIndian

    utter nonsenseRecommend

  • Srikant Mahapatra

    I think Mr. Shaker should concentrate on Pakistan instead of poking his nose on India. He should see the present condition of Pakistan as compared to India. In India two of the presidents were Muslim. One of the Chief Justice was Muslim. He should look at the condition of Minority in Pakistan.Recommend

  • Indian

    Dear author…pls infrm abt the whereabouts of 12% hindu population in pakistan in 1947….which is less than 0.5% today…..pls dnt give india a lecture on tolerance nd inclusion…ur inclusive policies are being discussed the world over….evry1 knws the rights of minorities in ur country….u have killed,raped nd converted non muslims to the poont of nonexistence in ur country…..nd u preach usRecommend

  • Indian Guy

    This is one of the most puerile write ups I’ve ever read on ET. Let’s look at it objectively and with less bias.

    1. If thousands of Muslims were killed during partition then the same number of Hindus were also killed, if not more. Why was that conveniently omitted from your article?
    2. Muslims have more rights in India than any other country in the world including Saudi Arabia. We have had 4 Muslim presidents so far. The current BJP vice president is also a Muslim. We’ve had two Muslim captains of our cricket team. Our biggest Bollywood superstars are also Muslims
    3.They have subsidies on Hajj pilgrimage, a privilege that even Hindus don’t have for their pilgrimage.
    4. We don’t declare a certain sections of Muslims as non Muslims in our constitution. Shia, Sunni, Ahmediyyas have equal rights in our country.
    5. Poverty in India has reduced drastically. From 21% in 2011 it has gone down to 12% in 2015. That’s 172 million people under poverty line and not 600 million. This according to the World Bank report. Meanwhile Pakistan’s poverty is 29.5%. Total numbers would always be high if you compare population to population.
    6. In this election Muslims were a high majority of voters in constituencies where BJP was victorious.
    7. If Pakistan was created for the general Muslim population of India then that would mean that Hindus were free to implement their own hindutva in their own country, right??? Then why are you complaining?? If you’re so concerned about Indian Muslims then why don’t you invite them to Pakistan?? It was after all created for them wasn’t it???
    8. Lastly, we Hindus realize that secularism isn’t working for us. The only way towards real growth is uniform laws for all. Whether you like it or not Modi will be reelected in 2019. Recommend

  • Sandeep

    Pot calling kettle Black
    Good riddance from Arab sounding names and culture
    Thank you Sardar Patel

    “Yunan-o-misr-o-Ruma, Sab mitt gaye Jahan se
    Ab tak magar hai baaki, Naam-o-nishan hamara”Recommend

  • Anon

    And…….thanks Jinnah for giving us a separate country called India………Recommend

  • Rose Mary Marlow

    What are Muslims doing in India anyway? Wasn’t Pakistan made for them. I think they need to get out .. go to Pak. Why hasnt a single muslim gone to Pak ? Millions have come back to India from erstwhile E Pak (Now 3 nation theory. Muslims dont belong in India. Period. You were given a land for you. Go there.Recommend

  • Kamil

    I’m a Muslim who’s family migrated from India too Mr Lakhani, but articles like this are just absurd. Even if one wants to criticize, let us stick to arguments from here and now and not fight over the bitter issue of partition after so long.Recommend

  • Sanjeev

    It is divide and defeat and then destroy strategy of Chanakya. Do you know Hindus profusely thank Jinnah for creating Pakistan like a pied piper lured rats out of village ? The great leader trifurcated muslims for his personal ambition and muslims are thinking that JInnah saved them. Concentration of 97% muslim population in a relatively small geographical area is easy target. How short-sighted one can get ?Recommend


    Pakistan must worry about their own low sect Muslims, such as Ahmediyas, recent killing of Sufi Muslims by their own people. Rather prefer to peep in India as to what is happening, so that they can shed crocodile tears.😊Recommend

  • Sam

    I really wish, all muslims of India had the foresight of moving to Pakistan along with your forefathers. That way this whole debate of Modi being a genocidal maniac would not have arisen. You would have minded your ways in a muslim Pakistan and Modi would have done the same in a Hindu India. Alas some folks didn’t do so and hung around in Hindu India to face this tyrant. Recommend

  • Ajoy Dhamankar

    On the contrary, when you consider Balochistan and NWFP under Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan wanted to be part of India, and the extremist hells you’ve turned them into, we are fortunate to have got rid of our bad rubbish in 1947.
    People who stayed back in India made a conscious choice, and are prosperous, and will continue to prosper.
    Our Muslim population is greater than your entire population – this fact alone is a facepalm fact, with egg in your face. Partition was a failed cause because 50 % of the Muslim population didn’t relate to the call of your Quaid e azam….

  • Amer

    Thank you Quaid e Azam! Recommend

  • Rama

    Thank You Mohammad Ali Jinnah for saving Indian cities from barbarian who would have turned every cosmopolitan city like Lahore into ethnically cleansedRecommend

  • M ZainulAbedin

    Excellent write-up. I like the factual detail.Recommend

  • Rahul Patil

    Dear writer,
    Ask your fellow shias,ahmadis,Hindus, hazaras and basically ANYONE from outside Punjab province of Pakistan and they’ll tell you a horrid tale of persecution and sidelining in Pakistan. Under modi ji India is developing rapidly and is the fastest growing country in the world!
    We wish you luck when sindhis, balochis, pakhtoons will decide to make their own nation seperate from PakistanRecommend

  • Vineeth Gopalakrishnan

    A slight problem with the analysis. With 200 million Muslims in Pakistan and over 180 million in Bangladesh, undivided India would have had over 550-600 million Muslims (over 35% of its population), with the populous, undivided Punjab and Bengal provinces being Muslim majority. So, I do not think there was even the slightest chance of Muslims becoming extinct even if the partition didn’t happen. But I would still say it is better the partition did happen. Undivided India would have been far too ‘divided’ by religion to work as a single, stable nation. Recommend

  • OSD

    Thank you Mr Shakir for sharing your observations. It is now important to stand up and recognize the malevolence of Modi. It is through the power of media that he has marketed himself as a figure of development. But he is nothing more than a modern day Mussolini who has started showing his true colors.Recommend

  • Rishabh ranjan

    Sometimes I badly need to say to pakistanis ….mind your own business and yes two nation theory was right at least jinnah seperated us.Recommend

  • Rohan

    Lol, more muslims have died in Pakistan than India.Plus the 2 nation theory failed in 1971.Recommend

  • ab1990

    we dont need isis supporters in india. You can freely take all muslims from india to pakistan.Recommend

  • Sher Dil Indian

    so your logic is that even though Muslim population in India increased from 9% in 1951 to 14-15% in 2011, you want to claim that muslims would have become extinct if they were more than 40% of the total population of a United India?

    How does that even make sense?Recommend

  • jay

    If all the muslim leaders of UP are vying for MLA ticket from pseudo secular party like SP and BSP. Then BJP has only choice left to nominate a Hindu leader in muslim populated districts. It is muslim in India who have been blindly supporting SP and BSP even though BJP has been treating muslim in par with Hindus. No muslim in India votes for BJP. Hindus and BJP are the most secular. Muslims in world over are communal. No Indian muslim likes to shift anywhere in the world where muslims are in majority. Most of the muslims in Musliim countries are the victim of violence. Indian Muslims are safe with Hindus and BJP if they follow the peaceful living without being got themselves fooled by ISI and india’s pseudo secular parties that makes them resort to communal riots /terrorism In India. Modi will bring peace in India and force Pakistan to embrace peace so that not only muslims in India but also in pakistan will have peaceful life ahead. Recommend

  • Anti-Pakistani


  • Gratgy

    Thank you Jinnah for your visionary act towards IndiaRecommend

  • Ahmar

    If Muslim vote was split, wasn’t the Hindu vote also split in UP elections?

    Next time they will be united huh? Are you going over to India to run in UP elections and unite Muslims there under your banner?

    Muslims in India are Indian citizens. Why not worry about Pakistani Hindus and Christians who are already on the verge of extinction in this country?Recommend

  • DilliNiwasi

    Partition has proved that Muslims are incapable of basic abilities to govern and will eliminate all non-Muslims. They will also eliminate Muslims like Ahmadis, Shias, Qadyanis, etc. If partition had not taken place, these punjabis currently in control of Pakistan as military and civilian rulers would have finished entire India..India would be Pakistan today- no respect from any quarter, bankrupt and being sustained on alms, factory of terror. India proved Jinnah wrong. Muslims have grown in huge numbers and reached the highest positions in every discipline in large numbers in modern India post partition. In Pakistan, non-Muslims have no chance to even aim for high positions because the only jobs available to them are those of sweepers and cleaners. Pakistan is being turned into another North Korea by the international vultures which will be eventually bombed into oblivion like Libya and soon to be NKoreaRecommend

  • Pure ind

    Woww so much of venom against Modi well may be first time in Indian history we have got a PM who is aggressive & proactive than reactive may be new to even Pakistanis who are used to the mild appeasement politicians of Congress. Sir what happened in Gujarat was sad but the one should evaluate all aspects as to why the riots started. Riots had happened even during Congress rule but people easily forget it may be political parties can’t find much against a non corrupted person like Modi.
    Do you think that all development agendas of Modi are meant only for Hindus?? Arent they benefiting Muslims too? Aren’t Muslims using the metros the IITs getting jobs in IT sector the way Hindus do?? Sir as per general perception majority of India was under Muslim rule for almost 1000 yrs then why is it that Muslims are still uneducated & poorer as compared to Hindus??culturally Muslims never gave much importance to education like Hindus so they lost in the long run.
    India doesn’t need any advise from at least Pakistan about treating its minorities wish you show the same anger & emotions when it comes to the Hindus, Ahemadis , Mujahirs of Pakistan guess they need it more than the Muslims in India. As for the UP election its believed that the Muslim women preferred voting for a Hindu BJP candidate than a Muslim one because never before any govt stood so strongly for them in case if triple talaq.Recommend

  • Ashlesh

    Wil the allow us to build a temple n their holy town macca madina….same way why can’t we build a temple n our holy place..
    ?? And one more thing In our country we respect supreme Court and supreme Court have given a verdict on godhra so please don’t bring a communal violence in our country…Recommend

  • someone

    I love this kind of banter from Pakistanis.Recommend

  • Arjun Sharma

    What is wrong with you?? Need some burnol???Recommend

  • Saim Ali

    Weeeell cant say I agree with everything thats been said here. Its very likely that as 35% of the population we wouldnt have been made extinct in Post-British India. I mean we ruled the place for 1000 years with even less numbers. However I agree with the sentiment that India has fallen. Its become the Hindustan that Jinnah always feared. The biggest sign of that is ofcourse the fact that Modi is still ridiculously popular and is likely to stay not just as PM but as an ideology. India is now a Hindu Republic.Recommend

  • Test Test

    Such a hypocritical article. The author has put in his own numbers and has forgotten how many Hindus and Sikhs were killed. He also does not talk about how minorities in Pakistan have been ethnically cleansed and browbeaten. He talks about India while everyone knows how Pakistan treats its own minorities. Infact he does not talk about how minorities are discriminated by LAW in pakistan. A Pakistani Hindu or Christian or Sikh can never hold a high position in Pakistan by law and he talks about Hindus. India is secular because of the Hindu culture and we dont need people to comment on whom we elect.Recommend

  • Avinash

    yeah. thanx to you.
    the fact that pakistanis still think and debate about partition after 70 years is living testimony to the stagnant culture and situation. India has developed, there are no debates about partiton here. pakistan still debates why it was created, why jinnah asked for pakistan. rather than focusing on india, india’s politics, same focus to your own country will do you good. look at your foreign exchange, your debts, your “game-changer” CPEC.
    inferiority complex leads to such attitudes. you dont have a history so you borrowed one from Afghanistan, Middle-east.
    We indians come to pakistani websites to look at your India obsession and have a good laugh about the dreams of world-conquests that you live inRecommend

  • jeetainder

    meaning less articleRecommend

  • Sudhanshu Swami

    1 Gujrat riots were actually Post Godhra riots.
    2 Muslim population is increasing since 1947,
    3 kids per woman of Muslims is substantially more than Hindus.
    4 in UP there is Muslim minister despite they didnt filed candidate from particular Religion, message is crystal clear.
    5 Poverty rate is coming down at steady rate and now it is below 22%
    6 Please tell links or references showing that 500 mosques and shrines were destroyed.
    7 Capable Muslims reached to posts of President, Vice President, chief Elections Commissioner, Chief justice, Cricket Captain, Bollywood top, Singing, Business billionaire ….Recommend

  • Amin Daha

    well written article.Recommend

  • Namrata Sardar

    So disconnected from facts,.Recommend

  • Namrata Sardar

    If onlyRecommend

  • Patwari

    Hey Rose why are you writing under a fake name?
    Afraid to let the readers know you are a hindu?

  • Rajiv

    Pointless article.

  • Shakir Lakhani

    I often wonder if Indians know how to count. In the beginning, the number of Muslims killed was said to be over 3,000, later it was reduced to 1,000. For many days, the government did not know how many people were killed in the attack on Taj Hotel, Mumbai, and also about how many died in the Republic Day earthquake, tsunami, etc.Recommend

  • vivek

    I can literally build a time machine and go a thousand years into the future and I’d still find Pakistanis thanking the then Indian prime minister for proving the two nation theory correct :-))
    partition happened a long time ago ………just get on with it .
    If pakistanis constantly need validation of two-nation theory from India and Indian elections then I don’t think you guys can make it as a nation .Recommend

  • Shakir Lakhani

    “there are even more Muslims in India than in Pakistan and Bangladesh combined”. Your 2011 census says Muslims are about 14% ot total Indian population, that means there are about 150 million Muslims in India. In Pakistan alone there are 190 million Muslims.Recommend

  • Anoop

    I for one am glad, Pakistan was born.

    Partition, divided the Muslims into 3 equal parts. They shall never meet or be united again. This gave India back to the Hindus and other indigenous cultures.

    Considering 3 million Muslims died in Pakistan in one year alone in 1971 and add to the 70,000 odd Muslims who have died after 9/11 and add to this the number of IDPs(close to a million or even more), case can be made Partition was a terrible idea. Lets not forget, Pakistan’s very founder called Pakistan a “moth eaten state” and a “historical blunder” before he died. Yes, Jinnah said this. Google it!

    Muslims can never gain political ascendency in India, which is the country which matters(Pakistan and Bangladesh are too small to count) and they are poles apart in ideology today(thanks to Jinnah, who imposed Urdu on them).

    Advantages of Pakistan:
    1) Muslims divided into 3 parts. Core of India largely remains undivided. Muslims don’t seem to mind this, so win-win!
    2) Protection against Afghan volatility. Remember, Alexander, Mughals, all Afghan raiders entered India via what constitutes Pakistan. Pakistan now acts as the buffer. It is now subject to Afghan insurgency and has been in one form war or the other for the past 30 years or even more! Soviet war, later Taliban inspired Radicalism seeping into Pakistan, now TTP, LeJ and other groups finding shelter in Afghanistan and striking from there. There is a historical precedence to this and cannot be stopped. This will repeat again and again throughout.
    3) Hindus and other Religions, don’t have to experience Sharia law. True Secularism can be practiced.
    4) Riots are avoided. Muslims are now too weak to dominate any state except J&K. This reduced chance of riots. Shia-Sunni divide is avoided and pro-India Shias and Ahmadis can live in peace.
    5) Pakistan and Bangladesh’s Economy will always be dwarfed by that of India. The gap becoming greater every year!
    6) Gives control of Pakistan’s water to India. A stick which can be exercised whenever there is a need.
    7) India needed to have a big Military due to the presence of China, anyway. Pakistan is a small fish.
    8) islamic Fundamentalism can be crushed ruthlessly. Geelanis, Jinnahs and Owaisis can be kept at bay. The assertive Muslim Nationalism ceased to exist after Partition. Its twin, weak brother exists, but ineffective.
    9) Freedom to Hindus, Jains, Sikhs, Buddhists of India to practice their culture in a relative safe haven.
    10) Partition happened on Congress’s terms. Jinnah wanted a Pakistan double the size of its current self(including Bangladesh). He wanted to divide India into 3 equal parts. Congress ensured, only Muslims got divided into 3 equal parts.

    1) Bountiful Punjab got divided, which was unavoidable.
    2) J&K insurgency an irritant.
    3) Sikhs need to visit Pakistan to fulfill their Religious desires as many Sikh holy sites are in Pakistan.

    As I see Partition fixed a lot of problems than it created. I agree with the Author, Pakistan is the best thing to have happened, but to the Hindus and non-Muslims.Recommend

  • Anoop

    This coming from a nation which forces its people to sign a document declaring Ahmadis are non-Muslims.Recommend

  • Anoop

    Muslim women are basically jailed in their homes, they are not sent to colleges, they are not allowed to intermingle with the opposite sex and especially people of other Religion. No wonder they have high fertility rates. That is why BJP won in a place like Deoband 75% Muslim. Many Muslim women voted for their rights.

    How long will they see their fell Hindu women enjoy many rights that they can’t? Triple Talaaq and Polygamy is a domiciles sword hanging over them. They see their cousins and friends being divorced and landing up penniles thanks to Muslim Personal Law.

    They lied to their husbands and told them they will vote for SP or BSP and voted for BJP.

    Now, BJP should forget the Muslim men and target the Muslim women vote.Recommend

  • Anoop

    Don’t you realize the irony here?

    Muslims lost their political voice because of Jinnah! He divided Muslims into 3 equal parts. He sowed the seeds of Bangladesh by imposing Urdu onto them.

    With 20% Muslim population in UP, Muslims controlled the Politics of UP for 70 years! Imagine what would have happened with 37%!

    Hindus, Sikhs, Jains and Buddhists got their India back. You guys are left to deal with Afghanistan’s instability. Remember Afghan raiders always invaded Pakistan. Alexander and Mughals first attacked Pakistan. History dictates the area now Pakistan has always been under attack.

    No wonder Jinnah called Pakistan “his blunder” and even before called it a “moth eaten” state.Recommend

  • Shakir Lakhani

    Muslims are more than 95% of Pakistan’s population, so obviously Hindus/Christians can never be prime ministers or presidents. As for Hindus leaving Pakistan for India, there are still many in Karachi alone. I have met many Pakistan-origin Sindhi Hindus in Dubai, Sharjah, etc. and even though UK & US has many Indian-origin Hindus, there are practically no Indian-origin Muslims in those countries. Which explains why the Indian Hindu population is decreasing (percentage wise), compared to that of Indian Muslims.Recommend