Why do Indian experts attack Pakistani cricketers?

Published: March 7, 2011

Indian experts are clearly biased when it comes to Pakistan cricket.

Experts are supposed to be unbiased, and should refrain from making baseless judgments until they have considered all the facts. I am sorry to say that Indian experts seem incapable of doing this when it comes to Pakistan cricket.

Cricket analysts like Navjot Siddhu and Harsha Bhogle have seized every opportunity to hurl mud at Pakistani cricketers. And the less said about the Shiv Sena, whose total political agenda seems to be centered on evoking anti-Pakistan sentiment in India, the better.

Case in point – Pakistan’s nerve-tingling game against the Canadanian minnows.

“Those math-fixing Pakistanis…”

After Pakistan turned in a below-par batting performance on a difficult pitch, cricket expert on Star News Navjot Siddhu said  (I am paraphrasing here) that Pakistan had batted like they were playing against the West Indian attack of the 1980s. He added that if they bowled the same way, rumours of match/spot-fixing might surface again.

Sure, our team have made cheating our prime pastime, but could Mr Siddhu have just held his tongue until after the game? Could he not have waited for Pakistan to show the world that they were indeed not up against the Windies of 1980s?

How would he respond if a Pakistani cricketer said that India had fixed a match, only on the evidence that Sehwag had skied a seemingly routine shot or that Tendulkar had been involved in a dubious run-out?

I am sure he would consider the comments insulting. This is exactly how Pakistani fans feel about his comments.

Tweeted bias

The second absolutely biased observation came from Mr Harsha Bhogle. He rushed to the aid of Canadian player Balaji Rao after he was bounced by Umar Gul and heated words were exchanged between him and Ahmed Shehzad.

Bhogle termed Shehzad’s behavior unacceptable on Twitter and said Umar Gul should have thought about bowling a bouncer to a no 10 batsman. What he failed to take into account was that Rao had started the war of words long before the incident in question occurred, a fact which is documented in Cricinfo’s match reports.

If I were to repeat what Balaji Rao said to Shehzad, I might be banned from writing for any website forever!

I don’t blame Shehzad for giving back as good as he got, and footage of the incident with Rao’s comments support my claim.

Maybe I am biased too! But cricket fans have enough real drama we do not need pointless allegations thrown at us every time one of our fielders drops a catch or gets out for duck.


Saad Hassan Khan

Saad Hassan Khan

A final year electronic engineering student at the Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology. His interests lie in sports, reading and writing.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Amna

    Indians are biased when it comes to anything about Pakistan. This should not be a surprise.Recommend

  • it

    Great blog post saad & good work standing up for our team. It is true that in the recent past some players on our team have not done anything to warrant full support due to spot fixing antics & I have been vocal about their antics in these blogs, however at the same time the team needs to be supported fully against clearly bias ‘experts’ like you mentioned.Recommend

  • http://www.tanzeel.wordpress.com Tanzeel Ahmad

    Actions speak louder than words and what counts at the end of the day is performance, nobody remembers what commentators say but who triumphed.
    By the way don’t take their criticism seriously, we don’t care what they about us, our image is already ruined but we are proud of it anyway. Just remember Shoaib Akhter’s latest warning i.e “We are hurt and we are here to hurt“. 8)Recommend

  • Syed

    this is nothing compare to what has been discussed in CNN-IBN “Kings of Cricket” program in which VIV Richard, Chris Cairns and others are ridiculing and laughing on Team Pakistan with sarcastic statements. These AH Recommend

  • http://Delhi ani

    Two people don’t make for all the Indian experts. But both are well known. Hence your observation. You objections are worthy of note. Navjot Sidhu some expert! He is seduced by his own one liners – they are comical and full of hyperbole. Stunted by his inability to comment fluently in English, he relies on big flashy words in English to draw attention to himself. The TV folks insist on making us all suffer – yes, evn us Indians. Bhogle is a shrewd observer of the game and well poised. Perhaps, he was limiting his comments to just the bouncer and not connecting the brewing tension between Balaji and Shehzad. Your team is good and still in the hunt. All the best. Recommend

  • http://www.twitter.com/bangladrug F rahman

    India and pakistan proves they are enemy by born. No way to change this mentality. Shame.Recommend

  • lol

    Wow….just those comments made this author write a blog on this ?!! what a waste of time….Recommend

  • Deen Sheikh

    and when I say the same thing, most of my peer’s accuse me of gas bagging LolRecommend

  • Pan Mat

    Good points. It also appears that experts from other countries have either nothing to say about Pakistan team or Saad Hassan Khan cares only for views of Indians ;-)Recommend

  • bvindh

    Yes! we Indians are extremely jealous of Pakistani cricket team’s legendary integrity. That’s why we often wrongly accuse you of things like match-fixing.Recommend

  • http://www.tarpley.net Moise

    Muslims ruled them for hundred of years. This is their chance to get back.Recommend

  • NR

    This blog is factually incorrect!

    a Pakistani.

  • Anoop

    Not only Indians, but people all over the World are biased against poor, innocent Pakistanis.

    For once, can you stop playing victim. Look what playing victim has brought to your country. When the Spot Fixing allegations faced everyone said its because of Indian Media and Enligh Media that this is happening and they have no case; Played victim but nobody believed you. Same goes here.

    Pakistanis now are notorious for their ill-behaviour. Even Arab’s, whom you consider your descendents(LOL), bad mouth you like there is no tomorrow, and even prefer non-Muslim Indians over Pakistanis when hiring.

    You might have written this article to show your victim mentality, without even thinking about it, knowing you will get some reactions. But, you are just contributing to the collective Pakistani psyche.Recommend

  • Karim Javed

    If they are blaming Ahmed Shahzad & Umar Gul for this. Then what he wanna say about Australians & Indians Fight in the ground. Zaheer Khan taunting Pointing. And Harbhajan’s un useful remarks against every batsman.Recommend

  • Waqqas Iftikhar

    Indians killed a parrot who predicted that Pakistan would win the world cup……maybe they need to develop some perspective……largest democrazy in the world ….

    wonder what sidhu would have to say about india tieing with england after making 338…..rather fishy if you wanna go down that road.Recommend

  • Adil Mulki

    There are a few truly great indian cricketers, some in the presently playing lot and some from days gone by.
    A truly great cricketer such as Sunil Gawaskar knows what cricket its spirit is all about and so you will not see bias in his speech. Sure, he might be a little cheeky at times but thats his natural style while commenting on any team – not a bias.

    On the other hand, Harsha was never a crickter. He has niether delivered a ‘la Murli Doosra nor faced Two-W style Toe Crunchers. He has never experienced the ecstasy of creating the perfect cracking sound of willow striking leather covered cork. He goes around earning a living with his words, words that sell… in the largest cricket market on the planet :)

    Similarly, Sidhu, a former cricketer has reduced himself to a Dilair Mehdi (no offence meant towards Dilair Mehdi) look-alike appearing on comedy shows featuring cheap raunchy comedy that doesn’t even qualify as family entertainment. Do you relly expect un biased views from a person who is making a living by playing to the gallery even at the expense of his grace?Recommend

  • Adil Mulki

    There are a few truly great indian cricketers, some in the presently playing lot and some from days gone by. A truly great cricketer such as Sunil Gawaskar knows what cricket its spirit is all about and so you will not see bias in his speech. Sure, he might be a little cheeky at times but thats his natural style while commenting on any team – not a bias.

    On the other hand, Harsha was never a crickter. He has niether delivered a ‘la Murli Doosra nor faced Two-W style Toe Crunchers. He has never experienced the ecstasy of creating the perfect cracking sound of willow striking leather covered cork. He goes around earning a living with his words, words that sell… in the largest cricket market on the planet :)

    Similarly, Sidhu, a former cricketer has reduced himself to a Dilair Mehdi (no offence meant towards Dilair Mehdi) look-alike appearing on comedy shows featuring cheap raunchy comedy that doesn’t even qualify as family entertainment. Do you relly expect un biased views from a person who is making a living by playing to the gallery even at the expense of his grace?Recommend

  • AD

    Why you guys are taking Sidhu so seriously?His comments are known as “Sidhuism” in India.
    Hardly any cricket fan listen him for cricket mantra.He & Mrs Bedi are in such shows only to provide masala.Writer seems to belong same category of masala writers.People luv Pak cricketer in India.Imran,Vasim,Shahid are very popular.Only request to writer is let the sport a sport.Don’t try to become Bal Thakhrey of The Tribune Express.Recommend

  • Raza


    Firstly, I dont see any reason why you mentioned the ‘hiring trends’ in int’l market (esp Mid East) in this blog but now that we’re talking about it. You are indeed very correct. They do prefer hiring indians cuz
    A) They come DIRT cheap
    B) There are lots of them!
    C) Since there are lots of them, they can become even further CHEAP, I mean, lower their price tags to rock bottoms!!

    And yeah, considering Arab mentality as a hiring benchmark says alot about your stupid-ass-mentality!!!


  • Asad Shairani

    Sidhu is a joker.Recommend

  • Anoop


    You can stay in your bubble thinking India is progressing because of cheap labour all you want. There is absolutely nothing which harms me, infact quite the opposite.

    Also, I’d rather be associated for working at low costs than to have the tag of a potential Terrorist around my neck.

    No wonder while Pakistan is next to Afghanistan on the Failed Index Charts, India is doing much better.

    Also, talking about economics, Pakistan has even lower exhange rate(doubly low) than India, so “working cheap” tag applies to you guys more than me.

    But, the thing with tags for Pakistan is that there can be so many. While we work for our food and shelter, you people have chosen the path of even begging and blackmailing( Remember Friends of Pakistan rubbish?).

    I bet you would love to have the tag of “cheap labour” now, wouldn’t you?Recommend

  • mohi

    To Use terms like “Indians are biased” , yes, they do mean you yourself have prejudice. yeah, they shouldnt use unjust comments like that against the Pakistani team, but then again, no one should. so dont just single them out like this.Recommend

  • Adeel Ahmad

    I agree with the write – but see I keep an indifference about the Irony of our nation which is so keen to view Indian flicks,daramas,movies,dance-shows and what not…

    Its as if Indian media pwn’s our stupid (that will be a harsh word but they really are… so…) people…Recommend

  • AnIndian

    Dear Pakistanis,

    In India there has been a lunatic who has escaped confinement in an Asylum for decades. His name is Bal Thackeray, the leader of Shiv Sena. He has these periodic outbursts of madness and speaks non-sense.

    Please, ignore him. He does not represent India.


  • Anwar

    Why do Indian experts attack Pakistani cricketers?
    It is because WE REACT. Every time anyone attacks us we react. When we stop reacting the attack will stop.Recommend

  • Anderson

    Indians cricketers, commentators and media are biased and from all the corners they are hitting Pakistan’s cricket because they have been suffering from heavy defeats in the ground. They did not have any full-fledge series with Pakistan when we had Waqar, Wasim, Moin Khan and Inzamam at their peak. They had one biased series in 1999 (when Jay Prakash, the umpire played really well against Pakistan) and then visited us in 2003 when except Inzamam, other greats had retired from international cricket.
    They are not capable to face Pakistan Cricketers in the field and made negative attempts to defame them.
    In 2003, Imran Khan refused to work as a commentator at a TV channel durin Pakistan-India series when Sidhu was his co-commentator because Sidhu was/is a classless commentator & has a lower class cricket career. He not only has a below average cricket career and but also has over-exited and pathetic sense of humor who does not know what to speak and where to laugh. Same is the case with Bhogle who should work in bollywood’s films instead of coming to the stadiums.
    Indian players must learn how to fight in the cricket ground.Recommend

  • Aneela Jameel

    I think this hatred and enmity is mutual so no need to get upset about Sidhu and Harsha. Yes, their commentators are very biased. There are no 2 opinions about it. They always talk about Team India with very little mention of the other team which is playing with India.

    I think, we as Cricket followers have gotten used to this biased commentary from Sidhu, Gavaskar, Harsha and Shastri. so no use getting upset. CheersRecommend

  • Musarrat

    I think they realized that Pakistan is better & dangerous team in the tournament than the Indains as the indian parrot perdict & loss his life…
    thats why they fell apart to do so
    No matter what they are saying but only Pakistan team can stop them by putting Good results in tournament.
    Wishing Pakistan best of Luck in CUP THAT COUNTS.Recommend

  • zainab

    Another thing about the indian “experts” is their doom and gloom when India is doing (god forbid) badly. Hahaha. As my friends puts it “saanp soongh gaya commentator ko”. Try and notice this when you watch/hear another india match. Recommend

  • Waqqas Iftikhar

    find it quite hilarious of indians to keep bringing up the pakistani match fixing fiasco…when they had to ban their own captain mo azharuddin, manoj prabhakar, jadeja etc. for large scale fixing….

    people in glass houses etc. etcRecommend

  • Rizwan


    Brutal !!!!!!!!!

    you made me laugh to my gut out.
    now he should be licking his wounds until arabs stop hiring or till then it will be a reminder of Their CHEAP-ASSRecommend

  • http://gurgaon ram

    Dear Pak folks – You have a great team. Afridi and his team are in full form. Ignore Harsha and Siddhu. There are many other TV channels IBN, Headlines today, NDTV that show the comments of Vivivan Richards, Imran, Kapil dev, etc.etc. You can watch them in internet.They are great personalities and every cricket lover (regardless of the nation) should listen to them. I am waiting for India Vs Pakistan match. Our crowd may support India but let me tell you they are well behaved and your players will enjoy our hospitality. Recommend

  • http://jannath bvindh

    do you realise that the present day pakistan is populated by hindus who were converted to islam under the arab/afghan sword?
    so, tell me, who ruled whom?!Recommend

  • http://jannath bvindh

    @Waqqas Iftikhar:
    even more funny is the fact that pakistan is the only country whose umpire was accused of match fixing.Recommend

  • http://jannath Aitum Bumb

    @AnIndian: is a pathetic apologist who doesnt have sufficient intelligence to stick around the topic in a forum. please don’t entertain him and lower your dignity.Recommend

  • Waqqas Iftikhar

    @bvindh – mate don’t you have a shiv sena pitch-dig retreat to attend?

    we are also a country that has produced the best umpire for two years running (Aleem Dar)Recommend

  • AD

    Arey baba, don’t fight.Merge with India.
    Kya Zulm hai. Jinnah Saheb khud to chale gaye aur Pakistan chod gaye.Recommend

  • AD

    Arey baba, Don’t fight. merge with India.
    Kya Zulm hai.Jinnah saheb khud to chale gaye aur Pakistan chor gaye.Recommend

  • http://columns99.blogspot.com/ Ahsan

    Inshallah Pakistan will remove all old scandals and controversies by winning this world cup.Recommend

  • Shahbaz Younis

    Is there any umpire from India who gained twice best umpire award from ICC like Pakistani umpire Aleem Dar? Recommend

  • http://billaytoot.wordpress.com Bilal

    Is that story of Indian parrot true?Recommend

  • Mark Boucher
  • Hussam

    This article is spot on. Recommend

  • Faisal

    I think we should develop cricket in mid east and develop an Islamic tournament only for Ummah…no more playing with these infidels, how dare they say anything against our “Pak saaf” players, who are an epitome of discipline in cricketing world :pRecommend

  • Blunt

    To all Pakistanis –
    BCCI is THE richest cricketing board, IPL is THE highest revenue generating cricketing event, Indian players are THE highest paid cricketers be it via board compensation or via endorsements, Indian viewership is THE highest amongst all the cricketing nations.

    So OBVIOUSLY these biases are bound to happen. Either keep your mouth shut and try adjusting to it or you can crib and whine about it all day long, not that its gonna change the things the way they are.Recommend

  • Probyn

    Harsha is simply boring…Give me Bumble/Nasser and Atherton any day!

    Sidhu is just insane….Recommend

  • Ronit

    @Blunt- nuff said!!…lolRecommend

  • Saad Hassan Khan

    To Faisal,

    Mate no one is denying that Pakistanis have been involved in fixing, but that does not mean everybody should start pointing fingers at them for every little thing.

    To Anoop,

    I did not for one second mean to discredit all the Indian experts out there, I was just pointing out some needless comments made by two of them that were really hurtful, and if that makes me biased then so be it.Recommend

  • Salman

    Exactly why indians have such a big mouth is just because of the fact that they keep providing cash to ICC . These indians wiil keep talking and will do nothing in the field of cricket except producing great fast bowlers like ishant sharma and vrv singh for instance etc. Not just sidhu and harsha but most of the indian ‘experts’ are biased. so keep talking indians and we will keep giving you some great replys. Brilliant blog though.Recommend

  • Amanat

    Can’t dream that an indian umpire will get the award for the best umpire as we see today the indian umpires are somebody like amish sahiba etc. Seriously it is a disgrace to call the likes of them, umpire.Great blog.Recommend

  • http://Newark Cherish Raj


    The whole game of cricket is our show. We finance it and pay for it. You and the rest of the cricket world has to put up with it. If you guys do not like it, start playing Bukazhi with your Afghan brothers and ask the Saudis to pay for it.Recommend

  • dm

    Great reply indeed! The fabled pakistani team has indeed given a befitting reply today. Recommend

  • abhinav

    I think Siddhu must apologize for match fixing comment, specially after todays performance of Pak against NZ. Its not that Pak batsman were doing badly in match against Canada purposefully, it was actually there level best :)Recommend

  • Vinay

    India has Sachin, that ends all the debate! What else do we have to offer when the GOD himself has descended upon the planet holding a willow to cast his glory, for us mortals to see! :DRecommend

  • Saad Hassan Khan

    Vinay, Abhinav and dm,

    Guys you are all missing the obvious point here, I am NOT comparing the Pakistanis and the Indians. Yes Tendulkar is the greatest of them all, and Pakistan indeed under-performed against Canada and today against New Zealand, but that does not mean that our integrity should be questioned and our team laughed at every time we lose a game of cricket.Recommend

  • ishaq

    Question :Why do Indian experts attack Pakistani cricketers?
    Three simple answers
    A: Why our cricketers are involved in match fixing?
    A: Why our cricketers are unprofessional?
    A: Why our team is unpredictable?Recommend

  • Raza


    There’s a saying in Pak-India subcontinent, “SOE SUNAAR KI, AIK LOHAAR KI!!” You may say whatever about Indian talent (or lack of it, if you ask me!) but one Pakistani comes and “Rules you all!!!” And again mentioning the Mid East jobmarket context, this scenario is oh-so-prevalent at workplace too!

    And pls stop watching bollywood (though bein an Indian/ in India you cant miss, can you?) You guys just cant help act the fake “KHUDDARI” and use the ROTI KAPRA MAKAN card every so often!

    PS. in the end i would say..DIL PAY MUTT LEY YAAR! ;)Recommend

  • Raza


    Game On hai Boss! ;)Recommend

  • Pan Mat


    You probably don’t know this stat but India has not lost a SINGLE world cup match to Pakistan yet.Recommend

  • Anoop

    @Saad Hassan Khan,

    I am not saying you are biased. The Pakistanis are so inherently India-centric that they tend to get offended more easily from an Indian rather than someone else.

    Also, I spoke about victim mentality which most in Pakistan exhibit, you included, not realizing on most occations the criticism turn out to be valid.Recommend

  • Raj

    Cricket is haram for an Islamic Republic…Recommend

  • Rahul

    the bloggers anti India feelings is reflected in this blog. Sidhu and Bhogle are known for their strong words, be it anyone. I remember once Sourav ganguly was angry with Sidhu on his harsh words against him. Sidhu never shy away from calling spade a spade and thats why he is liked by viewers. Picking a line or two from the whole conversation and passing a judgement shows immaturity of the blogger. Unfortunately the Pakistan Cricket is a bad advertisement for cricket and the blogger should understand this.Recommend

  • Sathish Reddy

    Hello Saad,

    Get on with life man.
    Stop reading between lines,splitting hair and wasting time.
    Get down to writing about the real malaise of Pakistan cricket.
    After the annihilation by the kiwis a clamor for an investigation for fixing is not far off.
    Brace yourself for that.Recommend

  • Sathish Reddy

    Good one Amanmat.
    You guys take the best umpire awards and we’ll take the best cricket team award.
    I think thats fair enough.

  • Raza

    oh sorry, i was wrong. accept my appology. cheers !:)Recommend

  • abhinav

    I understand your feeling, but you are also exhibiting the same behavior by pointing out Indians here. Not just Siddhu but many pakistani fans also suspected match fixing (you can go through the comments on the other news item about NZ/Pak match).

    I think pak cricket board should be blamed here, they have not taken any action against match fixing and that has created such impression everywhere. Recommend

  • Arif Z

    @Tanzeel Ahmad:

    Yes against NZ yesterday Akhthar really got hurrt… they hit stuffing out of hime hee…Recommend

  • http://jannath Aitum Bumb

    @Waqqas Iftikhar:

    ” shiv sena pitch-dig retreat ” – you seem to be more informed about that than I do. So, it’s more deserving that you attend it!!Recommend

  • Khan

    what else can be expected from Indian, an empathy from them??, i don’t think so. we have been having this Indian behavior, a lot. now its like WHATEVER!!!, usual Indian jabber.
    But what i like is, when we force them to admire our players by our performance, that behavior is very unusual. Recommend

  • Saad Hassan Khan

    @Sathish Reddy:

    Mate did not want to be saying this but unfortunately you have compelled me to do it through your provocative comments, say what you want against my blog but again do not show your inherent narrow-mindedness by repeatedly accusing my country of match fixing (remember the likes of Jadeja). I think the Indians should be investigated too after they failed to win against England after scoring 338, or are you saying that “the best team in the World” just isn’t capable of defending even that score?Recommend

  • Tony Singh

    @Saad Hassan Khan:
    That way even Pakistan team should be investigated for giving away 100 runs in last 5 overs and bowling 11wides and missing 2 catches behind stumps in one over and…. and,, can go on…and on…in Pak Vs NewzealandRecommend

  • Sathish Reddy

    @Saad Hassan Khan:
    OH NO.
    You are way off the mark.
    The clamor will come from within. Not from us.
    Dont take it personally Sir.
    I know it hurts.Recommend

  • Faith

    Trust me. Nobody prefers to hire Indians over Pakistanis in Arab countries. Period. Just trust me on this one.Recommend

  • Raza


    And on top of that Non-Muslim Indians!!! (as quoted by Anoop!) Recommend

  • Farhan

    You have more reasons to work for Arabs, when economy is in trash, u gotta find some means of earning meal.Recommend

  • kamaal

    I agree with writer when he says”may be I am biased too”.You are mate.Past deeds does not go away so easily…thats why people say do’nt do such things which not only harm your reputations but also reputations of your fellow countrymen…Teach this lesson to your “3 Idiots”Recommend

  • Amanat

    Yeah we’ll see who is the best when the world cup finishesRecommend

  • Anoop


    I just thought of a scenario where the people who Pakistani trust as bretheren loathe them. I am not in competition with Pakistanis to compete for Arab Love. You can have “brotherly” relations with them all you want, I dont care.


    FYI, one of the link is a Pakistani forum says this:”Show me an Arab that likes a Pakistani and I’ll show you a horse with wings. They’ll say they love their Pakistani brethren but when it comes to putting their money where their mouth is they’d much rather hire an Indian. Pakistanis are hanging off the tops of skyscrapers and Indians are on the ground managing them.
    Having lived in the middle east extensively, I can fairly generalize they love us for the way we bend over backwards to please them. That is not love, that is exploitation. Pakistanis have long pretended Arabs love them but the fact is they dont give a *
    about us*.”

    With the Indian economy booming, the job creation is happening, but Pakistan is growing at the same rate as its birth rate. Meaning: Pakistan is not growing at all and hence, no jobs are getting created for the people who are coming out into the job market every year. I guess you better suck up to the wealthy arabs to hire you starting NOW! You guys need it a lot more than we do.

    Pakistan cant even grow at 1/3rd of the rate India is growing. You people have the gall to talk about Job Hiring pattern of some other country.Recommend

  • Anoop

    @Saad Hassan Khan:

    You talk about Jadeja but fail to mention that he was banned for life, including the Indian Captain Azaruddin. Jadeja managed to proove his innocence in the courts but it was too late. Azhar is still banned.

    If PCB and Pakistanis in general had that kind of integrity and actually given harsh bans and punishments to players in 1999(Including Wasim Akram), you might not have the mess that you have today. Jadeja and Azhar were 2 best players in the Indian team after Sachin then!

    Even now everyone asking PCB to go easy on Aamir and had not even banned the trio for a temporary basis but had to give way when ICC forced its hand to ban them.

    I guess you cannot expect much from a country and a Cricket Board which makes the ball-eater-captain, who mistook a White Cricket Ball for an apple in a losing match in Australia, the captain of Test team.

    We use this phrase a lot when it comes to Pakistan, especially with respect to Terrorism, “You reap what you sow”. Recommend

  • Saad Hassan Khan

    You have forced my hand again and I know I should not be provoked by extremely stupid hate-spreading people like you so obviously are.Saleem Malik was given a life ban if you remember, allegations don’t mean that everybody involved should be given life bans, and way to call Pakistanis terrorists,because the Samjhota Express thing just didn’t happen, right? and Bal Thackeray is just a bodily form that Mother Teresa has now taken. I again apologize to every sane Indian (you not included) that I had to bring all this up but there is only so much a man can take. Recommend

  • Neeraj, India

    Mr. Saad Hassan Khan,
    You know nothing about India and Indians. Stop your pathetic babbling. Every Indian worth his/her salt would stand by Anoop, rather than being dubbed as ‘sane Indians’ and accepting your apologies.
    Every word that Anoop wrote, is truth and nothing but truth.Recommend

  • Muqeet Mughal

    The biasness of ICC is not hidden from anyone. Had it been a neutral organization, the integrity of india would also stood alongside that of Pakistan. The case of the accused Pakistanis was taken as seriusly as if it was a world war which ICC(or it would not be wrong if i say “ICB”) was desperate to win. But when the same accusitions were raised against the indian cricket stars then everyone behaved as if they are unaware of the word fixing or as if it is not a big deal for them. These double standards are definitely going to help the cause of promoting the game. is dunia k nizam mein masla hi yahi ha k yahan choor wahi ha jo pakra jaye, warna doodh k dhulay na indians han aur na hi baki nations k superstars jo bht uchal uchal kar is saray event par apnay comments diye ja rahay han.Recommend

  • Anoop

    @Saad Hassan Khan:

    Aahh, wonderful thoughts taken right out of the Urdu Press. You can be sure of one thing though- You are guaranteed a job in the Urdu Media.

    I’ve answered those questions many a times but I do not hesitate one bit in doing so and hence will do it again.

    “Saleem Malik was given a life ban if you remember”

    –> I do remember. But, he was almost at the retiring age and his departure didnt impact the team one bit. But, Wasim Akram was a HUGE name. He was let off with, what, a fine!

    Okay, tell me, forget about the past, why hasn’t been Mohammed Aamir not been banned for life? After all it is proved that he did spot fix. Why haven’t the other 2 been banned for life?

    Jadeja was at his prime when he was banned(without proper evidence even). Any sane Cricket lover from a non-paranoid Country would ask for life bans for the crimes those 2 disgraceful Individuals have committed. If you care to remember, NOBODY supported Jadeja when he was banned, at the prime of his life. Why? Because the Indian Cricket fan wants the game to be played in the right spirit.

    I bet the trio of cheaters will be given red carpet treatment by PCB and the people of Pakistan, if they manage to come back into the team after 5 years. I am doubly sure that there will be no life bans for any one of them from the PCB.

    “Samjhota Express thing just didn’t happen, right? ”

    –> Now, you are in my area of dominance. Its not about how many Terrorists or Extremists exist in a Society but the Society deals with them.

    Samjhota Blasts did happen and it was investigated by the Indian Police, with honour and dignity, which resulted in the discovery of a Hindutva Group, much to the embarrassment of India. India did not hide that fact. It embraced the reality and acted on it.

    I ask you now, how many Hindutva Terror Incidents took place in 2010? Answer: ZERO!

    Pakistan would do really well if it acts half as well as India has acted on its home grown Terror.

    Regarding Shiv Sena, what they practice is what I call “Mob Politics”, similar to what MQM practices in Pakistan. But, no Indian, especially from the Shiv Sena has gone to any OTHER country and killed or harmed anyone.

    If I am a hate monger then I its your call. I only said what is true. Please point out any falsehood I’ve propagated.Recommend

  • Dia

    @Faith: “Nobody prefers to hire Indians over Pakistanis in Arab countries. Period. ” For janitorial services, they do prefer indians!!!Recommend

  • H I

    @ Anoop.Do you know in Dubai an Indian MBA , Pakistani pick up driver and a philipino store keeper are paid same i,e Dhs.3000/month.And if Indian MBA is a Malbari(from Kerala) he is paid only 2500 /month.So dont dream big.Recommend

  • http://karachi Anwar

    I am a Pakistani living in the Middle East. The Indians are much more welcomed here than Pakistanis. My company had a hard time getting me because I have a Pakistani passport. Getting Indians here on work visas is very easy. The governments in the Middle East are very hesitant to get too many Pakistani because they say we are trouble makers. Recommend

  • pakiboy

    haha so wat about the times shoaib akhtar,wasim akram and even aamer have bowled your “descended god” sachin out n shown the true idiot in him.. you would probably call our bowlers gods of gods n worship them innit..haha suckerss….Recommend

  • Muhammad HAFEEZ ATTARI

    Forget about it that the indian can be our FriendsRecommend

  • Faith

    The sole reason I’m currently living and working in Middle East is just because of personal circumstances. And believe me, I’ve had plenty of opportunities in Pakistan.
    Now let me tell you some ground realities. 98% of Pakistani coming to Arab countries are illiterate & poor people who work as labors or drivers. The remaining 2% are either Engineers, Doctors or Business professionals. Wonder why only 2%? Because MOST of the graduates or experienced professionals prefer to stay in Pakistan or seek higher education or naturalization in western countries with emphasis on living in Pakistan.
    Now in case of Indians, they are a huge population. You got lots of educated people and lots of poor people. Most Indians who come to Arab countries are educated people ranging from Diploma, degree holders or fake degree holders. They come at extremely cheap rates when compared to Arabs, Pakistanis or even Filippinos.
    The middle east is their be all and end all destination with no further objectives in life. You should see Indians families living here. 4 families in 4 rooms because the rents are way too high. I’ve loads of Indian coworkers and they are so glad that they had an arab country to welcome them or they wouldn’t be able to survive in India because to joblessness and Hindu Muslim discrimination.
    All of my Indian friends are really good people but even they admit their realities. Please stop watching Pakistan on news channels because the real Pakistan (apart from bad stuff) is really really cool.
    I’m working in middle east against my will and trust me when that restriction is off, I’m out of here.
    I’ve had lots of first hand experience with people of many MANY citizenships in here and I know exactly what people think about Indians, Pakistanis or Bangladeshi or any other nationals for that matter.
    Coming to the article, Sidhu is not only against Pakistan. He even used inappropriate words for Bangladesh team before they secured a thrilling win over England. Never mind him, he is know for his Sidhuisms.Recommend

  • Sick of it……!!!!!

    Don’t you have anything else to do rather than waste time advocating Indian thinking…..!!!
    I am sick of you….and this shows that so called “victim thinking” is not that wrong,…
    why on earth an Indian keeps popping his head with hate comments on purely Pakistani site…isn’t it like Nazi propaganda or like Cold war propaganda of 50s and 60s……..
    Either you are in RAW or you have nothing else to do but to poke face on Pakistani sites and try to spread hate, despair and shower heaps of filthy comments….
    Give us a break and mend your own country….you have 700 million people living below poverty line…..mend that and then come back……………Recommend

  • Anoop

    Wow, the Arab thing has really hit everybody’s nerve. Not that one is surprised. If one speaks about the “brothers’ of the same Religion a twisted mind is supposed to be upset. No surprises there.

    I wonder how much those brotherly brothers from the same true Religion gave Pakistan during the recent floods or during its recent economic crisis. Seems that the bulk of the money was given by the non-Muslim countries, especially the great Satan- USA. But, after all the discrimination, abuses Pakistan are loyal to the brotherly brothers than the great Satan USA, which has given more than $50 billion during its entire existence.

    Next time, Pakistan should create ‘Muslim Friends of Pakistan’ instead of ‘Friends of Pakistan’ and see how it goes. I wont have much hopes if i were you.Recommend

  • Sick of it……!!!!!

    I will repeat my earlier comment…Mr Anoop can’t you reply ????
    Why are you wasting your energies here…Go and help millions of slum dwellers of India ….!!
    Why criticize Arabs et al….!!! and who says arab world did not help Pakistan……..
    Don’t you have courage to reply….????????Recommend

  • Sick of it……!!!!!

    Silicon valley of Bangaluru…..is only the “epidermis” of indian body…what lies hidden beneath Bollywood, IT Industry and USA Aid is what really matters…i.e. your 80% poor population…
    help them and make them rich ….then come back here….
    Only then you can give advice to others………..!!!!!!Recommend

  • Raza

    @Sick of it……!!!!!:

    Well said..and that perhaps, puts this topic to rest..ONCE & FOR ALL!!!Recommend

  • http://www.genuinblog.blogspot.com imrulhasan

    i think indian exparts don’t like pakistani players due to national problem.as a result they do yhis type of nasty Recommend

  • LOL

    Get over it. Pakistani cricketers have soiled your country’s name by all the scandals they are involved in. They all want to play in the IPL too but can’t. Recommend

  • abhinav

    I think Syed Farrukh Hussain Shah consider himself Nadir Shah of current era :)

    This is great mentality he has and typical to a Pakistani. He is doing great service to pakistan, keep it up boy. BTW are you a Ghazi yet? Recommend

  • Faheem

    answer to the progressive indian: arabs like indian girls.Recommend

  • Imran Zahid

    Despite all the odds and lack of home ground advantages, one thing is for sure understandable when the going gets sturdy only robust teams like Pakistan continue their flawless performance. Needless to say, how biased and prejudice narrow minded Indian media is about Pakistan, they never appreciate their triumphs. I can assure you even on March 30th, 2011, you will hear the excuses to defend India’s defeat but not appreciation for the Pakistan;s overwhelming talent. Recommend

  • kazmi

    its just amazes me .. when these Indians .. come on our forum and start the hatred speech against us .. i mean dude if you dislike us so much .. y bother coming here?? perhaps you guys just cant resist!! … simply pathetic … one word!! defines those biased indians … !! who hav nothing but hatred against Pakistani .. if you are not willing to give respect … then u dunt deserve to get the respect in return either .. grow up .. this article was abt cricket .. and you guys bring up stupid economy issues .. i mean hello grow up!!!Recommend