Rabi Pirzada’s creepy version of ‘Mere Rashke Qamar’ is torture to the ears and eyes

Published: March 25, 2017

There is nothing more annoying than listening to one of the great classics being slayed by its rendition. One particular example is Rabi Pirzada’s adaptation of Mere Rashke Qamar, originally sung by the king of qawwali, Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. 

Indisputably, Khan’s most popular composition, Mere Rashke Qamar has drawn the attention of many artists throughout the years but none of the renditions have been as bad as this one. The original had the perfect blend of a soothing melody, emotional lyrics and a commanding voice that made it an unforgettable classic.

Pirzada’s creepy version, however, has none of these components. It’s an awful attempt as she has changed everything about the original, which is never a good idea. Not only that, her seductive singing – similar to screeches – doesn’t even compare to Khan’s classic empowering voice. I am not sure what she was smoking when she thought of doing this.

Furthermore, even the music video has a miserable milieu entailing snakes, slayed dolls and men being tied up in ropes while women take command of the situation. In simple words, it’s torture to the eyes and ears.

Dadi Kuree (Don Girl) famed Pirzada, who appears as Bano the killer in the new music video, claimed that the overall concept revolves around female empowerment and is an expression against male domination in our society. On her social media profile, Pirzada announced that her song will prove that “girls are not weak and they can fight for their rights and fight back”.

Throughout the video, Bano is seen dressed in a traditional churidaar suit paired with long boots all the while playing with a python, voodoo dolls, and torturing and killing the kidnappers with knife blades and guns. The other women in the video can be seen engaging in a number of callous chores such as strangling a hen, eating raw eggs, cutting and disfiguring voodoo dolls with sharp razors.

Talk about taking women empowerment to a whole new creepy level!

The hysterical video is a perfect hotchpotch of ruthless acts in the name of women empowerment. It seems like perhaps Pirzada miscomprehended the meaning behind Khan’s beautiful lyrics. The woeful cynical approach of her video has absolutely nothing to do with the romantic words of Khan’s well-known composition. The dreamy atmosphere and emotions of the song are lost and replaced by a dreadful ambiance. Cleopatra-styled scenes with snakes, skin-tight clothes, weapons and the dreadful actions of the dangerous Bano Killer remain unsuccessful in conveying any kind of message.

Furthermore, I clearly wasn’t the only who wished to have never seen the video or heard the adaptation as many took to Twitter to express their disappointment:

I failed to understand why Pirzada incorporated such brutal acts in her video, as they seem more like a Special Services Group (SSG) commando training. It has no remnants of female empowerment, or even the concept of gaining confidence. Perhaps that concept changed overnight and we didn’t get the memo.

Simply put, the self-indulgent piece by Pirzada is terrible by all standards. There’s nothing artistic in the unbearable music video.

If the world hadn’t given Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan a reason to roll over in his grave as yet, I’m sure Pirzada definitely managed to achieve that.

Watch it at your own risk!

Tanveer Khadim

Tanveer Khadim

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