We do not deserve Shahbaz Bhatti

Published: March 2, 2011

Minorities Minister Shahbaz Bhatti had been receiving death threats since the Bibi case. PHOTO: AFP

Minister for minority affairs Shahbaz Bhatti has been brutally gunned down today –  joining the list of many to have been killed.Voices of sanity do not do well here in Pakistan.

Just when you start thinking things will be okay, that now the maniacs have safely put away Aasia Bibi and they’ve killed Salmaan Taseer so maybe that’s enough to make their point – you are jolted into the reality that is Pakistan. You understand completely and fully, even if you did not that morning when reading the opinions page of The Express Tribune, why George Fulton is leaving.

Today’s breaking news has brought a new understanding to the line I was editing in the article yesterday:

“You do not chart your own destiny in Pakistan; Pakistan charts it for you. It’s emigration by a thousand news stories.”

Shahbaz Bhatti’s assassination has become another one of those ‘stories’. And we can do nothing about it. If a governor and a minister aren’t safe in this country, who is?

Of course there is the broader question of why the minister was killed. This is no random killing and is unlikely to be inspired by personal enmity. Bhatti was killed for what and whom he stood for.

There is a certain futility, hopelessness to it all. When our own are killed simply for asking for justice and fairness and change, how can we actually bring about that change? How can we ensure that our minorities are treated equally and kept safe, when all those championing for them are gunned down? And in response we are silent.

Salmaan Taseer was killed and we decided to abandon his cause. Can we ensure that the next leader who dares to raise his voice will not be the next target?

So where do we go from here? Or is this it?

Maybe this intolerance and fear is inherent. Maybe Pakistan was made not so much because some Muslims felt Hindus in India would not treat them equally, but rather because they knew of their inherent intolerance, that they would not be able to live with an other.

So please, Sherry Rehman, leave the country. We do not deserve sanity.


Ayesha Azhar

A sub-editor on the opinion pages for The Express Tribune.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Usama Zafar

    This is the height of insanity!! I just don’t wanna live in this country anymore!!Recommend

  • Sumair

    If rather these incumbents get killed for their genuine corruption and stealing the national wealth, then I would be delighted to see that!!

    Besides that, since there are international intelligence agencies apparently working in Pakistan, I have started to doubt on every single incident now, one can not be so sure about the hands of radical elements on this assassination.Recommend

  • Ajay

    Change the name of your country to West India & become a secular country.
    Don’t let religion pull back you into dark ages.Islam is now being controlled in Pakistan by extremists. There is no future unless people get up and burn those rats in there holes.Recommend

  • Ali

    There has to be a secular revolution in this country… there is no place for religion in Pakistan’s politics anymore… we don’t want to be western, we also dont want to be Taliban… we just want to be Pakistani, with the freedom and choice to be whatever and whoever we want… to stop this, normal people will have to come on to the streets… Recommend

  • http://www.tanzeel.wordpress.com Tanzeel

    Why we are stunned, its high time we realize that Pakistan is reaping what we sow not during Afghan war but the day Jinnah separated this land from “Hindu Land” in the name of “Two nation theory”. Now its purely a Muslim nation which is steadily achieving objectives Jinnahs had envisaged for i.e primary identity of Muslims is their religion, rather than their language or ethnicity, and therefore Hindus and Muslims are two distinct nationalities, regardless of ethnic or other commonalities.

    So when we can build nation in the name of religion why can’t we kill minorities in the same nation which was made for MUSLIMS.Recommend

  • WiZeGuy

    Its the thought process that has gotten us to this point. People who think theres a conspiracy by foreign hands either are too naive and out of touch with the extent of radicalization and intolerance in our society or are opportunists riding the rising tide of emotions and/or repeating the tea stall conversations. Not thinking or that complacency here is leading all of us to a dead end. Either way there`s a good chance they will end up at the receiving end of this menace thats brewing. The whole village that was flattened last year in Central Punjab due to stored ammunition by the cleric is one example. Hold our so called leaders accountable for Intelligence and security failure either ways, if u think its just the foreigners or otherwise…Recommend

  • Samir Butt

    Its people like Bhatti that make me a proud Pakistani… Shame on you ET for publishing this stupid piece. Recommend

  • Mira

    The punishment for corruption and stealing national wealth should be imprisonment handed down by a court of law, NOT murder sanctioned by the law of the jungle, there is no place for that in a civilised country, which of course we are notRecommend

  • Sumair

    @ Mira,

    “which of course we are not”, this is the gist of my explanation too. If our courts were daring enough to punish the corrupts timely and wisely, then it would be different situation today. So if there is no rule of rule prevailing, then I rather wished that deceased would have been murdered for their apex corruptness, which is of course not the case here.Recommend

  • Sumair

    @ Ajay,

    lol, we know how the so called secular India is performing in terms of racism. First you get a strong hold on your Shiv-sena radial and extremist group, who is persistent to warn Pakistani cricket team and interfering in different public affairs; seek a resolution for your Khalistan movement; and then reconsider Gujrat roits etc etc.

    Although burning the rats in their holes is either not a solution, that will spark it more. Strategic and diplomatic solution must be pursued wisely, just to avoid the incidence likewise Akbar Bukti.Recommend

  • Asffend Aahmed

    @ Sumair & Mira.
    Courts havn’t any force to implent their decisions…..it is moral duty of the government to implement them in true spirit…Jistice is not time bounded procedure.. Our courts are on much higer side as compare to our past..so we should appreciate if someone is doing merely good among the bads….Recommend

  • Aahmed Aasmar

    @ Sumair & Mira.
    Courts havn’t any force to implent their decisions…..it is moral duty of the government to implement them in true spirit…Jistice is not time bounded procedure.. Our courts are on much higer side as compare to our past..so we should appreciate if someone is doing merely good among the bads….Recommend

  • http://tightdhoti.wordpress.com TightDhoti

    Please spare the “This must be the CIA” or PPP has orchestrated this to divert attention from Raymond Davis. The TTP must be really frustrated that they organize such brazen attacks and America gets credit for it.

    There are always people to offer one excuse or the other. No one murder has become a petty crime.Recommend

  • Noor

    Did the Indians leave their country, or did they accede to China when their Mahatma was killed? Did they leave their country when Indra Gandhi was killed? Did they leave their country because of the murder of Rajeev Gandhi? Did the Indians leave their country because of the misdeeds of the murderous Narendra Modi? Are Indians leaving their country because of the murder of over 100,000 Kashmiris and the rape and torture of hundreds of thousands more?

    Did the Germans abandon their country because of the Nazis? How many Italians left their country because of the fascist regime?

    If other nations do not think of leaving their country, why are we propagating such hate-speech against Pakistan?

    History teaches that nations have gone through centuries of darkness before coming to realize the fruits of diversity, by embracing pluralism of views. Let’s not spread hopelessness in the times of chaos. Recommend

  • T R Khan

    *The *wajab-ul-qatal preaching by the ignorant and arrogant mullahs is bearing its bitter fruits.**Recommend

  • http://syedaabidabokhari.wordpress.com The Only Normal Person Here.

    Never felt so ashamed being a pakistani.Recommend

  • pl/sql

    The last but one paragraph is the bitter truth and you were bold enough to state it. R.E.S.P.E.C.T

    Excellent point.Recommend

  • Minhaj Zafer

    These buggers of TTP are in thousands, may be. But their real strength are the people who are sitting in their homes, living next to you or may be a close relative of yours, believing/considering that the ways & path of these Talibans is the only divine/right path. These people firmly believe that they live their lives in a in perpetual state of SIN. Correction has to be made here, these people confronted, their stance toward life be corrected. Unless this course is taken ” Forget Change”.Recommend

  • http://dinopak.wordpress.com Hasan

    The most disturbing fact is that the pamphlets found at the scene of the crime say that Tehreek-Taliban Pakistan is ‘safeguarding’ the blasphemy law :O

    An organization which breaks every law of the land is standing for nothing but the Blasphemy law!… it still doesn’t ring the bell for the ‘hard-liners’ who present scores of evidence to support blasphemy law.Recommend

  • Ronit

    1980’s: Pakistan helped US in creating Jihaadis in Afghanistan and then assisted the Sikh extremists in starting the so called Khalistani insurgency in Indian Punjab.

    1990’s: Pakistan started exporting Afghanistan insurgency tactics in Indian Kashmir by arming the insurgents there and helped US in creating Jihaadis for Bosnia and Chechnya.

    2000-10: Pakistan facing its own terror monster.

    I am kinda loving it!!Recommend

  • Laila

    Shahbaz Bhatti was just an average minister. It is sad that he has been killed but is he really among the sane voices? I don’t know…
    Perhaps the media didn’t tell he was.
    In any case. It is sad that he is gone. May God Bless his Eternal Soul and may God have mercy on Pakistan – a country of ugly cannibals.Recommend

  • Engr Muhammad Usman

    ——–SOME FACTS about Pakistani Society—–

    48-55%> Religious Extremists (Beyond any Legal/Ethical Limits Especially in case of Blasphemy law)
    13-15%> Highly Liberal But Completely Silent! (Never want Islam as Constitution, Most of them even dont faith in God)
    25-30%> Moderate But do not dare to speak that they Do Not accept Islam as Constitution.

    Its the result of clash of ideas between the Extremists and Liberals/Optimistic/Highly Educated ones.
    Now, Most of the Moderate and liberal people have the SHAMEFUL Silence over these matters of Human Rights Humiliation.
    Why, because They know that ” Jo bola, mara jay ga”

    JUST HANG-UP Mumtaz Qadri (Taseer Murderer) and Shahbaz Bhatti’s Murderers, and this should be a CLEAR-MESSAGE to all the People and World that these actions will Never be Tolerated at all!
    1)——- SAVE SHERI REHMAN——-
    2)——–Secure the Davis from Out-of-Court Murder——

    Otherwise, there will be No Time To-Cry Over Spent-Milk, and a new war will be started!Recommend

  • M Ali Khan

    bahao khoon, dars-e-aam yeh hai
    mai kafir hoon agar islam yeh haiRecommend

  • Dr. Tariq Nawaz

    @Engr Muhammad Usman:

    Yes USMAN you are absolutely right!
    These are the real problems of us u pointed.Recommend

  • Uza Syed

    No —— I’m not ashamed of being a Pakistani.

    What shames me is our failure to stand up to all this barbarism in name of religion. I am ashamed to see lack of collective courage to refuse to be cowed by this fake claim to religion and patriotism. Shame on us to let people, in public life, get away with remaining silent when voice of reason, Salman Taseer, is muzzled and symbol of minority, Bhatti, is destroyed.

    We are failing as people and I’m ashamed to be part of this enormous failure.Recommend

  • Humanity


    Don’t malign Jinnah for the crime of the self-worshiping mullah and his followers.
    Jinnah did not fight for Pakistan to hand it in a plate to the hypocrite, religious bigots. The satans, disguised as the Saviours of Islam, usurped it and have turned into the hell while y’all, the silent moderate majority backed them whole heartedly while you await true Islam.

    This is a nation, that has grown up on lies and concoctions of politicized Islam. It now suffers from the syndromes of narcissism, victim mentality, denial, and self destruction. The nations deserves every bit of the fruit that it sowed with its own holy hands!Recommend

  • Humanity

    You voice sound likes the loudest, sanest voice in the land of pure!

    Do you need the media to tell you what human rights are? Don’t you have a conscience? Go sit in front of the mirror and worship your own self!Recommend

  • Muhammed ale

    I won’t leave this nation, the talbans and bloody mullahs will leave it and then Pakistan will become a secular nation which has no blasphemy laws and everyone is equal!!!!!Recommend

  • Muhammed ale

    mind your own business and I’m also kinda lovin the fact that more then 20 Indian provinces want seperation from so called “secular India”!!!!Recommend

  • Muhammed ale

    I won’t leave pak these mullahs n Taliban will leave it!!!Recommend

  • Jamal

    Well Raymond was lobbying anti Pakistani sentiments which have been revealed. Likewise todays killing of Minority Minister can’t be overlooked in this context. Problems have been created and will until we find some sound solution to them.Recommend

  • Kashmir khan

    I would call this guy ” Shaheed Shahbaz Bhatti”. what was his fault? The only reason he was killed is that he was christian and spoke against man made blasphemy law. But can some one appreciate the courage of this guy, who spoke against all infidel Mullahs. Can islam give right to these mullah to decide the fate of another human being with out any cast, race and religion. Today i cried on the death of a Pakistani christian. I hated the fact that i was born in pakistan, where there is no religious tolerance and respect for any other religion. I would call Shahbaz Bhatti, a Hero and role model.

    May God rest his soul in peace. Amen. Recommend

  • parvez

    If our government law enforcement agencies and the judiciary had done their duty and convicted and punished previous cases of terrorism and heinous crimes instead of letting the criminals go for want of evidence, Mr Bhatti today, possibly would still be alive.Recommend

  • Ronit

    @Muhammad ale

    “more then 20 Indian provinces want seperation from so called “secular India”

    wow!!…ur the kinda nutter I lovethe most, you are the kinda person the mullahs breed on…If u really think that 20 provinces in India want secession then I have a clear idea abt the ultra low level of education in your “Land of Pure”…no pun!!Recommend

  • Mehnaz

    @M Ali Khan: good one!!!Recommend

  • Faisal

    Secular Pakistan means NO PAKISTAN!!….I think liberal extremists do not realize the importance and special status of Islam in our country’s identity…without Islam as official identity, we will have no real identity…Pakistan will just be a union of 5-6 provinces or say mini nations of Punjab, KP, Balochistan, Sindh etc!!Recommend

  • Muhammed ale

    I wish I had that much time to waste Mr India! but the thing is that if we are so uneducated than what the hell you are doin readin our articles, you must concentrate on your incredible land where 60 per cent of people live under the poverty line and you know that’s what I love about you! Recommend

  • Grace

    Criminals want you to give up hope. Ditto for anti state terrorists. I won’t give them the satisfaction of giving up on my homeland. Challenges are made to be overcome. Pakistan was made by secular liberals and we wopn’t let it be hijacked by criminals! I wouldn’t be surprised if this killing was done by some foreign agency to cause this very type of article to be written by you. Recommend

  • Abhilash

    @Noor: Sweetheart, None of the killers you mentioned in India were showered with rose petals in our country. I mean killers were treated as killers, not as hero who acted to save the nation/religion.
    Taseer’s killer was/is treated as a hero in Pakistan. That shows the rot inside Pakistan. That’s why the author is asking all good Pakistanis to leave for safer shores.Recommend

  • Ibrahim Afridi

    I think yhe author of the blog is making very quick decision it has nothing to do with Islam and his voice i think there are thousands iof foreign elements involved in these cases so please before making any comments and taking it to other side see the complete picture do not make decisions by looking at one side of the picture
    and by the way all who talk about secular Pakistan please remeber this country was achieved and people gave sacrifices just for sake of Islam not for sake of a secular state.
    and minorities are not protected in Pakistan?? u must be kidding i think there is no such distinction between muslim n non muslim in PakistanRecommend

  • Maria

    @The Only Normal Person Here.: Then you should sit at home and remain ashamed of being a human. Real human beings go out and work to make a difference. Look at the US. When some crazy guy attacked senator Gifford and killed so many innocent people, they all resolved to work together and work against extremism in politics. They were ashamed of the act but they weren’t ashamed of being American. Learn the difference. They don’t just give in to the nonsense of terrorists and criminals. If we had the guts to kick out the British and make our own country, we should have the guts to kick out these criminals who are working against the state.Recommend

  • mussarat hussain

    @Madam Laila, I dont agree with you that Shahbaz Bhatti was an average Minister. he was an “extra-ordinary” and “superb” human being, as much as I know him in a friendship of two-decade.

    I knew my deceased friend Shahbaz Bhatti since he was president of the union Avari Hotel (formerly Hilton Lahore), he was a man of extra-ordinary temperament and friend of the friends. Despite being Christian, he was absolutely unbiased and devoid of bigotary and discrimination.

    He was an ardent supporter of Muslim-Christian unity and preached cohesion and understading between various minorities incuding Shiite, Ahmedis, Parsi, Hindus, Sikh and other minorities living in different parts ot the country.

    In my opinion Shahbaz’s only crime was that he was an outspoken and champion of
    minorities in Pakistan. According to Pakistani media he was the first one to condemn ahmedis killings in Lahore last year and spoke of certain modifications in blasphemy laws and didn’t want to repeal it altogether.

    His dastardly killing is not merely a murder of a sitting Federal Minister for Minorities but conveys message to the civilised societies that extremists who have apparently gone underground for past few months, can become active to do whatever they like.

    Regettably, authorities supposed to ensure security of high officials abysmally failed to deliver goods despite the fact that rumours to assassinate former Minister for Information and Broadcasting Ms. Shireen Rehman, sitting Interior Minister Rehman Malik and others were “predicted” which were telecast by different private news channels in Pakistan.

    Pakistan government headed by President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani have completely failed in protecting life and honors of its citizens and are burying down at the fastest pace do not deserve to rule country any more after the ill-fated assassination of the former Punjab Governor Salman Taseer and currently Shahbaz Bhatti who both stood for human rights of the downtroldden and minorities class in Pakistan.

    I reiterate, killers of Shahbaz Bhatti will also be garlanded and declared national heroes as Mumtaz Hussain Qadri, the killer of former Punjab Governor was declared. Tall claims and condemnation on killing of Shahbaz Bhatti will continue to pour while “Time is a Great Healer”, everything will be settled with the passage of time. None will be taken to gallows.

    Murder of Shahbaz Bhatti at this critical juncture when diplomatic relations of Pakistan with rest of the world are at loggerheads, appears to be a deliberate attempt to provoke West.

    Stupid statements alleging involvement of “foreign” hand in the murder of Shahbaz Bhatti or “those involved in the killings are neither Pakistani nor muslims or those involved in heinous crime would be dealt with “Iron hand”, should be stopped. They are “definitely” Pakistani and Muslims. I never saw “iron hand” activating during my entire journalistic period of twenty five years.

    Mussarat Hussain
    Washington DCRecommend

  • http://dinopak.wordpress.com Hasan

    To all those who here ‘think’ Pakistan’s foundation is Islam. My dear friends…. in this Pakistan 72 sects, yes SEVENTY TWO sects of Islam dwell, which Islam is the one that Pakistan is following? Just like “too many cooks spoil the broth” too many sects have spoiled Islam and are ruining it.

    First decide what Islam you want, then make Pakistan an Islamic Republic, otherwise Pakistanis will continue to hurt the cause of Islam.Recommend

  • http://Newark Cherish Raj

    @Muhammed Ale

    This is the business of the whole world! At least of the sane world and that might not include you. When the ‘ silent majority’ of Pakistan do not have the guts to stand up against a bunch of butchers, others will have something to say. When a federal minister of a nation of 170 million is murdered, there were hardly 200 ( mostly Christians) who came out to protest. My friend, false bravado and self denial is a sign of weakness, of individuals and the society.When Bal Thackarey turned against Shahrukh Khan, it was the people of Mumbai who came out to defeat the purpose of the bigots. If we were like you, India would have long turned into a ‘Hindu Pakistan’.- a mockery of the idea of India. I cannot believe that even your media is fully radicalized except for a few newspapers like ET and Dawn. Recommend

  • Ali Hassan

    Watch the following links……they are all dots of a mosaic; See the bigger picture, friends!!!

    FBI plot to destroy Pakistan
    Mullah, Molvi Distorting Quran. Jamat-e-Islami Farid Paracha Distorting QuranRecommend

  • SG

    The bane of religious terrorism cannot be dealt with in a superficial manner anymore. It is now an ever-present danger, and must be eradicated from the root. Sadly and alarmingly, to most of the civilized world, the root appears to be the religion itself. If we cannot hide the true character of our society, we must at least build a facade for the outside world to see.Recommend

  • Anon

    Such flagrant killing of a minority representative only affirms the cause of the American war against religious terrorism. By committing such crimes against humanity, the terrorists are unknowingly justifying the whole world’s animosity towards Muslims.Recommend

  • Rehan

    @Usama Zafar:
    You should not have created Pakistan in the first place!Recommend

  • Humanity

    @mussarat hussain:
    Despite being Christian, he was absolutely unbiased and devoid of bigotary and discrimination.

    This sentence says a lot about the the bigotry that you espouse, Sir(/Madam)!

    Your statement implies Christians are bigots in general and Mr. Bhatti was an exception? I am sure the deceased, Mr. Bhatti, would find this statement offensive and derogatory. I think the most bigoted people on the face of the earth at the moment are ‘superior’ Muslim majority living in the land of the pure, that they usurped in the garb of their holy religion.

    I am a Muslim by free will and categorically reject becoming a state certified Muslim. Mr. Hussain, I as a Muslim, am ashamed of your slander and godly judgment. I apologize to all the Christians on the behalf of the good minded Muslims to forgive the ignorant, arrogant hurtful remark!
    May Mr. Bhatti’s soul rest in peace. My God grant patience and courage to the bereaved family and freinds to bear their loss.

    This wrongful death is a loss for the unfortunate nation. May God show the blind, lost people the straight path.Recommend

  • Neeraj, India

    You truly represent humanity buddy. I am impressed. Though, I was fairly appreciative of Mr. mussarat hussains’ reply to someone with a name Laila, a heartless and insensitive person, but, still couldn’t digest his sentence, you so strongly and rightly objected to. But, forgive me for saying this, that I have lost whatever hope I had still held for Pakistan, a land of my forefathers. It is sad but true.
    I hope and desperately hope that, people like you, would ultimately get an upper hand and miraculously change the things for better in your country. I honestly hope for a better future for Pakistan. Recommend

  • Freeha Shaukat

    Tomorrow Friday 11am F-8 Church Islamabad. Insani Haqooq Ittehad Secretariat, civil society and ordinary citizens to gather in memory of Minister of Minorities Shahbaz Bhatti’s shocking murder. Pls join us and share event info with other friends in Islamabad.Recommend

  • Muhammed ale

    @ Cherish raju
    FYI we all know that India is providing all the financial support to pakistani talibans and how much power Hindu Taliban “balthakara” enjoys in India,mahrashtra, specially; moreover, almost all Pakistani media has a moderate approch although, sometimes they do exaggerate few stories unlike your media which do not have the courage to tell how backward India is in 2011 so here is a piece of advise for you “focus on India and don’t be that coward!!!” but I am glad to see that you got Internet facility in your Nasty slums! Keep it up snake charmer;-) Recommend

  • JS


    You are seriously mistaken my friend. Muslim League only used Islam as a tool to bring muslims on one platform. Neither was Jinnah religious nor were the other leaders. Jinnah always advocated for secular Pakistan. He made it crystal clear that minorities shall have complete independence in Pakistan. Unfortunately, he passed away just one year after the creation of Pakistan. Later on, all politicans and army generals were corrupt and power hungry. Religious elements who had actually opposed the formation of Pakistan became the champions of Islam in Pakistan, blackmailing ruling class, and trapping innocent citizens in their guile. Most of our rulers were either themselves influenced with religious fanatism or they kept it in as-is state just to secure their hold on power.

    It is high time Pakistan should be declared as secular state. We truely fulfill the dream of Jinnah and make Pakistan a social welfare state for everyone. We should also make ammendments in law to stop hypocricy at national level. We believe everyone, regardless of religion, is equal in Pakistan, then why can’t we have a non-muslim Prime Minister or President? If we can travel to West and propagade Islam, why can’t we allow non-muslims to do the same for their religions in Pakistan?

    Until we do no change these laws, we cannot claim to be a nation free of religious prejudices. Recommend

  • http://hongkong wahab

    Sherry Rehman ..May God protect U.. And i request a court to give death sentences to all involved in these activities when they are arrested by police. Make MUMTAZ QADRI an example.. HANG HIMRecommend

  • Maryam

    all we do is talk and nothing else.we need to make a change, we need to speak the truth and we need to stand up for whats right!!stop talking and start acting! do what happened in tunisia, do what the egyptians did and what libya is doing right now! leave all that our Qaid.follow his footsteps!we need to do what he did.this is no different from what happened more than 60 years ago. we need to unite first n foremost! defeat the devil within.Recommend

  • http://hopeofutopia.wordpress.com/ zeeshan mahmood

    Pakistan is being pushed to the abyss… Who will extricate it?


  • Mahmood Hussain

    next must be mumtaz qadri else hang the main leader and power of terrorist, CJ.
    YES! CJ. is the person who had released terrorist who were caught from lal masjid.He has released thousand of terrorist. In last decade only more than 6000 people has been expired in terrorist attack but not a single terrorist has been hanged. CJ. is more worry about hijras and get so-moto for their rights.
    They will hell make this country if this nation remain blind,deaf and dumbRecommend

  • Peace

    TYPICAL …. Western-influenced self-bashing.

    From what I know there are indications that Bhatti’s murder was part of the plan to “teach” Pakistan a lesson and step up the pressure re the Arrested American Terrorist known as “Raymond Davis” who Mr. Obama called “OUR DIPLOMAT IN PAKISTAN” …. wonder when will these people open up the eyes.Recommend

  • http://Newark Cherish Raj

    @Mohammed Ale
    Our companies give internet connection to 19 countries in addition to India for your information,something you cannot dream of..We do have the courage to accept our weaknesses but we do not measure’ courage’ by the number of innocents killed or by the intensity of glorifying murderers, which is how your society operates. Accept the violence that has crept into the heart and minds of your society rather than toeing the idiotic’ CIA/RAW/MOSSAD did this all’ brigade. Escapism is a blessing for the weak and you wallow in its marshy comfort. Pl read this write up in the NY times to gauge the credibility of your media in the world.
    Enjoy conspiracy theoristRecommend

  • Humanity

    du’aa – Faiz Ahmed Faiz 14th August 1967

    aaiye haath uThaayeN ham bhii
    ham jinheN rasm-e-du’aa yaad nahiiN
    ham jinheN soz-e-muhabbat ke sivaa
    ko’ii but, ko’ii Khudaa yaad nahiiN

    aaiye arz guzaareN ke nigaar-e-hastii
    zehr-e-imroz meN shiiriini-e-fardaa bhar de
    voh jinheN taab-garaaN-baarii-e-ayyaam nahiiN
    un ki palkoN pe shab-o-roz ko halkaa kar de

    jin kii aaNkhoN ko rukh-e-subh ka yaaraa bhii nahiiN
    un kii raatoN meN ko’ii shamaa munavvar kar de
    jin ke qadmoN ko kisii rah ka sahaara bhii nahiiN
    un kii nazroN pe ko’ii raah ujaagar kar de

    jinkaa diiN pairavi-e-kazbo-riyaa hai un ko
    himmat-e-kufr mile, jurrat-e-tehqiiq mile
    jin ke sar muntazir-e-tegh-e-jafaa haiN un ko
    dast-e-qaatil ko jhaTak dene ki taufiiq mile

    ishq ka sarr-e-nihaaN jaan tapaaN hai jis se
    aaj iqraar kareN aur tapish miT jaaye
    harf-e-haq dil meiN khaTakta hai jo kaNTe kii tarah
    aaj izhaar kareN aur khalish miT jaaye

    Rough draft by Sundeep Dougal (tweaked d by Humanity)

    Come, let us too raise our hands
    We, who do not remember the ritual of prayers
    We, who other than the fire of love (for self)
    Do not recall any idol, any god

    Come, let us humbly pray that the adornments of life
    Suffuse tomorrow’s sweetness into today’s poison
    Those who do not have the strength to carry the burdens of the passing days
    May the weight of the day and night sit lightly on their eyelashes

    Those, whose eyes are hopeless of witnessing a dawn
    May a candle brighten up their nights
    Those, who walk direction less, not knowing a path
    May a way ahead be illumined to their eyes

    Those, who arrogantly believe in nothing but deceit and hypocrisy
    May they get the courage of infidelity, the audacity to seek
    May those whose heads await the sword of tyranny
    Get the strength to snap away the hand of the murderer

    The hidden secret of love which has inflamed the soul
    Today own up to it and let the fever abate
    The word of truth that pricks the heart like a thorn
    Declare it today, and only then shall anguish dissolveRecommend

  • Usama Zafar