Salman Haider cares more about Pakistan than any of his critics do!

Published: January 23, 2017

Salman Haider is an asset to this country and it will be a national shame if any harm comes to him. PHOTO: FACEBOOK.

Pakistan is in the international spotlight and once again for all the wrong reasons. Three weeks have passed and yet there has been no news of the whereabouts of the abducted liberal bloggers. What’s been making the news instead, is the vicious campaign against those bloggers and those supporting it.

The main weapon is the allegation of ‘blasphemy’ which is now hurled at activists like Jibran Nasir as well. Charges of blasphemy are supplemented with accusations of treason against the state.

These bloggers have so far not been brought to court despite the fact that there are laws governing the ‘crimes’ they have supposedly committed.

Those who are defending the abductions have two major points. Firstly, they claim that the abducted bloggers were indulging in blasphemy as well as anti-Pakistan behaviour and therefore ‘deserved’ what they have gotten.

Secondly, they are also blaming liberals for selective outrage. Their contention is that the liberals ‘endorsed’ the abduction of Islamists and yet, they are crying foul since the bloggers have been abducted.

With respect to the first claim, I would like to make several arguments. First, so far no evidence has been provided that the bloggers were indulging in blasphemy. In the public imagination, they have nevertheless been declared criminals through a malicious campaign on electronic, as well as social media. It is therefore essential that these individuals be produced before a court and given the rights to a fair trial so they can defend themselves. In their absence everyone has simply assumed they are ‘guilty’.

Of those five people, I only knew Salman Haider and to the extent that I know him, I can vouch that it is inconceivable for me to believe that he could have indulged in any kind of blasphemy. He was a practicing Muslim but also someone who preached religious tolerance. In this hateful campaign, without any sort of evidence, he has been declared as a blasphemer. His major ‘crimes’ were to raise the issues of the missing persons along with a criticism of the state. Many people on social media, with absolutely no knowledge about his background are asking for his blood, which is shameful and sickening.

Secondly and more importantly, those who are demanding that the bloggers should be killed are forgetting that the real disrespect to Islam is brought by their desire for blood. The more we act violently or endorse violence in the name of ‘respect’ for Islam, the more we feed into the already existing global negative perception about it and the Muslims. In this episode, even the so-called ‘educated’ are openly asking for violence against the bloggers.

All the hateful social media commentary (particularly on Twitter) and violence inciting TV programs are merely reinforcing the global stereotypical image of Muslims as fanatics. We need to understand that endorsing killing in the name of religion and yet expecting the world to consider Islam as a religion of peace and Muslims as tolerant is not going to happen.

If particular content is hurtful, we have the right to protest but actually committing or endorsing violence is not going to help us at a time when the global opinion about us is already low.

Thirdly, another allegation against the bloggers was that they were anti-national. This perception is wrong because people like Salman Haider were merely critical of the state. Being critical of one’s state does not equate to treason. However, I am not surprised as to why many so-called ‘patriots’ are getting all riled up.

One of the most dangerous developments is the rise of a rabid kind of nationalism in the Indian subcontinent. This form of nationalism is sustained through cultivating a narrative, which is based on selective history and often imagined glories of the past. This kind of nationalism, mostly espoused by the urban-middle classes, also strongly adheres to state positions with respect to territorial disputes.

Anyone who dares to disagree, is immediately branded as a ‘traitor’. In India, people like Arundhati Roy and Barkha Dutt are repeatedly called anti-Indian for having a different point of view about Kashmir and in Pakistan, the campaign against these bloggers and for that matter, liberals in general, can also be understood in this context.

The worst problem emanating from this kind of nationalism is that it is irrational and is flourishing in the age of social media, where literally anyone can comment instantly. Many don’t even bother to read and reflect and are ready to post vitriolic and hate-filled nonsense.

If anything, the state can only be made responsible for its actions through criticism. By calling critics anti-state or ‘traitors’, we are merely undermining our own freedom and rights as citizens.

As mentioned above, the hardliners are also accusing liberals of selective outrage. While ideally, a proper judicial process should be followed for even violent extremists, equating missing bloggers with them is simply wrong. You cannot equate murderers with mere ‘offenders’. In the case of terrorists, at times an extrajudicial route is taken because the normal judicial infrastructure is not equipped and powerful enough to punish them. Judges are often fearful of their lives. This is not the case with respect to these bloggers as they do not pose any threat to the judicial system and can be tried within it if they have committed a crime.

But have they committed a crime? I don’t know about the others but I am convinced that Salman Haider has not committed any crime or blasphemy. He is an asset to this country and it will be a national shame if any harm comes to him. As a society we need to grow-up mentally and stop assuming that those who are critical of some state actions are anti-Pakistan. If anything, they may care for it more than those phony patriots who are driving this hateful campaign.


Raza Habib Raja

The author is a recent Cornell graduate and currently pursuing his PhD in political science at Maxwell School, Syracuse University. He has also worked for a leading development finance institution in Pakistan. He is a freelance journalist whose works have been published at Huffington Post, Dawn (Pakistan), Express Tribune (Pakistan) and Pak Tea House. He tweets @razaraja (

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  • Keyboard Soldier

    The GHQ has a very small lens through which it views the world around it. And that lens was manufactured in Saudi Arabia.

    The funny bit is that the Saudis have a better relationship with India than Pakistan in a truly economic sense. There are more Indian-origin workers in Saudi Arabia.
    The Saudi-India trade relations stand somewhere between $30 Billion to $40 Billion. The trade volume between Pakistan and the entire GCC region (UAE, Saudi, Qatar etc.) stands at $11 Billion.

    The identity crisis of whether Pakistanis are Arabs or people of the Indian origin, is the main reason why it has always suffered.

    These bloggers touched the raw nerve of the establishment, and they simply picked them up to teach them a lesson.

    The “made-up” hate for India has turned into a full-blown paranoid disorder for them. They are willing to go to any level of self-harm (Wahhabification of Pakistan) in order to gain that extra point against their imaginary enemy called India.Recommend

  • Ahmar

    A good, sensible piece Raza Habib. However the majority of Pakistanis are not sensible people. They are “Ghayyur”, “Mard e Mujahid” with “Shoq e Shahadat”. These words will fall on deaf ears while we have fake Dr Aalims demanding blood on the TV night after night.Recommend

  • Meher Khan

    Let’s say that these men (abductees) did break laws, then why haven’t they been arrested and tried? For those behind their abductions, it seems like a trial in the public court is a far more a pressing matter than a trial in the court of law.

    What’s also bothersome is that while five activists who only harmlessly shared their opinions have disappeared, far more dangerous men of LeJ, ASWJ, LeT, TTP, Punjabi Taliban, JeM walk freely in Pakistan, campaigning as they please. They have immunity to do whatever they wish to right under the nose of establishment.

    Strategy of this government looks that Chaudhry Nisar and Rana Sanaullah-two Ministers, one facilitate TTP, ASWJ, LeJ, Punjabi Taliban, JuD’s terrorists in the field operation while Other protects terrorists in legal matters before courts and while in jails.

    Bottom line is that Pakistani society has been systematically destroyed with the support of religious extremists. Consequently, Pakistani society became ill tolerant and virtually collaRecommend

  • PatelPara

    Trust me. Saudia is mostly hated generally in Pakistan.

    Abductions aren’t supported by Army. Because they normally take care of issues even before that. This is some other issue and time will tell they were abducted by TTP (indian funded drama).Recommend

  • Bilal Habib

    you nailed it…Recommend

  • asad

    First of all hate against India is not made-up, but if you want to stay in the state of denial than I’ll leave you there. Secondly why everybody is assuming that these three harmless people were abducted by ISI or Army. Why is it being repeated again and again to produce these missing persons in court as if they were kidnapped by establishment. There are still Anti-Pakistan and Anti-Islam pages available on FB why do you think ISI did not kidnap their administrators or banned those pages. These people, who came into lime light after they were kidnapped, were not even known enough that ISI would abduct them, so why were they kidnapped by ISI. These stupid comments and articles suggest either a very low IQ of liberal bloggers or they have good IQ but they are blaming ISI on purpose.Recommend

  • Rex Minor

    You cannot equate murderers with mere ‘offenders’. In the case of
    terrorists, at times an extrajudicial route is taken because the normal
    judicial infrastructure is not equipped and powerful enough to punish them. Judges are often fearful of their lives.

    Strange logic to support extra judicial military trials of civilians who receive unworthy lables. There are no insurgents or terrorists per sebut those who commit violence and those who protest peacefully.

    Rex MinorRecommend

  • Umar Qutb

    Freedom of speech doesn’t mean Disrespect of religion Islam. Yes, they must produce in court w/ evidence. They have a right to defend.Recommend