Lindsay Lohan might be converting to Islam, but how is that our business?

Published: January 18, 2017

Actress Lindsay Lohan rehearses a scene from "Speed-the-Plow" by David Mamet at the Playhouse Theatre in London in this file photo taken September 30, 2014. PHOTO: REUTERS

A blogger posted a screenshot of Lindsay Lohan’s new Instagram bio. She had deleted all her posts and the bio read “Alaikum salam” which translates to “peace be unto you.”

As a joke, I took a screenshot of the bio and put it up as my cover photo on Facebook. One of my friends asked in the comments,


Another one commented,

“All she has to do is be herself.”

Lindsay Lohan has been the poster child for Hollywood’s influence gone wrong on child stars. From her shopping habits, to friendships, to her drug addiction; everything about her has been considered public property. Her dirty laundry was never hers in the first place. It was tabloid fodder from which media outlets could just cause a buzz and find something to talk about. Lohan’s life had never been hers. But over the past couple of years, things have been changing. Maybe it’s because social media enables celebrities to post pictures of the parties they go to before they hit the tabloids, or maybe it’s because we’re slowly becoming more aware of how the paparazzi culture affects celebrities and their lives, and things are being done about it. Lohan has managed to rise above the past and evolve into someone who’s staying out of trouble.

That is, until this screenshot happened and I got those comments. I think a part of me wanted to know how the world would react to this, so I posted it. And the comments I got really helped prove to me why Lohan’s updated bio matters.

The two comments I got on the picture really explain everything that’s wrong and right in our minds and how we perceive people. Let’s talk about the ‘what’ comment first. We question every step and every intention of every person and have made it become an integral part of the conversationalist culture we are growing up in.