Who can I blame for my father’s death?

Published: February 23, 2011

My father was a heart patient but was managing his health well.

It has nearly been one year since my father passed away in the emergency room of a local hospital.

He was a heart patient but he managed his health well. The night before his demise, he restless and complained of a slight pain in his chest. He felt better in the morning, but by the afternoon his condition had deteriorated. My sisters rushed him to a well known hospital in Defence Phase I, Karachi which boasts its expertise in health care, the nearest hospital at the time.

When I reached the hospital’s emergency room. There were no nurses or doctors around. There was one person wearing a tie and starched shirt strolling around, who looked like an HR manager of a multinational. Upon inquiry, he said that a doctor was on his way. My father was given an oxygen mask to ease his breathing. The hospital staff prescribed medicine which my sister rushed to get from the hospital’s pharmacy.

Meanwhile, the hospital monitor said my father’s oxygen saturation was gradually improving but he kept saying that he was unable to breathe.

As we stood around his bed, attending to him in the “emergency” room he insisted that his condition was worse than it was at home. We tried to comfort him by helping him sit up, then lie down again but his restlessness increased with the passage of time.

The well-dressed man (I still don’t know his designation) assured us that a specialist was on duty and was on his way. But we never got to see that doctor. The mystery man started inquiring about my father’s medical history. We had already handed him the file of his medical records that we had brought, and since this person was not a doctor, it was evident that he could not understand the file. Any sane medical professional in the emergency section of a hospital would have taken ECGs and performed relevant tests to evaluate a heart patient’s condition.

We could see that the medicine in the nebuliser had finished, and pointed it out to the people on duty. But it seemed that a patient lying in the emergency ward was of no importance, and his pain was no big deal. Before our eyes the oxygen saturation dropped drastically. We shouted and yelled out to the staff who realised what was happening.

We suddenly saw our father collapse.

Now, there was an increase in the staff’s activity. They rushed him to the ICU, only to inform us after a while that he had expired due to a cardiac arrest. In the short span of under 30 minutes, our father passed away and we could do nothing to save him.

But the fact is that I had felt my father’s cold hands when he was being rushed to the ICU. It was then that I realised there was no pulse and no sign of life in his eyes, and I had surrendered. I knew the staff were all lying. I was numb. I accepted this as Allah’s will. What else could I have done?

The episode still haunts me.

One question keeps bothering me: is there anything that I could have done?

Leaving my father at the mercy of the inefficient, unprofessional emergency staffers of a big, well-constructed hospital was the biggest mistake of my life. It makes me wonder if there is any organisation of qualified medical experts who regulate the functioning of hospitals. Is there anything such as a license?

I had been reluctant about sharing this tragic experience, because of the devastation I felt and because I thought it would amount to nothing.

But then I felt that I must.

I have written a letter to the hospital management but have received no response. In any case, nothing can undo our loss.

It is unfortunate that people suffer daily at the hands of mismanagement. Can we do anything about it? Probably not, I am afraid I am as helpless as I was when we arrived at the hospital.

Shazia Yousuf

Shazia Yousuf

A software engineer who blogs at www.ParadigmHouse.net

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  • Mastishhk

    @Author…Wish i could share ur pain…Hospitals these days are money making commercial enterprises. They hardly care about patients. Im also very sure they must have given you a hefty bill for the services they rendered to your late father(may his soul rest in peace).May God give you strength to deal with this irrepairable loss….Vishal (India)Recommend

  • Osama Shaukat

    It is indeed sad at the way your father passed away. Words are poor comforters but one can only cling on them at such a time.

    The doctors abuse their profession and the oath that they take to save lives.
    The same hospital made my friend’s mother’s case more deteriorated by doing a surgery on her lung and it collapsed. But who’s to blame and who should be complained. Their licenses should be canceled and they should be advertised with names as to never being able to work. Their careers MUST be destroyed.Recommend

  • Parvez

    I can only suggest that at such a time when one knows its the heart the best place in a hurry is the Jinnah Cardiovascular Center they handle so many cases a day that the junior most doctors there know how to respond and stabilize the patient. Of course the final say is always with God Almighty.
    Nice of you the share your story and your sense of helplessness.Recommend

  • rehan

    May God give you Sabr Shazia(and all your family members)and make your father’s grave a garden of Heaven.Ameen. I guess this state of affairs will worsen till our pseudo intellectuals get the nation off from thinking only about the ‘Taliban/Extremist onslaught on our nation’ and focus on such real issues.The startched clothed ‘manager’wasn’t a suicide bomber,but he helped in seeing your Dad to his speedy death.You can only pray for your father and for this nation too.I will too.Recommend

  • faraz

    Sorry for your loss. But you made a major mistake, never go to private hospitals in cases of emergency. Doctors in public hospitals deal in hundreds of cases each day, their experience and level of skill is far ahead of those who work in private sector. Recommend

  • Hasan Shakoor

    There are rules that govern these things, even in a place like Pakistan. You should hire a lawyer and sue the physician on call and the hospital itself for negligence, gross malpractice and inability to have a physician attend to a critically ill patient in a timely manner. It would be a slam dunk case with a half decent lawyer. I am a physician in the US and I truly believe that the constant threat of litigation is one of the only reasons hospitals and physicians in this country are a lot more careful. I would be happy to look at the particulars of the case if you feel that would be of benefit to your case. I think it’ important to take such an action and hold such institutions accountable for their negligence.Recommend

  • Noble Tufail

    You have done a great job by writing this up. You have reported this incidence … there is still a huge unreported iceburg underwater. This is a typical example of system failure and dead clincal process management. our healthcare system is totally doctor centered .. without the doctor .. complete paralysis of the system!!. the mysterious untrained ER staff if they had been trained enough .. could have understood the magnitude of the problem (by ECG, cardiac enzymes, gtns etc), got the doctor online and had rushed him through various clinical management meausres till the pt stabalizes. we as nation should learn lessons from the inceidences like Emaney Malik and your fathers. these system failures should wake ministry of health, PMDC, PNC and other concerned bodies to re-engineer the healthcare system in the country. it is not the matter of cost but quality and pateint safety.. i am sure it is possible!!
    I am from Pak, cancer nurse by profession and doing my masters in healthcare quality and pateint safety from abroad. I believe we can reduce the number of avoidable adverse events just by smarter configuration of the processes in the hospitals.
    may God give you strength to cope with the loss. Recommend

  • Student

    This is the case of every third hospital. There is no any complain cell where we can lodge the complain either its related to hospital or KDA or AGPR or KESC.

    These guys are enjoying the life and we just burning our blood. My mother lost alot of money just to aquire hers fund after her retirement. I keep getting kicked in KDA and my work is still pending .

    Allah can only bless usRecommend

  • kjjee

    So sad ………………… Recommend

  • http://www.tanzeel.wordpress.com Tanzeel

    Whatever happened with your dad was indeed unfortunate, your father’s death could have been avoided if emergency staff had been better assessed for risk factors. In the end of this article you have asked whether we can do anything to avoid such deaths. Yes you can definitely contribute to save further lives by mentioning the hospital name in comments section so that at least those who read blogs chose a better hospital for their loved ones.

    For heart related problems I would personally recommend Tabba Heart Institute providing a modern cardiac care facility in Pakistan.Recommend

  • Ali

    I am extremely sorry for your loss. I agree with @Hasan-Shakoor you should pursue legal course against hospital and staff.

    For the public benefit and avoiding such incident happening again, can you please disclose the name of this culprit hospital.Recommend

  • Anon

    Shazia, I’m so sorry for your loss, may Allah grant you sabar and your father a place in heaven, ameen. Recommend

  • Adeel Ahmed

    If all happened exactly the way you say it did…
    You could think of taking these excuses for a medical profession hospital to court.
    With the way courts working these days, especially the higher order courts, you never know.
    You might light the first candle in this dark and gloomy path.Recommend

  • Parvez

    Ed for ET blog section.

    After you have re-engineered your site the privacy of the e-mail address has disappeared.
    If the comment is awaiting moderation the name and the e-mail appears on screen.
    This cannot be right.

  • Faria Syed

    Thank you so much for bringing this issue to our attention. We will have it fixed immediately as user privacy is our top priority.
    Best Regards,
    Faria S.
    (Web Desk)Recommend

  • http://www.paradigmhouse.net Shazia Yousuf

    Thank you all for your comments and suggestions.
    As far as the name of the hospital is concerned, I have tried to give clear hints.Recommend

  • Jamil

    But why ain’t the name???????????????????????Recommend

  • Ayesha

    I cannot help but say that your restraint in this article is worthy of respect. Please take legal action against the hospital if possible. Is there a Medical Ombudsman in Lahore who looks into these issues?

    As someone who lost a parent a little over a year ago, I can understand the pain you went through. It is hard to accept incidents like these as Allah’s will when you know it could have have prevented and there is such stark negligence on part of the doctors.

    This hospital seems infamous for the nonchalant attitude of its practitioners. Maybe its time action is taken against it! Who is responsible for running it? Recommend

  • Wijdan

    Extremely sorry about the way your father passed away; its a clear case of negligence and the hospital and its wretched management needs to be exposed. You should not have hesitated in naming the hospital. There are two in Phase 1 DHA, Healthcare and National Medical Centre. My hunch is that you’re talking about Healthcare in which case I am not surprised given the reputation of the hospital and its owner who happens to be a major defaulter with various financial institutions. These financial institutions had to agree to a compromise settlement with the hospital as any stringent action would have triggeredstrong reaction and banks etc are as it is pretty concerned about reputational risk. Recommend

  • http://bakedsunshine.wordpress.com/ Shumaila

    It’s deeply upsetting to hear of cases like your father’s and may you be granted the peace and strength required to get through this difficult time.

    What’s most anguishing is that such deaths are often preventable. Proper, well trained paramedics, nurses or ER staff could have stabilised and perhaps even saved your father without even the need of a doctor. Such excuses for hospitals that have been set up without rhyme or reason in this forsaken country should be sued to the seventh circle of the underworld for the way they cause suffering and deaths.

    Some deaths are not preventable and there is nothing anyone can do about them. Sometimes the line between negligence and inevitability is hazy. By your account, this was not situation in your father’s case. I think all the suggestions for legal action are right, you need to sue these people. Recommend

  • Mariam javaid

    I am so sorry shazia… i can’t even to begin to imagine the grief and the helplessness you must have felt ….. I hope you find comfort in the fact that this zeyadti done to him must have caused shedding of his sins. Recommend

  • Asim Gulzar

    Really sad and hearting sister….We pay heavy taxes to Govt. but what we get in response…?Hospitals without Doctors n medicines….Schools without teachers…Insecurity of life n wealth…What to say more…I think there is dire need to raise a strong voice against this corrupt system…Our blood is not so cheap…Recommend

  • http://chowrangi.blogspot.com Fiza

    This is deeply upsetting – I am really shocked although deep down I shouldn’t be. I am so sorry to hear this but I guess Allah does have his ways. I do remember how when abbu had a heart attach, we took him to the biggest private hospital in Karachi and he was told he was fine and nothing wrong with his ECG or whatever. He still wasn’t satisfied and came home and was rushed back to the same hospital where I still clearly remember one of the doctors or assistants saying “he has had a heart attack and u have little time, we have no beds available in emergency, best to take him to another hospital” – we drove manicly to another, not so great a hospital, where he was given immaculate attention. In the meantime, we had to call our doctor relatives from the hospital to use their sources to get us the best doctor in that other hospital that had already denied us. Guess what, the bed does become available suddenly. It’s despicable how commercialized health care is in this sad privatized world. Recommend

  • Faizan Lakhani

    Shazia, sorry to hear this.
    But honestly, you can never trust the staff of such private hospitals, recently I experienced the same in a hospital located in Gulistan e Johar.
    My 6-month son was admitted by the doctors for some stomach problem, they initially tried to give the medicine via drip and stupid staff pointed more than 15 holes in body of my little child. when failed .. the decided that they should inject it.
    but the worst happened when my son started crying due to pain and when I rushed to find the doctor on duty, I didn’t find any child specialist there, the consultant had his mobile phone switched off .. and when we insisted the management to send some doctor, they forced one lady doctor from gyne department to check my son… she simply said to my wife that she can not do any thing.
    I had no other option but to shift my son to other hospital, I filed the written complain against the staff and the consultant doctors, but all are still there and making life more miserable.Recommend

  • http://habloid.wordpress.com Habiba Younis

    @author, extremely sorry to hear about your loss. What happened was indeed tragic and must have left significant bitter stains on your memory. I sincerely pray that such an incident never hits yours or anyones life again. Meanwhile, hope that someone takes notice of this grave problem.Recommend

  • Tamoor Azhar

    so sad…….Recommend

  • http://www.tanzeel.wordpress.com Tanzeel

    I wonder why you guys are afraid of putting revealing hospital name. There should be no sympathy for those who cry on mistreatment but avoid helping rest of the mankind by not revealing hospital names let alone suing them. Recommend

  • Rizwan Nasar

    It is so sad Shazia… We lose our loved ones because of doctors/hospital’s neglect and we have patience because we tell ourselves that it is the will of our Lord! It is not, this is one of the biggest problems with Muslims/Islam we leave everything as the will of Allah! Death is inevitable but Allah’s help come when we strive. If the doctors/medical staff does not put in 100%, then how would patience survive? Why would the Lord Intervene? My heart goes out to you and your brother and sisters who had to go through this… I really feel you should pursue this further and bring a wrongful death lawsuit against the Hospital. I am sure this may ignite a spark that may change how healthcare works in Pakistan. This country has so much potential in all fields but somehow we do not seem to care. Care for life… Care for another human being… If we look closely then we will realize that this is why we have been put on this planet on the first place… To look after the well being of each other… That is another debate for another time. I really miss both of your parents. They were among the few of the best people I have know in my life… God bless you all!Recommend

  • Mohammad Shuaib Khan

    Condolence for your loss.
    This kind of unethical attitude have been recorded on daily basis and yet we just take it as daily news until we go through such situation. Thats where our selfishness laugh at us that you were ignorant when same thing happened to non fellow beings….We have become Selfish. What if we have acted on the very first incident of that kind? What if we have stand for some helpless stranger!? What if …..

    Unity, Faith and Discipline.

    ….these are not only the words that had been delivered to us by the founder of nation! This was the guideline for prosperous future!

    P.S: The message I’ve tried to convey is for all. Recommend

  • from one friend to another

    Hey Shahzia, i know exactly the enormity of the loss you have incurred and i hope you grow stronger day by day so you may courageously face this dilemma life poses. I went through a similar experience when my father passed away 2 years back. there are many people i would like to blame including myself but that doesn’t resolve the issue at hand. You must be strong and make this your stepping stone for your future achievements. Never feel sorry or have any regrets. Wishing you well :)Recommend

  • Usman

    My father was hospitalized in a private hospital in khi for heart disease for a month, in CCU doctors and clinical staff were talking with each other, they were saying to one doctor “patient ko maarna hai kia jo ye injection laga dia, bleeding hoo rahi hai, ager patient kay relatives ko pata chal gay tu kia hoo ga?” Doctor replied, “unko kaun batay ga”.

    Lately my grand father was hospitalized in another hospital, he had cancer(Multple myloma), for its treatment steroid is given to a patient. recommended way of giving steroid is to give it in drip, minimum recommended drip time is 30 min to 2 hours, hospital staff used to give it in injection, when this thing was brought to their notice they told us that we use to give this medicine in this way. Recommend

  • faizan

    Ms Shazia ,
    I can really imagine the sorrow and grief which you have suffered not only due to loss of your father but the way he was handled in the hospital. We all know that all of us have to go from this world one day, but all of us try our level best to not let our dear ones to go forever, if cannot do best at least some primary help.
    I am so sad after reading your tragedy , but this has opened my wounds also. I have gone through more horrible tragedy about two years eight months back. I lost the one who was the only one , under whose feet I had my paradise- My Mother. Oh my Allah, she left all of us , when my arm was under her head , in the emergency room of the Govt. Hospital. She remained there for more than two hours, but no body bothered to take ECG test , she kept on complaining about the pain in back and arms and chest. The doctor was nowhere .When she started difficulty in breathing, the doctor came and asked the staff to give her oxygen and shift her to Cardiac Emergency . But before shifting her the staff removed the oxygen Mask . We did not realize this and my father and I was about to lift her to the stretcher and my arm was under her head and back to lift her up , I realized that her eyes were stationary. I stopped lifting her up and shouted on the staff to bring back the oxygen. The would have done, the doctor would have come again, he would have tried his level best , he would have done whatever his little knowledge, his profession , his legal ethics had taught him, …. the world would have become the same…. but there was none who would have been able to bring My-Paradise-On-Earht back. I have again become victim of our system, our society , which I call as a ring of wolves living in snowing season without any food to eat and survive on one of them who cannot make him kept awaking , and this process goes on. This is our past, our present, our future and our fate. But Faizan Hayder the loss of your mother was a direct spear into your heart. That time the blow was life taking. How long we would have to live with these kind of situations? I am afraid for my and my near and dear ones’ future as well. My heart is weeping but my eyes are running down the tears. I am also like you Shazia Yousaf.Recommend

  • Naila Haris

    Losing someone due to death is acceptable as we know that we all have to reach our destination and we are Allah’s amanah,but losing due to carelessness and being helpless is something that rips your heart apart… only if we all keep a check and balance attitude and be responsible for what we do.
    May Allah guide us in making the right decisions…the loss can never be replaced specially of parents.
    Innallaha ma assabireen !Recommend

  • http://ramblersreflections.blogspot.com/ Noorali Surani

    To sin by silence, when one should protest, makes cowards out of men. (Ella Wheelcox Wheeler).

    Even though the legal system in our country doesnt let us hold practitioners accountable for their negligence, media can do them more harm than any legal action. Lets spread awareness. Let people know their rights as patients and attendants. And in case of blatant negligence, publicise ( I know all your siblings and aunts and uncles will try to convince you how its utterly useless, but due to your publicity, maybe the next time someone goes to the hospital, he will know better than to wait for the “starched shirt” guy dishing out crap). Recommend

  • Sana Khairi

    Try to publish your article in any newspaper like dawn, with that hospital’s name. You cannot bring your father back but maybe you can save somebody’s life.Recommend

  • http://mystrugglewithin.wordpress.com s

    Can we do anything about it?

    Yes, let’s get rid of our self-centered attitudes. We are a selfish nation, period.Recommend

  • Maria

    If this sad occurrence took place as you describe, you have a duty to your father’s memory to ensure that such an occurrence doesn’t happen again. At the very least you need to lodge a complaint at the hospital in question to ensure that they clean up their act. From my experience in Lahore, I know that citizens in Pakistan are becoming more knowledgeable and aware of their rights. I see that many doctors are paying more attention in Lahore’s hospitals since there as greater public awareness of questionable practices. I would encourage you to do the same. This is the best way to honour your fatherRecommend

  • Ed

    Sad to hear about your father. Mine expired fifteen years ago and I can still recall the trauma. At the time when the incidence is taking place, things are happening too fast and your brain is already numb with shock grief and helplessness. The anxiety and adranaline in your blood sometimes doesn’t help in taking well-thought decisions and its not our fault. Sometimes we do not have the basic knowledge required in such events.
    There are things that you can do for your father now. You can pray for him and you can guide other people in the time of thier need and Insha Allah the Almighty will reward not only you for your deeds but also your father for having raised such a child. The good deeds of one’s childrens are “Sadaqa-e-Jariyah” (Perpetual Good Deed/ Charity). Even one has moved on from this world, he/she can still accumulate Sadaqa-e-Jariyah by all his actions which keep amassings rewards for him in this world. e.g. Trees planted by a person continue to benefit Man and other creatures even after the planter has died.
    You can start with little things. eg. Maintain a blood group data base of your friends / family and acquaintences and ask them to check with you whenever someone needs blood of a specific group. You will be surprised with how much you can achieve and how good you feel by arranging blood for people just by making a few calls. Such databases come in super-handy in times of emergencies / crises or events like dangue fever spread. I sincerely hope that you try something of the sort and experience the sheer pleaure and satisfaction of it.
    May the Almighty provide Maghfirat to your father and grant you and your family peace.
    Please put in a word of dua for me and my family too.

  • Ahmed Jan

    This hospital killed both my maternal grandfather and paternal grandmother. It should be held accountable for malpractice and carelessness in court.Recommend

  • rehan

    @Ed. Good thoughts and advice:)Recommend

  • Adeel

    Its very sad, its reminds me my father who passed away before 1.5 years he was in good health and never had any heart disease and also he didn’t admit in any hospital in his life, at friday morning he had pain in chest and rushed into hospital by my father-inlaw cuz at that time i was in office and when i reached at hospital he was on emergency bed and medical staff giving him CPR but my father was unconscious and his body didn’t respond, i was standing near his bed in emergency room praying to Allah to save my father and after 15 min doctor declared that he had cardiac arrest and he passed away.

    After that incidents there were many question in my mind why they were taken my father to the hospital that is 10 min of drive from my home unless there were many small medical center and one big government hospital on the way, but i was also thinking that many pplz who have 2 or more heart attacks in history and survive on the 3rd attack after taken them to the hospital that is nearly 30 min drive. It is stated that if Allah wants to give life to the person then nobody in the world would kill him and if Allah wants to take away his life then nobody in the world can save him. Recommend

  • BlackAdder

    My heart goes out to you. What a dreadful experience to have had to go through. I don’t believe that there was anything that you could have done. But I believe there is something that you can do now. You should launch a campaign against these fools and make sure that such a horrible incident does not occur again for some other family. Its human nature for us to trust our medical practitioners and emergency staff… they should be held accountable for their negligence. From what I remember.. such negligence is an act of manslaughter. Hang on in there… and believe me… what goes around comes around… if not today… some day you WILL get justice. May your father rest in peace. Recommend

  • Khan-

    Just wanted to say . . have faith in Allah as you accepted all this as Allah’s will.
    I lost a parent myself & I completely understand how devastated you’d be and how painful the feeling is.
    Even my Father wasn’t being attended that well but luckily we found a few doctors to take charge. I still had to lay strict cause of their reluctance.
    Sad, most of them didn’t even know how to check the blood sugar levels!!
    I lost him and the only response I got from the so called freaking doctors were . . “we tried our best.”
    Yeah right, they tried their best to torment my daddy and then to kill him.
    I hope if not me then you or someone else out there would have their pledge heard… INSHALLAH.
    May Allah rest your Father’s soul in peace.
    God bless you sister.Recommend

  • Affan

    Embrace it as Allah Almighty’s will. I lost my father and somewhat in a similar situation. May Allah rest your father in peace. It’s good that that you have raised your voice after such a long time. Such negligence and that too in such a critical profession cannot be ignored and go un-punished.Recommend

  • http://www.paradigmhouse.net Shazia Yousuf

    It is actually sad to know so many people have been through similar situation! Creating awareness by publicizing such events is what we can do.Recommend

  • Junaid Gul

    It is something that authorities should take notice of to save precious lives.Recommend

  • Asim

    Nice article! Authorities should take action to ensure that such unnecessary waste of human life does not occur in the future. Recommend

  • Shabbir Azam

    Nice article exposing the hospitals who are in the business of saving lives but care less if some ones dies in their careRecommend

  • There is no comfort in this world which can suppress your pain

    There is no comfort in this world which can suppress your pain. It’s the problem in our Culture. India and Pakistan. CHALTA HAI ATTITUDE. People just dont care, we are lazy and we are careless. Recommend

  • Jawad

    What happened with your father is truly tragic. I am so soory for your loss. You should sue the damn hospital, put them through some trouble so this doesn’t happen to anyone else. Recommend

  • Karachiite

    I agree, but its very difficult to reach even the best of ER places if the roads are blocked due to VIP movements at peak rush hours. I have seen ambulances carrying critical patients stuck in bumper to bumper jams while a-not-so-VIP’s vehicle is escorted out of rush, probably because his cook asked the house-boy to get chicken for Sindhi Biryani before Saab gets back for dinner!!
    @ Author: I know which place you are refering to here. I am sooo sorry for your loss, no words can comfort you but your words can help many. Dont let your voice get drowned….for all of us!Recommend

  • Marium

    Please accept my condolence for your loss.My thoughts are with you.This is the story of every other hospital in Pakistan.When my mother had a Echo Test when she had a very high blood pressure last year in December.We are waiting for the doctors to come and what they are doing,they are just sitting and studying for their exams and my family was waiting for the male nurse to come and test my mother because they said to us that this is not their job.When I was reading the story of your father’s demise,my heart was bursting with tears.I wish I would be there with you to share your pain.May your Father rest in peace and had a great place in Jannat.Ameen!Recommend

  • Ibrahim

    It’s difficult losing a father. Your experience took me back three years when i lost my father. Although I cannot relate to the harrowing experience you had with the hospital, I do know how difficult it can be to cope in these situations. You and your family must be traumatized by the loss let alone be in a position to begin legal proceedings against the hospital. I would recommend that you not got through the trouble of opening old wounds. This could only detrimental in the long run for your mother in particular and your family in general.Recommend