Tarek Fatah’s recent tantrum: What two celebrities name their child

Published: December 24, 2016

This is an almost 70-year-old man throwing a tantrum over what two bollywood celebrities decide to name their child. PHOTO: YOUTUBE SCREENSHOT

Unless you’re fairly active on Twitter, and/or have a genuine interest in expat Pakistanis who are active within sociopolitical circles, you might not be aware of who Tarek Fatah is. Originally from Karachi but now based in Canada, he writes a regular column for one of the country’s largest newspapers and has a frequent broadcast presence. In addition to this, he is a staunch critic of virtually everything Pakistan.

His criticism of Pakistan has its merits. However there are times where the gap between the truth and what Tarek Fatah perceives to be the truth is larger than the Grand Canyon.  But this isn’t about his one track mind towards Pakistan; this is about a recent development in neighbouring India. Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor welcomed their first child into this world, and they named him Taimur. It all appeared to be normal, with the odd lunatic disgusted at the choice of a ‘Muslim’ name for their kid. But then Tarek Fatah went on a rampage and even penned down an article for the First Post on the mentioned issue.

This is an almost 70-year-old man throwing a tantrum over what two Bollywood celebrities decide to name their child. That, ladies and gentlemen, was the most critical issue facing the world that day. Or so Tarek Fatah would have you believe. But this isn’t the first time he shot from the hip.

In the past, he has accused Muhammad Ali Jinnah of paedophilia and statutory rape because he married the teenage Ruttie Jinnah.

The union was not usual of course, since Jinnah was in his 40s and Ruttie was only 18 when the two got married. But it does require an immense penchant of ridiculousness to be the first, and to date, the only man to accuse Jinnah of such severe sexual crimes.

This was not enough of course. He has also held Jinnah responsible for the spread of Islamic nationalism across the globe

But this should not come as a surprise once one does only a slight bit of research and dwells into the epic contradictions of Tarek Fatah’s career.

Tarek is a self-proclaimed Marxist, which means that if being buried at Highgate Cemetery didn’t make Karl Marx turn in his grave, then the thought of Tarek Fatah supposedly adhering to his worldview definitely will. He openly lent his support behind Stephen Harper’s right wing policies during Canada’s 2015 general elections, claiming that he did so because no else foresaw the threat of Islamism. Harper’s electoral campaign was built on division, and had a very visible negative vibe to it from his proposed policies to arguments against political opponents. While no one downplays the threat of radical Islam and the need to counter it, Stephen Harper was severely admonished in progressive circles across the globe. The fact that Tarek Fatah used his stance on Islam as the sole reason behind letting his pseudo-social democratic principles go not only speak volumes of his own credibility, it also sheds light on his naïve answers to the problem Islam faces today.

If lending support for Harper wasn’t enough, Tarek Fatah urged Americans to vote for Trump in the 2016 US elections. Karl Marx must rue the day Tarek got his hands on Das Kapital.

Criticism of Islam and Pakistan is fair. There are individuals who do that on a much more regular basis than Tarek Fatah, but their reasoning has solid foundations that are not restricted to the one brush Tarek Fatah paints all his arguments with. His arguments reek of childish grudges that he has held on to ever since he left the country after being imprisoned by military regimes, insisting that there is not a single ray of hope when it comes to Islam, or more importantly, Pakistan.

Of course modern day Islam and Pakistan have substantial problems that need to be fixed. But the way to do that is by having an objective analysis, not by the narrow-one-track-minded approach Tarek Fatah has taken throughout his career.

salman Zafar

Salman Zafar

The writer works in the Education Sector and tweets as @salmanzafar1985 (twitter.com/salmanzafar1985)

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  • wb

    If one reads this drivel of a blog, one gets the idea that the new existential threat and enemy of Pakistan is TAREK FATAH.

    Ignoring the fact that this entire blog is hate filled, let me get to the points where the blogger falls flat.

    “This is an almost 70-year-old man throwing a tantrum over what two Bollywood celebrities decide to name their child. That, ladies and gentlemen, was the most critical issue facing the world that day. Or so Tarek Fatah would have you believe.”

    So, age becomes important in a country whose President is 76 years old.

    Ladies and gentlemen, this author, like most Islamist fundamentalists, is trying to hide the truth here. What Tarek Fatah is talking about is not the name of a child. It’s a mindset that exists among Muslims, where a murderer of non Muslims, even innocent ones invariably becomes a Hero.

    “In the past, he has accused Muhammad Ali Jinnah of paedophilia and statutory rape because he married the teenage Ruttie Jinnah.”

    That is not an accusation. That’s a fact. At least have the integrity to acknowledge it.

    This is a lie. Ruttie was only 17 when Jinnah married her.

    In the end, this blog is a classic case of KILL THE MESSENGER because the message was so powerful and true that it made most Pakistanis uncomfortable.

    By the way, he forgot to mention that Tarek is a supporter of break Pakistan into four theory that’s gaining slow momentum the world over.Recommend

  • antistatus quo

    I donot know if this tariq fathi( ram gopal or krishna verma junga his name ) can claim his true name is namaloomRecommend

  • antistatus quo

    He makes statements 24/7…365 against pakistan…Recommend

  • antistatus quo

    throw some grass in front of a cow and milk it the way you like…..Recommend

  • M. S. Chaudhry

    Tarek may be wrong sometimes but he is the one of the few voices who are talking about real issues. Historically, this is how we treat people who swim against the tide. First we ignore, then we hate and finally we eliminate. Fortunately, Tarek is out of reach and hard to eliminate, therefore we are condemned to second stage. There is another period which comes after decades of final stage, we start naming roads after these people.Recommend

  • wb

    Great comment. This comment proves two things.

    1) You’ve assumed that Muslims are incapable of telling the truth. So, even when a Muslim is telling the truth, you can’t digest it.

    2) The tonnage of hatred you have for Hindus. In your hatred for Hindus, you’re calling an honest, brave Muslim as a Hindu.

    Bu, I accept your hidden compliment that only Hindus are capable of exposing the truths about Islamists.Recommend

  • muhammad

    “In the past, he has accused Muhammad Ali Jinnah of paedophilia and statutory rape because he married the teenage Ruttie Jinnah.”

    “That is not an accusation. That’s a fact. At least have the integrity to acknowledge it.”

    By this definition, what would you like to call Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru whose wife Kamala was also 17 when she got married to him :)Recommend

  • rahul patil

    Tarek Fateh made a decent argument why naming the child was wrong. The author here sounds childishRecommend

  • Razi Mallick

    I do not think that Tarek Fatah is worthy of giving so much attention. He has two basic problems. He has attention-deficit syndrome as well as this type of activity is his means of livelihood. He is always in search of finding an activity that fulfills his these two objectives. And these days he can find no better place than India. India is on ever-rising tidal waves of hate-Pakistan and religious-xenophobia and in such a frenzy-stricken environment, not only Tarek Fatah, but the Prime Minister of India is trying to extract maximum personal gains even at the cost of the country he is commanding. The recent demonetization of the Indian currency, sucking 86 percent cash in circulation from a highly cash-based economy, is the best example of insanity. Let the dust settle, the economic disaster and the consequential pain will be so conclusive and convincing, that it will be difficult to deny. Then why not Tarek Fatah will grab such a golden opportunity to serve his interest.Recommend

  • Sudhanshu Swami

    You people even write news and article by picking up Social media posts ? That too from tweeter ! Read another article about Saif ali Khan’s son’s name. They took few social media post and built article around that and tried to prove what Hindutva is !Recommend

  • Amir

    Tarek Fatah is virulently anti Pakistan and should be certified insane ! Watch his antics on the ‘Aap ki Adalat’ program. Why do you even publish anything about him and elevate him ??Recommend

  • M. S. Chaudhry

    Very true. Tarek is very active on social media and has become very famous around the world. Surprisingly, the response from Pakistanis is very abusive and insulting. It’s not a winning strategy as abusive people never win. There are so many historians and intellectuals in Pakistan but I haven’t read anything in which he is proven wrong.Recommend

  • http://www.umalik.com/ Usman

    Tarek Fateh is sadly nothing more than a professional troll. He is frustrated with Pakistan because after years of trying to find a buyer, he couldn’t find one in the country. Best of luck to him.Recommend

  • Yankee7000

    I am sorry your objection to the author’s observation on Tarik’s age is that the president of Pakistan is 76? And the president of India is 81. So there….

    His point is that a 70 year old should have better things to object- a theme throughout his blog. This psycho analysis of which you are an expert that suggests a mindset of naming children by Muslim parents has no basis on research and exists in your fancy.

    Your construct that the author is a fundamentalist and that to of the Muslim variety is another flight of fancy, your prefixing it with a ‘Ladies and Gentlemen’ does not any credibility to it.

    What is your basis of such a judgements other than ‘I say so’. Please disclose your antecedents that allows you these conclusions?

    Under what law is Jinnah a pedophile? Under British law prevalent at the time it was perfectly legal and under CURRENT United States law, for instance, with the consent of parents(and in some states, the lowest court) perfectly legal. Another flight of fancy.

    No Pakistani is uncomfortable with this Tarik gentleman: everyone knows he is a hater and that’s that.

    Breaking up Pakistan into four that is gaining momentum. Another flight that you are welcome to stay on.

    Stop labeling a people, a belief system, smearing an individual, and repeating some anti country propaganda. Oh and identify yourself instead of hiding behind the internet.

    Ladies and gentlemen….. Recommend

  • Munna

    Tarek Fatah is a moronic cartoon character living on Twitter, doing cheap publicity by bad mouthing Muslims and Pakistan to make a living. He is a self-hating Muslim and supports RSS and Right wing extremist whites. Hence he will come on the right wing Fox News or the now bankrupt Sun News bashing Muslims and Pakistan. His opinion is no more important than anybody else. Saif Ali Khan and his Wife will decide their baby’s name and not some idiot like Tarek Fatah living on Twitter.Recommend

  • Yankee7000

    The minimum marriage age in Canada TODAY is 16 that’s sixteen…….that’s a fact. At least have the integrity to acknowledge that, indeed.Recommend

  • Umar

    This guy tarek fatah has his own league of being ridiculous. I only found out about him some 2 months ago. On searching youtube his first couple of shows disturbed me, ofcourse you wouldnt like someone spewing so much venom against your country. But the more I listened to him his comments started coming across as really really funny. Now when i get really bored I listen to this joker of an old man cracking stupid jokes and getting praise from an even more stupid audience from our neighbouring country.

    However I dont think that muppet deserves any space in any of our national dailies Recommend

  • Hassaan

    Honestly who is Tarek Fateh? I’ve heard of him and seen some tweets by him but let’s treat his drivel for it is- senseless and provocative micro-blogging and a need for attention which remains unmet.Recommend

  • Rahul

    Tarek Fatah shows the mirror to Pakistan and Muslims. If they don’t like what they see in the mirror, that is not Mr. Fatah’s problemRecommend

  • anis

    If Tariq Fateh is so upset by the name ‘Taimur’ then what is holding him to change his name. I find both ‘Tariq’ and ‘Fateh’ obscence. Let him change his name only then he can criticize Said Ali Khan, untill then he should keep quite. Hypocrisy thy name is ‘Tariq’Recommend

  • Aamir – Toronto

    Tarek Fatah is Indian stooge whose job is to talk against PakistanRecommend

  • SAIF

    Well.. i am glad that India is taking this mess as their citizen, who is never happy for anything around him and keeps complaining and making annoying noises. Good luck guys.Recommend


    1 or 2 years ago i used to here him alot when he was not as famous as he is now

    i found voice of reason in him ginuine effort to reform islam, but then he also fall into usual trap after becoming famous now he come to television to bash islam and every thing wrong here only to please my hindu brother as they are the main audiance of him ,

    now i dont think many muslim hear him like they did 2 3 year ago, alas i thought he could create good influance on muslim but pleasing his core audiance he lost good opportunity. Muslim lost a voice of reasonRecommend

  • rationalist

    “The fact that Tarek Fatah used his stance on Islam as the sole reason
    behind letting his pseudo-social democratic principles go not only speak
    volumes of his own credibility, it also sheds light on his naïve
    answers to the problem Islam faces today.”

    Ya right, naive answers aka Islamic “apologism” and perpetual denial

    The only problem that Islam faces today is Islam itself. This is where Tarek Fateh is spot on and honest enough to speak the truth.

    As for Jinnah, when a 45 year-old man imposes himself on a 17 year old teen, it is indeed child rape. Recommend

  • silver

    RSS, VHP, B-Dal hindu fascism mentality of akhand bharat is the real issue. This mentality seeks to capture and conquer and Pakistan stands in the way.

    Pakistan is here to stay as a reminder that British india was amputated by M.A Jinnah and rightly so to save majority of muslims from Akhand bharat and RSS fascism.

    No one exposes Gandhi more than Ambedkar. And Gandhi’s exploits with young girls is well documented, his racism as well.

    If taimur is a violent name so is Ashok, so is Chandra. So is Shivaji. These people butchered and conquered.Recommend

  • silver

    Mr. Fateh will not talk of RSS, VHP, bajrang dal and many more hindu fascist organizations who idolize hitler and his nazi party. He is actually frustrated as he has been imparting non nonsensical ideas since the 70s. Pakistan is there and will be there everyone knows this, but people like Mr. Fateh will fade away.Recommend

  • muhammad

    @wb “In the past, he has accused Muhammad Ali Jinnah of paedophilia and statutory rape because he married the teenage Ruttie Jinnah.”

    That is not an accusation. That’s a fact. At least have the integrity to acknowledge it.

    Kamala Jawaharlal Nehru was also 17 when she got married to him.


    Test of your integrity.. Good luck!!Recommend

  • Humanoids

    How the heck is it a stat. rape? He was married in a court of law right? was there a clause that no woman below 18 can marry? I can tell you 80% of Indo-Pak grand mothers were married at age 15 as well. It was a custom them to marry the girls young. Ruttie was not a girl from a remote village in Rajhastan, she was an educated girl. TF’s is retrospective analysis.
    Jinnah was an Islamist? Well he opposed both Khilafat movement and Israel creation while Gandhi (who labelled South Africa blacks kaffirs) supported Khilafat and opposed Israel- latter is a hall mark of an Islamist not the former.Recommend

  • M. S. Chaudhry

    There had been no problem if Mr. Jinnah had also been a teenager. 47 year old marrying a 16 or 17 years old is the real issue and worst is another fact. Ms. Ruttie was daughter of his best friend and she belonged to another religion. Belonging to another religion is not an issue but Mr. Jinnah did not allow his own daughter to marry to a person of another religion. Isn’t that double standard and hypocrisy?Recommend

  • M. S. Chaudhry

    What was age of Mr. Nehru at that time and was she daughter of his best friend. Real issue is age difference and double standard of Mr. Jinnah who did not allow his own daughter to do the same.Recommend

  • M. S. Chaudhry

    True, minimum marriage in Canad is 16 but issue here is that a 47 year old married a 17 years old and started dating when she was 16. Where in law marriage age is 16, parents or guardians consent is also mandatory which Mr. Jinnah did not bother to seek. Try doing it in Canada and see how 47 year old is cut into pieces. Please read the law in detail. Mr. Jinnah was not only too old, Ms. Ruttie was daughter of his best friend and belonged to another religion. Belonging to another religion is acceptable but he showed double standard when his own daughter wanted to marry a Parsi.Recommend

  • muhammad

    So statutory rape is doesnt apply if the groom is a 27 year old? Lets use one scale to gauge all.

    Mrs. Jinnah made her choice upon reaching legal age as of those times and so did Dina. Their lives, their choices. As her father, he exercised the same right that his father in law did and Dina stuck to her decision. As I said earlier, both women took their decisions. They had every right to take their decisions as both were adults.Recommend

  • PapaTango

    I am sorry: your objection is to the age difference? So a consenting adult can legally marry someone greater in age to him or her and you object? Okay. You are welcome to object to a legal activity: but your ire should be directed at the law not to the individual. More importantly, it was an acceptable social norm at the time and was not considered appalling as you imply it would be today thus Nehru’s marriage as well.

    He objected to his daughter’s wedding to a non-Muslim which is not allowed under Islamic law (like it or not that’s the religious ruling as it is in Orthodox Judaism for instance). No double standard: had his soninlaw converted it would have been fine. But Jinnah always addressed her as Mrs. Wadia after her marriage signaling acceptance.Recommend

  • PapaTango

    “As for Jinnah…” a marriage under the law does not make it anything else you wish. That is why it is called Rule of Law. Your spite and hatred is showing. You don’t like the laws and norms of another society – understood. Fortunately you don’t get to decide what’s what – the legal system does.Recommend

  • PapaTango

    All of India should apologize for making the actor Shahrukh Khan soooooo famous. Why you ask? Because Shahrukh is also the name of, drum roll please, the son of….

    Taimur. Yes the same King Taimur whose name the Hindutva find so objectionable.

    Irony is Shahrukh remained a prince but became a King as a Bollywood actor… the name, that is. A ‘King’ of those his namesake’s father slaughtered!


  • PapaTango

    Nor would you read anything that proves him right other than his own claims. So let’s not bless him as an enlightened peer reviewed historian. It would be wise to do so lest someone jumps the gun and names and then has to withdraw the name from the road……Recommend

  • Balim

    “Ruttie was only 17 when Jinnah married her”

    Try again, at least you upped a year from Tarek’s claim.
    “In 1918, at the age of 18, Ruttie married Muhammad Ali Jinnah”

    In any case Gandhi’s behaviour with his nieces was far more scandalous.Recommend

  • wb

    Did you bother to check what was Nehru’s age at the time of marriage?Recommend

  • wb

    Nobody wants to capture the state of Pakistan. Even if you give yourself to us, we’ll say NO, THANK YOU.

    Ashoka also repented, gave up power, became an ascetic and spread Buddhism. Did Taimur do all that?

    Shivaji was just to the people he ruled, although he looted and plundered others. But Taimur mostly looted and killed Muslims!Recommend

  • wb

    Why would any fool bring Canada into this?Recommend

  • Drone-Aacharya

    Truth hurts.Recommend

  • http://www.morenews.pk MudassarJ

    @mschaudhry:disqus The point you want to raise to advocate the claim or whatever fact you say of Fatah is, is the norma all over the world if the consent of both the parties is there. Ask Fatah to also write things about children and women abuse in India and expose their mindset too when a woman in the taxi is not even safe today over there. Has Fatah ever shown some sympathy for women over there?? The thought and desire that is killing him from inside is just that he never got a chance to marry a young a girl. Let it be and you see how he saves himself with another ridiculous article. This Fatah is just a rotten egg whose only chance of survival in the world is to entertain Indians and put a smile on their face with a belief “Yeah…. we have Fatah on our side”…..Recommend

  • wb

    Integrity? Really? So, an arranged marriage in which the groom had little to no say in, is comparable to a case where a 45 year old runs away with a minor?

    Now, you test your integrity and take a selfie after you test yourself and then post here. It tickles me when Pakistanis talk about honesty and integrity and especially hate.Recommend

  • Khalid Masood

    This man Tariq Fateh is either totally senseless person or he is on the payroll of Indian Intelligence Agencies….

    I watched his idiotic ideas on YOUTUBE….

    He thinks, believes and preaches… Everything Anti-Pakistan ……….

    He does not know that he will never succeed in damaging Pakistan…..

    Anyone who tried to damage Pakistan… from outside or from inside… has been made example by ALLAH Almighty….

    Pakistan was created for some purpose and we are going to fulfill it… In Sha ALLAH.Recommend

  • Khalid Masood

    who stop Tariq Fateh from showing MIRROR to Indians …. where rape is rampant even on the street of Indian Capital.. Corruption is High and Racism graph is rising like a hi-tide… Shame on Indians…Recommend

  • Allah Rakha

    Let’s face the facts – Since Tarek Fatah speaks the blatant truth and also exposes Pakistan in his own way, that makes every Pakistani uncomfortable, it is the same way your TV anchors sitting on news programs propagate false theories about India and it’s people. The only difference is that Tarek Fatah speaks the truth whereas later do not even understand what India is!!Recommend

  • wb

    Rape is more rampant in Pakistan. Corruption is much lower than Pakistan since Nov 8th and Pakistanis are the biggest racists in the world, although I agree that Indians are only slightly less racist.

    But, coming to rape, your country celebrates Bachabazi. And guess what your laws don’t even recognize most rapes. And report of rapes in Pakistan is much less.

    Despite all this, Pakistan has a higher rape of rape than India. That means actual rate of rape in Pakistan must be at least 4-5 times higher.

    By the way, even in India, it’s the Muslims who are involved in a disproportionately high number of rapes.

    Do you remember Delhi Nirbhaya rape? Do you know the religion of the most violent minor who inserted rod into her? Yes, you guessed it right, it’s your religion.

    And mind you, Pakistan is also number one in exporting terror and pornography.

    And, as a Pakistani born, it’s the job of Tarek to show you mirror.Recommend

  • antistatusquo

    Tariq fatehi ,cannot speak a single truth when he is asked to say except against his false claims against Pakistan.
    ………let him say a single word against INDIA or WEST……..?……..He is intentionally being allowed to spit venom against Pakistan by those who have their vested interest in such a propaganda,.

    He never know the history……..i can challenge “””its very hard for him to search his father even”””” bcz his name TAIQ is an Arabic name and his father is not supposed to be from that ethnicity????????

  • rationalist

    What does rule of law have to do with child rape/marriage? In any civilized society it is rape when a 45 or 54 year-old geezer has sex with a 16, 17 or 8 year old girl child. If is the “law”, it is a wrong law.Recommend

  • antistatusquo

    wb ,i have no hate against any community…..if some one continuously assault you with nonsense…then at least to show that person his true face in mirror is the duty of the complainant…..hope you sail in truth and free of hateRecommend

  • Allen

    Do we have peace preacher like of Gandhi,MLK,Nelson Mandela in islamic history.Due to less or no achievement in modern times Muslims do not have any name to give their children. That’s why they choose all invaders,looters,murders,bigot as their hero.Recommend

  • Mo

    Take a deep breath. You’re clearly Indian, given the inherent bias. Talking of statutory rape, don’t forget Nehrus debauchery; a certain Lady Mountbatten comes to mind. Anyway, I don’t think the law in the early 1900s prevented men from marrying girls that young. In fact if you are South Asian, am almost certain that your entire lineage is peppered with products of statutory rape by your definition. So calm down, laws that govern the world have changed significantly in the last 100 years. Secondly, the deep rooted hatred and bias that you and Tarek have for Muslims have led you to ignore the personal sentiments of the parents in naming their child. Without having their side of the story you’re free to conjure whatever reason you wish. Conduct a poll and you’ll find no one in your country barring the pseudo intellectuals will have any recollection of who or what Taimur was. In Pakistani textbooks his mention is muted. Probably a deliberate action on the governments part. The fact that so called liberals get so easily offended is quite disconcerting. Simple reasoning should apply. If they named their child because they think Taimur was a hero and his name should live on to annoy a billion Indians, you have every right to get upset. But if they named their child because they are ignorant of history and just liked the phonetics, the world should try and move on. Should we all boycott Tarek Fatah because there used to be a barbaric general in the Turkish army by that name 600 years ago?Recommend

  • rationalist

    “Muslim lost a voice of reason”

    It takes one the desire for truth and reason, that is sadly missing in Muslims, n to hear any voice of reason. Muslims instead prefer to stay in denial, obscurantism and 7th century beliefs and practices.Recommend


    Tarekh Fateh rips Pakistan, in every conversation.Recommend

  • Khalid Masood

    lay off…you are beyond repair..Recommend

  • wb

    r u sure? I thought Pakistan was beyond repair? In fact it was configured with flaws!!!Recommend

  • Khalid Masood

    I feel like laughing on your childish comments..Recommend