No Tarek Fatah, Saif Ali Khan is not mocking Indians by naming his son Taimur

Published: December 23, 2016

Saif and Kareena named their son “Taimur Ali Khan”, which has angered many. PHOTO: VIRAL BHAYANI/BUZZFEED.

Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan just had a baby boy, and instead of this becoming a moment for collective joy, it has ended up creating needless controversy. The new parents named their son Taimur Ali Khan, which apparently has angered many.

On social media, a storm has brewed, and some allege that the name Taimur is inspired by Tamerlane, a brutal conqueror who attacked India and indulged in mass genocide. This group is led by Tarek Fatah, and is alleging that Khan’s family has insulted India by naming their child after Tamerlane. Using this incident as an opportunity, some people have also implied that Indian Muslims have the wrong sort of heroes and by exalting the controversial kings of the past, they portray a deep disrespect for the sentiments of the majority.

In my opinion, this controversy is completely pointless. In fact, some of the objections made by Fatah and his followers are petty and frankly disappointing.

There are several flaws in the arguments that his social lynch mob has made.

Firstly, it is the prerogative of the parents to name their child and no one has the right to make objections. One can object if the parents tried to mock the sentiments of the majority but even then, the fundamental rights of the parents to name their child cannot be taken away from them. It is sad that phony nationalistic pressure has started to invade private lives in the name of patriotism.

Secondly, when it comes to Saif Ali Khan, he is highly secular and is married to a Hindu, thus I doubt that he tried to mock Indians by naming his son after Tamerlane. Any given name, whether Hindu or Muslim, may have a bearer who had committed atrocities in the past. Just because someone has named his son Taimur does not mean he is trying to honour Tamerlane. Taimur, in reality, is a common name and many Muslims adopt it without even thinking of Tamerlane. Fatah himself had a bearer to his name, Tariq bin Ziyad, a military commander who had conquered Spain. So let’s see him abuse his own parents for naming him Tarek!

Thirdly, I do agree that some Muslim heroes are objectionable. Unfortunately, in the Muslim world, warriors are often glorified and at times these include controversial figures. I regret that some Muslims eulogise a controversial person like Aurangzeb. However, I really doubt that Tamerlane is a popular hero. If anything, besides killing Indian Hindus, Tamerlane had also killed countless Muslims. During his 35 years of warfare, he waged brutal campaigns against the Muslim rulers of the Ottoman Empire, Damascus, Persia, and Egypt. He massacred entire populations of the cities, including Baghdad and Aleppo. He was a product of his time who looted and plundered everywhere he went. To see him through communal lenses alone is completely inaccurate. Yes, if some Muslims revere him then it is wrong as he was a mass murderer, but I doubt that the majority admires him or for that matter, even knows about him.

Lastly and perhaps most importantly is a point one of my friends, Mr Sabir Nazar, a famous cartoonist, brought up in a Facebook post. He pointed out that people in the 21st century cannot be held accountable for the crimes committed by murderers and plunderers of the 14th century. This is a critical point because often, we target descendants belonging to a particular ethnic or religious group due to some historical misdeed committed by their forefathers. Indian Muslims, or for that matter Pakistani Hindus, are not responsible for anything that happened in the distant or near past. Trying to target present day Indian Muslims for the rule and misdeeds of Muslim rulers of the past is frankly bigotry.

Fatah, who is leading this divisive campaign, is showing quite opportunistic behaviour. His book, Chasing a Mirage: The Tragic illusion of an Islamic State, makes a strong point in persuading Muslims into reforming their religious beliefs. However, in later years, his opinions have become increasingly spiteful and it is pretty clear that most of the time, he is saying what the Indian right-wing want to hear.

In my opinion, it has a lot to do with the rise of social media. One of the major problems is that many self-reflecting Muslims are appealing to the right-wing of the opposing side. For example, in Pakistan, many hyperbolic nationalists like Arundhati Roy’s writings because she is often critical of the Indian state which provides them instinctive comfort. Sometimes, knowing that they will be appreciated by that kind of segment, writers start writing for that segment. Twitter and Facebook often compound the problem as writers get immediate responses.

A good look at Fatah’s tweets and Facebook posts will confirm that he is merely writing to please a segment. He has been making fun of Indian liberals and saying things that can only be appreciated by militant right-wings. He would never criticise the Indian rights and heap on vitriol against the Indian leftists. Even Pakistani women, who are behind Aman ki Asha, an initiative to promote peace between India and Pakistan, have been called ISI aunties.

Anyone who disagrees with him and has a Muslim name becomes a “Jihadi” and a sympathiser of extremism. If a Hindu disagrees with him, he is accused of being a “self-loathing Hindu”. Recently, he allegedly had an altercation in Punjab University, Chandigarh where he called a Kashmiri student a terrorist and a Sikh student a “Khalistani”.

His story is a sad tale of a progressive person turned into a petty opportunist, one that’s admired by the right-wing brigade. I hope that Saif and Kareena do not listen to this hate brigade and keep this name.


Raza Habib Raja

The author is a recent Cornell graduate and currently pursuing his PhD in political science at Maxwell School, Syracuse University. He has also worked for a leading development finance institution in Pakistan. He is a freelance journalist whose works have been published at Huffington Post, Dawn (Pakistan), Express Tribune (Pakistan) and Pak Tea House. He tweets @razaraja (

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Keyboard Soldier

    Well Tarek is correct. Taimur is the Indian name of the Uzbek warlord (Known as Timberlane to Europeans and Timur to Uzbeks) who killed over 100,000 native Indians, includes Pakistanis of today.

    All-in-all he killed over 17 million people globally or 5% of the total population of the world at that time.

    One of his favorite ways of killing people (inspired from chengz khan) was to throw them into large pots filled up with boiling water or oil. He used to BOIL people alive in order to instill his terror.

    In just one day he killed over 100,000 men, women and children in Delhi. It took about 100 years for matters to return to normal.

    Hitler was nothing in front of Taimur. Saif named him because Muslims believe that Taimur did the right thing and was doing his part of the Jihad, which is TRUE.

    So Taimur was one the very best Jihadis the world has ever produced. He is possibly responsible of why most part of Pakistan is Muslim because he killed nearly all the non-Muslim ancestors of Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and north-western India.Recommend

  • hp kumar

    Begani shaadi mein abdullah diwana???You pakistanis r different and we know true colors of yours.Definitely line has been crossed here .But why r you worried.You have other topic in your hand to write about like Indus water treaty,Modis recent statement about pak army etc etc.Pakistan is a country where minority’s population has been decimated.pakistanis r experts in kidnapping ,raping and forcefully converting Hindu girls.Indian Muslims r no different.Tarekh fateh was only highlighting this side of musalmans which profess wahbi form of religion.Got it.Recommend

  • Nana

    Well, Saif and Kareena are not the only parents in India who have chosen the name ‘Taimur’ for their child so why create such an issue. No need to feel apologetic on behalf of Muslim kings and rulers who waged wars and conquered new lands. Every king in the history has done that be it an English, German , Russian or Hindus. It’s not that Hindu kings and rulers were all honey and sugar. One should look in the mirror before criticising others.Recommend

  • Kasturi K

    Tariq Fatah. Who was Tariq in history? Tariq bin Ziyad, the conquerer of Spain, a great Muslim warrior. This man should have objected to his name first before opening his mouth. His thoughts are typical of an Indian mindset of today’s narrow and bigoted India.Recommend

  • wb

    Naming the baby is indeed the prerogative of parents. But here is a person who became who he is because of Indians and he’s naming his son after a barbarian.

    Taimur is a common name only in Pakistan because you celebrate HIndu killers like Ghauri, Ghaznavi, Chengez Khan, Aurangazeb, Babar etc

    Taimur is not a common name in India. Also understand that Taimur never existed in Indian colloquial before Taimur the barbarian.

    “Secondly, when it comes to Saif Ali Khan, he is highly secular and is
    married to a Hindu, thus I doubt that he tried to mock Indians by naming
    his son after Tamerlane.”

    Marrying a non Muslim doesn’t make a Muslim secular. Jinnah married a non Muslim, but when his daughter wanted to marry a non Muslim, he opposed her. Although it’s a well known fact that Jinnah used to drink and eat pork.

    And your frustration on Tarek Fatah is unfortunate. I don’t agree with him all the time, especially when I see duality in his comments. But he’s right about the Muslims of subcontinent making heroes of villains.

    Look at your own country. Osama, Gaddafi are your heroes. A Q Khan who was a thief and a sell out your hero. But Abdus Salam your villain. Prof. Hoodbhoy is your villain.Recommend

  • G. Din

    “… people in the 21st century cannot be held accountable for the crimes committed by murderers and plunderers of the 14th century. ”
    This is a favourite ploy of those who want to escape the consequences of acts of their ancestors. Whites in America present the same kind of ploys that they cannot be held accountable for the crimes of slavery and discrimination of their ancestors. Wrong! If you are enjoying the fruits of the crimes your ancestors committed, you are very much complicit in their deeds. That holds good for also those who take a lot of pride in reminding Hindus that Muslims ruled them for a thousand years.Recommend

  • Amir

    Tarek Fatah is a clown and should not be taken seriously. It is an insult to our intelligence for Express Tribune to even publish news about him.Recommend

  • Rahul Singh

    I don’t agree with many of the apologists defence the author is offering with a simplistic ‘what’s in a name?’ basis at the core of his argument. Some of whic are patently false eg. i have heard Tarek Fateh lamentating the choice of name for himself that his parents made and infact named his own daughter ‘Lakshmi’. But let that be because it’s not in Fateh’s defence I write (not that he needs it to begin with).

    Instead there is something equally if not more poignant in such cases as this one, something that really does ‘upset’ me: When in either their utter ignorance and buffoonery or sheer hatred and bigotry or whatever other motive, regardless, some overenthusiastic yet crassly short-sighted parents go ahead giving their children names that are bound to automatically translate into him or her acquiring either a pejorative or mocking nickname very early on subjecting the poor innocent child to whole host of childhood trauma especially (and certainly) much of it coming from peers themselves [children, unwittingly, of course till better sense prevails, do have capacity in their innocence to show both individual and collective remorselessly cruel behaviour towards one another). And this is a classic example where due to sheer stupidity of the parents, a poor innocent just born already has his fate sealed to be addressed as, ‘langdaa’, ‘lame’, ‘spastic’ et al (sad and ironic even before he can stand on his two legs) – one of which will stick as an enduring nickname apart from the fact that when the poor baby grows up, him being subjected to both ridicule and disdain by his own people in his own motherland since no matter how much intellectual gymanastics one can mount in defense of it there are some ground realities which won’t alter – one of them being is people all across the globe in all times being loath to see a fellow citizen named after a historical and monumental villain especially if it is a serial rapist and mass murderer of hundreds of thousands of their common ancestors. Recommend

  • MJ

    Tarek Fatah is a pen for hire. You show him a way to make more money and tomorrow he will be writing against Modi, India and Hindus.Recommend

  • Critical

    Its sad that we have come to a stage where the rants of few twitter trolls are becoming picked up by mainstream media as news…. Such media coverage will only fuel them to do more…Recommend

  • Purna Tripathy

    true, no one should decide in 21st century about what happened in 13th. But nevertheless it leaves a bad taste in your mouth. They could have chosen a different name. Their selection of name hardly justifies Saifs’ alleged knowledge/ love of history.Recommend

  • herbi

    Islam’s long-term plan is to exterminate the non-muslims – that is the real root of all these controversies between muslims and non-muslims. Every muslim is, knowingly or unknowingly, an instrument of this islamic plan. Hence violence-doers against non-muslims are so venerated or justified by muslims. Islam/muslims have “successfully and proudly” executed this plan from region to region during the past 1400 years.
    Think of all that.Recommend

  • Tambi Dude

    Seriously !!! If I get a pet dog, can I name it Mohd. After all it is my perogative.Recommend

  • I am a Khan

    Absolutely…This uproar over a name just shows the bigoted mentality in our neighbour country…George Bush and Tony Blair have also waged wars based on lies (weapons of mass destruction which were never found in Iraq). Does this mean Europeans and Americans stop naming their boys Tony & George??Recommend

  • vinsin

    So Indian Muslims should get the right to partition the country again? Taimur killed those Muslims whom he didnt consider Muslim enough. Subcontinent Muslims take pride in those Muslims rulers and invaders who killed non-Muslims.Recommend

  • M. S. Chaudhry

    Please read biography of mass murderer Taimur written by his own court historian esp. about three months he spent in India. Not only he killed hundreds of thousands of Hindus, plundered and raped it’s people including thousands of Muslims. His attacks on Iran and Turkey where there were no Hindus, he killed millions of Muslims. No sane Muslim would give this monster’s name to his son.Recommend

  • Abhishek

    Much sensible and balanced article… Recommend

  • Ravi Blr

    No one blames muslims for Taimur, just as no one blames christians for Hitler. However, christians have the good sense not to name their children Hitler. Need muslims to have the same good sense to eschew naming their children (and their missiles) after mass murderers like Taimur, Nader, Ghori, Ghaznavi, Abdali etcRecommend

  • Kapil Maheshwari

    You are being short sighted and presenting wring prerogative.
    1. This is not just about killing hindus but killing HUMANS. Imagine someone naming his son Hitler in Pakistan/India though Hitler did no harm to them.
    2. No one is questioning Saif’s secularism but his awareness of history and social evils
    3. This is some of those names that can easily be made fun in school and may have negative impression on child’s growth
    4. Lastly…for a bollywood couple, Name shall sound more modern linguistically than awkward (Though I personally do not suppory this)Recommend

  • Uzair

    Doesn’t really interest me as a Pakistani. Indians and Pakistanis will get offended by the most ludicrous things.Recommend

  • Raman

    ad hominem attack – TF is a social media phenomena – u can rebut him on the points he brings forth on social media – that will be more creditable.Recommend

  • raj

    Would Tarek FAtah object ot any indian naming their kid “Narendra” bcz Narendra modi is a mas murderer of Muslims in Gujarat n Kashmir… Fatah is hypocrite. India shud kick him outRecommend

  • Bharatiya Australian

    Thanks. After reading your article, I definitely agree Saif & Karina have made judgmental error. Saif could have found so many names more ‘Historic’ in 8000+ years of Hindustan’s history to chew more of the historical juices he seems to like…But he has to question his own research capabilites now!!!
    Any way who would know better for his son than this proud dad??
    So Congratulations and enjoy Dadhood.. just a piece of advice: leave rest of the bub’s upcoming decisions like brand of nappies, brand of milk, brand of toiletries to mum etc.
    You will be happy.. good luck.
    From an experienced Dad of 2.Recommend

  • ShivaTheCommenter

    He is only mocking himself cos he is a converted muslimRecommend

  • abhi

    Yes naming their baby is prerogative of parents. Many have named their baby after Osama as well. We are just pointing out the midset of such people.Recommend

  • Sachin Niranjan

    I think the writer is narrow minded.

    You are trying to differentiate a genocide of Muslims and a genocide of Hindus. Shame on you. You are trying to legitimize the genocide of Hindus by putting a point that Taimur also killed Muslims. Does that justify his killings ? Its not about killing Hindu or Muslim, Its about killing HUMANS.

    Also, how did you know that Tarek Fateh is leading all this ? He is just a part of this. As am I.

  • hp kumar

    They waged war against devils.We have no issue embracing America,the greatest county of world.Recommend

  • wb

    The mass murderer of Muslims in Gujarat are the 30 odd MUSLIMS who were convicted by the special court.

    Gujarat started because Muslims burned down 60 Hindus at Godhra. Muslims started it, like most riots in the world that involves Muslims.

    So, the BLOOD of 2000 people that died is on the hands of Muslims of Gujarat.

    You lying a million times doesn’t make it true. In fact blood of most riots of subcontinent are on the hands of Muslims . Muslims started the killing of HIndus and Sikhs in 1947. Musilms are responsible for most terrorist attacks in India, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Muslims killed 3 million in Bangladesh.

    So, Muslims, Muslims and only Muslims are responsible for most bloodshed in the history of subcontinent and in the history of the world.Recommend

  • wb

    Because they have a social responsibility. They were made by Indians. And stop dragging Kareena into this. Kareena is too dumb to choose a name like Taimur. Only Saif is responsible for this name.Recommend

  • wb

    He’s not a Spaniard to object to the name. He’s an Indian. Although, he has commented to that many times. Only mindset that is narrow and bigoted is that of Islamists and Islamist supporters like yourself.Recommend

  • wb

    If Tarek Fatah is a clown, then 200 million Pakistanis are clowns. Clearly, he’s smarter than all of you.Recommend

  • wb

    Clearly, you are too ignorant about Tarek FAtah. Tarek Fatah used to support India even as a Canadian, even before he ever set foot on Indian soil.

    He opposed Pakistan in 1971 and went to jail. Was he hired by Hindus back then?

    The problem with you Pakistanis is, if anyone holds the mirror that you are too ugly, you’ll call him names and smash all mirrors so you don’t see your own face ever again.

    That’s why you’re a country of 200 million spectacular failures.Recommend

  • wb

    Every Muslims knows this. But most Muslims will never speak of this. Instead, they’ll use nice words and speak of how Islam accommodates everyone and other buttering words.

  • Voiceof Reason

    What nonsense is in these comments here. A simple thing as a name is causing so much controversy. There have been thousands of ppl with different names who have done terrible things so should we stop naming kids that even if there are others with such names who have done nothing wrong?? It all comes down to the mindset of the ppl who have problems with this. They need helpRecommend

  • antistatusquo

    Tariq fateh is a coward who is being supported by anti Pakistan and anti Muslim forces

    he is against turkic/arabic names for indopak muslim…..i wonder how his father named this man TARIQ( an arabic name)Recommend

  • hp kumar

    Pakistanis r experts in forcefully convertin Hindu girls.What better one can expect from pakis?For them Muslims r more human than else..Modi is right when he is punishing pakistan here and there.Secondly very pertinent question is that when we hindus r not allowed to marry second time,how come saif is able to marry two times and convert his hindu wives.Shouldnt we seek justice from govt?Why this undue favor to muslims?What modi is doing?Has he any plan to implement uniform civil code?Recommend

  • Nana

    Lame excuses do not justify the bigotry practised in India. Hindu rulers were no sugar n honey. You forgot to look in the mirror.Recommend

  • G. Din

    89 Hindu men women and children – pilgrims returning from a pilgrimage – to be exact, not 60. Doesn’t make the deed any less or more abominable.Recommend

  • Nana

    And you have a social responsibility to steer away from bigotry.Recommend

  • Pure Ind

    As an Indian I feel people are making a mountain out of mole hill, they want to name their kid what ever they want, honestly all rulers have been brutal when it came to winning wars, even hindu kings like Ashoka, chandra gupta, marathas & so onRecommend

  • antistatusquo

    Mr.hp kumar…..i am sure your brain/intellect is just confined to your dark past in your perception……remember greatness is remembered by JUSTICE/BRAVERY AND TRUTH……no military greatness ever lasted long in front of justice/bravery/and truth………and REMEMBER INDIAN GREATNESS IS KNOWN TO THE WORLD ONLY THROUGH MUGHALS/ TURKS/ AFGHAN AND PERSIANS…. ……you are buried so deep in hate ,that you even cannot write history in its true spirit… what else can be expected from your dead thoughts.Recommend

  • RHR

    Ok. I am the same “foolish” author which has been admired by Indian right wing brigade on the same blog pages of Tribune whenever I have taken positions against Islamic radicalism and problems in Pakistan.
    If you don’t trust me you can simply see the list of articles and the comments. Go ahead and see!!
    Let me make one thing clear here. No where I tried to “justify” Hindu massacre in the article by pointing that Tamerlane killed Muslims also. I merely said that Tamerlane is not a Muslim hero as he literally butchered Muslims also. I even wrote that if some Muslims think he is a hero then it is actually regrettable.
    I also wrote that it is regrettable that for some Muslims, Aurengzeb is a hero. Now the article merely suggested that unless it is proven that Saif was trying to name his son after Tamerlane and was honoring him, there is not a case at all. How does Mr. Fatah even know what was in the head of the parents. Frankly Mr. Fatah is quite petty.
    However, the problem with Tarek Fatah and his admirers is creating these straw man arguments where they create arguments which the author has not even made. Moreover in the article I have pointed out that Mr. Fatah who frankly is an immature person despite being 70 years old has this tendency to call anyone who disagrees with him with various names. Here is a guy who is 70 and yet has a temperament of a 5 year old kid.
    One thing I am amazed is that apparently educated RIGHT WING Indians don’t see that Tarek Fatah is nothing but someone who is just saying what appeals to their most basic visceral instincts. Of course he will appeal “highly” enlightened to you as he is giving you comfort. Mr. Fatah also targets Indian liberals which again gives you instinctive comfortRecommend

  • RHR

    How do you know that Abdus Salam is my villain. Why don’t you Google my name and find out what I have written about Ahmedis and minorities. And also on Islamic radicalism. Go ahead and be my guest.
    This is petty that just because I have criticized Fatah you have assumed that My hero is Gaddafi!Recommend

  • antistatusquo

    Tamerlane killed more Muslims than non Muslims……read history…….”””changez khan killed 20 million Muslims…..YET there are many Muslims with the name”””””CHANGEZ KHAN”””””……………….greatness is achieved, its never thrusted on someone………SO simply writing something against Muslims or Pakistan cannot thrust greatness in someones genes ………wake up just show greatness in your inner core thoughts…….the hate reflected in many of the comments against Muslims/Pakistan reflects the depressive mentality and cheap tactics to defame someone.Recommend

  • Lalit

    Its not a big deal to be a Khan in Pakistan…You people are blowing up poor christians in your country who are having names similar to Muslims like Abdul Masih.Hanging ladies with names likes Asia Bibi..Shahbaz Bhatti a christian minister was killed in Pakistan a few years ago…its a no brainer what would you do with them if they name their kids George Bush or Tony Blair….you are killing and raping Hindus with impunity,even when nobody names their kids a Narendra Modi…what happens if someone names their kid Yazid…even people have stopped naming kids after Yahya after 1971..less said about spare us this lecture on tolerance and bigotry..
    Indians are angry and they have full right to express their feelings on social media just like you people spit venom over Trump and Modi on social media..if public figures like Saif and Kareena name their offspring over a marauder who massacred Indians and declare it over social media they must be ready for some brickbats.That person might be a Hero for central asians and Mongols and for some unexplained reasons to Pakistanis as well but for an Indian he will always remain a marauder who has blood of millions on his hands..
    There is a difference between a common man and a public figure…call it the price of being famous or whatever if someone doesn’t care for public sentiments he or she should not expect any sort of support from the same public when they offer their products for public perusal….Recommend

  • Jude

    Wow! No wonder India has been Modi-fied to extremist Hindustan.Recommend

  • Vivek

    That’s one distorted narrative. Bigotry breeds falsehood as exemplified by the list of lies that Hindustani state fed you.Recommend

  • Swaadhin

    No Raza Habib Raza, Saif did not mock Pakistan when he made the comment below:

    “You can make a fair amount of money from that market, so it’s bit of a shame. It’s not important in terms of… it doesn’t dictate what kind of movies we make,”Recommend

  • Kasturi K

    Double standards. When you do it to others, it’s fine. When you do it to me, I do mind – Typical Indian mentality. And no need to jump to the roof in excitement. What is done is done, no one can undo the history. Not even likes of you. So learn to live with it. If Mughal dynasty wouldn’t have been founded, there would have been no Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders of the world, no red fort of Delhi, no delicacies in cuisines. But you, ignorant Indians on earth and less happy beings than Pakistanis ( despite all the progress as shown by recent surveys) have to crib and pull faces. So be it. Who cares! Recommend

  • Kasturi K

    Keep burning in your hatred. It suits you Indians. Recommend

  • Kasturi K

    Your opinion not facts. The fact is they lied to bomb Iraq. Even CIA has admitted too late that attacking Iraq was a mistake. Please, be aware of political issues before giving crass comments.Recommend

  • Kasturi K

    keep burning in your hatred. Suits the most ignorant nation on earth and less happy nation than Pakistanis (recent surveys)
    India is the most ignorant nation in the world, according to a survey…
    Indians less happy than Pakistanis, Bangladeshis: UN report… http://www.timesofindia.indiatimes.comRecommend

  • Asad Malik

    You have problems with muslims..My boss is a christian we never had any issues.If you have so much issues with your muslim countrymen..Give them a poece of land and be done with it..Recommend

  • LS

    – Let’s see how paki’s behave if a Hindu in pakistan names their kid – Narendra Modi
    – Let’s see how paki’s behave if a Christian in pakistan names their kid – Donald Trump
    – Let’s see how paki’s behave if a Jew in pakistan names their kid – Levi Eshkol (For the uninitiated, he defeated every Arab country in the 6 day war with Israel – Slapped all of them HARD)

    I bet those paki muslims defending Saif will have no time to listen to rationale thoughts and the poor guy would be killed in a huff.Recommend

  • LS

    I invite you to name your next kid Narendra Modi, Donald Trump or Levi Eshkol. Commenting nonsense is much easier than actually following it. You are simply commenting because you think saif is Muslim and he should be defended.Recommend

  • Ahmad Shah Durrani

    Genghis Khan and his Mongol armies destroyed and committed genocide of Muslim cities in Central Asia and Middle East. While Amir Timur, who claimed to be Mughal a descendent of Mongols, also commited genocide and destroyed Muslim cities while he pretended to be Muslim. Mughals were mostly Turkic whose ancestors were massacred and survivors made slaves of the Mongol ideals. We have people in Pakistan named Changez,Taimur and Sikandar (Alexander) without knowing their crimes. Even today we also value English and Western culture of our colonial masters while we devalue our own culture and history.Recommend

  • Patwari

    The Banarsi Mulla rears up again. With his ridiculous diatribes.
    This is what happens when you are a brainwashed twerp of
    RSS, BJP and other hindu Hindutva Brigade. However, the pay,
    Rs.12:50 for one hindu poison pen comment in ET just buys one
    idli and a cup of cold hindu tea.Recommend

  • Patwari

    True. He is not mocking Indians [?],…that would includes all religious groups.
    He is mocking hindus.Recommend

  • Patwari

    It takes a hindu to write a ridiculous comment. But then, hindus
    have been enslaved for thousands of years by other conquerors.Recommend

  • abhi

    How is he coward? he is openly expressing his views. Cowards are the people who blow up the places of worship and kill innocents.Recommend

  • Isfandyar

    I have known Raza or RHR since when he used to write for Chowk. He is a Pak Tea House editor also. Over the years, Mr. RHR has taken positions which offend normal patriotic Pakistanis. He has been constantly saying Pakistan is not a good country for minorities, trying to promote peace between India and Pakistan, talking about Islamic extremism ( mostly blaming Muslims for it). At Pak Tea House, he used to have an Indian fan club who would love what he used to write.
    I read the comments from Indians on this article with a lot of satisfaction. I used to argue with him at Pak Tea House that the same type of Indians who like him will turn against him the moment he is even remotely critical about India. Basically they like him not for his honesty but simply because he is critical of Pakistan.
    I have been proven right. These Indians are petty and third rated. Many of them did not even read the article properly and are here spreading spite.
    Basically they have deep hatred of Muslims. They say that Indian Muslims were converted. If true then they should be sympathetic towards them rather than punishing them! If this is true then Muslims are a victim. Recommend

  • Patwari

    Have some pity. After all hindus have been enslaved
    throughout their history. Even Genghis Khan’s gardener
    and cook got together and conquered part of Hindustan.
    So these rantings, by hindus in ET, are the end result.
    What else would you expect from a hindu nation with
    3,634 languages and a caste system that ensures you
    will be hung from the nearest ‘holy tree’ if you happen to
    be low caste and your shadow falls on a dhoti clad upper
    caste hindu.Recommend

  • auginpk

    Taimur killed more Muslims than Hindus. He was a killer of humanity. In Germany or Austria and in any European countries no body will name their child as Hitler. and Hitler was nothing in comparison to Taimur. It is idiotic name a child as Taimur any where in the world.Recommend

  • wb

    Well dear Patwari, you keep giving me so opportunities to own you again and again.

    The biggest victims of Taimur are Muslims themselves. But, maybe you like the fact that Taimur would invade your Muslim villages, plunder and loot them.

  • wb

    I don’t know your name and I don’t care about you. I am talking about Pakistan’s collective mindset.Recommend

  • wb

    No, I’m a Dharavi Mullah.

    12.50 per person, per comment? Are you kidding me? I cam make a 600 rupees an hour by writing 100 comments.

    I only get a cup of tea, two buns (one of which is sour) and a plate of idly for the whole day.

    You think we Hindus are rich and progressive like you Muslims? No. We can’t do simple mathematics.

    By the way we also get a peppermint for every thumbs up we give on these comments.

    If we work extra hours everyday, we also get a pair of fresh set of under-garments.

    And then, in the night we get to sleep inside a cement pipe.

    We’re not a powerful country like yours. We’re wretched Hindus. We’re utter failures in everything that we’ve ever tried.Recommend

  • wb

    Yes. We poor suckers Hindus, my dear Patwari.Recommend

  • wb

    FYI, Tarek is a Pakistani. Understandably, ranters miss facts.

    Do you have a factory in Pakistan that keeps producing morons?

    Don’t care about delicacies and red fort and stupid Taj Mahal. We care about IT, we care about going to Mars, going to Moon, building Maruti, building IITs, IIMs, AIIMS. We care about DRDO. We care about democracy. We care about secularism. We care about Agnis and prithvis. We care about our electronic voting machines.

    But you wouldn’t understand, because you Pakis have none of it.Recommend

  • wb

    comes from a country created on the basis of hate.Recommend

  • wb

    Yes, that is only to my country.

    As far as Pakistan, we’ll continue to expose your bigotry through these comments.

    Thank you, Patwari, Kasturi, Nana.Recommend

  • wb

    Thank you Patwari for your feedback. Duly ignored.Recommend

  • wb

    Alright, Patwari, take a break.Recommend

  • wb

    Alright Patwari, thank you. Now take a break.Recommend

  • wb

    It’s okay Patwari. Thank you very much.Recommend

  • wb

    You’re absolutely correct. Even when writing press releases, our govt. representatives take notes from the great Muslim eloquent heroes like Chaudhury Nisar, Khawaja Asif, Bilawal Bhutto, Altaf Hussain, Rahman Malik etc etc.

    I mean, you Muslims are so successful in everything you do. We Hindus are such failures. Look at the human indices of India and Pakistan. Look at the GDP of India and Pakistan, look at how many wars India has won and Pakistan has won.

    The image of Indian coward soldiers surrendering before the brave beef eating, super race, white skinned Pakistanis in 1971 is etched in my mind.

    Yet, I’m grateful to the superior Muslims who did not kill a single surrendered soldiers and returned them back to us.Recommend

  • hp kumar

    Like we r giving Land to kashmiri muslims??Forget it?And what they r going to do with a piece of land anyway?To create another pakistan???Fact remains that muslims of subcontinent have failed themselves.Muslims r unable to stand as a nation.They r creating problem for us Hindus as well.We have lots of potential and we r in no way going to help you form islamic citadel.We r ready to be part of globalized village barring muslims.Recommend

  • hp kumar

    Recently a girl traveled from india and she says that pakistan after 70 yrs is completely different from india.It has lost its multiculturalism and islam has taken over it .Her account is available on quora “A hindu Indian in pakistan”.Read and feel the difference.Recommend

  • hp kumar

    If it is not a fact ,go and believe whatever you like.But remember dont regret when we indians dont stand by you.You pakis r notorious for supporting dreaded terrorists like osama and Hafiz saeed.Recommend

  • hp kumar

    Modi has been made by us ,not other way around..keep that in mind.Recommend

  • hp kumar

    I dont have to argue with you.I m regular here from past few yrs on this site.Tribune by now has understood that there is a generation gap happening b/w India and pakistan.while we read true history and deeds of mughals ,persian and turks,our blood boils.They were invaders ,murders and looters.They enslaved our ancestors.They cant be revered in india at least.You r right when you r keeping your own perspective coz very basis of your country’s formation is islam and your history starts from bin quasim (an invader himself).One more fact i must tell you,we indians(young indians at least) dont see you pakis a normal human being.You all r turning something else for us(dont want to say the obvious).Recommend

  • Patwari

    But,..but…see…well…you know…there are no toilets!!
    That’s why when the wind blows from the east the Paks
    can smell Hindustan. The odorous miasma floats all the
    way to Tajikistan, Iran…they have to breath through the
    mouth, not through the nose. Because noses are sealed,
    covered…. plugged. Well,…that must be…… karma
    Wonder why they have a booming business in ‘itar’ in Dubai!!!Recommend

  • Nana

    At the moment you are exposing only yourself. Poor soul! Recommend

  • Rex Minor

    Saif Ali khan and Kareena Kapoor khan naming their child Taimur is equivalent to European naming their children Hitler..LOL.. #TaimurAliKhan

    Taimur is the first name whereas Hitler is the family name! It is not unusal in German spoken countries to name their mail children ‘ Adolph’ which was the first name of the German chancellor of the third reich. Besides, a muslim is not permitted to marry a non believer, nor is the name Taimur a strictly muslim name?

    Rex MinorRecommend

  • Lalit

    We know most Pakistanis don’t hate Indians and most Indians don’t hate Pakistanis. That being said, India has every right to demand that people see the Muslim invaders for what they were : barbarians who destroyed the original Hindu culture of India. India has a right to return to their original Vedic culture which means removing names of Muslim invaders, tearing down Muslim monuments ( even Taj Mahal if made on temple as alleged) etc. No one cares about Tarek Fatah in India since we are smart enough to know he is just a self serving opportunist. His family moved from India to Karachi and he hates Pakistan which makes Indians happy. He fools no one and I am not one of those who watches Indian TV and gets happy at what he says since we can see a man who is not loyal to anything can be bought for nothing. He is not loyal to India, Canada or Pakistan so who cares about him. Indians being offended about Muslim names and culture remaining in India should complain and reassert original Hindu culture as the main story of the country. Modi is doing this by creating new monuments to real Indian heros.Recommend

  • wb

    Not only that. We don’t have water to take bath. We stupid HIndus never even built dams in this country and today we have no water. Unlike you super intelligent Muslims who built so many dams and have absolutely no water problem.

    So what we do is usually stand in the sun for half an hour buck naked. But that can never take away all stink, can it? And we cannot even afford itar or attar. Because we’re wretched poor.

    I wish we were superior Muslims like you…clean, well groomed, well dressed, rich, HAVING toilets, well respected, having clean habits.

    I bow to you patwari. My captain, oh captain, my captain…guide us ignorant Hindus.Recommend

  • Salim Alvi

    The land was given in 47. Pataudis sent some of them to Pak so they rise up in babudom & also claim properties of fleeing HinduSikh and rest staid to enjoy property in India.Recommend

  • raj

    then you should read what Ashoka did with innocent and you people belief he was warrior… lol a jokeRecommend

  • gp65

    The issue here is an Indian naming his child after mass murderer of Indians. Tarek’s parents did not name him after
    a) a mass murderer
    b) killer of Pakistanis – the country he was born in.
    Your comparison is apples to oranges.Recommend

  • Heraclitus kapila

    Saifis 50 percent hindu, making his son 75 percent hindu, instead of honoring his mother;s side of family, he goes for his father’s ancestors.Recommend