Dear Twitterati, Pakistan thanks you for making 2016 bearable

Published: December 31, 2016

These are just a few gems from the treasure trove of hilarious tweets that creative Pakistanis put out there.

Decades later… in classrooms… with high speed internet (if PTCL ever catches up), children will be studying the history of our beloved homeland, Pakistan. With pride, they will be taught how our country boasts strengths like having the most formidable army in the world (take that India! Hope you’re not thinking of another hopeless ‘surgical’ operation), having nukes (yes India, at least ours work), the quietest president in the history of the world and, of course, having the sassiest sense of humour on the face of this earth.

Ours is a nation with a strappy sense of resilience that stands smiling in the face of relentless challenges that come its way. Revamping our sorrows with a zesty taste of wit is one of our most commendable features. And when we talk about humour, the first platform that comes to mind is Twitter, the lord of all that is cheeky and amusing.

Let’s wind up 2016 by paying tribute to these Twitter gurus who put a positive spin on current events and kept Pakistanis convulsing with laughter hither and thither, all year round.

1. I want to start with one of my personal favourite. Presenting the Desi 007; his name is Bond, the Sheikh Bond!